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Post by legna44,

8003376556 Report them for the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Company Agency. They are violating that Fair Credit Work}.

Post by bee,

800-337-6556 called me by my first name yelling and screaming at me very really rude and obnoxious. Then he sneezed several times into that Telephone. Yelling at me like I was his child Where does he get off talking to anyone within this kind of demeaning way. . . They ought to have their Telephone Rights Chosen away. .

Post by Max Stout,

8003376556 Add W W W to your list. Same People.

Post by No more calls,

800-337-6556 I called back that Amount left on my v send W W W they Maintained for have an importune message from Paul Morgan. I called back to reach an operator your phone just rings no reply.

Post by Hollerin Loud,

8003376556 Robert Morgan by having an important personal question for discuss and if I want resolution to telephone 1 W W W. Eventually I called that Cost free number and I got a record that said something about Calling girls all around the State. I m complaining formally for your BBB and to the FTC.

Post by james,

800-337-6556 I received a phone out of Be's sounding really frighten they called twice and I eventually called back and they refused to tell me what their company is. So I Put up. Who is the Paul Morgan jerk. James

Post by Alfalfa,

8003376556 National Business Systems Inc. W Solon Rd. Solon OH W Cleveland Phone W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Fax W W W W W Net Address Web. NE's. com Email email W protected Head Debt Collectors Ernest R. Pollack W CEO Scott Pollock President Christopher M. Pollock W Vice President Bud Says The organization generates a lot of Criticisms like the Normal email I am Composing you concerning a Business called National Enterprise Systems Inc. They ended Upwards calling me Upward at work and harassing me I especially asked them not to contact me there. Not even two minutes later they called my workplace again and asked to Chat for my manager. I contacted the local authorities as they stated when they called my Dwelling that they were Federal Agents and I was in big trouble with that law . I idea that they were not allowed to call your Put of employment if you asked them not to. Recently they contacted my Set of employment once again. I am fed Upward along with being harassed. A quick Assess on Pacer shows W lawsuits naming National Business System Inc. dating to W. That majority of complaints we get are for harassment contacting family Pals calling Companies your usual conventional violation of slimy Set organizations such as NE'S. Granting for records we located on a search engine NE'S Head Debt Collector Ernest R. Pollack and wife Ellen reside within Salon OH and are easily accessible to People Looking for express their Gripes on that apparent prohibited treatment he is allowing his debt Lovers to practice. I suggest anyone who thinks they 've been treated unjustly or in a disgusting manner violating the law to contact Ernie the debt collector at National Enterprise Systems Inc. Ernest R. Pollack President Solon Rd Solon OH W Telephone W W W still Free W W Fax W W E send E-mail W protected If that fails for resolve your own issue whether it become harassing calls to your Workplace family etc or his collectors posing as federal agents as described above we suggest you would this 1 Record all calls out of NE'S collectors. 2 Contact people for Recommendation to a local Client law professional. 3 Contact us for Recommendation for law enforcement for potential Prices. 4 If that does not work and your harassment continues we could possibly pass along that House address for Ernie and Ellen within the hopes they could want to discuss your situation out of their Residence within the Night. HTTP Internet. Buddhas. com NE's. HTML

Post by PC,

800-337-6556 i gotten one message on my voice mail at work and my married Child which I would never offer Outside her number also got a call. Your Man Looks quite intimidating not for mention really annoying

Post by Wrong number,

8003376556 I obtained messages from NE'S on my answering for your past two times looking for someone I vie never heard of. They have that incorrect number yet keep leaving messages. I finally called that number back W W W X for let them understand they have your wrong Amount. A Mrs. Tall is Inquired me what my name was. I told her I did t need to give her my name because I wan t that Man she was Attempting to reach. She nastily replied Now that you had to go and get bright you re on hold and Place me on hold. I Put up and called back and the same dialogue happened. I Installed Upwards again called back and got her express send. I left a message stating that I was giving her the courtesy of Making her know that she was calling an incorrect Amount but since she was so ugly and unprofessional I wan t going for provide her the name of the Man she was Attempting to reach in Malfunction. I was thus annoyed that I called back again and dialed 0 rather than her extension. I got another woman on your Telephone and told her that I was receiving harassing calls and it was a incorrect Amount and she nastily said Why would you believe they are harassing. I said it was because your Man was terrible and I wan t even the Man they were Striving for reach. She also Inquired if I d thought your reason she asked for my name was because she wanted for address me correctly. I said she did t need for address me because I wan t that Man she was trying for reach. That woman hung up. I kept calling back and got a Girl named Jackie who apologized and Guaranteed me I would t receive any more calls. She also said she had a record of that calls and would let Mrs. Tall is supervisor know how I was treated. Less than an hour After I obtained another Telephone phone out of a guy at NE'S. I asked him where he was calling from and he replied NE'S . I asked him what sort of company which was and he replied a law Company . Can they not get within trouble for defrauding Individuals and impersonating themselves as a law Company. I Began to describe that they had my Amount in error and he hung up. I called back and he answered. I Inquired for Jackie. He Inquired for her last name and extension which I did t 've. He Put Upward again. I then called the police who said since I informed them that they had the erroneous Amount if they call again it is harassment and I can fill Outside a Cops report. They also Proposed I telephone your phone Business and 've their calls traced which I did.

Post by Drew,

800-337-6556 CUBICLE GANGSTER SI recently worked at the dreadful Put. National Business Systems is the Set agency from hell. It s your devil s worst Headache. Employees are trained for collect Allowing to your Fair Debt Choices Practices Act but once on that floor in their respective departments Lovers are told for forget everything they learned. My supervisor Bryan Howard Underneath your alias of Paul Stevens Consistently provided a second express to Lovers having trouble Close Choices. This idiot would identify himself for callers as a National agent an NE'S Lawyer etc. anything to try and scare your debtor into paying. He would Truly tell debtors and their spouses that a litigation had been Submitted and if the account isn't paid by postdated Assess by a certain time that day a deputy of that court was coming for Function that Person on his job. I witness the on a daily basis all daytime long. B. Howard is neither a federal Representative attorney Or any of the other matters he States for become and NE'S don t sue debtors. All are clear violations of your Good Debt Libraries Practices Work}. Debtors are talked to as if they re inhuman. Even when the Person is not House that Individual taking the message is treated enjoy Soil. I may never forgot my supervisor shouting at an W year previous African American woman for not becoming a pen and paper for take your message. I DON T Care IF You're W YEARS Previous HE SCREAMED AT That Woman. I vie witness Lovers hollering at Children GO GET Your own Father. You're not Assumed for talk for spouses within specific states about their Important others debt unless given permission by that spouse to do so. The rule is ignored at NE'S. In fact when I left training I Place the File about your spouse rule on my cubicle wall for reference just to have it snatched and trashed by Bryan Howard who said I would t demand it. Your owners Ernest Pollack his wife and two sons Scott and Curry faced Frank are nicely aware of what is going on. These people are control on owners. They constantly Go your call room floors note the Person collectors and group Set sales and Notice all that violations first hand. The more a collector screams at a debtor your more they enjoy it. Folks actually clap and encourage when a collector goes off on a debtor. All that Problems these greedy cash grabbers is how much cash they're collecting at any given time. Payments are demanded in full although they do offer settlements that are too demanded within not empty. Cash orders and send in payments aren't accepted just postdated checks around the Telephone or Western Union Transfers for Ci ti Bank accounts. Many other creditors do allow NE'S to Additionally take payment by credit card. For your postdated checks debtors are asked for supply their accounting and routing Amounts. NE'S that scumbags they are efforts for take the cash Outside before your postdate. Pleasant company huh. Lovers and Managers once Supplied with bank info by that Person call banks automated customer service numbers for Get how Substantially money they 've in their own accounts. We've their Societal security Amounts so getting info this way is enjoy taking candy from a baby. A few banks 've safeguards against this and Demanded you Discuss to a live Individual. They also work this wickedness on debtors credit card accounts or the credit card accounts of your debtors spouse mother daddy etc. I Recall just one collector on that phone along with a Person saying Your Mother Has 7 W On Her Card She Can Use She Can Pay The Debt For You. If anyone needs someone who s been there within any of their legal Activities against this despicable Business I m your own guy. Station W News in Cleveland did an investigative report about NE'S on 5 W W. Check it out at Web. Get. com

Post by Pegz,

8003376556 Last week I gotten a telephone from the debt collector at my work. . . I dint Typically receive personal calls here at work thus I patched her through to my voice mail. Nicely she called back and asked for my Time Individual due to a Civil Course Actions match for me. Well at this point I Inquired her what it was in Wishes to. She became very terrible and said I 've until 9 W that morning it was 8 W am to pay within Full the debt or it will be Offered within front of the judge me knowing not empty well I didn't get paperwork out of any courts . I told her I would 've for figure Outside how you can pay it. I know what my rights were so I didn't phone back. She called me back at 9 'm and Inquired if I was Competent to pay it up. I told her I know what my rights are and not for call me at my work number she told me they wont Discontinue calling unless I write for Citibank for stop calls. I told her not for jeopardize me and her Result was that it wasn't a Risk and that you I may see if I dint pay your full at that moment. I Installed Upward. Well today I get another telephone but this Man was continue ant that I pay. He basically said that same matter about a court date on June Th. . . Again I gotten no paperwork. Well I am sick of these harassing calls so we worked out a Strategy I am Capable for pay. The company is Simply plain Outside rude and frightful. I Merely dint desire to 've to deal along with them anymore. . .

Post by al,

800-337-6556 National Enterprise Systems

Post by Hardy515,

8003376556 I get your Actual same message and info you did. I get it daily.

Post by Drowning,

800-337-6556 Some rude sounding man left a message on my machine. Did t so who he was or what company he was with or what it was within reference to. Merely said within my best interests to phone W W W. Sounded like a debt collector but along with all your scams I don t call anyone unless I know the company and the number.

Post by Drew,

8003376556 Erroneous Amount what you personally experience was pure uncut NE'S bullshit. Par for that path that way company goes on there Day-to-day. Enjoy you I wonder how NE'S remain in business. Did you personally know the State of Iowa have these scumbag Base feeders collecting for them. That State of Iowa for crying Outside loud.

Post by Gene,

800-337-6556 Mr. Mike Morgan continues to phone me all hours of that daytime even during weekends. I don't have any business along with the Firm or Individual. I will not response this phone and I want it stopped.

Post by Hardy515,

8003376556 I get that exact same message and data that you did. I receive it daily.

Post by johnny blaze,

800-337-6556 Same matter as above. Called me then rudely coughed and sneezed into that Telephone.

Post by legna44,

8003376556 Report them to your Federal Commerce Commission and your Better Business Agency. They are violating the Fair Credit Work}.

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8002839087 Complains by ed,

call obtained several times a daytime over the last few times did not reply and no message left

8002547780 Complains by Mike,

Called my cell phone but did not leave a message.

8002865427 Complains by e,

someone calls from a Distinct Afterward leaves this as your telephone back Amount. They phone or office asking for among our Workers and when i tell them they don t work here at your office they work Outside in the subject they try to get me for present them their cell and area which obviously i dint. they also called your office yesterday. I m not confident if they are a legit debt collector or a scam but either manner they don t need to be calling people s work. If they continue to phone I 'm going for Only tell them the USN t a good contact for him which Typically has worked within the previous.

8002836033 Complains by Kendell,

Called and left voice message thanking me for becoming renter s insurance with Gecko Liberty Shared and reminded me that if I haven t done so to contact my previous insurance carrier for End.

8002301773 Complains by Lenny B,

These idiots telephone our business each single day. I 've repeatedly asked them to Quit and they state Ok they may remove your Amount and Afterward boom more calls. next time I 'm going to jeopardize their lives to see if they may file a police report so I could get an address.

8002619855 Complains by Andrew,


8002853417 Complains by Miami unemploy,

I for Offered a called unknown name W W W left a message to called Tony Davis at W W That all he said.

8002901065 Complains by Gamila L.,

Well I 'm getting Harassing calls for a Gilbert Ramirez. I have contacted the group of Attorneys within regards to them failing to stop all contact along with me after mailing a notification for all locations weather its a valid address or not. If any of your above 've happened for your requirements or if you personally were in any way harassed or treated unfairly by a debt collector and are able to Demonstrate that a debt collector violated your FD CPA you personally could possibly be entitled to Upwards for 1 W. W in statutory damages payment for any actual damages including Mental distress and payment of your attorney s fees and costs. A group of Individuals Additionally could sue a debt collector and recover cash for damages up to W W or one percent of the collector s internet value whichever is less. below is that information for that lawyer I contacted within Wishes to this Glibber Remus Situation. It s W FREE For Sue A Debt Collector Receive W. W For Statutory Or More For True Damages. For A Free Consultation Call W W W

9018335061 Complains by Guest,

Text Around deceased Mom and dating my boyfriend in vaguer provisions reported to Cops office state If I look for Outside who the Man is I can file a intimidation Guarantee. Text treat of a ass ult within text.

8002612693 Complains by Guest,

This man is selling stolen cell phones

8172061751 Complains by *not* a Chase Customer...,

I vie missed 2 calls out of this number on my cell phone today. No Messages and I am not Or have I ever been a Pursuit Customer. Arbitrary. I Presume someone could have Composed down their Amount incorrectly I Merely expect I don t end Upwards along with a stream of missed calls. . .

9032920618 Complains by Annoyed in Illinois,

Acquired a missed telephone from this number no message. Happy I did t response it.

8065531759 Complains by scott,

I got a Telephone telephone from this Amount but no 1 said anything. After reading the posts above I believe I may block your number out of calling me again. Thanks all.

8003612613 Complains by Dana,

My Partner and I took a Vacation for for your us. We called bell and had them Place that people calling package on both of the Telephones. We paid for both of the us packages at that point. With in W minutes her Telephone was turned away. I called bell and after arguing with cs for W minutes and paid more money her phone was turned back on. Over that next two times both of the phones were turned off. Many more Funds were made but your disconnections kept happening none of that cs reps would listen. Just one Representative figured out what was erroneous rather than your us Bundle they put on the European Bundle she told us that she altered us around to that people package and when I asked for my Partner s phone for become reconnected she yelled at me and said that we should pay the Statement and it won t get turned off after she was told that we've got 3 months of payments in two days. I Put Upward on her and called back and Shortly talked to your cs Representative. I Inquired for a Manager. When I got transferred it was to your virgin mobile rep. I again called bell and Required a supervisor. We got transferred and we told them what was going on it took him around an hour to mend their mess. Now bell advertises that they have universe class customer support and we'd for deal along with this.

9055330674 Complains by Guest,

This number called me did t answer no message left. Called back says your number is disconnected. Definitely many telemarketer Established in Bolton along with a Criminal or Improved number. Merely don t annoyance answering it.

8003473397 Complains by KennyDiDact,

W W W originates out of Find Card. Most likely in the Group Section.

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