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Post by Mark,

8003572991 My absolute best advice would be to tell them they have a erroneous Amount. If you don t tell Individuals they 've a erroneous Amount Subsequently they don t know it. They're Likely looking for the Individual that had your Telephone Amount before your son.

Post by tt,

800-357-2991 Obtained an automated Telephone call out of the Firm along with a telephone number of 1 W W W to call back along with verification Amount. Your Individual they were Attempting to contact is deceased they did not describe it was a debt collector and previously mentioned they don't have any business along with me. Tried calling back to see any cash was owed on deceased account they were rude and mentioned we have no business along with you personally and they hung up. Oh well great enough for me Afterward. . . .

Post by Joe,

8003572991 I would t become to sure Around that I know this first hand better than half of them are within Introduction themselves and 've debut Lovers calling them at Miracle Debuts collectors calling a debut collection co Lola they hire and fire faster than Water drops autumn to that ground.

Post by Maureen,

800-357-2991 Your Firm is Magic Financial Inc. . Out of Linden MI. .

Post by Mark,

8003572991 That s people. . . Massachusetts Dwelling of that Communist Bash . . .

Post by Alan,

800-357-2991 This can be a rude Group Bureau they called me on behalf of a W overdue balance I owed for Verizon Wireless that was Directed} for Choices for no reason. I already Completed that Dilemma along with Verizon told them that they got awful with me trying to get paid and Subsequently Installed Upward on me.


8003572991 Magic Financial Inc. W Armstrong Road Plymouth Mum Phone W W Toll FREE W W Fax W W Caller Magic Fiscal Inc Telephone Type Debt Collector From VERIZON Wireless

Post by Alex,

800-357-2991 Well since you personally Inquired. . . . . 1 Change your own acreage line or Mobile Amount whichever you personally re becoming harassed on . Tell the phone Firm you personally wish to 've a dead or never issued number and create Sure it's unlisted and unpublished. 2 Get a local GOOGLE Express number for your own Place GOOGLE Voice is free and Permits you personally to make unlimited LED Usa calls as nicely at no cost Forward all calls coming into that GOV Amount to your new Amount. Offer out this GOOGLE number exclusively and NEVER tell Anyone besides family what your own True number is. Google Express can help you personally Guard your Accurate number and has many Fine blocking features if Desired. 3 Lastly get a Digit 1 Call Blocker W out of Number 1. com. Connect this for your land line and Subsequently even if calls get through GOOGLE Voice you can block them before they ring your Telephone. And along with your Number 1 you are able to even block entire Place Rules. Get rid of all those W Amounts within one shot. You'll Find this Multiple Level defense works quite nicely.

Post by Arsenal,

8003572991 Only switched for Verizon Around five times Past and Beginning getting calls from Miracle about two times after I got your change 3 4 a day . I ignored them at but they kept coming thus I called W W W and explained that I Merely Got the Amount and it was impossible that I had any Excellent balances. That woman I spoke for looked nice enough asked for your number and removed me out of their calling list. If they're calling you personally without motive Subsequently calling your W number seems enjoy your manner for go. . .

Post by AJ,

800-357-2991 Merely got this telephone out of an automated system. Gave W W W as a callback number and Additionally an acct number to reference. I go ogled your number and found these posts thus have not called it back. I 'm paying away a Invoice to Verizon but I 'm paying them directly so not going to bother along with these People. Cheers for all that Posts. . . saved me a few confusion.

Post by Meghan,

8003572991 Merely got a call from this number. Laurie left a message asking someone for phone her. She was searching for my name s contact Amount and address. Obviously I won't become calling them back.

Post by Maureen,

800-357-2991 NO its NOT a scam. . If one does not pay a Invoice they go after family members and HARASS them for another Man to pay your monies owed. . . I think its Terrible that thy could get away with that and contact family members. .

Post by Alex,

8003572991 Nicely since you personally asked. . . . . 1 Alter your own acreage line or Mobile Amount Whatever you re getting harassed on . Tell your Telephone company you want to have a not alive or never Released number and create Sure it's unlisted and unpublished. 2 Get a local GOOGLE Express number for your own Place GOOGLE Express is free and Lets you to make unlimited LED Us calls as well at no cost Forwards all calls coming into your GOV Amount to your brand new number. Present out this GOOGLE number exclusively and NEVER tell Anyone Moreover family what your own actual Amount is. Google Express may help you Guard your true Amount and has many nice blocking Attributes if Wanted. 3 Lastly get a Digit one Call Blocker W out of Digit just one. com. Link this to your own property line and Subsequently even if calls get through GOOGLE Express you are able to block them before they ring your own phone. And along with that Digit just one you are able to even block whole Place codes. Get rid of those W Amounts within just one Picture. You'll Look for this triple Level Protection works Rather well.

Post by Rottweiler,

800-357-2991 THC for the info

Post by mr. k,

8003572991 obvious bull. my Verizon account is up to date and still on. i did Nevertheless get a see out of Verizon warning Around this scam. yes Mr. Statement is a scam artist. own Upward for that.

Post by Bakisa,

800-357-2991 Merely got a call out of them. My procedure is for let it go for express mail. Don't telephone the number back it can mechanically ring back to them. Delete that message and keep it transferring. Report that telephone to your own debt Group Bureau if you are in a Software. If You're not in a Software get within just one. I had a Man for come to my House last Sunday morning knocking the door down. I Viewed Outside that window and he power saw me. He said he had Forms for me. Nope she dozen t live here. Don t get Found in a Strategy bag with these Folks. Don t Take anything from anyone asking are you thus and thus. NO.

Post by A Maine Man,

8003572991 These vermin dint have that stones for phone me instead they're harassing my ex Partner and She is deflected out of shape believing I gave them her number. I could think of Lot of Guidelines they are within violation of and definitely reporting them for Large. AG office

Post by Rose McKinney,

800-357-2991 My son gets these calls out of a collection agency. They 've gone as Much as telling me that when my son dozen t call back then they can send that sheriff after him. And when he did they threatened to come after him. Can these IDIOTS get away along with these type of threats.

Post by Mark,

8003572991 My best advice would become for tell them they have a wrong number. If you personally don t tell people they 've a wrong Amount Afterward they don t know it. They're probably looking for your Man that had that phone number before your son.

Post by mr. k,

800-357-2991 Clear bull. my Verizon account is Upward for date and still on. i did Nevertheless get a notice from Verizon warning Around the scam. yes Mr. Statement is a scam artist. own Upward to that.

Post by Trish,

8003572991 I had a message on my replying machine out of the number Now telling me it was an attempt to collect a debt and for telephone back but it never said a name. I looked them Upwards here before calling back and Found that most of that calls were within reference to Verizon. I 've a current Verizon account that has been active for around 9 years thus I called them back for see what was going on. I called that W and got the recording but it did t hang Upwards on me. I waited and was Related with a Girl named Nancy who had my on caller id and said I Desired to speak to Lisa but she was active thus she would 've for telephone me back. I told Nancy no that I would prefer for become told who they were looking for first I never gave my name . She said they were looking for a guy named Dennis I ll omit your last name . I said no I have no Notion who that is and I vie had this House for around 2 years. She reconfirmed your Telephone apologized for bothering me and said my number would become removed instantly. I don't have any Criticism with this Firm. She was not rude did not ask for any identifying Information and was quite considerate. I have had the occur multiple times along with my Residence phone around the last 2 years. Folks need for keep in thoughts that it Actually might not become you personally they re calling for and a few Individuals never Upgraded their Telephone s on their accounts. So as your accounts go into Choices they telephone the number on file not knowing that it no longer belongs for that person. I get calls for 3 Distinct those who had the before me and I rarely 've problem convincing your Businesses that I m not them. Only the Span of time you vie had that can Typically can the Key because if it s not yours your account and hence your is older than that in their own file.

Post by Rottweiler,

800-357-2991 THC for the info

Post by Joe,

8003572991 I would t become to sure Around that I know the first hand better than half of them are within Introduction themselves and have debut Lovers calling them at Miracle Debuts collectors calling a Introduction Group co Lola they hire and fire quicker than rain drops autumn to your earth.

Post by Cain,

800-357-2991 Got a call for my measure Father. A female left a message along with that Small Miranda which you personally don t really have to do when leaving a message. Left W W W as a callback Amount but same recording Installed up on me. I called back believing it had to do along with my student loans but I m not confident anymore. Can telephone that Amount on their Web site tomorrow. HTTP Web. . com index. HTML

Post by telco,

8003572991 My employer gave me a brand new cell phone and apparently the former owner was on their list. Called within and talked along with Brandy she said she d remove my Amount from their list. She was really pleasant. we ll see they Quit calling.

Post by LJR,

800-357-2991 I got the phone for my son who dozen t live with us. I asked him and he said he simply has a car loan and NOTHING else. I got that same replying machine with that same message. I did telephone your Magic Fiscal Debt Service and they said Real Sharply amp LOUD this Peter dozen t work here than a fast hang Upward . . It's a scam . . .

Post by Bakisa,

8003572991 Just got a call out of them. My procedure is for let it go to voice mail. Don't call the number back it may mechanically ring back for them. Delete the message and keep it moving. Report your call to your debt Group Bureau if You're within a Software. If you are not within a program get within 1. I had a person for come to my home last Sunday morning knocking your door down. I looked out your window and he saw me. He said he had Documents for me. Nope she dozen t live here. Don t get caught within a Key bag with these Folks. Don t accept anything out of anyone asking are you personally thus and thus. NO.

Post by Maureen,

800-357-2991 Your Firm is Magic Fiscal Inc. . Out of Linden MI. .

Post by 800-357-2991,

8003572991 these Gus r a

Post by Mark,

800-357-2991 That s us. . . Boston House of your Communist Bash . . .

Post by RAR,

8003572991 Many deadbeat family previously had our Telephone number and we got all sorts of calls from debt Lovers. I blocked them with Verizon obi which worked Very well. Nonetheless Verizon recently Ended your service and the calls started up again. I Merely bought a Number one Phone Blocker W call blocker out of Www. Number one. com which I may use for block all of the bottom feeding vermin.

Post by Bess Yearsley,

800-357-2991 this can be Verizon wireless. I hated there service thus Substantially that I terminated my contract early. I was paying both Dwelling Telephone and wireless in 1 Invoice. I paid away your complete balance but Verizon land line did not pay Verizon wireless and thus they are dunning me. I 'm joyful along with AT T and I adore my IPHONE gt Verizon is a Mandatory evil for many. Thank God I no More 've them. Now all I need to can is to get them for Cease calling.

Post by Tania,

8003572991 These bozos have called me multiple times in just one daytime occasionally within minutes of each other definitely within the harassment Sector. As I won't answer any phone that comes within unidentified these Typically Finish Upwards on my Caller ID telephone log but once within some time they may leave a message similar to those described above.

Post by Alex,

800-357-2991 Want for bet.

Post by Barbara Tackett,

8003572991 I see the company is really occupied I don't have any known debts and these calls Merely started recently but they refuse for offer me any info unless I disclose component of my social security number I mentioned I am not confident which is even legal for you for request he states I understand but mam we demand to become able to identify you personally well when you personally called that number was one clue when you asked me if I was your person at the Amount and address was another clue but they still want your own SS. Again I see Bill had a debt within reading the reactions here but enjoy I said all my bills for my knowledge are are paid Upward for date so if they 've misinformation think that simply matter you can can is get a Duplicate of your credit report and go from there. If they persist see a lawyer or contact consumer protection.

Post by Mark,

800-357-2991 They don t have to produce a Closing Statement. You were already Delivered one. If you personally want that info you demand for request it from the original company. A Set Bureau sends you a page Making you personally understand you've a debt.

Post by LMM,

8003572991 It is Verizon Choices. They called me viewing a past due balance on my husband s old Telephone account. We have 2 Individual Verizon Reports so I told them for annoyance him not me. It is not my Invoice.

Post by Scam,

800-357-2991 I got the same call also at my Parents house asking if I lived there and she Additionally replied no and gave her a Amount to present me for telephone having an account Amount. I called and got an answering machine and said that all operators were occupied and hung Upward on me.

Post by Bess yearsley,

8003572991 they're trying for collect a debt which I have already paid in full.

Post by spike,

800-357-2991 Ditto. . . .

Post by Mark,

8003572991 They don t 've to produce a final Statement. You personally were already Directed} 1. If you want that info you demand for request it from your First Firm. A collection Bureau sends you a page letting you personally know you've a debt.

Post by Mildred,

800-357-2991 Left message on machine for Judith . No one here by that name. They 've called 3 times within that past week. Blocked that Owner. They don t take no which you are not that Man so it s very best not to reply. Never phone back because by law they can continue for telephone you personally. Exactly why. Because you contacted them. Stupid law.

Post by must be a scam,

8003572991 I got that same telephone only it left your message on my answering machine but i had the same results when I attempted calling it back. Definitely a scam. the just debt I 've is my Pupil loans and I dint even begin Funds on them until after I graduate

Post by Joe,

800-357-2991 I would t become for certain about that I understand this first hand better than half of them are in Debut themselves and 've debut Lovers calling them at Magic Debuts collectors calling a debut Set co Lola they hire and fire quicker than Water drops autumn to your ground.

Post by Mark,

8003572991 That s people. . . Ma Dwelling of that Communist Party . . .

Post by Arsenal,

800-357-2991 Oh and to clarify I Offered them no info about myself outside of my first name. They never requested a SS or anything of that nature.

Post by Betty an Iritated Mom,

8003572991 They called my W Year old cell phone while she was in school. I called back that number and enjoy that others above they hung Upwards. So I called that number your posted gave above and gave them that riot act. Told them there's no way my Child would 've debt and they're going to remove her Amount from the list. Definitely phone your W W W number and you can Discuss to a Real Man.

Post by Linda,

800-357-2991 Got a telephone from them but they did t leave a message. Just trying to locate Outside who they were.

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8002200280 Complains by Anon,

They keep calling and leave a message for telephone back along with a message id. What Firm is this. What can they want.

8002919445 Complains by Annoyed,

please make that calls Quit. its annoying. Regular for the previous W days at least 6 times a daytime. . . . gee

8002978713 Complains by Mary,

I acquired the phone today July W W. Typically I do not reply 1 W calls thus they could have called before. Nevertheless changing to AT amp T Averse my Solitude Manager was not a component of the plan. Now i get these calls even though I 'm on that Don't telephone list. The Original Owner told me to wait for a service Group Representative. Mind you personally I pay my bills on time.

8002203550 Complains by Angry Mom,

They call my teenager s phone searching for someone else. Phone the Amount and they reply Booze Facility. I told the Individual who replied my Baby had never been within alcohol rehab and he laughed at me. He asked if I knew Keenan and said he d take my Baby s Amount away your list when I said no.

8001242550 Complains by M,

This really is a scam number trying for create you believe it's Really Art offering you money. Scam Web site Internet. . com They are Attempting to get your own account data thus stay away.

8002754932 Complains by Russ,

I don't know who (or what) the caller is, but they've been calling regularly - and getting blocked just as regularly - since May 31.  The calls have been as early as 7:48AM (which puts them outside the "technically legal" telemarketing window) and as late as 4:53PM.  On the first few, it was a dead line when picked up; since then, I've had the number blocked in PhoneTray, so I don't know (or care) what kind of call it may have been.  

8002446019 Complains by Guest,


8002998312 Complains by uhhuh,

I trust your own house burns down and there USN t any Money to have enough Individuals for save you.

8002613208 Complains by Guest,

stalker pervert sicko Pacheco

8001542002 Complains by Same ATT-fake scam different number,

That is the scampers pretending for be Art and if you go for your Website overeat this time or Olivetti etc. you personally supposedly get a W Refund. These are phishing sites designed to get you personally for Input signal your own private information. Don t would it. I vie gotten three of these calls from different W s along with different Website names all about Artwork.

8002263356 Complains by Guest,

Need Money for any Reason. Fast Loan Approvals Upwards to W Visit Money. com Finish answer stop

8002420085 Complains by Guest,


8002251955 Complains by annoyed,

Glad I read this as I just obtained a message on my phone to call your W W W Amount and like you personally Rather unsure if that is a legit Amount or not.

8001582376 Complains by ZippyNYC,

SCAM Amount posted on Grisliest NYC soliciting easy money within W W hours. Asking you personally for give Upward your own debit card.

8002272686 Complains by Guest,

I had a fraud done and they would t help me

8002524394 Complains by dan,

its Scotch Vendor Advantage try and Accumulate payment

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