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Post by Kemp,

8003238160 Another call loan phone. It was out of car loan. com. I found their com tact Amount on the BBB net site W W W. They said it was a wrong Amount on an Program. Confident it was.

Post by Angie,

800-323-8160 Same matter as mentioned above. I went onto Financing Tree. com for many competitive rates. Since Subsequently it has been nothing but Unlimited E-mails and phone calls from loan specialists . They want me for travel W minutes to see a loan Consultant and for check out your inventory of Autos available. I told them I already had a car Decided Outside and Inquired exactly why I could t Talk for this Consultant within Man. they said they would transport me to him but as you guessed it he never Arrived on that line. This can be all in just one daytime and I keep becoming an automated message from Jessica to telephone your back. Three times already today. This has got to Discontinue.

Post by David H,

8003238160 They all each day or niter. I Used for a Automobile loan on the internet Automobile loan. com They tried for hook me Upward with their representative. I researched your guy and found Outside he was some Toyota Vendor s finance Man. I already bought a Buick Lucien out of another Vendor 2 weeks ago. These People still phone each niter.

Post by not Ebony,

800-323-8160 I vie been becoming calls out of the number for the previous two weeks and gotten several messages left on my machine. They are constantly from Jessica wanting to talk to Ebony seeing my Auto loan Program. I vie called them myself at least twice and told them to take my Amount off their computers as there's no just one named Ebony here I vie had this number almost 8 years and that I definitely did not Implement for any sort of loan. Twice they vie called when I vie been here and answered and told them for take my Amount off. Last time I called them they told me they were removing my number in the file but I Merely got a call 5 minutes Past. I yelled at the Individual who eventually Arrived on that line I m sorry I understand it s not their fault but I am Ill to Death of becoming called by these idiots. . . . I could ensure that when I would look for a new car I won t be going for them for a loan. Anyone understand where I could report them. After 4 or 5 times of telling them to Cease calling it's becoming ridiculous.

Post by Scott,

8003238160 Obtained a message from them Around a Automobile loan. When i called the Amount i asked your name of Business. They are Automobile loan. com

Post by myroc,

800-323-8160 phone from that Amount with no response then called back number and no answer

Post by jr in atlanta,

8003238160 they Simply called me the afternoon and left the same message . . . that number came up as W W W and your message was that is Jessica along with your loan center viewing your own credit application for Automobile Capital and it mentioned the same Amount to call back. i did not. . . but i m for sure reporting them to your dentally list. it dozen t would any good but it does create me feel better .

Post by Mike,

800-323-8160 Jessica in the car loan Centre.

Post by Beaz,

8003238160 Hello I think i was a Casualty of a loan scam. Carelessly and without thinking due for financial Issues I fell Sufferer for giving my bank data for two Distinct lenders simply for realize it was a scam thus i did t go through with it. Nonetheless now i am getting Unlimited calls and emails. they re a entire Number of Distinct W numbers and they're calling me at work amp House another huge Issue . What do i need for do to stop the and prevent identity Thieving. Nothing has been Chosen Though thank goodness but i m thinking i could maintain risk. Any Guidance. Thank you personally.

Post by Mrs L,

800-323-8160 Got a phone from the number on my CELL phone. . . . . . . . . . called back said I had Used for a car loan. . . . . . Individual who replied talked extremely fast and was really hard to comprehend. This can be idiotic. There ought for be many manner for Cease these type of calls Particularly to a cell Telephone.

Post by Shell,

8003238160 I get that same phone always. . . I Display and never pick up unless I understand who it is. They leave messages though all your time. The simply thing I vie done in your last few months is actually Purchase a different Auto and purchased a scooter as well. So why in heck would I want another Auto. I don t know where these people get your Information. but it s sort of freaky Understanding that Substantially info is floating around Outside there.

Post by The Col.,

800-323-8160 Here is your deal. We applied along with Lending Tree online for locate a great speed on a Automobile loan. That same day that phone started ringing even before offers were within on our Lending Tree page. Shook Auto AKA Shalt Finance something called saying they had our car Prepared. We had been dealing within your hometown and already had the Automobile picked out on your local lot. Believing nothing of your call your Man set Upward an appointment for people for see that Automobile. Well we had already seen your Auto and picked it Outside. Thus when they gave me a call back Amount and your Place code was outside ours and Really Around W miles north. I particularly Inquired your Man if they were Associated with your local lot where we'd been dealing and he said Sort of . Now after we already had Capital they called and left a message on that machine for contact them. I was dealing along with Capitol Just one and took for granted it was they. Well called the number gave them my Capitol One reference Amount and they said they had no record. They Afterward asked me if I applied via Auto loan. com which I had not. He said Oh Ok who did you apply along with and I stated Credit Tree. He said Oh that s one of your Contacts please hold and I ll transport you personally for that Right office . Think what. That office ended Upwards being the same 3 Firms named above. They never did Set an offer on the Lending Tree Website. Bottom line not good business Methods. It certain appears like an Test for can an end run for me.

Post by Sara,

8003238160 They call on my home and cellphone all the time and when i pickup your Telephone they Simply turn the massage something enjoy that thank you personally for calling we ll be with you personally Soon that s really annoying.

Post by Carol Orawsky,

800-323-8160 The number won't Cease harassing me. They call me each 5 minutes and won't leave a message. They're out of Automobile loan. com. The calls 've to Discontinue.

Post by mack,

8003238160 several annoying calls about a car loan that I did not Use for

Post by Shell,

800-323-8160 I get your same phone constantly. . . I screen and never pick up unless I understand who it's. They leave messages though all your time. The simply matter I vie done in the last few months is Truly Purchase a Distinct car and purchased a scooter as well. Thus exactly why in heck would I desire another Auto. I don t understand where these Folks get your own Information. but it s kind of freaky Understanding that Considerably info is floating around Outside there.

Post by Liz,

8003238160 I overly keep getting calls. I m going for call and request they stop. However per Theresa D on another site who posted her Result on W Feb W she states that the company would Fall her application in purchase to remove her name. That s a Enormous NO NO and against your law. A Diminish for the Program may now show up on ALL 3 credit Business s files. That s Clearly NOT something anyone wants as it's now considered a Bad Hit against you. If they offer to would that for your requirements State NO and need for Chat to some manager. If they tell you personally it won t display Upwards in your credit report tell them you personally need it within writing. Record that phone if you've to. If it then shows Upward in your report you might have all available Procedures for sue for credit fraud. Don t let them decline you.

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8002760768 Complains by swhy,

says to telephone back automated message. unknown what it's.

8002282195 Complains by Guest,

get a call almost once a daytime and i state hello a few times and no 1 answers me back Subsequently it hangs up

8002503977 Complains by Larry,

My boss has a reply to any e-mails of this kind:Dear [client name], almost all queries we receive for debt collection matters are fraudulent.  Unfortunately, therefore, to establish your legitimacy, we must require from you advance payment of $5,000, payable to us in trust, cleared with the bank for 10 business days, before we can begin to consider your matter.  Please also be aware that we require all trust funds to clear 10 business days.

8002187694 Complains by Guest,


8002517572 Complains by Infoman,

It s a Group Bureau Called Collect Cents . If they phone your own number it s because they're looking for someone who Hans t paid your bills along with Businesses like Tel people Freedom .

8002145325 Complains by BarbiD35,

did you personally ever look for Outside who this guy is and who he works for.

8002071098 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

8002679647 Complains by Guest,


8668438102 Complains by Guest,

Collection agency

5034570877 Complains by Guest,

Called made Appropriate never showed Upward. Don t even midsection your time Girls.

3237968966 Complains by kgee102605,


8169192998 Complains by Steve,

Rings once and intentionally hangs Upward. Among MANY numbers that has been doing thus for your last few times.

6052779313 Complains by Guest,

I obtained W calls out of this Man. I replied just one and a gal along with a real powerful Spanish Feature was on the other end. Afterward after that I never answered anymore but did block them. Perhaps a telemarketer. Whoever this is needs for stop immediately.

8024976859 Complains by Anon,

Only called. Did t Rather create Outside what he said he represented but told him for remove my number and Afterward I blocked it.

8178642315 Complains by Guest,

Discontinue calling

8183814013 Complains by Guest,

I understand that owner of this cell number. He knows a Pal of mine and called my house a few Distinct times searching for him. No Enormous deal.

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