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Telephone information: Ctc Communications Corp.. Burlington, VT. . United states
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Post by TuckerGirl,

8024883060 This phone was about a free dismay system for my Residence if I agreed to have their sign in my yard. Who do they believe they re kidding. First of your call is from Burlington VT. I live within GA. Plus I already have a absolutely Wonderful dismay system installed already. That is just another among those nuisance calls that somehow Dresses that Don't Telephone registry. Someone needs to take an excellent hard appearance at who is responsible for your Risk. I ts obviously not working

Post by fed up,

802-488-3060 rec d telephone. . . don't know who this really is. I blocked them

Post by Yeah,

8024883060 I m ordering that system to a bogus address can see if that works. I encourage you to all do your same.

Post by mark nailor,

802-488-3060 obtained Telephone phone a few minutes Past my Telephone W W W

Post by carol,

8024883060 I acquired a call out of the Amount it showed Security Information on that caller id I did not reply they left a recorded message Around a security alarm system. I already have an dismay system that I 'm totally happy along with and they did not contact me for use their services I contacted them

Post by whistler,

802-488-3060 Get a whistle and blast them . . . it s easier on your own throat. Each telescope should know what he whistle means.

Post by Charles,

8024883060 I never replied that call because my Owner ID said BURLINGTON VERMONT and I don t understand anyone even close for Vermont. If 've had sales Folks pester me at home though Striving to Offer Away a free Dwelling security system. What they re really selling is a very overpriced cell phone service that you must subscribe for in purchase for their Dwelling security system to work. Very fraudulent sales Methods.

Post by r. mccusker,

802-488-3060 We have been on the Don't Phone LIST and this Firm shows Upward on my phone as SECURITY Info. We are working 1 at night and 1 during your daytime and the nuisance call int erupts our slumber. I 've repeatedly Required that it stops but the continue your harassment.

Post by JR in Co,

8024883060 Another within a very long list of recalls with your same come on of putting a sign in my own yard for a free security system. They 've changed the area code from the Pacific NW to VT this time but its the same sh t different day. I may become doing the typical tilting at windmills and report it to that DC list but that does Around as Substantially good as Going my head on your wall. At least when you Cease Going your head you've a sense of relief.

Post by North Carolina,

802-488-3060 Someone calls at dinner time out of W W W. No just one there except a message Can you need to become on the no call list. . . . . sick of them calling. Do you block those calls.

Post by Mr. Herb,

8024883060 It won t Cease your calls. As long as there surely is someone Mindless enough to do company along with them that calls will continue. But which is their weakness you know they may call again. So go for Walmart and within that boating Section buy a Processed atmosphere horn. Place it beside your Telephone and Simply wait. Next time they call press your Amount for Talk to your Representative and as shortly as they response try and blow their eardrums Outside the other side of their head. The won t Cease the calls either but at least when that telephone is around you will have the satisfaction of knowing your Man on another end is more pissed off than you are. After a while you will be searching forwards for their calls. What Excellent enjoyment. .

Post by Fed Up,

802-488-3060 Ditto what everyone else above said about this obnoxious security Firm. I pay for my Telephone but 've completely no control over what a holes call it whenever they desire. . . It s Merely plain wrong.

Post by Alan,

8024883060 Security spammers with an endless supply of fake Amounts filling up my blacklist. Virtually as poor as Rachel.

Post by Ricky,

802-488-3060 Call W W W this is your Manager who sets Upward your installation for your security systems that they are Striving for push down the throats by calling each daytime. When I answered the strange Amount 1 daytime they offered a free Dwelling security system. The girls called me to set Upwards that in stallion and said she is that Manager for peerless network that setup Business for that free GE Dwelling security system. Phone and tell her you personally desire that system installed and she may believe she has a sale Attempt to get more Information to post so they will Cease this Rob calling

Post by Guest,

8024883060 No answer

Post by tabitha,

802-488-3060 i Inquired for a address thus i could Compose to them to Quit calling. . . the guy James told me to shut Upward. i said I am having dinner with my family and James told my family to and hung up. disgusting. they also phone from W

Post by Don't Answer It!!!,

8024883060 If you don t understand who it is don t answer it. All that does is let them understand that they vie got a real Amount and they ll tease you more. The Amount has been added to my very long list of blocked calls now. . . . Issue solved. . . . which is until they spoof another number.

Post by Fedup,

802-488-3060 Just got a telephone from them. I think it s humorous that when this really is a solicitation type phone if you re on the DECRY why are they Let for have your appropriate to state inside their recording to request one for Select from their calls. . .

Post by Patricia Dekal,

8024883060 Oppressed 1 1 for Chat to someone to remove my name from the listing for a full house dismay system at no charge . When I finally got someone your Individual was very rude kept saying remove my Amount remove my number around and around while laughing before I Installed up

Post by Joe,

802-488-3060 Your national pandemic of Phone terrorism perpetrated by desperate criminal collection agencies and scam artists of each despicable sort is because they are Attempting to terrorize people who are naive enough to reply and submit to unsolicited Phone calls or Composed Group Words that don't have any legitimate legal debt Connected along with them or any of your Businesses Colleges or whomever else they claim to represent. Because most little guys were bankrupted by your Legal Wall St Congress Large Oil Large Bankers Big Business Military Robber Barons so the determined Set agencies are Seeking for Gather unpaid debts out of Simple Folks by terrorizing them into entry. News reports State that some of these nefarious rogue calls are originating from Offshore where that Owner claims for become a relative down on his or her luck who needs hundreds or thousands of dollars for get out of problem a cop or government agent threatening their unwitting Sufferers along with lawsuits fines garnishments seizures of property and imprisonment and any other unconscionable strategy they can use for terrify and Con that unwary from their life savings. Word of advice. NEVER answer any calls you personally don t Comprehend or are not expecting. Use Particular call rejection service if available or Change for an Net Established Phone service which Supplies comprehensive telephone rejection options. If rogue calls become chronic turn off all the ringers on all of your Telephones except one and place its volume to that minimal placing. Electronic hardware call blockers that popular Digit 1 Telephone Blocker W for example could help or can Injury depending on how high Technology and aggressive your rogue callers are against your own phone Amount. That more Engineering you use against them that more likely they may use Engineering more aggressively against you personally for your point where your Telephone could ring more Usually out of rogue calls and in Central of your night hours. Thus staying lower Technology could Really help to keep your own phone a bit more Underneath their unrelenting predatory radar. If you personally don t response that telephone and your Owner is legitimate they will Generally leave a express send after the first or second attempt. Rogue callers Virtually never leave express mail messages because that could be used as Signs against them if it Arrived to some suit albeit spoofed calls are Guaranteed by Authorities and corporations thus there's nothing the small guy may do against such illegitimate Actions but for block and Blow off them. If you receive a rogue letter within the mail warning you of many collection Actions against you personally if you personally don t Really owe it answer with a brief notice stating which you don t owe it. Or if you personally would owe all or component of it response with something like You personally claim I owe you personally a debt. Under W FD CPA I request Agreement of this debt. Just supply them your own name as THEY 've Composed it for you e. g. John Doe not Jonathon Q. Doe or however you personally Usually hint your own own name address and the account number they report. But if you don't owe that debt zombie debt aged debt mistaken or stolen identity forgery etc. state you have never done any company with them or along with the alleged First Lender of any kind and you personally anticipate the Set agency for close your matter Cease harassing you personally and take any terrible credit marks they vie caused away of your own credit rating and furthermore that any further contact out of them must maintain Composing on their official company correspondence letterhead. Send your page for them a. s. a. p. constantly within thirty days first Course certified send return reception Required. If they refuse it and you personally get that letter back unopened leave it unopened and save it in your files as evidence against them should they pursue legal Actions against you personally. If they did get it and continue to Follow Actions against you let them. That judge will throw it from court. If that rogue collection Bureau sells your account to another rogue Set Bureau Simply tell them that claim was proven invalid and offer to send them a Replicate of your page to that previous rogue collection agency. Warn all your friends Around the rash of determined collection agency terrorism and the way to Battle it. Knowledge is power. That more you learn the way to Battle rogue collection agencies back taxes scampers phishing scampers Religion and family scampers political action committees and other low life flimflammed that more you may learn how easy it is to can. Above all keep a record of everything of every rogue call w Owner ID info displayed including time and date of each call. Keep a complete file on any snail mailed intimidation out of rogue Set agencies including copies of all correspondences and postal receipts. Reporting rogue calls on sites like notes. com wholesome. com Telephone owner. info is a fantastic Thought too because many Folks find these sites by go ogling for the rogue number s after receiving calls from them. Start Here HTTP Internet. Solitude rights. org F's F's hrs. Imhotep Www. Google. com hunt. numb W amp q C A Decapitate Web. Google. com investigation. numb W amp q zombie deathtrap Web. Google. com investigation. numb W amp q slander of credit Web. Google. com search. numb W amp q limited . . . election Amenhotep Www. privacy rights. org F's F's debt coll. Imhotep Www. eh ow. com why'd Upward certified Challenge page. Web. Heart pages. com Center How to Beat a Collection Amenhotep Internet. Centre pages. com Centre Battling Client Debt Lovers Part 2 I Don't Owe The Deathtrap Www. Centre pages. com Link Try letters for disputes for creditors Lovers and credit breast en. Wikipedia. org wiki Decapitate Web. Good debt collection. com Disputing . . . Ute letter. HTML most state that above try correspondence is too long and should be Substantially Smaller HTTP Internet. Good debt Group. com statue Constraints. Www. spoof tel. com Credit Report HTTP Web. . com Cara index. spouses HTTP Web. USPS. com send insurance and Additional services. godmother links HTTP Internet. CNN. com W Dwelling personal W W . . . tors index. Centre pages. com Heart How to Defeat a Collection Amenhotep clearheaded. com show notes Class W W W HTTP clearheaded. com Matters droplet. HTML Information for filing Grievances against rogue telephone calls telephone harassment untrue Invoice collector harassment etc. within your United States and Canada pursue legal action only as a last resort UNITED STATES People National Don't Call Registry file Criticism HTTP Www. dentally. gov Gripe complaint check. Trade Commissioned Web. FTC. gov 1 W W File Grievance online HTTP Internet. . gavottes Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en that's at Web. FTC. gov National Communications Commission Phone toll free 1 W W HTTP Web. FCC. gov contacts. HTML Grievance online HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB Customers. support. FCC. gov Gripes. HTML Forgotten Calls Complaint sort HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB consumer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected Better Company Institution Assess out a Company locate owner contact info file a Gripe HTTP Web. BBB. org us Web Offense File report for Web Crime at Internet Crime Complaint Centred Internet. ICC. gov default. Phone busters Telephone toll free 1 W W Mon Fri 8 W 5 W pm Western Time E send E-mail W protected RCMP Site is at HTTP Internet. phone busters. com File complaint online HTTP Www. re col. ca intro. asp. Lang en Enroll with a Code and Subsequently can Frequently file Grievances Canada National Don't Phone Registry Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission CR TC Telephone Cost free to File A Gripe 1 W W W to withdraw a complaint is W W W CR TC online Gripes sort HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca poplin Money enact is at Web. CRT. cg. ca Better Company Business Assess Outside a Company look for owner contact info file a Grievance HTTP Web. BBB. org Canada

Post by whistler,

8024883060 Get a whistle and Boost them . . . it s easier in your throat. Every telescope should understand what he whistle means.

Post by pickles,

802-488-3060 yes i request the number for Cease calling my house and my mom and dads house they state Ok but telephone your number is 1 W W W i want it for Quit.

Post by Guest,

8024883060 No More showing Upwards as quot Card Services quot now caller ID is quot Security Info quot that is what they desire . . Do not become fooled and if you Chat with them and question them they hang Upwards. .

Post by TM,

802-488-3060 No answer Merely History Sound.

Post by do not call registry,

8024883060 W W W

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 Yes. At least two calls everyday. Their claim is that the FBI reports an Dwelling break in happens every W seconds across that State. Press 1 for listen further. Press 9 to 've my number placed on your don't telephone list. I will never press any number.

Post by Guest,

8024883060 telemarketer scam

Post by Fedup,

802-488-3060 Got a telephone from the number while I was Operating. Did not reply. Had 1 on your Th as well. Oh Nicely. FYI this can be for those interested within opting from a few Trash send as within credit card and loan offers. This morning I went to . com and filled out their online Program. Supposedly it s long-lasting. Before I did I did your research to make certain the W Really matched their online Treatment because you've to Supply your date of Start and SAN. Once you complete the form you have to print an Real Duplicate hint and mail it. Your Select out is also good for Expiring Trans Union and Info's. I believe it s hypocritical these credit bureaus which are Assumed for become unobtrusive and Safe along with the credit ratings but so evil within providing our names and addresses for anyone which is peddling credit card and loan offers etc. etc. etc. Once I pulled my credit report I found three Distinct sending lists pirates and was Capable for get away a great Cope of junk mail by contacting them. There s Huge cash in send lists. I m a Huge advocate within our appropriate to privacy both on phones and mailings.

Post by CJ,

8024883060 If on your Do not Telephone registry go for HTTP Internet. dentally. gov and file a Grievance. That only way to get these things for Cease is for people to stop being sluggish and report these problems.

Post by Frank,

802-488-3060 Has called several times. Did t reply.

Post by Guest,

8024883060 Call W W W to Quit that phone calls.

Post by Another stinking telemarketer call,

802-488-3060 First of all Folks we cannot say it enough the Do not Telephone LIST Doesn't WORK . . . . . . Same manner laws against robbery and other offense don t work. Scumbags are all around and Guidelines do not bother them. if you can BLOCK the call. Do not answer if you are able to t block. They may keep calling out of other Amounts even if you would block. There surely is no long-lasting fix but tell everyone you know NEVER to buy anything from these calls. That's that just matter that will Quit them. Eventually they can go broke. .

Post by stan,

8024883060 Several calls over a couple weeks latest on W W. I never answer. Is anyone enforcing the Do not Call registry. .

Post by whistler,

802-488-3060 Get a whistle and Boost them . . . it s easier on your own throat. Every telescope should understand what he whistle means.

Post by mark nailor,

8024883060 gotten phone telephone a few minutes ago my phone W W W

Post by Major Matt,

802-488-3060 Called Left no message.

Post by mark dunahoo,

8024883060 same company calls each daytime but out of TX. California. VT. and other Locations. i have pushed the do not phone on all numbers two or three times but they still keep calling. i desire it for Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 I keep getting calls for a House security system. They 've called me from at least 6 Distinct numbers. I 've pressed your Amount that recording tells you to press if you need for become removed from their list and they keep calling and calling. I have waited for speak to your live Man and shortly as you personally Begin telling them for remove your own number from their list they hang Upward on you before you can even finish. My Amount is registered on that do not telephone list and they still phone. 6 8 times a week. I desire to Leave their phone right Upwards their you personally know what. Lot of a holes. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by adam west,

8024883060 Doing about an hour of Telephone work I located out this Amount W W W is provided Thur CT Communications Corporation VT NOT the CT Communications corp in Canada . Difficulty is that simply local number W W W in Willis Load Vermont for CT communications corporation VT is disconnected. I got an W number Thur Century link using W W W . Thur many many Rings hurdles and wrong numbers I found Outside the Phone Company for this security company CT Communications was bought Outside by World link. I Affirmed the along with World link company at W W W. Next I was tried for squeeze out the contact info for this particular security company twice but World link was tight lipped and Demanded a subpoena. Earth link charges W per hour for them to research along along with whatever your own court Prices would be HTTP Web. world link. net Around policies civil. faces . So I sort of hit a dead Finish and I'm Merely blocking your entire Place code for prevent further calls. Great Fortune whoever needs to Follow this further. I just doubt that 1 W per FTC telemarketer who calls after told for stop and after you are on your national don't telephone list civil penalty matter will become enough for pay all your legal travel and research fees. I was kind of believing of when they phone having them come out and waste their time also getting that contact data for that company but as that is clearly a scam its not really safe giving out your physical address for thieves. Great Fortune people. P. S. I am Making this same message for that Amounts below. If you Face any of these Amounts oddly that same guy answers saying for press 1 for become placed on that don't telephone list. SAME Actual MESSAGE VERBATIM for each of these numbers. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W I Quit dialing at W W W. I consider this security company has your entire W W xx block W numbers . W W W W are all busy not within service as are W W W W W W W W and I tried W W W just for see Around the next block of number but it was for a entirely Distinct Business and did not 've a hint about any House security merchandises. Also W W W W were not in service along with a message saying thus .

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 Brady HDTV duct

Post by Guest,

8024883060 stop

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 Did you mean to fascination quot They re quot in place of their. At least Qualified People could tell what you re trying for state. This telephone is a scam.

Post by St Paul MN is Sick of Scammers,

8024883060 got Rob telephone from W W W on Monday W W W PM. Your message starts Can NT HANG Upwards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . if U desire a Free Security System with Free Installment press's . So I did and these jerks create U wait listening to music on your Telephone. Afterward a Man Arrived on and said Did U press 1 How can I help U. I told him I desire to know how I could get a Free Security System . That Man said that is an extremely great question I can get a specialist on your line to explain . Subsequently he Inquired another question which I did not fully Notice since I placed my Telephone close my computer speaker and started my Raunchy British song at not empty Boost. . . . . . . . . . . . soon that SCUMMIER was gone. St Paul MN is Ill of Scampers Security System SCUMMIER 0

Post by do not call registry,

802-488-3060 W W W

Post by Guest,

8024883060 Spam security system call

Post by Fed Up,

802-488-3060 Called about 7 this evening. Bacall for free security system. We 're on state and federal do not phone lists.

Post by Todd,

8024883060 Got a phone from this Amount and answered. Something about if you allow them to Place Upwards a indication in your own yard they will Mount a security system within your house for free. Provide you personally a couple options to Speak to someone Around it but I Merely hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 Their telling me Around break ins and they need you to Purchase security system

Post by Junie,

8024883060 That is the first time the Amount has called us. We ll add them for our scam database. We re in middle Atlanta Us.

Post by Barb from GA,

802-488-3060 Viewed at my Owner I. D. and did t Choose Upward. That call was out of Burlington VT. There was no message as normal.

Post by hazelwitch,

8024883060 W W W a record asking to put Upwards security system hint in your yard. . . allegedly free system installed. . . . . a scam no uncertainty I waited the telephone Outside and pressed 9 to not be called again. We shall see what we 'll see.

Post by Deb,

802-488-3060 Have received these. . . . . quite annoying. . . . . block the number

Post by Cole,

8024883060 I Merely got a phone out of this Amount also but did not response. No message was left of course.

Post by Guest,

802-488-3060 GE alarm

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8667942575 Complains by Guest,

Calls my cell Telephone in Toronto Canada about twice a day for over a week.

8004272449 Complains by Guest,

pretending for be boga

8173700299 Complains by Admin Assist,

Joe Graham called again as Cunningham Vigor the time. Wonder what that name of the company is going to become tomorrow.

8043085303 Complains by annoyed,

Inquired for my Partner when asked who it is no answer I Installed up

4092312222 Complains by Guest,

Sales call

7172301933 Complains by Guest,

Hang up

8042852071 Complains by Ty,

Some guy left a message at work Seeking to Select my brain about lean Production. Said that he was working on a job in SE Iowa.

9143414579 Complains by Ph,

I got the same call from a 408 area code. I was told  by my employer to contact the number on this website..  It is the Feds ..http://www.ftc.gov/      THey will take your info and tell ya precautions to take..very helpful..I had to cancel all my cards and close my debit card..do it ASAP..Protect yourself ASAP..

8002600295 Complains by Lerik,

W BR Glowing AND Sunny Flooring Plan Reply to E-mail W protected Problems when responding for Advertisements. Date W W W 9 PM EST W W W spam Wonderful 3 bedroom 2. bathroom home. family room with rock Fire nice kitchen with breakfast counter and granite counter tops stainless Metal Devices lots of Updates. Amusement deck and Jacuzzi in surrounded private backyard.

8001021102 Complains by Guest,

Received text from this number at 2:20 pm says I have jsut won a $1000.00 Walmart card to claim I need to go to http://dealdaily.ws/wm and enter to win.

8002535089 Complains by no way,

If you personally re replying Regular they ll keep calling Afterward too. Got for Discount your calls within all manners to provide yourself a chance at that Telephone ringing less.

8002008729 Complains by Kathy,

I called your Amount W W W back within which I obtained a record of First Monetary Property Direction. Sounds for me like a Lender.

8002080457 Complains by Guest,

poverty empowerment program

8002486995 Complains by Anonymous,

Message said it was your Rich Sullivan of that Better Business Office and was seeking to Chat for the owner of your company. His phone back Amount was W W W extension W. Somehow I did t believe his message perhaps it was his tone.

8002571574 Complains by Distressed,

I get 5 7 calls a day from W W W. THC calls start at 8 W 'm until late in that daytime. Thank goodness for caller ID. I Only don t reply that Telephone. Thanks for this site I found Outside who it was. We can owe them cash. Because we have been within that construction company we took a bad turn when the housing market and market dropped Outside. We attempted for create payment Plans but they would not work with us. We have been preparing a BK just for get them off your back. .

8002152089 Complains by Guest,


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