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Post by fool,

8003031043 Contact me at Riddling Holcomb

Post by Kat,

800-303-1043 Mr. and Mrs. Ingram obviously false identities 've been calling my cell and Dwelling numbers for Around a week now. I don't understand any family along with the last name thus it's blatantly Evident that it's a debt collector and without them Making a company name there is no way in bloody he I will ever EVER call them back. I have my Rules these Firms anticipate us for bound through hoops for them but can t even leave your name of their Firm. Ha I don t Think thus. . . . . for me that is Poor business and I refuse for have any dealings with them.

Post by annoyed,

8003031043 I 've gotten a couple of calls out of this Amount in that last month. Your first one asked for a Peggy Something. Last night they asked for a Marilyn Something. I told both callers that I did t know these Folks and was told my number would be Chosen away your list. They telephone on my cell Telephone. My Company supplies all management staff with phones as we are on call. Consequently I 'm required to reply every call. If they would check your owners of numbers before calling it would save a lot of grief. On another hand I vie been using my Amount for 3 years. Really annoying. I feel Ardently this could become a debt collector but they did not identify themselves as such.

Post by Annoyed,

800-303-1043 Obtained phone call not at home left message saying Law requires that we Tell you this is a debt collection Firm NCO Monetary. This can be an Test for Accumulate a debt. Please telephone Rich F. Scott or Richard Escort at 1 W W W and Send for reference Amount . Believe it is a scam Attempting to get personal information.

Post by amf,

8003031043 yep I think it s Artwork I 've a balance along with them I keep paying Art through their website Ball that Set agencies despise em

Post by [***],

800-303-1043 Quit calling me it is get annoyed


8003031043 that is Mr. Ingram telephone 1 W W W Subsequently they gave a reference id the phone happened X from him Afterward 2 other times same number please call Joyce Nix 1 W W W that is an debt collection any information obtained will become used for that purpose

Post by LansingAnn,

800-303-1043 They left their number and a reference number for call back with. When I called back it was a Firm I had never heard of before.

Post by female owner,

8003031043 I am getting that calls form the same Man everyday and they don t Discuss when I response but leave messages when I don t. I don t understand of any debts that I owe.

Post by Alex,

800-303-1043 Received multiple Telephone calls out of the Amount. An African American female is your just person who Looks for call or response and she Requires for private data for identify who I 'm. When I refuse for give it to her and when I request her for send that details of her inquiry for my address via mail she simply hangs Upwards and calls back your next daytime. Do not present them any private data.

Post by Great credit. Try USPS next time.,

8003031043 Replying message. Female computerized voice. Law requires that we notify you that this is a debt Set company NCO Monetary Systems Inc. That is an Test to Accumulate a debt. Please call Rich F. Scott or Richard Move unable for comprehend exact name at 1 W W W. Send for reference number .

Post by female owner,

800-303-1043 I 'm getting your calls type that same guy Regular and they don t talk when I answer but leave messages when I don t. I don t understand of any debts that I owe.

Post by jj,

8003031043 MSG says it is a debt collection Business. NCO Fiscal. I don't reply the calls. I don't have any debts other than my house and it's never been late.

Post by eecatlady,

800-303-1043 ditto exactly of Anagram s call. Joyce Knox debt Set that entire thing. I don't have any Excellent debts along with anyone. I am on the Don't Phone the Specific company was harassing me for over a year from Distinct Amounts.

Post by Rp,

8003031043 Yep same matter here Automated Recording. I did t even announce along with Hi Only waited since CID came in as UNKNOWN . Phone W W W Ask for Joyce Knox. Don t Strategy to telephone as I have no debt except mortgage

Post by Desert Rat,

800-303-1043 Left a message identifying themselves as NCO Fiscal Services a debt Group Bureau. Said your telephone is an Test for Gather a debt and any data collected will become used for that intention. Inquired for phone Maxine King at W W W and left a reference number. On look up that number for Maxine King is showing that same type of comments as for this particular number. We've no outstanding debts. NCO Seemingly does valid Choices but the horror stories Around them out there even when there are actual debts owed are rife. Don t Offer data and insist they Cope along with you personally by mail. Record any dealings you might have on your phone.

Post by stop calling my house you dinks,

8003031043 shush do you personally ever give Upward.

Post by lime,

800-303-1043 I began receiving calls out of the number this week. Unknown appears on my cell phone s Owner ID. I use Expiring Multiple Alert to Check my credit reports which show no previous due or unpaid debts and also don t show any inquiries into my credit report. Although your repeated calls are annoying I will continue for Discount whoever appears as Unknown .

Post by nunya,

8003031043 they claim to become debt Group Bureau. just Trouble is that i don't have any debt along with the Signified Firm. i Used an hour checking account. also they gave another Amount to call for get evidence of debt. at amp t can t identify that Amount.

Post by Bronco12,

800-303-1043 I have been becoming calls several per week for a few months. I 've answered the calls twice. I get a recording that drags out telling me someone LL become with me Soon. . . Then they request for someone who I don t understand. I told them I 'm on your do not phone list and to never pick Upward your phone and telephone my number again and the Female yelled at me. I Installed Upward on her. They demand to be sued or fined or something. I Additionally have no Excellent debt. . . This is Telephone harassment. And needs for stop.

Post by me,

8003031043 This is Mrs. Ingram please return my telephone at W W W that number again is W W W. Afterward they offer a reference ID Amount.

Post by sunkist08,

800-303-1043 Yes i get this same number from the same Female. On my cell phone

Post by fool,

8003031043 Contact me at Riddling Holcomb

Post by Jim6322,

800-303-1043 As reported by me This is Mrs. Ingram please return my telephone at W W W that Amount again is W W W

Post by amf,

8003031043 yep I believe it s Artwork I 've a equilibrium with them I keep paying Artwork through their Site Ball your Group Companies hate em

Post by mea,

800-303-1043 NCO financial systems left me a voice send saying that they were Seeking for Accumulate a debt and to telephone Joyce Knox at W W W. They Supplied me along with a code. I called from a number other than they one they called and your woman asked me to identify your phone Amount they left that message at. I decided to would that. She Promised no knowledge of calling my Amount. After repeating my Amount 3 times she eventually Inquired me if I was Paul X. I said no and she said Ok she d remove my number out of their database. Interestingly Paul X is a neighbor in my Residence building.

Post by Evey,

8003031043 Gotten call to telephone NCO at 1 W W along with a reference Amount and 've received numerous telephone sand are annoying Notably when you are at work. Do not know of any debt Outside there and would like a stop for these calls.

Post by As If...,

800-303-1043 I 've obtained 3 calls in 2 times with your same names messages. Along with that Amount of reports like this already on this site and no 1 having spoken along with them that calls are Clearly created. They have Price you personally more than they could Manage. . . your own time. Everyone knows their own private debt financial Arrangement and Reliable Firms would t could t have any success reaching customers along with this deficiency of professionalism.

Post by swamp woman,

8003031043 these calls do not Speak to me when I response they leave express send when I don t. After several calls a month for three or four months I eventually returned a telephone and talked for Joyce Knox. I did not present her my name had to Show my phone and a ref to get her to appearance up that reason for that calls. Turns Outside they had no record of my Telephone thus could t tell me exactly why they were calling. When I asked for the calls to Cease she called me a name and Put Upwards. That calls Began again today leaving voice send along with her name and phone identifying her Firm as NCO Monetary. I returned call and your office is closed today. There are several people in my own phone exchange along with similar names I don t want to Ill your NCO Folks on them but I need the calls to Cease again the time for great.

Post by Angaramiel,

800-303-1043 Law requires that we notify you that this is a debt Set Business. This can be an attempt to collect a debt. Any info that we obtain will become used for that motive. Please call Joyce Knox back today at 1 W W W. Totally fake as I don't have any debt whatsoever

Post by gsn,

8003031043 Called AT amp T. They Tested I had no balance owing. Said if I got another telephone like the just say I wan t interested and hang Upwards. It s a scam.

Post by SickToDeath,

800-303-1043 Called work Recently left record. Allegedly debt collector. I have no unsecured debt.

Post by Annick Delorme,

8003031043 This really is Mrs Ingram. Please phone back W W W viewing a debt.

Post by doglover,

800-303-1043 Get a phone late last night said I have a Invoice at AT amp T. I don't 've AT amp T sounds enjoy a scam to me. Expect this kind of scam can become Ceased.

Post by Tiffany,

8003031043 Got a phone out of Joyce Knox today they were looking for a former employee to Amass a debt.

Post by Lois Rash,

800-303-1043 Your Firm out of the Amount was searching for a Will Brownish Jr. And I have had my cell Telephone Amount for your last four months.

Post by Fred flintstone.,

8003031043 Simply phone THEM each hour on the hour and say You're a debt collection Bureau searching for Place fictitious name and you are attempting to Gather a debt yourself. Ask for their Telephone number. . . . . anything to annoy them as Considerably as they annoy you.

Post by mic,

800-303-1043 This really is Mr. Ingram with NCO Set services Afterward a ref Amount and your phone Amount 1 W W W. Reversed it on the internet and IT does not show up NCO and went for NCO web site and did not look for your Amount for that United states list. My Attorney state s Discount it unless they send paperwork.

Post by MCS,

8003031043 Is this a scam telephone.

Post by Rp,

800-303-1043 Yep same thing here Automated Record. I did t even declare along with Hi Simply waited since CID Arrived in as UNKNOWN . Phone W W W Request for Joyce Knox. Don t plan to telephone as I don't have any debt except mortgage

Post by Candi,

8003031043 Been getting fraud calls ID if that is 1 but I go ogled it and it looks enjoy it could become cheers.

Post by brianna,

800-303-1043 Yes i got the same Amount in the same Woman. On my express mail

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8002073327 Complains by jim,

Also getting messages kind the number from a Charlie Martin maintaining Irs stuff and legal Actions junk.

8002412479 Complains by srh,

. that is Merely another Quite questionable Owner who left no message. . . . hmm.

8001472891 Complains by Maria,

Keep becoming a telephone out of the number. It s a record that says I m purportedly becoming W back from AT amp T it s a scam

8002752288 Complains by Linda Giles,

Caller said I would get W if I went for Internet. Olivetti. com.

8002112596 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone

8002143230 Complains by Jack,

This can be a Facsimile machine that calls every 2 or 3 minutes for my cell. This is driving me Insane. . .

8002754737 Complains by Scott,

This can be from Wellness Internet.

8002609902 Complains by Deb,

I keep getting these calls. When I reply there is a long pause as in case a recorded message is about for Start but just one never does. After about W seconds there is a click at another Finish and I get a sound as if your phone is off the hook. These calls should be prohibited. And I 'm on a do not telephone list. I get them several times a day.

8002081225 Complains by Lynn with a government agency,

Same Storyline as above except I received a voice send. The guy was a jokiest. He said his name was Lou looking for Talk to Lou and my last name. Could t even get his Software correct. Please become wary. There is just one report in RIPOFF REPORT. com already. Great Fortune with the jesters.

8002535524 Complains by Matt,

Same call here. . we all won.

8002225355 Complains by tommy tagger,

It s Time Warner Cable calling back for see how their customer service was performed for you. if you did NT get or have Tc it was a misdeal.

8002306683 Complains by Andy,

Not good company

8002376977 Complains by Gail,

My ex Partner Merely received a Invoice out of NY for that Ed department does anyone know who your collection Bureau is. He is refusing to send me your Statement and I need to resolution. I called NY directly but they said appearance on my Statement. thanks.

8002131161 Complains by Bell Canada customer,

I did not Select it Upward. No message left

8002430000 Complains by Ronald Hicks,

this number W W W called 3 times in W minutes Making no message. After I Assessed my cell phone and they had called that Amount overly. no message nothing. what a hassle along with these Amounts that phone and leave no message.

8002297796 Complains by NickP,

We also have XML but it gets billed quarterly mechanically. They should not be calling.

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