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Post by rb,

8002812526 the same happens to me Around once a week but i do not telephone back anymore pita.

Post by kat,

800-281-2526 Called before and may keep calling until replied. Someone used me as a credit reference and is late or something. Today it called twice and said press just one to Speak to some Man. Got voice send and it would t let me exit. Held up my line for several minutes. Called back and got a Man and ended Upward within a screaming fit along with her because she was thus rude.

Post by RK,

8002812526 W W W called Jan 9 W W Am caller ID Cost FREE Owner Normally SPAM . The caller BLOCKED.

Post by Alex,

800-281-2526 Called and Inquired for an Staff never had anyone working for me by that name. Guessing a debt collector

Post by job,

8002812526 The Amount CALLED MY Job TWO OR THREE TIMES Regular. Eventually I Reply IT Ask FOR A Man I DON T Understand WHEN I Begin For TELL HER For REMOVE The NAME Out of THEIR CALLING LIST SHE CUT ME Off AND TOLD ME ALL I HAD To Would IS Say Wrong Amount So RUDE SHE WAS.

Post by T.T.,

800-281-2526 Someone from the number called me Recently and asked me for setup a payment Strategy for a past due equilibrium on a credit card of mine. I told him i had not obtained a statement within awhile so could he tell me which address he had on file. He told me to hold on while he Viewed on my credit report that was quite odd to me b c debt collectors should OT 've a copy of your credit report. He Subsequently went on for tell me that it was Outstanding that I had a W W Auto. I do no own a W W Auto and i let him know that. He certainly didn't Actually 've my credit report. I asked him for your Telephone Amount where I could telephone him back b c my Telephone battery was expiring and he Put up within my face. I called back and someone Decided up Te Telephone and hung it Upwards thus i called back again and someone named Lisa replied and was very rude then Installed up within my face as well. That is certainly a scam. Do not Provide THEM Your own Data.

Post by The G&PMS,

8002812526 WT. . . . This can be horrid maltreatment and MUST be Discontinued. What can anyone would about it. This happens for everyone and it is against your law. .

Post by Stevo,

800-281-2526 Mom you work for a third rate collection Representative and we understand it. This Website uncovers Base feeders enjoy you and your Firm you work for. I don t see how you are able to sleep at nighttime. Bless you anyway.

Post by D,

8002812526 Got three calls out of the number on my cell Telephone Now. No message left.

Post by Suess Electric LLC,

800-281-2526 calling and no 1 there

Post by Latricia,

8002812526 I cant consider this they Merely called me again. I answered my phone I Merely told you personally Men for that third time for not to cal including Today. That Owner hung Upward within my face.

Post by Sher,

800-281-2526 MG. . . This really is a first. Ok it's obviously many sort of Choices call or something who knows. I let it Move to voice send. When I went to listen for the message I heard some breathing and voices in that History. About W seconds into your message I Notice SNORING. . . I declare no lie. After about W more seconds your telephone disconnected. . . . . . . SNORING. . . .

Post by Sherry,

8002812526 I also got a phone out of the number today W W W and they Inquired for ES EM and my Amount is private thus I am not certain how they got my number. I suppose that someone used me as a reference or placed my Amount on an application somewhere and they had Excellent debts and the collection agency located your info on that Web and is now calling. It is a scam of many kind or a Set agency with Used Firearms for go after whomever owes them. They have their crafty manipulative ways. I agree with the Man who said don't provide them along with any of your private info. Simply report the number for your telephone Company and let them work their magic. I trust the information helped someone.

Post by fat tony,

800-281-2526 i gonna hunt these suckers down and brake their legs.

Post by LP,

8002812526 Says they re calling out of credit control about a payday loan. Attempted for Google that Business name of credit control and could locate nothing that matches the number. Looks enjoy a scam to me.

Post by TNJ,

800-281-2526 they tried to gain my Societal security Amount and got hostile when i refused then your Girl shouted at me threatened something and hung up.

Post by Latricia,

8002812526 I vie acquired a phone out of this Amount W W W at least three times the week. I vie already stated to your Woman that no Wendy D. lives here and also explained that I vie had the number since December W but they still telephone. Today they telephone again I had 1 lady hang Upwards on me saying they dint sell magazines. So I called them back asking who they are. That Man addresses me as Wendy and says to me you personally dint understand who you called. I mentioned that I vie told you Men to remove my Amount away your list and since you personally cannot due thus Subsequently I may seek legal Actions against you personally then disconnected the call

Post by RK,

800-281-2526 I vie been receiving Telephone calls out of W W W for Around a week. I never Decided up amp they never left a message. When I called back that automated MSG said I had called Credit Control so I hung Upwards. Today I obtained 2 back for back calls which I ignored one was from an unknown Amount while another just one was a private number. A female left 1 express mail not simply maintaining for be out of Credit Control but threatening for display Upwards at my house amp Put of employment later today . I haven t worked within over a year retired . . . For my added safety I 've informed my neighbors for keep a lookout for any funny characters by my door.

Post by Sam,

8002812526 I got the call at W W 'm and they left that voice message and said they are calling from some debt Set Business. When i heard the voice message i could hear some guys Laughing and laughing and eventually left message that they are calling regarding debt Set. I Arrived to Usa just 2 times back and how the hell within that universe i got their telephone. Cheers to all of you i read the messages above and m not gonna response their calls anymore.

Post by Sam,

800-281-2526 Th phone I don t 've debit. They're calling wrong Amount. W W W called Aug 6 W W 'm Owner ID Cost FREE Owner. Call was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Could possibly W W W PM Owner ID Cost FREE Caller. Call was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Feb 7 W 5 PM Owner ID Cost FREE Owner. Phone was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Jan W W 3 amp Owner ID Toll FREE Owner. Phone was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Jan 9 W W 'm Owner ID Toll FREE Owner Generally SPAM . This Owner BLOCKED. notes says this can be AM'S Account Direction Systems.

Post by The Smartass Lawyer,

8002812526 Tell them you personally re record your call. They ll never hassle you again.

Post by Angel in TN,

800-281-2526 I replied your phone but no just one said anything and then they hang up

Post by Taryn,

8002812526 Calls Days and weekends Around 6 times a week. No express mails ever. Started in May. Has not Ceased simply gotten more frequent.

Post by D.C.,

800-281-2526 I vie been getting these calls as nicely I finally called them back and they claimed to have been looking for someone named Port Mason. . I said I don t know who it is and your Man on another end apologized and said he d take care of it. Now i only wish I d 've called it sooner because they vie been calling and annoying me at 3 within your morning for 2 weeks.

Post by G.L.,

8002812526 Called let the phone ring about W times w o Ending. The was happening everyday

Post by rb,

800-281-2526 the same happens to me about once a week but i do not phone back anymore pita.

Post by mary,

8002812526 ND phone out of this SPAMMER W W called Jan W W 3 amp caller ID Toll FREE Caller. Telephone was BLOCKED my phone did t ring. W W W called Jan 9 W W Am caller ID Cost FREE Owner Typically SPAM . The Owner BLOCKED. notes says that is AM'S Account Direction Systems.

Post by mary,

800-281-2526 that corporate office is located on W phantom Doctor hazel wood mo W and their office numbers are W W W and Facsimile is W W W your name of Business is CREDIT CONTROL

Post by steve smith,

8002812526 Call all the time along with no message.

Post by hm,

800-281-2526 Have been becoming several of these calls. Eventually got just one to leave an automated voice send that mentions part of my old company name. Can t even get that appropriate. So I telephone your number back and an automated system replied Subsequently was interrupted by a Actual Individual asking if I was the owner of the Firm mentioned my name. I Inquired who the was and she would simply state Lisa and nothing else. So I told her no you might have your wrong number. She said she s remove me from her list.

Post by Sher,

8002812526 I m thus glad we have Google and could look for matters out by Merely Writing in a phone number whomever Recommended record these phone calls which was a terrific idea. . . I have just obtained 2 back for back phone calls by this number W W W and after the first Telephone telephone all I heard was History noise of other Folks talking but I could t make Outside just what was being said. . . I called the number back and your recording indicated that this Telephone phone would become Registered and it sounded enjoy someone picked Upwards but no 1 ever answered Simply heard your same background Sound. Afterward that phone rang again along with same Telephone Amount and I Only hit the 0 button and held it for about W seconds. They Destination t called back since and which was Around an hour Past.

Post by Lori,

800-281-2526 I 'm getting a dozen calls out of this number a daytime. I finally answered yesterday and your Man asked for someone I had never heard of. When I told him he had that incorrect number he called me a liar and Put up on me. I called it back and a Girl replied and did the same thing. A Pal researched it for me and said it is a Choices agency. They are Quite rude and will not believe me when I tell them they 've your wrong Amount. I Do not Know HOW REGINA IS. . . I am filing a Grievance against through a family friend Attorney. I am done along with this.

Post by Aw,

8002812526 I get a telephone out of the Amount everyday. They don't state anything but will not stop calling. I have called number back ND get a recording. I have left messages for them to no More call my Amount. . . . This needs for Finish now.

Post by Doris S,

800-281-2526 They call repeatedly no just one there. They are harassing. We have no collections or overdue accounts. I can report them for your Lawyer general suffice of we get an ore calls.

Post by Tom,

8002812526 I talked for an individual which was calling for my ex wife. He was calling on my private cell. When I told him this was not her number he said he s talked for her before. She USN t even within the Nation and Hans t been here about 9 months now. When I Inquired what it was Around he said it was none of my business and Installed Upward. I called him back and that same Man answered. I asked him for his name and he claimed to become a Mr. West . I told him to Discontinue calling because he was violating FCC Rules and he told me thus . I told him I was going to report him and all he told me was for Quit having my ex wife give out my number. He was being a clever mouth little punk when I talked for him that second time.

Post by Aw,

800-281-2526 Located Outside who that Amount belongs to. . . AM'S Account Management Systems. . . Processing a Criticism along with BBB and any other agency that I could look for. . . Next time they telephone you record them. . .

Post by mary,

8002812526 Road phone from the SPAMMER W W called Feb 7 W 5 PM Owner ID Cost FREE Caller. Phone was BLOCKED my phone did t ring. W W W called Jan W W 3 amp Owner ID Cost FREE Owner. Telephone was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Jan 9 W W Am caller ID Toll FREE Caller Generally SPAM . The Owner BLOCKED. notes says this is AM'S Account Direction Systems.

Post by Stevo,

800-281-2526 Holly you personally work for a third rate collection Representative and we know it. The Website uncovers Base feeders enjoy you personally and your Firm you personally work for. I don t see how you can slumber at nighttime. Bless you anyway.

Post by Angel in TN,

8002812526 Th call out of this SPAMMER W W called Could W W W PM Owner ID Cost FREE Owner. Telephone was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Feb 7 W 5 PM Owner ID Toll FREE Owner. Telephone was BLOCKED my Telephone did t ring. W W W called Jan W W 3 amp Owner ID Toll FREE Owner. Call was BLOCKED my phone did t ring. W W W called Jan 9 W W Am Owner ID Toll FREE Owner Normally SPAM . This caller BLOCKED. notes says this is AM'S Account Management Systems.

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8002468357 Complains by Michelle,

The Epilepsy Society of British Columbia

8000470192 Complains by Guest,


8002106368 Complains by immrdave,

Caller is Bank of America calling me about a House loan I inquired Around. In this case it was a legitimate phone.

8002568500 Complains by Highly Upset,


8002145390 Complains by Guest,

you personally proved you personally don t adore me so why would you personally phone . . . . . . . . I m going to court alone NEVER forget

8002787161 Complains by Fone Bill,


8000000003 Complains by Guest,

not interested

8002766022 Complains by mc,

that is GM AC calling my business Amount acting like a potential customer which is a clear Misdemeanor of your FD CPA. I will record all their calls from now on and sue them next time thy Break that Good Department Set practices act. . Oh and a few more violations Neglected for identify self failed for identify their Business failed for reveal why they were calling

8002400992 Complains by A,

This number has called my cell Telephone numerous times no message is ever left

8002286669 Complains by maria angelini,

whoever called me from this number they left a message at my job and when i called back it was sex number

8001283393 Complains by Victor,

At amp t service

8001684681 Complains by ohio5,

same matter here. . . Cleveland Ohio

8002800698 Complains by tired,

This have been calling my company for the last 3 days 5 for 6 times a day asking for employee Evidence they even request for a ex Staff that Stop 4 years ago the morning the use a W area code but when I check last phone it came as W W W

8001115555 Complains by Guest,


8002554268 Complains by Bothered,

Out of outsourced phone Facility representing Libraries out of Gasoline and Electronic Electricity Allan Vigor. W numbers from WI MN and IA

8000004274 Complains by Friends from Nashville,

We have been getting annoying phone calls Around lowering credit card attention I understand you have some debt Issues etc. We have been on the no phone list. I tell them for take us off the list and they Typically hang Upward on me while I 'm talking. We've received these calls 7 W 7 W 7 W and two today 7 W. that area code is Distinct each time. This time when I repeated that we 're on that no call list and to Stop calling people the man said Yeah Yep and hung Upward on me. Friend 1 called that phone Business who told her this is a scam coming out of another Nation they can t block it and your scampers could Alter your Amount listing each time they call which they have done within your calls. Has anyone reported it to a Tv investigative team your police or FBI.

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