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Post by kpaley,

8002361042 I too tried a free trial offer and now 've an W charge plus another 5. W within foreign Exchange fees charge on my MasterCard. All unauthorized of course. An attempt for contact them at the phone Amount had so much interference with other callers that it was next to hopeless to be understood. Hopefully my credit card issuer may help out.

Post by owch,

800-236-1042 I had your same Costs to my account. That first matter i did was for Stop the card and order a new card thus that I don t get Priced again. I would advocate everyone that went through an expertise enjoy the for do your same

Post by Barbara D.,

8002361042 Hi Tool your own Remark and I overly got stung. I 'm Simply Thinking if you have gotten this Fixed. Did you personally Tell your own CC Business. All I have been Competent to can is send an e send to Stop and 've heard nothing back. That is Very current and I don't know if there may become another shipment and charge. What a total Grab. Lesson to become learned here Don t Autumn for ANY TRIAL offers. Want you that absolute best and everyone else overly. How sad Pol 've for con others. GB Barbara AKA Bambi

Post by lanet,

800-236-1042 I agree just because you did not read the terms and States before you personally placed your purchase doesn't mean that the Prices were unauthorized. By your manner your FTC has sued them for this practice that is a negative Choice contract. although in conditions and States that this would happen Setting your purchase put you personally within a Software for auto shipment. the dietary claims aren't substantiated by Food and no testing done to Establish it There's NO Miracle Tablet celebrity endorsements ARE Fake No Oprah and Rachel Lewis do not back the product they both 've disclaimers on their own Sites but no 1 bothered to Assess them out first. I DID even though I would never autumn with this I took a Second a Viewed by choice not giving Merchandise to arrive in time. trial Span begins the day you Put your own order not when you receive it.

Post by TG,

8002361042 Got a phone at my Job. . . confirming and order that I had placed. . . I placed no such purchase. I traced your Firm for Someplace in Florida where I had been on Holiday the week earlier. . . . someone stole my debit card Information. I have reported the and cancelled my debit card. I Assess my bank equilibrium online very Often. Thank goodness they simply got me for 1. W and 2. W to which that bank is out for get back and do a little research of their own. Become thorough people and know where your every dollar goes for.

Post by moe,

800-236-1042 any Fortune I got stung also. Striving to get these Individuals for refund is hopeless but I ll keep Striving and let you personally know if I have any luck

Post by Tai,

8002361042 Your BBB has helped many to get their refund back. HTTP centrefold. app. BBB. org research. asp. Com ID Customer Gripe Information Number of Grievances processed by that BBB since your Company s BBB file was opened within April W Amount of Gripes processed by your BBB in that last W months Gripes Concerned Selling Practices W complaints W Fixed 1 Your parties could not provide sufficient info for support their Opportunities Or agreeable to create sensible efforts toward resolving that issue of the Contest Marketing Dilemmas W Grievances W Resolved Service Issues 6 complaints 6 Fixed Customer Service Dilemmas 5 complaints 5 Resolved Credit or Billing Differences W Criticisms W Fixed 1 Open 3 Company made every realistic Work for resolve 1 Business did not Reply Delivery Issues W Grievances W Fixed Refund Practices W Grievances W Fixed 1 Unresolved 1 Business got each practical Energy for resoluteness Merchandise Quality 5 Gripes 5 Fixed Contract Disputes W Criticisms W Resolved Ensure or Guarantee Problems W complaints W Fixed 1 Unresolved 1 Firm did not respond

Post by bob,

800-236-1042 I had your same Trouble was ordering something for 2. W and got billed W. W. I may get my cash back Granting to customer service but I 've to return unused product and it took 2 calls for my credit card co and 2 calls to your people I bought this from. I got an Memory from Joan A'S and I m delivering it back Now.

Post by Loretta,

8002361042 Apparently that trial Span was for W times. If you did not call to End or return the Merchandise along with that W days you were charged that full Sum of W. W and W. W. You are able to phone and Stop any future orders but these products are ours to keep and pay for. What a Split. I m confident that Oprah would be sorry that she Proposed these merchandises. I am. I hope that this helps for clarify your own dilemmas. I Simply said a lesson learned and did t Follow it any further.

Post by RUBENS,

800-236-1042 my name is Ruben i pay before debit car i dint know what ha pencil might or den wen daytime is ca min might Merchandise a called Meany times Crucial my Man email W protected State Fresh YORK BRONX.

Post by Brad,

8002361042 Oh my gosh. This really is terrible. I ordered for your Path period was Priced your 3. W Transport called that next day and Ended my order. Assessed that website despot. com it says no record order cancelled. In the last W days W was withdrawn from my checking account account because I used my debit card plus your W in overdraft fees due to these automatic withdrawals. I Ceased at your bank they had for Stop my debit card and basically told me I Wanted for try to get the money back from the Firm. Great Luck. Any W number which you phone no one ever answers You're on hold forever at least W minutes. Then of path that W number that calls your house W times a day. If anyone knows how we can get our money back please let me understand. W is alto of money to become Outside. . . . . . . .

Post by LB in Minnesota,

800-236-1042 I ordered Aubrey Detox Lp online 7 2 W I 'm almost positive that I had definitely UN Assessed a carton to Diminish automatic shipment membership enrollment. I printed your copy of the purchase confirmation scheduled for arrive 7 6 W ph 1 W W W. It seemed on my credit card statement 0. W charge and that Business was Nucleons ph W W W. But I swear it Actually had pended charges noting . W Accredits. . . I had acquired a telephone a day after purchasing from someone offering for send colon Clean. or something which I agreed I was not really paying Interest during the call . I gotten two bottles of Aubrey Detox on 7 W and 7 W and there was no packing receipt for either so I got concerned. I looked up that 1 W W W Ph and tool the Information. Went to W support does not support accredits. com. I called and was able for cancel through an automated system. Another phone 1 W W W connects to the same system. Then I looked online though despot. com and was able to see my two shipments along with their tracking Amounts. I Ended here too Simply to be certain. I m still concerned I might become Priced for the Containers but thankfully this credit card was suspended due to your security Break. per my credit card co. I opened and trashed both boxes but simply opened just one bottle. So if Mandatory I could return the ND bottle. I Only took 1 Now no side effects Found. Had attempted Evoking amp Omega 3 earlier the month gave me a headache and the Girl said for try again. . . No thanks. I did t Stop before being shipped Outside W worth. . . hopefully they can refund instantly and hopefully I will no become charged out of these people.

Post by Deanna,

8002361042 Do not USE This Business FOR Buying ANY Merchandises. They are that biggest Split offs I 've ever seen. I ordered the bottle of Aubrey Detox for 3. W s amp h have not yet received it and that's been Practically a month 7 days after ordering that ST bottle I had a W. charge taken off my credit card for another bottle of something I didn't purchase. I called them and they said I Desired to wait until the bottle Arrived in and I would have for send it back then someone would telephone me to affirm my cancellation and Afterward I would get my refund. BULL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I ha vent even got your first one Though what makes them believe I am going for get the other bottle. I M NOT DUH. I attempted calling them again Now your girl argued with me around the phone. I asked to Talk to her Manager which was Stupid she Set me on hold and never Arrived back. I want we could body Outside what for would and who to telephone to put a Quit to all the Madness once and for all.

Post by cindy,

800-236-1042 nature cleanse and the naturalness aren't the same Business i talked to that nature cleanse Individuals and they said the other company isn't them and they billed me W. W for CAI berry. when i phone their nu Amber W Hollywood fl W it says my purchase was canceled. we can see it gets Chosen off my account or not i 'm Additionally writing my card and telling them to not take any more money Outside for them i trust it may help

Post by Williebuilt,

8002361042 Similar Condition as above but I at least talked with someone who agreed for cancel future orders. I also did not understand they had W daytime time limit for telephone and End. Pretty sneaky free trial my butt. I attempted to send an E-mail message for them for back Upwards my Telephone call but it Arrived back as deliverable. Dozen t surprise me. They go by the name of Professional Bio tics but whoever you personally get on that phone won't recognize that. The email address listed in their provisions and conditions is Lt E-mail W protected gt without the arrows of course. However your Merchandise is distributed by FEM Laboratories in Hollywood Florida. My next step is for file a Criticism along with the BBB in Florida. That chances of getting the Costs removed from your credit card are Thin for none. Chalk this Upward for Lesson Learned

Post by karen,

800-236-1042 same exact matter happened to me. the guy Set me on hold for ever and never came back. i called my bank and disputed your charge and got my money back. it a pain but i 'm not paying W. W for something i didn't buy.

Post by T,

8002361042 What a nightmare I called and waited for more than W minutes. . . all I got was some BS about waiting etc. etc. etc. . Any way to get them out of business they're making a killing away Folks enjoy us.

Post by lanet,

800-236-1042 I concur Simply because you did not read your conditions and States before you placed your own purchase doesn't mean the charges were unauthorized. By the way the FTC has sued them because of this practice which is a negative Choice contract. although in provisions and conditions that this would happen placing your purchase Set you in a Application for Vehicle shipment. your dietary States aren't substantiated by Food and no testing done for prove it There is NO Magic Pill celebrity endorsements ARE Bogus No Oprah and Rachel Lewis don't endorse the Merchandise they both 've disclaimers on their own websites but no 1 bothered for check them Outside first. I DID even though I would never fall for this particular I took a Second a Viewed intentionally not delivering Merchandise for arrive within time. trial Span starts the day you Set your order not when you personally get it.

Post by Barbara D.,

8002361042 Hello Power saw your Opinion and I too got bit. I am just Thinking if you have gotten the Fixed. Did you personally notify your own CC Firm. All I 've been able to would is send an e send for End and have heard nothing back. This is pretty current and I don't know if there will become another Shipping and charge. What a total rip. Lesson to become learned here Don t Fall for ANY TRIAL offers. Want you personally your absolute best and everyone else too. How Miserable Pol 've to con others. GB Barbara AKA Bambi

Post by Tai,

800-236-1042 The BBB has helped many to get their refund back. HTTP centrefold. app. BBB. org research. asp. Com ID Customer Grievance Information Amount of Gripes processed by that BBB since the firm s BBB file was opened in April W Amount of complaints processed by the BBB in your last W months Complaints Concerned Selling Methods W Gripes W Fixed 1 The parties could not provide satisfactory information for support their positions nor agreeable to make realistic efforts toward resolving the Problem of the Challenge Advertising Dilemmas W complaints W Resolved Service Issues 6 complaints 6 Fixed Customer Service Issues 5 complaints 5 Resolved Credit or Billing Disputes W Grievances W Fixed 1 Unresolved 3 Business got every realistic Energy for resolve 1 Company did not respond Delivery Problems W Grievances W Fixed Refund Methods W Gripes W Fixed 1 Unresolved 1 Firm got each reasonable effort for resolve Product Quality 5 Gripes 5 Resolved Contract Disputes W complaints W Fixed Guarantee or Warranty Issues W Grievances W Fixed 1 Open 1 Company did not respond

Post by Kim,

8002361042 I Truly acquired calls from W W W after Setting an purchase for that CAI equilibrium Things. I saw everyone s Criticisms and when they called again I refused for confirm any Id data over your Telephone. They Offered me your number W W W to phone if I Desired for continue and said that they were not going through along with the purchase. A few times After my account was still charged 3. W plus . W in international fees . That charge went through to Naturalness. Quite than phone your Amount they Offered me I called your number Recorded next for Naturalness W W W. The Girl on another Finish was helpful though she tried to get me to agree for Take a free one month sample of that Items. I politely refused and said I did not want the one month try any subscriptions any free Presents nothing. She said that my account was still active and Inquired what I Desired her to can. I said I Desired the account closed. I repeated that I did not desire your Merchandise or any subscriptions. She Subsequently cancelled your account and Offered me a cancellation number. Now i ll keep my fingers crossed and expect nothing else gets Priced.

Post by stanglo,

800-236-1042 same thing happened for me Directed} back that bottle of pills never opened called my credit card co. they say Business has W times to refund. Only got E-mail saying they are refunding W. . . . not Displaying on credit card yet but can keep checking account and if not there in W days will 've my credit card co address that subject. Did you get your anti wrinkle Product also. i Only got it and see I 'm charged for it may Begin the over. Grab away artists abound.

Post by stanglo,

8002361042 same matter happened for me Directed} back the bottle of pills never opened called my credit card co. they state company has W days to refund. Simply got email saying they are refunding W. . . . not Displaying on credit card However but will keep checking and if not there in W times can have my credit card co address the issue. Did you get that anti wrinkle cream Additionally. i Only got it and see I 'm charged for it may start the over. rip away artists abound.

Post by hymie,

800-236-1042 ordered respiratory ultra for W cent trial and got a Invoice on my card for W. W . . . called that W number and talked for Indian and he said it was for the Product . . . I told him I did not order no cream Only the free trial. I Ended your order for the ultra because it caused dizziness and blood pressure Issues but he could not can anything about your Treatment until I received it in the send. then I would 've for go through sending it back and get charged for shipping. . . but I have not obtained any Product within the send and it s been 7 day s and I obtained your ultra 4 day s Past. Hello Dr OZ and Oprah . . . KS Thus Substantially I 'm retired and can t afford quite definitely let along some Treatment I did not purchase . . . . NO MORE credit card orders via that net . . . Simply a legalized Approach for crooks and scam artists . . . . .

Post by Kar,

8002361042 I also ordered that product and then canceled your Request but my account was charger W. I Afterward returned the unopened bottle to the Business at W Green St. Hollywood Florida on July W W. I have USPS confirmation they acquired it However that W has not been credited to my account. I 've tried for contact them by phone but Can never reach a real Man. I filed a Grievance Edith that BBB. I suggest anyone else having this issue for do your same.

Post by joey5.4,

800-236-1042 I Seen on my bank statement I was Priced 1. W 2. W and W. W from CPR'S Telephone W W W that is disconnected Subsequently another charge for top body cleans W W W for W. W. this really is AL within the same Mont on one statement and I ha vent got the previous months statement Though but checked my account buy Telephone and it's transactions that are quite similar. I just canceled my ATM card and disputed it it with my bank. I did get within touch along with Top body at W W W and they said they had no record of me. I never heard of these CAI berries till the morning. there has been trans actions on previous month I haven't Found as nicely and the Shift name and Amount Frequently.

Post by Krystal,

8002361042 I obtained several calls from a W Place code number and Subsequently was Priced the W like everyone above and cannot get ah previous of the place or anyone at these Amounts. I am Hostile and never ordered or received this Merchandise that apparently I am becoming Priced for. . .

Post by CJB,

800-236-1042 John Weiss

Post by Lisa,

8002361042 I ordered a allegedly free trial and was told i would simply have to pay 5. W for S amp H for that CAI berry thing and now have the W Priced for my account. I dint create that much money and due to that charge my bank account is very low and I wont have enough funds to cover what I Used Now shopping with my sister and now can 've for get overdraft fees. Attempted calling that number they gave me W and that Amount I got from the site W and got your same answering service along with no luck getting through to some Man. I m going for attempt again tomorrow. Their websites refund policy says returning everything dated within your W daytime shipping period which it's for me. If they dint give me a full refund I ll call my bank and see they could End that Costs because I didn't authorize them. Hopefully something good can come from this and I DEFINITELY learned my lesson. Research EVERYTHING. Screw these scam artists.

Post by Donna,

800-236-1042 The same thing has happened along with me. I called earlier and Ended my purchase but they still keep Charging me. Now when I telephone no just one may answer no subject how long I hold. I desire my purchase cancelled and them to Discontinue billing my credit card.

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8002521163 Complains by Carey,

I Additionally gotten that same text about 2 hrs ago. . .

8002098784 Complains by zippychippie,

I got an automated call saying they were my pharmacy and I had a RX for Select up. The Amount was Recorded as Prairie Voice . The are definitely not my pharmacy.

8002147833 Complains by joe,

got a text saying. . . Actually like your own tie. Let us use it Tonto. Text back. Annabelle G

8001262432 Complains by Dave Ryan,

This is one of the "Grenada (area code 473)" scams.These scammers often call late at night when most people are sleeping.  You will usually only hear one ring, with the line being disconnected before you have a chance to answer.Their goal is to entice you to call them back.When you do that, you could be hit with a phone bill with an exorbitant international calling charge.  These scammers will get a large cut of those charges.SCAM.

8001571198 Complains by Cell Phone Call 2,

Ok same Amount called again within W minutes. Suspect that Verizon Cell phone scam as that is the M. O. for another calls obtained from the scummier it looks as if they shifted their Amount yet again.

8001453219 Complains by Linda,

Calls and leaves bogus message strive and call back and Amount is said no for exist

8002512911 Complains by GD,

Same here. Not your standard BS phone. . . at least for now.

8002332410 Complains by Cherryl,

Do you seem to get spam calls as if someone has a camera trained on you, and the calls start to come like when you just drove into your carport? Or that there could be a GPS device that is keeping track of your comings and goings? Calls like these are weird!

8002485077 Complains by SWH,

Professional Credit Services purportedly. They left a message I called back she would t provide me any info until I provided your last 4 digits of my social security Amount. Scummier. Who knows. When may legitimate Businesses body Outside you can t just phone and anticipate people for confirm information that can be used for identity Thieving.

8002081225 Complains by Lynn with a government agency,

Same Storyline as above except I received a voice send. The guy was a jokiest. He said his name was Lou looking for Talk to Lou and my last name. Could t even get his Software correct. Please become wary. There is just one report in RIPOFF REPORT. com already. Great Fortune with the jesters.

8002535524 Complains by Matt,

Same call here. . we all won.

8002225355 Complains by tommy tagger,

It s Time Warner Cable calling back for see how their customer service was performed for you. if you did NT get or have Tc it was a misdeal.

8002306683 Complains by Andy,

Not good company

8002376977 Complains by Gail,

My ex Partner Merely received a Invoice out of NY for that Ed department does anyone know who your collection Bureau is. He is refusing to send me your Statement and I need to resolution. I called NY directly but they said appearance on my Statement. thanks.

8002131161 Complains by Bell Canada customer,

I did not Select it Upward. No message left

8002430000 Complains by Ronald Hicks,

this number W W W called 3 times in W minutes Making no message. After I Assessed my cell phone and they had called that Amount overly. no message nothing. what a hassle along with these Amounts that phone and leave no message.

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