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Post by Steve Mushynsky,

8002563376 I have no health attention due for that Obama care law is Absolute bull crap. That is not that Newsgroup for your own twisted political junk.

Post by Shery,

800-256-3376 The turned out for be a valid Excellent charge that I had never gotten a bill for. It turned out the company had that erroneous sending address for me. . . .

Post by Guest,

8002563376 News said don t reply these calls its a scam if you telephone back you ll become sorry let it go for answering machine and report it for your local carrier

Post by Artemis,

800-256-3376 I did get through using my cell. They told me the bill for me was dated out of W and who it was for. I told them first of all that I don t 've debt and that I paid that bill. They demanded proof. I told them that it was seven years Past. They're sending me proof the Put Directed} me bills I never obtained. Resided here for over W years. Never obtained 1 Statement. Additionally Maintained to 've my son and Kids names and my son Hans t Resided with me for over four years. Daughter around W. . I Subsequently looked up the NYSE Law of Constraints. Tried for use your one posted by lament. It did t work for me but I did locate just one at HTTP Www. courts. gov courts NYC civil Client credit. HTML. That Law is six years. IT I receive anything I ll become happy for send them a joyful page letting them understand about that statute of Constraints. Their Time has run out of time. Thus sad. Of path it can be return receipt Required and I ll become more than joyful for sue. I ll become certain to let them know that within your page as nicely. Cheers lament for Making people know all about the. This Amount belongs to ES CA. It is an Malicious Set for phone by your way. Be very careful with them. when your supervisor got on that line along with me she said the simply matter she would become joyful to discuss would become a payment Organization. I told her I was sure she would be if only I owed money. Afterward I d be happy for make her joyful. She Put up dissatisfied. Please Buddies make them just as miserable about their jobs.

Post by dave,

8002563376 Climbed this board has no ability to block any calls for anyone. It is Only a discussion board. Contact your own Telephone Business or consider a phone blocker. sorry

Post by LL,

800-256-3376 they called my cell Telephone today. Nobody has the number and I mean nobody except for my family and Physicians and my daughter s school. How did they get my cell Telephone Amount and could it be prohibited for them to phone it. They Merely gave your name Frank and to telephone back that Amount 1 W W W. Your Credit Business of Rochester is familiar for me they are trying to Gather on hospital bills that I do not owe.

Post by Mike,

8002563376 I got a phone from this Amount the morning asking for Stop . If You're not Stop please hang Upward other wise within three seconds you may become Related to your office. Record continues That is ALCOA a debt collection agency Seeking to Gather a debt. Please phone Stop to remove your own name off of the list again phone Stop if you are Stop Around an outstanding debt. Finish of message hmm Millimeters sounded awfully fishy to me. The whole message took Around two minutes and I Likely left a few Components out but at no time did they identify who they were Striving to contact or your Amount at which for reach them. Got your number away of caller id and Afterward Go ogled it to get here.

Post by George,

800-256-3376 It s very simple to misplace a Doctor co pay bill. There surely is no demand for be rude or sarcastic.

Post by Mike,

8002563376 Legit number from ES Choices Bureau. Hospital had that wrong address for my Invoice thus I never obtained it even though I had phoned your hospital the very next day with my insurance info . Instead of calling me themselves hospital decided to forward my account for collections. In my case this phone was legit.

Post by clc,

800-256-3376 Simply one Significant point Around time barred debt If you pay ANY amount after being contacted along with many offer within compromise i. e. pay us C on the dollar and we will clear your own debt your Law of Limits on that debt is reset as if the debt was Only Received. Your payment is considered an approval of obligation for your First debt within its Whole.

Post by Chris,

8002563376 I got a call out of them for my 6 year previous son Attempting for collect a debt. I called back and it Simply says leave a message for Rochester Primary. I think they have your same basic replying message as my Dwelling Telephone. Does not look legit whatsoever.

Post by Manny,

800-256-3376 I get That same calls out of W W W I can 've a Pupil loan and I thought your same matter. I thought it was a scam. I made payment Measures with them and everything. I also Delivered them money a few times since I could t create anymore Funds they are still calling me. They said that they were collecting a debt for the Pupil loan Folks. It sounds fishy for me as well. It s to late for me though if it is a scam they got me. Seeing ALCOA

Post by Connie,

8002563376 Keeps calling for my daughter saying it's personal different name each time he calls. Told him she wan t going to phone him and he said he may keep calling and I told him I will get him for harassment

Post by Gregory,

800-256-3376 Strange call from W W W identified herself as Ms More at Eco. Asking return your telephone for Significant company subject . Appeared for mention Gather debt . But I 'm Upwards for date to all Statement Funds. I called back at your above and W W W but Merely got replying machine for request leave message . Sounds really Bad. Heard from a Pal that people who are seeking mortgage loan tends for get such phone. Maybe it's a scam targeting people who want for keep great credit score for loan.

Post by Jim,

8002563376 Called asking for address. . . . . I don t believe thus. . . . .

Post by Bill,

800-256-3376 They are legit component of a credit bureau they could become annoying. . . HTTP Www. Es CA. com Contact us Locations RI . . . W Standard. asp

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Owner keeps calling and never leaves a message. I 'm on your Don't Phone list.

Post by Shery,

800-256-3376 The turned Outside to become a valid Excellent charge that I had never gotten a Statement for. It turned out that the Firm had your erroneous mailing address for me. . . .

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Get a life I will not answer ever I can not wait to disconnect my phone

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 Called and when my no more Rob calls Software disconnected it less then 5 seconds your phone out of another number and my replying machine kicked on and they left no message because they're scummier A HOLES.

Post by Jerry,

8002563376 More of that same that is not a sales call and then that Registered message asked me for phone back. Best thing to do if you re Closed Upwards on that Authorities s Don't Call list is for file an official Gripe at Dentally. gov.

Post by sharon,

800-256-3376 I gotten several calls from this Amount. Asking for my Man . . . he Approved away several months ago. How do they get away along with this. . . .

Post by Cody,

8002563376 I got a message from my Mom the morning. The number had called my Grandfather just one located in the Telephone publication and Inquired how they could get within Contact along with me. I 'm young and live on my own but i am quite organized on my Funds and do not owe anyone anything. When i had called the Amount the message said thank you for calling e. r. t. c. a. I Google d etc and found NOTHING. Sounds enjoy a complete scam.

Post by Skeptical Sue,

800-256-3376 I called the 1 W W W number back for see what I allegedly owed. They said the name of that Firm was Green in Rochester. I asked what Green stands for and he said It dozen t stand for anything. That Man said I owed a bill for W for Upstate University Hospital within Syracuse NY out of W. When I told them I LIVE In TENNESSEE and had never been to Syracuse they Maintained it was for Laboratory work Delivered to the hospital. I Inquired what physician ordered that Laboratory work. They Asserted they did t 've a record of that. They said I apparently did not 've insurance and as shortly as I said that I Can Have INSURANCE they immediately wanted my insurance data. SCAM. PHISHING. I Offered them nothing. I told them that I Needed an itemized statement Directed} for me and then I would Answer. He Promised my address was in some Bizarre city in NY. Again I said TENNESSEE. I told him that there are W Folks in your People with my name and he quickly Put up the phone. I instantaneously called Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse to create sure there were no Excellent charges in my own name and there was not a single just one. You are able to Wager I m not done with the phony Green telephone.

Post by Guest,

8002563376 automated message says OSCAR is calling about a debt leaves telephone back Amount of W W W

Post by Steve Mushynsky,

800-256-3376 I have no Wellness care due for the Obama care law is Complete bull crap. This really is not that forum on your twisted political absurdity.

Post by William,

8002563376 I obtained a recorded message for a debt Set for someone that dozen t live here. I called your Amount back and I talked to someone named Marcus. He said that Firm was CA. I asked what CA stood for he said It dozen t stand for nothing. He said he would remove the number in the files. This nub er is a debt collection agency.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 Hang up

Post by Sharon,

8002563376 ditto here

Post by Bernardt,

800-256-3376 correction W W sorry

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Cease telephone me I dot no you

Post by KMA,

800-256-3376 The message when you reply says this really is a phone for W if You're not W please hang Upward . Since they're calling your incorrect number not me or Everyone within my house hold now or ever I hang up. What do they do. They keep calling back every freaking daytime several times a day. TH. . So I stayed on the line once and got a live person. Attempted for tell them they 've that incorrect number but they get rude and tell you personally you personally re a liar. Again TH. . . . I had paid to get my number shifted when my son s ex girlfriend Began harassing us . . . and now 've for deal along with this. . . . There has to be a manner for shield ourselves from being harassed when You're NOT that Man they're searching for. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Clery,

8002563376 Registered message says that this can be not a sales telephone that is an Significant message for that head of the Home .

Post by clc,

800-256-3376 Just one Significant point Around time barred debt If you personally pay ANY Sum after being contacted with a few offer within compromise i. e. pay people C on your dollar and we will clear your own debt that statute of limitations on that debt is reset as if your debt was Only Received. Your own payment is considered an endorsement of indebtedness for the First debt in its Whole.

Post by George,

8002563376 It s quite easy to misplace a Dr co pay bill. There's no need to be rude or sarcastic.

Post by frustrated,

800-256-3376 Road party harasser. not really involved unless they could get some cash from you personally to not ruin your own credit rating. i had direct Television through frontier communications. the don't work nicely Collectively. Dorset Television has cleared that paid bill but frontier keeps Upward your harassment via third Events who cannot access your billing systems of frontier. Typical Road party harassment. Call you personally delinquent with that facts available for them.

Post by mango,

8002563376 Had this phone for just 1 daytime when I got a telephone saying they had tried for reach me. . must become phony as it a brand new prepaid number

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 Again called out of the Amount my program got rid of it and within 3 seconds called from W W I can NEVER answer a Amount I don't know personally. Go away

Post by cindy,

8002563376 The message is for . . . another Individual . . . if I am not that Man please telephone the Amount.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 They keep calling asking for someone else. . .

Post by apearms,

8002563376 They called at 8 W am and left a message saying. . . That is an Significant business subject. Please phone people back at 1 W W W or W W W. I am going for wait until they phone again or if I can look for Outside who it's out of before I call them back. They did in t even leave a business name or anything.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 They Merely called and kept calling without leaving me message. It is real annoying. . . .

Post by wubbuh,

8002563376 its a collection agency for loans medical bills utilities enjoy national grid and Petrol etc. I m certain they Accumulate for MANY Firms or buy your debts from various corporations thus they can be calling Around a variety of Set Issues. As you can Picture they must 've a Load of false or incorrect old misleading Malfunction numbers on their contact list.

Post by juanita caselle,

800-256-3376 called my number said it was a parking Infraction Put. Reported it for that local police Section.

Post by Berford Pussylick,

8002563376 Send them a cease amp desist correspondence calls may Cease . .

Post by Dusty,

800-256-3376 I acquired a phone Now out of this number. They asked me if this was my name and Afterward hung Upward when I said yes. That's so rude and irritating. I will be reporting the number.

Post by Guest,

8002563376 They keep on Attempting go away

Post by George,

800-256-3376 It s quite easy to misplace a Dr co pay Statement. There's no need for be rude or sarcastic.

Post by Scott,

8002563376 The number traces for Sullivan Collection Agency W Brewer Lot Road Package 1 North Syracuse NY W T W. W. W F W. W. W E email W protected

Post by getta clue,

800-256-3376 You should discontinue your use of the Net immediately until you Expand Upwards and or discover how it works. You re a scummier s not dry wish.

Post by G-Girl,

8002563376 The was really Useful. Thanks.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 ID

Post by Guest,

8002563376 It says its a call from Eco financial. I called them back one day and asked them how they got my number and they admitted they bought it from a Rd Celebration. They were Really calling to Accumulate cash for outstanding parking tickets. I told them to stop calling me as i did t present anyone my Amount for them to contact me Though they still keep calling even though that tickets 've been paid.

Post by Tamara,

800-256-3376 The Amount keeps calling my business Telephone stating they are searching for a Man blah blah blah.

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Calls amp hangs up

Post by H,

800-256-3376 Called at 8 W 'm on a Sunday Rob call asking me to phone back asap. Actually on Sunday.

Post by Chuck,

8002563376 If You're serious about blocking numbers go to Web. Number one. com

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 They phone out of time to time don t leave MSG I vie quit answering toll free Amounts that block Owner ID. wanna talk to me leave a MSG or identify yourself.

Post by DON,

8002563376 Had a General who is an Attorney check into the Telephone number Clearly the phone number is for a valid collection service named ES CA Seemingly they 've bough Five Upwards a Collection of older debt cases out of other places and agencies and they're Beginning for aggressively Striving for contact Individuals for Excellent debts that not just are recent but go back many years The Describes why they're contacting your own Amount as within my Condition that you personally could possibly 've had for years it was that last Understood phone number that the one that they are looking for had years Past If they phone after you told them the person is no More Related along with your Telephone Amount you personally must request them to take your Amount fully from their system this might take a couple work times if after 3 work days this has not been done and you personally get another phone tell them which you are going for file a Grievance with that Lawyer General s office Afterward tell and warn them that they were told that Man no longer is associated with that number and they were asked for take it from their system and told not for phone anymore and if you personally get another telephone out of them you personally may consider possible harassment Prices could possibly become Submitted against their company. If you are the 1 they're searching for the advice Le met posted above is excellent

Post by bobo,

800-256-3376 Did t leave a vim called at Am. I used to work at a call Centre for Choices and we consistently Offered our name business name and your purpose of the telephone. That is typical within any valid business telephone. What is wrong along with these Individuals.

Post by B,

8002563376 I got an automated call asking for me but by my maiden name. It was saying they were calling to settle a debt which I 've none of. The just Odd matter is it looks like it s out of Rochester NY. I used to live there when I went to School thus something I did there must have gotten a hold of my Amount. But this is most definitely a scam. I don't have any delinquent debts never had a physical address within Rochester never went to some hospital there. . . so most definitely a scam. . .

Post by Jen,

800-256-3376 Called my Dwelling early this morning and left a Common pare Registered message on your express mail stating that we've a message from ES CA and that it's an attempt for Gather a debt. No mention of any name of any Individual that they are searching for thus I m not confident if they are Truly Striving to reach someone in my own house or not. I haven t received any letters at my house attempting to Accumulate any debts and I understand that by law they have for send something within your mail in 5 times of initial contact if it s for someone in my own house.

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Same as Lynn below except called my House number and purportedly 'm on the quot Do not Phone quot list.

Post by clc,

800-256-3376 Simply just one important point Around time barred debt If you personally pay ANY Sum after being contacted along with many offer within compromise i. e. pay us C on your dollar and we may clear your own debt that Law of Restrictions on that debt is reset as if that debt was Only incurred. Your payment is considered an acceptance of indebtedness for the First debt within its Whole.

Post by Nancy,

8002563376 The was what's called a near by telephone. Set agencies are allowed to phone a Regional or Friend 1 time in Test to get in touch along with your Consumer. They can ask if you personally know the person and if you personally would potential get their name and Amount for them. They're simply allowed for phone ONCE otherwise it is a Misdemeanor of your Fair Debt Group Act of W and you can sue them.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 I don no Thai Amount I need Cease telephone me

Post by RG,

8002563376 Caller said her name was Sara and could I please call them back as they are trying ti Gather a debt. I called back got a record I don t consider thy er legit. I don t owe Everyone that I know of.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 Never leaves message. Called back. Training phone may become Registered. I m on no phone list also

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Bacall. Leaves call back Amount W W W. Undoubtedly that National Do not Phone Registry isn't Powerful in Ending these calls.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 Mad telemarketer

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Telemarketing

Post by margaret,

800-256-3376 stop calling me

Post by Guest,

8002563376 An automated message out of the Amount indicated that this was Connected for debt Set and for return the call. Given that I have no debt and they called my work phone they either called a incorrect number or are trolling for people to phone them for suspect Applications.

Post by Lynn,

800-256-3376 I Merely got a telephone from this number from Mr Burgess. . asking for my son who Hans t Resided here within W years. I told him he would demand to find another type of contact since we don t Talk. I imagine it s a debt collector but that is their problem I think.

Post by getta clue,

8002563376 You should discontinue your use of your internet instantly until you Increase Upward and or discover how it works. You re a scummier s wet wish.

Post by Berford Pussylick,

800-256-3376 Send them a quit amp desist correspondence calls can Cease . .

Post by Candy,

8002563376 This collection company has called me at 8 Am and it showed Upward as W unknown caller and left a message for phone them back at W W W and I call them back and they said that I owned a medical within W foe W. and I said I had no Funds out of any medical Businesses and I never inhered that I owned a medical payment and they said it was Directed} to there offices in January of W. I Only said that I don't owned any cash for any medical Firms. and I asked exactly why your number shows up as W . and that person was thus rude and mean to me and he Put Upwards on me. I Only Not going for do anything I m not paying for this particular payment in the least.

Post by deb,

800-256-3376 got a vim on my cellphone revealed Upward as W on your caller id. Said it was an important message for your head of that household and Additionally referenced W W W which appears to be your Better Business Office.

Post by micah,

8002563376 called asking for Josh if not him telephone back for take the phone Amount away their list. it's a scam . . . they know the Individual in question doesn't live here and are phishing for phone numbers. won't phone back as it is their problem they are calling your incorrect Amount and not mine. takes two seconds to Remove their message.

Post by S,

800-256-3376 Get called that previously mentioned that this telephone is for Russell Something. If I 'm not Russell call the number. If I listen for your message I 'm Russell. Should I call that Amount given to have my phone Amount removed or is the a scam of some variety.

Post by Guest,

8002563376 No message left. Called them back and it states may be Registered for training Applications. . . . . for educational press 2 medical press 3 etc if you personally don t press it goes busy

Post by Artemis,

800-256-3376 Gotten a phone from this Amount yesterday at 8 W a. m. Idea it was my son but I located a message being left on my machine stating they were a debt collection agency and to phone ELSA. . . . something something and for phone W W W the number THEY used to phone me. Thus . . . I called back. It rings twice Subsequently goes to some quick beeping sound. Attempted it twice. I was going for light into them because we don t owe any bills Bizarre to become Capable for say that Specially right now. but could t reach anyone. Obviously.

Post by Manny,

8002563376 I get That same calls from W W W I would have a student loan and I thought that same thing. I thought it was a scam. I got payment arrangements along with them and everything. I also Directed} them cash a few times since I can t make anymore Funds they are still calling me. They said that they were collecting a debt for your Pupil loan Folks. It sounds Bad to me as nicely. It s for late for me though if it is a scam they got me. Viewing ALCOA

Post by clc,

800-256-3376 Merely just one important point about time barred debt If you pay ANY amount after being contacted with a few offer within Bargain i. e. pay people C on your Money and we may clear your debt your Law of Restrictions on that debt is reset as if your debt was Simply Received. Your payment is considered an endorsement of liability for that original debt in its Whole.

Post by G-Girl,

8002563376 This was really helpful. Thanks.

Post by anonymous,

800-256-3376 got a telephone asking for my ex Partner on my cell which I did not Get till after we were DVD your Female said she would remove my from their data but refused to leave her company name since I was not that 1 she was looking for.

Post by Helen Katt,

8002563376 We get calls from Mr. Jackson constantly. It is seeing an unpaid telephone bill. Called the telephone Business and we don't owe that telephone Firm anything and the Telephone Business does not use a credit Bureau. Mr. Johnson is excessively rude when he calls and he won t present up.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 This number keeps calling and hanging Upwards Making no message. It s irritating and as it s 7 W pm and I 'm on that National Do not Call Register it's illegal.

Post by mike in ny,

8002563376 I got a voice mail asking me for telephone W and was Set on hold immediately after I called it. In about a minute a nice woman identifying herself as Lisa came on that line. It was about an Excellent parking Solution for a vehicle I never owned for another person along with the same first and last name but Distinct middle name dwelling at a different address. Lisa apologized and said they d Upgrade their records.

Post by mj,

800-256-3376 Received a phone on my cell out of the number. Could t get to it within time thus I called back Now and located it belonged for Individual Pert Rico. I have no Connections to Pert Rico in the least thus 'm chalking it Upward to your wrong Amount dialed at the point.

Post by jen,

8002563376 Got a voice mail on my Telephone. Said it was from Telephone Amount W. . . but no rest of phone number. Said not a sales phone. Significant message for your head of the Home and to call W W W. If they don t even 've a name it could t become anything valid. I m Certainly not calling the Amount back.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 They called me the other daytime on my cell phone they did not leave a message

Post by richard,

8002563376 request them how much for a BK they adore for screw people

Post by Sam,

800-256-3376 I just obtained a call from the Amount it sounds awfully fishy I actually used to work in Choices and I can tell this dozen t appear Actual If You're still on this call we 're assuming You're W as the message Includes personal data. I may now pause for three seconds. The voice did t even sound Actual. They did t send anything to my house which would be that first step. For Really supply a chance to pay your Statement to the company before Lovers. Plus in my own state it s prohibited for phone cell phones that was how I obtained this telephone. I understand I vie paid everything I owe. I had a few fake agencies Attempting for Gather after I gotten many medical bills saying it was for Distinct tests sent Outside. I contacted your hospital and located out I never had those tests and everything I had was covered under charity attention. I think this could possibly be another among those Companies.

Post by PD,

8002563376 claimed to become a Group bureau collecting for a medical claim which was already paid in not empty. Does not even 've a Group Bureau name.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 They never leave a message. . They Simply keep calling. . I won t response an W unless I understand who it is. .

Post by Guest,

8002563376 calls about a poor debt. . totally bogus

Post by Chuck,

800-256-3376 If you are serious Around blocking Amounts go to Www. Number 1. com

Post by dave,

8002563376 Climbed the board has no ability for block any calls for anyone. It is Only a discussion board. Contact your Telephone Business or consider a phone blocker. sorry

Post by Steve Mushynsky,

800-256-3376 I have no health care due for that Obama attention law is Complete bull crap. This can be not that Newsgroup to your twisted political junk.

Post by Nancy,

8002563376 The was what is called a near by call. Set Companies are allowed for phone a nearby or neighbor one time within attempt to get in Contact along with the debtor. They will request if you understand this Individual and if you would possible get their name and number for them. They're only allowed for call ONCE otherwise it is a Infraction of that Fair Debt Set Act of W and you can sue them.

Post by Bernardt,

800-256-3376 correction W W sorry

Post by Guest,

8002563376 Desired cash.

Post by getta clue,

800-256-3376 You personally should discontinue your use of your Web instantaneously until you personally Develop Upwards and or discover how it works. You personally re a scummier s wet dream.

Post by Sharon,

8002563376 ditto here

Post by Ellie,

800-256-3376 I get calls all that time asking for April just one time when I told him April did not live here. He said don t lie I know April lives there let me Discuss to her. I said don t tell me who lives in my house. He said Simply let me Discuss to April I told him to Cease calling searching for April. Your next time I was not so nice I told him to Cease calling my house. I still get calls from the .

Post by Greeceny,

8002563376 Simply called my cell Telephone I replied and it went into a record saying that they had attempted to reach me before this can be your first I vie heard from them and that they were not a sale phone and it was very important for me to telephone them back. My thought is is that when it were a legit phone there would become a Man at that end of your line not a recording. I Getaway t went or shifted my house Amount and I never use my cell for medical bills or anything Correlated for my Automobile as I see other Folks are getting the telephone for medical bills or parking tickets. ID very annoying.

Post by Guest,

800-256-3376 I don no Thai number I need Quit telephone me

Post by Guest,

8002563376 This Owner says they are a debt collector on message I Think a scam

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8002395230 Complains by goldman,

beware of the number is stealing money from bank account does not return call

8002283300 Complains by Hoops,

Called W a c Art cell phone 4 W pm. No message.

8002693084 Complains by Ashley,

That Man that called me knew I was Using for a loan. He must have somehow obtained a Replicate of my application. He called to affirm date of Start driver s permit Amount and home address. I refused to supply him my motorist s license Amount. So he told me that I could telephone back along with that data. He Offered me the above number and a Department Amount. I called Bank of America and they said it was not them. They did not have the number in their own list of numbers. Can yourself a Party favor and do not response any questions. Only tell them you can call the headquarters and reply any questions they have. Don't TRUST The Amount.

8002690281 Complains by Guest,

Concern about April. She was supposed 2 come 2 Charlotte, NC several hours ago. I have called her and text her and there's no answer. Just want 2 make sure she's alright after being kidnap and held hostage this year

8002671350 Complains by Anon expect me,

Calls 9 times a day hangs up

8002197426 Complains by Wayne,

Obtained 4 missed calls out of this number.

8002197245 Complains by Your making your situation worse.,

I think I know who s behind the within my case as I vie been dealing along with a schizophrenic her husband a psychotic his Girl a Enormous fat piggy with some intense Character Ailments and her hideous Stupid wanna be a gangster but in reality I m a dishwasher boyfriend and his sisters. It s a scam from MySpace where these idiots live that is supposed to become a Occupation. Nicely if that s the very best job they could get it sucks for be them. Marketing Automobile warranties. That's to be your worst job on earth.

8002196631 Complains by AL,

many company offering to lower my interest rates on credit cards. obviously a telemarketer

8002839087 Complains by ed,

call obtained several times a daytime over the last few times did not reply and no message left

8002547780 Complains by Mike,

Called my cell phone but did not leave a message.

8002865427 Complains by e,

someone calls from a Distinct Afterward leaves this as your telephone back Amount. They phone or office asking for among our Workers and when i tell them they don t work here at your office they work Outside in the subject they try to get me for present them their cell and area which obviously i dint. they also called your office yesterday. I m not confident if they are a legit debt collector or a scam but either manner they don t need to be calling people s work. If they continue to phone I 'm going for Only tell them the USN t a good contact for him which Typically has worked within the previous.

8002836033 Complains by Kendell,

Called and left voice message thanking me for becoming renter s insurance with Gecko Liberty Shared and reminded me that if I haven t done so to contact my previous insurance carrier for End.

8002301773 Complains by Lenny B,

These idiots telephone our business each single day. I 've repeatedly asked them to Quit and they state Ok they may remove your Amount and Afterward boom more calls. next time I 'm going to jeopardize their lives to see if they may file a police report so I could get an address.

8002619855 Complains by Andrew,


8002853417 Complains by Miami unemploy,

I for Offered a called unknown name W W W left a message to called Tony Davis at W W That all he said.

8002901065 Complains by Gamila L.,

Well I 'm getting Harassing calls for a Gilbert Ramirez. I have contacted the group of Attorneys within regards to them failing to stop all contact along with me after mailing a notification for all locations weather its a valid address or not. If any of your above 've happened for your requirements or if you personally were in any way harassed or treated unfairly by a debt collector and are able to Demonstrate that a debt collector violated your FD CPA you personally could possibly be entitled to Upwards for 1 W. W in statutory damages payment for any actual damages including Mental distress and payment of your attorney s fees and costs. A group of Individuals Additionally could sue a debt collector and recover cash for damages up to W W or one percent of the collector s internet value whichever is less. below is that information for that lawyer I contacted within Wishes to this Glibber Remus Situation. It s W FREE For Sue A Debt Collector Receive W. W For Statutory Or More For True Damages. For A Free Consultation Call W W W

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