8024258455 / 802-425-8455

Telephone information: Waitsfield - Fayston Telephone Co.. Ferrisburg, VT. Addison. United states
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Post by AnotherScamBahHumBug,

8024258455 I acquired a call this morning out of W W W. . . The year has been an all time record for phishing scams Identification Larceny and fraud. First year I have Experienced unique Approaches of each.

Post by not fooled,

802-425-8455 no just one I understand overly many scams for answer

Post by Vegas,

8024258455 Answered. . . no just one was their

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Do not reply this Amount its a spam and they steal Ur Information all they do if breath into that phone and when u hang Upward they telephone Beck but if u try o telephone Beck it says number disconnected

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Credit card scam

Post by Chris,

802-425-8455 Did not response and no message leftover caller ID says VT Usa obviously a scam telephone . . . now added to block list

Post by Jake,

8024258455 Fraud. . . . Simple and Straightforward. State for represent my bank. Turning the around to State Attorney

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Tried to phone back and message says not an excellent Amount.

Post by Bob,

8024258455 Called left no message.

Post by Beverly Bindl,

802-425-8455 I get calls out of the Amount all that time. I 'm ON A Don't Telephone LIST. . . . I do not understand who that caller is and if I don't Comprehend your number I do not answer it. Getting tired of having the Amount telephone me all that time.

Post by dan stafford,

8024258455 How many Gripes before it stops

Post by Don't Give a fuk,

802-425-8455 They phone leave no message. . . I had fresh no attention. . Cheers for the heads up on their Fake attempts for Take cash. . Ian t happening here

Post by danielle,

8024258455 Just got that call and i called back no reply. Idiotic that Folks can the for a dwelling. I trust that company goes out of company.

Post by Allison Monay,

802-425-8455 Someone at this number called me twice one appropriate after another and Installed Upwards.

Post by Just me,

8024258455 I don t reply calls I don t know. And I look it Upward or call it back and typically it dozen t Direct anywhere and my cell provides call blocking and I block those calls and never Notice in the or at least not know if I did

Post by Aric Way,

802-425-8455 I v obtained multiple calls from the .

Post by noone,

8024258455 Did not response no MSG left. Out of Charlotte VT would not head blocking your Amount.

Post by Dee,
Post by Michael T.,

8024258455 Gotten phone out of this Amount on my cell. Did t reply. No message left.

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Put up when answered

Post by Don Richards,

8024258455 Replied a telephone to my cell Telephone from this Amount. I said hello and waited a couple of seconds for a response. When I did t get one I figured they were Vehicle dialing numbers and I Installed up. Scampers Outside to hose Individuals over body.

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 called three times within a row

Post by Bruno el Diablo,

8024258455 Add me to that long list of calls out of this Amount. I never response calls from area Requirements outside of Minneapolis so I never have Narratives of interactions with rude foreigners. For a few motive I m becoming calls from three Distinct Check Amounts the week. Generally my Telephone is silent. That troubles me. Driving Approximately the morning I listened for the X morning show. They talked for women Around butt plugs. It was humorous.

Post by Linds,

802-425-8455 Yeah same here. It said they could lower my attention and this would become my final notice. For would thus you personally had to press a button to Chat for an Driver. What a Weight of bull. Definitely constantly hang Upward on these type of calls.

Post by Really?,

8024258455 I did not reply thought I would Google the Amount and it's been Verified I got the right choice.

Post by EliseMarie Oldfield,

802-425-8455 When calling my Amount Please become thus kind not for hang up on me

Post by Ed,

8024258455 Cardholder Services is a scam. One time I played along and said Yes I 'm interested to lowering my attention rate Upwards until they asked for my CC Information. At that point I said Should t you already 've that and got cussed out and they hung Upward on me. Another time I replied Particular Agent Edward Johnson and they Put Upward.

Post by KS,

802-425-8455 Called left no message.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Quit calling. . . . . . .

Post by Beverly Bindl,

802-425-8455 Got a cal this morning from the Amount. They rang my Telephone and when I picked up they rapidly Put Upward . I am on a Do not Telephone. . . . I am not interested within what they 've to offer. Discontinue CALLING ME.

Post by PHIL,


Post by Joe,

802-425-8455 It s a scummier. I Merely filed FCC Complaint W W. These Men are Linked for the Fake Government Representative named Specific Agent Rose who within reality is a criminal. That is also Attached into the fake Statement collector service from Austin TX.

Post by Sandra E,

8024258455 I m becoming a lot of calls from your Philippines and Merely replied and told them emphatically for not phone again they desire to schedule a Assembly via that Telephone. outsourcing. They have called about W times in that last week. They are persistent. I don t have their phone Amount. I Essentially told them away. The could possibly become same Business Merely trying a different approach.

Post by user,

802-425-8455 Did t answer no voice send left. Caller ID says Vermont Us SCUMMIER

Post by Shay,

8024258455 I missed that telephone no message left Amount has been added for my Avoid list

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Calls me at rad om times

Post by Greg In Oregon,

8024258455 BEWARE. . Scam operation. Claimed for become credit card debt consolidator. When I Inquired which bank they were they hung Upward on me. I also reported for dentally. gov for calling me.

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 I replied and they Put up

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Credit card scam

Post by Claude,

802-425-8455 The Amount called my cell phone and I did not response but had to pay for the telephone anyway because of the plan that I have. When I attempted for return the telephone to tell them to stop calling I got a message saying the number was no longer in service. These Folks demand to be Place within Prison and Priced with harassment.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Credit card scam

Post by kill them,

802-425-8455 it's so peculiar the Amount comes up Beginning out of different Places. . . . . Minneapolis Philippines Vermont. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . they confident must think they're fooling Folks. No matter your Amount that calls no issue where that caller id says they're from it s always your same Individual. . . Rachel. . . . . your same sepal that is a recording etc. These Individuals Actually demand to get a life. DC lists don t help as they use robotic Sellers. Not to mention the FCC or whoever that group is can t and won t can crap Around these Individuals. I m cancelling my acreage line and am gonna start buy prepaid disposable cell Telephones thus that they could t keep calling.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Spam I don t even have a credit card. . . sadhu.

Post by erick,

802-425-8455 They're Attempting to get credit card Amounts. When I Inquired what they wanted from me. They Installed Upwards that Telephone instantaneously.

Post by Melissa,

8024258455 Good idea. . . I Merely blocked the number on my cell phone overly. Thanks for the suggestion.

Post by Theresa,

802-425-8455 That does not work they have so many numbers. I 've been dealing along with them for years amp I get calls out of them 3 to 4 times a week. I 've told them I 'm on that don't call list to take me off their list. I have request for Chat to some supervisor where I 've been cussed Outside. I have thus many Amounts blocked from them all on my cell Telephone because I do not 've a house Telephone that I Quit blocking them. They never supply Upward amp I 've Additionally reported them to the FTC amp nothing has stopped them I I 'm not the just 1 that has reported them for your FTC there have been many Individuals that 've done this. I think they're Really using numbers within the states but are within another Nation because they 've quite significant emphases amp when they get mad you really could not comprehend them.

Post by CHUCK,

8024258455 A record Rachel from credit card services record said to press 0 for Speak to someone who could reduce my attention rate to 6 .

Post by Razorback,

802-425-8455 The number called my cell phone and did not leave a message.

Post by 802-425-8455,

8024258455 No message another hang Upwards caller. Thanks for that Hints. I vie blocked the Amount.

Post by Mike,

802-425-8455 called and left no message

Post by Traci,

8024258455 Simply got a call from the number. Same as the others no message left did not answer.

Post by len,

802-425-8455 Recently I received a call from W W W. Your Robot opened with calling herself Rachel and offering for lower my attention rates. Today I gotten the same automated message from W W W. Here is what I posted yesterday I Simply obtained an automated telephone out of the number. They claim to become my credit card Business offering lower attention rates. I don t 've any credit cards so it is Clearly a scam. That Call Type selector Actually should have a Scam Choice. This time I pressed 1 to Chat to someone. I demanded they remove my Amount from their call list. Before I could End my sentence that man on that Telephone hung up on me.

Post by Lisa M,

8024258455 no mail called once

Post by KS,

802-425-8455 Called left no message.

Post by Just me,

8024258455 I don t reply calls I don t know. And I appearance it Upward or call it back and Usually it dozen t Head everywhere and my cell Supplies telephone blocking and I block those calls and never Notice from your or at least not know if I did

Post by North Dakota,

802-425-8455 Called my cell phone and left no message.

Post by Joyce,

8024258455 Merely got a call from this number and TWO other Amounts like this that when I attempt to look up leads me for this page which says similar negative things about these callers. I don t know how they got my Amount and I got called out of three Distinct states within a day. I Only won t Choose Upwards.

Post by Anonymous,

802-425-8455 Called no one there but they did not hang Upward. I Offered up and Installed Upwards on them. Said from VT.

Post by Sandra Evans,

8024258455 This Business has my cell Telephone Amount and is calling me. They keep calling.

Post by Linda,

802-425-8455 Cease calling my Amount

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Spam

Post by Sarah,

802-425-8455 Don't reply unknown numbers. I made the mistake of answering 1 and Soon after they hacked my bank account and did a wire transfer which my overdraft pulled out of my savings so if I did not 've account alerts they would 've got off with my money. I attempt to block them as they come within but they keep calling out of various Amounts.

Post by Peggy,

8024258455 Just blocked your Amount. . .

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 The number steals info out of your own Telephone when answered

Post by Robert,

8024258455 Receive calls from these people at my Residence and cell phone numbers they say that they are out of Credit card services then I hang Upward. Both my Residence and cell Amounts are on the do not telephone list but it does not appear for Quit these Individuals. I wish someone would look for them and throw them in jail

Post by Amy,

802-425-8455 Got a missed phone no express send called back. . . occupied signal

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Acquired phone. No 1 on line.

Post by Keith Y.,

802-425-8455 Same called my cell Telephone and left no message

Post by Richard "Dick" Butter,

8024258455 He called me Sir for your entire W minute telephone to waste his time never asking for your false name I would have told him. Never prompted for that Conclusion date or security code Merely my false last four of the card which allowed me to play More as Does it subject if your card is activated. . Until transposed numbers sequence of my Program Arrived Upwards he did t request for your customer service number. I believe he got questionable when I Inquired where your company was located and he did a fade Outside rather than abruptly Ending the call.

Post by Bill B,

802-425-8455 Saw caller id on Telephone did not Comprehend did not response. Added to block call list.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Credit card scam

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 They phone correct at Am Cali time. If I hit hang up they phone back repeatedly. This morning within 2 minutes I got 9 calls. As shortly as I Strike dint answer they immediately phone appropriate back.

Post by SCAMMER-NIGHTMARE for 802-425-8455:,

8024258455 W W W SCAM ALERT the creep is dangerous and is being Trailed by FBI lodged a formal Grievance and asked them to Check.

Post by Erasmus,

802-425-8455 Lower your own attention rate

Post by John,

8024258455 The card service scampers Can service the credit cards BUT when they finish servicing them they will don't have any available credit staying. Folks which are fooled into having their cards serviced will be Priced a Minimum of W. W and many times that Complete amount staying on your card. The card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who victim mainly on that low income and your elderly but will cheat anyone that they could.

Post by Rural Oregon,

802-425-8455 They called while I was Sleep did t leave a message. Many sort of scam I m sure.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 called three times in a row

Post by RC,

802-425-8455 I just see a missed phone with the Amount no message left. San Diego CA

Post by Theresa,

8024258455 That does not work they have so many numbers. I have been dealing with them for years amp I get calls from them 3 for 4 times a week. I have told them I am on the don't phone list for take me off their list. I have ask to speak to a supervisor where I have been cussed out. I have so many numbers blocked from them all on my cell Telephone because I don't have a house Telephone that I stopped blocking them. They never supply up amp I have Additionally reported them to your FTC amp nothing has Ceased them I I am not the simply one that's reported them for the FTC there 've been many people that have done the. I think they're actually using numbers within the states but are in another country because they 've very significant emphases amp when they get mad you really could not understand them.

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Credit card b. s

Post by steve,

8024258455 Rachel at cardholder services talking about a lower rate on my credit card. spam

Post by Wisconsin,

802-425-8455 Called my cell the morning and Put Upward. No message.

Post by me,

8024258455 replied all Fairly that hang up

Post by Razorback,

802-425-8455 Called twice. Searched here before calling back. I think the Nat l Don't Telephone list sold my Information. I get more calls now than when I wan t registered.

Post by karen,

8024258455 Only acquired a telephone from W W W along with Registered message from Rachael . Rachel at Cardholder Services about an pressing deadline for 've my credit card interest reduced down for about 6 something enjoy this paraphrased and for press 1 to reduce my attention rate. I did t press 1 and that phone was disconnected.

Post by Sara,

802-425-8455 I gotten a telephone from this number i did t answer cause I did t understand your number.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 They keep calling me but when I response they just Air into that Telephone and then hang Upward. If you personally telephone your Amount back a message says that line is disconnected.

Post by erick,

802-425-8455 They called I replied. Your lady answered and when I Inquired what they Desired. from me they hung Upwards.

Post by Don,

8024258455 Obtained a telephone from the Amount but they left no message. I Delivered them a text stating they had the incorrect number and Afterward I blocked your Amount.

Post by LizinVegas,

802-425-8455 Got your phone on my cell Telephone out of the number that indicated it was from Vermont but along with no name so I did t reply. Strange my phone Quit ringing and started again. They must be getting determined. Oh well if your call was for me there would become a message to which I might or might not reply. No name no message that number is now blocked.

Post by Brenda,

8024258455 Card holder call I check that Amount no 1 I recognized. Did t answer

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Block your number

Post by Florida,

8024258455 Same here too called my cell Telephone and left no message

Post by Lindy,

802-425-8455 Your own saying this really is Rachel from a cc scummier . I have been calls out of her on my Dwelling Telephone thus I blocked your number. Just now i go a call from W W W on my CELL Phone . . . . This really is Guess to become prohibited . . Needles for say the Irs could make Billions away these people if just they would Tax their Gains and then Wonderful them . . Go for it Irs and FTC take away their funding . . .

Post by Cass,

8024258455 Called X for that last 2 Saturday s. I work for that bank my card is serviced by. We don t proactively telephone and request to lower your own interest rate we Merely can. Beware and tell them you may call your bank directly along with the number on the back of your card. If they could t understand that Subsequently Certainly I hope you personally see that red flag waiving.

Post by Charli,

802-425-8455 Called my cell. No message. Creepy.

Post by Nancy,

8024258455 i got a telephone this Amount W Min's Past computer call

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Credit card scam asking for account information

Post by Debbie S,

8024258455 Only called my cell did t leave a message. Been becoming a lot of these calls Recently out of multiple Distinct phone numbers same matter every time.

Post by Patty,

802-425-8455 I did not response. . . . Girl said scam

Post by Guest,

8024258455 I answered call but no Individual was on other Finish.

Post by Susan Earley,

802-425-8455 I got a Bacall Now at 9 W CST Around urgent need for contact them about lowering my credit card attention speed. Choice to press a number to Discuss for Individual but no Choice for become removed out of db thus I don t get called again. This same phone comes for my house phone at least 3 times a week.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 Spam

Post by Mieye,

802-425-8455 Said an attempt for Amass. VT. USA

Post by Guest,

8024258455 called three times within a row

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 My card Amount is W Ur Stupid

Post by G. Mcfadden,

8024258455 Called and hung up.

Post by Wolf4020,

802-425-8455 Got this annoying call during lunch. Thankfully I never reply that phone Subsequently unless it s family. Assessed the Amount here. Thank you personally all for your post. Did t body it was anything since they left no message and I know nobody within Vermont.

Post by Michelle,

8024258455 Replied but no one was there.

Post by anonymous1,

802-425-8455 I thought it was concerning when they called as that fact is I don t have a credit card. I Actually trust these Individuals are caught shortly. . .

Post by John,

8024258455 The card service scampers Will service the credit cards BUT when they Complete servicing them they may don't have any available credit remaining. Folks that are fooled into having their cards serviced can become Priced a Minimal of W. W and many times that Overall amount staying on that card. Your card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who prey Largely on your low income and the aged but can cheat anyone that they could.

Post by Dkel,

802-425-8455 Waited for representative. Inquired for the Business name she mentioned cardholder services. I Inquired for the address she said W nun Hey business and hung Upward. What a joke that we pay so Considerably for Phone services and the Companies do NOTHING for protect people from this. Someone is paying the Invoice for your Telephone Amounts used within these calls. Exactly why cant they either track and report them to that Experts or Only shut down that account.

Post by Jd Wardrop,

8024258455 called my cell Telephone left no message

Post by Just me,

802-425-8455 Did t answer no voice mail left. Caller ID says Vermont USA


8024258455 Amusing how no question which Amount calls it s Constantly Rachel out of card services. I Actually wonder how stupid these F n Idiots are that believe Individuals can even desire to Discuss to them. They're scum and liars and should become shot.

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 I keep becoming calls from arbitrary numbers within Course. It s really annoying

Post by Michelle,

8024258455 W W W keeps calling my cell phone and when I reply I cannot recognize them. . If you personally do not reply they keep calling back but leave no message

Post by dc,

802-425-8455 Merely got a phone on cell Telephone message said card member services nothing erroneous along with your own credit card but can low interest rates. Said I was telephone W 1 Minimum. and a guy replied asked if I was interested within that offer. I Inquired his name and he Put Upward. Go body if it's a true Firm they would t hang up duh.

Post by Caiiiii,

8024258455 Called left no message from a VT area code

Post by eas,

802-425-8455 Cloned Amount. . Not likely from Usa. . no jurisdiction to Set out of business

Post by KS,

8024258455 Called left no message.

Post by Liandra Lloyd,

802-425-8455 Tried for phone left no message.

Post by tony,

8024258455 this number W W W that i got 5 minutes ago. . i am pretty certain this Amount is out of city hall most number call without response.

Post by Daniel,

802-425-8455 Only missed a call from this number.

Post by Guest,

8024258455 I replied phone but no Man was on other end.

Post by Dennis,

802-425-8455 've gotten two calls out of these Folks. Never have answered. Don't Plan to either.

Post by Joe,

8024258455 These jerks keep calling me and hanging up. Your Telephone Amount can not be called back. Quite disturbing

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 Credit card spam. n

Post by Kristi,

8024258455 Acquired a telephone on my cell Telephone from this Amount. I did t reply as I did t Understand the Amount. . . no message left.

Post by Will,

802-425-8455 Did not answer. No express send. I specifically state within my express mail that I won t telephone back without a message. Clearly they did not desire to Talk too urgently.

Post by Poe,

8024258455 I sure am glad the Website is here. I don t reply unknown callers as a rule. But I can enjoy for understand who they are. They did t leave a message Picture that scampers never would . I don t demand some Rabidly call Attempting to scam me out of my cash. I 'm on that DC list and no one knows my cell Telephone along with that exclusion of a few work buddies and family.

Post by Robo Scam,

802-425-8455 These Individuals keep calling my cell Telephone Amount all morning. They keep leaving a Rob message Around Buying House security. Don't telephone them back or answer they Simply want to make sure that number is valid to send it Outside to more spammers. I reported them to your do not telephone registry at HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov

Post by Guest,

8024258455 They called me twice within a row without Making a message. Right after that I got a third call out of a Distinct which was a credit card scam.

Post by Dista,

802-425-8455 This number called and left a 3 Second Clear express send. I m so happy I did t answer.

Post by Robert Beach,

8024258455 It was another hang up. Know better than for telephone back. Suspect scam fraud. Phone call out of W W W

Post by kds04,

802-425-8455 obtained a call from the number today. did not response it. amusing that 2 weeks Past I finally told Stellar Collections to Quit harassing me after W months of my ignoring their calls that were Seemingly Striving to reach a Girl I have never heard of. Now i get a call from the Amount. Coincidence. I think not.

Post by Trapper,

8024258455 They Called I Do not Response Amounts I Don't Recognize They Did Not Leave A Message Simper Fidel is. . .

Post by Guest,

802-425-8455 They telephone Around and Around asking your same Gray questions. . Sm. . Discontinue calling me.

Post by Dave,

8024258455 I Generally don t answer numbers I don t understand but I was expecting a phone out of someone and notion this was them. Sadly all it was was Rachel from cardholder services telling me for press 1 if I want to lower my attention speed. Intrigued because I don't even own just one credit card. I pressed that button and was immediately connected along with someone named Frank. He Inquired me if I was Performing to that lower attention rates. I said Yes but I 'm curious as to how they got my number because I don t even own. . . He instantly hung Upward before I could finish my sentence. These credit card scampers could be SSS rude.

Post by SUSAN,

802-425-8455 stop calling me. . . . . . . . . . . . . You personally re unwanted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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8313928058 Complains by Guest,

Scummier. . .

8768815944 Complains by Guest,

Owner aka William Brooks out of Winner International says you personally vie won 5 Factory amp new Mercedes. Says he needs name amp address for fit i present him fake 1. He Offered a code to give for Ups then get my cashiers Assess I Simply had to get a green back card out of Walmart for W to cover tax that my country dozen t cover. amp phone them that next daytime an supply him your code on that back. I was assured this was legit Yeah Sure. . . I played along. That Man said all sorts of matters for facilitate my thoughts which I wan t Purchasing of course . Anyway this really is a SCAM for all that people Outside there who don t 've any sense. I Needed to see how much info I could get that Assumed Attorneys name is Craig Witters. This guy says he s a family man has Children go 've a glass of water and sit down to quiet yourself out of the enjoyable news. Shame shame Waste.

3252616049 Complains by Guest,

Phi sin

8063340389 Complains by Marcia,

Keep getting calls. I don t answer

8289743158 Complains by pissed,

Never answers

8323829146 Complains by Vince,

All your same as others. Except we called our accountant while talking for this Government agent. The accountant is an Irs auditor himself. The fake Man in the Government called us an and Installed Upwards.

7082952388 Complains by Guest,

Grosser and burps instead Discussions are ugly and sick. Lousy person a sicko.

2403980684 Complains by Guest,


7162742587 Complains by Guest,

This number has called my Telephone Likely W times . Not simply are they rude and ignorant but they are calling on a Guarantee on a vehicle that I Destination t owned within four years. They continue to telephone even though I have taken my Amount away that telephone list. I 'm definitely going for get legal advice about a harassment fit against this Business.

9403456885 Complains by concerned person,


9803443400 Complains by DontCall,

These calls appear to originate from a Florida based marketing company trying to sell cheap vacation packages to Florida in exchange for sitting through a high pressure sales pitch on timeshares.

3122793363 Complains by Guest,

Lt foo gt Pub Lt foo gt

7813073149 Complains by Guest,

you've been blocked your messages and texts can no More go through

8018280286 Complains by Guest,

switch off

5512272272 Complains by Guest,

14, 2010 02:35 PM I got a call from someone claiming to be Mark Brown then when I called back I got someone named James Anderson And was given the same spell in regards to my social security number being involved in pending legal activity and that I was going to be arrested. Well this is not my first time down this street. A week ago I got some similar calls for a different number (347)478-5919 Harry Newman. This time I was ready..... Bet they'll think twice about calling me again!

7272169840 Complains by Guest,

I'm not even bothering answering out of state calls anymore. figured it s spam

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