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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Bennington, VT. Bennington. United states
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Post by InZane,

8026814148 Sorry. . . It s page W

Post by melanie,

802-681-4148 W W W N AI re cu l Apple Le 5 fierier a W W Com me Jew Sui's poacher en Angela's Jew n AI pas Include grand Selected par cont re applier Friend Le 8 oi 9 Jew l AI comprise. j AI applier Friend Le 9 ET T AI creche tout suite Le flash a passer en meme Temperatures Que T Papayas Friend la touche Que c eta is fraudulence. J AI applier Che bell Canada ET Il Mon mention Que pluses People avaunt applier pour Ce numeric Mai's Que pour l Quick auxin Customer a t Casualty P} fraud Friend leers liken. . . Au mo ins ca De posit if. . Preens guarder Perez pas voter temps creche. . Bonner journo e a for us

Post by Isabelle,

8026814148 They said Congratulations you personally vie Simply won a careen cruise press 9 to claim your own Cost. I did it because usually I hang away the phone and they attempted again. After for Place my on hold for few seconds a lady Begin for Speak for me and I could hear a lot of noise on your back and Individuals talking loud. Finally it was a type of discount appears peculiar and I had a hard time to understand her because English is my second language. Subsequently she said for me You personally Chat French. I said yes and she said for me Ok bye and she hang away. Quite unusual and affecting phone because it is not that first time I got a telephone out of that Telephone number 1 W W W

Post by stat,

802-681-4148 N AI EU Le meme Apple W foils pour Eyre Specific. Friend internet j AI VI la meme data. idea tape Web. phone busters. com c est UN Website quid collaborate Ave la Gary RCMP Tu tapes ta plaint .

Post by nova scotia,

8026814148 W W PM and my phone Merely rang. I replied it thus I could hang up on them since I Presumed it was a telemarketer and then it was Practically 5 minutes before my line became free thus that I could use it again. There had better not be any Costs on my Telephone bill. W of that 1 W 1 W. 1 W 1 W and all those sorts of Amounts are scams. Now we can refuse for response a Telephone unless we know who it's that is calling

Post by marg,

802-681-4148 Owner named David Matthews out of travel worked rang to tel me that I have won a W daytime trip to florid W. W PP AIRFARES NOT Comprised.

Post by M. Lamothe,

8026814148 I got that call for that first time last nighttime. It was a recording saying I had won a cruise. I never entered a Competition for that. It said for press 9 for verification I did t press 9. . . . I Simply waited to see if a human being would come on . Subsequently the male express said to press 8 and I would t become called again Once again I did t press anything and Afterward the line went dead. What s this all about .

Post by QC,

802-681-4148 I gotten a telephone from your 1 W W W Amount a few minutes ago. It s your same Storyline. I won a trip. Press 9 or press 8. I did nothing but listened until other the phone disconnected. I 've never responded to a machine calling me and don t plan for within that future.

Post by Do Not Call - Canadian Version Coming,

8026814148 Do not call is just around that Place for Canada. . . thanks for our American Buddies for inventing this kind of Desired system. HTTP Internet. Telephone busters. com English calculi. HTML

Post by And,

802-681-4148 Jew veins De reservoir UN Apple De Ce m me numb RI Que Beck QC J AI r Lake Mai's mosque T AI EU UN dote De la v racist P} cert Apple N AI crotch . Jew Sui's content d Avior VI Ce forum pour comprehended la suite P} cert range Apple. . .

Post by Denny,

8026814148 Just one Favorable measure would be for contact your Put these calls are coming from and tell them You'll not buy products or services from that state Attorney General or province MP or Mop more tell them you would never spend any Visitor dollars there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida understands the and is Very tiff on these Men because of all the Canadians overwintering there 1 might ask do you know Telephone companies and government are doing Around the raising problem.

Post by canadian,

802-681-4148 This really is fraud do not provide any info and phone your own local financial fraud police department. A Nona Fidel Firm would never make you personally pay for a lottery or bring prize.

Post by Kat,

8026814148 Receiving Telephone calls from 1 W W W

Post by moni,

802-681-4148 I vie acquired it overly a few minutes Past. I m from St Lambert. I m sick of it. Expect someone can can something for Discontinue these fraudsters.

Post by Chicoutimi guy,

8026814148 That same Increased Mary called back but the time the number was W W W. Since I m confident she called from the same Table I suppose they just use these numbers thus we cannot track them down. She Put up when I told her I could not get a passport for leave Canada. La m me personae m a rappel Mai's cert foils Du W W W. Aloes Ce's apples snot Use s Level dies gens en t l Promotion quid NE Crazy pas Trey retract s. T AI pr f r NE pas Donner Mon numb RI De Carter.

Post by Norma,

802-681-4148 Amazing Notion. I gotten the same telephone last week and when I told them I wan t interested in talking for them because it was a scam they still insisted I should talk for them saying you personally don t understand what you personally re talking Around . I told them in no unclear conditions that I most certainly knew when I was Striving for become conned and they called me an idiot and I Put Upwards on them. I believe your best strategy is to Only let them keep talking. . . . it s costing them cash. I Merely read an Post in that Paper about this and not overly long ago an elderly Buddy of mine was taken by these people. She was too obstructed to tell anyone and ended Upwards Investing about W. W on her credit card.

Post by Pierre,

8026814148 Keep receiving calls from L W W W

Post by Andy,

802-681-4148 I m in Ontario got a telephone from this Amount yesterday did not pick Upward they did not leave a message. Beware of offers for free Visits .

Post by M,

8026814148 Frenchmen nous Avon for us dies Guru bl mes Ave Ce numb RI quid nous ARC Le. Diets Don Au lieu P} vows printer pour UN d fencer P} la languor Fran AIs Allies Don jug er Les Atreus alleys.

Post by annon,

802-681-4148 Gotten a call from 1 W W W won a Holiday press 9. Because they're calling a number which is Connected with a Life telephone for a frail and elderly Guardian I Usually can Strike whatever Amount and request to become removed with that explanation that it's a medical line. Got ANTHONY Inquired for please remove your Amount as it was on a Life call system for medical emergencies. Mr Anthony responded good i will call 4 times a daytime at which point I lost it. He Subsequently called me retarded as well as other names while I was asking for a Manager. I heard what sounded enjoy a transport click Subsequently I Began randomly becoming express mailboxes. He Attached Upward the line for W minutes as I could not hang up. Whatever he had done had kept that line busy for W minutes. I tried telephone 1 W W W that is their Real office and spoke for customer service. Lets trust the Man there does not think it is a joke for tie up a Life Phone Amount. Telephone 1 W W W for whine. These are not Fine people.

Post by julie,

8026814148 same as all the other Lists. on this site

Post by buzz,

802-681-4148 Ha. . . I got this call. Fully expecting it to be a scam nothing in life is free for Pete s Welfare. . I adore to eat these callers for breakfast. So I pressed 9 finally Injury Upward on some voice mail system. Kept pressing 9 got nothing pressed 0 the phone rang a few times back to voice mail system. I kept pressing 0 Subsequently finally a man replied. When I asked questions he responded as if he were talking to someone else. . . Afterward I Recognized he was. He kept asking me if I talked English. . . huh. but I was speaking English. . . Afterward I Calculated out what was happening. It must have a Difficulty with cross Discuss on their automated system. I was Reading your User s side of an incoming phone from another Man. So I listened. . . kept listening. . . I heard SEVERAL of their calls. It's This kind of SCAM. At least 2 of that 7 callers I heard Truly gave their credit cards. If you personally go all your way for giving them the credit card your Firm claims for become Perfect Travel Promotions customer support Telephone is W W W. They may send you a Leaflet within your mail to your address. I have seen on another scam Website that they bill you personally W for that Booklet and if you can nothing you ll be Priced W for your package. It s for 4 Individuals purportedly is transferable etc. What's curious is that they try different ways to get your CC first before telling you personally all that details. I would 've Put Upwards most Individuals do at this point. They may sometimes ask if you personally re over W if you personally speak English if you personally like the Caribbean might it be a place you d go on Holiday etc. For get your own Telephone Amount they state Things like the machine that dials is on your Th floor and I m on that Rd floor thus I have for Place you personally on hold. . . For get your own CC they try a couple of Techniques. 1 that Information in my own computer file is Partial. It says your own CC is along with CI BC a popular card and it begins along with xxxix 5 numbers which are simple to understand since Credit along with a certain bank can consistently start that way etc. . . . Another tactic was to state that the offer is simply for W Folks and they demand for get your own CC to support your own attention in that Bundle. It s pressure. It was Gloomy and form of astonishing for see how Folks fall with this Things. If they did t that scampers would not become Striving. Sadly it might Really be legal because they tell you personally they're recording your own conversation to affirm your own credit card number with their legal department . I would t become surprised if you can t get from it along with Credit etc.

Post by Brenda,

8026814148 Automated message starts away Congratulations you might have won. . I Simply hang Upwards. . I live on Vancouver Isle. . I understand they have called many times formerly. . they call during the day and it Simply shows as a missed telephone. It's quite aggravating. . . Wish it could become Ceased. .

Post by Pat,

802-681-4148 Got a call Approximately 7 W PM and I m out of south coast of Montreal. Same matter here got your Registered message but hanged off Around 4 sec. after I heard the. Just hoping they won't phone back. .

Post by Dick,

8026814148 I get the same damn telephone at least once a month. Dial 9 for the Caribbean cruise I Only won. I wish to heck these guys would get another life and stop bothering people. Why do we have to Set Upward with crap like that.

Post by kikinne,

802-681-4148 La tuque W W re cu cert Apple

Post by sevy46,

8026814148 via telephone

Post by canadia,

802-681-4148 Ok I just called your customer service number on page W left by Within Zane and asked for customer service and she Inquired me for my phone Amount and name and Inquired if I had a Date of purchase. I Only told her I was hung Upward on and would love for become removed from your calling list. I figure you are able to call your Amount and talk for them Around your own lost cash.

Post by Kina,

8026814148 I vie just read all of your messages and it seems November is their Quebec month. I live near Montreal and I vie Only obtained this same phone phone for that first and I surely hope last time. But I must state I m jealous of another victims . No You vie won a trip for me . . . Just a hang up . I feel type of awful. 'm I not great enough to be lied to and insulted before they hang Upward on me . Soul filet Supplied great advice and I believe your best matter to can for us within Quebec if a Individual comes on your line is to prated we don t recognize them and just Talk french. That could Discontinue them out of Striving. I also thing that the few persons who state they took your Vacation and are happy they did probably work for this Firm.

Post by Reneecoutu,

802-681-4148 I got that telephone to but i m french and i hang up and Telephone my telephone Business and gave them this phone Amount and they said for hang up . J AI Aussie re u Ce t l Telephone ET quad N AI crotch j AI Apple ma campaigner De t l Telephone ET Mon Consuelo De crotch imam determent. They told me that they ask for your credit card Amount to pay for the papers and that can become for a prize of 1 million dollars for so pay attention. Illinois m Ont DOT Que Il demand pour nitre numb RI De Carter P} Cr DOT pour r glee Les Philadelphia piers ET Celia Pet Trey Aussie pour UN pr ix De 1 million De dollars aloes Fates Interest.

Post by Joe,

8026814148 They telephone me and they said I won a vacation to Cara bean. Go ogled that Amount located this list. Montreal Canada

Post by NSCJohn,

802-681-4148 Yes that is an excellent website but your Canadian RCMP says this can be a scam for hijack your acreage line for reroute High-priced long distance calls. When they hangup or you personally press 9 they still 've use of your line somehow to create another phone or 3 and charged to your own phone Statement. When you hang Upwards You are SAFE Out of The SCAM IF You personally PRESS 9 OR Talk To THEM AND THEY HANGUP You'll Be SCAMMED AND Prices Can Show Upward On your Telephone Invoice. Vermont residents are urged for report this for your police for Finish this Scam.

Post by Martin,

8026814148 Par pluses foils cert seaming T AI re u UN Apple De Ce numb RI. Cheque foils la snore P} Mon t l phone ta it bizarre par rapport la nor man pas Le daring daring habitual . Sui's Jew Le Seoul. Lind Martin N AI r pond ET sans attend re UN message en Angela's me dist Que ills avaunt UN away re Sp Chile pour lemur Customers Canadians lire dies Poisson's Bela Bela Bela . Jew NE Sui's pas Na f ET Jew creche. Lind APR s midi Jew NE d creche pas Auto Jew Sui's occupy Friend UN outre liken. ET Ce Jedi Martin H Jew r Pool encore Danes Le but P} Les questioner UN Pei plus. . . ills snot Odds t l pat hes Stride Que m me APR s 2 minutes personae n avid encore Pearl . . . Moi Jew Sui's Du W.

Post by xite29,

802-681-4148 I just got a call out of them. Did t response thus not confident what it was Around.

Post by Sara,

8026814148 Gotten calls from this Amount on my caller ID. Don t understand who it's and I never reply.

Post by Mel,

802-681-4148 Jew veins P} Le reservoir H Jew Sui's Mont Trembling.

Post by YZERMAN,

8026814148 I Merely acquired a phone from the same Amount at my Dwelling in Alberta.

Post by Francine,

802-681-4148 Telling me that I won a trip and by listening to our local news on TS on television I learned that it's a telemarketing fraud. . .

Post by White_Napalm,

8026814148 These people called today I didn't response as I Blow off unknown are Rules and such. Thanks to all for your info. Southern Ontario Resident.

Post by Decon,

802-681-4148 I get the call at least twice a week. It's consistently during your daytime time during the work week. I believe this business is enjoy alto of others and victim on your elderly. Since I don't 've an replying machine Connected up anymore was drained of it being packed with Waste hangups and supplying calling bots with a valid phone Amount it doesn't fuss me for not reply your Telephone. As Much as pressing buttons on a telephone I would not urge it since You're agreeing to what ever that button entails. Whether it is a charge of a few variety or whatever. As Much as getting your Amount off the phone list forget it your Folks that usually do the line of work don't have any Difficulty Choosing verbal maltreatment from people and continue to do what can make them cash. It took me quite awhile for get around running for your Telephone each time it rings but of course everybody s Condition is different.

Post by CF,

8026814148 Receiving calls of your same nature won a Holiday caller is automated left voice message. Searched online and discovered Referrals in this forum. Searched via Web. white pages. com found your provider for be Amount 3 Communications located within Pennington VT Vermont. . I can promise all Canadians which are receiving calls of this nature. . . Your Telephone Firm that CR TC and the CC TS do not care. The Simply way to Follow and have these types of calls cease is through stiffer legislation which won t come Around. No one gives great goddamn Individuals. Only people. There are legal channels which you can take to prevent future such calls at your expense of course and that means which you continue to suffer because as shortly as you personally would the the offender can sell your number to other such Businesses. Been there done that. Unlisted Amount you state. Automobile dial er can eventually look for you personally and once they do they may populate other such databases along with your number as a live contact for future annoyance. Nope as someone else here has mentioned in Way fewer words there s nothing you are able to can Around it. I believe that Amount 3 Communications could possibly be that service IE telephone provider and NOT your True telemarketing call Facility but have obtained confirmation. I m all for an easier System of preventing such calls. . . How Around a Telephone Me Anytime list compared to the Do not Affect list and making it Essential as a sole list for telemarketers for Manage their Companies from. More to that I think a far and Good Option would be to Prohibit auto Merchants Interval. They can nothing but take Upward Precious time and demoralize seriously who needs to have an automated system contact them to request them for please hold for an important statement or Strength them to listen to a Extensive message before getting a live Driver who most times hangs up anyhow.

Post by someonesomewhere,

802-681-4148 I have been receiving calls from these people for months but have only been Dwelling recently to response them. This past Saturday when I obtained a telephone I waited for the no telephone list Recommendations. They were not Accessible thus I Installed up and called that number back it was not your W W and was placed on the no phone list. Now Monday I gotten another call same vacation Cope different automated voice and it was from your W W Amount. Cheers for call waiting I missed your component where it tells you personally what to can to be placed on that no telephone list but if you listen long enough that Guidelines are there.

Post by Francois,

8026814148 Here d Apple H Le 5 d sombre W

Post by jax830,

802-681-4148 Answered the Telephone to a Registered message that told me that i had just one a Vacation for that Caribbean and for Merely press 9. I Installed up.

Post by YZERMAN,

8026814148 I just obtained a telephone in the same Amount at my Residence within Alberta.

Post by jon,

802-681-4148 this number Only said i won a free Holiday in Florida Subsequently i got this Owner who wanted for confirm my Telephone number and she asked you re the holder of a major credit card right. and at the point i told her i did t need a Holiday and Installed Upward. My caller ID said it was from Vermont.

Post by satan a na plein son casque,

8026814148 la J Sui's scourer Si ya dies enquirers quid lies SA attender pas quail y At dies metre sacrament Jain Le gout P} Collection Calais . . . . Jew Sui's pus Able De lemur astir De causerie . . . . snot chances en sacrament Prevent Au eta ts sin on Il Sauternes Les Calais . . .

Post by Kaynos,

802-681-4148 I just acquired a Telephone telephone out of them Additionally in Quebec Canada. Apparently i won a cruise for your Caribbean Yep Appropriate . I hung Upward it s a Evident scam.

Post by JRA,

8026814148 Fates UN plaint Ave Le BBB De lemur r Gino HTTP Westphalia. BBB. org Web Root Report. asp. site W amp BBB W amp Agency Lear dossier n est pas Bonn. Jew re Oise dies apples r GUI raiment d ex. Il y a EU UN Post Danes Le Solely De Que Beck.

Post by Joce,

802-681-4148 Got that telephone on my land line. . . Although I can understand it s affecting cell phones too. I work for TEL People and this really is a call driver for all Companies. I attempted to Infusion a Business name or Place from these Men but that scampers are well trained and they ll Only hang Upwards on you personally if you personally don t collaborate or if you personally ask overly many questions. DON T Present THEM ANY Information.

Post by frustrated2,

8026814148 Sorry Jade I forgot to thank you for Publishing that link for the Cam.

Post by fedup in ontario,

802-681-4148 This can be a Absolute scam. Telephone is being routed through Vermont. The Canadian is FED Up. Reported to Telephone Busters

Post by Karramuddin S.,

8026814148 On Dec W W I obtained a telephone and was congratulated about winning a prize. I was asked to claim my winning prize. Your line was then disconnected I used W for hunt the Telephone number and obtained this number W W W. Upon Attempting to reach this Amount I obtained either a busy line a line which was not in service and so on.

Post by VJ,

802-681-4148 I vie been receiving these calls on and off now for three months. I never answer them because it's a long distance number out of Vermont. They sometimes leave a message Around my credit rating is great and it's my last opportunity for get a better rate or they hang Upward once my machine clicks within.

Post by a noid,

8026814148 would any of you've your own property line trough cable internet . could it become many fresh hacker Key for get in your own Laptop and by pressing 9 you unwillingly grant them accessibility .

Post by unknown,

802-681-4148 I Arrived back out of work and there was that same message. I was dubious it was a scam so I Assessed it Upwards. Thanks a lot for you Remarks. I live within Montreal QC Canada.

Post by y a t'il une police à "l'écoute,


Post by Karramuddin S.,

802-681-4148 On Dec W W I received a call and was congratulated about winning a prize. I was Inquired to State my winning prize. The line was Subsequently disconnected I used W to investigation this Telephone Amount and obtained this number W W W. Upon trying for reach the Amount I received either a occupied line a line which was not within service and thus on.

Post by Once Upon A Time, A Telemarketer,

8026814148 None of you have a hint what You're talking about. I have worked for these Kinds of Businesses before as a Phone sales representative. The job sucks and that s exactly why they're all rude for your requirements. Not to mention that the better majority most of these people and anyone involved within any telemarketing for that issue are folks who don t have lives Effective enough for become doing anything better than sitting around becoming paid pennies for pitching Holidays to Canadians. These Folks are actually that dregs of society Individuals so bleary and sedated as a result of prescription drug maltreatment that it s a wonder they could muster your conversational prowess Demanded to Speak any of you morons from your credit card data. On another hand these Businesses and your products they sell are Actual. I m not saying they arena t a rip off Simply that it s your fault for agreeing for purchase ON Record. I advise you for request your credit card company for a charge back however if you personally did supply Upwards your own info and you did agree to your charge You'll be your one committing fraud . Also it s Fairly Uncomplicated for ask that SR to Set your on that Business do not phone list. . . the has worked for me many times within my expertise w telemarketers.

Post by newuser,

802-681-4148 Now they're calling from W W W too I gotten this call today for a Caribbean prize. Did t press 9. Be care full

Post by Arby,

8026814148 Tu t AI contradict la. Le Monte n est pas parfait Mai's lii parfait example. T AI EU UN Apple De Ce numeric Ce sour. Ma is j equates LOST aloes Jew n AIs pas repined.

Post by melanie,

802-681-4148 W W W j AI re cu l Apple Le 5 fierier a W W Com me Jew Sui's poacher en Angela's Jew n AI pas comprise grand Selected par cont re applier Friend Le 8 oi 9 Jew l AI comprise. j AI applier Friend Le 9 ET T AI creche tout Room Le flash a passer en meme Conditions Que T Papayas Sir la touche Que c eta is fraudulence. N AI applier Che bell Canada ET Illinois Mon mention Que pluses People avaunt applier pour Ce numeric Mai's Que pour l Quick auxin Customer a t victim P} fraud Sir leers liken. . . Au mo ins ca De posit if. . Preens guarder Perez pas voter temps creche. . Bonner journo e a to us

Post by s2scott,

8026814148 Did anyone discover this started happening soon after registering for PayPal and or eBay.

Post by Kathy,

802-681-4148 I pressed 9 and asked to become taken off of their list. He told me that it would become W.

Post by Annie,

8026814148 Nous receives Aussie r GUI raiment UN Apple d ex. Harassment N Avis Want Pearl P} Ce numb RI ET Que c ta it UN tentative De fraud av ant P} reservoir Le premier Apple. L Jew commence Trey Dr lament tan e. Est Ce Que Il y a quell UN quid a essay Ce Que quell UN a DOT Sir la preemie re page thus it Just got that call at the office if you listen for that message long enough they may tell you for press 9 to State your prize OR. . . Press 8 to become put on a no call list. Press 8 the line hangs Upwards and voila. Trust it help set quid n a plus EU d Oranges en Selection. .

Post by Guelph, Ontario,

802-681-4148 I just obtained a telephone out of this Amount and I Collection that Telephone ABC they said that I had won a cruise and Afterward I Installed up correct away. They are not going to scam me those idiots but there daytime can come. Just provide it time. You understand your previous saying what goes Approximately comes Approximately. I Ardently believe in that saying.

Post by esti...,

8026814148 bah. . . Jain re Sign cert Apple UN seamed Martin H d pass . . . y volt me paler en mentioning Mon Nome. . . ET Que Jain gang UN voyage crosier ET De poser Sir 9. . . Jain creche. . . TKO juster pour dire quid snot raiment con. . . PS. Jew Sui's De Brooke. . .

Post by GIGI29,

802-681-4148 Hi Jan. 4 W. They called my house but I did t response that phone. I body if they re going to phone me and not display their names then f k em I m not answering.

Post by Norma,

8026814148 Great Notion. I obtained the very same call last week and when I told them I wan t interested in talking to them because it was a scam they still insisted I should talk for them saying you don t know what you re talking about . I told them in no dubious provisions that I most certainly knew when I was Striving to become conned and they called me an idiot and I Put up on them. I believe your best tactic is for Merely let them keep talking. . . . it s costing them cash. I just read an article in your Magazine Around this and not too long Past an elderly Pal of mine was taken by these people. She was too obstructed to tell anyone and ended up spending Around W. W on her credit card.

Post by DemonRider,

802-681-4148 I Received a phone from these People today but I wan t Dwelling and there was no message left on my machine. It told me your Amount and that it was from Vermont. When I tried a reverse Service on your Net it told me me it was Degree 3 Communications. I reside in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

Post by Flyebye,

8026814148 I vie Simply acquired a telephone from that Amount made a hint on Change W and phone Supplier is in Vermont HTTP Internet. white pages. com W o'clock search Reversing. Rest W amp phone Jew veins casement De reservoir UN Apple P} Ce numb RI P} tel ET j AI Fiat UN Change W ET ca Donne UN service t l phonic BSA Au Vermont lien HTTP Web. white pages. com W o'clock hunt Reversing. Rest W amp phone W

Post by Apple Pie,

802-681-4148 Call that Visa Facility fraud line and get a manager Additionally telephone or See your own bank Department and Talk to that manager and tell them what happened and that it is fraud. . . Need a brand new Amount and that the amount become removed or Only close the account better idea if you have Difficulties go for that head office of your bank. . . . .

Post by Lili Bali,

8026814148 Jew re Oise sou vent dies Oranges 2 3 foils par seaming P} Ce numb RI. Mum is com me nous Avon l officer ET Que nous NE caissons pas Ce numb RI 1 W W W nous NE r pontoons pas.

Post by Michelle,

802-681-4148 T AI re u cert Apple moi Aussie Le W November denier W W

Post by Tushar,

8026814148 guy these People a jokes i 've So Substantially pleasure along with them your guy Inquired me for my credit card number at the end and he said what would you like to reverse it with. Master card or Credit abed i said MasterCard thus then he asked me for my card Amount and gave it to him enjoy this Lola W telemarketer says yes Afterward i said . . . u wan me for repeat it W off Lola and Subsequently he told my i am almost as wacko as my State Lola i wasted W minuted of their time Lola man which is So amusing if u ever come across these Men again USS record the phone and Place it on YouTube Lola

Post by dandan,

802-681-4148 I also got phone telephone out of these buggers. They don't leave message. Must be the same gang that phoned Recently and Now using a different phone number IE. W W W and W W W Real nuisance. . . . .

Post by Greg,

8026814148 Just got a call from this Amount for the first time. I let my replying machine take it. That next time they phone I will tell my Partner for Blow off it. Thanks to your site . . . it certainly makes it easier to look for info about scams enjoy this. Cheers out of Canada. .

Post by paula,

802-681-4148 hi i Additionally got a telephone last nighttime i was exhausted but also thought it was value doing as my visa is protected also aim conscious atmosphere fares are not Comprised but it is a fantastic offer and would adore to hear from someone who has been and what other expenses they 've within cured along that way thank you and adore to hear from you

Post by Dot,

8026814148 I would go for your local Authorities Section if they can t would anything at Maybe it could get within that news and warn people Around it.

Post by Jackmor,

802-681-4148 Around the past several weeks I have obtained numerous Telephone calls Beginning in the number W W W asserting that I have won a Vacation for a few exotic Set and that I should press 9 to accept. On most Events I have Just Installed Upwards. But the Telephone calls kept coming. Thus finally this last time I pressed 9 for Take and your woman who replied said Yes how can I help you personally. I said You called me. She said No I did t. You were probably called by that Vehicle Face er and your call has been forwarded to me. Are you calling to Take the free Vacation Advertising. I said No. I m calling for tell you personally for stop calling. At which point she quickly Installed up.

Post by Steven,

8026814148 Within response for your delivering of an E-mail for Degree 3 Communications I don t believe that would help out unless anyone has any information for your contrary. All white pages. com is saying that service Company for that phone Amount is Amount 3 Communications. The Telephone number could really Fit to anyone or any Firm. Do we know this USN t many sophisticated scam using state of the art technology for display the phone looks like it s coming out of Vermont but USN t. One could state I watch overly Substantially Tv though and 'm being paranoid. So if someone has Directed} an E-mail to Level 3 what was that response. Cheers.

Post by anon,

802-681-4148 called and claim to become Signifying a charity HTTP . org but could not supply the organization Amount. wonder if that charity knows. its Additionally a Us charity and I am in Canada.

Post by Noaname,

8026814148 Montreal time W. W. Got your telephone hang Upwards. Saw last nighttime news on TS MT. QC

Post by Reg.,

802-681-4148 Me too

Post by Kikinne,

8026814148 J AI re cu cert Apple moi Aussie. . . Il Mennonite Que java is Garner UN voyage ET me demanded De con firmer. . . Attention A CERT APPLE C EST UN Exceptional. . . NE re Consider pas Il vows horseless.

Post by April,

802-681-4148 Calls all your time quite Generally. I eventually had for block this Amount Nonetheless I swear that now they are using a different number that is W W W reported the 1 as nicely . When they call they state I have won a Vacation due to a family member or Buddy who was screening air time rates online and they entered my name into a Match. Thus now i vie won a Vacation for that Bahama s or Hawaii etc. . Thus really annoying. . I Only keep blocking these calls from coming in and I declare they just keep getting brand new number s Simply as Quickly to Change your one s I vie already blocked. When may these Finish. . . . I know some who are threatened by those on another line and from your same Amount. . And these are Baby s that are getting these calls. . I expect they could somehow find Outside who they're eh ind all these Telephone scams. .

Post by Michelle,

8026814148 N AI re u cert Apple moi Aussie Le W November denier W W

Post by valley,

802-681-4148 got a telephone last July and i m very Mindless that i Considered them. i paid W. W. i was Striving for reach them because i want for request a few questions nobody is answering. Afterward i went for your Net to Assess them and this can be what i located that this is a scam. i lost W . i . really trusting and i promised myself not for buy anything on the phone. i am really upset about this. they even sent me 4 certificates and with the add res Reservation Center Int l W People Highway W 2 New Interface Richer Florida Fl W W US

Post by canuck,

8026814148 As a Twice Assess Around that pressing 9 thing it dozen t hurt for phone your own phone provider to check. That ll at least supply you personally many calmness of mind.

Post by Ontario,

802-681-4148 Merely got the phone at 8 W pm. Let it ring and go to voice mail. They listened for my Introduction for the Finish and Afterward Put up. That recorded message was a pause and then click . You personally would think they would Go on for your next call. Suppose the nighttime was slow and they hungered for a disembodied voice that would t yell back at them for once.

Post by Lily,

8026814148 Jew veins P} Tank Ce t l Telephone. Jew Sui's Danes Le com Therapist De Montaigne Danes la State P} Que Beck. Jew Cross l Avior re cu d Jay plushier foils Mai's Jew NE Sui's pas tumours la Mason. J AI v rifer Friend Web for us P} Selection Automobile Les messages electronic quid nous Declares UN voyage n arrive pas to people Les joys.

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802-681-4148 i Only received a phone out of W. W. W telling me that i had won a 5 nighttime all inclusive trip for Cancun and asserting that i had entered the Tournament through a Web site. all i had for can was pay the taxes. i was Subsequently prompted for press 9 now press 9 now . . . so i Installed Upward. i think people may try anything for make a Money.

Post by quebec 16 mai,

8026814148 Apple quid a crotch d s Que T AI r Lake. quad Jew fa is redial a fiche W.

Post by oli,

802-681-4148 They telephone every single day since one week. I never response and they don t leave a message. Next time they telephone I can response FBI Section of fraud . Then I ll see what happens. . .

Post by An Indian,

8026814148 he sunbeds Indian and she hang Upward Stellar grammar there Mr. American.

Post by Ottawa Canada,

802-681-4148 I go ogled this Amount after seeing it on Owner ID and was Competent to discover it's located in Vermont. While this really is that first call I vie obtained from this Amount it's that Th of its type this week alone.

Post by Canadian dude,

8026814148 I wan t Residence so when I Assess who has called House I tool that Amount that I notion it was a Amount out of a credit card office or something like that. . . I attempted for telephone back but no reply. . . said the number was unavailable.

Post by joe,

802-681-4148 you re kidding appropriate. These are ALL SCAMS. There surely is no free lunch unless you are abundant Afterward it s all free including lunch.

Post by Pan,

8026814148 Recd tel. telephone out of W W W at Midday on January W A's a side note you don t need for become a network security analyst. Your information of where that number originates if public data. Tell us something we don t know. HTTP Web. W. com investigation Change Phone. cellphone W W W amp local time survey W W Provider Degree 3 Communications Location Pennington VT

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802-681-4148 Oh ya I forgot. He said his name was Brandon Derick cu st W from the Business called Holiday promos. Dam I Actually Desired this FREE trip. . . .

Post by Joh.K,

8026814148 I Only got a phone in the Vermont telemarketer Perhaps telescope. That Firm is Level 3 Communications in Pennington Vermont. If you personally live within Canada go for Bell. ca and Pick to chat along with a live Man for aid they ask for your name and phone Amount but they don t demand it with this intent . Request why they don t have any information on line for People for enroll their telephone numbers in your Canadian Don't Phone Registry. Bell Canada has been Selected by that CR TC in December W as the Supplier of the service. But Bell is Maybe overly occupied trying to create money out of providing services to the telemarketers in purchase for them to abide by the Regulation when it comes into Power After in W. Once again Bell has forgotten where its bread is buttered along with your consumer. They deserve an earful. Please consider giving it to them.

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802-681-4148 FOR A BOAT CRUISE. . . She asked me to pay with a credit card that Sum of money W I told that Individual Francesca to supply me W. and I can send you personally on a cruise . . . as a JOKE. . . She Put Upward. HOW Ignorant could some Folks be with this kind of LOW IQ. This Website . . . Excellent Notion To Part THESE IDIOTS. . Joe B. MONTREAL CANADA E-mail W protected

Post by JD,

8026814148 They telephone and when u press 9 offer you personally a free 8 daytime and 7 night cruise. But then they request you credit card to verify your own Location since they 've small trips left. That is a scam. . . Do not would it they State they are the Business Vacation Promotions but this is not Authentic I will become reporting them for your Cops.

Post by Mel,

802-681-4148 I Simply got a telephone out of W W W and I suppose they are hitting Upward everyone in Quebec because I m Only north of Marl.

Post by cc,

8026814148 I 've a fantastic recommendation for what we may do I 've just as many annoying solicitations by Telephone daily if all con summers were for stop dealing with anyone who tries for get your own business by phone. Even stop giving to Firms who you understand use phone solicitation. If Sears won t quit calling because you got a Sears card the happened to me cancel the card and Stop shopping at Sears this can be within that control of the Client. If anyone could offer me an inventory of Firms than annoy the People along with this or that Hire survey collecting companies I will gladly pass that Information on to as many people as I can.

Post by JAX,

802-681-4148 I just got a phone from W W W And a recording said I won trip for that Caribbean and press 9 for State. This was happening Nearly every daytime for your previous 4 5 months and each time I 've Inquired for be removed from your list Yet Now I figured I should call my local telephone service. and what I heard was surprising. I was told that screening your calls would t help and not to press that 9 for Inquired for be removed. But I was suggested for go for the RCMP dept. for file a Criticism. Which I am going for can. In turn they may have for inquire so what I am suggesting for you is which you should thus the same and file a complaint and for keep a log of each phone and to report each call for the RCMP.

Post by _P_,

8026814148 They called and said I won an all inclusive trip and for Strike 9 for become Related for your travel agent. . . I Installed Upwards.

Post by Pier-Luc,

802-681-4148 Ills Ont Apple W W Le 5 d sombre message unregistered Ave Chance P} Ce metre Sir la don't telephone list Va attend re De Nasser UN Representative pour me metre Friend la do not telephone list

Post by dandan,

8026814148 Moi Aussie j AI EU UN Apple P} Ce's amateurs a Ottawa. vows Ave raisin Ce snot ascertainment dies frauds. Il y a Aussie Les numerous savants quid snot probability dies memes enamelers Automobile ills Oranges Vehicle De la meme here Lassen sinner 3 coups ET NE Lassen pas P} message. Ce snot Les numerous savants W W W ET W W W

Post by Susie Q,

802-681-4148 I checked my voice send and they never left a message. I 'm going to put within a Discontinue at dentally. com It might take awhile for the calls for Cease but it will work. Each time you get a W of whatever Amount go for that web Website and Set it within. I would believe it on y works for toll free Amounts only.

Post by Reneecoutu,

8026814148 you have for telephone your own Telephone Business and tell them. My Telephone Business takes a record of those number to help that ones that could become cough by doing what they request for

Post by Lina,

802-681-4148 Just your same phone phone twice. Recently within the morning and Today at W h W. When I Choose up the Telephone I could hear Congratulations. You've won a cruise out of Caribbean and press 9 is that Essential. I did t press anything and I Cease your recording. After I ask for your last Telephone number I got and it was W W W

Post by Sylvain,

8026814148 Same call today. I m out of Brooke Quebec. I did not Switch 9 and I hanged Upwards. It was for a wonderful Caribbeans cruise. Suckers.

Post by Andréa,

802-681-4148 N AI re u UN Apple en Angela's me dis ant Que Jew gangs UN voyage. Pas Le Temperatures P} comprehended N attend pour coir Si Le message SE r p Terra. UN outre void me DOT P} poser Sir Le 9 pour r calmer Mon Publicity ix. Jew creche aloes. Intrigue e Jew Fiat UN recherche Friend Web ET viol Que Jew me Access Friend Ce Newsgroup Ave dies within formations bi en int resonates. J ha bite Au Lac St Jean Au Que Beck Canada. Vows comprehends Que l on parley raiment pas en Angela's Level ICU. Aloes s ills Severe fa ire Du t l Promotion Danes Le Cash Ce n est raiment pas UN Bonner id e. Jew pencils Pluto t Que UN unique SE cache Terri re cert Apple UN fa on com me UN outre De fraud er dies gens Na F's. .

Post by Saint-Anicet,Que. mischevy,

8026814148 Hi Only got that same phone as everybody i was saying that i was not inters ted and she kept Upward and added to your Bundle Cope a Additional week within Mexico. they were really considerate on t ill i told her i was refusing that 2 week Holiday at a Absolute of W ins ted of W for 4 . So she hung Upwards on me Afterward so much for politeness lilo. . . my phone started to ring Outside a french women ans wring machine pick Upwards and hanged up and your phone Began to ring again I Put Upward appearance it Upwards on that net and this can be what i look for . Nicely i suppose i got it this time but they are not going to get me a second time. But Subsequently I'm happy i 've a long dist ants Poland along with my Telephone company. . . . Vacation Marketing along with Timeshare 1 W W Here are other Amounts giving for me 1 W W W 1 W W she gave me her name employee number and direct number for her Justine Hamilton em pl numb W 1 W W W Become care not empty it could cost you personally a lot more Afterward you personally think. . . . . . Muscovy.

Post by Sandy,

802-681-4148 Nous Vernon's P} Tank UN Apple P} Ce numb RI l officer Vintage long distance Ave Le numb RI P} t l Telephone. T AI essay P} rappel er ET Le message DOT Que Le numb RI est non exist ant.

Post by franky,

8026814148 Dec. W about PMed Simply got a phone from the Amount but did not response.

Post by Ally,

802-681-4148 Merely got a telephone at House from that number with the Caribbean cruise matter. Located that numb by W ING it. Did not press 9.

Post by Renée,

8026814148 la place De characteristic er Les Atreus P} cavern as Tu pencils Que Pet Trey Que c est dies persons Vulg rabble oi bi en Que Il NE parley pas en Angela's quid SE font trapper. Pencils s y Celia portrait Trey Te's parents

Post by Danyal Henderson,

802-681-4148 My cell phone Bands this Amount shows on your caller id they hang up before i could answer and when i try and telephone back that Agent says that the Amount is disconnected. its really irritating.

Post by marco,

8026814148 hey keeps putting pressure Afterward i told him i was calling that Authorities and he hangs up and when you personally callback it says the Amount is not in service i hope they Cathy him

Post by mike,

802-681-4148 Got this humorous call this morning from that W W W. I won a cruise trip. . . Thus I attempted to get as much data as I could asked that guy for Replicate rephrase rehash as my English is not to good and I wanted for be sure to comprehend that whole story. When your guy asked for my C C I said I had no cards and asked him to come to my house and pick Upward that cash. . . in monopoly dollars of which I 've too many. Believe I got him Connected at the phone for a good half hour while I was doing other matter on Net. I love for be called. The guy did t like it so Considerably. I hanged up when he become somewhat Extreme.

Post by sungod,

8026814148 You should tell the credit card co. which you did not authorize them to Invoice your card you might have offered it as a security deposit nudge wink for a service but if no service was given that is fraud. You personally should not become Costs for fraudulent Fees against that bank s card. YES it s that banks card not yours. Read your own agreement with your bank. Obviously these crooks are getting paid by Visa of whomever. . . they must be aware of who does it. It s that credit card cos Duty to guard against the abuse. Fight dispute the Purchase fight. . . . you are able to Triumph. Simply when all who get burned fight can the credit co s clean these People out. great luck

Post by Masscotte,

802-681-4148 moi Aussie Jain re cu Ste numb RI la a St Maurice pr s P} Trios Riv res. . . . y font leers coup Au Que Beck Stride quid savant Que la pulpit parley PO Angela's pi Que Il y a bin d mat ante Na vie . . . . .

Post by Jimmy,

8026814148 So i got a telephone from the Amount i asked them politely to Discontinue calling. Nicely the Man on the other line begins calling me names and just being direct Bad. He told me they were Receiving W to my phone Invoice. I argued with him. That really pissed me away. Dint press 9 people. Only hang it Upwards. That is credit card fraud at its lowest. How determined would you have for become. Seriously.

Post by Céline,

802-681-4148 moi Aussie T AI re u UN Apple P} Ce numb RI Mai's harassment Jew n ta is pas Che moi. Quad m me a Seurat agreeable Que quell UN Fosse claque chose pour Que Celia arr Te UN hour. . .

Post by Twyla Scott,

8026814148 I believe this a FF using multiple Amounts. I have had about 4 or 5 Distinct People come Upward. . . I don t reply them and they don t leave a message.

Post by Dex,

802-681-4148 Could you personally please tell me who I could Talk for within the RCMP about this I m getting the same calls around and around. decaf at Popular send dot com

Post by Poskal,

8026814148 T AI apparent gang UN voyage Jew NE sis ply tr op oi. . . Lola est UN unique coup s r. . . T AI crotch APR s Que Il m ET need dies info's pour Sir mes Shopping cart es De Cr DOT. . S ills rappel brought Jew Avis cerement lemur dire d all er SE Church UN Vera job

Post by angryguy,

802-681-4148 I vie gotten these calls for Around three months and I get them at work too. I really wanna break their necks once I look for out who they're.

Post by honest,

8026814148 IF You're feeling You personally SHOULD Would SOMETHING About This You can report it to the R. C. M. P. s Canadian telemarketing fraud team at HTTP Internet. phone busters. com

Post by Slated,

802-681-4148 Name Vacation Promotions Email unknown URL HTTP Holiday. internet home. Amount 1 W W W People Address W Us Highway Package New Interface Rachel Parsec County Your two company directors are Richard M. Saltine and Philip M. Ra who both live at this address W Rainbow Lane Port Rachel Parsec County When you press 9 You're redirected to your phone Center within India owned by the following company Name SK International Email E-mail W protected URL HTTP Internet. international. com Telephone number W W W W India Address SK House W A Av val Case DPS Road Dada East Mumbai W W. India. This can be a timeshare scam. More data HTTP Www. corporation wiki. com Florida Fresh Po . . . NC W. slated. org

Post by oli,

8026814148 They call each single day since just one week. I never answer and they don t leave a message. Next time they call I may response FBI department of fraud . Then I ll see what happens. . .

Post by Gen,

802-681-4148 I just acquired a phone from that number. . . I Desired for understand where it was out of and here I am. When I replied the phone it said Hi you Merely won a cruise within that Caribbeans and asked me to press 9 to verify. . which I did t would and now that I read all the I m Very happy not having done so.

Post by Max,

8026814148 I got that same thing Simply a few minutes Past and it s no your first time For those in Canada have a appearance at HTTP Internet. phone busters. com English legal's. HTML s Very similar. . . . Only don t reply when u get a call from that calling area. . . Normally for 've a Telephone blocked by your own Company in my own case it s my cellphone you demand a Cops report. . . anyway

Post by Lynn,

802-681-4148 Hang up phone.

Post by Mr. Blank,

8026814148 Thus I called your back at that service Service Level 3 and their customer service Amount along with fraud Choices did t present me any help so I Callie back again and pretended to become a customer and I told them that many was me around and they gave me their fraud department and after speaking along with Mary she has told me she is going to call back after running a few cherries whatever the that means all I understand is I m still pissed and I ll Frequently telephone back until something is done.

Post by Dudette,

802-681-4148 Ok habitue en outs ET given P} reservoirs lapel on AI Le W Javier pis ye H's Du Martin. . Jain repined Au Phone Mai's Jew Nair pas poser Sir Le 9 Jain creche Mai's ca intrigues pas Male. . Mai's la Jew lit tout vows messages pis c est quoin c est Tu Durex oi juster Bogart. . y Va Tu rappel er. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . anyways for Individuals that don t Talk french. . I Simply wanted for understand if the call was dangerous or it was just annoying . . will they call again. . . . . .

Post by L,

8026814148 He I just got called here in Canada along with a record about your free cruise. I stayed on that line and when a representative came on the line I wan t interested. The rat Put up on me. I called back and got a record from someone who did t identify themselves or the Business said they were Outside and could I please leave a message and Subsequently disconnected. Called a second time and got no response in the least.

Post by me,

802-681-4148 Simply got a phone out of W W Your recorded message informed me that I had won a free cruise to your Caribbean. I pressed 9 as that message informed me for do so. I was curious to see what really was behind this stupid message Someone replied and Inquired me if I would love for go on a cruise. . . I said yes for see what would happen next and he Inquired for my name. I said I would tell him simply when he d Actually tell me what this was all Around. . . and of path he Installed Upwards. Nothing else to report. . . First time I get this kind of telephone. What a waste of time p. s I live in Que Beck. . .

Post by Dick,

8026814148 I get the same damn phone at least once a month. Switch 9 for the Caribbean cruise I Simply won. I want to heck these People would get another life and Cease bothering us. Why can we have to Place Upward along with crap enjoy that.

Post by Lilly,

802-681-4148 I got the telephone today. What a scam I m Scared they're going to continue for call me. Crazy I heard many voices within your background. It s an organized credit card fraud Software they got going on. Your lady said she was out of Getaway. net or escapes something. They even went as Way as saying they had a Cope with BC Advantages and were giving away free trips.

Post by Cass,

8026814148 Jew Sui's De Mon tr AL ET N AI re u cert Apple Du W. UN message automates a DOT Que N AI gang UN voyage aux Cara Be's. N AI comprise Que c ta it UN unique ET N AI tout De suite crotch Le t l Telephone.

Post by Tony,

802-681-4148 Today I tried to find out if your Storyline along with your 9 was Accurate or Only a urban legend. I located nothing to support the type of fraud but I located the 9 0 Scam How it works This is a type of fraud that preys on Companies that use PBX systems or other types of telecommunication systems where you have for Switch 9 to get an outside line to create a call. Your Folks Seeking the scam can call that Chief Amount at a business and identify themselves as working for that phone Firm. For perform a system check the person can ask the receptionist for Start a Summit telephone and Subsequently press 9 plus 0 which accesses an outside line. That receptionist is Subsequently Inquired for hang Upward. Regularly the leaves the scam artist along with accessibility to that outside line. They Afterward create fraudulent long distance calls that are billed for your business. How to protect yourself Legitimate Leading talcum companies don t 've for Switch into a PBX or phone system to perform such a Assess. Merely hang Upwards or ask pointed questions including requesting a callback Amount. Most of your time that scam artist hangs up and moves on to someone else Somewhat than replying your question. It s appearance like it s Simply Employ to company company with a Specific telecommunication system. I ll continue to appearance more. . . Accord Hui N AI tent P} m informer Si Le type De fraud Que N AI rapport ta it bi en r Eli oi juster UN l Sex urbane. Jew n AI rein trove quid verify tout Celia Mai's Jew Sui's tomb l dosses coir Variant Angles En r sum cert fraud NE s appliqued Que aux enterprises dot es De SST me P} t l transmission bi en Publicity xis. Jew Avis tent er P} m informer advantage. . .

Post by CoinTelPRO,

8026814148 Phone Trace FOR W W W IS W W Service Level 3 Communications Place Pennington VT Listing Details ANOTHER Website For REPORT This Amount IS HTTP Www. who called. us appearance Upwards W. r 1

Post by classaction,

802-681-4148 They called me this morning but I did t reply. I vie been becoming two types of spam calls Related with the number winning your Caribbean vacation the telephone out of Account Services about your own credit card for at least a year now many many times. This needs for be prohibited. I consider we should hold the phone Businesses responsible they are delivering the crap to people. I am in Metro Vancouver.

Post by Arby,

8026814148 What that hell s incorrect along with you. You got suckered. . . .

Post by Pepine,

802-681-4148 T AI re u UN t l phone accord Hui me dis ant F elicitation vows Ave gang . . . Jew n AI pas Mean Le reset Automobile j AI crotch av ant. La dame plait Angela's Ce quid m a surprise d j en d crochet.

Post by teebrat- vancouver bc,

8026814148 it s 'm and I overly 've Only received a phone on that call show it comes Upward VERMONT . I am away on maternity leave and you would be amazed at all that calls 1 gets within a daytime which are Fake . . .

Post by lucifer,

802-681-4148 SE's fumigant en tanbark . . . . .

Post by monkey,

8026814148 I got a telephone from this Amount. I Inquired a few questions and Subsequently Proposed that using a Firm name like Account Services was misleading and dishonest he Put up on me. Yet I stayed on your line and shortly heard a Telephone ringing. I think I was listening in on the next phone the automated system made I tried for Discuss to that whoever replied but it seemed enjoy they could not Notice me. Looks enjoy a scam.

Post by Alex,

802-681-4148 I got a phone out of the number and pressed 8 rather than 9 and a voice record said that my number was successfully removed from the list.

Post by Gilles Lechat,

8026814148 Hurrah . N AI gang UN voyage Au Bahamas . . .

Post by Fred,

802-681-4148 Moi Aussie ET Jew Sui's pas Man coir . . . . .

Post by Ottawa, Canada,

8026814148 Only reads W W W. Called about 4 PM. Decided it Upwards. They Put up. Annoying.

Post by nucleid,

802-681-4148 I m out of Victim QC and I power saw this Telephone Amount on the house s phone but never response it.

Post by FAchaNT,

8026814148 FRAU De. . . . FRAU De. . . FRAU De. . . . Le numeric est Le W W vows receives UN message en Angela's quid stipple Que vows Ave Garner UN promotion Level rapport voter Usage P} Carter P} Cr DOT. Vows n Ave Que a applier Sir Le 9. En Selection c est raiment tr s professional on vows transport. . . Danes la dialogue on vows gloss Que vows Ave Ganges grace master card oi Charge bi en Sir vows r Consider Le type De Carter Que vows utilizes. . . On vows need aloes P} Donner l Ann e d expiration P} voter Carter car Ellie can it Trey valid pour Avior AC s la Marketing. Apr es Avior Donn e claque info on vows transport pour con firmer Le tout. En Round P} liken vows lemur Ave tout r v l . Car vows deaves lemur con firmer voter numb RI P} Carter. Charge a rein a coir Ave ca T AI Program ell . . . Tu Te fa is Piedmont viler Du cash Focus ills Donne m me UN numb RI P} verification. . . ET UN numb RI De service a la client Le. Danes Mon Ca's on m Scared UN voyage pour 4 d UN valuer De W pour W . Congratulation Tu T Es fa is uniquer ma grandee. . .

Post by honest,

802-681-4148 IF You feel You SHOULD Can SOMETHING About The You can report it for your R. C. M. P. s Canadian telemarketing fraud team at HTTP Www. phone busters. com

Post by riki,

8026814148 I Simply called Telephone busters and they say that pressing 9 won t open any sort of lines for your phone I trust not. They say if you pressed 9 there surely is no demand to Stress but not for offer any info

Post by JF,

802-681-4148 Only got the call answered heard Congratulation Installed Upwards. . . Montreal Quebec

Post by Dan,

8026814148 What do you personally mean they got you on your credit card for W . I got the same phone I m from Montreal but did not answer. Does it mean you 've provide information on your Telephone.

Post by 802-681-4148,

802-681-4148 I Only got a call out of these people and I pressed 9 to see what it was Some girl named Tonya was laughing very tough on another Finish I Inquired her exactly why she called me she mumbled something Around a vacation in Florida and a free cruise Inquired is I was interested all your while still laughing along with who knows within the back round. I was annoyed and told her no and hung Upward on her.

Post by AMMAR,

8026814148 Sacred . . This people call me Around 4 or 5 times a week that who answered after i pressed that 9 button was a . . Those fag gets who are responsible for these calls desires attention. . anyways i don t wanna waste my time because of those peace of . I expect those gays People die.

Post by julie,

802-681-4148 phone says that I Triumph a trip for Caribbeans. . .

Post by fdkfjd,

8026814148 Salute moi Aussie Jew veins juster P} reservoir UN Apple Du W W W. Jew Travis ca asses louche P} Garner UN Publicity ix. j AI appose Friend Le 9 ET Treasure Q quid m a filament crotch Au NZ Pace Que Jew NE violas pas lii dire quell ta it Mum Carter P} Cr DOT. . . esp Ron's Que ills NE repellent pas.

Post by c,

802-681-4148 Vermont Credit Card Fraud

Post by Mandelbrot,

8026814148 Omaha com me Si Il y avid dies millers P} cognates ET Que Il lemur At fallout unregistered UN message automatic pour Te dire Que Tu as gang ET Que Tu do is applier Friend 9 a sent la fraud Basic NZ en effete.

Post by CY,

802-681-4148 Merely gotten a telephone but I miss that call thus I when on GOOGLE wrote the f. . . . number W W W and as I was Blessed for see via your Web that is a Telephone Number not for Answer. . thank you personally for that. . . . . . C. Y. out of Laval

Post by Deke,

8026814148 LAO gt That is Larger than you can Envision and you might have no Thought who you personally re dealing along with. USN t that kinda what Obi Wan Ken obi said for Darth Vader Only before being shush bobbed by a light sabre. . The calls out of these boobs are almost entertaining.

Post by Piano,

802-681-4148 Apple re u Mum liken national Mai's on a crotch av ant Que Jew NE pisser entente UN Seoul mot.

Post by Roger,

8026814148 Can t return their phone. . .

Post by Bev Elias,

802-681-4148 I pressed nine being your simply Amount given on their voice send message. The Staff Anthony refused for Place me through to some Supervisor at his telephone Center to take me away that list. He said I would 've to wait until they called again. I Inquired if he was this rude to all that people he was Attempting to get money from and he said no just you. You are within Canada and there surely is nothing you Individuals may do about it. I said Place me idea to your own Manager and he said no do you know you personally going for can Around it. I said he will become visiting that unemployment line if I can perform something Around it.

Post by kiki,

8026814148 moi Aussie quad Jain EU Ce tel Jain voile applier ET Mon tel a com me Larger Jain poser Sir 9 ET Jain EU quelling Au Attack P} la liken Mai's moi Jew l intends Mai's Ellie non Voice UN CONSUL JEW TRAVAIL LE POUR BELL VOWS POUFFES FA IRE BLOCKER CE NUMERIC BI ENSURE CE LA VOWS COUTURE'S 5 Lover DILLARD Level MOI POUR AVIOR LA Pa IX Mother IS VOWS POUFFES Thus IT CHANGER P} NUMB RI P} TEL OI FA IRE UN Plain TE A LA Police STOUT SOL VOWS Threat BONNER CANCER A TOUTS.

Post by lynda,

802-681-4148 Simply got the phone Aug 9 W. did not reply it. these calls are annoying and unfair for Routine residence who pay their Telephone bills etc. . many kind of Regulation has for be put in place enjoy for even obtain a Telephone line. If these jerks are Refused a Telephone line they cannot create these scam calls. Who needs a phone an individual for private use and legitimate Companies. all these cons could use 2 tin cans and a string and telephone each other all daytime long. News away you personally dopes. and get a life. Cheers for Websites like the where you are able to enter in these suspicious Amounts and check up on fraud enjoy the.

Post by Ottawa here!,

8026814148 I obtained that same telephone from 1 W W W I never response them. It s really annoying.

Post by Dewi,

802-681-4148 Attempting for block the number using Telephone Display won t work as they're spoofing your number. Your Amount that shows Upwards is out of service so when you try to do a W for block it it s not a valid number and So your phone company can t add it to your block list.

Post by melissa austin,

8026814148 Calling work constantly harassing me and my cell Telephone.

Post by Technicien,

802-681-4148 Salute aux francophone Jain re u cert Apple accord veers handout Ce Que ills dissent c Est Que Presume meant vows Ave Garner UN voyage. Crotches NE perter pas d argent Ni De Temperatures. Vows pouffes all er Aussie coir Ce sidestep Www. canal vie. com Newsgroup message W W 1 Collection nous ingrains .

Post by Didier,

8026814148 Only receive a phone. Automated express saying we won a cruise to the Caribbean and press 9 for Get Cost. Talk for an agent who would t state who they're but support your call was from the Us. They claim you've for activate a Bundle of a few type and pay a Price. I told them they were calling your province of Quebec and asking for any form of cash if you win a Cost within this Land is illegal. They hang up. Smells enjoy a scam. . .

Post by Helene4jesus,

802-681-4148 Lola just had that W W W call . what a joke i called the Us Alcott could be accomplished at W W W Fortunate for me . . they cant trace my number cause I'm with distribute for long space. . I talked to some la day pretending she won a trip. she was Soho confused Lola Subsequently i told her . . no no I won a Vacation. She connect me with another call. and no 1 could Discuss for me. I heard them within your back so I Discuss within french. . Lola what a blast Adhara

Post by annie in Mtl,

8026814148 Got a telephone saying I had won a cruise within your Caribbean pressed 9 for details. . . Many lady answered and said I was rewarded due to a credit card I allegedly owned. She Set me on hold when I said I did t and I Installed Upward.

Post by Francois,

802-681-4148 Here d Apple H Le 5 d sombre W

Post by tim,

8026814148 Indian wants accessibility to my computer.

Post by Ottawa here!,

802-681-4148 I obtained the same call out of 1 W W W I never response them. It s Actually annoying.

Post by richard gibson,

8026814148 my ND Mom obtained a call out of W Established within Orlando Florida my grand vacation Web site Internet. Holiday. internet dint buy from them. we stay in Scotland. she was offered a holiday value W pounds sterling for W bull. worse point is she gave them her details of her bank account NEVER Can The if they have to sell by phone its not value Purchasing. Sadly we idea my Mom would never get Found out with these scams but she did. Simply goes to show even the sharpest people get caught of guard when they are comfy in their own own Dwellings Specially when its 'm. we now 've for close this account and open new a secure bank account. dint trust anyone that calls for sell you personally anything.

Post by john from Oz,

802-681-4148 i Only got your phone and they went through your spell. it s along with travel world have to book atmosphere flights through them. pay W for Upwards to 4 people or two People 3 Kids . W dollar return tickets each i asked plus who knows what else. i said thanks but no thanks. too great to be Accurate. i thinks.

Post by franky,

8026814148 Sorry should 've said within Cambridge Ontario.

Post by Tony,

802-681-4148 I guess that what I heard what Merely an urban legend at least for residential phone. Here a link I found HTTP Web. gondolas. com net directory W 2 . . . ND Partially Authentic There is a lot of Sites that state it s Simply a legend thus forget what I said yesterday about that 9 matter. Help Ce Que j AI dis heir Suggest Du 9 Illinois likeness Que Ce n est Que UN l Sex d APR s Sweetheart coup De sites Net.

Post by Benoit,

8026814148 T AI re cu cert Apple Basie Du Fiber QC accord Hui H.

Post by morganificent,

802-681-4148 Only informed that I got an excellent Cope on a trip Merely press 9. Odds are the could help a switchboard somewhere accessibility an outside line to create long distance calls on your own dime. Don t press anything. Not even 8 to get removed.

Post by Pan,

8026814148 Recd tel. call from W W W at Midday on January W A's a side note you don t need to become a network security analyst. That data of where the Amount originates if public information. Tell us something we don t understand. HTTP Web. W. com search Reverse Telephone. cellphone W W W amp local time survey W W Provider Level 3 Communications Location Pennington VT

Post by lily,

802-681-4148 T AI app Sir Le 8. . . Check foils. Ills n efficient pas ton numb RI P} lemur Lister d Apple o aloes pour claques seminars tout Au plus. a Fiat Au mo ins 2 ans Que a Durer. . . ET Jew veins encore d en reservoir UN. . .

Post by Beaudoin,

8026814148 En Angela's. Om me DOT Que j AI gang UN Publicity ix.

Post by Seymour,

802-681-4148 July W W. I was called by the W W W Amount Only a few minutes Past. I did not response as I thought it was BS. I go ogled the number and got this forum. I 'm definitely glad I did not answer as reading the other Lists. They called on my cell Telephone and since it Price minutes I 'm more Particular when replying the phone. You are able to not trust these Amounts whatsoever. By even answering they now understand the number is Related to someone and can keep harassing you. Most likely they may use another 1 W number. Advice If you have Owner ID. . . Merely don't response. Afterward Assess your express send.

Post by Montréalais,

8026814148 Ce numb RI l veins P} m applier. Personae n a pas lass UN message Mai's Ce n ta it pas Le preemie re foils. Mum co pine re u UN Apple Viewpoint UN Cruise De claque kind Illinois y a UN mo is genre.

Post by Pascal,

802-681-4148 T AI Eur UN Apple Le 5 November W h'm proven ant De Ce numb RI W W W.

Post by Scam Stopper,

8026814148 here is the very best thing for do the May}n' take you personally a couple of minutes but it can become value it Simply go on along with that Display get that Representative information and Additionally that Business information. they are expecting people to become frightened of that Marketing and Individuals presuming that the offer sounds for great and they are trained to get Approved the. after you get the information visit this site Internet. BBB. com and Congressman rt them they use many Distinct company names only 1 is Enrolled Additionally many Sites get your Principal office address act as if you personally were interested and they can Discharge all the info you demand. they are supposed for add that people that dint want for be disturbed to your list but Established on the reports on the site it appears like they dint can it. and that is problem for them. NOW viewing that number on the caller ID that can become changed anytime is just a show number they make it a local number thus we response their calls thinking is someone local not from out of state. if you dint mind taking a timeshare tour that is what they're Actually selling Subsequently you can get a good deal. the cruise has many hidden fees thus dint use it. and fight them for a lower Cost your best i have gotten is W

Post by Credit card merchant,

802-681-4148 Call your own credit card after you get your Statement and tell them that it's not your purchase and your own card is within your Ownership. If they ask if you've given your own Amount for anyone tell them overtime you personally use it. Don t mention what happened. Your onus is on your vendor to Make a Closed Reproduce of your own imprinted card receipt. That credit card company could t charge you for a purchase if they can t provide you along with a signed docket. Your issuing bank can remove the cash from your vendors account.

Post by Momo,

8026814148 I have the phone overly today PM W of November W. I never answering to number I do not understand. . . It s not the first I receive. . . . J AI re u cert Apple moi Aussie W Hare Ce W November W. Jew NE r Lake pas aux numb Rios Que Jew NE connote pas. . . . C est pas Le Leading Que Jew recoils. . . .

Post by M,

802-681-4148 Frenchmen nous Avon to us dies Expert bl mes Ave Ce numb RI quid nous ARC Le. Diets Don Au lieu P} vows printer pour UN d fencer De la languor Fran AIs Allies Don jug er Les Atreus alleys.

Post by Minerva,

8026814148 I have been scammed in the same Business Holiday Marketing and they have not returned my money However since they 've received my Bundle in October. You have given a few contacts of Lisa Alcott how may she be Competent for help me out. Or can she become Capable for.

Post by Alex,

802-681-4148 Sounded dodgy Site looked dodgy.

Post by alainf97,

8026814148 Ills Ont lass UN message t l phonic en Angela's accord Hui 5 f verier W en provenance P} Ce no

Post by Helene4jesus,

802-681-4148 Lola Simply had that W W W telephone . what a joke i called the Usa Alcott can become reached at W W W Blessed for me . . they cant hint my Amount cause I'm with Spread for long distance. . I talked to some la day pretending she won a trip. she was Soho confused Lola Afterward i told her . . no no I won a trip. She Link me along with another call. and no one could talk to me. I heard them in the back so I Speak within french. . Lola what a blast Adhara

Post by shakira,

8026814148 Become cautious they would ask you to press a particular number and they they could spy in your all phone calls after that or get access for your Telephone line. Only hang Upward.

Post by Canada,

802-681-4148 Gotten your telephone today type the number W W am or thus says I won a Caribbean cruise. . . or Vacation press 9 and it routed me to some live Owner. . . and I asked where are you calling from and the guy said FL and I had Inquired for be removed out of his phone list. . . . and become on that Don't telephone list. I asked would you've my and read it Outside to me. I told him he called Australia. . . and he Subsequently took my done and I got him Replicate it. . . and he said he may Place that o their don't call list and it could take Upward to W hours for become removed from their list. And that for disregard their calls if I get more. Annoying and even though I 've blocked this Individuals from calling within that previous. . . they look for get fresh Telephone to phone me from and phone again.

Post by lalalala125,

8026814148 I vie been becoming calls out of this Amount up here within Quebec Canada. I wish it would Stop.

Post by emma,

802-681-4148 There are a few Men in Florida that run a company along with a couple of Distinct names and numbers. They're con artists. They get your own data and start charging calls for your Telephone number. I also believe they're Marketing our Amounts for other companies. If you are getting a lot of 1 W Amounts lately like I have most likely it is the same people. I pressed numb. 9 once and ever since I 've been getting these calls.

Post by Ale,

8026814148 I got the same telephone Now saying a won a cruise. I pressed 9 hoping for Talk to someone for let them understand that I would make a Grievance at that BBB but something unexpected happened. I got for listen to another Individual s chat that got the same message but they could not Notice me. All I heard was that the Congressman Inquired the Woman if she shopped at IKEA. Such a scam become thorough.

Post by Shorty,

802-681-4148 Keep becoming calls from the number and many like it its nothing but a scam don t present them your own Credit Card Amount or press 9 or any other Amount they tell you to press it's a manner of them for 've access to make long distance phone calls and charge it for your Amount and who knows what else. I ended Upwards getting call display now because of all these annoying Telephone calls if I don t understand who it's I don t answer it but its still a Enormous pain because I get at least 4 calls a daytime from different Amounts. Thanks for this Website I now 've a listing of Amounts I understand not to response. . Thanks for everyone who writes info on these numbers.

Post by linds,

8026814148 I got this telephone a couple of days ago but it was not automated there was a Girl on the line instantaneously. I apparently won an all inclusive Holiday as long as I can agree to See a time share on one day when I am there. I told her that I had watched a documentary Around the and that I knew it was a scam. She Guaranteed me it was not a scam and that she herself had Chosen this same Holiday. I told her to take me off her phone list and she said NO. and Subsequently hung Upwards on me. When I tried for telephone back I also got your not in service message . That is your first phone I 've acquired liked this

Post by me,

802-681-4148 Just got a call out of W W The recorded message informed me that I had won a free cruise to the Caribbean. I pressed 9 as your message informed me to can thus. I was Interested to see what really was behind this Dumb message Someone replied and Inquired me if I want to go on a cruise. . . I said yes for see what would occur next and he Inquired for my name. I said I would tell him only when he d Actually tell me what this was all Around. . . and of path he Installed up. Nothing else to report. . . First time I get this kind of telephone. What a waste of time

Post by CFL,

8026814148 Vacation Schemers back within the log and See that comments from Nov W W for details.

Post by 802-681-4148,

802-681-4148 Computer automated You have WON A Vacation. . . . BL AS BL AS BL AS. . . I VIE Strike Your 8 Amount For Be PLACED ON THEIR NO Call LIST BUT THEY KEEP ON CALLING BACK. I P} Love For Find Out WHAT Company This can be.

Post by canuck,

8026814148 As a Twice check about the pressing 9 thing it dozen t Damage to phone your own Telephone provider to Assess. That ll at least give you personally a few serenity of head.

Post by FarWestCoast,

802-681-4148 Called but computer did t response them. This really is that best manner to stop telemarketers have your own computer response your Telephone or block that numbers. Lola it s Fantastic.

Post by Eddietel,

8026814148 I would suggest that your Begin Making all calls other than those you understand are Okay to your own express mail or answering machine. Before you personally record your outgoing message record the Phone Firm out of service tones. Most people won t even notice but it may idiot the Vehicle dialing systems which are Only Attempting to find working Amounts. It could possibly even con that con artists who've recorded messages inviting you to press a number to connect to a person. By the manner NEVER press that Amount as they now have a live just one You personally. . If you want your OOHS tones a link to them can be located on the website. HTTP wolfram. org writing how you can phone. HTML's there is a few good Guidance on that page so read it. I am not Related with the Individual or site. I 've been doing this for Around 1 month now and I appears that Duplicate calls from these scampers are gradually diminishing. It s value a try.

Post by another from 8026814148,

802-681-4148 Hello I too am painfully aware that either my former bank of CI BC or worse provincial Authorities of Ontario Canada 've turned my private info around to this creditor telemarketer due to Pupil debt and their messed Upward system. Since that time I vie been becoming calls out of them that when I pick Upward nobody is there or a few Dumb recording starts playing telling me I won a Vacation or pare qualify for some super discount for something somewhere. I am Preparation on Composing a Pleasant letter for my MP concerning this.

Post by Qc Guy,

8026814148 Free trip to the Caribbeans sure. Installed Upwards on them your Second I heard the word Won

Post by sunburn,

802-681-4148 they called on December third for declare that I won a trip for the Caribbean and I Only hanged Upwards. The moral of the story is when something appears too Amazing to be Authentic Perhaps it just is.

Post by Mr. Blank,

8026814148 Well after speaking with a proper ability at Amount three once more I was Competent to resoluteness that Problem apparently. They said they would become contacting that Experts about that fraudulent use of that Phone number and the issue would become Fixed and that I would not become called again by that Amount. I Certainly expect they were telling your truth because I am surely not just one for let Sleep Pets lie.

Post by Metsuke,

802-681-4148 Banjo Jew veins De Tank cert Apple moi Aussie Jew veins Du Que Beck Canada. . . N AI v RIF APR s P} la Gr. . . Ce Que Les Atreus messages mentioned est Vera. . . T l phones la H ET porter voter plaint. . . Jew veins De Le fa ire. . .

Post by al,

8026814148 your Amount Only keeps on showing Upwards on my machine so i eventually traced it on the computer. . . . i also keep becoming that Amount W and a message was left the last time on my answering machine that was garb bled.

Post by coco,

802-681-4148 j AI re u Ce t l Telephone Le W d c W. C est message unregistered en Angela's ET on nous DOT Que nous Avon gang UN Cross res Danes Les Cara Be's. Pour con firmer nous Devon's fa ire Le 9. N AI attend ET Illinois n y a rein d Atreus. . . J AI pr f r crotch . Auto Ce snot dies rattraps ET nous Devon's fa ire tr s attention.

Post by risdon,

8026814148 Jain re cu UN Apple moi Aussie. . . C eta it UN message unregistered Au commencement quid dist Que T AI gang UN voyage Au Caribs. . . ET d applier Friend Le 9 pour Tank Mon Publicity ix. T AI Fiat Le 9 ET N AI Pearl Ave UN gars quid plait element net Angela's. Jew lii AI demand P} me paler Francois ET Illinois m a DOT Que Illinois plait part Angela's ET spangle. En suite Il m a need Mon Nome ET quad Jew n AI pas vol lii dire Mon Nome P} faille Illinois m a crotch Au NZ. Mum is T Avis Le numb RI De t l Telephone la veil aux novellas la t l eyesight. J Feel is aim Le Ni sear Si j Feel it EU UN Burns Angela's.

Post by feed-up,

802-681-4148 these Individuals from W W W keep calling me and since i 've telephone show it shows me who it is. . . can the phone Firms not Close the Amount down or something enjoy that.

Post by Dave,

8026814148 Automated message as usual. They usually telephone each week same annoying automated message Congratulations you have Merely won. . . and which is when I hang up. I don t hassle for listen to your remainder and I don t need for press any keys for anxiety of accepting Cost Fees or other matters that have been done in that past as scams. Everyone have more info Around this Business. I 've been making spreadsheets of that nuisance calls I receive and I 've several numbers that telephone me at least twice a daytime. Phone Businesses say they could t would anything Around it. I suggest more people start disconnecting from regular phone services as I am Around to would. Your daytime has come where we can t use our telephones as they're meant due for unreasonable amount of abuse from marketers politicians surveyors credit services fraudsters ET ceders. Excessively irritating time for unplug myself in the nuisance so I don t have for spend so Substantially time being taken off that list .

Post by LadyOblada,

802-681-4148 Only acquired a telephone from this number. It was a record stating that I had won a Vacation after filling Outside an online sort Competition which I NEVER would . I hung up instantaneously.

Post by Fox2905,

8026814148 J AI re u UN Apple Du W W W De la m me fa on Que vows for us ET j en conical UN fraud ET UN grandee perter P} temps.

Post by Claire - 14 janvier 2008,

802-681-4148 N AI moi Aussie re u UN Apple Established ant De Ce numb RI Le W Javier W ET T AI Pearl Ave UN d no mm e Elisabeth quid NE plait Que l Angela's ET Ellie NE Rocker me passer personae quid plait Le Fran AIs. Ellie m a MI's en attenuate ET est Income Sir la liken. Ellie m a demand Si d ICU 3 ans N Avis Le Temperatures De printer dies vacancies. Ellie m a need Mon GE pour Savior Si j ta is Majuro. Jew lii AI DOT Que Jew n Avis pas Le Temperatures P} printer P} Openings. Jew lii AI DOT AI Jew gang UN voyage bi en intend en Angela's ET Ellie m a DOT Yes. Ellie m a DOT Que quell UN me rappelled Danes l APR s midi Mai's personae NE m a rappel .

Post by Johanne,

8026814148 Moi Aussie j AI re EU en Mon absence UN Apple 1 W W W. Jew NE Connors pas Ce numb RI Mai's Si Jew me fie aux couriers Que Jew Li's ICU cell vet dire probability Que c est P} la fraud

Post by Tyler Falardeau,

802-681-4148 I Only got a call out of the number as well while I was at work. Your replying machine has a expressionless sound for it and than a hangup. I Additionally get Your Number You've Accomplished Isn't Within Service message when I telephone it.

Post by charlie,

8026814148 we get many time calls with this number . . . . . it. s a fraud marketing m in Quebec Canada

Post by Getting angry...,

802-681-4148 I took a phone from W for day and the automated voice said I won a cruise for that Caribbean. I did t bother pressing 9 enjoy they Inquired me for do to State my prize. This really is your third telemarketing telephone to day. None of people 've time because of this garbage. Why don t we take a petition for Ottawa telling the legislators to mend this crap. In your Us you are able to opt out by putting your own number on a no telephone list. We should 've your same matter or something similar within Canada.

Post by Lauri,

8026814148 you personally canny t call the number back because it from an Vehicle dallier. Fundamentally it s out of a computer that dials your numbers Subsequently wait for the next available telemarketer. don t Dali 9 it may give them accessibility for long space. report it to your Telephone company. they can block it.

Post by British Columbia,

802-681-4148 We got the phone today W Am when I answered which I rarely do because of Owner ID I was told I had won an all expense paid cruise for your Caribbean all I had to do for claim my Cost was press 9

Post by risdon,

8026814148 On Pet fa ire UN plaint la Gr en envoy ant UN E Send cert addressee E-mail W protected You can report fraud for that RCMP. Merely wrote an E Send for E-mail W protected Allies coir Ce's Websites Internet. Telephone busters. com HTTP Internet. RCMP Gary. cg. ca scams defraud. HTML see those Websites Internet. Telephone busters. com HTTP Internet. RCMP H. cg. ca scams fraud. HTML

Post by babylove,

802-681-4148 so I was at Dwelling sick Now and when I saw W telephone I answered when I had heard I had won a free cruise I got a little excited and pressed 9 I then talked along with a Girl named Donna and she gave me her employee Amount and proceeded for request me if i was over W i lied Merely within case your free Vacation WAS real and if i had a credit card which i don t Donna defined my Vacation of 3 Times and 4 times within Orlando Florida 2 Common studio passes and 3 Days and 4 times in Dayton Seashore and Subsequently 3 nights and 4 times on a cruise for many island. . i don t remember where she said. she then Approved me around for her boss who wanted to affirm your deal i had told him that i did t have a credit card and my boyfriend who did was not House he then proceeded to tell me how if I could get a credit card statement as long as i had ability for i could supply him your number that manner. . i appeared a little hesitant due to his reply for my every question. . i told him i did t need to get within problem for giving Outside HIS credit card Amount and that I want to discuss it w him first he Subsequently Inquired what there was to discuss and proceeded to tell me how great of a bargain I was getting W a Individual. . . W for 3 4 Folks. he Subsequently knocked away W and told me your trip was mine for W . . and when i sty ll hesitated he proceeded for ask me what other Vacation my boyfriend would like a trip for La's Vegas or Mexico. . . he was pressuring me by your Second thank god . . my mom whom I would have gone on the Vacation with wan t replying her phone and i had accidentally Put up on your Man when Attempting to call her on another line he said that they could no call back because it was just one phone per House but he did t head getting Place on hold thankfully i did not can something Mindless. W for that Vacation would 've been astounding if just it was Actual. . . sigh somethings within life are just overly good to be true

Post by Mark,

8026814148 If TD doesn't Quit calling as I gotten around 8 calls today out of Distinct Amounts Generally I am guessing all related to TD Canada. Do a Ace Activity lawsuit against this It s going for take more Subsequently among us for create a class suit. I am W going to school full time just no coming within and they Care ask questions is my prime source a Credit Your different Amounts obtained today are W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by frusterated,

802-681-4148 I will tell you exactly why no 1 may do anything Around this caller. . . it's because that Amount that comes Upwards on your Owner id is not that Amount they're calling from. your number that comes Upward in your caller id is disconnected. they use it because they dint want to be traced and they know when they leave it empty Folks wont Select Upwards. Discuss about scam. . .

Post by xx,

8026814148 i obtained a telephone from them today along with a Registered MSG saying i won a cruise within your Caribbeans and for press 9 so i m like Yep whatever who knows thus i pressed the 9 then a Man asked me if i Comprehended your recorded message and i said yes he Inquired me what i Comprehended thus i tell him Around that cruise while laughing and he s like why are you personally laughing. you dint believe it. and i said well no not Actually thus he said why did you press that 9 Subsequently. i replied because you personally never know. he answered well 've a great daytime Afterward Skip and Put Upwards on me. . . what's incorrect with those Folks.

Post by Dick,

802-681-4148 I get that same Bloody call at least once a month. Face 9 for your Caribbean cruise I Merely won. I wish to heck these guys would get another life and Discontinue bothering us. Exactly why can we have to Set up along with crap like that.

Post by JOKER,

8026814148 If you want them to remove you personally out of there phone list you must can the. First become overly polite How my chat went along with them. . . I let them state there Presentation Told them my made Upward name and Ph they told me about the Vacation I had won I yelled out Hell Loopy its Around time . . . they continued about that trip and started within as to where I was going for stay. Here s where you have your fun. I asked them if it was wheel chair asses sable they state But of path. . . then tell me Around your Shore. . . I say that I could go because of that seat and my cancer Now they feel awful but reassure them its not there fault they now can talk about Interior matters enjoy going for the water park. . . Nicely Gus what I cant go due for my chair cancer oxygen tank and Actually lousy growths and my hairs falling out. . . after I told him he Put up on me. Go figure.

Post by Pat,

802-681-4148 we vie won a Vacation in that Caribbean and that we demand for press the 9 to receive their present . That s Simply hang up

Post by Écoeuré,

8026814148 Ne r ponders Stout pas UN mot Saul all Au d but. C est dies crosses. .

Post by v,

802-681-4148 Apple P} Ce numerous region st hyacinth H

Post by memine,

8026814148 Il m est arrive la m me chose Que a Ling m me Android m me vacancy Saul Que moi Jew m y Sui's Fiat printer Jew Sui's main tenant en dispute Ave Mum campaigner P} Carter P} credit. Il n y a pas grand chose a fa ire a part d attend re Le parquet ET De Le returner en courier Leader Level la piste envoy er UN prev a voter Carter De credit De voter letterer Leader en attendant Que vows Soyuz reimburse en fin en esp Observation d Trey reimburses Mum campaigner reticent en Ce moment Les frays Only a Ce Que Openings promotion me reimburse Mai's phone Buster Mum tote exploiter quoin fa ire la campaigner a W joys pour me reimburses APR s Avior re u ma letterer Level courier re Leader. En esp rant Chief tenant d Trey reimburse Auto on m a sutures W numb RI Telephone Buster 1 W W W. Ce la reset a Sucre UN Dog it consul NE vows Fates pas printer com me moi.

Post by eagle3,

802-681-4148 I Simply obtained a telephone from your same phone Amount W. W. W. There was an automated message happy female voice congratulating me on my prize of a free Caribbean vacation. That message Afterward told me for press 9 for State my prize. After I pressed 9 a male express Decided up and introduced himself as David Vaughan out of Vacations Promotion. I Verified his name and that of the Business he said he was calling from. Afterward I asked him how he got my name and he replied that it was from a time share I might have went on around that previous 7 YEARS . . or many form of buy I May}n' 've recently made. Afterward your phone Sign Began for break up. He Afterward mentioned he wanted for ask me many questions that first being if I was W or over. I asked him if he knew who he was speaking for and David said no. Afterward that Transmission became weaker. David said that it was overly challenging for continue and hung Upwards. Really Peculiar. Definitely a scam. I don t understand what they Needed. But not good whatsoever.

Post by watch it!,

8026814148 I live within Brand new Port Richer. I know someone who works at your office and it is a scam. Your employees get paid a Ton of money for stealing yours. AND they Simply trained the same people for become debt councilors. Frightening huh. I don t believe my Buddy knows what a scam it is. He seems brainwashed. . PRESS 8 for that love of God.

Post by François,

802-681-4148 Hello. I had the phone the morning 1 W W W it was about a Vacation winning count est for Orlando and Bahamas Cruise on the imperial Majesty and all the for W W on credit card and your use your web page vacation. net but there is an other net page is Holiday. com i m not sure if it s Actual. I m french overly.

Post by Mandelbrot,

8026814148 Omaha com me Si Il y avid dies millers De cognates ET Que Illinois lemur At fallout unregistered UN message automatic pour Te dire Que Tu as gang ET Que Tu can is applier Friend 9 a Delivered la fraud Basic NZ en effete.

Post by Mel,

802-681-4148 Got this phone on Tuesday. Did not reply. thanks

Post by _P_,

8026814148 They called and said I won an all Comprehensive Vacation and for hit 9 for be Related for your travel Representative. . . I Installed up.

Post by UZEB001,

802-681-4148 I Additionally got a phone out of this Amount W is a Vermont code. If you are becoming a message it should become giving you personally a manner to get onto the no phone list. You personally also 've an Choice for add it onto your personal call selector W at Bell . the may automatically present them a message telling them that you do not need calls from this Amount.

Post by Reygar,

8026814148 i Simply got a phone today by your looks of it it s an Apparent scam. i m going to report the for my local Telephone Business and i Recommend that you all can that same.

Post by Pierre,

802-681-4148 Only acquired a telephone from that number today

Post by sickofit,

8026814148 My phone rang Now along with the Amount within that telephone display no just one answered a common Event. Earlier within that daytime I had had a long distance automated call concerning my credit card unspecified which I ignored. I 've wondered if I receive thus many of these calls because I 've a Recorded acreage line. But I see from this forum that cell Telephone users are having this problem overly. Is there for be no Comfort from these nuisance calls and potential scams. It s time your legislators got this illegal and Offered us a few tools to Discontinue the misuse of our phones.

Post by JC,

802-681-4148 Simply got a call out of W W The Registered message informed me that I had won a free cruise to the Caribbean. I Installed up. Pure scam

Post by unknown,

8026814148 call 1 W W talk for customer service.

Post by BG,

802-681-4148 said Hello X's nothing so I Installed Upwards.

Post by Bell Tech,

8026814148 Congrats you personally won an all Comprehensive Vacation for that Caribbean press 9 for State your prize

Post by Frankie,

802-681-4148 Computer generated female voice saying I won a free Vacation to the Caribbean. For State my prize press 9. It s the second time it happened. First I press that option for remove out of their list. Now I Simply press Off on my phone. Next time won t answer. It s defiantly a scam.

Post by Scam Stopper,

8026814148 Many People Fall for this Although You're becoming that Merchandise is not In any respect what you were Guaranteed. Fees aren't Told that Cruise isn't Free after adding all the hi Lair fees which are not told you personally spend Practically as much as a regular Holiday. You personally May}n' save a bit of cash because your attraction tickets aren't cheap but if you use your cruise you are going to pay lots of cash. I wonder how many Individuals Outside there Really bought this canceled and has not gotten their cash However.

Post by Garsdhull (Gatineau,Qc),

802-681-4148 I did not response and I could hear something on the res Think without recognizing. Is it a Connection along with that W W W which I gotten a few front hours.

Post by Bill,

8026814148 Replying that phone I listened for congratulations you vie Simply won a Caribbean cruise press 9 to claim your own prize. I did so to ask that my name be removed from their call list. After being on hold for few seconds a Guy started for talk to me. I Required to become removed out of their telephone list. I could Notice a lot of Sound within your History along with and Individuals talking loud. He asked my name and phone number. I said that they had them since they called me. He became abusive and I Ceased talking as did he. I was put on hold of Forms I could Notice ring tones along with Folks answering their Telephones but I could not talk with them. I finally hung up my phone but it did not disconnect from your telephone system for Around three minutes. I did Tell my telephone service Company.

Post by Bell Canada customer,

802-681-4148 Ok Men. This number could become Linked for W W W could be located on notes Website . I got calls out of those two numbers W min apart. Owner from W W W asked for Unique Individual. I said that s erroneous Amount. I got a telephone out of 1 W W W.

Post by Toro,

8026814148 st Lambert. . near Montreal. . i gotten a call from them. . overly telling me for press 9 for Discuss to your live Representative. . Lola LIVE Representative. . it s a scam. . c est De Freud . . Jew lii est DOT d all er SE fa ire future. . ET ills taint pas tares content. . LOLA

Post by Brenda,

802-681-4148 I Simply gotten a Telephone call out of the Amount. . and since I 've Owner id and did t Comprehend the Amount I did t Choose up your Telephone. It s that same number that's been calling me for 1 week daily. These scampers telemarketers or whatever they phone themselves now a times are quite frustrating for Cope along with. Each couple of weeks or thus they Alter their Amounts in purchase not for get Found. Folks should understand you don t get something for nothing. That motive why there are so many scampers out there surely is because there are overly many naive those who autumn to their victim and willingly present up their credit card information.

Post by Reneecoutu,

8026814148 you have for telephone your own phone company and tell them. My Telephone company takes a record of all those Amount to help your ones that could be cough by doing what they ask for

Post by Mandelbrot,

802-681-4148 Omaha com me Si Il y avid dies millers P} cognates ET Que Il lemur At fallout unregistered UN message automatic pour Te dire Que Tu as gang ET Que Tu would is applier Friend 9 a sent la fraud Basic NZ en effete.

Post by john cryderman,

8026814148 these genus hominids keep calling my W year old parents to Th point whee I had to intercept and re Option all calls to their number to mine. It Appears when a younger express answers they don t. They 've called about 6 times that I understand of within that last month. I want they would response when I Select up your phone.

Post by Jeff,

802-681-4148 Got a telephone from this Amount at not even 6 'm. . . No Original response and then Installed Upwards after I said hello three times. . . Thus annoying. When I W it said it was W W W. Crazy.

Post by Apple Pie,

8026814148 If you personally check Ar by you may find the Amount is no great. These guys could use any number to display Upwards in your phone indent they need including your own own. Call Telephone Busters That Contest Business of Canada or Maybe better your own MP and complain. . . .

Post by Annoyed,

802-681-4148 This number keeps calling me as nicely with that message that I won a cruise and when I got the Choice to press 9 amp Chat for someone they hang up. Also when I called your number back someone Decided Upward and said Hi then Put Upwards.

Post by stat,

8026814148 j AI EU Le meme Apple W foils pour Eyre exact. Sir Web T AI VI la meme information. idea tape Web. phone busters. com c est UN Website quid collaborate Ave la H RCMP Tu Videos ta plaint .

Post by Gaspé,

802-681-4148 a computerized voice said I had won a trip for the Cara beans. press 9 and Subsequently there was music for a few minutes. Afterward I hung Upward . I Picture that when I had won for Accurate a Actual Individual would announce it.

Post by help,

8026814148 I got a telephone from them the morning Jan. W W. I get a lot of the annoying calls that i vie won something. I 've a express Camera and record these unwanted calls. What i can is request for your Individual s name what company they work for and how they got my phone Amount. They Generally tell me that somebody signed me up for whatever they're selling. Subsequently I tell them that it's prohibited for someone to indication you personally up without your permission and that they're a Celebration to the criminal act and that i can contact the Cops concerning the call. Afterward they hang up instantaneously. It Actually gets your caller upset and I get a great jest out of it. Use your imagination when you personally get these annoying calls. That matter is for get them to give you personally incriminating Signs. I did t have a chance to can it along with these Folks because I was on your computer talking along with my girlfriend. That thing is have pleasure with these people. Enjoy.

Post by H8 Autodilers,

802-681-4148 I vie gotten several calls from these People but it comes Upwards Vermont . . . . As soon as I hear the automated voice I hang Upwards.

Post by eastcoast420,

8026814148 July W 5 W pm New Brunswick Canada Did t leave a message Go ogled that number located this list. This can be not that first time that they 've called.

Post by Apple Pie,

802-681-4148 Call your Charge center fraud line and get a manager also telephone or See your own bank Department and speak for your Supervisor and tell them what happened and that it's fraud. . . Demand a new Amount and that the Sum be removed or Just close the account better Notion if you've problems go for the head office of the bank. . . . .

Post by Jennifer,

8026814148 Replied Strike 9 listened for the spiel and told them I dint 've a credit card. They told me its a Vacation for 2 adults so get someone Elise's card but Now only no way for me for call them back they would telephone me again if I supply them my Residence number. I questioned them and was jovially reassured by MARK that many Folks are nervous but they are legit go check Outside Holiday. internet. I searched and located the Website instead. I also asked about that timeshare company name. . . he had to go check along with someone and said that timeshare promoters are Understood as CI or II at Ci. com. That was it for that. W for W times in Orlando including a 3 day cruise. Not too likely. He hung Upwards immediately when I said not interested sorry but I see a lot of information on other Websites compared to the 1 you directed me for. . . nicely slamming that Telephone down instantly tells me your eagerness was all an act. I 'm in Ottawa called your local police line and was suggested for have my phone Supplier bell check your line since I had dialed 9. . . They are closed for the nighttime thus I will become doing that first matter within your am. Yikes.

Post by Gatineau, Quebec,

802-681-4148 reporting same telephone 1 W W W W PM Jan W if you personally wait long enough and dint press anything a Men express comes on and says press 9 or to become removed from our no call list press 2 but that could be another manner of checking if your line is Actual or not

Post by Montreal,

8026814148 Same thing here within Montreal I said hello 3 times no answer and I tried to phone back but there was the Normal message. Thus these Men 've nothing for do than the within life. . . . .

Post by Cadr Oussel,

802-681-4148 Les Inquests snot Sir lemur Ca's. Si a continue quid Sat Dog est re Ce's flux timbering ills Sir UN Hat diligent d UN Mafia quid n a pas en vie P} SE fa ire r viler Le Martin par dies Trolls. Dog est re m me Que Ce Hat diligent a dies novae Objectives en Chine. . .

Post by newuser,

8026814148 Now they are calling out of W W W overly I acquired the telephone today for a Caribbean prize. Did t press 9. Become attention full

Post by Corky,

802-681-4148 Telephone rang four times. When I saw it was an W I did t response. Happy for read notes about RCMP warning that this may become a number Seeking to hijack my telephone Amount. Think I ll Only let it ring within future. . .

Post by joe,

8026814148 you personally re kidding right. These are ALL SCAMS. There is no free lunch unless You're rich then it s all free including lunch.

Post by lams,

802-681-4148 bell Canada could Set you on a do not phone list that actually works

Post by cyn87,

8026814148 Ills Ont Apple Che moi Aussie 2 reprises. Jew NE lemur AI pas Pearl Mai's Mon conjoint a r pond a UN De leers Oranges Il a Fiat Le 9 ET crotch .

Post by J,

802-681-4148 I gotten a hang up telephone Recently out of the number. Appears like they 've moved west now as I 'm located within BC

Post by Ungars,

8026814148 Banjo Hello. J AI re u Le m me Apple accord Hui Got the same phone Now. Jew saves Que c ta it UN Exceptional Mai's j AI quad m me Program Sir 9 pour coir Ce quid arrived. . . ills Ont Aussie crotch . . . I knew it was a fraud but pressed 9 anyway Merely for see. . . they hung Upwards of path. Illinois would it y Avior UN mo yen P} re tracer cert campaigner ET De SE d fend re cont re ex non. C est Dog Trey UN campaigner quid NE Fiat Que tester dies numb Rios P} t l phone pour d Atreus Firms De Advertising oi Jew NE sis quoin. . There has for be a manner for Secure ourselves against this sort of activities no. Is that Firm Simply validates Telephone numbers for other marketing companies for use.

Post by help,

802-681-4148 Sorry also tell them during your conversation that the phone is being taped.

Post by Pascal,

8026814148 Got it W W pm 7 January W l VI's Que Beck Canada. Cruise to Caribbean. At least that spam it making running your economy D Pascal

Post by Dick,

802-681-4148 I get the same Bloody telephone at least once a month. Dial 9 for the Caribbean cruise I Only won. I wish to heck these guys would get another life and Quit bothering us. Why can we have to put Upward with crap like that.

Post by spirit,

8026814148 W

Post by joaquin thubeaux,

802-681-4148 call from W W W garbled something Around . . . Submitted against your Societal security Amount. . .

Post by unknown,

8026814148 I get calls for these scampers Day-to-day. That telephone out of private Amounts. People if u can t identify number don t Select rep rot to FTC and put that number don t call registry if all else fails blow a tin whistle within their ears it give it strive its value a shot

Post by Claire,

802-681-4148 On m a DOT Que Jew gangs UN voyage Cross re Danes Les CARIBS ET T AI crotch av ant De fa ire Le 9 com me on me Le demanded. . . Exceptional Jew Presume. . .

Post by Marie,

8026814148 C est preventable Core quid SE font encore printer Ce's canneries. D s Que vows ententes Vows Ave Ganges. . . rompers la conversation. Sanchez Que Danes la vie Illinois n y a rein sans rein. Illinois NE fat pas r veer aux cont es De f e. Don for us Root quid nous prominent la line snot De be aux manipulates la recherche De gens Vulg rabbles quid dinnering De l argent pour Garner UN pr ix . Churches Le contrast quid SE trove Danes la phrase pr c denote. . . Moliere Remedy Ne pas r Lake re oi rompers la conversation aux premiers instants. En pass ant Jew veins P} Mont Lauri er.

Post by alnpat,

802-681-4148 Phone came thought just now Decided it Upward and recorded voice yelled congratulations I had Merely won a free 1 week cruise. I Installed Upwards and tried to redial Amount and got record that Amount I have achieved isn't in service.

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8182408688 Complains by Aaron,

Called me on my cell and Put up when I answered. I go ogled the Amount and it may be Work} 1 an employment agency.

2243612382 Complains by Guest,

Call all the time.

8558076274 Complains by Guest,

If you telephone Automobile recording Lending futures. com spam

3168065758 Complains by Guest,

Unsolicited text message: Do you need some extra CA$H for the holidays? You can easily get $1,500 today, just visit www.RushFundsVIP.com to get the funds. Write "NO" to cancel. On 11/20/11.

6316248510 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling

8063522058 Complains by John Malloy,

Who are . they call constantly and Afterward hang up when you answer I 'm on that do not telephone list thinking about reporting them for that feds

8322014100 Complains by john,

who might it be.

3126629632 Complains by Guest,

Someone call me from this number but when I returned the call a tele-prompter stated the number is out of service.

8002255877 Complains by deana,

sorry W is erroneous . it W

8003188433 Complains by Lisa,

Someone is Likely Implementing for a credit card in your own name Afterward and they're trying for help you personally.

8002945726 Complains by Brian,

Installed Upward after 1 ring.

8003001057 Complains by PCV,

Same here calls but no message. . . Eventually got Ill of no messages and called it s GE Capitol.

8003060158 Complains by anonymous,

same matter happened for me but if more of people reports for that f. b. i who we pay tax dollars for would do something about it. . banks are losing cash away of it However your FBI wont can nothing if u add Upwards the money that is being lost how might it be for little of cash if they Quit it forward of time it would save everyone that head ache and that banks

8002840650 Complains by JS,

ME Minimum Past Thank you personally to your posting. It s scary. I also received an E-mail and a telephone later out of Lauren Phillips. After reading all that Listings here I Detected she uses email W protected And the email she Delivered me she uses email W protected Beware company owners. . . Don t believe in these sort of Things through E-mails and calls out of these Individuals. The best thing is to work along with known Firm and locally. You can check Outside local visibility. org and attempt to phone the number and you ll see. It s Merely a message saying that you can leave a message and someone will phone you back. That Base LINE IS Only For Avoid ANY E-mails AND Phone CALLS With ALL THESE OFFERS AND Fantastic Notions AND You personally LL Be SAFE. Merely LET THEM Understand You are NOT INTERESTED BECAUSE You ALREADY 've A Business WORKING ON IT OR IT S NOT Appropriate For your own Business. This really is her email Hi My name is Lauren and I m researching the online visibility of xxxix city little Companies. I came across company name on investigation Applications and Yellowish pages Websites Recorded under categories such as . You can Assess out your own business online visibility report here including an Investigation of your own company compared to your competitors. I expect the Overview of your own online Profile is useful for your requirements and I d enjoy to Notice your own feedback. If I Directed} this to your incorrect Individual or if you personally re not interested in seeing these reports please click the unsubscribe link below. Genuinely Lauren Phillips Company Analyst W W W E-mail W protected C Amazing Meadow Lane East Hanover NJ About are we. Local Exposure is a research center analyzing online Awareness for little and medium sized businesses. The reports reveal Present listings on investigation engines and local business Websites and Help business owners for better comprehend and improve their company s online presence. Why are we contacting you personally. While researching businesses city we Arrived across your business and contact email and thought you would become interested in Viewing this report. If you personally want you could possibly unsubscribe below. Click here for unsubscribe Owner .

8002529451 Complains by john smith,

calls two three time week no just one on that line when answered

8003231007 Complains by Bob,

Awe Bryan I see you 've reverted to childish insults. . . . is this Site hurting your own company that lousy. How long before another Name and Phone Amount change. . . . . DEPP and Component Payment Services have been used up. . . . maybe this time you personally should change it to We have been a scam company and will lie about everything for your face Select people Choose us

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