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Post by Sadie,

8003182596 I called your Amount after receiving an official searching page of W pages reporting that I was Nearly Closed Upwards but still Desired for mail legal Files such as People passport Delivery record Citizenship Salaries and tax statement Duplicate of a Assess paid to your family member bank or investment statement. The notice said I Desired for choose a Well-being plan and create your first payment. It reported my tax credit as was given on my Initial Program. Your correspondence said more info was needed. I repeatedly asked what this was Around that I had insurance Protection Thur Coventry. I had received your insurance card approximately 3 times ago. The caller Used my plan I Offered her the Strategy number and Additionally noted that I had Dental ins. She Offered your precise monthly premium as mentioned within my original online application. That is quite worrisome. Could t tell you personally I really know what this was Around but I asked her to take my name and Amount off the call list as I Began becoming Insurance sales calls 2 days Past 3 calls within 2 days. Expect it s not government work at its worst. I am sorry for say I even gave a SS number Established on all the exact info within the notice I acquired 2 days Past.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 LEAVE ME ALONE. . . . . . . .

Post by Keeping me aware from Obamacare,

8003182596 With nags like these people working for them there surely is no way I 'm going for become nagged into a around rated around priced Strategy with lousy Insurance. Blocked my phone but they leave messages exactly why does that AMERICAN government hire a foreign group for would AMERICAN Authorities Occupations.

Post by tom,

800-318-2596 A harmless Note message from Wellness attention. gov Around your W Restoration materials that will be arriving within your send. Just a reminder to pay attention to the mailbox and get for Well-being attention. gov for appearance at the Alternatives for W Powerful November 1 nothing more.

Post by Shari,

8003182596 Got a phone from the number two days within a Line. They said both times that I had Chosen blood thinners and had gotten bladder Throw mesh I Carry on to state that I had never received either of them and he accused me of not telling him that truth. When I attempted telling him different he told me I was a liar that I had acquired both. I told him to take my Amount away your phone list and he said NO and I was still a liar. I just Installed up.

Post by me,

800-318-2596 continuous Day-to-day calls

Post by Lyl,

8003182596 Duh. . . That National Authorities HAS The Skill For USE TEL MARKETERS For SELL OBAMA Attention. . .

Post by Lyl,

800-318-2596 These morons who are calling on behalf of your National Authorities have got for Quit. . strive using BLOCKERS app. . its totally free for the Fundamental services of blocking unwanted calls and texts.

Post by mad dad,

8003182596 Merely got a telephone . They desire Information you personally never give a caller. While there could possibly be some calls which are legit the Actual govt would t use unknown Owner or a city in caller id

Post by Butcher,

800-318-2596 Called my cell phone. Your call was blocked by my phone blocking service and I received a see that a scam call was blocked.

Post by NotWithStupid,

8003182596 I obtained a express send by having an automated computer message this evening at 4 PM Friday saying Hello this is an Significant message for you doesn't state my name from your Health Insurance Marketplace. That reason we 're contacting is because it looks enjoy you personally received an Malfunction when Doing a Industry application. Please contact your Marketplace telephone Facility at W W W and tell that representative you acquired this message. Subsequently I Additionally obtained another telephone from your same caller ID from them a Second later but they did not leave a message. I look for the suspect for a number of reasons. 1 I used that Market did not get an Malfunction acquired all information I Desired both online and in that People send from them affirming this and successfully Closed Upward along with Well-being insurance through it 9 months Past or more and had logged into their site many times post signing up . 2 Why is your health care marketplace if it's in fact them delivering Outside automated messages at that end of the business daytime before a weekend. I don't have any plans for telephone back the number nor give out any data to them your Actual Market dozen t already have. It s potential your number could Offered been spoofed on that Owner ID looking for phish.

Post by Lyl,

800-318-2596 Duh. . . Your National Authorities HAS The Ability For USE TEL MARKETERS For SELL OBAMA Care. . .

Post by mad dad,

8003182596 Merely got a telephone . They desire Information you never offer a caller. While there could be a few calls which are legit the real govt would t use unknown caller or a city within Owner id

Post by Amy H.,

800-318-2596 I kept becoming calls finally replied your phone to tell them to remove me from their telephone list as I have insurance. They Desired my name so I Offered it. . . they Inquired for my social security I said NO. . . . . they Inquired for my DOB. . . . . I said NO. . . . . thus their response was that since they could t identify me they could t remove me out of their phone list. I think that is illegal USN t it. . . they should t demand that Information Simply my name and Amount. . . . really Merely my number to remove it appropriate. I Simply told him I would Only 've for phone your FTC then and hung up on him.

Post by lula,

8003182596 Show your own proof please

Post by Drake,

800-318-2596 This can be a valid telephone from the Federal Insurance Market it s a Note the open enrollment Interval has Began and you need for appearance at your Strategies for next year. It Additionally says that they will become giving something within that mail that lays out your plans.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 They called saying they where the Well-being insurance Industry and Desired a telephone back. Appropriate away they Subsequently Inquired for my social security number. Got an uneasy Experience right away your bat.

Post by Hatescumbags,

800-318-2596 Identification Thieves Do not Reply This Call

Post by Gerry,

8003182596 That government Wellness attention site can ask you personally for Delivered income Evidence via USPS send if you personally cannot Add your Needed File.

Post by Sally,

800-318-2596 Just got a telephone out of this Amount. They did t leave a message on the answering machine. I don t know who it was that Truly called. I don t Select up calls I don t Understand.

Post by Tink,

8003182596 Limited time for get insurance for W. . . and I got a call out of them within W. . . Sounds to me enjoy a scam. . Obama Care is W prohibited and a scam too. .

Post by Nicole,

800-318-2596 I Merely obtained a phone from 1 W W W. I Viewed up your number when I heard my Telephone ringing and once I Comprehended it was your Amount of the Well-being Insurance Industry I Comprehended that someone was Likely calling out of another Amount and using that government number to try and scam Individuals.

Post by Jo,

8003182596 This number called my cell they left no message on my express mail. And I refuse for phone that number back. I had started for apply for insurance through the Marketplace via on line but their premiums are outrageous. All they desire to know is your Annual income no expenses Chosen into account. Could t afford it. I m blocking the number before I get dozens of calls from them

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 attempt to sound like official Wellness attention call

Post by Guest,

8003182596 This is your official Industry Amount for sign up for Well-being insurance. . I had for call my insurance Firm to change my address and they themselves Offered me this Amount to call a representative.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Baseball Coat. . .

Post by Guest,

8003182596 There its an inventory of valid phone Amounts at that Wellbeing attention. gov Site. Needless for state this Amount USN t among them. See HTTP Www. health care. gov can i shield myself from fraud within the Wellness insurance marketplace

Post by Mark B.,

800-318-2596 Yes it is possible to show a different number compared to the 1 you are calling out of. Making it possible for scampers to can Only as you personally said. Very illegal but I am confident that doesn't Quit many out of doing it anyways. Cheers

Post by Mark,

8003182596 I vie Only gotten call on cell and there was no express mail. Aware that telephone Amounts could become spoofed faked so I Usually don t offer info out for someone calling me you don t Actually know who is calling even or especially if they are using an ID that May}n' be official. If it's legit you personally d think they could leave a message . . . thus within this Specific case I m skeptical. If it was Merely a Note they would have left a Memory telephone. If its for info I Simply state I ll have to telephone them back. That way I could verify the Actual and Face it direct. I work Thur an approved Representative and that is who I may work along with not someone calling me.

Post by That girl,

800-318-2596 It shows this number on the caller id but it could constantly be a spoofed Amount.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Not spam. That is Marketplace.

Post by Illinois Caller,

800-318-2596 Yes this really is the Real number of the AC Wellness attention Industry. I vie used this Amount numerous times for deal along with my own insurance. I vie also gotten reminder calls from your Industry. Annoying if you don t need that calls but Fully legit.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Pretending to become in the Wellness care Industry in order to get private information

Post by Bearbear08,

800-318-2596 This is Well-being attention. gov describing that you can get a Package within that mail regarding that open Registration Beginning Nov ST. It s simply Information for W year.

Post by debi miles,

8003182596 Asserting Wellbeing care. gov regarding my income taxes

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 This was a call seeing open enrollment on your government s Wellness insurance marketplace

Post by Guest,

8003182596 It s in the AC Around open Registration so it s not spam

Post by Old And Better Looking,

800-318-2596 I Additionally got a telephone from this Amount saying it was UH to phone them back Around my insurance. I called back and was told I demand a physical at Walgreen's that my Well-being was Significant for them . I told your Female I 've a physical already set Upward within one month along with my doctor she said I still demand to 've the just one Simply to create confident I 'm healthy. . . And for my problem I will receive a W Charge present card. . . Really do you believe W may sucker me within.

Post by Michael,

8003182596 I got the same Rob call. I get my insurance through an insurance Dealer so I called him. He said when there was a Trouble I would get a correspondence in the Wellness Care Industry and not a phone. I trust him.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Got several voice mails stating there surely is an Malfunction with my Wellbeing insurance application. Thus I telephone that health market Put not this number Around the Malfunction. The Congressman. Said there was nothing erroneous.

Post by Joe,

8003182596 Said they were Market Option Facility. Said I had previous dealing with them. I Put Upwards without providing Information name San address phone Amount which was Required. No idea who they could become. Owner ID read W Service .

Post by lula,

800-318-2596 Show your own evidence please

Post by The Don'z,

8003182596 got the call this morning I signed up 4 daytime s ago their database is lacking

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Obama attention sales

Post by Kitten Mew,

8003182596 Amen.

Post by Len,

800-318-2596 This Amount is Recorded on HTTP Www. health care. gov for call for questions about

Post by Gerry,

8003182596 That Authorities Wellbeing care Website will request you personally for Directed} income Evidence via USPS send if you personally cannot Publish the Demanded File.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 FRAUD This Amount is given Outside in a fraudulent express mail message as a number for call for Upgrade your own info at Wellness care. gov.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 So no Owner id for Obama Attention. What Around Visibility.

Post by SUCK IT OBAMA!!!,

800-318-2596 SUCK IT OBAMA. . .

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Robot Call

Post by Anonymous FL,

800-318-2596 Gotten a text message out of 1 W W W along with Only that 1 W W W in the body of your text.

Post by Oberon Krypt,

8003182596 That is Wellness care. gov 'm an insurance Representative and Simply finished my AC cert Recently. I notion this was Significant. It isn't. They are Attempting for sell. Do not use navigators. Navigators are not licensed insurance agents. You might have no recourse if you get screwed. Find an Representative Registered within your state. Sit down along with her him if possible. Can business face for face whenever someone is Making commission.

Post by Britt,

800-318-2596 I locate it Bizarre that reading all these Opinions. . . . that i did t receive the same kind of phone. That lady had a very thick Indian Highlight. She told me that this isn't a telemarketing phone . And she Began asking if I vie had any surgeries. I told her i had 9. That next word i could understand from her was Kidney mesh . Told her i did t 've that surgery. She did t request for anything else and thanked me for my time.

Post by Fuzzbean,

8003182596 They called twice within two times. IT WAS Indeed The Us Authorities Wellness Care Market Management Phone Centre. I have Wellness care through this and everything is fine. The phone was to alert me as to an error on my Program. Luckily your Malfunction had already been resolved months ago that system had Only now been Moved on to a setting where it caught that Malfunction code. The agent I talked for power saw that the error was now moot and Removed the flag. This call was LEGIT. Without Obama attention as a W year previous man within perfect health I was continually turned down by the corrupt oligarchy of Wellbeing care Firms due to my Sex and age. Had I been able for even GET Insurance my monthly Price would have been W a MONTH. That is about 1 third of my Gross income Regular income. So my family and I would have lost our House Simply within purchase for pay for this corrupt Wellness care scam the strong Businesses have forced upon us. Now my family and I can get health care and NOT LOSE Our Dwelling. So all your crap Around how poor that is is Dropping on deaf ears.

Post by Leeanne,

800-318-2596 I had that same matter happen. I got a call out of the Amount and I could t even recognize that Owner except for he said something Around I had called to Employ for something which I knew was a lie because I did t telephone or Use for anything. I wish if this is a legal call that they would use people that Talk English better. I don t need for sound mean but honestly I get fed Upwards with getting calls out of Individuals I can t recognize and they get angry when I try and explain that I Simply don t understand what they're saying.

Post by Tina Dell,

8003182596 They Offered me insurance they took W of mine said they never got my money. . . They never Delivered me any Wellness cards Simply a bill for W. W. Told them if they can t even locate my money I don t want your own insurance now they found my money won t supply it back to me because its past the W days. The Business is a Large Split away Only like the f Authorities. . . .

Post by sandy,

800-318-2596 Rec d a called saying not for file income taxes error on the statement. I have check SSA and if this had anything for can along with my SSA Finish of year statement Afterward I feel there would be something on that Site. . . .

Post by Maha'oe,

8003182596 Asked for name and what melds taking. Afterward said GO For HELL. If there was Contact Phone the Baroda would be pay.

Post by Jana,

800-318-2596 I overly have gotten numerous unwanted phone calls before the deadline and now after. Truly they were text. I Required them for Cease but they improved. I called your phone number and talked with a Manager. She Directed} an E-mail to the Essential people and said I would be receiving a Telephone phone for promise I was no More being harassed. I do not consider your Obama administration has anything to can with this.

Post by Chris Brockman,

8003182596 I gotten a few calls out of the Amount and decided to telephone it back. It's your Wellness Insurance Industry and your reason they were calling me was because I signed Upwards last year and had a Group of errors on there Site. For each error I got they were auto calling me at least that's what the guy said. It's that Govt Insurance Industry calling you for whatever motive not a solicitor or telemarketer. They will ask on your name phone Societal and state to verify your Id give it or not I am not telling anyone what to do but your calls were legit for me.

Post by Irma Phillips,

800-318-2596 I am getting a pare Registered phone phone from the Amount daily on my cell Telephone. I and everyone in my own Home 've insurance. My cell Telephone is on that registered Don't Call registry.

Post by Claude,

8003182596 Note of Repair packet being sent

Post by They don't stop,

800-318-2596 Sounds enjoy a spoof call using that health attention number. These People could get your own info away of any number of data Companies even face publication. Get a Duplicate of Stealing your own life by Open Abigail s that catch me if you are able to guy. He tells you personally all that Hints these People use. .

Post by Do Not Call List registered,

8003182596 Nag solicitation along with Registered message about health insurance. Everyone here already has complied with that Well-being insurance law.

Post by Kitten Mew,

800-318-2596 Amen.

Post by Mike D,

8003182596 I m certain there are unscrupulous companies Outside there which are spoofing the Amount. Nevertheless that phone and message on my Voice Mail was a legit Note out of Well-being attention. Gov Around making sure I Enrolled for W. It Inquired for no personal data. FYI since this can be a govt Software they 've accessibility to all the info they need to determine your credit if you personally get just one . You should not 've for send and especially not E-mail them any info. When I applied for W one of your questions was for access my W return Information. I did and it all happened behind that scenes. Unless You're calling THEM NEVER EVER present personal information out to some caller. EVER.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 I 've them blocked also but they still call. I Am Amused When It Comes Up HARASSMENT on caller ID.

Post by Rhonda Hayworth,

8003182596 calls but never leaves a message

Post by Alex Louie,

800-318-2596 Attempting to sell Wellbeing insurance won't take NO for an answer. That idiot on the other Finish asked for my social security Amount. How Dumb does he believe I am.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 He called her do not say anything continue to phone every daytime each day Cease calling Discontinue calling

Post by Linda,

800-318-2596 I just got a telephone from them and I am not on your gov net site. I 've my insurance Chosen attention of. I Merely think it s another scam by these Folks for get your data for steal. I May}n' become becoming previous but not Mindless Though.

Post by NJ,

8003182596 This Telephone Amount Arrived directly from obscure Wellness insurance marketplace. Tho ID was unavailable. They left an automatic voice Note for upcoming W Protection Restoration or skill to Pick a Distinct plan.

Post by Dave,

800-318-2596 I also received multiple automated computer messages saying Hi this really is an Significant message for you doesn't state my name from the Well-being Insurance Market. Your motive we 're contacting is because it appears enjoy you personally gotten an Malfunction when Performing a marketplace Program. Please contact the Marketplace phone Centre at W W W and tell the representative you received the message. Since it sounds like a scam instead of calling your number I logged on for my Wellbeing care Industry online account and there were no brand new messages and no errors reported. If there was a problem I believe my account on the official site would notice it.

Post by Gordon Burditt,

8003182596 I got a recorded message on my voice mail telling me to come back to your Wellness care. gov site on November 1 W and Select a plan for next year. It Additionally said Significant info was coming in that postal mail and not for lose it. The phone appeared for be a valid phone from the government. It did not request for personal data. It did not tell me how you can contact Wellbeing care. gov at their own fake Website that looks like that Actual one or their own fake Phone number that looks similar for your Actual just one . The caller Registered message did not have a foreign Highlight. That is the first telephone this year out of them. I don t doubt that there are plenty of scampers faking Owner ID from this number thus don t provide out personal info on any phone you personally did t originate unless you personally Comprehend the Owner by express. Your Authorities within the previous has had lots of problems using Sources it could send E-mail reminders to can something you did a month Past which they should definitely understand about or remind you personally for enroll your Kids when your own account definitely indicates you personally don t 've any or otherwise send messages that are useless for many thousands millions of Folks.

Post by Brijane Hills,

800-318-2596 They phone once a week no name Recorded. Unwanted call

Post by Lori,

8003182596 the Special Telephone Amount is from your Health care. gov

Post by jack,

800-318-2596 called but left no message.

Post by PO'd at the harassment!,

8003182596 These people keep calling my cellphone number with computer voices you cannot Speak to. I 've repeatedly called back and after long Times on hold that more run Upward my minutes they do not honour my requests to become Place on the Don't Call List. This has been going on for six months. They must become sued for harassment and intrusion into Americans private and private lives. Offer me Independence and Freedom from Harassment and dictatorial control or Departure.

Post by sandy,

800-318-2596 Rec d a called saying not to file income Fees error on that statement. I have check SSA and if this had anything for can along with my SSA end of year statement Afterward I feel there would be something on your website. . . .

Post by Sam hates scams,

8003182596 This is a blatant scam. It s an Test to steal your info. Dint believe them. I Merely got this call asking about my health and Seeking SAN and DOB. They called me by your incorrect name. I did t right it and got Upwards a SAN and DOB. I asked if that read what they had on file and they said yes. Bahama. These Indians have to become stopped

Post by Christie,

800-318-2596 Any 1 could scam any Telephone number they need and ensure it is look like which is where your telephone Arrived from.

Post by Kelly,

8003182596 Record calling to remind me about an exemption waiver I applied for and received. Yes your voice on the message did 've a little accent but that alone doesn't make it a scam. It suggested me to phone back only if I had not yet receives that waiver since it s Wanted for filing my Fees.

Post by E. M. OHIO,

800-318-2596 Message left on recorder out of Wellbeing care. gov Around the W renewal Substances that can become arriving in the mail. Along with a Note for pay attention to the mailbox and get to Well-being attention. gov to look at the options for W effective November 1. Since Blue Cross and Others are doing away with POO amp going for HMO Simply can demand to get Brand new Insurance.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Obama Care

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Trying for sell Wellbeing attention Alternatives.


8003182596 Guess who is paying for all the. You personally and me.

Post by Sarah,

800-318-2596 I got the call stating something was incorrect as nicely. I looked it Upward here and saw that a few said it was good and many said it was awful. So I called the number back by dialing it and it was an Malfunction on their component. My phone was W real call. They said sorry I got the call and Indicated it down so they don t telephone again.

Post by Diana,

8003182596 It s telemarketers Striving for indication you personally Upwards along with their plans musing your legit W Amount as a hide for get you personally to reply your telephone mt Hi they start in on their sepal. . . . .

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Unsolicited sales call

Post by Sue,

8003182596 A woman called asserting to be from your Wellbeing attention Market. She left a message stating that there had been an error with my application and telling me to telephone back. That number she Offered IS for the Wellness attention Market and is your same Amount that appears on my caller ID but I m confident that Amount was spoofed. The name Firm on my Owner ID says Cost Free Callie. It has been 9 W months since I last applied on Health care. gov and open enrollment dozen t Start again until November so what application is she talking about. . Obviously it is a scam and has nothing to do with your Wellbeing care Market. Don't supply these people any personal data.

Post by Kenneth,

800-318-2596 Legit Telephone out of Health care. gov reminding about open Registration this is not a solicitation its Actually that time of that year again

Post by Guest,

8003182596 It is coming within that mail. Not Authentic.

Post by Mel V.,

800-318-2596 This is NOT your Wellness Attention Market Place they don't telephone you. Don't answer. This is a scam trying for get your personal Information. I 've gotten several calls leaving messages simply saying to telephone a different number back and tell a representative about that message. This Individual has high jacked your Owner ID Amount for Health Care Market Place. Please note even if Wellbeing Attention Market Place were to telephone you which they don t they would never request you personally for personal data unless you are calling them for security reasons.

Post by Lori,

8003182596 this particular phone number is from the Well-being care. gov

Post by Tink,

800-318-2596 Small time for get insurance for W. . . and I got a telephone out of them within W. . . Sounds to me like a scam. . Obama Attention is W illegal and a scam too. .

Post by Lori,

8003182596 the particular phone number is from your Well-being attention. gov

Post by Robert S. Huscroft Sr.,

800-318-2596 I acquired many Phone calls out of this Amount and eventually called them back. Before I did cal I Assessed that Amount that is listed to your Well-being Insurance Market Address is W Security Blvd. Windsor Mill MD. When I ask for their names and address the female previously mentioned she could not provide Outside that data So I told that I had more insurance that she would ever consider and it Prices me nothing. I 'm military retired and a W disabled Expert. I let her understand where she was and would be filling charges. They are nothing more than peddlers and phony solicitors. I suppose they don t desire Guests but they soon can be becoming many.

Post by Fuzzbean,

8003182596 I acquired the same type of telephone the morning. Looked for be a Rob voice. Said they was your Obama Attention Folks and there is an error someplace and gave a Amount for telephone but I had no pen and the number wan t repeated. My phone showed that Amount W W W but I am Very suspicious since all previous interaction out of Obama Attention was by Email addresses or Email addresses telling me for go to that site for read a message there. Giving that Phone Amount just once. . . I can t determine if that is suspiciously unprofessional or something thus dumb that just True Authorities could Maybe do it.

Post by sally,

800-318-2596 telephone left message for Medicaid

Post by Kelsey,

8003182596 Have gotten a single phone every day the week from the Amount. Today I finally got a express mail from a record saying I obtained an error when Doing my application and I need for contact. I applied back within February or March and have had my Well-being insurance Insurance since Afterward. Nothing has changed so I m a little funny of your phone. Until I get something in Composing I m not going for provide information. This link offers many helpful data Around the way to shield yourself from fraud when it comes to this stuff HTTP Www. health attention. gov how can i shield . . . Ce marketplace

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Says i submitted an application but i did not. Wont Cease calling.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 I vie Simply gotten phone on cell and there was no express mail. No ID other than the but who knows whether that is Truly where telephone comes out of. Your is Recorded as Obama attention info. Aware that call numbers can be spoofed faked so I generally don t give Information Outside for someone calling me you don t really understand who is calling even or especially if they're using an ID that May}n' become official. If it is legit you personally d think they could leave a message . . . so in the particular case I m skeptical. If it was Simply a Note they would 've left a reminder telephone. If its for info I Only say I ll have for phone them back. That manner I could support the Actual and Call it direct. I work Thur an approved agent and which is who I can work with not someone calling me.

Post by JAMYL,

800-318-2596 Yes they are telemarketers relentless . . . in the National Government. If you opened an account on Wellbeing attention. gov and did t purchase a Strategy that calls will not Discontinue. They should be treated enjoy any other harassing phone telephone. Insurance Industry ha. No one would Place up with any Actual Insurance company Often calling like this.

Post by Mr Blocker,

8003182596 Only BLOCK all that calls. This is most likely a spoofed telephone pretending to become your government. Don't response that calls. Your government can just send you valid Things via snail send enjoy your Government. If you might have Wellness insurance with Wellness care. gov you personally already got Email addresses or snail send telling you personally about the Registration period so anyone calling is suspect and unnecessary. This is enjoy the Government scam They are phishing for your data. If you don t Understand any calls don t answer them even if it looks like the Authorities.

Post by nella on the prairie,

800-318-2596 I acquired a pare Registered message in the Wellbeing Attention Market Put stating not to file Fees until Fixed W A is acquired. This can be a valid telephone.

Post by Jen,

8003182596 They called me significant Indian accent could t comprehend barely a word something about needing to verify my Residence income Shift no such thing happened . Inquired what the was about he Inquired with whom 'm I speaking. I asked him for tell me since he called me. He ignored me and Inquired for SS and other Information to verify me. I said hell no I would call the Popular line back and talk for them. I did call that official hot line from your . gov Site and after a long wait described your sit ch for the rep and she said no such Information was needed nor did they create any calls for me. I decided for post the because while yes that is your official Obama attention number it does not mean that it s Actually them calling. Be cautious each one.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Leave me alone

Post by Jared Sergeant,

8003182596 They phone amp telephone amp telephone my cell Telephone. . . I 'm even on that national no phone list a lot of great that does.

Post by Mark,

800-318-2596 W W W W W W W W W W W 0 Did not pass through Sentry.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 I would t call the spam. If you vie used the market Set you re going to get a Memory call.

Post by E. M. OHIO,

800-318-2596 This can be the official site and Amount plus information on avoiding fraud. HTTP Web. Well-being care. gov W W HTTP Www. Wellness care. gov can i shield . . . Ce marketplace

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Statement Collector

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Only Stop.

Post by Christie,

8003182596 Any 1 could scam any phone Amount they need and make it look like that's where your call came from.

Post by Tink,

800-318-2596 It s the Wellbeing Attention. gov website reminding you about your Wellness care Registration.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 Health Insurance Marketplace notifying me of important Information arriving in mail. Was NOT Spam.

Post by Guest,

800-318-2596 Are splendid Authorities Striving to pawn off their Wellness care. gov crap on people.


8003182596 I keep receiving automated calls from the Amount reminding me of that deadline for health insurance of February W W. it's automated but they present you personally no Choice to become removed out of this list. when i called the Amount back your representative asked for my social security Amount address city state i finally Put Upwards on your idiot. They are calling my Amount amp I do not desire phone calls out of them amp never Required any calls out of them. i 'm already on that don't phone list . when i Inquired why i am not being Inquired for my Telephone Amount she said they have to verify i 'm that just one i state i 'm. so is this a government thing that i 'm being harassed Around. or could it be the insurance Business s which are harassing me. Someone needs for be responsible.

Post by Illinois Caller,

800-318-2596 Yes this really is that Real number of the AC Wellbeing attention Market. I vie used the number numerous times to deal along with my own insurance. I vie Additionally gotten Note calls in the Market. Annoying if you personally don t want the calls but Fully legit.

Post by Guest,

8003182596 NOT spam. Said I should be receiving information Around AC eligibility for next year in that send and that data arrived a few times ago.

Post by 8307c4,

800-318-2596 This telephone is actually legitimate it originates from the Wellbeing care Marketplace Supplied by that Us Government within Result to your Obama care nationwide Wellness care plans and the telephone is purely Educational within nature you personally don t have for would anything but listen as it Only Supplies a few Guidelines.

Post by Leeanne,

8003182596 I had your same matter happen. I got a telephone out of the Amount and I could t even understand the caller except for he said something Around I had called for Employ for something which I knew was a lie because I did t telephone or Use for anything. I wish if this can be a legal call that they would use Individuals that Chat English better. I don t desire to sound mean but honestly I get fed Upwards with getting calls from Individuals I could t comprehend and they get furious when I attempt to explain that I just don t understand what they are saying.

Post by dnc..[email protected] /* */,

800-318-2596 Calls out of the number could possibly be legitimate they could Additionally be spoofed . The real Amount belongs to Wellbeing Attention. gov What I don t comprehend is why they re making calls to DC Recorded Amounts along with a recorded message. While they might try and Disagree the calls Stadium t sales calls I m pretty confident urging me for lo gin and enrol in an insurance plan is within Infraction of that FTC Sales Rule. Anyone see a Large Course Activity case down that line.

Post by Jam,

8003182596 Got a call out of these people. Got over W back out of my Wellbeing insurance Firm.

Post by Ellie,

800-318-2596 It's the Federal Health Exchange. They left a VIM for me alerting me that open Registration is Approximately your Part and that I would become becoming details Directions in the send. They proposed searching out for them keeping it within a safe spot and using it for access your Site and store for fresh insurance or Continue Nov. ST. If you call back and it's the Wellbeing Change You'll have for provide them private info for accessibility your Person account. If you personally ever question that authenticity of a service hang Upward Google that legit number which within this case is listed above dial it personally and access your account that way.

Post by Richard,

8003182596 They called left a recorded message about that upcoming open Registration period coming Upward for that AC. Said I would become receiving a correspondence within your send about your open Registration program. Not a scam.

Post by e.t.,

800-318-2596 I have gotten three calls from this number but never have replied them no message has been left any of that times. From what I can tell the Amount is Actual related for health attention. com but not a number Wellbeing care. gov States for telephone you personally out of their phone Outside Amounts are different than their telephone in number this is listed as their phone within number . Here is your data on their website HTTP Web. Well-being attention. gov can i protect . . . Ce Market Your website states when they telephone you that Owner can provide their name and worker id number. I have private Well-being insurance thus I don't have any Notion why I would be getting this telephone except Perhaps someone typed their Telephone Amount within erroneous. . It dozen t appear for become valid Yet.

Post by sandy,

8003182596 Rec d a called saying not to file income Fees Malfunction on that statement. I 've Assess SSA and if the had anything for would along with my SSA Finish of year statement Subsequently I feel there would become something on your website. . . .

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8002330172 Complains by Leo,

Need for look for out who it's.

8002285191 Complains by Stacie McGill,

Who are you and why are you Getting my account

8002804377 Complains by Guest,

please Quit text message

8002574082 Complains by Donna,

I m drained of becoming Rob calls from this Amount.

8001233252 Complains by Abby,

I keep becoming this Rob calls on my cell Telephone. Occasionally they say I can get W credit on my AT amp T bill by going to Www. my bonus. . . . . Another is Www. at amp T's. . . .

8002742477 Complains by Guest,

clueless idiot who can t read resumes.

8002493578 Complains by Guest,

pervert text my small girl

8002377328 Complains by Guest,

Sorry. not interested

8002161371 Complains by Guest,

they never leave a message and I never answer

8002666277 Complains by SA,

I got a message foam the Amount a couple of days ago a pare recorded message Around sex offenders.

8002600485 Complains by MC,

I get calls out of this number 5 6 times a day

8002662868 Complains by David,

that is a MP LS debt collecting Firm. You are able to go downtown and satisfy Robert within person if U want for. . .

8002802519 Complains by Guest,

call es repeatedly i talked with someone Now and asked them to Cease calling

8002145324 Complains by James,

They Simply state its a message for someone named Fran Silva she said her name was Nina. . . .

8002562419 Complains by Guest,

Unknown Amount. . .

8002145358 Complains by Rusty,

1 W W W keeps calling and asking for a Man that doesn't live here. When we call for Quit that calls we are hung up on.

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