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Post by Diane,

8002910500 Received phone message out of Eric to telephone his extension at 1 W W W. Of path Eric was not Accessible but Nick Offered info. It was Accurate that I was at Fantastic Experience NJ on the date Eric mentioned however when Eric called he Inquired for Diane when I purposely wrote Dane on my entry form for a Automobile as a grand prize. Within addition he referred to Diane and my husband s name within the express mail message which was NOT given on any entry kind by me Or might it be on our replying machine . . . Therefore Sun Party is seeking more info along with your use of your home phone Amount. Since I brought a group on this daytime Vacation I can Chat with my Group Sales Supervisor about the within case they are unaware at Fantastic Experience.

Post by Shawn B,

800-291-0500 It sucks I Truly bought a Bundle out of them. It took me a very long time of being within there office to get the price that I wanted. I obviously didn't like your price or Sum of vacations they were Attempting to sell but we eventually Arrived to your Cope. I bought it presuming that I would become going to Southern California any manner that is a Cope. Nicely that first three months I was a member I couldn't publication anything in any location that I would Really like for go. After Around six months they took your Thus Cal Places away of there website. I got Fully screwed.

Post by Guest,

8002910500 Scam sales calk

Post by Ilya,

800-291-0500 I Simply had that W number telephone me an hour ago saying I won a trip as well to Orlando or LA. They told me all I got to can is go to Princeton and sit through an hour presentation. So it doesn't seem for awful. I believe I May}n' strive it out.

Post by CCH,

8002910500 They call Day-to-day multiple times really Extreme.

Post by central08,

800-291-0500 Hi I 'm from Ct and I Merely acquired a Phone telephone saying that I won a cruise out of a drawing that I entered at that Poconos also. How did your own situation turn out. Might it be Actual.

Post by John,

8002910500 Whitney If you Joined the sun dance Vacations sweepstakes with your hopes of winning your grand prize but NOT with the state purpose of inviting grim telemarketing calls bordering on harassment and you might have been the Receiver of uninvited or unwanted telephone calls and are registered on the National or state Do not Phone lists you should call your FTC at its Cost free Popular line at 1 W W W. Or you are able to file your own Grievance on line at the following HTTP Internet. . gov Replicate amp paste the above link into your own browser

Post by Da,

800-291-0500 Signed up for win Disney Awards for grand Children at Disney On Ice. Definitely poor pick.

Post by Guest,

8002910500 need for sell me Flight tickets.

Post by Jeff,

800-291-0500 Just got a phone from them Around a entry out of your local boat show. While I was on hold with them I found the Website and read many of the submissions. Lad was she surprised when I told her that I wan t interested Or was I interested within giving it to someone. Damn scampers. .

Post by justaschmuck,

8002910500 TROLL yea right

Post by Jake,

800-291-0500 They have been calling me since the end of April and just get my voice machine. Finally the other day I Decided up your Telephone and a Doreen Miller Of Sunshine Party Vacations at ext W said I had won a five night cruise for Bermuda on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines aboard that Traveler of your Seas. Doreen said I Joined a Tournament at Your Ringling Bros. Circus within Trenton NJ and I m in your drawing for the W W. W Grand Prize in February. Oh Goo die. All I needed for would was go for their office away Route 1 South Princeton W Ermines Drive for become Specific for Choose Upward my package and have her go around that details with me. She said it wan t a time share but she could t e mail or fax me any info. My just from pocket expense would become for that port Fees. Plus the prize was fully transferable for family or friends should I not become Competent for go. I think I ll pass but if anyone else needs in Simply call her at the above and tell Doreen You're taking my Set. After all in my own eyes we have been all family. Oh just one more thing. You personally demand for would this by June Th Saturday between W Am and 4 PM. And you personally notion there wan t a Find.

Post by Sean,

8002910500 Nicely I just got a phone from them and they said they got my name out of an entry I filled out at a Chicago Cubs Match. Matter is I gt gt DID Lt Lt Complete out such an entry at a Chicago Cubs Match and all they asked for was my name and number. . .

Post by george,

800-291-0500 Second time they called me I think that they called me out of something that I filled out at a Nets game a few weeks ago.

Post by Researcher,

8002910500 Port and others who might become interested. The effective way for insure that Sun Party Vacations will just Discontinue calling is for file a Gripe with your Federal Trade Commission FTC at their Cost free hot line 1 W W W. In fact your FTC warns against Firms like Sun dance Holidays that use sweepstakes to Get your own contact info. Your link below is directly in the FTC. HTTP Www. FTC. gov BC Edward pubs Buyer telemarketing tel. ditherer is Additionally a Facebook page for Boycott Sun dance Vacations as Exemplified by your link below HTTP Web. Facebook. com pages Boycott Sunlight Party Holidays W

Post by Researcher,

800-291-0500 If you entered sunlight Party Vacations sweepstakes along with your hopes of winning your grand prize but NOT along with your express intention of inviting grim telemarketing calls bordering on harassment and you might have been your Person of uninvited or unwelcome Phone calls and are registered on that federal or state Do not Phone lists you should call the FTC at its toll free Popular line at 1 W W W or you should telephone your Special state in which Sunshine dance Vacations has sales offices 1 Illinois 1 W W W 2 New Jersey 1 W W W 3 Pa 1 W W W 4 Wisconsin 1 W W W

Post by justaschmuck,

8002910500 TROLL Yes right

Post by Guest,

800-291-0500 Sunlight dance Holidays scam

Post by Shill Alert,

8002910500 HILARIOUS. Now all your own Possible victims reading your lies should think about the companies they have done company with for W years and what would motivate them to Abruptly appearance Upwards your number on a Website for identifying unknown numbers and Talk about how suited they're. Only put nobody does this. Whenever there s a post enjoy yours it stinks of stale shill. I mean that Smell Virtually permeates the screen. Now it s back for your boiler room along with you personally.

Post by Researcher,

800-291-0500 Sunlight Party Holidays IS A terrible Cope. Your Lure Your own first Knowledge along with Sun Party Vacations can Likely be at many kind of fair sporting Occasion mall and other social Sites where you will become accosted by a Sun dance Vacations representative urging you personally for enter their sweepstakes. DON T Do IT. The simply purpose of your sweepstakes is to obtain your own contact information thus Sun dance Vacations telemarketers can call you personally relentlessly in an attempt to get you to attend their high pressure sales Display. Sunlight dance Vacations can promise you a present of a mini Holiday or other inducements which are impractical to use. Nonetheless you personally could become persuaded by Sunshine Party Holidays Clean talking telemarketers since their commissions Count on them becoming you for attend that high pressure sales pitch. Your Frequency Initially Sunshine dance Holidays will offer you personally W weekly vacations for W W W W if you personally purchase that day only. Capital is available at an absurd W. 7 interest speed. Although Money is for W months 7 years sunlight dance contract is a W year dedication. Sunshine dance Vacations spiel is that W weekly Holidays at W W is equal to W per vacation but let s would that math That Mathematics Initial down payment of 2 W. 2 W W per month for W months. Capital your 9 W balance W W W yearly membership Price x W years. W W W. W per week booking Price x W weeks 2 W W. W per nighttime Maximum travel time Improve. W. W per nighttime x 7 Times W per week. W of that W Annual weeks are Top travel time. W per week peak travel time x W weeks 6 W That s a total of W W for W Holidays or 1 W per week and they're one Room Lodgings because two bedrooms Need another W. W per week upgrade. That would Subsequently Similar 1 W per week and that does not include meals atmosphere Cost Transports for and in the airport local taxes on Website Features maid service gratuities etc. All of the above ancillary fees are in-depth in sunlight dance Vacations contract. The minimal 1 W per week is more than 3 times your W. W per week that Sun dance Holidays pitches. In Improvement with your exclusion of your Original purchase Cost all the ancillary fees yearly care fees Regular reservation fees Maximum travel time Updates local taxes etc. are Topic for Rise as comprehensive within the sun dance Holidays contract. Additionally within your contract are quite specific and Difficult requirements for booking Holidays quoting out of that contract Your Provisions amp Conditions OF USE You personally could possibly assist your Vacation Fulfillment Reservations Section by being as Variable as potential with your Wanted vacation Region and Times. Provide a Absolute of 3 Regions and or 3 dates Your 3 vacation Regions could have the same travel dates or the 3 travel Schedules could possibly all be for that same desired Holiday Place. Reservation Requests must become gotten at least W days within advance for peak season requests and W times in advance for vacation or specific event times. Summer travel is defined as that Times between Funeral Day and Work Daytime. Almost all Schedules qualify as Maximum travel so requests are typically W to W times in Progress. 1 3 vacation areas might 've the same travel dates or that 3 travel Days might all become for that same Wanted Holiday area. 2 Nearly all Times qualify as Top travel thus requests are Generally W to W days in advance. That s a choice. It could possibly be a Hob son s Choice but surely not Your choice. The Base line is 1 W to 1 W per Holiday week accommodations just W for W times advanced written request with no ensure which you ll get that Holiday time and place which you Pick because all requests are Established on Supply as comprehensive in the sun dance Vacations contract. Subsequently Sunshine dance Vacations NOT You may determine which selection you personally get based on your Accessibility as detailed within sunlight dance Holidays contract. If you experience any problems with Sunlight dance Vacations you personally should contact that Lawyer General s Buyer Protection Popular lines. The following are your Cost free Client Gripe hot lines for each of your four states in which Sunlight Party Vacations operates 1 Pa 1 W W W 2 Brand new Jersey 1 W W W 3 Wisconsin 1 W W W 4 Illinois 1 W W Added info could become obtained by Go ogling Sunlight dance Vacations Sweepstakes Scam without the quotation symbols HTTP Www. Google. com search. Hal en amp i. . . upstages Scam

Post by Guest,

8002910500 They a joke

Post by Guest,

800-291-0500 Filled Outside a type MONTHS Past at a Show within Chicago. Calling now implying we won . I will not phone back.

Post by tapres,

8002910500 Are you personally kidding me. . . . . . . . . . Then please send me your own contact info thus I can sell you personally that beachfront property we have in Arizona.

Post by tapres,

800-291-0500 Except the Vacation USN t free.

Post by Guest,

8002910500 Sun dance Vacations

Post by Shill Alert,

800-291-0500 HILARIOUS. Now all your potential Sufferers reading your own lies should believe Around your Businesses they 've done company with for W years and what would move them for Unexpectedly look Upwards the Amount on a Website for identifying unknown numbers and Talk about how suited they are. Simply put nobody does this. Whenever there s a post enjoy yours it stinks of stale shill. I mean your stench Virtually permeates the screen. Now it s back to your boiler room along with you.

Post by justaschmuck,

8002910500 TROLL yea right

Post by tapres,

800-291-0500 Except the Vacation USN t free.

Post by AM,

8002910500 Quite in-depth Information. Cheers. My Original telephone was from Linda at W W W. As a rule I don t response calls from Folks or phone numbers I don t Comprehend thus I Viewed this Amount Upward but located nothing on it other than it being a acreage line Amount Coming within Pie Va. That message she left was within Result for my entry form at Six Flags Amusement Park on 8 W . Nicely I Destination t been to Six Flags within many years thus that was a reddish Banner. She Seemingly has a few enjoyable news to tell me and gave me your callback Amount within question W W W ext W. Needless to state I am not returning that telephone Specially since reading your Comment above about Sun Party Holidays.

Post by Top Model,

800-291-0500 I Closed Upward at Fantastic Ventures within Jackson NJ for a range rover Match and i Simply obtained your phone from 1 W W W and he told me to call back at W W W x W Joe and he told me i won a 3 day Holiday and W Petrol Gift Card. . i mite go jugs 4 that Gasoline gift card . . that can get me about 1. 5 gallons he he

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8002411310 Complains by williams,

this is my brand new phone Amount y

8002521775 Complains by Samuel,

Received phone telephone. Did not reply.

8002705632 Complains by woobait,

It is too great for be Authentic.

8002307624 Complains by JD,

This phone number belongs to a public utility named CallerID4U, Inc., which is run by Paul Maduno and Luis Martinez.  They have entered into revenue sharing agreements with telemarketers who make illegal unsolicited telephone calls.  They profit directly from these outbound unsolicited telephone calls.This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including 16 C.F.R. §310.3(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule.Please take a moment to report this call via an online complaint to regulators.Washington Attorney General Online Complaints:https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/ComplaintForm.aspxhttp://www.facebook.com/WAStateAttorneyGeneralWashington Utilities and Transportation Commission Online Complaints:http://www.utc.wa.gov/consumers/Pages/ConsumerComplaintForm.aspxhttp://www.facebook.com/WAUTCFederal Do Not Call Complaint Form:https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2CallerID4U, Inc.93 S. Jackson Street, Suite 38-480Seattle WA 98104Paul Maduno, CEOPhone:  310-251-5420Email:  [email protected] /* */For more information about CallerID4U, visit this site:http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/2013/01 ... egal-robocalls/http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/callerid4u-washington-phone-number-lis/

8002744014 Complains by JWK,

Choices Bureau. When your own creditor writes off your equilibrium they sell it to your Libraries Bureau for a nominal Payment. Your Lender still makes cash away of what you don t pay. This is why collections are so Extreme. They're taking a chance that you will pay off your own debt or a fantastic portion of it for them. It s a bit like Gaming.

8002330186 Complains by Denise,

I get nervous along with these type of calls and don't like for offer anything because you Only do not know. How are they becoming an unlisted number.

8002082028 Complains by TRACY,


8002382883 Complains by bob,

HTTP Www. recollects. com debt recovery company

8002034969 Complains by Scott,

tell them you personally dint live there. . . they asked for me by name and I said he does not live here. . worked like a charm

8002076097 Complains by Seriously??,

Leave calling your house 3 ND 4 times Day-to-day and Subsequently not answering or else Making a phone saying they got your Continue and 've a job hello they do not request for a Special Man and the resumes arena t posted ugh.

8002194022 Complains by Guest,

Bill collector looking for someone else annoying pricks for certain.

8001656242 Complains by Anne,

Green Works Construction amp Layout California Company W Woodland Hills. Www. green works construction. com.

8002295806 Complains by Mazzy,

My telephone was Additionally similar but I entered a Match to Triumph a Mini Cooper. Charles Anderson was the name left to contact on my voice send. As Hertz posted your Business was SM Communications. When I called the number back it rang and rang. Finally an extremely Match display sounding strong guy s express said my telephone would become Joined into your queue. It Looks like a scam. I did t leave a message I Think your queue would be quite long really. I don t understand what your scam is but I don t desire for find out.

8002287010 Complains by PO'D,

They're doing your same for me. Block their that s what I m about for do. . .

8002141407 Complains by Alison,

Called your general office Amount of my work looking for that President of the sister Firm. Caller with a clear Indian accent identified herself as Catherine Jackson. I offered for take a message Merely within case I was by opportunity reading these obvious telemarketer signals wrongly. . . she Inquired him to telephone this W W W number and reference a case Amount but could t provide any other info.

8001991234 Complains by Guest,

do not have contact with this person.

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