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Post by Bay Area, CA,

8002512121 Scam. Belligerent caller claims that person in question me was red flagged and or reported but will not say for what. Had right name but called a family member s phone and insisted that it was your number that I Offered them. Inquired why family member was lying and yelled. When they did t get whatever it was they wanted they Asserted that an Agent would become Displaying up at my Home After this week for either Accumulate something or arrest me. Never did say what they were collecting or what I d be arrested for.

Post by Guest,

800-251-2121 Keeps calling over and around on my PARE PAID Telephone looking for nobody here. I 've said around and over to them. . . Erroneous Number. Leave CALLING. . Ian t worked thus far.

Post by TW,

8002512121 I called the W number Recorded below and at they Offered me a different name but Subsequently Changed over to Hamilton Grey Investigations. So I m Very certain that is that outfit that's been calling Individuals. Many Sign that this Firm could possibly become staffed by those who were once in law Administration. Which would describe why there are a few calls where someone efforts for impersonate someone in law Administration. In any Occasion a Absolute debt scamming Business. If they call you personally and jeopardize you personally report them. Just because a express on that Phone States you owe a debt does not mean you owe it If your express on the Phone States you owe a debt 1. Need the Man give you his or her name company name and address's. Need a debt Approval notification by Us mail. E send no great. 3. Do not pay that Group agent or anyone else a Dollar until the debt is validated. Of path they won t can this no scummier ever will thus Only block their calls and Discount them. If they're bothering you personally Report them HTTP Web. consumer. FTC. gov articles W debt Set Threatening criminal prosecution for Accumulate a civil debt is a clear Misdemeanor of the National Good Debt Group Work} Also contact your local attorney general If they continue for annoyance you and you personally know you don't owe any cash tell them you understand that is a debt scam and that you are making a Gripe to the Authorities for extortion. You might have for yell at your scummier and talk over him or her. Once you get a Replicate of the Cops report and they call you just read Outside that file number and your name of your PD or Sheriff s office included. Tell them you personally ll become glad for send a copy for them . HTTP Internet. Hamilton gray. internet Hamilton Grey amp Associate's S Eli Carmine Real Oceanside CA W W W E mail email W protected

Post by Debbie,

800-251-2121 Got a call looking for Amy somebody. I said I don t understand her and Inquired how they got this number. They got a bit testy and I asked for speak with a supervisor because I Needed to understand how they got the number. He Put Upwards.

Post by MG,

8002512121 They harassed us using different phone numbers and Distinct Narratives but constantly asked for . They posed as attorneys called Hamilton and Gray

Post by Liz,

800-251-2121 She said she was from DIBS and I said for Duplicate that tell me what which was and who she was as I was going for note that she did not give me that data and said she was looking for a Individual and wanted me to provide her info. When I did t have any data she Installed Upwards.

Post by Mary,

8002512121 They called me and Offered me 1 W W W and a case number that some legal procedures had been filed against me. I called the number and was hung up on.

Post by Mary,

800-251-2121 They called me and gave me 1 W W W and a case Amount that a few legal procedures had been Registered against me. I called the number and was Put Upwards on.

Post by w,

8002512121 I got a telephone out of the jerk too. I just blocked for Amount. I can kick his when I look for him.

Post by Guest,

800-251-2121 Me and Man got telephone at identically that same time. . . no message left. . Owner not identified. . . . tried for telephone back and it says number not within service. . . how is the potential. . . they Only called 2 Telephones at once. . . . obviously a scam. . . .

Post by cathy,

8002512121 Call blocker May}n' be of some help. Also don t pick Upward on Amounts you personally don't Comprehend or where there are caller IDs that seem Peculiar. Or where there's no Owner ID.

Post by TheLud,

800-251-2121 Wife received phone from a female Sargent Barrett not able due to legalities to identify Bureau. Later mentioned she was an law enforcement agent again no Organization Supplied. A legal complaint case was filed against you personally and you personally demand for call W W W instantly. A Michael Jackson out of a Arbitration Organization Desired positive Id before continuing. My wife asked for Id Evidence and to Replicate firms name but did not get any more Information. She then terminated that call. We could just Consider out of the telephone and your Listings seeing these Amounts that a scummier had attained her.

Post by pookie,

8002512121 they replied saying who that hell is your own son and then hung up that ID said DD IS

Post by KR,

800-251-2121 Got a Call from W W W That Owner told a few Name and mentioned many Activity going for take place Inquired whom you personally desire to Talk he told a few other Name not my Name I told I 'm not that Man. you are calling wrong Amount. I Inquired him for Replicate the Amount he repeated my Number. . again I told I 'm not that Individual he mentioned. then he had cut that call.

Post by Guest,

8002512121 Claims to be an agent for a Firm called BB IS they have called me twice now very rude and very threatening. Inquired for a person I do not know of named Veronica and told me that they had an arrest warrant for this particular Individual. I told them for take me away their list and they told me if I wan t that Man for change my number and rudely Put up on me. Twice.

Post by ECJ,

800-251-2121 Let them know your next time they call they're calling on a recorded line and you Want to among other matters 've them prosecuted for impersonating an Official of that court and calling a cell Telephone without your consent which you are able to sue them for Upward to 1 W per Misdemeanor. See how Rapidly they hang Upwards.

Post by Oregon Area,

8002512121 ID themselves as Hamilton Grey Investigations. Undoubtedly many variety of debt scamming operation. Could t find any records of them within your records of the California Secretary of State. HTTP Www. Hamilton gray. internet Hamilton Grey amp Associate's S Eli Carmine Actual Oceanside CA W W W E send email W protected See HTTP Www. Related within. com Business Hamilton gray investigations Referrals the site HTTP gray pi. com W W Grey amp Gray Investigation's Cads Street San Diego CA W Not clear exactly what your relationship is here.

Post by cat,

800-251-2121 Only got a phone from someone out of dd is or dibs in the Amount W asking for my husbands ground location. Kind of creepy that manner they said it. Didn't call your Amount called my mothers. Anyone 've any idea who they're.

Post by ECJ,

8002512121 Let them understand the next time they phone they are calling on a Registered line and you intend to among other things 've them prosecuted for impersonating an Specialist of that court and calling a cell phone without your Agreement which you are able to sue them for up to 1 W per Misdemeanor. See how Quickly they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

800-251-2121 Just acquired a Telephone phone from this number. Your Man in the other line said. . . Letting you know someone has pressed legal Methods against Susana Socorro BTW never heard this name before thus since it was an W Amount i let him Chat once I said firs time hearing the name where are you personally calling out of he Only hung up on my face. History had a lot of sounds and he had a strong Spanish accent.

Post by gearldine,

8002512121 called me gave me another for phone. called it was Anderson and associates

Post by unknown,

800-251-2121 The clown called me did not 've my name correct said someone had many kind of legal proceeding go wing on yup he s a scam. And should I get my hand on the Lila tool. I ll crash you bro. You will not become Making the hospital strike me and go get a Occupation like everyone else I hope u read the I m Only letting you personally understand I may find you

Post by Guest,

8002512121 Gotten a phone out of this number and I tried to call it back. Its telling me the number is not in service. Somebody must become using this Amount as a hide for that real number there calling from. I would figure its some kind of fraud.

Post by Christy,

800-251-2121 Thus this idiot Simply called me. I played the Match they said oh we will Place you personally through for the appropriate Folks call the Amount W W W they said its Hamilton Gray. Agents name is Scott Fuller. Yep it s a scam these scum buckets need for be Close down. They threatened me with Prison time told me I would become arrested told me I would get Forms Ada Ada Ada told them for F away.

Post by tony,

8002512121 scam bugs

Post by cathy,

800-251-2121 I Simply get this Telephone telephone was not Capable to answer this call and don t understand who is company or who they searching for been becoming a lot of this phone a lot lately

Post by TheLud,

8002512121 Partner gotten phone out of a female Sargent Barrett unable due for legalities to identify Bureau. Later previously mentioned she was an law enforcement Representative again no Connection Supplied. A legal complaint case has been filed against you and you personally demand for call W W W instantaneously. A Michael Jones from a mediation Company Needed positive Id before continuing. My Partner Inquired for Id Evidence and for repeat Organizations name but did not get any more Information. She Afterward terminated that phone. We can simply Consider out of this call and the postings seeing these Amounts that a scummier had achieved her.

Post by crystal,

800-251-2121 Simply called me and was quite rude saying i 'm being sued and they will take me for jail if i dint go to court that's funny if i dint know about it they cant its amusing then she called me blocked 2 times

Post by unimportant,

8002512121 said someone is Processing legal Reports against me and that i would become served. . . Inquired them what it was viewing and who they were they responded with gargled babble and after another Second or two i hung Upwards. I hate the type of matter has to Possible to destroy a day.

Post by ECJ,

800-251-2121 Let them understand that next time they phone they are calling on a recorded line and you Want to among other matters have them prosecuted for impersonating an officer of that court and calling a cell Telephone without your Agreement which you can sue them for Upward to 1 W per Infraction. See how Quickly they hang up.

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8002066012 Complains by GeraldG903,

UN Accessible calls in the least hours 8 Am for 9 PM

8002750930 Complains by jack,

the number was calling for months never leave a message or state their business.

8002424388 Complains by Mindblast 2,

They called me out of W W W and o NY asked for my zip code and name. Then they kept calling. Finally they left a message about a free trip from Caribbean Cruises. That Website and Business are legit. I Viewed Upward the number they told me for call. Your 1 W W W and located the Site revealing your scam. Great believe I looked into it.

8002133799 Complains by Guest,


8002065977 Complains by Guest,

Telephone disconnected

8002364883 Complains by Guest,

No message left. Annoying

8002519163 Complains by shanice,

did you might have to send them cash first and Afterward they Delivered you personally your loan plus your own cash back

8001492826 Complains by PhoneGuy,

I received a text message from number 502-751-6458 at 3:12pm today (7/18/2012) saying the following..."Your entry in our drawing WON you a free $500 Target Giftcard! Go to target.com.tsct.biz to claim it and we can ship it to you immediately!"I tried to go to the link on my phone but Safari pops up an error reading..."Cannot Open PageSafari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found."I also tried to go to the address on my computer but the same type of error came up there as well. I also did not try texting STOP as this may make things worse.When I went to Target.com to look into it, there was no mention of a contest for gift cards. This leads me to think that this is a scam. My suggestion is to NOT go to the link on your phone as it could be a sham just to get your number somehow. Also, I would call the Target store in your area, talk to the person in the highest position you can and tell them about this. If this is real, they may know about it and direct you to the person you need to speak to. If this is not real, they can take the steps needed to stop these texts or at least help make many more people aware as this looks bad on Target.Good Luck.

8002683486 Complains by MRSHAWAII,

This Business is spoofing a Advantages number in order for Technique Individuals into taking their telephone. .

8002296297 Complains by Ann,

Could you personally tell his user name please

8000734444 Complains by Sick of the calls,

It response the Business office every transfer says the company office.

8002344959 Complains by Kathleen,

They not simply telephone but leave a voice mail message that s truncated and dozen t make any sense. I Lately changed my cell Telephone number and this really is either spam or meant for that previous holder of that Telephone Amount. It's Actually irritating since I 've that Amount on a go Telephone which means that either replying your calls or becoming rid of the express send Prices me money. Would they ever offer Upwards. . .

8002477000 Complains by Ib,

called no message

8002800555 Complains by Leon,

That s your phone number for Hartford insurance.

8002725543 Complains by NJ,

A message was left from this number and it is Sallie Mae.

8002676101 Complains by Guest,


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