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Post by danny,

8003252175 no way to make calls if You're Attempting to Display the insane ones. I concur then demand for get a identity

Post by nuisance-call detective,

800-325-2175 Absolute best thing for would is ignore your calls. . . I got 1 on my property line AND my cell Telephone. If that Owner dozen t identify itself I don t answer. A caller must identify itself and state what it desires at the Begin otherwise it s ignored.

Post by Patricia Woodall,

8003252175 Don't want automated or Man calls about silver sneakers.

Post by Kenneth R. Kidd,

800-325-2175 Owner did not identify themselves or talk in any way. Don't need these kinds of callers.

Post by Mario Tedde,

8003252175 called 5 times in W seconds. hung up each time.

Post by sue,

800-325-2175 ditto

Post by Matilda Jane,

8003252175 This number left a long irritating prerecorded message on my replying machine. Believe it s Silver Sneakers program at Individual. I complained to Individual. I don t answer Cost Free or unidentified callers. A valid business should have no Trouble along with their Firm name showing on caller ID.

Post by mad,

800-325-2175 stop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instruction Get It. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Georgia,

8003252175 Quite annoying. I Blow off Anonymous calls and let them go for voice send thus when Silver Sneakers left a recorded message asking if I was Place my name here press 1 for yes 2 for no Afterward kept prompting for a response I Only hung Upward but I concur they need to identify themselves if they are valid. I d like to put them in Head Sneakers and sink them in my Pool.

Post by margaret,

800-325-2175 No identifier besides that number. Long message Around dialing 1 if I m the person they knew my name but did t hassle saying theirs . I ignored it as I Blow off everyone who dozen t identify themselves. Eventually at the very Finish was Silver Sneakers. I still did t Comprehend who it was until I came for this Web site. I would have Person and they 've been very good but this System is Awful Individual. I may never reply something like this and i won t participate in the program because there must be a lot of cash in it for Person. Ripping off Medicare.

Post by Claudia,

8003252175 Since it is an W telephone I Set your call for voice send believing they would identify themselves and I would telephone back if Significant. But the message was simply to call that phone Amount no company or Individual name. Your message indicated that I had several messages waiting. No manner to do company Individual it that s you. And we are one of your Customers. . . Be more upfront PLEASE.

Post by Boffie,

800-325-2175 They telephone Day-to-day never Making a MSG because I don t reply the phone when I see your Amount. Bad matter is you personally cannot phone block your Amount. My service is AT amp T and they don t do a thing. Simply Work} helpless. So why do we even have telephone block if they could disable it in purchase to bother you personally.

Post by Explorer,

8003252175 Don t listen for Or respond to any callers who don't instantly identify themselves.

Post by BarbF,

800-325-2175 This can be another annoying phone from Silver Sneakers. I Plan to contact Individual and your vendor and get away their list. I m going for take this opportunity for vent Around HUM ANA Medicare Edge Plus Program Here they are contracted with Carolina Wellbeing attention System. I Selected them because of their Organization with Sanger Practice having had a heart assault a couple of years ago. I apparently have got a mistake. Individual wastes a lot of money on unnecessary Connections mail Telephone calls like this just one vendors of matters we don t need Though Perhaps while their Real Medicare SERVICE Used by Carolina Medical Wellbeing System is in need of a SERIOUS Change. Notice THEY Also Fail For MENTION Within their New COVER Correspondence THAT Within W From POCKET EXPENSE For this Application IS Raising Out of W For W BUT To CONTINUE I live in Charlotte NC and even though Individual s list of Suppliers previously mentioned most of that doctors here were accepting fresh patients they were not. I spent HOURS on your phone trying for find a Almost qualified Dr for a Principal Doctor. Turned out that 1 I Chosen Dr. M. was a Rookie intellectually intelligent but did t even understand the best way to can a Smear smear without pain SERIOUS PAIN. . . worst ever and even a simple breast Assessment turned out for be debilitating and inept. WT. A few weeks after my wellness Examination for which I was billed within error might I add I went to that physician s office partner Dr. M. was Outside on a Friday along with a rash and half of my face was swollen. Dr. M. s Associate Viewed even younger had the demeanor of a deer caught within that headlights when she entered that exam room. She did t even offer to examine me except for look at me blankly superficially in my swollen face. She was certainly relieved when I eventually offered that my only expertise with this kind of facial swelling was a staph Illness in my own eye when I wore Connections that simply similar matter I could think of for your symptom in spite of my eye not being inflamed. She Inquired no questions at all At that time I Haydn t connected your working within the yard with my problem just Offered me penicillin Established on my Sensitive self diagnosis just the incorrect medicine as it turned Outside Allowing to Johns Hopkins Site . Your NEXT Daytime was Saturday so I went to an Pressing Attention Center CM East land when your rash continued to itch like insane and my complete face swelled Upwards. I was feeling more fatigued. I had done research Place 2 amp 2 together and knew I probably had gotten a Check bite and Difficult MN Spotted Fever either while working within that yard or grooming my dog although the Disease was manifesting as atypical symptomatically just had a 1 level fever. Strong intuition and Reduction after research were my tools. The physicians did t appear for Have any tools for work along with. Also my ex Man had Nearly died out of it many years ago by ignoring symptoms. I tried to tell this for the Pressing Attention physician on Job but he was condescending and laughed Trust me you've contact dermatitis . He gave me a steroid Program although I told him baldly that I was not an Sensitivity kind Man had never had a reaction like that for anything in my LIFE and that no I had not altered detergents eaten any unusual food or anything like that. I asked for disincline as a precaution per that Mayo Practice and Johns Hopkins sites I had researched your right antibiotic for RM SF and was refused. Trust me he laughed. I went back that next day for CM Pressing Care along with my whole face swollen Upward like a pumpkin your weird rash spreading on my arms and legs and I flatly demanded a blood attract. Reluctantly acting Set upon so that as if I were an idiot that Pennsylvania I tool then ordered the blood attract to check for RM SF and Lyme s. Difficult Mountain Spotted Fever is ENDEMIC within North Carolina. Hello. But I discovered later your lab Evaluation was fairly expensive. Ah ha. I again Inquired her for that antibiotic disincline since the reputable medical Websites I had researched said it SHOULD be dispensed even BEFORE your lab results were returned if there was a Chance of RM SF since that Sickness could be Fatal. Again my request the antibiotic was REFUSED by the Philadelphia whose inane justification for refusing me that prescription was that Weight to antibiotics was a developing problem and I did t need to Construct Upwards a Weight since I May}n' demand it later on did I. Disincline is most frequently Approved as an acne medicine. . . and at W years previous I wan t expecting a major outbreak any time shortly so Weight wan t just a concern. Ignorant for believe anyway that one W daytime round of the drug would cause me for be resistant. I took your Software for cortisone Treatment took her Guidance Around Bindery to help along with the itching I and went home Start to feel somewhat obstructed and to doubt myself. I was nervous and confused by the Weight I had Experienced. These Physicians seemed thus Specific I was erroneous I had Practically decided I actually WAS overreacting. At least your Treatment helped with your itching. This daytime I got a courtesy telephone on my answering machine out of CM Pressing Care East acreage cheerily checking account Upward for see I was Ok and to disregard the telephone if thus or come in again if I wished. That NEXT Daytime I got a telephone advising me that I should contact Pressing Care Instantly that my Laboratory work had come back. What do you personally know a positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Temperature. And 1 Favorable and 1 negative for Lyme disease there are actually herds of deer within the Community as I told them that hang Outside in Duke Power s transmitter Region. I see them every day within my backyard. Lovely to appearance at but Important Lyme Disorder Beat carriers. Thus. . . I got the right antibiotic Afterward went back for Urgent Care after talking along with their director Around my expertise to Speak to your doctor Around your Lyme results and was again assured it was a untrue positive for Lyme s. I went back to my primary for become retested. It s 7 days After and they still don t 've your results. Again WT. Fortunately Lyme s is not deadly. It Merely could screw you personally Upwards for that remainder of your own life. I notion I d share my experience since it s Registration time. Only my 2 cents on Person and Carolina Medical System.

Post by mad,

8003252175 A record about some sneaker and saying they're along with Person Medicare. This is unfair to get a phone call and it's a recording and there's no message about the best way to Discontinue them from calling. . . .

Post by Zizzyballuba,

800-325-2175 More Person waste. I tell them NOT for phone NOT to send me a Waste bag full of waste paper but they don t listen. If they would Cease the Press blitz Perhaps my co pays or premiums would Fall many. They don t leave a message saying just WHO is calling just a number for phone back. I ll 've to list this as a non profit call as Silver Sneakers dozen t charge for their Account.

Post by Mandolin Guy,

8003252175 It's Silver Sneakers out of Person. I agree along with Matilda. They should Set their name with it due to so many other calls that are useless and just deserved to be ignored not answered.

Post by BarbF,

800-325-2175 The customer service number for Silver Sneakers is W W W. An extremely courteous youthful man agreed to take me off their calling list. May}n' want for provide it a attempt.

Post by Tammy Z,

8003252175 Hang up telephone from this at 9 Am Now.

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8002810739 Complains by deebal,

Got a call and it said I could get a W pay day loan. Lad what a scam. . . .

8001103039 Complains by Vicky,

Nuisance phone. They call once and hang up. I block the phone but they just phone from another number. I must 've W W numbers blocked on my cell phone.

8002148196 Complains by Claudia,

Michele Did they say you had won a lot of money. From La's Vegas Megabucks Mega Millions through Publisher s Clearing House or Readers Digest etc. What did you would. Thanks Claudia

8002310225 Complains by Amy,

Got a phone at work out of coast Pros yesterday Around my student loan debt and that within purchase for keep out of becoming a garnishment on my Salaries I had to set Upward a payment plan along with them and pay your first payment that daytime of W. . . . then 9 more payments every month. . . . Is this a real Business or a scam Attempting to get money out of me. . .

8002689286 Complains by Mrs. Jones,

Psycho won't Quit calling.

8001857763 Complains by Guest,


8002811882 Complains by Pissed,

The number calls looking for someone else recorded message every time. It leaves a telephone back number of W W W to become removed from their list call it back rings once and mechanically hangs Upwards.

8002143884 Complains by Guest,

Purchasing a used iPhone is potential and reputable along with orchard at a very affordable Cost. The used iPhone is totally tested and bought with a W day ensure Interval. That iPhone are Accessible in large range size Color and State.

8000009876 Complains by ecm,


8002202213 Complains by Erin,

I 've obtained a spam phone from the Amount twice. It Requires for go to matrons. com for Accumulate W. According for everything I vie read thus Way it's a scam.

8002736443 Complains by Julie from MI,

me too. He stated for me for turn for page 2 of my court documents I said do you know you personally talking Around . . . he said I was being sued for W. W. I said I did t get Offered anything. he said he could read it to me. Afterward he said he would become a Pleasant Man and if I Simply sent him W. W via western union he would settle the whole matter. Yes appropriate.

8002629486 Complains by Guest,

Called at 8 W 'm on a Saturday 1 W W maintaining for be collecting funds for a State Troopers fund.

8002219852 Complains by Richard Moro Jr.,

I 'm in your procedure of getting a loan to buy a used Automobile. When the bank investigates they find that I owe W. W for Akiva bank. I 've never had an account along with Akiva Bank. when I went for that bank they told me that the deft is now along with a collection Firm called RM Purchases. I did a investigation for there Amount on that internet and Arrived up along with this site. What can I would for fix the Chaos.

8002157849 Complains by Mary,

Bad. When they called me their ID was University Hospitals Cleveland Iowa. We got an erroneous bill dated 8 4 W for a erroneous date of medical service details mailed on your Th and called on that Th to Gather your same.

8002744664 Complains by Chris,

Got 2 calls. Replied both. After 8 seconds it just Put up.

8002511433 Complains by Bob,

I decided not to reply and your caller disconnected before my replying machine could pick Upwards your telephone.

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