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Post by Bruce K,

8002110626 What Tricks did they offer you.

Post by R,

800-211-0626 Well you are able to Discontinue working for a scamming Group agency and get a Actual job. Damn shill.

Post by Interested Party,

8002110626 'm I to understand you work with this same Firm at that phone Amount given by all these Criticism ants. If thus can you please provide your legal name and address of that company. That would ensure it is quite simple for all Events who are contacted and look here for verify if this Business is legitimate and if they should take their Risk seriously.

Post by Helper,

800-211-0626 Tell them that next time they telephone you will be reporting them for the National Trade Commission and the Attorney General of Fresh York for harassing a non debtor and making illegal threats. If that dozen t work Keep a Client law attorney and sue them.

Post by Dee,

8002110626 Obtained this on my cell Telephone. I called them and they said that a women named Kimberly was Needed for a court order on Civil and Legal Fees for awful checks for JP Morgan. They said where she lived and Needed to understand if I would do my civil Job and pay around W. W for her. I said absolutely not. They did t tell me your name of that Business.

Post by SC1,

800-211-0626 The same thing happened for me. . . my Mother called me saying that a Mark Mann is going file court Documents and take away my Automobile if I don t repay a bounced Assess from W. She Offered me this Telephone Amount W W W Ext. W to telephone. I called the number Recently and it dozen t present you a company name or anything and I simply got Mark Mann after punching within that extension. I left them my contact Information since I need for Notice what they 've for say for myself but they Destination t called me back yet. What should I can now.

Post by R,

8002110626 Nicely you are able to stop working for a scamming collection agency and get a real Occupation. Bloody shill.

Post by Scott,

800-211-0626 I received a call out of this Business a cpl of days ago and talked along with a Skip Stevens who was quite help not empty she never once said she was taking me to court of any of that Items she did say that she could Place a Cease order Outside so nothing as filed against me is the your same Firm would u believe . . concerned so I could take attention this . .

Post by Billy,

8002110626 Ok Miss understood. . . well. . . I have NEVER repeat NEVER taken out a pay day loan thus why 'm I becoming calls. I have no need for a pay daytime loan. Therefore the appears more enjoy a scam even more. Sorry you are within this line of work I would run away as quickly as potential if I were you.

Post by Billy,

800-211-0626 Ok Skip Comprehended. . . well. . . I have NEVER Replicate NEVER taken out a pay day loan thus exactly why 'm I getting calls. I don't have any demand for a pay daytime loan. Therefore the appears more enjoy a scam even more. Sorry You're in the line of work I would run away as fast as possible if I were you.

Post by Interested Party,

8002110626 Am I for comprehend which you work for this particular same Business at that Telephone Amount given by all these Grievance ants. If thus could you please provide the legal name and address of the Firm. That would ensure it is very simple for all parties who are contacted and appearance here for Check if this Firm is legitimate and if they should take their threat seriously.

Post by SC1,

800-211-0626 Your same matter happened for me. . . my Mom called me saying that a Mark Mann is going file court Forms and take away my Automobile if I don t repay a bounced check out of W. She Offered me the phone number W W W Ext. W to telephone. I called that number Recently and it dozen t give you a company name or anything and I simply got Mark Mann after punching within that extension. I left them my contact Information since I desire to hear what they have for say for myself but they haven t called me back Though. What should I would now.

Post by A Mom,

8002110626 I obtained a telephone and thus did my friend saying that they would be at my House and job between 2 and 4 to Offer me. I should 've a witness and an ID.

Post by TS,

800-211-0626 someone called by the name of Jennifer Ans loan saying they Needed for get a summons served to me. Fake task on my behalf. What a Number of crap exactly why cant the scampers leave me alone and everyone else alone. They need for get a life.

Post by Interested Party,

8002110626 Am I for comprehend that you work for this particular same Firm at the Telephone Amount given by all these complaint ants. If so could you please Supply the legal name and address of that company. That would make it very easy for all Events who are contacted and look here to verify if this Firm is legitimate and if they should take their Risk seriously.

Post by Helper,

800-211-0626 Tell them that next time they phone you may become reporting them to your National Commerce Commission and the Attorney General of Brand new York for harassing a non debtor and making prohibited threats. If that dozen t work retain a Customer law Lawyer and sue them.

Post by Concerened,

8002110626 I know this can be a scam because a year Past they were calling my brother about me. They said that they had a summons for me Around Fake activities. They were constantly calling and harassing him. Leaving a Amount. So he sent me a message with your info. I called your Put and just one no 1 answered. Two I left a message along with my Telephone number and reference number. I never obtained a call back. But now they are calling me on my cell phone for my Partner about a court summons for fraud brought task. My Man was Offshore for awhile. I believe its funny that a year ago they were calling Around me but never state a word for me when that telephone Around my court summons . No they did t tell me the name of the Business. Plus they should have never gave me any information Around my husband s court summons . Plus she said that I can telephone and handle that issue but that's not correct I know I can t can this unless I have Electricity of Lawyer. Come on I could t call and ask about my husband s Virginia incapacity Advantages but I can Manage his Assumed court summons. That sound silly.

Post by Get a real job!,

800-211-0626 My mother received a Telephone call saying they were looking for me to serve me Documents etc. they left a message for me for telephone them back my Mom Luvs within a Fully different state than i would when i called the number back i spoke for 3 different Individuals that told me 3 Distinct matters. First Mark Mann second Ar would Adams and last Richard Lawson. They located that correct one to try and scam this time though because my mother is a Authorities official and she is PISSED. . . . .

Post by not going for it,

8002110626 another day my measure Mum called me for tell me she got Forms or an phone telephone searching foe me that i was being summons to court. but instead i called the number W and Inquired for mark Mann. he Inquired for my reference Amount that i gave him. but he mentioned he was busy and i told him i would phone back but said which he would become leaving in half hour. but i called back in W minutes and he didn't Recall me at first. but exactly why is that Amount begins with my initials. that seems crazy areal. Striving for get me for pay half of W. W dollars. but he simply Desired my credit card for pay in place of money purchase. if they wanted cash money order or Assess would be Great. whatever take a trek and get Actual. but anyways i called the county court house he stated and they told me that i didn't have a summons for nothing. good luck all.

Post by SLIDE,

800-211-0626 I DON T Demand The Sort OF HARASSMENT Out of Mike DEAN STATING THAT I M GOING To Become SERVED

Post by nothappy,

8002110626 phone saying summons to become Released. No just one by name at the Amount. called back for ask to be removed. got a few bright ass ed uncooperative idiot who talked over me and would not let me supply him my Amount. eventually relented then he Put up. can report for AG office it's a scare tack tic.

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8002057758 Complains by caelin,

Rob Owner from many guy named pastor Pete.

8001992262 Complains by Guest,

your blocked

8002803504 Complains by Scott,

Anyone been for the seminar.

8002716166 Complains by Guest,

Think SPAM Owner. No messages left I don t response .

8000323023 Complains by rpittman6,

When Inquired who is this they Put Upwards and you are able to t phone them back

8002363421 Complains by Jason,

They called after PM. I let it go to voice mail. They did not leave a message.

8002212445 Complains by DB,

Owner wanted to speak with a family member who died two years Past. They're from your Bay Place. They State my number is that number of the estate executor. Even though I Adjusted their Malfunction and Offered them that name of that executor they continue to call. I don't reply any More.

8001905678 Complains by Guest,

he keep testing threatening text messages his name is Ralph Tucker off of School craft Woodman.

8002145386 Complains by Deb,

Miss Maxwell is Fantastic. She Actually was great help to my husband and i She helped us save around W. W. I did get garnished and YES the Ruling was Actual. You Individuals Likely don t take ANY of your own financial Obligations seriously. Not simply did she provide me with OFFICIAL court docs she made sure that purchase was lifted Immediately. Thanks Mindy.

8002321258 Complains by lmg,

Called my private cell number. most of my instant family don t 've the cell Amount. I want for report them for that BBB.

8002342124 Complains by Dona,

Hello yes it s a scam we Simply got your same post card but there s 4 Distinct People living here and it was made out to Resident then the address which says correct there BS Artist from Someplace but not here Mug . . . . . . . suck it Upwards infant your a scam and I m no Ham of a dingbat for you ever losers Striving to Take out of people never a holes never Hohenlohe Bahama thus please everyone throw it Outside an do not supply any of your info in the least for anyone ever overly many scam artist Outside there Notably now Adas so don t be stupid Stay AWAY Of AN ANY POST CARDS OR Send BEING THAT Manner Whatsoever in any which manner size or type be Better then these low life s they don t deserve anything Notably Striving for Take from all of people an who knows how many other Individuals they already 've scammed an Attached them an their identity well I could Fully comprehend because I worked for a Part of crap that turned around an took W of your within Clusters W Distinct individuals took all the info as in stole our indent each single one of your W of us Speak Around a scumbag looser and a burglar correct thus happens Day-to-day and it needs for Quit . . . . . . Here we all start Experience bad because of this Part of crap because he had no help an he begged people to help work for him as within Shoveling roofs a few around W foot high shoveling lousy snow storms really poor People where roofs were caving within thus he had these accounts he did t 've enough workers for work thus scum begged but he will get his and for Start his Partner was also involved they had a couple of children an last we knew they were Striving for sell all and run away but let them run Bahama because we gits all their information we demand understand all that we demand for know to Simply Set a Guarantee out regardless of where they strive an run and hide out with their two Kids saddest thing that kids Likely know nothing an never will your manner your parents are don t care about anybody or matter but them selfish Grimy rotten crooked Lien burglar self's you personally understand their Children are nothing for them because when they both go away for indent Thieving and buy matters Underneath all your identifies not any of either theirs low life s once again could possibly I add their time may come when Karma Bites them right within your ace an they go away for many years their Kids better hope their both grown Upward before they get picked Upward if not the poor things may Experience more by becoming taken away and never understand exactly why so Gloomy What s the life coming for this kind of Waste it really is .

8002299621 Complains by JD,

This phone number belongs to a public utility named CallerID4U, Inc., which is run by Paul Maduno and Luis Martinez.  They have entered into revenue sharing agreements with telemarketers who make illegal unsolicited telephone calls.  They profit directly from these outbound unsolicited telephone calls.This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including 16 C.F.R. §310.3(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule.Please take a moment to report this call via an online complaint to regulators.California Attorney General Online Complaints:http://oag.ca.gov/contact/consumer-complaint-against-business-or-companyCalifornia Public Utilities Commission:https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/cimsapp/Federal Do Not Call Complaint Form:https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2CallerID4U, Inc.93 S. Jackson Street, Suite 38-480Seattle WA 98104Paul Maduno, CEOPhone:  310-251-5420Email:  [email protected] /* */For more information about CallerID4U, visit this site:http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/2013/01 ... callerid4u-inc/http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/calleri ... -phone-numbers/

8002078333 Complains by Getting Fed Up,

The W service is from control. I get at least W calls a day and at 8 'm on the week ends. I am Upward but don't wish for have for tell someone to take me away your phone list. It is constant. . . what are we for can about it. This can be insane an Attack of our private life. I 'm contemplating disconnecting my Residence Telephone as they're your only ones that appear for telephone it. What's your point.

8002213020 Complains by Gus,

They telephone in the least hour s demand them for stop

8002195457 Complains by HLJ,

Got a call out of the number asserting to be Florida Cops and Troopers Association. I agreed to pledge W. W. After receiving your Commitment Invoice I Seen it mentioned return remittance for PO Box W ELM GROVE WI W W. Kind of peculiar. Searched Net and located that just address for PTA is located within TALLAHASSEE Fl. Needless to say I will not become sending them W Dollars.

8002260021 Complains by danny,

called me at 7 W 'm on my way Outside to work called me at 9 PM after I was within bed for almost an hour. Reported to your do not call

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