8022224749 / 802-222-4749

Telephone information: Telephone Op Co Of Vermont DBA Fairpoint. Bradford, VT. Orange. United states
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Post by cross country,

8022224749 A friend of mine called me from a pay Telephone at the Laos Angel es Meeting Centre to Select him Upward. When I Assessed my call Records later your pay Telephone is W W W . Very unexpected that a pay Telephone in L. A. would 've a Vermont Region code.

Post by Lo,

802-222-4749 i got a phone from this number. they were considerate i said they had that incorrect number they told me that Amount they were calling and it was a number away out of mine. i looked Upwards the number online and i was surprised for see it without Getting your entire Amount within the hunt engine. they called a second time but i did t pick up.

Post by Quit Buggin,

8022224749 Thus anyways its 1 W am and I get a Telephone call from W. Answer it and I Only hear heavy breathing. That caller ID said Longing Dank. Whatever your that means

Post by Jazz,

802-222-4749 After reading your preceding messages I m formally freaked Outside. I vie been getting calls from this W number for your past hour and it s your same as others two ring calls and a message that the number was disconnected when I try calling back.

Post by Marilyn,

8022224749 Hello. I believe you personally obtained a phone from my Buddy who is quite Ill. She is Underneath that sway of many Illegal drugs and suffers out of Schizophrenia. This phone is a disposable Telephone that she was able for get a hold of. At this time it is disconnected. She was psycho dialing arbitrary numbers on Sunday. If this wan t her what a Bizarre coincidence.

Post by CHRIS,

802-222-4749 I have gotten numerous calls out of the number a mumbling message male was left on a number of Functions. When Case returning the number is deemed from service

Post by Dave,

8022224749 I got a phone out of this Female warning me about a few dilemmas with my father. That call Arrived from no where. There could possibly become a few truth for that phone but not overly sure what for believe. . .

Post by WTF,

802-222-4749 Ellie would NEVER post something as absurd as this because she knows who posted it Simply as I would. And she knows its not true. . . . . Not even close.

Post by Marilyn,

8022224749 Hi. I consider you acquired a phone out of my friend who is really Ill. She is under the influence of many Illegal drugs and suffers out of Schizophrenia. The phone is a disposable Telephone that she was Capable for get a hold of. At the time it is disconnected. She was psycho dialing arbitrary numbers on Sunday. If this wan t her what a Odd coincidence.

Post by ms cant take it,

802-222-4749 Rev calls daytime and night two ring than Owner hand Upwards day and night I have an extremely ill mother dint need these calls.

Post by razwoker,

8022224749 I live within Southern California. I get Rob calls all your time usually during that day on House Telephone. This telephone woke me from a sound slumber at W W 'm. . I pushed that Speak button for listen did t Talk but Merely Stop on the Telephone no background noise or Sign it was a live telephone and it quickly disconnected. I 'm certain it was a spoofed Amount and a phony Rob telephone. Scum

Post by Donna,

802-222-4749 My phone is mechanically pocket dialing this Amount W W W. I 've never called this Amount. My research

Post by Mary,

8022224749 I got a telephone from the Amount and it was just breathing on that express send. Caller ID indicated W and that it was out of Vermont.

Post by Tina,

802-222-4749 I got a telephone out of the Amount and when i called back it was reported disconnected. I know someone s playing on my Telephone and they know how to Adjust the phone system. I consider that lady calling me is OX ANA OKs Ga lay. She is a very nasty woman.

Post by blrman91504,

8022224749 got a phone from this Amount Now. my philosophy is if it's Significant they ll leave a MSG. i dint Answer for callers i dint Comprehend. tried calling back. got a record number not in service . . . . . strange

Post by deveesee,

802-222-4749 I got the phone from the same i try and answer but they hang Upwards i called back not a working number

Post by Jim,

8022224749 I received a phone out of W W W just one minute after receiving a call from W W W. I did t response either as I have a policy of not answering numbers I don t Understand or when I am not expecting a business telephone. My personal philosophy is if it s Significant they ll leave a message. I suppose neither call was important as no messages were left.

Post by Roman,

802-222-4749 I received a telephone from the Amount W W W VERMONT . A Girl Inquired for Mike My name is not Henry Or is my wife. I asked WHO. She repeated the name along with a last name. I asked who is the and she Put up. No cruising Polite though. Quite Unexpected for see the number come up on this post . . . I 've a Thus Cal I expect she has free long space. If she calls again I can telephone her every half hour after sunlight goes down till it comes Upwards for a week. . . . or more . July W W Apr ox. PM

Post by kate,

8022224749 These guys have called me each frig gin daytime for a week. What that heck. .

Post by Floyd Gurney,

802-222-4749 I got a phone out of the frig gin clown and he left me an obscene message I'm presuming its crack head Joe

Post by Guest,

8022224749 Blows Upward Telephone. Did t bother answering

Post by Liz,

802-222-4749 I got that number today and it was my ex boyfriend. We both live in southern California and he dozen t 've a cell. I figured it was either a pay phone or he borrowed someone s cell because we were Preparation on Assembly Upwards and I understand he wan t home. Strange thing was that I called it back and it said your Amount was no longer within service which would not create feeling if it was a pay Telephone or cell.

Post by Jason,

8022224749 Beware when you get the Telephone phone. I met a Man using the Telephone Amount through grisliest. He seemed sketchy and kept Striving for get me away from our public Assembly Position for purchase my item.

Post by WTF,

802-222-4749 Betty would NEVER post something as absurd as this because she knows who posted it Only as I would. And she knows its not Accurate. . . . . Not even close.

Post by Mary Boyd,

8022224749 Actually weird. Got a phone on my cell phone I saw that Owner id and wan t going to reply but that ringing stopped after two rings. Then immediately your phone rang again the time along with that Amount blocked. No message left. If you call the number back on a blocked phone you personally get that record that the Amount is not within service. Thus someone is doing many number bouncing. . .

Post by Annoyed,

802-222-4749 I obtained 3 missed calls out of the number the morning and when I call back it says that number has been disconnected and is no longer in service. Unexpected.

Post by Judi,

8022224749 I got a telephone out of the number. it was a co worker Pal of mine calling in Ill. Humorous matter is we re in that W area code. Unusual.

Post by Ashley,

802-222-4749 Well my fiance called me out of the Amount. He was within Northern Kentucky when he called. It s the free call service a lot of pay phones have. If you personally don t 've enough to Put a call they permit you personally a free phone for 3 minutes. If you get a call from this Amount the Region code and number is Merely Established on where that call is Related through not where or who is calling.

Post by Iza,

8022224749 they Only keep calling and no one answers.

Post by Lauren,

802-222-4749 I got a telephone 8 PM 4 W W Fresh York City Place out of W W W a young woman s voice calling me a and and Afterward quickly Installed Upward when I asked who this was. My cell Telephone number is a non Released number and I Additionally use it for company Applications. Can these calls become Ceased. . . .

Post by caroline,

8022224749 got a MSG out of many gruelling me its around. Lola what your hell

Post by Guest,

802-222-4749 Calls. . for service silent irritated

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4073252716 Complains by Guest,

This Owner called both my Man and I Recently maintaining he was a paramedic and that my son my son and then the daughter had been within Injuries. Cops have been notified.

5408926760 Complains by Guest,

Bridal Gift Scam. Beware. Happy I knew better.

6509933062 Complains by Guest,

Left a message that Asserted if I did t call back for resoluteness I would be your Theme of criminal charges in front of a grand Court.

8705091712 Complains by Guest,


2819903051 Complains by Guest,

Pay Upward. or block the number.

3072134160 Complains by Guest,

Asshole called times Approximately AM

4152955878 Complains by Guest,

3 Email addresses asking me to Answer in text message to this Amount.

6788536161 Complains by Guest,

despise bucklers

8003230363 Complains by Annoyed,

Merely got a phone from them January W at W Am. I Display my calls because despite being on the don't call list I get this crap all your time. That machine picked Upward and all I heard was Fixed and crackling that went on several Instants before they or the machine Put Upward. I only Ed because I was waiting on a telephone out of someone else and wanted for see it was them. I think it s BS our phone Amounts are given out enjoy Sweets within your first Put I consider that private info and if I did not give you personally Direct permission for call it is a Infraction of my Seclusion Only as if you personally were trespassing. I don t demand the harassment and if they were really interested in doing something about it they would t just make a do not call list they d make it Illegal for ANY Business for provide Outside your number without your state permission.

8002008753 Complains by 8002008753,

Got a letter in my box with a renegotiated credit card Service Note. Offer me a break already. I don't entertain any of the Theatre. These Documents are Submitted directly into your sh reader. Tell these Folks for get a real Occupation.

8042391439 Complains by emmi,

They dint leave VIM amp they telephone all daytime each day. annoying. . .

8003105001 Complains by hpm070,

Obtained phone from the same Amount. Did not leave a message. Telephone was for Brand new Iberia La.

8043326302 Complains by Jessica,

Cell Number for Direct Television employee who does installs

8002339899 Complains by Carrie N.,

This number has called me 3 times. One I fidn't answer, 2nd identified herself as from "patient accounts" and asked me to "confirm" my address and birthdate. Refused. Told them to put their request in writing and hung up. Third call identified herself as being with a hospital where I actually was a recent patient. She again asked me to confirm address and birthdate. Said same thing, that I would not do this over phone and hung up. Most likely scammer. I hope everyone knows NOT to give personal info blind over phone!

8043251092 Complains by BethesdaDog,

That s a great point. If times were better I could surely afford to 've them take cash out of my bank.

8042349035 Complains by 1RoughDraft,

Penitentiary Fellowship. yea that makes feeling. Thanks. i Contributed for them at Christmas time. its to get gifts for kids of prisoners. Yes it's Rather annoying that they dint leave a message but it helps for understand now who it is I am ignoring.

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