8013829817 / 801-382-9817

Telephone information: Electric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom. S Salt Lake, UT. Salt Lake. United states
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Post by Sarah,

8013829817 Phone Lawyer. Not answering. Dint know anyone in Utah.

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 They Needed for understand who i was going to vote for in your presidential race

Post by K,

8013829817 I m within the Washington Region and I Simply obtained a telephone out of this number. Bacall from Robert asked me who I support for president. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 1 phone received a few minutes Past. I did t answer its within Utah. I dint know anyone within Utah.

Post by Guest,

8013829817 Don t understand anyone in Utah.

Post by vilaromeo,

801-382-9817 Simply got this call overly. In Vancouver California. I answered because I use my mobile for work and get calls out of all over your country. I replied along with my company name. Stop and a hang Upward. When i called back it rang a few times and discoed.

Post by David,

8013829817 Nicely with Mitt Romney within town and Ron Paul they're searching to see how many Republicans may go out and vote and if we can who may we Opt. Wish they would have live person on phone they might get more responses.

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 I just received call a few minutes ago. I did t response its within Utah. I dint know anyone within Utah either.

Post by David,

8013829817 That is for a voting camping looking to see how many Republicans are in Seattle

Post by Annoyed,

801-382-9817 I Merely got a 3 second Partial message with Customer you Now Si. . . and it Reductions away hangs Upwards. What a waste of cash. . . who is paying because of this system to create such idiotic calls.

Post by Jane,

8013829817 Don t know anyone in Utah. Did not reply they did not leave a MSG

Post by Gregg Andrus,

801-382-9817 Do not desire unsolicited calls

Post by seattle mobile phone user,

8013829817 I m in Seattle overly. Merely got a telephone on my cell that is Additionally on the national no phone registry. I did t Choose up because I don t know anyone in Utah and never 've. They did t leave a message.

Post by JACK,

801-382-9817 From my Knowledge calls that have for would with Forms 've nothing to would with that do not call list. They should become illegal but they're not. BTW the do not telephone list is a joke. They have many ways around it and it's just going to get worse.

Post by Jon,

8013829817 Bacall Around the upcoming election. Not value answering considering they don t believe it s Significant enough to 've a real Person doing that calls.

Post by M,

801-382-9817 Hmm I 've a Dallas area code too. I replied but no Result so I Installed Upward. Probably a Republican.

Post by Gene,

8013829817 Don t know anyone within Utah. Did not answer they did not leave a MSG

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 No sir I don t enjoy it.

Post by Jason,

8013829817 Merely got this phone out of Utah did t answer it and Afterward located this Trendy Web site. 2 PM Pacific March ND.

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 Political B. S.

Post by Sarah,

8013829817 Only obtained a phone out of the Amount. . like most of you I did not reply and there was no message left. . . on my Cell Phone. . . very unnerving when they get our cell Amounts somehow.

Post by C,

801-382-9817 Additionally in Dallas. I vie never gotten a Bacall on my cell Telephone before. I m not happy.

Post by Edward,

8013829817 Obtained a telephone on my CELL Phone. Scumbags. Did not reply did not get a call on my property line to go along with it. As along with others because Washington State caucus is the weekend it s probably a pollster but NOT MY CELL Phone you personally scumbags.

Post by T,

801-382-9817 In Washington area. Bacall for election.

Post by Jason,

8013829817 I obtained a call from the Amount asking me who I was going to vote for President. It said for press one for Obama and went on telling other Amounts for Republican and Separate Applicants. Being that bed wetting liberal that I 'm I pushed one and it went back for your menu of press one for Obama and other Amounts for everyone else. I kept Striving for Press 1 but it kept going back for that same menu. My figure is that it is some kind of Fox News poll. ha

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 Simply got the phone did t response don t understand anyone in UT . No express send.

Post by MudNEye21,

8013829817 Called my cell Vancouver Region. . . Few Minutes later Residence Telephone rang. . . same number.

Post by Leo,

801-382-9817 In Dallas as nicely. It s Amazing for look for sites like this to clarify who called. First phone like the to my work cell phone. My Partner mentioned an W missed phone on her cell phone a couple times ago. Do THEY GET Your Amounts. . . Large brother. .

Post by carissa,

8013829817 they called my Oregon cell phone i Put Upward as shortly as it asked who i was voting for. . . how did they get my cell number. . . this really is BS. . .

Post by ronrunner,

801-382-9817 I live in Washington State and suppose it was a political telephone Linked to your upcoming caucus in Washington on Saturday your phone has been ringing all daytime and I Usually do not get really many calls. I got an anonymous phone on my property line Used W seconds After by a call out of W W W on my cell phone. I did not response either just one and no message was left. I m not sure how they Joined my Residence Telephone and cell phone but I m Reasonably certain both calls were from the same number .

Post by Kathleen,

8013829817 Came in on my cell phone did t response it Simply blocked it because I don t take any but family or friend calls on my cell. If I need a business or physician s office for call on my cell I supply them your number. So I knew it was a nuisance call.

Post by B,

801-382-9817 Bacall out of Robert asking who I m voting for within your upcoming election. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Tony P,

8013829817 Got the call on my cell in Dallas answered and no just one talked Partner got your same call After within your daytime within Tacoma did not answer

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 Scott no sound

Post by Froggy,

8013829817 unknown did t response did t leave a message

Post by Don P,

801-382-9817 The name is Robert doing a Telephone survey on Republican Principal. Same message as my Partner got out of Robert using a Brooklyn NY Amount.

Post by Guest,

8013829817 Got a call from W W W and my cell Telephone carrier would not let me phone that Amount back.

Post by T,

801-382-9817 Within Tacoma. Only got a telephone out of the number didn't answer no message.

Post by JACK,

8013829817 From my Knowledge calls that have for can along with Forms 've nothing to can with the don't call list. They should become illegal but they are not. BTW that don't phone list is a joke. They have many manners Approximately it and it is just going for get worse.

Post by KMF,

801-382-9817 Rob political call


8013829817 Within EVER SON NO Response NO MESSAGE

Post by BillyBob,

801-382-9817 Bacall out of outfit in Utah about caucuses within Washington state. Not empty Automobile of Clowns

Post by spokanemike,

8013829817 in Spokane just got your same call as everyone else mentioning did not answer no message

Post by Swifty,

801-382-9817 Live within Dallas. Telephone out of Utah. . After locating the page as that phone was buzzing I never replied. . ME. .

Post by Melissa W.,

8013829817 Got a call out of W W W at 8 PM last nighttime on my cell phone. I did t Notice my phone ring which sounds enjoy an excellent matter. Contemplating that fact I don't have any Objective for vote for any Republicans in that upcoming election.

Post by Guest,

801-382-9817 YES another call to some CELL Phone. I did not reply but Seemingly this can be a republican pollster or campaign Bacall. It can would no good but I can report it to your FCC.

Post by Guest,

8013829817 Merely got a phone from the Amount. Did t answer and they did t leave voice mail. Plus I don t know anyone in Utah

Post by J,

801-382-9817 Simply got the call did t Select up. No voice send.

Post by ampleh,

8013829817 Got your same call so did my fiance we Also live within the Seattle Region. Think it s targeted for all of us.

Post by Scott,

801-382-9817 In Washington. Just got this phone. Did t reply and they did t leave a message.

Post by M,

8013829817 Hmm I have a Washington Region code overly. I answered but no response so I hung up. Probably a Republican.

Post by ronrunner,

801-382-9817 I live in Washington State and suppose it was a political call Linked for the upcoming caucus within Washington on Saturday that Telephone has been ringing all daytime and I Usually do not get quite many calls. I got an Private telephone on my property line Used W seconds After by a telephone from W W W on my cell phone. I did not reply either one and no message was left. I m not certain how they Related my home Telephone and cell phone but I m fairly certain both calls were from your same number .

Post by Guest,

8013829817 called yesterday at 6 PM PST left no message

Post by Lee,

801-382-9817 I got a Telephone call out of the number and did t answer it. When I called back after it rang couple times it disconnected.

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7652334078 Complains by oscar,

Asking for W dollars for pay Gasoline Bill

9178081937 Complains by Guest,

fake Authorities .

8323041286 Complains by Guest,


8182511714 Complains by s,

they're telling me its for a Faculty i went for for 1 period. I dint owe them any money it was Choosing care of by Pupil loans. I even called the student loan center says they show it paid over a Year Past. The Female is quite rude.

3109758377 Complains by Guest,

called me yesterday did t leave message and i don t answer s i don t understand would Actually love for know who it's though and how they got my Amount I am on that no telephone list for telemarketers

6082395405 Complains by Guest,


6315339760 Complains by Guest,

Scam call

7205358339 Complains by Guest,

Damion s house

8053209516 Complains by AJ,

Got this call today.  It was so obvious from the first moment that it was a scam. I called the number nevertheless, just to be sure. Funnily enough, some "Jenkins" answered, and started talking in a stupid Indian accent! He said since it is a Friday I have to pay the "fine" immediately, or else face the prospects of spending the weekend in the precincts...and the amount was an arbitrary $2,790 for failing to file Form 61...who knows what that is.  Apparently I could get the "Government Tax Voucher" only from four places - CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger and some other shop!  He was dumb enough to tell me that CVS pharmacy will only accept cash since it is a government voucher, and asked if I had the cash or if I had to go to the bank!  I started getting angry with him and asked him for his identity...he rattled out some batch number and started getting anxious.  After a few seconds he hung up.  I checked this website, and after confirming for sure that it was definitely a scam I called that number again! This time "Deputy John Harris" answered...and I gave that tool a piece of my mind and hung up.

9703430103 Complains by Guest,

4177614291 Complains by Guest,

automated phone scam saying black hawk bank

7216180802 Complains by Guest,

No telephone or texts to my Telephone block them

2144906188 Complains by Guest,

Nonstop calling morning noon and nighttime. I have stopped replying any calls that are listed as quot unavailable quot or quot unknown name and number quot . I 've been told the quot don't phone quot rule doesn't apply for organizations maintaining for become charities. Definitely should Contain all unwanted calls. Suppose it s time to flood our legislators with calls.

4178756007 Complains by Guest,

Spam phone they are pretending to become AT amp T.

2282634230 Complains by Guest,

quot Congratulations you are just one Fortunate customer becoming a credit applicable to your own next month Invoice for more details See HTTP tr. I'm Ifs

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