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Post by not rogers,

8002672070 Phishing Scam! Beware. Do not call or give any information

Post by 1-800-267-2070,

800-267-2070 Telephone to harass you personally leave no message and won t let their telephone become identified. P. I. T. A. Really terrible Firm. NEVER would company along with Rogers. NEVER. You will become around Priced and torn away repeatedly and driven insane with their phone calls for top it all off

Post by TL,

8002672070 oh I found Outside it was rogers before I wrote above due to this net site.

Post by mar,

800-267-2070 they keep on phoning and phoning and phoning. . . . and phoning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by nan,

8002672070 Concur. I think we know. A posted account statement and a text is Much from enough. D Ont demand Ur telephone es. . .

Post by annoyedd,

800-267-2070 no kidding eh. I'm gonna make a Bloody payment thus Quit CALLING W TIMES A Daytime. . .

Post by lttle12008,

8002672070 If you can not become bothered for leave a message then Quit PHONING. . . . You Directed} a text. Then Cease phoning how do you personally understand a payment has not been Directed} already being as it takes Eternally for you personally for get it in the bank

Post by anti spam calls,

800-267-2070 They called they were very unfriendly I told them to check my account again and Afterward they apologize for me. I told them they should check better before they desire for telephone. It appears like they don't have any idea the way to check on computer it Looks that some Rogers Workers have no Thought what they are doing there. . .

Post by Mike Wiebe,

8002672070 Keeps calling and I have not obtained a bill yet. I am cancelling my service along with them as by law I have days to pay from date I receive their Invoice. These calls cost cash so I filing a State in small States for these Prices. I Recommend everyone else does the same. It may cost them 1 W. W s in Attorneys fees for fight these States so it will not become worth their time and money. I 'm willing to Begin a Course Activity fit against you personally on your Unreasonable Treatment. Check it Outside. . . . . F k Approximately with that Bull amp you will get that Horn Rogers. You can t Drive me around or abuse my rights afforded myself Underneath that Canadian Rent of Rights amp Freedoms. I 've Registered date and times of all your own calls and your result. You understand you can t telephone someone and Subsequently not talk for them when they reply. And you might have a CR TC Permit for provide telecommunication service and you are the worst abuser. . . . I can be joyful for take you personally to court and see you stripped of your permit even if it takes five years as I love doing conflict along with Bad CORPORATE Citizens to help that less knowledgeable. CBC wished they had never tangled with me.

Post by Rogers Sucks,

800-267-2070 Well they text me right away if my payment is even 2 days late and if I m 5 times late they start calling up for 4 times a day even on Saturday. Now Merely yesterday it was Sunday and they called 2 times. This can be harassment.

Post by Alfredo,

8002672070 Rogers Wireless. Sure

Post by annoyedd,

800-267-2070 no kidding eh. I'm gonna create a damn payment so Cease CALLING W TIMES A Day. . .

Post by TL,

8002672070 oh I found Outside it was rogers before I wrote above due to this net site.

Post by nan,

800-267-2070 Agree. I think we know. A posted account statement and a text is Way out of enough. D Ont demand R telephone es. . .

Post by rogers victimmmm,

8002672070 i PAID them 2 days Past and it must not have gone through However because Merely today alone i obtained 8 calls from them to my cell AND house. i even Decided Upward and nobody was there. . . why not leave a message. they ALREADY sent me a text saying payment was late but i PAID it two times Past. this really is harassment. NEVER indication a contract along with them. they called me Saturday morning at 8 W 'm too.

Post by Roger S Victim,

800-267-2070 Repeated calls from Rogers continue all Saturday after making not empty payment at a Rogers store that night before. I may be stopping my service ASAP. Telephone it MY Bad Choice. . .

Post by Roger S Victim,

8002672070 Repeated calls out of Rogers continue all Saturday after making full payment at a Rogers Shop your night before. I can be ending my service ASAP. Telephone it MY Bad Alternative. . .

Post by Jan,

800-267-2070 several of you people are exaggerating and many are outright lying. that s not Useful to people. i owe them cash for my cable Television. i got Set away and i m broke so i Getaway t been Capable to pay. i will because it s my Statement. rogers dozen t telephone people who don t owe money. they also don t call people that are a daytime or a week late. and they don't telephone on Sundays. occasionally they leave a message asking you to phone the office but they don t say exactly why because that s illegal. Yet occasionally they don t leave a message. and they are courteous. they don t yell or scream or use Violent language. what they do that is annoying is Telephone repeatedly even after you Chat to them occasionally 5 minutes After. that s Rob calling. apparently many of the employees do not understand that they must manually input to Discontinue that calls if you personally don t pay them. that Contains if you personally got payment Plans. so that s a training problem. i vie had for Really request them and when i was told that they could not i had to tell them that they could Hold your calls for a week. when i used that term the light went on for those that looked not for know. if you personally Stop a cellphone Firm which you 've a contract with then they re going to track you personally down even years After and tell you you owe them cash and you personally do. pay up. you can make a resolution agreement. and dealing along with them is a lot better than dealing by having an actual Set agency who will become joyful for crash your credit rating. not for mention get Violent which rogers doesn't despite a few claims here to the Counter. also since it s rogers they may call Around your cable Tv Invoice your Net Statement and now your Residence Telephone Statement. as for that idiot who is maintaining his rights are being violated Underneath the Constitution well like i said idiot. and also a liar.

Post by Dayna Sullivan,

8002672070 Hello I know you are Seeking a payment and i Strategy on making that payment on Nov W W

Post by R.A.,

800-267-2070 I Lost them. Bad expensive around your top Fees dreadful service and Subsequently they 've that gall for phone and repeatedly if you are just one daytime late paying them. I had service along with them for THREE years thus they Soft well understand they're getting their cash. I used for 've three phones along with them. I canceled two as shortly as they ran from contract and I m right now within the process of becoming rid of my last Telephone on their Strategy I ll never can company with them again. Canada has the WORST cell Telephone service in that civilized world. For top it all away we've for Place up with this insane Telephone calls with NO caller I. D. on them. If you can t be bothered for let me understand WHO is calling I m not Buying up you jerks. Bye Rogers your reputation is getting Approximately.

Post by LeaveMeAlone,

8002672070 What a ridiculous Firm you go around W dollars and their appropriate in your . You personally d never know that their worth millions. . . . Inexpensive OS

Post by virginia,

800-267-2070 Same here my phone is through a different company and I m getting calls out of them.

Post by romeohbk,

8002672070 rogers wireless

Post by fed up w/ Rogers,

800-267-2070 These Individuals phone at all hours. Saturday amp Sunday mornings before 9 'm don t leave a message if you personally can pick Upwards there is a very long pause before anyone Discussions and by that time I m hanging Upward to go back for bed. They're thieves. They State they 've Excellent balances to Gather when these amounts are unjustified. I Despise ROGERS SERVICE and 'm stuck within a contract.

Post by lttle12008,

8002672070 If you are able to not be bothered to leave a message then Cease PHONING. . . . You personally sent a text. Then stop phoning how do you understand a payment has not been sent already being as it takes Eternally for you personally for get it from your bank

Post by THIEVES!,

800-267-2070 I shut my account 3 years ago. and I 'm getting calls NOW 3 years later stating that I owe W dollars. . . . . 3 years After. Apparently someone neglected to state that it was paid. Rude Folks no manners.

Post by nan,

8002672070 Agree. I believe we understand. A posted account statement and a text is Way from enough. D Ont demand Ur telephone es. . .

Post by virginia,

800-267-2070 Same here my Telephone is through a different Firm and I m becoming calls out of them.

Post by Adam,

8002672070 they keep calling with Outside leaving a message Upwards to two or three times a day 5 6 times a week i do not reply because i refuse to speak with tel marketers and they still Destination t got your message that Perhaps if they left a message and a return Amount that id return there call

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8002469292 Complains by Disgusted,

No 1 on your line Only not alive air most likely a Rob phone.

8002693539 Complains by TONY,

Ribbon Contract WOW I Can T Consider THEY Do THAT.

8002267073 Complains by Guest,

Called at 2 W 'm claiming that I won a car

8002605444 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a text message quot Hi quot .

8002515722 Complains by nanb,

They called my Partner answered. They asked for Mrs and when he told them I wan t Dwelling they said I had won a sweepstakes Destination t entered any . Then they ask if we had a credit or debt card. When he said no they said oh nicely Only Needed to say she s Joined and hung Upwards immediately.

8002723638 Complains by Jones,

I value every ones input. Looks for be a scam. I got the same message.

8002589142 Complains by Vicki,

Keep becoming from calls no just one on line when you pick Upwards and messages are not left if you personally let the phone go for voice send. Really annoying.

8002371065 Complains by Candy,

Just acquired a Telephone call at W W pm. I answered and they immediately Installed up. Crazy.

8002665850 Complains by Tiny,

Got a got today from this number left on my answering machine. Dummy that I was I called back to tell them to take my number off their call list. Foreign accent told me he was selling vibrators and cream to put on my cha cha. I hung up and he called back three times. I didn't answer. This would be ab obscene call. So much for the "do not call" list.

8002548110 Complains by FED UP,

Keeps calling. Don t 've any Information on them yet. Can post as I get it.

8002421111 Complains by Shawn L,

Got one also don t understand.

8002338485 Complains by Mandi,

They call me twice a daytime X a week and there's no reply on that line when I call back it Offers a number to phone for meet interesting singles so I called that to see there was a way to get a hold of a Man and it was a Telephone sex hot line. I Submitted a Criticism along with your national Do not Telephone registry thus when anyone investigates it they may have that Criticism on file. I suggest everyone else can your same if they are Enrolled with that do not call list.

8002411188 Complains by luke,

its a security Mechanic that keeps Individuals out of understand ING if their other is cheating a la Ashley Madison its W st sectary lookout

8002755196 Complains by Mabel,

I got a call from the number on my cell Telephone which has a no call order. I vie never heard of this Set before and I never want to hear of it again. This really is Inappropriate.

8002646448 Complains by I Agree,

I agree along with H P. Call your credit card Firm BOA Citibank TD etc. directly and Discuss with one of their representatives. While it is Authentic that credit card Firms often sell their debt mostly for pennies on your dollar it's Virtually constantly true the Person is not notified of this type of sale before and even long after it takes place. As Way as you should become concerned if Company A Offers to Firm B Firm B should not become allowed to Shift your provisions and Company A should Tell that Person and Firm B should send Notice that they now own your debt. I get the feeling that FTC not only stands for National Trade Commission it also stand for That Client.

8001728283 Complains by kathy,

The call hit at 2:56 PM, and the ID showed Travellink. When you answer, there is a split second hesitation, then William from Elite Promotions comes on to begin his spiel. In reading about other postings elsewhere (Googled the number), this is a cruise scam. It is noted that this is actually a robo-call. The voice I heard sounded very much like a live person! Oh, brother, are these creeps getting "slick".

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