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Post by donb,

8002809441 never ever provide Outside a social security number. . . . Interval. . Specially if it s a blind telephone. . . .

Post by ANNOYED,

800-280-9441 Got 3 calls within as many hours one call an hour. yesterday. Merely before A it s started again. I ignore most W calls enjoy the unless i 've them listed in my own Telephone s Associates. I Know i don t owe Anyone cash and i vie NEVER had a California MU account within any shape or trend. Do we get these calls to Discontinue. . .

Post by Irritated,

8002809441 I get an Sims from my Mum stating that my daddy parents are divorced obtained a Telephone call asking if he used for become wedded for my Mom and gave her first name. He said yes Subsequently they stated they were searching for ME in which case he said don t understand never heard of her . ha ha They Inquired my daddy private questions such as for his SAN which he would t offer them and many other questions. That s none of their company. From preceding places this appears to Perhaps be Warm I Would 've a CC with them Nevertheless they have no Appropriate For Telephone MY PARENTS. WT. . My dad isn't responsible for my debt Destination t Actually talked along with him Considerably in that previous W years but definitely NOT responsible for my debts. And what s really irritating is I m not behind in my own payments. Oh and my dad lives almost MI away yeah that s totally close to me and of path I d be there. . . duh. That Amount they Offered for me to telephone W

Post by donb,

800-280-9441 never ever offer out a social security number. . . . Span. . Particularly if it s a blind telephone. . . .

Post by Dan,

8002809441 I m in Iraq and left my phone with my Partner. She says they call W times a day looking for me. I simply 've 1 CC and it s not with Pursuit or Hot. That is a scam. They don t leave a message. Don t give Outside any data.

Post by Jen,

800-280-9441 This Amount has called my cell Telephone four times over that last two times. The first time I answered there was no response. Your second time a man spoke but it was as if he was on a cell Telephone which was breaking up and I could t recognize a thing. Twice today I Simply ignored it. I don t owe a Dollar to anyone thus it will become fascinating for locate Outside what's going on.

Post by Al or Audun Morken,

8002809441 They telephone me at work. I 've Inquired them not to call me at work.

Post by donb,

800-280-9441 never ever provide Outside a Societal security Amount. . . . Interval. . Particularly if it s a blind telephone. . . .

Post by Claire,

8002809441 I received a telephone from JP Morgan Pursuit W W W and out of my cell a man left a message to call 1 W W W

Post by El,

800-280-9441 That is Hot also.

Post by cell phone user,

8002809441 These idiots are calling my cell phone Making a message saying they demand someone by another name needs for call card services. It's not me that needs to call them. Anyone who answers could help them. It says this really is not a sales phone. When i see the Amount pop Upwards i Discount your telephone. Now they left a message. Listened for it.

Post by reetz,

800-280-9441 As I Stay within Mexico on my Vacation work is calling saying they have obtained non Quit phone calls for me demanding I present them money. I don t owe California MU or Chase any cash. Span. My credit is Exceptional. That is a damn scam. GO INTO A Department IF You Demand To PAY SOMEONE OR To GET Actual Data Additionally please warn your own older family members about these types of things as these Soil bags boom on scamming the elderly.

Post by max,

8002809441 Many says my Partner has late payment dilemmas. . . the card is already paid for. . . SCAM they are asking for your routing number for the checking account. . . i idea that was not funny I HANG Upwards. . . .

Post by Joey,

800-280-9441 This morning January 6 W I received a phone telephone out of a man along with a substantial Pakistani an Highlight Looking me for pay W. W over the phone. He did say he was from Washington Common and when I said I did t 've a Credit CC along with Washington Shared he said that they used to become some other name which I could t make Outside. When I asking again it sounded enjoy he said Caribbean . When I Inquired for your card he Offered me your last four digits Only AFTER I Offered him your last 4 Numbers of my Social Security. I said I Wanted to check my records at Residence tonight amp I would phone back tomorrow amp that's when he gave me W W W for a call back . When I Inquired for his name he hug Upwards.

Post by babs,

8002809441 Got two calls Now and another call a couple of weeks Past. First call today nobody. second telephone Now i ignored. when i Viewed this Upward online i decided it was probably a SCAM.

Post by Rob,

800-280-9441 I keep getting called out of W W W. I don t reply they don t leave a message. When I telephone the Amount it starts Outside as a recording for Card Services and says for enter card info or wait for customer service rep. It dozen t identify who they are. I do not give my cell number out for creditors just my House Amount. I scent scam.

Post by Anti-WAMU,

8002809441 That dreaded Wa MU number which they have thousands of for hound you with.

Post by yuely,

800-280-9441 W W W a woman named Tasha called my Business and said my credit card along with Hot 've previous due more than forty times and keep asking me pay on that Telephone. i Assessed my online bank correct away that i did not owe even just one penny. i consistently pay on time and they must become FAKE. . even when i said i desire for pay tomorrow because i need for check before i pay she still insist i need to pay NOW which she could post tomorrow. LI ER. . . .

Post by barbieq,

8002809441 These Folks keep calling and never leave a message. They vie called 3 times Now already Sunday and it s simply 9 Am. We'd a California MU card in that previous but it's been paid off for months and we were never late on it. We vie just had our Telephone number for less than a year so could become calling for earlier owner of Amount but I ll become darned if I ll response the phone. That is so annoying.

Post by jj,

800-280-9441 The Amount calls every W minutes and never leave a message to call back or to who they want. If it's Washington Mutual or Chase they can go f themselves says my wife. She never missed a payment and after they merged they canceled her card.

Post by just thought i'd share,

8002809441 They did t phone ME but when I called Pursuit to work out a Cope on my card which was one of the Amounts they told me for use when contacting them. That Amount is part of that Set dept for Chase. Pursuit took around what used to be Washing tom Mutual Wa MU . California MU took over what used to be PROVIDING that Man above said it sounded enjoy Caribbean . As for calling parents and jobs and such searching for you believe it or not. . . they Can perform that. Set agencies 've the appropriate for look for you at any number which May}n' Head to you personally. However they can NOT say anything that May}n' be threatening for your requirements or create themselves Outside for be law enforcement or something like that. They should Additionally NOT be asking your Pals family for their SAN s. I read up on all the Things since I 'm currently going through many financial wrangling having been downsized out of my standing and doing everything I could for keep my credit credit cards mortgage up to date . That said it s constantly a good policy that if someone calls You personally and asks for private Information for tell them NO and which you ll call that Business back. Afterward look Upward your number to whatever card account was calling you personally and Chat for them. IF they need Information as long as You personally originated your phone Subsequently it s Ok to provide private info.

Post by Joe,

800-280-9441 They Want Credit Card Information

Post by gary hoyson,

8002809441 Asked for card or social security number. I Offered them SS erroneously.

Post by Tim Martin,

800-280-9441 They called Looking cash. I told them I Merely got the phone and did t know who they were calling. They would t take No for a reply. I Installed Upwards and put them on my Blocked Owner list. They can phone all they desire and nobody can reply. Thank goodness for phone blocking.

Post by claire,

8002809441 JP MORGAN Pursuit W W W seemed within my caller s ID. I did check who called using my cellphone. A woman using an Asian Highlight replied and asked whether I 've a Wa MU card. and request questions. Was suspicious and hanged Upwards. Afterward a message coming out of a guy with a Pakistani or Indian Feature left the Amount for call 1 W W W. Pursuit and Warm never phone my house neither my cell Telephone. Who are these Individuals.

Post by Annel,

800-280-9441 That is a scan Do not offer your data for these Individuals they will get into your own account and take money out of you. Do not PAY. If you've given Outside any type of information phone your local banks egg California MU Chase Wells Fargo . I called Oregon MU and they told me I needing to close my account and re open it since I had given Outside your information. They still phone me up to W times a day. . . at my parents house which I dint even live within. . .

Post by mimi7777,

8002809441 I keep becoming telephone es out of this Amount too thus I go ogled it for see what it was and I found this page. It s an automated message that is left saying for phone back this Amount. I would have a California MU Pursuit card but I don t understand why they would become calling. As I Compose the I got another phone. I just Strike Blow off and it goes to express mail but it s so annoying.

Post by Toothfairy,

800-280-9441 If you answer any questions expect identity Thieving. They do not understand who they're calling they're phishing and you personally provide CC info SS Amount and your name. You re bank CC Firm etc. all understand your own info and they don't and Will not Ask anything around that phone. If they have a Difficulty with your account they can send you personally a formal letter or see. Do not Respond For THEM . . . . . Merely HANG Upwards . . . . .

Post by Sam Khon,

8002809441 These people telephone me at least W times a daytime. At times the Amount would telephone concurrently just one minute after the other when i refuse for answer. On their express message they leave Merely their number and hours of operation which does not Comprise Sundays. They telephone me on Sundays as well. I reported it for my Cellular telephone account and they could not even detect that number on my telephone log. I have picked up their phone and hung Upwards i sent that calls directly to vocal and i even waited for the ringing to Quit. How can this Amount not be detected.

Post by T,

800-280-9441 That is a scam They response has Pursuit credit card services talked for the real Chase to make confident my Reports are Okay they told me the was a phishing scam They also call from another Amount I called them 3 times within a Line and got that same Individual 2 times although his name had changed to something else this time Don't present them your own account Amount. . . That is the first thing they ask

Post by cb,

8002809441 That is California MU. Likely the most Chronic Statement collector around. They called me when I was days late on a payment

Post by twelch,

800-280-9441 The Amount calls my House 6 times per day at regular W hour intervals. It needs to Cease.

Post by Irritated,

8002809441 I keep getting calls from this unknown Amount. It as W W W. I looked it Upward online and this really is your first page that came up. I do 've a Hot Jewelry card I will acknowledge that I did go over your limit BUT my payment USN t due for another month thus why are they Striving to contact me. Are they incapable of waiting for my due date. What your hell. It s the first time it s happened but there is no need to harass any customer for payment. Exactly why would they think that they will get a prompt payment if they harass you personally. All Everyone has to do is turn their Telephone off.

Post by b,

800-280-9441 I received a call which Offered the call back Amount and after reading all your post i decided to call chase directly and they Tested that it's a pursuit Amount and they already 've your own account Information so u should not demand to supply them any personal info . . . but your do take your payments if your late which i was . . .

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8002391940 Complains by Scooter,

Got 3 calls with no message. . . . . . BB Virginia Compass

8002634958 Complains by dee,

g Neil labor posters

8001251264 Complains by rk,

Called at W W a. m. 3 rings and hung Upward.

8002468357 Complains by Michelle,

The Epilepsy Society of British Columbia

8000470192 Complains by Guest,


8002106368 Complains by immrdave,

Caller is Bank of America calling me about a House loan I inquired Around. In this case it was a legitimate phone.

8002568500 Complains by Highly Upset,


8002145390 Complains by Guest,

you personally proved you personally don t adore me so why would you personally phone . . . . . . . . I m going to court alone NEVER forget

6122271135 Complains by Guest,


2032957551 Complains by Guest,

. . . and their company Associate Johnny Cash. . . Yes right your guy bin black is dead.

7045777074 Complains by Guest,

Obviously the previous owner of my new number owed a lot of people money. I'm asking for a new number because I get calls and texts everyday looking for her!

7202331514 Complains by Guest,

W Upward folk

8321012988 Complains by maria,

identified himself heavy Highlight as working for windows. Put up on him

6129634817 Complains by Guest,

scam scam scam

9725983042 Complains by Guest,

Trend criminal minds

6029230912 Complains by Guest,

The a Opera store great work

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