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Post by Ellgify,

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Post by Philip L of Rockville MD,

800-298-6359 Received a call from this 800298 6359 number to call back re Citibank account and using reference code 551664. It is a scam and I did not call back. Be forewarned.

Post by Tampa Bob,

8002986359 Annoying scammer call - recorded, professional sounding message wants a call back about a Citi credit Card ...card has been inactive for a couple years...message asks to provide a personal security code...

Post by ohtar,

800-298-6359 I got that call. . said I was late on my payment and could save the late fee by paying by Telephone. Since the Sum they said was close to what I thought I owed and coincidentally I WAS late on my payment I Practically Joined my checking bank acct info as they asked. But I looked Upwards my Invoice it did t match. . and I Installed Upward. I just Assessed my phone log via internet. . and for the next hour. . there were numerous local calls made from my Telephone. . coincidence. or did they somehow accessibility my Telephone line.

Post by Alisa,

8002986359 I gotten multiple calls out of the same 1 W over that last couple of days along with code W . I called Citified to see if they had called and they Haydn t. They're Likely using this code as a verification Process for determine if they located a live Individual that has a Citified so they can more Societal Manufacture manners into your account. It reminds me of the fake Unsubscribe links in many spam messages which simply Provide to validate that their spam made it to a objective that opens reads and most Essentially clicks on links within E-mails from sources that they don t understand. I too wonder why the Hans t been shutdown. It s been Nearly 3 years since this number was first reported. . .

Post by Kenna,

800-298-6359 I obtained a call out of the number requesting that I phone them back regarding an employee card and they named that employee . I was given a code . . I called entered the code they Inquired for my zip code. I entered it and your computer said it was wrong so I hung Upward. I vie notified Citigroup they don t seem all that bothered.

Post by Dr. Don Hawley,

8002986359 States for be from Citified. Said I owed W. W and could pay by Telephone. this really is a FRAUD.

Post by Paja,

800-298-6359 Gotten a voice mail message saying it was out of Citibank asking for telephone the number about your Contacts National Bank Card. It gave a Amount to get message Around account. I was funny because while we have Citibank cards none are branded that manner. Viewed it Upwards here. Thanks to all who've responded before.

Post by Jim Clouse,

8002986359 I acquired a call out of W W W a recorded message to phone Citibank at the Amount W W W using code W. I did not return that phone and 'm suspicious I don't need to get any more of these calls. Jim

Post by Dr. Vigilant,

800-298-6359 Same expertise as the other Cards here. I found that whole matter Poor in the start and divulged none of that information Required such as my DOB. Glad to look for the site. I Notice that the Individuals of Oklahoma enacted a law prohibiting their state courts from considering Shariah law. Should they have made an exemption for scamming Instances. I wonder what Shariah law has for state on that.

Post by Stacy,

8002986359 Hum. I see a lot of Folks say that is a scam. . I acquired four calls out of this . Simply on the Th phone did it leave an automated message saying it was Citibank and to phone another and enter a Flag Supplied for get my message. I was suspect so I logged into my Ci ti account. It's previous due. Oops. Darn Vacations got me forget to set Upward my online payment. Sigh. I would be Fine if the Site would display the most recent places first instead of that oldest. Lame.

Post by SB,

800-298-6359 Just like MAJ who obtained a message I too obtained that same. I 've started to Assess unfamiliar Amounts on that web that's how I ended Upward here. Thanks for the heads Upwards.

Post by MBR,

8002986359 I 've just gotten 3 calls Now to my cell number. W. W. W. It is a record out of your own cit bank . notion it was funny b c I don t have a cit bank card. Came on line and go ogled number Is there anyway for Discontinue these calls.

Post by tjm,

800-298-6359 W mar I Additionally obtained a call out of this Amount telling me city card had an important message for me. They asked me for phone back and present code which they left go get my Significant message. I called city bank at your customer service on your back of that card and asked them Around this telephone. Finally when I got from India Pakistan Bangladesh for many one in Ky that cit bank service guy called the Amount. He reported that the automated reply asked him to enter this account Amount. No subject what he did that same request for enter your account Amount repeated. Remain away from the Telephone Amount. Don t phone them back. All they 've now is a tenuous link between a name the 1 they used was close but wrong and a phone number. Calling them back now Supplies a Favorable linker between a Telephone number and a city bank card. Become very cautious.

Post by PJ,

8002986359 We obtained a Telephone phone today out of Citibank which left this message on your replying machine Significant message from Citibank viewing my son s Citibank card. My son was to call your Cost free phone Amount 1 W W W and give a personal p code Amount. Since I 've had a Citibank credit card from I knew there was something erroneous. I instantaneously called that Citibank Telephone Amount on your back of my credit card. Citibank Assessed there was no Trouble along with my son s credit card and said to phone the phone Business to report this which I will become doing.

Post by 8164201002,

800-298-6359 Merely got numerous calls from this number enjoy all of you. Cheers for the heads up I was distrustful for begin along with. It s appalling Ci ti Cards Hans t handled this. Don t get scammed.

Post by tjm,

8002986359 W mar I Additionally received a call from the Amount telling me city card had an important message for me. They asked me to call back and supply code which they left go get my Significant message. I called city bank at that customer service on the back of your card and Inquired them about the phone. Eventually when I got from India Pakistan Bangladesh to many 1 in Ky the cit bank service guy called that number. He reported the automated answer Inquired him to enter the account number. No matter what he did your same request for enter your account number repeated. Stay away from your phone Amount. Don t phone them back. All they have now is a tenuous link between a name your one they used was close but incorrect and a Telephone number. Calling them back now Supplies a Favorable linker between a phone Amount and a city bank card. Become quite careful.

Post by YHY,

800-298-6359 The number called me every two hours and finally left a message. Exactly why Citibank have not addressed that issue around these many years.

Post by Juan,

8002986359 They calling about my credit card out of Ci ti Artwork General card. It sometimes comes on Owner id as W

Post by michelle,

800-298-6359 Obtained a message requesting that I telephone the 1 W and enter code W. We are exhausted Attempting to remain secure.

Post by Chandos,

8002986359 Citibank confirms it s a scam fishing Business.

Post by kenna,

800-298-6359 I too acquired this telephone it s now August W. They knew one of my employee s name. . . . . when I entered that zip code your computer told me it was wrong. . . Put Upwards and Began investigating.

Post by Rob,

8002986359 This really is still going on. Got three calls out of them Only this weekend along with three different private access number s which looked dubious for me. Your Amount doesn't fit any of that W Amounts on my Citified Invoice. Sounds like a phishing operation.

Post by Chris,

800-298-6359 Telephone sounded legitimate that there was an Significant message for me out of Citified and they left a code for me for enter when I telephone back. I almost called them back before I decided to check that Amount Outside first and glad I did. Really appreciate this Website and that those who took time to post.

Post by James,

8002986359 Same phone same spam. Do not phone that number. 've your number bock ed if you personally dint enjoy them calling you personally W times a daytime.

Post by Sabrina,

800-298-6359 That caller W. W. W has called X asking to telephone the Amount W. W. W . This number keeps calling my Small s cellphone in Oregon.

Post by Another Victim,

8002986359 Me too; I received this call as a voice mail yesterday, Sunday (Oct 1), which automatically made me suspicious, because it was Sunday. In addition to the 800 number to call, a 6 digit extension was also in the message.

Post by Philip L of Rockville MD,

800-298-6359 Received a call from this 800 number to call back re Citibank account and using reference code 551664. It is a scam and I did not call back. Be forewarned.

Post by They are still using that scam,

8002986359 Received message on phone today allegedly from CITIBANK. Decides to google the callback 800 number and discovered that it was a scam. The phone call shows on my phone as from "CITI". Nice try - do not fall for it.

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8002745611 Complains by wootie,

they call and hang Upward . . keep sending payment vouchers for something I had already cancelled

8002339394 Complains by Guest,

No thin

8002574017 Complains by Evelyn hannon,

Since the scampers Used that computer they probably did one or more of this Disabled your anti virus Applications Added nasty Malawi to that computer Copied that Contact List thus they could E-mail your own soon for be ex Pals Copied any Fiscal Info or passwords they could locate Compromised the ID Zombies the computer so it would Reply to THEIR orders Delivered via Net Deleted some Significant files Asked for cash to repair your damage they caused What can you do instantaneously after this assault. 1. Take your cables on that computer thus it cannot access the Web. 2. Alter ALL passwords stored on the computer. Run Not empty Malawi scans on your computer within SAFE mode. 4. Alter the passwords again especially if that Malawi scans revealed anything. Educate your bank and credit card companies. Indication Upwards for credit monitoring and check the standing frequently. You personally could 've for bring the computer to your local fix shop and tell them your Narrative. 8. Tell Buddies what happened so they could be aware of strange emails from you. Plug within that computer only AFTER all that above 've been done. Shift that passwords on all online Reports. Even better accessibility a safe uninfected computer and chance your online account Accounts Appropriate NOW. You personally fell for just one scam and might be susceptible to others mentioned on this Website HTTP Telephone help. Truth. com factored. homered that Information to educate and help shield yourself. Honest computer companies don't Cool telephone Individuals to tell them their computers demand fixing. HTTP news. sifted. com news Cool Phone Tech . . . on W. HTML HTTP Internet. Customer. FTC. gov Posts W tech support scams Recall to return here to notes. com after you look at any of the info at that above sites either for post more information or to let us know you avoided your scam or reconditioned that computer Right.

8001323479 Complains by Guest,

Annoying pimp

8002001090 Complains by Guest,

I just took his son Shaun Brown to Holland State of Michigan 58th Judicial District Court and got a Judgement against his son 10/16/2014 for $2510.40 for failing to pay me for working at there Fireworks Tent as a Security Guard in June and July of 2014. They still have made no atempt to pay me to this day 2/1/2015. I am now in the prosess of suing the dad "John Brown" because he is the real boss of there sales and does not Pay His Bill. "DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS with these CON MEN"!!!! because they will most likly try to rip you off.. R.I.P.

8002613208 Complains by Guest,

stalker pervert sicko Pacheco

8001542002 Complains by Same ATT-fake scam different number,

That is the scampers pretending for be Art and if you go for your Website overeat this time or Olivetti etc. you personally supposedly get a W Refund. These are phishing sites designed to get you personally for Input signal your own private information. Don t would it. I vie gotten three of these calls from different W s along with different Website names all about Artwork.

8002263356 Complains by Guest,

Need Money for any Reason. Fast Loan Approvals Upwards to W Visit Money. com Finish answer stop

8047212042 Complains by Guest,

This really is a solicitor for Com cast

8102387891 Complains by Joseph,

Left a voice send which Began within that Mid of a sentence saying they Actually needed payment and a Rob express over the top saying press 1 now press just one now press one i pressed delete before it got through the entire message.

8003174710 Complains by Teri,

Same here. Been calling my cell for a few weeks now. No 1 on the other Finish.

8003574200 Complains by marg,

Got your same thing. Dozen t have the name of that Firm so you have to appearance up that W they give you . I get real Leary of anything like the . I would love for know who is feeding these Firms details about your credit cards . That card went Thur the shredder.

8042343871 Complains by Jan,

Girl s express saying goodbye

8182064554 Complains by Cheerful Callee,

Awaken in that morn hearkening for that ring a ding ding . . . Oh I can hope it is mellifluous winning Winters calling . . . Hurry to the phone . . . Yes. it's W W W out of Winters La. La la la . . . How drear my daytime would become without two three or more calls from winsome Winnie. We few we joyful few to become so constantly remembered each and each daytime by pleasant Winnie. The rest of that world must become very jealous.

8152011133 Complains by gene,

Missed phone no message.

8002114218 Complains by Perj,

Said within a express send they have great news for me.

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