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Post by M Eaton,

8003090524 Pare recorded telemarketing phone from Retailers Choice Payment Solutions. Pretended to be the credit card chip and that we Wanted for Update along with them due to fresh regulations . Reported them for TX Lawyer General s office

Post by MBH,

800-309-0524 Gotten an automated call regarding Photo Submission. When I called that number they told me my Final was Outside dated and they would send me just one at no cost. When I told him how many credit cards we run a month he told me I should t even fuss running credit cards. I asked what Firm he was along with and then told him they Stadium t even our service provider and he Affirmed we are not on their list. I told him for Remove your number out of their list.

Post by john,

8003090524 when you get 8 9 of these calls a day screw them. an air horn whistle fart machine they re all good.

Post by Jennifer , receptionist,

800-309-0524 they constantly telephone after hours and leave an automated message stating they are calling from the Business services along with a Essential Pic PEED Upgrade.

Post by Gabriele Mecca,

8003090524 I concur. We got a message on our company Telephone and mentioned which our EM terminal needs Upward date. Nicely we do not have a terminal and surely nothing else that needs Upward Relationship. Glad I research this number because it did show Vendor Services. I concur there must be a better manner to protect out of being called all the time along with nonsense calls. I don t head legitimate callers Adding a service or product I could possibly use but if I say thank you but we do not use a cc machine to Accumulate payment or we have been a company for business entity and don t need our local People to become aware of people since they would never use your services but most Frequently your Individuals Simply hang Upward. . . . That I want for see Quit repeatedly calling being rude and hanging Upward when you personally ask the for remove your number out of their list . . we should become Competent to stop this. Anyway thankfully this is a fantastic Put to look for out what's legit and what is not. Thanks for all.

Post by Joe,

800-309-0524 This really is a SCAM someone needs to shut these criminals down. SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . phishing for info they are crooks. . . hint that number and Close them down and throw them all in jail

Post by Guest,

8003090524 No 1 answers

Post by Bob,

800-309-0524 They won't remove a Amount from their list. Who are you kidding.

Post by Guest,

8003090524 this really is a Business services company phishing for suckers to phone them to get your own data to Begin credit card services and will probably get you personally to switch over to their Firm its nothing but a scam

Post by paul,

800-309-0524 affecting use less telephone we don't answer er Telephone for unidentified callers

Post by Terry,

8003090524 Got a phone out of these Folks also and they left a message with that EM Upgrade to my Final. We don t have a Final. Everything is done through your software. Left the Amount of W W W ext W. I believe she said her name was Jesus. I don t recognize how they can get Workers that can lie like the.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 cc

Post by L. Johnson,

8003090524 Just got a call out of the number saying I Wanted for update Image Submission. I 'm Certified already and will be until Could through a legit company. Scampers.

Post by Me,

800-309-0524 Scam. Define themselves as Business services so you personally think it s your own regular CC processing company. I called them back and the first thing I asked them was their Business name as soon as they said it Vendor Services Processing she knew she was busted I told them for not telephone me again and Put Upward. Reported that number to my Real chip.

Post by A,

8003090524 There is no real or Demanded Upgrade if they are calling me when I don t use their company and they are saying that I have an account with them. They're saying that they are calling me Around an Upgrade for my credit card Final. I don t 've a credit card Final. Waste of my time and vigor Striving for figure Outside who they're it's deceptive business practices.

Post by Edgar,

800-309-0524 Pleasant going what type of business are you personally because if it is work at Residence I 'm very attention. If need you can email me at E-mail W protected

Post by sam,

8003090524 Automated telephone saying they vie been trying for reach people to Entire our Pic Submission.

Post by Scam Reporter,

800-309-0524 Business Services trying for scare you personally into buying a brand new Final through a misleading Bacall in order for conform to a fresh Charge clever card.

Post by Tami,

8003090524 Have been getting calls from this Firm forever. . . I 'm far in the idiot they suppose I 'm and never return their automated Detect of Mandatory Update you've formerly been notified of. . . Yoda Yoda Yoda. . . wish someone would these people down.

Post by Ed Simmons,

800-309-0524 I got your same message today. I called our credit card processing Firm . com and they told me which is a company who calls Retailers pretending for become their existing credit card cpu. I did not Understand the number and i called it. . . . they are with Merchants Choice and what they were really trying to do was to assume i was a numb Fan presuming i was with them within order for set me up along with them and and get scammed with quite high credit card processing fees. Incredible. I called the agent at EX'S Eric and he told me this Firm is notorious for this particular and scams Retailers along with this unethical approach. I played along along with this Merchants Pick on what rates they could offer me and they did not even come close to my rates along with EX'S 1. W retail card swipe speed with NO contract and NO hidden fees. Thank god i Seen the and contacted Eric. FYI My EX'S Representative is quite ethical and continues to provide me your lower rates and ethical service we need. . . you can reach Eric at W W W if you personally ever demand aid or have Criticisms along with your existing credit card processing provider. . .

Post by zz,

8003090524 Vendor Service phone AGAIN Now.

Post by EWY,

800-309-0524 Hello this really is Vendor services three weeks notified you have a mandatory Cited Upgrade and have not heard from you personally get this update is Demanded by that court Organization please telephone people at 1 W W W thank you personally. While this can be a Replicate of the message I gotten according for phone ID service that call originated from W W W.

Post by Sports Plus called to update account inf,

8003090524 1 W W W has left numerous messages on the company phone saying we have not responded for request for update your data. Since it sounded enjoy our Business I called but I called that number have for the credit processing company and surprise was not them that is a scam and I 'm reporting. WORD OF Caution NEVER supply out your info to a caller. Use that numbers you have for phone Businesses you Cope for verify requests for info.

Post by Greg,

800-309-0524 If anyone is wondering Individuals from this Telephone number phone themselves Business Services and they're still making Telephone calls trying to sell Fake absurdity.


8003090524 Challenging to figure the angle with these JERKS. They call repeatedly and hang Upward every time on me or my business answering machine. It makes no difference how I answer personally along with the company name with hello or with silence they hang Upwards each time. My guess is this can be Only a Legal fishing for Information and likely has nothing to would along with anything but crime.

Post by J  Francis,

800-309-0524 I work at Utah Valley University within Or em Utah. I have been becoming calls out of the Amount stating I need for telephone them for Upgrade information Around my credit debt reader. Likely about 8 calls within 2 months.

Post by very very IRATE,

8003090524 These ignorant MFA Er's Merely called me on Sunday during lunch and left a message Around a Essential update of my equipment . . . . . . These crap stains better pray I never look for where they re calling me out of.

Post by Sherry,

800-309-0524 The same matter happened to me. I Additionally called and located out it was not needed. Thanks on your post.

Post by Arizona Redneck,

8003090524 Whoever this really is called me at 4 W Am that s in that morning or late late night and left a recorded message.

Post by Alexis,

800-309-0524 Continually calls and leaves express mails although Inquired repeatedly not for would thus. These are the voice messages it leaves Hello this is Vendor Services. We've been Attempting to reach you personally and have not heard out of you However. I m calling Around a DIV update to your own credit card terminal. Please supply me a phone back at 1 W W W. Once again that Amount is 1 W W W.

Post by john,

8003090524 when you personally get 8 9 of these calls a day screw them. an air horn whistle fart machine they re all great.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 merchant services

Post by Guest,

8003090524 call on my business cell Seeking quot Required quot credit card Upgrade but I don t Take credit cards.

Post by Henry Pang,

800-309-0524 I 'm within that credit card company among my merchant called me and said that her terminal is outdated due for Image I advised her that it's not true and to supply me the Telephone Amount and I called needless to say that the Firm Retailers Choice is misleading and claiming for represent my Business. Retailers Pick owners should Clear Upward and re Teach sales practices.

Post by tired of being hung up on,

8003090524 The company is Vendor services. They called people and no just one was on your line. We called that Amount back for ask them not for telephone anymore. These people are rude. Inquired for a Manager and they were rude as well. Only want them for Discontinue calling people. We do not Take credit cards and do not need for. We have been Attempting to get work done here. Merely want them to take our name away their list and stop wasting your time and theirs.

Post by KK,

800-309-0524 No they WON T remove your phone Amount out of their list. Repeated requests by me 've fallen on deaf ears even when I telephone them for request they tell me they removed my cell but did t Destination t and Ian t never happening.

Post by tpardee,

8003090524 Received automated telephone Making this Amount as a telephone back W W W saying your Vendor services was not Picture Certified that is incorrect because I would that on line direct from the Image Submission each year and have Finished your procedure. Realizing it s a scam out of all that posts here.

Post by get a real job,

800-309-0524 This Specific call Really had a Individual on another line. He appeared amazed that we did t demand a credit card processing machine and wanted for understand exactly why we would not desire just one. We are a directly cash company and could take cash cash orders or a Line transfer but we don t take credit cards.

Post by Ryan,

8003090524 Phone out of W W W by having an automated message that a telephone needs for be got for correct P. C. I. Submission. SCAM.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Business services spam

Post by Mariah,

8003090524 The number called me this morning along with not alive atmosphere for a few minutes thus I hung Upward. Difficulty is they did not Finish that telephone on their Finish and tied Upwards my line for 5 minutes after. Finally many idiot woman Arrived on and said this really is Only a courtesy telephone from Merchant Services and I 'm not trying to sell you anything . She repeated that three times when I asked if she wan t Striving to sell me anything Subsequently what was the motive of her call. Eventually she gave Upward and said she d Simply call back to which she was told to remove my Amount from her calling list. She said she d just phone back later even louder. I called their Amount back and it took eternally to get through to your live person to 've my number removed and they claim it takes W hours for Treatment. I ll believe my request worked when these calls stop but in the meantime report these calls folks. If you might have been called after you told them for remove your number you can file a Gripe. Your more of us who stand up for these Base feeders that more likely they will get fined and hopefully shut down.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Business service sales

Post by Doc,

8003090524 claimed a new SAM'S or similar acronym Payment had been added to my Business services account and said to phone your Amount for receive an alteration. since I have no such account I did not return that call.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Sales

Post by Zebra444,

8003090524 Your own Actual Business Service provider will never contact you personally via a recorded message if your terminal needs Changing so this really is your first suggestion away that it s a scam for subversively get your company. They will phone you personally personally. . . but even Subsequently you should say nothing and Merely hang up and Subsequently call the number on your terminal and speak to customer service. Scampers can edit out your own express responses for create a record that Appears for say you are agreeing to their services even your simple word yes everywhere within your discussion could become MI's used by them.

Post by fraud alert,

800-309-0524 The Firm called us Now 2 W W said that we must call back ASAP because we were in demand of doing a mandatory Photo Submission Evaluation. We called back and that woman was exceedingly unprofessional and Desired people for Facsimile her our Vendor services account info for lower the rates. We became concerned and we Ended the call. Can report for the state s Attorney General for Buyer Affairs.

Post by Tim,

8003090524 Called claiming to be the credit card processor and that we'd a Demanded update that we have not yet responded for. Your number isn't Connected with your central processing unit but a Google investigation has it going for Merchants Choice Payment Options. They 've called before using a different number and a different ruse. This is a scam

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 We 're A business and get the call several times a daytime. spam. Simply attempted to telephone the morning again for report that Amount no response.

Post by Elsie R.,

8003090524 Your business was approached by phone W. W. W for update the Vendor account info in order to keep it current and secure. An E-mail out of our banks legal letterhead was Directed}. How they got the email address I haven't figured out as we do not give it Outside. We contacted your bank in Individual and found out that banks would not Directed} Email addresses like the and that it was fraudulent. Companies beware. . . along with all that new health care requirements who knows what scams may become coming your manner and do we kind through all of it. .

Post by Annoyed,

800-309-0524 These jerks Merely called here saying they Stadium t Marketing anything . . . . Yep correct. CID Toll Free Owner. Not legit enough to put your own business name within that Caller ID. Told her to hold on and transferred to a non Present Telephone extension. Stop bothering me I m not buying I am REPORTING You.

Post by E Shook,

8003090524 Just got a phone from the number who does the on SUNDAY nighttime . I don't answer these Merely went for Express Send. It was a record and said they were Retailers Services and I had not returned their previous . . . phone Around a Required Upgrade about Picture PEED . which is Needed by my card Organization. I don t have a clue what they're referring for and do not Strategy for phone them.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Credit card merchant service.

Post by Tired of these stupid calls,

8003090524 Annie says she is out of Retailers Pick but your Owner ID says Toll Free Caller. She calls looking for the owner . She won t offer any more data. Sorry you violated all the rules of identification and Simple common Telephone courtesy. Flags you as a scummier. and no 1 gets Thur asking for your owner anyway.

Post by Elise,

800-309-0524 Said we Wanted to Upgrade your Gear due to fresh Chip Technology. Won t stop calling.

Post by Edgar,

8003090524 These jerks Only called me again thus obviously my preceding request for have my Amount removed was ignored. Same stupid spiel each time a Distinct caller who is ruder compared to just one before that is thus and thus from Retailers Choice and I m calling because Visa and MasterCard 've recently raised their rates blah blah freaking blah. A notice to anyone receiving these calls on a cell Telephone or residential number FILE Grievances. These scampers have no Value for your DC list and need to become fined for their violations.

Post by Annoyed owner,

800-309-0524 It s nice to desire to get more business Nevertheless though. At the expense of dealing with your phone calls every week telling Subsequently not to call again does nothing. If you read that complaints you will see that we 're weary of the endless phone calls. As far as your last statement. They're the just ones who pester annoy and refuse for Quit calling. Other Businesses listen and Discontinue calling.

Post by Nadda Fooled,

8003090524 Now used by Retailers Pick spammers slammers scampers for try to idiot you into giving them your credit card Final information

Post by RBJ,

800-309-0524 you personally must work for these idiots

Post by Guest,

8003090524 Rob spam

Post by Doc-G,

800-309-0524 Had a dialogue with Tamika who noted that my credit card terminals were from date and I Desired an adjustment to the fees that I Now pay. I Now 've the lowest rates available Thur my malpractice insurance Service and she was not able for match them. This really is a scam of path for 've you Shift your card processing Business. Beware

Post by Once again...,

8003090524 . . . . Evident shill is very Apparent.

Post by Gabriele Mecca,

800-309-0524 I concur. We got a message on your business Telephone and previously mentioned that our EM Final needs Upward date. Well we don't have a terminal and definitely nothing else that needs Upward Relationship. Happy I research the Amount because it did show Vendor Services. I concur there must become a better manner for shield out of being called all that time along with junk calls. I don t mind valid callers introducing a service or Merchandise I could possibly use but if I say thank you but we don't use a cc machine for Amass payment or we have been a company to business Thing and don t demand your local residents for become conscious of people since they would never use our services but most Frequently that people Simply hang up. . . . That I want to see Discontinued repeatedly calling being rude and hanging up when you ask that to remove your own Amount out of their list . . we should become Capable to stop this. Anyway thankfully this really is a fantastic Put for look for out what is legit and what is not. Cheers for all.

Post by Mike @ small office,

8003090524 We gotten a telephone from the company stating we had mandatory Changes which were Crucial in order to keep using our visa charge card services. That affecting thing is they quote Mandatory Update Demanded and led people for consider we'd to use their services. Totally dishonest.

Post by Theresa,

800-309-0524 Constant messages saying we demand for Upgrade your credit card terminal within order to prevent rising costs. Annoying.

Post by ABC,

8003090524 Caller Inquired to speak for the office manager or the person in charge of our Vendor account for Charge MC . Having pulled Upwards this net page I knew the was bogus. I asked her to remove your Amount out of their calling list and she said Do you personally even know why I m calling. I Inquired her again for remove the Amount and she Put up on me.


800-309-0524 not sure what's worse dealing with talking to someone or picking up that phone and no one be there I know its your dialing machine still er ks me

Post by JG,

8003090524 Glen Williams called upset that he had not heard out of me Though. Calling about an EM update for my credit card Final. I have no credit card terminal of any kind and 've never done company along with this Firm. Told me for telephone him back on W W W ext Telephone came out of W W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W

Post by GreenBay,

800-309-0524 We have obtained Registered messages saying we need for have a mandatory Upgrade performed on our merchant services Final at which point you are directed for telephone 1 W W W. Glad I checked your Amount online.

Post by business owner,

8003090524 Answered that Telephone and no 1 spoke. Sales won't ever occur if they don t Chat.

Post by A person getting calls,

800-309-0524 I believe we should all get together and telephone them back at least once an hour or thus. There are millions of people being annoyed by them. Perhaps we could flooding their lines with calls. I m Residence recuperating out of operation so this is doubly annoying ergo the suggestion.

Post by K,

8003090524 We get calls from them as well Seeking for talk for who handles the credit processing account. What we can is state let me transport you for corporate office we are a little business 1 Place Only 2 employees no actual corporate office then we Simply set the Telephone down and let them Stay there eventually the get exhausted and hang Upwards. Additionally you are able to t Purchase the credit processing machine you've for lease it.

Post by A person getting calls,

800-309-0524 I think we should all get Collectively and call them back at least once an hour or thus. There are millions of us being annoyed by them. Perhaps we could flood their lines with calls. I m Dwelling recuperating from surgery thus that is doubly annoying ergo the advice.

Post by paul,

8003090524 affecting did not response thank God.

Post by Don't Call Us,

800-309-0524 Just acquired that automated phone stating we re from Image Submission . . .


8003090524 JERKS Put Upwards on my ans. machine. They go on your JERK LIST never to become answered. That's how I deal along with JERKS.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 fake Business compliance phishing

Post by i hate telemarketers like these,

8003090524 Here are your corporate Control team. HTTP microscope. com Command. HTML Address. E-mail W protected E-mail W protected email W protected

Post by Debbie,

800-309-0524 Have been getting same record and you are right if they were our carrier they would not have for request any more questions nice for see we re not alone in the scam.

Post by Ruf,

8003090524 Here s their direct corporate number. . . . W W W feel free to call and waste their time That Business is located outside of Houston TX Their Web site is HTTP Internet. microscope. com

Post by aggrieved party,

800-309-0524 W W W called at 6 W Am awakening the Family. We have no relation to the caller Please see that they are prosecuted for calling at the hour.

Post by Guest,

8003090524 Calls the business recorded message telling people for call back no answers apparently it may be a credit card Firm sales call

Post by JustAnother Business Owner,

800-309-0524 These people keep calling my company and I vie been in company for around 5 years. My credit card services are also done through my malpractice insurance Business and they offer the lowest terms of Anyone and they ensure it. I did discover a Fresh Whirl on this company s message they claim that I 'm not in Pic Submission and said I need to call them back to find out how to be in Submission. That is Total B S. My own service ensures that I remain within compliance each year and I 've a Document for prove my compliance. So DON T let these clowns create you personally believe that you 've to telephone THEM back if you question your own Picture compliance. Request Your own OWN Vendor SERVICES Service. . Just one more matter. . . . . most company Phone lines now provide you the option of BLOCKING UNWANTED Amounts out of calling you personally. . . . Put The One Within ON THAT LIST Today. . I understand I may be doing just that. BU BYE Vendor Services or whoever You're. . . . . .

Post by Medical Office,

8003090524 Keep getting voice mails from this Amount stating they are Business Services and we demand to update our Final. Called Trans First who we use and they state there is no such update and this is a scam. Called Amount back and told them to stop calling people instantly. They said they would remove your Amount out of their list.

Post by Nikkee,

800-309-0524 The company calls several times a daytime and hangs up when I ask for become Place on that do not phone list. 1 W W W. They're calling my company whatsoever hours of that day. Rude.

Post by PissedOff,

8003090524 New Horizon thank you personally for doing that Preparation and Publishing. We were called at 5 Am Sunday morning. Paybacks are a .

Post by I Want to block,

800-309-0524 What do you use for block.

Post by PissedOff,

8003090524 Brand new Horizon thank you for doing that Preparation and posting. We were called at 5 'm Sunday morning. Paybacks are a .

Post by Jan,

800-309-0524 We get these all the time. We Simply telephone the bank as they Manage all the credit debit information and they state they may Manage it. We still get that calls but now we Merely Blow off them. Usually it is left on answering machine.

Post by RHNSTHN,

8003090524 You MUST WORK FOR THEM

Post by return with robo call,

800-309-0524 Only hook their W Amount up to a Rob caller machine amp let it repeatedly call them at least you may be tying Upwards one of their lines amp costing them something for their W service

Post by Guest,

8003090524 Business services credit card processing.

Post by Debbie,

800-309-0524 've been becoming same recording and You're correct if they were your Provider they would not have for request any more questions Fine for see we re not alone within this scam.

Post by I Hate Telemarketers,

8003090524 I don t care how legal they are or what they're selling. No just one calls my office rings once and hangs up and gets away along with it. Our time is as important as that Telemarketer s time. Each avid every 1 ring call to our office gets automatically blocked.

Post by Pete,

800-309-0524 They left a express send for me asserting that I demand for Upgrade equipment. Attempting for make me believe I was already a customer

Post by Ryan,

8003090524 Spammer called my cell at 'm. My Google express transcript gave me this Hello this is merchant services. We recently notified you've a Required P. C. I. T. E. D. Upgrade and haven't heard out of you However. This update is Demanded by the court Association. Please telephone people at 1 W W W once again that's 1 W W W. Thank you personally.

Post by no msg/no answer,

800-309-0524 I am a Home and never owned a company. I get a hang Upwards call at least 2 times a week from this even though I vie double checked my is listed as don't phone since your Design of that policy

Post by Cyberchip,

8003090524 Really you are wrong. First any Business violating that truth within Owner ID is breaking the law and should become reported. Two any Firm which doesn't when Making a message Identify your company name and data is also violating that law. Strike two. If they do the and they're calling residences and don't 've a working business history they're violating the DC registry. . . Hit Three. Any Business who flagrantly violates FCC rules is criminal in nature and shouldn't become trusted. Never trust you personally financial or other information to some Firm within which you that company or consumer did not Begin that telephone. In each feature of telephone solicitation it's never erroneous to report a company or Bureau for violations and never believe anyone in here who tries for take away your rights and admonishes you personally for question that Ethos of an unsolicited phone. In my expertise your post is usually in the offending Business or has an interest in a company or agency which employs the same Techniques and is attempting to mislead you. Trust the helps.

Post by s,

800-309-0524 Gotten a message on answering machine that we Desired our terminal Upgraded. Responded for the call and they were suppose for Facsimile information and we never gotten it. So I called the Amount on your Final and was suggested the was not a valid call from them. They were quite happy that I called. Thus please become aware of scams. . . . . Call your provider and request if they called you.

Post by Doctor,

8003090524 Got another message out of the company Now Sunday less than a week after your message below which was out of W W W. Now they re using that same urgent message but giving a Distinct Amount. The time I won t become calling back but Desired to make certain Folks understand about both numbers. Here s my post about another number Got an automated pressing message. Looked Upward the number before calling back and saw the message board. At first got the infamous Amber then was placed on hold and talked along with a Leslie. In my own case she said she was calling out of Vendor s Pick. She Additionally said current changes Could be affecting my credit card services. So I suppose Individuals s Gripes for authorities made a few difference. Leslie Subsequently proceeded So let s take a appearance and see what you vie got. Are you next for your Final. I said I was not waited a minute Subsequently was delighted to tell her that I was not next for my Final because I don t 've a Final. I don t take credit cards. She Really laughed at that as though I must be out of Mars. I went on to tell her that in my type of practice I vie had no demand to Take credit cards. When I Inquired her for remove my Telephone number out of her list she said Already done. The time I was the one to hang Upwards. Thank you notes. com. The was pleasure.

Post by Doyle Carson,

800-309-0524 No they don t take you away their list. I did find an iPhone Program that may create a Hushed ring tone Special for any Amount you personally Select. Now when they phone your Telephone dozen t ring. I see it on that current calls list but I don t have to Cope along with them.

Post by I Want to block,

8003090524 What would you use to block.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Telemarketing for Business services

Post by Cathy V  Springfield VA,

8003090524 I acquired a voice message from the number that message went something like this . . . . You've ignored a preceding message out of your own credit card cpu to perform a Demanded important service update to your own Picture Television credit card machine. . please telephone W W W as shortly as potential thus we can direct you personally through this update. I went so Much as for Take up my info on my machine I was going for phone my bank for find Outside more but instead I go ogled this Amount and see that it s a scam. Go get these scumbags.

Post by RUDE PEOPLE!!!,

800-309-0524 I acquired a message in our office answering machine that we needed for update our credit card machine thus I Began talking to this Monique girl. She Required SS and dob and I told her that we did t feel comfy giving Outside this info. I told her I would Speak to the owner and let her understand. She was harassing to get your data. I called my own merchant company and they told me that it was Likely a scam. Since I had already Delivered many info I called for Speak for her supervisor for complain about your way Monique had acted and to make sure they would shred your info I had sent. The Manager Yvonne was Fantastic I can t believe what sort of Professionals these Business Selection Payment Alternatives Firm have. She was Attempting to sell me their Gear even after I had already complained and told them I did t need it. She even stated that when fraud happens that it may be your fault for not becoming their Gear. . . On top of that they are liars. . I was Ill for one day and Monique called another staff member and then told them about your info she wanted. Another staff member told her she needed for Speak for me because I was that a person who Managed the Vendor Information. Your next day when I Arrived back she told me she had personally called the other office and that the owner had told her to tell me for provide her the SS and all other information Desired. When I spoke to another staff member she said she never told her that it was Okay for give Outside your information. These people are just cash famished and they are the People doing FRAUD. .

Post by The Yarn Bank(Kelly Babel),

8003090524 This is your second telephone seeing updating my cc machine. They told me I needed for Upgrade it and Purchase a brand new one. I m exhausted of getting these and desire them to Discontinue. I located out from the first phone and calling my cc Supplier this was a scam. Hopefully others will not fall for their spiel.

Post by get a real job,

800-309-0524 I 've a couple of ways for deal with these parasites. First I let that phone ring three not empty times before I Choose Upwards. I Choose up and don t say anything for 2 3 seconds. If it is a computer Child W W of your time the computer may hang up thinking it has gotten a voice mail or answering machine. After 2 3 seconds I state our company name but don t give Outside my name. That manner they don t mechanically have a name if they telephone back and get someone else. If I still get a Man and they insist I tell them my name is Richard Smith it s not . It's none of their business what my Actual name is they're telescopes who are breaking that law. If they continue in calling around and around again I tell them that my boss is available and Afterward I use a sports atmosphere horn correct next for your Telephone. Do you know they going to do sue me. Your Honor I was illegally telescoping and they deafened me. Good luck with THAT Discussion. Your judge might offer me a medal. Reporting these Folks I use that term loosely to that Don't Telephone Registry is futile they are Typically spoofing their phone Amount anyway. If you have your time have many enjoyment with them. See how long they may stay on hold or still be on your line if you Place the Telephone down. Take your cordless into your Toilet and have an extended deposit at the Porcelain Bank Whole with very loud fake sound effects. Tell them you are that boss and listen for their sales pitch never saying yes to anything but always saying that you will look at your own numbers and see what you are able to can. Some scampers will record any affirmative response you personally give and Subsequently splice it into a call and bill you for whatever they're Marketing using that as Signs of an purchase. Waste as much of their time as you can because that keeps them from scamming other people and it could become a really pleasure Pressure reliever. Anything that we may do for make the less profitable for these ticks on the butt of humankind is a plus. Feel free for pass the on or add for it along with your pleasure manners of Choosing back your own phone lines. If these idiots would get a Actual Occupation your universe would become a better Put for all of people.

Post by A,

8003090524 There surely is no Actual or Demanded Upgrade if they're calling me when I don t use their Firm and they're saying that I 've an account along with them. They're saying that they are calling me about an update to my credit card terminal. I don t 've a credit card terminal. Waste of my time and energy trying for figure Outside who they're it is Fake business Methods.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Record says Vendor services card services. Called at W PM. Legitimate Firms call during company hours.

Post by Crow Burlingame,

8003090524 We acquired a recorded message that we Desired a Essential Update for the credit card machine. Previously mentioned that it was mandatory again and please phone the number. This really is trying for trick someone for transforming their chip. I would classified the as a SCAM. Calling your number they said they reside within St. Peter burg Florida and was really rude and would not desire for Speak about the call. I 'm in your process of calling your BBB within St. Peter burg Fla.

Post by Zebra444,

800-309-0524 Your own Actual Merchant Service Supplier may never contact you personally via a Registered message if your terminal needs Changing thus this is your first hint away that it s a scam to subversively get your own company. They can call you personally personally. . . but even Afterward you should state nothing and Merely hang up and Subsequently telephone that number on your terminal and speak to customer service. Scampers could edit Outside your voice reactions for create a recording that Appears for state You're agreeing for their services even the simple word yes anywhere in that chat could be MI's used by them.

Post by VA Merchant,

8003090524 i obtained a telephone out of the Amount did not Select up and they left a message saying that is Vendor services We recently notified you personally of a Required Image peed Upgrade and haven't heard out of you personally Though. the Upgrade is required by your card administration. please call people at W W W . I will not return your Telephone call Established upon what I vie read by these other business owners.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 spam Millimeters me chant service fake ca

Post by scammers,

8003090524 This can be a scam Allowing to my credit card cpu. They request me for send an entire statement um no way. . . I reported them too.

Post by K,

800-309-0524 We get calls out of them as nicely Seeking to talk for who handles your credit processing account. What we can is state let me transfer you personally to corporate office we have been a small business one Place just 2 employees no True corporate office then we Only set that Telephone down and let them sit there eventually the get drained and hang up. Also you are able to t Purchase your credit processing machine you have for lease it.

Post by Benny,

8003090524 I may echo what others 've said. The Amount called my business line and left a voice mail stating that some variety of Upgrade was Essential and that they had left a previous message which we had not returned. That s already a fraudulent statement because they had NOT left a preceding message. Next that caller stated that she was with our card association which was Demanding that Upgrade. That s that second Fake statement and entirely absurd since the business is not that kind of operation that takes credit card Funds. We don t have a credit card machine Or any type of relationship with a credit card operation. Although that phone did t hit a objective here I Think that it can frighten a lot of small company people who may think that they're in problem over their credit card Potential. I m going to report the call for the Texas Attorney General and suggest that all others who get a phone from these losers report it to their own state authorities.

Post by AZ Business Owner,

800-309-0524 They called my business and when I replied nobody was there and your line disconnected after a few seconds

Post by WW,

8003090524 Did not reply. Left message Around updating a credit card terminal. I don't have one as I am not a merchant.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 Beware of giving data to this Firm. Valid Vendor services always identify themselves e. g. ABC BANK merchant services

Post by Guest,

8003090524 Business services

Post by Evan,

800-309-0524 This Business services provider has been running this same Fake telemarketing scam for years. Request them if they Now do business with you and become entertained by that Result. They won t even offer you personally your name of their business.

Post by Small Business in Houston,

8003090524 This Amount calls us multiple times a daytime and nobody is on the other line. I assume it is automated. Gets frustrating when you are Attempting to run a business.

Post by Larry Poke,

800-309-0524 This call is from Merchants Pick Payment Options in Houston TX. I will become reporting them to the Texas Section of Consumer Matters even though I doubt they can do anything about it. After all as long as a Firm is paying state and federal Fees they re not going to take any Activity beyond a notice of reprimand. . . that is unless your Section is Fully inundated along with complaints. I Recommend we would just that.

Post by KK,

8003090524 Constant calls for my cell with two more this week even after I called and politely demanded they remove my number which I d placed awhile back on your national don't phone list online.

Post by Edgar,

800-309-0524 Nice going what type of business are you personally because if it's work at Residence I am quite interest. If desire you can email me at email W protected

Post by John Jaeger Dental Lab,

8003090524 They 've left message several timers notifying people that we demand for update the Picture and PD which is Demanded by law .

Post by Elaine,

800-309-0524 I have gotten several messages on my company line from caller identified as Merchant Services with message as follows Hello that is Business services. We Lately notified you have a Required PIPED . Upgrade and never have heard out of you Though. The Upgrade is required by that card Association. Please phone people at 1 W W W once again which is 1 W W W. Thank you personally. PLEASE ensure it is Quit. Owner Vendor Services

Post by Mariah,

8003090524 Trisha with Vendor s Pick. Quite Quite Rude. Wants to talk with that Individual who Addresses the credit card statements. I told her we do not use Vendor s pick and Inquired exactly why we would need for discuss statements. She Arrived back along with I did t state that mam . I told her she could email the info she refused. Called your number back to request for become removed from list and was Put Upward on before I could ask that People name. Real Pleasant.

Post by DaSalo,

800-309-0524 Bacall telling me for telephone back about a Required Image upgrade that your company has not Finished . Absolute BS. They are not my merchant services Supplier and believe me I paid through the nose for your fresh Photo Payment already through my legitimate Company. There surely is in truth nothing you have for do yourself for Update for your new Photo standards. Your own credit card Vendor service not these clowns just yanks an Added W out of your checking account account after sending you personally an email that the Payment may become about W and there you re upgraded. This is a sneaky scam Nevertheless since that Photo Price is something Lately enacted in that last year and your Vendor services Service really may tap you personally for it. Blocked this Amount within Google express and Recommend everyone would your same.

Post by john,

8003090524 So you Arrived here and decided to post an answer to a W month previous message. Your poster has just reasons for doing what he she does. If you don't concur with them that's your prerogative but it's Just not your own Put to deride that Man. If you enjoy becoming these obnoxious calls out of criminals then so become it. There are many more of people here who do not. As for that job that Man has it's Considerably more a Actual Occupation making an Fair living than it would become if they were a telemarketer.

Post by john,

800-309-0524 when you get 8 9 of these calls a daytime screw them. an air horn whistle fart machine they re all great.

Post by grandma,

8003090524 Here it's Sunday Middle afternoon another among these calls again leaving MSG. that they are Merchants Choice that they have notified me several times B how abet. Always . that an update is required amp for telephone them at 1 W W W. It never ends. They Will not remove from list as it s for a dental office I have office phone forwarded for house amp businesses can t become on the Do not Call list. I 've never had a credit card PRC. machine as we don't take credit cards. They are as awful as Jennifer out of Google allegedly calling for Upgrade Google listing. You are able to press 9 a thousand times for be rem d from list amp they ll telephone back an hour After. I could block W s amp which was filled up the ST 2 1 2 KS. after I got that service.

Post by Guest,

800-309-0524 merchants choice payment solutions pic updates

Post by Guest,

8003090524 Photo Vendor card services.

Post by Nichole,

800-309-0524 I 've asked them several times at least W for remove people from their list. Not simply would they not remove people but they Disagree along with me Around it and request why I would t want for save cash. That company they are conducting might become legal but it's not legal for continue to telephone a business listed on the no phone registry. I have reported them at HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Grievance complaint check. asp. Section 2 and I Recommend others do as well.

Post by BHG,

8003090524 NO THEY Won't REMOVE MY NAME AND Number AT LEAST 5 YEARS OF Experience Along with THESE UPSTANDING Company Men. YES THEY Will OFFER For REMOVE NAME AND Number AND EVEN Look For Process You personally Like You're GOING To Become REMOVED BUT You personally Could Be Appropriate AND IT COULD TAKE Up To W YEARS To Be REMOVED. . . . . . . . IF You personally RE PATIENT

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8002260027 Complains by atc,

This is your W number used within Amritsar Tax Centre s XML and Sir people Radio Advertising. A National Tax resolution Agency representing Customers with Irs tax Issues. If you personally owe your Irs back taxes and have unfilled tax Yields Amritsar Tax Expert are Accessible at this Amount. They are friendly courteous and understanding and may help you personally comprehend your options. Great Folks helping great Folks. Amritsar Tax Centers Tax Relief Department.

8001636166 Complains by A,

The past two mornings at 6 am the Amount has called and never leaves a message

8002176423 Complains by Walter,

Calls all your time.

8002687220 Complains by Nader,

Timeshares Only

8000456324 Complains by Guest,

suspected customer service Representative. at AAA who called and threatened me on march Th W at Around W W or W PM

8001303180 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling with automated message looking for Robin Fisher. Needs you personally for press 1 or 2 on your Telephone. Never leaves a message. three numbers along with same auto message is calling me now. I 'm not Robin Fisher. They State to be Verizon. I called Verizon and the Amounts don't Fit to them.

8002557948 Complains by RT,

I received a sending out of Association Direction Department comprising that same data as people who acquired calls from the number W W W. I Found that it was postmarked as mailed out of W. Also that address in your notice W K Street NW Selection W Washington D. C. W is the office of a couple of lobbyists. HTTP dc strategies. us

8001831645 Complains by jenna,

Psycho calling me out of the number

8002151961 Complains by Shel,

Parents along with whom I haven't Dwelt along with for fifteen years called me viewing a 1 W number I purportedly set Upwards on their account. They told me when they called BELL SOUTH that s your information Bell South gave them. Bell South told them for telephone the W W W number for Charging questions and they would not tell my parents anything but they told them they would remove your Costs. They also told my parents that anyone could sign Upwards for that services as long as they have your own name and Telephone Amount.

8002266308 Complains by Wayne Clymer,

They said I Used for a loan that I did t.

8002179437 Complains by Chris,

Simply received an invoice in the send from the company. Complete scam. The Bill has a a classic company name listed as your Charging name. Do not PAY.

8002203333 Complains by FedUp,

Exactly why would you provide any info. . . . I seriously expect you do not experience identity Thieving or any other Issues. These people aren't legit.

8002204347 Complains by Tired of Comcast Calls,

A real person reading a script Hello that is Com cast calling with an Significant message regarding your own services. Your network has identified which you Gear might not become working at it s best and could possibly Need a little adjustment. We would love to schedule a free appointment for a Specialist to repair this issue. There is nothing erroneous along with my services. I don t have any Com cast Gear either. There's nothing for them to slightly correct or that I want them messing with.

8002229600 Complains by buzz,

W got a telephone along with the Owner i. d. saying they are the Distance high psychic network. hung Upwards correct away. hate replying to these calls.

8002303194 Complains by Annoyed in LA,

Please stop the rude calls. They're senseless. I have no Notion what Mary or Kathy Needed with me. All that would say is that I was Driving their buttons and they're always harassing me even at work because my Amount showed up on their caller ID. They also 've used profanity and threatened me.

8002058161 Complains by shrinkhla,

unwanted call from W W W

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