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Post by upset business owner,

8002671266 I got a telephone last week was swamped kept asking for the Man to email me something or send me something he was unwilling for can so. I told him any patron ships that my Firm does requires Composed info on that company. Picture my dismay when this morning I got an Account out of this company. I called and had my invoice squelched and was told it would become Added for that Interest of your sales manager. Very shady company practice as far as I am concerned. They may become legit but I question their Ethos.

Post by john,

800-267-1266 I figure is a scam because I paid for W the add W HST and they should send me a magazine or some sort of Promotion book but they Directed} me a cardboard within your Bag. They still phone in Jan W of W but I can let them for spend their time but not money can come

Post by Anne,

8002671266 Got a phone today looking for Gifts to Firefighter s Funeral within Ottawa. Contacted cf ff. ca and they understand CUB Publications but your telephone should 've been selling add space simply not using a pretext.

Post by Kingston,

800-267-1266 has telephone repeal asking for Advertisements cash for that Cops yearbook. . . . . . Have told them no thank but becoming calls once a week. Persistent

Post by catsmeow,

8002671266 you personally re a loser who Merely could t sell. . . they Likely let you personally go.

Post by Mr Smith,

800-267-1266 I called and they were rude and unprofessional managers as you state. It sounds enjoy you are a manager posting fake notes on here.

Post by 778-926-0438 scam stolen my macbook asi,

8002671266 W W W scam stolen my mac book Asian guy selling stolen iPhone

Post by Jim Rudnick,

800-267-1266 Soft idiots. called me 4 times when I was Outside. . finally left a voice send that I MUST become back in touch with them to help my local Authorities. . . . a total scam. added them for my bozo filter phone software and voila. they re gone. Jim

Post by 778-926-0438 scam stolen my macbook asi,

8002671266 W W W scam stolen my mac novel Asian Man selling Taken iPhone

Post by Anonymous,

800-267-1266 There is a way to block on your cellphone. I add that Amount spamming me into my contacts list Subsequently go into the placing for that Amount and set a silent ring. Whenever the number calls I don't have any Notion that they can.

Post by Laura,

8002671266 Where is this magazine they speak of. I tried for get a copy but gotten no Result. The simply copy Accessible online has no business card sized ads and is from W. If CUB was Writing since W where are all the Journals.

Post by Concerned business owner,

800-267-1266 Found this explanation on how a few telemarketing companies Manage. I acquired a phone out of CUB the other daytime and decided to would many research. I am posting what I located from a legit mate source and Looks that the publication of an annual yearbook for that police and mention that I would have a company card size Advertisement within your magazine if I payed them W or somewhere Approximately that figure. . seem all overly similar in what is described on how a company such as CUB could possibly Manage. I would never offer them a penny. and can tell when something isn't appropriate. Doesn't help when they 've people who think that being overly aggressive and demanding will make a sale with far more intelligent those who they're Calling. Get a real Fair Occupation. below is what I found. Enjoy. Cons With A Contract More and more substantial telemarketing Organizations are placing themselves Upward to can the fund raising for True charities who deficiency your facilities or not unwilling Employees. Usually they pay a Enrolled charity a flat Price of 1 W or 1 W per week in exchange for your right for solicit in your organization s name along with that Sum increasing for as Considerably as 2 W per week within the second or third years of their contract along with the organization. Any funds collected around that flat Sum are retained by the callers. They might also concur for print and Spread a quarterly or Annual publication for your organization within which they can print your names of People and small Companies who Contribute or sponsor an ad. That Deals Generally call for them to use only Accepted scripts and Substances in soliciting that public. The Deals also authorize them for open a bank account in that organization s name for your intention of receiving donations.

Post by Annoyed,

8002671266 Got a telephone Now from Don Duke He was searching for Vendors to help Vet Hospitals He informed me he was from Ana vets Sounds enjoy a scam Viewing how people here have a Distinct Firm. . .

Post by Darthcharger,

800-267-1266 I worked there for Around a month years Past. it s a real Firm. Merely a dumb way to go about getting Gifts. Moving problems that create Folks uncomfortable. they're Approximately your Part from the Ottawa Authorities Station on Elfin. not sure where the money goes. overly awful if it s a scam but there's a yearbook. only no one gets for see it.

Post by traxonwax,

8002671266 Saw that number on my cell. Glad I missed it.

Post by Mary,

800-267-1266 Merely received a telephone from them. The phone display said W W W. He said he was calling from your Authorities Advocacy went on Around anti bullying etc. and would I Set an Advertising in the Cops advocates journal. I Began asking questions about this journal and when its coming Outside etc and he Quit many times enjoy he did t know anything. Even when I asked for his name he said Mario and I Inquired for his last name and he was quiet for a moment and Afterward said Millard. I Inquired for his phone back number and he Offered me 1 W W W. It's to become a few type of scam.

Post by Anonymous,

8002671266 There surely is a manner for block in your cellphone. I add the number spamming me into my Associates list then go into that placing for that number and set a silent ring. Whenever that number calls I have no Thought that they can.

Post by 778-929-2205 scam Asian girl,

800-267-1266 W W W scam Asian girl

Post by mike,

8002671266 1 W W W always calls my cellular costing me unnecessary expenses. I would value no more calls. Cheers Mike

Post by Brad,

800-267-1266 They State to be fund raising for the Canadian Cops Association.

Post by Mr Smith,

8002671266 I called and they were rude and unprofessional managers as you personally say. It sounds like You're a Supervisor Publishing fake notes on here.

Post by SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!,

800-267-1266 The Business calls all the time about a few Police Yearbook and the cash helps for fight crime. I vie never heard or seen any Authorities yearbook and many of my Pals are Officers. They Desired for speak with someone within that promotions Section and told them we re from another State and we demand details enjoy charity Amounts insurance etc. he fast Put Upwards. Your Business amateur website is below if you re interested within screening. I expected better for a marketing Firm but such a scam Business should not 've expected much more. HTTP Internet. CPU. com This is this kind of scam and don t even hassle answering. . .

Post by JJ,

8002671266 I Simply Delta along with a Owner by the name of Drumming. When I told him I was no More interested within placing an ad he turned very rude and argued along with me Subsequently Installed Upward. After I W d his phone and Go ogled it I m glad I did t proceed along with anything. Are there any honest people out there. . . .

Post by windsor,

800-267-1266 Just one other thing I forgot for mention is someone above said that Man that called said which he was a Cops officer. If the happened which is prohibited as it is prohibited for anyone for be calling themselves a Cops Official. I understand anyone calling from CUB has for state My name is Calling ON Behalf of that Canadian Cops Organization. Of course being right upfront seeing this issue. This really is a must at CUB. I did receive a call from a person I consider his name was Scott Franklin. The Man Actually pushed your Control to be a police officer I consider his group is called your Ontario Cops news. His pitch was quite close to CUB. I just let him go as I know police don't phone in the Way. The Man was really Extreme but backed off when I asked if he was a Cops officer. Then he attempted to change his words. I would Gamble a lot of what is said in your above comments are really out of this other group. Its too awful as groups like this hurt the Actual thing. Clearly the group is trying for copy CUB.

Post by Anne,

8002671266 Got a call today searching for Contributions to Firefighter s Funeral in Ottawa. Contacted cf ff. ca and they are not affiliated. Looks like they're still active.

Post by Emma,

800-267-1266 I Merely got a call and they Promised that they are searching for patron for Stoppable. ca. After doing a bit hunt and found the page I called back 1 W W W. They said they can Distinct charity fund raising out of their office enjoy Authorities and firefighter but Afterward I told her it s not Around police and firefighter Subsequently she paused and said we can many Distinct fund raising here. I ll attempt to contact that website of Stoppable. ca and see if that is real since I m in the publication industry as nicely.

Post by Deville,

8002671266 Missed that call on my cell they never left a message.

Post by eb,

800-267-1266 They called me on Friday. The Owner introduced himself as he WAS a Cops Official calling from my local Authorities department. He Afterward went on this long Speak Around kid pornography and how it s a Trouble within our community and within his tone I idea which he was accusing me of somehow being involved. I was freaking Outside that my wireless Code might 've been hacked or. . . man I don t know. All I kept thinking is Why is the policeman getting on my case Around child pornography. When I asked how this included me he Eventually got to your point where he mentioned he was Attempting to sell Advertising space for this particular cop s annual which was somehow going to Support that fight against kid pornography. Individual put that part up front. Don t fake which you re a policeman and lecture me on that evils of youngster pornography. I think that we could all agree that it s a terrible matter. Don t attempt to guilt me into an Advertisement.

Post by John Damus,

8002671266 I called the Canadian Authorities Association W. W. W and CUB Publications DOES print Publications for them and that proceeds go towards their lobbying your Authorities for changes in that judicial system and fighting for Sufferers of crime. I remember they used for supply Outside plaques to company that showed their support and which was way back so they have been around for awhile. If it was a scam I don t believe they would have a website or your Cops Organization would acknowledge their existence. Anyone that supports Sufferers of offense can get my support.

Post by Dave Petrie,

800-267-1266 They 've called me for Distinct Contributions and I have However for receive an ad within three years. It s all your same company if you Google their address W North side on Google maps you may see a parking lot packed with BMW's Au dis and some exotics. I clicked on that chiefs banner and I go to some CUB Firm. HTTP immortalized. com Cap I donated for a OPP magazine and I don t even see where I can find them I should 've Understood something was Poor when I sent my bosses cheque to some P. O. Carton.

Post by me,

8002671266 Company Pres got a telephone out of them the morning. Your Phone Display comes Upward as Authorities Assn CUB. They were told we Warren t interested. Two hours later they called back. I told them xxx wan t at their Table could I take a message. Would t leave name but said they would telephone back again. Amazing.

Post by nomad,

800-267-1266 They call me and Inquired for the business owner. i m jugs starting out my business but i said i could do my absolute best and asked them for send me some info in the mail. I did t even need for tell them my address That's kinda frightful my suggest is to not get pissed at them as they understand all Ur info

Post by ticked off business owner,

8002671266 these guys State to become collecting cash for your Cops but its a Complete scam. they're co mission salesmen and just any cash goes to Cops or firefighters

Post by Chay,

800-267-1266 Yes they Asserted to be collecting cash to fight against child pornography and that fact repeat offenders don't 've Mandatory Jail SENTENCES. . . I got scammed. .

Post by Dale,

8002671266 Just got among their calls. Now raising cash for a national war vets wall searching for Advertisements within W page mag. Calling out of Ottawa don t believe small Advertising for my tiny rural Tavern in national Magazine. would would me much great. Their little W price equals my annual Advertisement budget. Knowing them I can expect many more calls.

Post by Patti,

800-267-1266 It's BS and I suggest you appearance Upwards that different Publications through that Better Business Institution. CUB has many different publications that sound like legit Journals. I 've Viewed into the extensively and have had these Publications which are Released by CUB Validated by your Police that it is a scam. Honestly would you see these publications out in the People or Merely that just one which is mailed to you if you adversities.

Post by LL,

8002671266 He was very rude. quite really rude.

Post by tom,

800-267-1266 Dave Aaron called for police year publication. I asked for his his Telephone number and he Offered me 1 W W W. Then i Inquired not for be called any more he replied he is not going for phone any more . I said that i was told that many times before and they keep on calling me repeatedly. He Only Installed Upwards. I called telephone number he gave me and got Only earful of Facsimile noise. I Remember THESE CALLS For Become Really RUDE ONCE THEY Look for Out You ARE Looking THEM NOT For Call ANYMORE. Maybe CANADIAN Authorities Association SHOULD Do SOMETHING Around IT IF THEY Attention About People Relations.

Post by Rayne,

8002671266 Keep calling but no message. Heard it's a scam allegedly collecting cash for your Authorities.

Post by catsmeow,

800-267-1266 you personally re a loser who Simply could t sell. . . they probably let you personally go.

Post by Cassandra,

8002671266 After receiving an invoice I called your Business and asked for Stop. She was very courteous and cancelled without any arguments. . . No problem here

Post by Der Kaiser,

800-267-1266 SCAM

Post by LL,

8002671266 He was quite rude. very very rude.

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8002076130 Complains by Guest,

mutual of Omaha

8002469292 Complains by Disgusted,

No 1 on your line Only not alive air most likely a Rob phone.

8002693539 Complains by TONY,

Ribbon Contract WOW I Can T Consider THEY Do THAT.

8002267073 Complains by Guest,

Called at 2 W 'm claiming that I won a car

8002605444 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a text message quot Hi quot .

8002515722 Complains by nanb,

They called my Partner answered. They asked for Mrs and when he told them I wan t Dwelling they said I had won a sweepstakes Destination t entered any . Then they ask if we had a credit or debt card. When he said no they said oh nicely Only Needed to say she s Joined and hung Upwards immediately.

8002723638 Complains by Jones,

I value every ones input. Looks for be a scam. I got the same message.

8002589142 Complains by Vicki,

Keep becoming from calls no just one on line when you pick Upwards and messages are not left if you personally let the phone go for voice send. Really annoying.

8002532146 Complains by midnightmary,

I got a call from this Amount claiming they were doing a Occupation verification and requesting I phone back. When I checked the number online it lists a Group Bureau. I don t owe anyone anything. I don t use credit cards. However I get these continuous calls sometimes along with no message occasionally along with names of unknown Folks and sometimes Merely Outside and Outside lies.

8002573774 Complains by Spanky,

Does anyone know if this Amount is legit or a scam.

8002050384 Complains by carlos,

called but left no message

8002582590 Complains by Badge714,

gt gt gt actually I want for Remove my old Facebook account. but I forgot that Code Lt Lt Lt You personally should Compose it in permanent Tattoo on the computer just enjoy I would. sigh

8000271502 Complains by Guest,

Caller is Odd acts enjoy psychopath.

8002005551 Complains by joan,

keeps calling

8002382890 Complains by Lurchk,

Called 3 times within an hour. Did not response no message left. Caller ID either repeated the Phone Number or was Unknown Owner

8002516804 Complains by Richard,

I answered your call out of this . It is Sync Credit Card. They Begin off telling you there is nothing wrong with your credit card. They Only want for sell you personally another service. For a monthly Payment they can watch your credit reports for shield you out of Id theft. Thus can many others. I did not listen long enough for locate out your fee but others 've Offered a Price of Approximately 2 per month.

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