8024891166 / 802-489-1166

Telephone information: Ymax Communications Corp.. South Burlington, VT. . United states
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Post by VT Citizen,

8024891166 I imagine that it s a Vermont matter insofar as People within other states probably got a Distinct number to telephone. One with their own area code Simply as this call number has your W area code. Doing a fast appearance up it appears for become a Magic Jack Amount so the excitable Chap above is right. It's a Glass VIP line.

Post by janine hubbardton,

802-489-1166 i called state Authorities but because i did t call back and enter my debit card i was Outside no money. . . thus they say no offense but for telephone that Vermont Lawyer general when they get within Mon a. m. and report Fake activity

Post by Wheels,

8024891166 Intelligent Guy Billy Lad.

Post by Mykross,

802-489-1166 I got a text out of Maine telling me to call a Amount in Wisconsin same deal. But I 've GP'S coordinates for both numbers now Bahama.

Post by Maxx,

8024891166 Obtained text message from W W W Hilton Head SC Says card was small. Called did not offer any info.

Post by Bob,

802-489-1166 I vie Merely gotten two text messages. I m within California and they Inquired me to call a local Telephone number.

Post by vermonter,

8024891166 I got the same text Saturday night. I knew it was a scam because I don t have a card with a credit union. Merely a savings account along with no card associated along with that account. I d love to satisfy face for face with your Individual or People behind a scam like the. They deserve for rot within prison.

Post by A.E.,

802-489-1166 Received a call from The Credit Union Centre Alert saying my card was deactivated and for telephone W did that and got a Rob request for my W Number card Amount tried 0 to get Approximately it line was not alive tried again same thing. Go ogled Credit Union Centre Alert and found what I suspected figure this can be not limited for 1 state or area these are South Dakota Amounts.

Post by anonymous,

8024891166 Telephone your card issuer pronto and report that loss.

Post by Cagey Vermonter,

802-489-1166 It's a SCAM gt gt gt gt gt This Business has been around for years you call provide them a credit card Amount Termination date and that three digit code in the back the Rob voice confirms that your own card was activated and it has. FOR THEM For USE. . . FRAUD ALERT

Post by vermonter girl,

8024891166 I Only acquired a text out of these Individuals as well absolutely foolish.

Post by Bob,

802-489-1166 I vie just gotten two text messages. I m in California and they asked me for call a local Telephone number.

Post by Anonymous Concerned Citizen,

8024891166 W W Got a text message at 2 PM. Went on line and found Outside your truth a A Scam. . I want to thank those who 've responded and Composed in to this web Website. Cheers again.

Post by Wheels,

802-489-1166 You seriously gave them your own card . . . . . . . . . . It did t even state if it was a credit debit card or what make Credit MasterCard Find card it was in the text message I got. . . . . Simply that. . . . if you had a card it was deactivated Lao. . . . . I feel bad for you. . . . I hope everything works Outside I m confident your bank may handle it correctly. Good luck

Post by Wheels,

8024891166 Clever Man Billy Lad.

Post by A.E.,

802-489-1166 Obtained a call out of The Credit Union Facility Alert saying my card was deactivated and for telephone W did that and got a Rob request for my W Number card Amount tried 0 for get around it line was not alive attempted again same matter. Go ogled Credit Union Facility Alert and located what I suspected guess this is not small to one state or Place these are South Dakota numbers.

Post by Diane,

8024891166 I received among these same texts today but the Phone number was W W and the message Inquired me to telephone W W W. Both Amounts did not connect. I Merely occur for be missing my Budget Now lost in my own House I consider thus it gave me Fairly a scare until I go ogled that Credit Union Facility Alert. I did not receive a phone from the Vermont number.

Post by anonymous,

802-489-1166 Call your own card issuer pronto and report that loss.

Post by Vermontbanker,

8024891166 Don't provide any info. . . You may just become called by a live person to verify trades before a card is held or deactivated. It s fraud. . . .

Post by janine hubbardton,

802-489-1166 i called state police but because i did t telephone back and enter my debit card i was out no money. . . thus they state no offense but to call that Vermont attorney general when they get within Mon a. m. and report fraudulent activity

Post by Aquarius 21,

8024891166 Yes. I obtained your same text. It said Your CREDIT UNION Facility ALERT Your own CARD Beginning along with W has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact people at W W W. I did not call. I did a reverse look Upwards on that Telephone Amount and it was a property line. . Afterward I looked Upwards that name and found all these messages. . . Definitely a scam. Not first time I got among these e mails. . . Beware. .

Post by KotaAnn,

802-489-1166 I m out of Texas and your same matter happened to me. But they desire me to telephone a Distinct Amount. . What should I can. W W W was that number

Post by ljean,

8024891166 Got this same text. Panicked for a sec but did t call. How that heck did they get my cell number.

Post by vtgs,

802-489-1166 Also got that same message around the weekend. I emailed my Credit Union the Am. They Verified this was not legit.

Post by Chastity,

8024891166 My Man gotten this text and instantaneously called it. OH CRAP.

Post by Wheels,

802-489-1166 You seriously gave them your card . . . . . . . . . . It did t even state if it was a credit debit card or what create visa MasterCard Find card it was within that text message I got. . . . . Simply that. . . . if you had a card it was deactivated Lao. . . . . I feel terrible for you. . . . I expect everything works out I m confident your own bank can handle it correctly. Good luck

Post by Greg,

8024891166 Simply got a text with that same info that my card was deactivated. It was a Wisconsin cellular telephone Amount that Directed} it W W W and Needed me for telephone a acreage line within Milford CT W W W. I live in CT and my card was Given out of a credit union within NY. Don t panic or phone back any number that they provide you just another scam to separate you personally from your tough earned .

Post by Aquarius 21,

802-489-1166 Yes. I acquired that same text. It said The CREDIT UNION Center ALERT Your own CARD starting with W was DEACTIVATED. Please contact people at W W W. I did not call. I did a Change appearance up on your Telephone Amount and it was a land line. . Afterward I looked up that name and found all these messages. . . Definitely a scam. Not first time I got among these e mails. . . Beware. .

Post by SP in Vermont,

8024891166 I Merely got the same text. I too called when it refused for let me Discuss to a Person I Put Upward without providing anything.

Post by Vtgal,

802-489-1166 Additionally got this same text today and figured it was a scam. Happy to have that confirmed so I don t 've for Stress.

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9146305156 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector jeopardize to offer my Amount to spam non Cease calls if I did t

2055674290 Complains by Guest,

he with Dem games

6502496499 Complains by Guest,

Caller ID simply identifies the phone as Redwood City CA. They phone several times a daytime without Making a message until I finally blocked their Amount. They call all times during your daytime amp Night under a variety of different Amounts including W W W W W W W W W

4052130156 Complains by Guest,

Attempting for get me for resubscribe for XML radio.

5085980011 Complains by Guest,

Someone replied named Julie and Inquired if I was returning a call.

8172339031 Complains by Bankrupt,

Called left no message

2158396905 Complains by Guest,

Refused for reply your call

2692673620 Complains by Jean Palmer,

Jean Palmer Daley - Psychotherapy22 West Micheltorena Suite A Santa Barbara, CA 931018053089592 http://www.jeanpalmerdaley.com/Jean Palmer-Daley holds two masters degrees, one in Special Education/Early Childhood Education, a second in Counseling as well as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.Psychotherapy, Marital Therapy, Counseling, Therapy, Psychotherapist.

8002159330 Complains by John,

Called and did not leave a message. Likely a Invoice collector.

8002478080 Complains by Debbie White,

They really likely are scampers. However they also are very likely not reading places on the Site. I hope you get your own Question sorted out.

8002569962 Complains by Guest,

stop calling

8002422876 Complains by Alma,

This Amount keeps calling.

8002478855 Complains by sue,

Follow that measures in what you demand to know and send them a quit amp desist page via certified or return reception Us send. HTTP notes. com arts Jibe Edgar harass in . . . oi need to know See People post here also HTTP notes. com forum ta affable unending collection calls Templates of Words HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP Www. FTC. gov OS statutes . shortstop Www. Client finance. gov investigation . . . HTTP Www. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts PD W Good credit reporting act. pettifogged Www. Client. FTC. gov articles W debt collection To File Criticisms FD CPA TC Pa violations Your own State Lawyer General Their State Attorney generality's Web. . gov amp Section HTTP Web. consumer finance. gov Grievance

8002563818 Complains by Cynthia,

I do not owe anything for anyone in the way of dollars. My insurance Included all of my medical bills as my situation was catastrophic. Not confident how they got my information. It's also been over 6 years since those hospitalizations. Additionally since Subsequently another incident was Included by workman s comp with a Attorney and they still telephone.

8002260014 Complains by Scam Smeller,

I didnt get a call, but I just got a bill in the mail from this...this...idk what to call them because they don't deserve the title of company or business...but anyway, it says I owe "them" $10 for a "third number billed" (type 1...whatever the hell that means) to Birmingham, AL. HOWEVER...I have a cell phone  plan with free long distance, for one. For two, when I compared the date and time this call was supposedly placed to Alabama through "MCI of Verizon" with my T-mobile cell phone, it was the SAME EXACT time and length of time I made a local call to my FREAKING COLLEGE which is in the same city as me. Such idiots! On my fake bill it says that the charges for these (fake) calls will not be on any other telephone  company's  invoice.... Nice try. But I looked, anyway and found out MCI is a lie! If you can, compare the call you're billed for from "MCI" to the call on your actual carriers usage statement (it shows all the calls you made over a period of time), and you shall see that the call "MCI" is billing you for may have the same date and length of time for a call you actually made EXCEPT the call you actually made is not long distance and was already paid for by you to your real phone service provider. Just ignore this fake bill or send them $10 in monopoly money :D

8002575850 Complains by Guest,

Attached the Amount for my Statement.

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