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Post by sue davis,

8003010053 The has got to Quit.

Post by crystal donikowski,

800-301-0053 This Amount was calling for around a year now. Monday through Saturday mainly at nighttime. Nobody says anything when I Choose Upwards. Really annoying.

Post by sarge,

8003010053 Same matter here

Post by anonymous,

800-301-0053 Numerous calls from the number. Additionally many calls at least 3 5 per day out of Allied Interstate calls from W W W bracketing Mother W W W W W W And the one Simply Began Recently 1 W W good Friend W W W many calls from W W W W W W Washington W W W W W W W W W W W W Astoria OR W W W W W W Ma W W W. I wonder if any among these is legit. Don t response if I don t Comprehend.

Post by JoLove,

8003010053 I 've been getting calls from the Amount as well and I live on your North East Shore. They are driving me nuts. . . And even when I have attempted for answer no 1 is on another Finish. I was Thinking if it was among those automated calls that record what time someone does answer that Telephone thus that manner they understand what time to have a Actual Individual phone. . .

Post by granny,

800-301-0053 Got my first call from these Folks did t reply because I don t response calls out of Amounts I don t know. . caller ID says Do NT and that number W W W

Post by EmJay,

8003010053 I vie been called 8 times by the number and no just one is on the other end whenever I Choose up. I returned your call numerous times just for get a active Transmission. I 'm Calling the BBB to report this inanity.

Post by Pete,

800-301-0053 I've been getting the same number calling me between 7 8 each night for your past 3 months. My advice to the Man along with that on telephone job. . Weight a quiet ring tone made in an Sound program or fond 1 out of you tube and Afterward assign the Particular ring tone for your Amount W W W. Atlases cant Awaken you up during your own Pet naps anymore. .

Post by Very Frustrated,

8003010053 We have acquired calls from this Amount since Oct Th at least once a day amp Generally after PM. We vie Ceased replying Additionally never anyone there. Telephone company could t block that number. Don t know what else to can. We get the recording. . . number isn't available out of your own calling Place when we telephone them out of your property line or cell phone.

Post by Imakillthefker,

800-301-0053 It has been Every Day The MONTH. . . . And not along with just this Amount but along with this 1 too. 1 W W W. . . .

Post by joey,

8003010053 Merely started raving calls today now 3 times no MSG no reply.

Post by Arran,

800-301-0053 Same as all that remainder. No one on line calls all the time.

Post by bing,

8003010053 Yes Sent call. several times a daytime. no person on your line no message.

Post by Froggy,

800-301-0053 Been becoming calls out of the number usually 2 per Night. Never replied. Quite persistent caller been going on for awhile.

Post by Abused,

8003010053 Alright folks I believe I have a reply to this. Please post if I m incorrect. Do any of you personally owe money. Possibly Pupil loans. Perhaps something else. Ever get a correspondence from a Group agency called Allied Interstate. I believe. . . and I would mean think. . . but it adds Upwards that they run a robot Applications for see when your own within thus they could call you up. If I m right and if that is true it s a lawsuit within the making. Allied Interstate has a poor history. They re real thugs. Do your own investigation and read for yourselves. If they have a lot of money behind them like it Appears they can they arena t real frightened of a lawsuit plus they have a could t find us smug Outlook. That still dozen t mean that you don t have rights which include the correct to Cope along with that original Folks you personally did business along with should you become able to or want to. If I m appropriate help others and post your own Results.

Post by Janet,

800-301-0053 The caller calls 3 times or more each day. When I did answer they did not answer. They 've been calling for months.

Post by zoey,

8003010053 Steady harassment from W W W. These Folks are instigators and just plain harassers. They must be reported for your FCC and Discontinued.

Post by Joshua,

800-301-0053 Classic story calls all hours from 'm for about PM multiple times a day each day never leaves a message called back the number isn't Accessible out of your calling Region message SC W They called back after reading these posts thus I replied Said Hello who is this who is the a pause then an electronic click and that telephone was transferred to what sounded enjoy a hotshot African American male express Asked If this was Joshua Last name omitted And I said yes whats the about you. . . and he rudely cut me away Offered the long Spent Presentation and would t let me Speak Stating he was with Allied Interstate a Group Bureau for Accumulate a debt I tried asking questions Around your debt and he refused to response and fiddled Approximately locating my file and would t let me talk I persisted asking questions and he was very rude and disrespectful for me and kept interrupting me But I located out he was Attempting to Amass on a Pupil loan for American Student Help in your amount of W hundred some Unusual dollars. He also Mentioned does that number XX XX sound recognizable for you in an a Opening tone of express. XX XX is omitted as it was your last 4 numbers of my Social Security Number I tried for get more out of him as I wanted for know what that F was going on and he continuing to be rude and disrespectful saying things enjoy I have heard every story and Key within your novel and none of it may work with me Continuing to be a complete A hole for me enjoy I was lowlife scum and not worthy to Talk in his presence. I finally got fed Upwards and said I don t 've to Cope with the disrespect have a good day and Installed up. Established on the Sum he claimed I owed I do understand what its Around and the was Guessed to become resolved a long time Past. It was an invalid Statement from your University of Phoenix Online. I believe we all know who these lowlifes are who keep calling and not leaving messages Finally. . . I may be Processing a complaint on it shortly. I 'm a human being God Dang it. I have your appropriate to become respected especially when someone calls me on MY Phone. Which I would like for understand how in the heck he got since It USN t that number I had when all of this happened all those years ago.

Post by Rachel,

8003010053 I manage a medical practice and the phone calls us at least 3 times per day

Post by nnelly,

800-301-0053 Well I m glad it s not Only me.

Post by hatecallsthatidontwant,

8003010053 Assessed my incoming calls each minute thank goodness I blocked incoming call.

Post by HAD IT,

800-301-0053 Do You've VERIZON. Have Received THESE CALLS SINCE Getting A Fresh VERIZON Phone NOW Up To 5 TIMES PER DAY

Post by BobbyO,

8003010053 Same with all these co plaints. . . i want i knew how to Discontinue it readily without blocking it through my Provider or something enjoy that.

Post by Tana,

800-301-0053 We get calls from the Amount Around 3 5 times a day every day. There was W calls in 7 times while my parents were gone. I desire for know how you can Discontinue the harassment.

Post by LAW,

8003010053 They called W 7 Merely don t reply and report it

Post by Seetaphal,

800-301-0053 Right sentence for read . . . saying Is this Ann Jones.

Post by Mo,

8003010053 They're doing your same with me. They telephone every night between 7 and 8 and do not leave a message. This can be harassment and must be Discontinued.

Post by zoey,

800-301-0053 Steady harassment from W W W. These Individuals are instigators and Simply Basic harassers. They must become reported for the FCC and Quit.

Post by Mo,

8003010053 They are doing the same along with me. They telephone every nighttime between 7 and 8 and do not leave a message. This is harassment and must become stopped.

Post by Natalie,

800-301-0053 I 've acquired W calls out of this Amount to my cell Telephone and I have your amusing feeling there can become more. I blocked that Amount.

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8002387887 Complains by Out of patience,

ND telephone today and no 1 Solutions. . . we 're a business and don't have time for this nonsense.

8002782614 Complains by cedlin,

Mackinaw calls our office all that time along with 8 or W other companies Seeking to discuss an important tax question .

8002619088 Complains by Michael C.,

4 2 W 2 W PM Some unusual loop of music really vague within that background is all I heard.

8002679651 Complains by skamdeth,

Scampers claiming for hire Video extras.

8002202008 Complains by s,


8002052500 Complains by Guest,

Guy that likes me but I TNT enjoy hi mm

8002561118 Complains by dan riblett,

Offers W plus bonus for be Used for my AT T account. Sum increases with each call.

8002386808 Complains by KCinAZ,

515-865-4562, my phone said Texas area code, I almost answered thinking a friend.  Didn't; soon got an email from "Annette Caputo" from Bigcommerce.  Email titled:  "Did you get my call?"  Text:  "Hello KCinAZ,Thank you for signing up for a free 15 Day Trial of Bigcommerce. My name is Annette Caputo and I am here to assist you with launching your eCommerce store. Do you have 10 minutes to chat so I can learn about your business and assist you in getting to your first sale on Bigcommerce?"  And so on.  I actually did explore their website a few days ago; did not realize I would be called.  Did not WANT to be called.  Anyway, that's whom I believe it was.  

9044502250 Complains by Guest,

leave alone you have a incorrect number

2066969601 Complains by Guest,

a text from Brian Haley from FM on 2 W W who is the Man.

2814084473 Complains by TOM,

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4694631848 Complains by Guest,

The person calls at wee hours of the day Simply to leave semi threatening phone telephone. Has delusions of being a gangster.

7807210643 Complains by Mrs,

Don't answer ! Psycho, should be reported to law enforcement

5046558981 Complains by Mr cardinal,

No message. PM on Friday.

3522759579 Complains by Guest,


7192238269 Complains by Guest,


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