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Post by rena - 01-05-2009,

8002679209 These Folks calls Regular out of W W W. They are a few very rude Individuals. They call you personally names and I don't value the. This Amount is about a Statement that I owe Lowe s. This can be not Am EX calling because I have an account along with 'm EX and they will phone and Speak to you and they also will work along with you. This Nationwide Credit from Georgia. They are the worst people you can Cope with. All this collector have done is checked for see who've Excellent bills and taking it upon themselves to try and Gather for these Businesses. I 've found that sometime it's best to let your Business take you for court and Afterward they don t get your fees that they 've Priced you. I located out that some of the Firms need you to settle along with them but that is not a good things sometimes. I found that I owe that bills I 'm sending it directly to them until it is paid Outside. I Additionally found Outside the Firms 've Composed these debts away and they got a tax Reduction and still Attempting for get that cash you personally owe and that fees. Caller ID W W Caller Nationally Credit Owner Kind Collection Agency

Post by bothered by this phone number twice aday,

800-267-9209 What I did by accident Around 2 months Past was downloaded a hushed reply tone Remembering that and not deleting it was that very best matter I ever did Why. I created a group which is for Determine to some Amount this reply tone and Afterward I set Upwards the number to ring without sound on my Telephone Thus when it called next it showed Upwards in my list as calls that came unbuttons this really is likely computer created I think . . . that computer hears heard nothing and I no longer get voice mail from the number never had Owner ID on my land line and was constantly becoming Telephone calls 1 year a school in the area kept calling trying for reach a parent. . . . she had your Telephone Amount before people. . . . and Subsequently when i went for sears for Select up something i had phone ordered i got Residence along with her sears purchase not mink. . . . this was way back before Laptop and the Net but fight back it is your life your privacy

Post by bancrupcy help,

8002679209 Who has the address for Nationally. I have been trying I either get express send or a full express mail. Striving for State Find and they 've contacted are quite evasive and won t offer it up. . .

Post by Rod,

800-267-9209 I get several calls a day 7 times a week out of Michelle Simpson as nicely. Your phone back Amount is consistently W. I think its a record as it has your pause never says who they are seeking or exactly why and that it's not a solicitation. I Only acquired my Telephone number thus it must be in the preceding owner of the Amount. Could t get a human when I phone back either.

Post by preshre,

8002679209 bill collector. Nationally Additionally known as American State Invoice collection

Post by taffy,

800-267-9209 I don t desire to waste my time and minutes and battery on a Amount I don t understand who it is and they never leave a message

Post by LJ Sullivan,

8002679209 I have had the number W W W call each W minutes since December Th Beginning at Am and going until PM. It is constantly a recorded message. I Have tried several times for phone back and I get a recording telling me for please hold my telephone is important to them and the next available Representative will be right with me. I 'm on hold out of 2 5 minutes before your recorded message tells me for leave a MSG. then it says the mailbox is full and hangs up on me. This can be Becoming ANNOYING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . another telephone from your same Business has called under W W Owner ID W W Owner National Security

Post by A.J.S.,

800-267-9209 This is a collection Bureau. My ex can t pay his American State Card thus they keep bothering me for pay it. I believe not.

Post by Fed UP!,

8002679209 Here is there info for Atlanta. Fax or send Cease and Desist and keep track of how many times they telephone. It's a W Wonderful for each phone once they receive your letter. Nationwide Credit Agency Vaughn Road NW Ste Keenness GA W Phone W W Fax W W Website Internet. Convention. com

Post by NoCalls08,

800-267-9209 They called my husband DH s cell 5 times this Am my cell X his work amp finally MY work. . . looking for people. they did t leave messages on your cells. . . but once they got me work they Inquired for DH . . . then when I said he dozen t work here . . . he asked FOR MY Manager. I said No. . . what's the regarding. He Inquired for your manager which was here SEVEN YEARS Past. Thus I said That is DH s wife. . . Tell me exactly why you re calling him at my work. . . then he discussed they were that legal reps out of American State Striving for Accumulate his balance due within not empty or we were going for go into court Cases. . . FREAKED ME Outside. So I went on to call melt down on my parents borrowed the equilibrium due. . . went for call him back amp got your express send message for a few extension . . . NOT the caller s extension that I spoke with earlier. . . Red FLAGS anyone. . Thus I called American Express they would t Speak to me because I m not on the account . . . But I went online to DH s 'm Ex account and it's open active. . . I am Competent for create a payment. . . Thus I Strategy on making a payment via that American State Website for ensure it's legit. . . or via Telephone with a rep amp DH present . . . If they are a Choices agency. . . they talked to me Around Way overly Considerably of DH s business. Privacy Work}.

Post by Rod,

8002679209 I get several calls a day 7 times a week out of Michelle Simpson as nicely. The call back Amount is always W. I believe its a recording as it has the pause never says who they are seeking or why and that it's not a solicitation. I Simply acquired my Telephone number so it must become from the preceding owner of the Amount. Can t get a Person when I telephone back either.

Post by Fed up,

800-267-9209 Called my Workplace that I simply work for Sometimes. How do they get these Amounts. He said any more calls and he won t need me anymore. I could lose my Occupation because the blood suckers telephone my component time Occupation. Exactly why don t they Set a correspondence within that mail. My phone is for my private use only. It is unlisted.

Post by Me,

8002679209 I m telling you these are loose rs. They are Folks which are not Intelligent enough for get a good Occupation thus they have for work at Group agencies. How sad that they don t 've the aspiration to go on along with their life and Follow worthwhile careers.

Post by bancrupcy help,

800-267-9209 Who has the address for Nationwide. I have been Striving I either get express mail or a full express send. Striving to State Find and they 've contacted are really Elusive and won t present it Upward. . .

Post by Heather,

8002679209 Can you might have debt. I believe it is a debt collector s number. They left a message on my machine for my ex boyfriend and he has debt that has went for Libraries.

Post by Me,

800-267-9209 they called me from the following numbers W W WT. No Place code. But I found Outside your Place code is W W W.

Post by Leanne,

8002679209 Your message left twice was out of Lewis at ext. W. He is calling my brother who lives on that West Coast for locate my ex Partner. This can be not Okay.

Post by Paul Bruesehoff,

800-267-9209 keep calling _ I rte turn that phone but only get an answering machine

Post by LJ Sullivan,

8002679209 I have had the number W W W call every W minutes since December Th Beginning at Am and going until PM. It is consistently a Registered message. I 've tried several times to phone back and I get a recording telling me for please hold my phone is Significant to them and that next available agent may be correct along with me. I 'm on hold from 2 5 minutes before that recorded message tells me to leave a MSG. Afterward it says the mailbox is not empty and hangs Upwards on me. This can be Becoming ANNOYING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . another call in the same company has called Underneath W W W

Post by Jen,

800-267-9209 Who are they asking for.

Post by taffy,

8002679209 I don t need for waste my time and minutes and battery on a Amount I don t understand who it is and they never leave a message

Post by Alfalfa,

800-267-9209 Nationally Credit Inc. W Vaughn Rd NW Ste Keenness GA W Phone W W W W W Facsimile W W Net Address Web. norm. com Other Offices W E University Dr Ste Phoenix Az W Telephone W W Facsimile W W W Click link for Places NY Atlanta India Florida CA and Canada Internet. Convention. com locations. HTML Bud Says. . . Nationwide doesn't Search for have a Trouble in Increase and Development Nevertheless they would 've a Difficulty being able to Cope with the Reports they 've. Failure for Supply Certification on both FD CPA and FORA disputes. Overly many Workers which are lacking within FD CPA knowledge add Upward to some failing grade for this particular agency. HTTP Www. Buddhas. com . HTML

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8002371065 Complains by Candy,

Just acquired a Telephone call at W W pm. I answered and they immediately Installed up. Crazy.

8002441575 Complains by Answering Service for Collectors,

Got a call the morning from some one asking for me. I said yes he added a middle Original and I said not me. He asked is this your own Father. I said yes he said I knew he had a son Lie i am confident so is he a senior. I said no. He says what do you personally mean I said if he was a senior Afterward I would become a junior Afterward we would both have same Central Original. He said oh sorry my mistake thus this really is your cell. I said yes. he said how can i get in touch with your Father I said he does not 've a cell phone just House phone and i 'm sure you might have that Amount. he said no 1 Solutions i say huh Actually. he said could you personally supply him a message. i state yep he says I am Ryan Hansen from viking services and I am handling many personal company for your Father can you have him telephone me. I said I will let him know. did t say we have been Striving for Accumulate a debt like I think they are supposed for can. But looked online and debt collection company.

8002259675 Complains by Mary,

This is a service that calls for set up Visits.

8002585198 Complains by todd,

We gotten a telephone out of Yolanda Hen W W W she said she was in the Physicians Wellness Group and was checking on my wife she was in a accident Lately. I asked what doctors she Signified and she would not tell me Merely repeated that she Signified your doctors wellness group. I think they're a few type of Criminal for the insurance Business that owes my Partner. Caller unknown

8002516846 Complains by tg,

just called and said no I turned it off. . . . she is packed with she never drops him away. and proceeded the use fowl language having a discussion along with someone there along with them on my answering machine.

8002004242 Complains by no,

A . Tech called about my computer running slow and error warnings popping Upwards . He Needed me for turn on my computer to diagnose that Issue and I told him I would call him back. His name was Simon Poo per. Was this an April Idiot s Joke or a scam.

8002318535 Complains by Mike,

hang up

8002636896 Complains by Margo,

the number called me at work and said I was Seeking to De fraud a bank. . . . .

8166506171 Complains by patty,

i get calls also. never a message. whats your scam. who might it be.

5102077339 Complains by Guest,

Acquired text message quot Hi i was too nervous for ask u in person but would you personally desire to go Outside u can see my Photo in my profile bitterly at cache. com message me there quot

7708701048 Complains by SKEETER Ferrill,

A woman asks to speak to my father by his first name. (My father died 8-months ago). This person refused to answer who they were. I hung up and blocked the nugg&

8044455161 Complains by Guest,

Violent calls and text messages.

9098371046 Complains by Guest,

Si numeric es ta blockade

8003476837 Complains by SerenityNow,

It's a scam company who has intercepted your information from a legitimate company you've worked with.  In my case they are calling 'on behalf' of a NROP that does not ever solicit via email or telephone.  They offer a discount and early ordering.  **DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THEM**  They have my name, phone number, state and obviously the name of the company I do work with.  Also received a call yesterday from another number and totally different operation doing the same thing.  The call yesterday was from (786) 299-5892.  The first call came from the Miami area.  Today's call - the 219 area code is Northern Indiana.  Just DO NOT give them any personal information.  I asked the first caller what type of payment they accept - the first caller left a call-back number the same as on my caller ID and I did call it back - it worked.  They said they ONLY accept VISA.  I explained that the company I work with accepts COD and they said - no, for (my state) we ONLY accept VISA.  That's when I recalled I'd read a note from the company I work with stating they NEVER call customers or email them and told them I'd have to get back with them.The call today, I said I was right in the middle of something but asked them to repeat the company name.  It was the company name I work with.  I got the same number for call back that is on my caller ID.  Then I said that I KNEW they are scammers and that it's really sorry of them to be trying to rip people off.Beware!

8653229524 Complains by Guest,

Surveyor. Don t response.

6052951273 Complains by Bob Smith,

Just got a phone from this Amount but they did t Reply when I answered

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