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Post by Jennifer,

8002201622 Threaten to call your cops and report them for harassment. . . that Typically stops that calls.

Post by Lisa,

800-220-1622 Same thing happening here. . . they vie been calling my Teen son s Telephone for two years. We vie asked them nicely threatened etc. . Though each few months they start up again. The time they re getting a page and a BBB Complaint. Next telephone gets an FCC Complaint.

Post by dallasd,

8002201622 they phone my old Amount with message for telephone Dorcas. But will not present out any company info

Post by devon,

800-220-1622 just got a phone from them as nicely i told them i wan t there. the lady would not tell me who they were calling from and said it was your own issue. i called your number back from a Limited number and all it said was thank you personally for returning our phone someone will become along with you personally Soon

Post by tony,

8002201622 well contemplating that i have not empty W medical Protection and they re harassing me for pay for something that my insurance covers Just because they Submitted the paperwork wrong i locate an awful lot of fault along with your very ignorant statement. and for people that don t have W medical Insurance aka most of your world nicely i figure it must become Fine for you personally you have never had a medical emergency or serious Wellness Difficulty you could t afford to pay for. i suppose you personally would suggest that this kind of Person s life wan t value saving if they were unable for afford that silly fees Correlated having an ER or doctors visit within the Usa. what a Blessed Man you are for have Dwelt such a charmed life you see no Worth in the life of someone who has not been as Fortunate as you.

Post by Meg,

800-220-1622 Yes I believe it s a debt collector. Lovely how they leave their Business.

Post by jay,

8002201622 debt collector. . and It's not for me

Post by Lil O Me,

800-220-1622 If you personally desire them to Quit do what I would tell them they 've wrong Amount I mean Clearly if your Reports are within Group its safe for state You're within a situation that wont permit you personally to pay the bill thus dealing having an annoying creditor which is simply going for stress you Outside is moot. Thus tell them they 've incorrect number

Post by Lisa,

8002201622 Same matter happening here. . . they vie been calling my Adolescent son s phone for two years. We vie asked them nicely threatened etc. . However each few months they start Upward again. This time they re becoming a page and a BBB Complaint. Next telephone gets an FCC Grievance.

Post by Edie,

800-220-1622 Had many calls for my son who doesn't live along with us. Has his own House. They phone Regular. Won t provide their Firm name but was told to present him a message for phone Cindy at the number the morning it was Carter who called.

Post by Angel,

8002201622 I received a message that said Hello Angel. . . this can be Elaine. Please phone me back at 1 W W W. Cheers. I don t return calls to people I don t understand. . . Notably when they don t even present a clue who they are.

Post by Jerry,

800-220-1622 They called my ex wife and Inquired for me we've been Separated for W years . Knew your address and asked if I Resided there. She said no . That Owner asked that she present me that number and to phone back and ask for Mrs. Brown.

Post by Marty,

8002201622 I vie been getting your telephone twice a daytime for a couple weeks now it s constantly that same recorded message Hello this Pam Riley with Reports Recovery Bureau I 've an important message for my Name . If this is my name press 1 for yes 2 for no. I press 1 for yes Subsequently a phone starts ringing I Set my Telephone on speaker after Around 5 for W minutes I hang Upward. No 1 ever answers.

Post by Lisa G,

800-220-1622 They don't demand your own SAN to Invoice insurance. . . . . . . they need your id Reader number along with your insurance Company. . . . don t ever provide out your own San

Post by Matt,

8002201622 Left a message saying I demand for call viewing your own subject. No company name was mentioned. May}n' become a Group agency.

Post by Me,

800-220-1622 Nicely they keep calling my phone and it is for the Individual who had the Amount before me. I stayed on that line Recently and talked along with a very rude individual and told them that this person no More has the number they Merely kept saying supply them your message and you need for . . . I do not need for do anything but they demand to Discontinue calling my Amount. They have called back again today after I told them the person they're searching for no More has the number. They are getting reported for your Attorney Generals Office the afternoon.

Post by kitkat,

8002201622 Keep getting calls out of these arse hats when I m at work for a Jean Snitch. Called back twice for get my number away. The second time that guy said I wan t within your database.

Post by calieastbay,

800-220-1622 They Additionally telephone out of W W W. Only got a voice recorded message this call was from Pam Riley.

Post by John,

8002201622 Called it right back from my cell phone it s a selling agency for Medical alert for get a free medical alert system . Advised her I am on the National NO Call list and to NOT call back anymore. Proposed her of the National law governing this and that her Firm may maintain Misdemeanor of National law should they keep it Upwards.

Post by tony,

800-220-1622 many Folks cant pay for Case I had lung surgery that Prices W and only make W year so keep your ignorant Remarks for yourself why were they calling you you were on the site

Post by Todd,

8002201622 Located the number in my missed calls. Could t figure Outside who it was thus I called it. They would not tell me who they were or exactly why they called. They kept asking for my name and phone Amount. I refused to supply to them until they told me who they were. They Installed up on me. . .

Post by Marty,

800-220-1622 I vie been getting your telephone twice a daytime for a couple weeks now it s constantly the same recorded message Hi the Pam Riley along with Records Recovery Business I 've an Significant message for my Name . If this really is my name press 1 for yes 2 for no. I press 1 for yes then a Telephone begins ringing I Place my Telephone on speaker after about 5 for W minutes I hang Upwards. No 1 ever Solutions.

Post by George Hall,

8002201622 Got phone they said it was a personal matter.

Post by Henry,

800-220-1622 Left an extremely brief message requesting a phone back to Carla or Carlene . That Person seemed to maintain a run. That Authentic Id of your caller was not provided.

Post by Dr. Bob Smith,

8002201622 Sounds like Ms. Riley needs a dick in the mouth Removal. Can t recognize the name of your person she left within that express mail but I know it Ian t ME. . . . . . . . . . . . K. C. B. keep calling back

Post by Lisa,

800-220-1622 They keep calling for Ernesto. I got them conscious to Quit calling my phone and my house. They previously mentioned they may keep calling. I got them conscious that Ernesto dozen t live here and Put Upward. Does anyone understand the address for this Firm or phone Amount thus I might sue for harassment because even after I ensure it is clear not for call my phone line they called again today MONDAY at 2 W pm. I would adore to sue that crap out of them. . . . . .

Post by Lisa G,

8002201622 They don't demand your SAN to bill insurance. . . . . . . they demand your own id Customer Amount along with the insurance Provider. . . . don t ever give out your own San

Post by Jennifer,

800-220-1622 Jeopardize for telephone your Police and report them for harassment. . . that usually stops the calls.

Post by Jerry,

8002201622 I should have mentioned I never lived at that address that my ex wife now lives at.

Post by Lisa G,

800-220-1622 They do not demand your SAN to bill insurance. . . . . . . they demand your id subscriber Amount along with your insurance Provider. . . . don t ever offer Outside your own San

Post by salimkamel,

8002201622 keep calling me every day and nobody to respond

Post by jaldeep,

800-220-1622 she Only say her name cartel Advertisement ward. .

Post by tony,

8002201622 well contemplating that i have not empty W medical Protection and they re harassing me to pay for something that my insurance Includes simply because they Submitted the paperwork erroneous i look for a terrible lot of fault with your really ignorant statement. and for those who don t have W medical coverage aka most of that universe nicely i guess it must be Pleasant for you personally which you 've never had a medical emergency or serious health problem you could t Manage for pay for. i Guess you would Recommend that this Person s life wan t worth saving if they were unable for Manage your foolish fees Correlated with an ER or Physicians See in that Us. what a Fortunate Individual you are for 've Dwelt this type of charmed life you see no value in your life of someone who has not been as Fortunate as you.

Post by Barb,

800-220-1622 Got your telephone overly. Said to phone Courtney back no Business name. It was Additionally for Univ. of Penn. They Incorrectly now it s my Issue reported a Statement that should never 've been sent. They let your Bureau know that it was a blunder after I called and straightened it Outside but that Bureau still called after that. I called the Bureau told them I knew who they were and told them not to call again. We will see. Good Luck.

Post by tired of it,

8002201622 I keep becoming that calls love your 8 W 'm on Sunday ones and when they come in I click answer Subsequently away for close your call. . This has their system suppose it's an replying machine and no message. I 've a little Invoice out of my physician who joined a Tremendous U of P group and I guess this really is what they are calling Around. . It is 4 years old and I had protested it manner back when and was told it would be taken care of. I have your data and paperwork and name of your Folks I talked with at that office and even power saw within Man to get the taken attention of. Figure not. They're calling me thus Frequently Around a Invoice that's smaller than their time wasted within calling me. I was Additionally told when the Physicians went to join U of P group they lost W control and 've for jump through hoops for get anything done viewing Charging. My charge was created prior for your take over and i guess U of P got all that overdue bills overly. Let them keep calling I can keep ignoring them.

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8002501365 Complains by Rhonda Irving,

Called and left messages threatening to sue me and telling me that there is a Table warrant Released if I do not pay them. I located out that it's a scam I have paid them and when I Viewed Upward your phone number it is not linked for their business it has Chinese symbols.

8001912082 Complains by Guest,


8002622203 Complains by Joy Zimmerman,

No one here can perform that. No one here is calling you.

8002572142 Complains by mcD,

Scam. I called them but they gave automated Result This 1 W number is currently being Assessed for problem . Sounds like they got bent along with your law

8002362600 Complains by Nate,

Same as Samuel

8002461976 Complains by Rowdy Gardner,

When calling American State customer service I incorrectly dialed W rather than W and was guided to the unique rewards Software that represents American Express. SCAM. . . be thorough and don't participate.

8002359220 Complains by Guest,

dint answer

8002799525 Complains by MAM,

David your Result for that previous notice was undoubtedly uncalled for. You are a rude

8002222227 Complains by Guest,

Pursuit car loan

8002696612 Complains by Rhozanna,

The Amount has called me four times today. I answered that third Telephone phone and she said something for me but I could t comprehend what she said so I Put up.

8002282443 Complains by Lread,

Cease calling cps consultants

8002709938 Complains by Tena,

is everyone on here from Canada.

8002001000 Complains by Cory office manager,

We've been receiving numerous phone calls out of this number. It comes Upward a a private Telephone Amount and your callers will not supply any data about that Business they're calling from. They have called the office Now 3 times and your last caller called your staff a vulgar name and Installed Upwards. We 're within that process of reporting this to the Authorities Department. and filing Fees for daily harassment. We 're a valid business.

8002532322 Complains by Lb,

These Individuals are fraud. They Directed} me an email saying my account was previous DUI have no business with the bank I don't 've a card along with them. Beware when I called they wanted my SS Amount and last name. I told them for appearance Upward that account name. N nu I gave them on that email. They Sent for my SS nu I told them no way they're getting my last name and social security out of me and Put up

8002267735 Complains by ANNOYED,


8002192579 Complains by Guest,


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