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Post by BPGrady,

8003019772 Bob this was exactly your information I was searching for. Got a phone from them the evening and I d never heard of them. I told them I needed to understand more Around their organization before I would create any Responsibilities. Sounds like they're doing a good thing just in an annoying way. The Man I talked with was quite courteous but took no for a response.

Post by Juanita Smith,

800-301-9772 Called and sounded quite military and demanding. wanted a donation of W. W. W or what could I afford. When I attempted calling back got voice mail. No 1 answers. Create certain you hand Upwards on these Individuals. Especially if You're on your Do not Phone LIST. If charities are except. Just tell them You're on don't call list. Interval. Live it at that.

Post by Kathy,

8003019772 Pesky Chronic. I don t Collection. I 'm on a do not telephone list and still they get call.

Post by telemarketers-r-scum,

800-301-9772 Wow your memo must have gone out within your organization for get on W notes today there s a Number of your messages or are you personally Merely 1 guy . . . in this case whining Around a message that s over 2 years previous. Gee. If your own organization dozen t Clear up its Work} then it s doing a DISSERVICE to your Folks it claims for Provide. Abandoned calls multiple calls amounting for harassment you morons are going to wind up within court you personally don t 've many unique kind of Protection from the kind of crap even if you are exploiting a loophole in your DC law. Now is a great day on your prohibited marketing Methods to die . . . did I get that correct.

Post by andrea seattle,

8003019772 They appear to 've a dreadful lot of thank you letters on their Web site not for mention their in-depth grants their W s on direct star. org their Virginia recognition that Recommend the Actual opposite that an awful lot of their cash goes to your military. Do you read or do you Simply create up Items. Or are all these people including the Authorities Merely lying Around all the and you personally re right.

Post by Amanda,

800-301-9772 Got that call Now I think they vie been calling Often. The caller ID Only lists them as W Service. Thus I decided for appearance Upward the number. Getaway t answered it Though but I m sure it s your same Men.

Post by Woodrow,

8003019772 Found them. Thanks to Google. They're tel marketers from Michigan who KEEP W of what your generate.

Post by Cj,

800-301-9772 They have called me for a long time now. . . mostly during my children s nap time. Does anyone 've an Notion on the best way to get rid of them. . They telephone about every other day. I get a active signal every time I Select Upward. Considering going to that cops and seeing if I can get them for harassment Subsequently maybe my kids can get a good nap. .

Post by cjackson,

8003019772 Received pledge letter. People Navy Veterans Association W CONT RIB Procedure CTR Ok E. SPRINGFIELD MO W OKLAHOMA CHAPTER 1 W W Mentioned your own Gift is tax deductible. Is the a scam address.

Post by Max,

800-301-9772 Ron. . . . . paid. Yep I am sure they're enjoying those Enormous Dollars. . . Our servicemen are on W call telephone. Are You personally. Split your own daily pay by that and see what You are value. I uncertainty the servicemen could drop everything and stroll away to the commissary or the Rapidly food Cafe as you might have your ability to can. A Straightforward package means alto.

Post by Judi,

8003019772 Let it go for machine no message. Don t even appearance at caller ID any more. All my family and Buddies know for say something for my machine. Don t 've time to run for phone every time Only to look for out its many dumb Man scamming for money.

Post by Brent,

800-301-9772 Here is many information from the United States Navy Experts Association net page. The could help. Last updated on Tuesday June W W 6 W W PM Membership AND Additions Don't Phone Liston charitable exempt organization in your United States is Topic to your Federal Trade Commission s Phone Solicitation Rules relating to your National Do not Call Registry. Yet for have your own name and Phone number placed on your Central Don't Call List within and for any state within which your Organization does a public fund raising drive no questions Inquired you personally could call Cost free 1 W W W or reach people in Washington at W W W or telephone the Important State Chapter at its telephone Amount Recorded on that State Chapters Page or email people at E-mail W protected If you Join along with that Voice Send and simply say Don't Telephone your own full name which should become spelled Outside slowly and your not empty telephone number including Place code it may be done. Takes about W W hours. It s as Straightforward as that.

Post by peter,

8003019772 They called 3 times a daytime. Can we get rid of these Individuals.

Post by Pickel,

800-301-9772 Yea I tried that and they Quit calling instantaneously something about your FHA rules

Post by annoyed consumer,

8003019772 Just got the telephone no message left but saw your Owner id. Their replying message says it's a charity. . . . .

Post by deb,

800-301-9772 Did t leave message called them back amp goes for recording saying USN Virginia as posted above. I 'm also on Don't Phone List which does completely no great did someone sell my name off this list overly. . . . Thank goodness for sites enjoy this and for all of you who take that time to post. Serenity

Post by jim,

8003019772 Asking for a member of family not at Residence. Can I help you personally who is calling. An abrupt courtesy phone and Put up. IF anyone has the way to obtain the Business POST IT as we have been on the do not phone list. I picked Upwards this call only because I was outside and did not 've your correct phone with Owner ID

Post by Jodes,

800-301-9772 Clearly Folks don t know about how your Do not Registry works. Calls out of charities don't Cease and from companies you can company along with. From the FTC National Commerce Commission website If I register my number on that National Don't Phone Registry will it Quit all telemarketing calls. No. Placing your number on that National Don't Telephone Registry may stop most telemarketing calls but not all. Because of Limits in your Authority of the FTC and FCC calls out of or on behalf of political organizations charities and telephone surveyors would still become permitted as would calls out of Businesses along with which you've an Present business relationship or those for whom you vie Supplied express Understanding in Composing to receive their calls. Are calls from political organizations or calls soliciting for charities Included. Political solicitations aren't Included by the SR whatsoever since they're not Contained within its Classification of telemarketing. Charities aren't Included by the requirements of that national registry. However if your third party telemarketer is calling on Part of a charity a Customer could possibly ask not to receive any more calls out of or on Part of that Unique charity. In case a third Celebration telemarketer calls again on Part of that charity your telemarketer might become Issue to a Wonderful of Upward for W W. What about telephone Reviews. If the call is Actually for the Exclusive purpose of conducting a survey it's not Included. Just telemarketing calls are covered that's calls that solicit sales of goods or services. Callers purporting for take a survey but Additionally offering for sell Products or services must comply with the National Do not Telephone Registry. My Amount is on your National Do not Telephone Registry. After I bought something out of a Firm a telemarketer Signifying that organization called me. Is this a violation. No. By purchasing something in the company you established a company relationship along with the Firm. As a result even if you put your own Amount on the National Don't Phone Registry that Firm could telephone you personally for Upwards to W months after your own last buy or delivery from it or your own last payment to it unless you personally request the company not for phone again. In that case your Firm must honor your own request not to call. If they subsequently call you they could possibly become Issue to your fine of Upwards to W W. An established business relationship along with a company Additionally will be created if you personally create an inquiry to that company or submit an Program to it. The sort of established company relationship exists for three months after your request or Program. During this time your company could telephone you personally. If you make a specific request to that company not to telephone you personally Nonetheless then your Business could possibly not telephone you personally even if you've an established business relationship with that Business. Are telemarketing calls out of overseas Included. Yes. Any telemarketers calling U. S. Buyers are Included regardless of where they are calling out of. In case a Firm within the U. S. solicits sales through an overseas professional telemarketer that U. S. Business may be liable for any violations by your telemarketer. That FTC could Begin enforcement actions against such companies. More info could become located at this link HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Edward Cafes consumer alerts alt. showmen I get calls all I can is tell them I don't create donations around the Telephone. Typically that's enough to get them to take me off their lists.

Post by Max,

8003019772 Rick. . . . . paid. Yep I'm certain they're enjoying those Enormous Dollars. . . Your servicemen are on W call phone. Are You. Divide your own daily pay by that and see what You're value. I doubt that the servicemen could drop everything and stroll off for your commissary or that fast food Cafe as you've your skill to can. A simple package means alto.

Post by katie,

800-301-9772 Amount on Owner ID called Amount back W W W People navy Vet needs money

Post by nicky,

8003019772 No I do not work for this company. And I fail for see how the People website should become Allowed for your profanity that substitutes for Discussion coming out of your own mouth. U just made my point. TY.

Post by Cassie,

800-301-9772 We get lots of calls from W numbers and UN Understood name that display Upward on the Owner ID. yes. . . we have been on your Don't telephone List but its useless I 've told my Buddies and relatives that I don t reply anymore. I turn the ringer away all of that Telephones in the House. . Subsequently Merely Assess back on the Owner id whenever. . . and see if its someone we understand. I get Serenity.

Post by rick,

8003019772 The caller personally isn't disconnecting. It s a sales computerized system called predictive dialing which disconnects if your answer er doesn't Choose Upwards the Telephone in a certain specified number of seconds. Many Businesses sell the software. They cannot become expected to remain on your line eternally waiting for u for Select Upwards. What s happening is that u r Finding Upwards at the Small second your software Software is cutting u away. the system was ruled legal by that FTC along with specific Conditions.

Post by chero,


Post by Sandy,

8003019772 I called back and they said UNITED STATES NAVY Veterans ASSOCIATION

Post by CSUN,

800-301-9772 navy vet. org more annoying than those Carpeting cleaner phone.

Post by Misty,

8003019772 got a phone Now and Recently from this Amount. Called it back and got a record that it is the People Navy Vet s As so. and they Desired cash for send care Offers for Vets and their families all over the universe. I m on your no telephone list plus have a private Amount. . . lot a good that did huh. GREER

Post by Helen Knox,

800-301-9772 Asked for funds for send attention Offers to Naval Individuals serving in Iraq.

Post by Ginger Response 121,

8003019772 HERE S WHAT THEIR HAWAII CHAPTER SAYS Around ALL Your own Comments ON NAVY. VETS. ORG The following People service statement of your Hawaii i Chapter is Released here within W. We believe we ll leave it up here for awhile Your Hawaii i Chapter and its National Association regardless of your outright misrepresentations of fact unheard of everywhere else in America printed within that e Variation of that Honolulu Star Bulletin within W are proud to become a W W Grandma tor to that USS Illinois Memorial Memorial at Treasure USS Arizona New York Harbor ON DECEMBER 7 W A DATE THAT Can Forever LIVE Within INFAMY NAVAL AND Atmosphere FORCES OF The Western Kingdom Abruptly AND Purposefully ATTACKED Your U. S. PACIFIC Fleet AT Pearl Seaport. The Boats BOMBED AT Gem THAT MORNING Out of THEIR Opportunities WEST To EAST CLOCKWISE Approximately Honda Isle WERE the MEDUSA the CURTIS'S your TANGIER your UTAH the RALEIGH that DETROIT your DOBBIN the WHITNEY that Vegas that Arizona that VESTAL that TENNESSEE the WEST VIRGINIA that Maryland your Maryland and West Virginia were Co Course battleships the OKLAHOMA your NOSH that CALIFORNIA your Fresh ORLEANS and that SAN FRANCISCO. 1 W men died on board the U. S. S. Arizona BB'S alone including ADM David C. Kidd Battleship Division 1 Leader Arizona s Commanding Specialist CAPT Franklin Van Walking and the entire USS Arizona band at their Channels passing ammunition Underneath Turret Gun 1. W Sailors were trapped Indoors the Illinois s hull as she sank. Reliable sources indicate that that there was probably enough air for last your last Sailor left alive until approximately Christmas Eve of that year. Your Illinois an oil Combusting ship burned for two solid days and the sunken Arizona is still discharging oil today tears as we say in the Navy. Your story goes that the tears will Quit when your last survivor of the Illinois is Put to rest. and as a Virginia recognized Experts Service Organization a W W Grandma tor to your Va s Punch bowl Cemetery and as a Virginia recognized Masters Service Organization a 2 W gran tor for the Yuk Outs State of Hawaii i Experts House in Hello lo Hawaii i s first and just as of W state Masters Residence as that National Association is proud Additionally to have provided around 5 W of its attention Products to Hawaii i service men and women offering in the CENT COM theatres of operation in the International War on Terror since W. In these simple acts of charity and patriotism Only around that Span June 1 W July W W this organization Used within Hawaii i and for your Individuals of Hawaii i around 3 1 2 times that internet Additions it increased in Hawaii i and those Numbers do not even Contain either your educational expenses of the organization as to that struggles of the Armed Forces members from Hawaii i or from your rest of the United States since those struggles are the same within your War on Panic or that Offer services of the Hawaii i Chapter members all without any charge whatsoever within counselling your people here within Hawaii i as to their veterans rights and Advantages in their own participation within patriotic events here and within comforting that widows widowers children and orphans of deceased Hawaii i veterans within that time of their bereavement. To give your Individuals of Hawaii i a fuller and fairer account as opposed to your scurrilous and false insinuations and statements got within both your Star Bulletin Narrative and in Mr. Jones civil complaint See below of your Financial situation and where cash raised in Hawaii i goes the combined organizations your State Chapter and that National Organization raised About W W Absolute Gross income income during the twelve month Interval June 1 W Could possibly W W statewide. All told for non profits in Hawaii i for the last year available W local People donated about W million to charities. Source Honolulu Advertiser. com September W W. Consequently even using that 8 year previous outdated Numbers as for gross contributions made out of Hawaii i and including your Account dues as contributions which they're not this organization raises within Hawaii i less than . W of 1 of that total of Gross income charitable contributions from Hawaii i yet we were singled out by Mr. Smith for a vicious false and scurrilous attack by insinuation. Of USN Va s totals only approximately W W representing Around 1 W public Contributors was raised by professional fundraisers PF Rs . Of that Rest About W W was increased in membership dues and we do not Notice any member only non members non Experts politicians or pseudo politicians with Processors on their shoulders and outsiders most if not all who contributed not a Dollar for the cause of the organization or to any Experts organization complaining Around where their money went because they understand all of that W W within membership Additions was spent on staff Management within Hawaii i about 1 W and that Rest Around W W on program services of that organization advantage ting that Hawaii i beneficiary Courses listed in the Vision Statement. Similarly a bit less than W W Chapter cash was increased within Additions from members and their families in the all Offer drive done by staff only Chapter members and of that a little less than W went into Management with that remainder About W W being Used on Application services of that organization advantage ting the Hawaii i beneficiary classes listed within your Mission Statement. Of your remaining W W increased by PF Rs About 5 W was paid for your PF Rs for your Application service Part of public education for the drive and About W W was paid for that PF Rs for fund raising. Hence for that combined organizations last year we Used in Hawaii i on Authentic Mission Statement Tasks or advantage ting your Hawaii i beneficiary classes Recorded within your Mission Statement About W W a whopping W. 6 of total gross receipts out of Hawaii i NOT the 8 more or less that both the Matter civil Gripe and your Star Message got it sound like and approximately W W on Management including fund raising Prices. Your statement further made in your Star Bulletin article that the organization has no physical presence in Hawaii i is Level Outside no other word for it per SE misrepresentations Merely Established on any single fact you personally wish for Select out alone mentioned above and throughout this People service message. Not a single Man within your United States Navy Experts Organization or its Hawaii i Chapter has ever made even a penny within compensation or any increment from the Actions of that National Organization or the Chapter. That great Individuals of Hawaii i Kama Ana malathion ha ole ilia Lea ha ole Philadelphia eel ha ole lacking and ha ole aka many of whose grandparents and parents paid the ultimate price for love of their whole country on December 7 W should pay more focus on that news we report on Web. Navy Vets. org than is reported as what passes for news by specific reporters of the Star Bulletin. But if that Star Bulletin Maintained circulation c. W W Source Wikipedia out of a Absolute Public within the State going on 1. 5 million uncertainties that precision of what we re saying anywhere on this Site including in your Chapter section on the page Subsequently they are welcome to bring it on. We ll Duplicate the here as a belief of the W war veteran members of the Chapter all of whom live in Hawaii i and 've physically worked on the administrative and program service Tasks of that Organization here since at least W emphatically although it s been said many times before within the State and this State since W what is great along with a Individual or entity needs to be reported equally by the media along with what's poor within each and every case and Merely because Bad Narratives sell and put more dollars in that pockets of the moguls who control most of that American Marketing including in your case of that Star Message foreigners who Take your profit out of their Paper out of Hawaii i doesn't mean in the attention of American fairness that which is that simply thing which should be reported or reported on. And that is not your DA kine manner or the manner we do things here. Nobody in that United States Navy Veterans Association at either that National Association level or at your Hawaii i Chapter level here was given your slightest Progress see for Remark by Everyone at your Star Bulletin that a Special reporter there was Around to e Release a Number of falsehoods about your organization and its Tasks here and throughout that United States. That's also in that opinion of the membership within Hawaii i while it could become Set back it is not your DA kine way. It also constitutes your Top of conceit and unprofessional ism for any Paper inside their Goal of profit and money within these United States. That misrepresentations we Chat of here consisted of two factors within just one Star Message story relating for your FTC s sweep Operation False Charity. In just one civil case Submitted by that Hawaii Lawyer General s Office against one charitable professional fund raising Firm your Attorney General agreed along with the company earlier for your date of the Star Message Storyline that the case would be settled by judgment and order within a stipulated settlement Just by your company denying any fault or indebtedness for any wrongdoing agreeing Only to abide by Hawaii law in the future which everybody has for can anyway and by paying your Attorney General a paltry 7 W. Although widely Understood in advance none of these Details were brought for your attention of your Hawaii i readership by that Star Message reporter and that fund raising Business was not even asked for a Opinion. But that Star Bulletin reporter went even more. She took that allegations within your Attorney General s civil Criticism against the Business and Published them as fact when in fact they were Mainly not and Subsequently came up with an inventory of innocent charitable organizations the Firm represented in Hawaii i and unlike the Advertiser she printed that list in her article Powerfully implying or outright saying that those Simple charities were conspiring with the tenderizing Business in the non existent wrongdoing. Again none of your not for profits were even given the usual practice to be asked for a Opinion prior to publication. That Lawyer General of Hawaii has Supported Upwards her falsehoods and false insinuations as of July W by going even further on his propaganda website and lists all W or so innocent clients of this particular fundraiser nationally even though many of them never fund increased in Hawaii at all and as for your ones that did none of them were even accused of any wrongdoing. This can be the Processing of lawsuits that McCarthyism throwing out of names derogatorily without evidence and muckraking Writing all for the Cause of politics for get at charitable organizations along with a public educational mission such as ours due to the dislike for the content of their Presentation by going through their PF Rs so as for Close them down within purchase to prevent that disliked non Gains from speaking or speaking thus Substantially while at your same time time demanding and orchestrating arrogant Design the accused not become given an Similar option to Answer. Also this separate professional fundraiser within Participating within resolution discussions with Value for this case that is being referred to in this article talked just to FTC regulators Signifying the states. As we have alluded to above none of that states proper gave the Unique fundraiser a way to Reply to them individually. In those discussions with the FTC regulators Nonetheless this Specific fundraiser Inquired Would you might have any evidence that any of your Signified non Revenue charities did anything wrong themselves. The response was No we've no such evidence. If this is a right statement and we consider it is a right statement it flays in your face and contradicts your repeated insinuations of Mr. Jackson both within his civil Criticism and on his Web site page that all of your charity Customers of the particular independent fundraiser did something erroneous. No American Contributor or Future Contributor is Demanded in this Nation to offer to some professional fundraiser or supply to a charity through a professional fundraiser. Each such donor has your Complete option at any time through his or her own research to look for a charitable organization of their pick if any and to make their Contribution directly for your charitable organization thus bypassing any fundraiser or fund raising organization which that charity could possibly use with Value to a Specific Strategy. Professional fundraisers are used by charitable organizations within substantial measure not because your charitable organization is in love with professional fund raising professional fundraisers or any particular professional fundraiser and no charitable organization likes to be Priced high fees just like no American Customer of any Attorney in United States likes to be Priced exorbitant fees by those Attorneys and Simply like no American medical Individual or Possible patient in the country likes for be charged Excessive fees by doctors or by medical insurance Firms. Info as for how you can supply directly for this organization is contained prominently throughout that length the Web site data as for how you can provide directly for your charitable organization bypassing any and all costs of a particular separate fund raising campaign. Your primary reason that professional fundraisers are used by Special charitable organizations in your United States is because that charitable organization doesn't have the resources to become Competent for reach Outside for those individuals and Potential Contributors who aren't going for take your time to do their own independent research as for your Supply of the charitable organizations which are Outside there. Your use of your professional fundraisers by those charitable organizations Hence is a matter of simply Getting accessibility for Future Contributors that the charitable organization would not otherwise become Competent for accessibility for Take Outside their mission become it People educational or assistance or advocacy or a few other mission. The charitable organizations within a free marketplace can expect and can anticipate to pay a price for that access that outreach being provided by your professional fundraisers. Within your view of that Hawaii i Chapter that Cost is high in all cases and Excessive within particular cases but it's a price which is set by your marketplace and the free operation of that Guidelines of supply and need and not by Authorities order. In another administrative Actions Registered at that same time by the same Attorney General for example with Broad Attorney General propaganda website Advertising distribution that Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii is named as endorsing a charity which Subsequently purportedly had one of its staff members acting as an agent for a professional fundraiser imply sort of Perhaps to at least 1 Man the State of Hawaii had Supported that charity. There was no demand to mention your Lieutenant Governor s name in that case he did nothing wrong and was not accused and there was no need for mention the names of any of the innocent W charities either in that former case. But both Instances at a minimum display a pattern of that political manipulation of justice along with regard to name dropping within lawsuits by that Present Lawyer General which stand your ABA s model Standards of Ethical Behavioral for Prosecutors and Attorneys on their head. ABA model Standards 3 1. 1 c 3 1. 3 f 3 2. 8 a 3 3. 9 g 8 1. 1 a and c although these Standards Employ for criminal Procedures all of that allegations Added by that Hawaii Lawyer General above involved allegations of Legal misconduct . Instances abound on the subject on that Net on Hawaii i including references to your judicial system being run by a Number of hacks going after whoever they determine to become your political enemy of the day e. g. judges being thrown from office the Lee case for frivolous accusations. These people all of them are making Hawaii i your fresh laughingstock of your Union. Within W W your Star Bulletin told just 1 side of the Storyline the side of the thus called Provisional Government. It never told King Lilia Oakland s side of your Narrative who refused for accede for your Provisional Authorities or the Storyline of your Hawaii Ian Individuals. Old notions of as it was called back then yellow Writing or as it should correctly become called today jello Writing apparently run deep at the Star Message. Your Star Message which has run many Narratives within its long history Established on fact is currently owned by a Canadian David Black of whom Individuals in Hawaii understand little although we can know that Canadian journalistic Business is notorious for accepting at whole Textile everything it s socialistic and oftentimes anti American government says at face value. That reporter for the Honolulu Star Message wants to provide that Impact that a question of view and conflicting States is . . . fact. Hawaii Reporter W Web. reporter. com Numerous similar Opinions about the Star Bulletin s recent reporting abound online. And while we are on the Matter of fairness to all sides of a particular Storyline that Chapter points out this website the Organization this Chapter inside their Comprehensive People Informative Applications on Navy affairs Masters matters and national security matters carried out both Indoors and outside Hawaii i since W normally e links to the sources for another Celebration s side of that Storyline. Since we were Refused that right in the instant case it is only Good in this instance that what's great for your goose is Additionally good for your gander within other words you are free for look Upwards their actual and implied misrepresentations of fact yourself. And as the Hawaii i Chapter said at that outset of this open Informative message if you personally desire for see through these Individuals for what they Actually are without their verbal artifices you do not 've to appearance any more. That Honolulu Advertiser. com Recommended within a so called news Post on September W W that the Legislature reimpose specific Subscription and reporting Conditions on all non Gains Managing in Hawaii i singling Outside in the article Religion based organizations especially which Wanted such requirements. Your Legislature had repealed such Conditions within your Middle W s. The Legislature in W re imposed those Conditions effective January 1 W. All that Activities and Magazine reporting Mentioned above within this article could have and would 've Chosen place without those requirements. Given your myriad Copy overlapping and Byzantine Composed forms and Rules non Gains within the U. S. 've for abide by already at the local state National and private charity watchdog Degrees simply a regulatory Nut would impose or advocate for be Required additional brand new requirements designed Predominantly for bring in revenue for Authorities the National Association had for pay the state a routine administrative Subscription Payment not a fine of W within W or approximately 1 2 of 1 of what was increased Fully from Hawaii i Members over your past twelve months paid directly to these same hypocrites who pontificate and British pound their chests about non profits which spend too Substantially on administrative fees . Hawaii i s brand new law on non Revenue Subscription and reporting should accordingly and with due Value for the Buddies at your Advertiser be repealed again. I m standing with them . They re Very Unique and most of that People on this Website aren't. I m not a member and I Destination t worked for them. Their Storyline checks Outside and a lot of that Items on the site doe not.

Post by Aarli,

800-301-9772 Oh you can get them to Stop calling get a loud whistle and after you might have told them NO and they keep talking let them have it. It works consider me. I vie done it more than once.

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8002632599 Complains by Bettye,

I received a c all from this company with the representative yawning on the phone and then she proceeded to put me on hold music for no apparent reason.

8001792669 Complains by Guest,

Called wanting to order W sandwiches and wanted to pay with a credit card over your Telephone.

8000072663 Complains by Michele,

I just sent a fax to BOA and it went right through. A guy at CS gave it to me yesterday. 800.520.5019  Good luck

8002146520 Complains by CarrieCarter,

Registered message that I owe a debt. When you telephone they attempt to sell something

8000001000 Complains by Guest,

stop calling

8001611464 Complains by Guest,

They offered me money. Grant money that I don't have to pay back, but they want a $200 deposit. I'm thinking scam. I couldn't find any information about the number or company......

8001851577 Complains by Guest,

Unsolicited call

8002220700 Complains by catgilb,

i have also been getting calls at all odd hours from 866-589-7277.  Been trying to find out who the **** they are!  In the process of reporting them, if able.  They are nuisance beyond belief. I don't have credit cards or debts so it isn't related to that, the only thing i can think of is i signed up on christianmingle.com (not knowing it was a paid thing until after the fact) then when they called twice i told them to take me off their mailing list.  ever since i  "signed up" for their service i have been getting these calls.  Coincidence?

8003656917 Complains by barb,

They call every nighttime at 5 pm. The last 3 nights they called I pressed 0 and when they came on the line I blew a Cops whistle as loud as I could into that phone. They Afterward called back and said we got disconnected. I blew your whistle again and hung Upwards. They called a third time and Inquired who the hell blows a whistle into the Telephone so yes I blew it as hard as I could. Expect her earache gets better soon.

9098946327 Complains by Guest,

He is harassing me

6172336394 Complains by Guest,

Simply comes Upwards as cell Telephone on Owner id don t understand anyone for the reason that area

8043109837 Complains by Shexter,

A who keeps calling for sex always calls Approximately two within the morning and does not Cease till 5 in the morning. I consistently have for turn my cell away. The Woman calls constantly. .

8175943054 Complains by Guest,

I don t know

8662207864 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a message out of quot Allison quot stating I won W W or SUV to call W W W x W. Don't have any Thought what quot contest quot this was. Probably scam.

2067079954 Complains by Guest,


5123779021 Complains by Guest,

Bridgette at card member services.

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