8028766622 / 802-876-6622

Telephone information: National Mobile Communications Corporati. Essex Junction, VT. Chittenden. United states
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Post by mac,

8028766622 annoying telemarketer

Post by Mary,

802-876-6622 Received 2 calls out of this Amount. That first was 2 times Past and my Man answered your Telephone. A Girl mentioned she was from your Marine and Wildlife Department. He told her we do not reply Studies or Take the type of phone. She ignored him and Began asking him how many Folks were within your household how many of them fished and what were their names. . . . Why. . . He said sorry don t phone here again and he Put up. Today I answered that phone and it was your same scenario. Within Improvement for proclaiming she was from and I estimate That Marine and Wildlife Section and not Department she continued to state that the Telephone phone would become recorded. I told her The Amount does not reply Studies does not divulge any data and this really is your SECOND See since you called two times Past and where told Afterward NOT For Telephone The Amount again . For my utter astonishment she ignored me and started to ask how many Folks were in my Home how many fished what were their names. I Installed Upwards. This can be a Absolute scam. Since when does anyone telephone on Labor day weekend Saturday at PM . . . They don t demand names of those who go fishing. I have reported both of these calls to the Do not telephone registry Gripe website. As useless as this May}n' seem for many Folks every complaint that's Published to the Don't Phone Registry has for show Only how many of these Guessed survey calls are actually criminals trying for get personal info. I am thus disgusted with these calls. I believe I can Begin for annoy your callers and would what a previous poster suggested. . . . asking them private questions 1 after another until they get disgusted and hang up . .

Post by fred c,

8028766622 got an unwanted telephone out of this Amount from Essex Jct Vermont. Said she was from the Game amp Wildlife Div. Desired for understand how many Folks fish at my Home Tested that county that I live in if that was my long-lasting Dwelling and how many Folks live in the home. I idea I got your call because I had Merely vacationed in Vt. But after Viewing all of these posts I'm not sure what it was all about. I will not become replying any more calls from W W W.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Torchbearer

Post by Debbie,

8028766622 Received a phone from the Amount and a message W W W was left. A Girl said help twice and Subsequently said what exactly are you Attempting to would. It was a whisper so it was very creepy. I called your Amount back but a record for a fishery Arrived on. I thought someone was in misery until I read these messages.

Post by Bobby Bendover,

802-876-6622 Wow. . . You Actually should get help to your paranoia.

Post by Kevin,

8028766622 They use a Rob caller.

Post by Randy,

802-876-6622 Called. No Mo RI BO intercepted but Afterward they entered your security code for bypass. Left No VIM. Do you personally Really desire to Cope with any Firm legal or not who intentionally bypasses 2 blocks DC NO MO . Added to my Telephone block. You personally won t get me again.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Requires if household goes fishing confirms Place of Dwelling and how many adults within household

Post by not a fisherman,

802-876-6622 The number robot Owner with a very long Wait was a survey on Marine Fishing. Asked if it was Miami Father county Citizen they had accomplished how we go fishing amp how many people live within the house. I was waiting for the scam or the hook. . . . That appeared to become all of it. Sort of a Census on marine fishing amp Father county People interaction. . I believe. . . .

Post by Bobby Bendover,

8028766622 Wow. . . You really should get help for your own paranoia.

Post by Bobby Bendover,

802-876-6622 Wow. . . You personally Actually should get help for your paranoia.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Calls dozen t leave message

Post by Kevin,

802-876-6622 They use a Rob caller.

Post by J.R.,

8028766622 Answering machine Decided up. After a delay a few woman came on saying she was from your U. S Dept of Business along with An Important Message For You Reddish Banner . After a couple of Hi s she hung Upward. Correct me if I m wrong but USN t impersonating a National official a National Felony.

Post by red,

802-876-6622 They keep calling and not saying anything at least 4 times now every time I telephone back its a occupied Sign i dint believe its Around fishing

Post by M,

8028766622 I never response calls from unknown numbers. If a express send message if left and I m interested within what was said. I may return your telephone. I understand these people calling demand a job they Only should t anticipate your recipients of their calls to become responsive. This Owner did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 survey

Post by Guest,

8028766622 UNITED STATES Section OF Commerce Marine Fishery Survey. Have called my home now for 7 days within a Line. I eventually answered the Telephone and after stating who they were and why they were calling. I was Inquired how many Individuals go fishing within my Family. . . . I threw a number out and waited to see what your next question would be. I was told thank you personally for taking the survey and have a Pleasant day. I asked again who was calling and was told UNITED STATES Department OF Marketing. I said Ok bye. They Installed up. That s all

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 The home keeps becoming calls from various Amounts including this just one constantly in the Central of your night

Post by Disgusted,

8028766622 BS

Post by perry,

802-876-6622 d n p u. no message left.

Post by charleston,

8028766622 Called my property line 8 W W and 8 W W. Both times I did not Choose Upwards. They did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 calls at least 2 a day. after ST telephone I blocked your Amount but calls twice a day. really annoying tho blocked.

Post by Jeff,

8028766622 One time I told your telemarketer to aw guy get a Real job and Installed Upward. The pissed him off so bad he kept calling and hanging Upwards on me for W minutes until I took your Telephone away that hook for an hour. The good thing is 1 He was overly occupied along with me for fuss anyone else He was thus pissed off he could not be enjoyable on that phone more Folks saved from his calls 3 He could 've Really Leave and got a real Occupation and Consequently I did him a Party favor.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 SCUMMIER Telephone survey

Post by Guest,

8028766622 This person keeps calling house. I don t know who they're. They state hello n hang up

Post by Brenda,

802-876-6622 Once I answered for tell them not for phone anymore they had already hung Upwards.

Post by BDavis,

8028766622 Never pick Upwards the phone for these Amounts. This can be how their Kid keeps track of live Amounts. And once they understand that the Telephone Amount is valid that calls won t stop

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Inquired question quot who goes fishing in House quot . I Put Upwards twice.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 never leaves a message

Post by Irritated,

802-876-6622 Second phone in two times from this number supposedly some survey asking how many Folks within your Family fish. Must be bogus because I Inquired for become removed out of their phone list and they still called back two times After anyhow.

Post by BW,

8028766622 And by the way I 'm an unlisted Amount which is Enrolled to the Do not Phone Website.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Scam

Post by Michelle eckilson,

8028766622 Repeatedly calling me and leaves no message.

Post by thomas Oswald,

802-876-6622 I received your Specific same message. Called said she worked for the People Dept. of Business. I said that I did too and your Institution of your Census mails Outside Studies.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Steady calling with no message left. SPAM

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Please do something to block this Owner. I don t pick Upwards the Telephone and no message is left. Due to your Amount of calls I get I feel that it s an invasion of privacy within my Dwelling. It s affecting and I telephone it harassment.

Post by Diane,

8028766622 I vie been on Do not Phone for years and also got reports for the FCC for no avail. Online I got that free Bacall and it s worked wonders. It rings once and hangs up on them.

Post by Mack,

802-876-6622 Tel scampers Now are well financed by mafia kind packs of scumbags who also delve into Worldwide prohibited drug distribution and or Individual sex slave trafficking thus they Find Sufferers ALL over your world now. Gloomy there s no Worldwide law Administration Bureau w any balls for go after catch and arrest them.

Post by john,

8028766622 The owner of W W W has particular Problem. His Mom is very really very Scratch and needs a lot of mankind for help FL. This is your reason they made big Amount of calls.

Post by BW,

802-876-6622 And by the manner I 'm an unlisted number that's Enrolled for the Don't Phone Website.

Post by Tired Of Scam Calls!!!!!!!!!!!,

8028766622 Telephone concerning a survey for marine and fishing. Inquired how many Individuals in your House go fishing. I told that Girl that we have been not interested within answering any surveys and giving out any private info and to please take us off of their call list. Your telephone was out of Vermont and I live in Florida thus it Looks Poor to me.

Post by Kevin,

802-876-6622 They use a Rob Owner.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Called illegality for request question Around how many Individuals in my own Residence go s fishing how many Individuals live within my Dwelling 6 months from that year its Clearly a ruse of kind they called numerous time

Post by D,

802-876-6622 called company line multiple times asking if it was a residential or business line. I asked exactly why and then Installed Upward. Now for find Outside that it was from a property line within VT that is half a country away quite questionable exactly why they called and what they Needed. The Set should be shutdown.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 SPAM Group Bureau OR TELEMARKETER Phone AT 9 PM ON A SATURDAY. I M ON Do not Call REGISTRY.

Post by Disgusted,

802-876-6622 BS

Post by Lisa,

8028766622 Called my property line. I did not Select Upwards. They did not leave a message.

Post by margo,

802-876-6622 very annoying

Post by Ms FedUpOfBogusCallers,

8028766622 Only had a call come through and fast go ogled and got this. Did t answer as I don t know Amount. I m within Orlando having an Orlando number so why they would be calling here for fishing within Annapolis I don t understand. . Obviously a scam. They should check what Place Requirements they're dialing its not overly difficult. Scampers amp stupidity. . .

Post by Lisa,

802-876-6622 Called me again. No message.

Post by Rhonda,

8028766622 Live in NJ there surely is no motive for phone me about fishing Maryland or any other State. Calls Regular and wish they would leave me alone

Post by M,

802-876-6622 Within this case you re becoming that phone because Reviews are exempt from your Do not Phone registry.

Post by Beth,

8028766622 Owner said they were from USDA and asked how many Individuals fish within that family. I have received many calls from this Amount and Generally don t Select up. Sometimes I can just for 've a few pleasure.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 I 'm on the Do not Phone List but it dozen t appear for would any good. I got a telephone out of this number yesterday and again today. Greer It's from your Marine Fishery Survey but they never leave a message.

Post by Trish,

8028766622 This really is a survey. It is CF international. If you pick it Upward and request them not for phone again they will take your own Amount away their list.

Post by Jim,

802-876-6622 Another unsolicited call for block.

Post by utap,

8028766622 Appears for become a paid Telemarketer Polling company for households in Maryland that partake within fishing. Said it would change that Amount of commercial fishing Permits Released in that state. Apparently the more private Folks fish the less commercial licenses would be Desired. . Female was enjoyable but call was annoying.

Post by anoymous,

802-876-6622 Calls my VIP line. . . no message is left I m not located in Annapolis or Vermont and my number is on that do not telephone registry.

Post by NoAlohaHea,

8028766622 Called my unlisted property line multiple times and asked that same questions How many Folks within Residence. and How many people within House fishes. . I really did not hassle to see what state they were calling out of until today when my grand Child replied the phone and your caller hanged Upward on her. I Viewed up that number and located out that a lot of Folks through out your states are becoming calls out of this Amount. Thank you personally everyone to your inputs on the Owner. And yes I live in Hawaii and would someone out of VT need for would a fishing survey. Don t each state have their own fishing laws. Hmm go figure.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Desired for to take a survey suggested not interested amp remove out of calling list. . . . I 'm on your Do not Phone list.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Caller ID was Essex Junction VT. State for be out of a People national dept thus they can override Don't Telephone list. Wanted for understand how many Folks in household go fishing. Told that Owner I did not desire to answer any questions and Put up.

Post by Rui,

802-876-6622 Called replying machine Decided Upward and there was Five seconds of a Face tone before your machine cut that call off. I live in NJ whatever someone out of VT needs I m not interested.

Post by Lynn,

8028766622 Called at 'm to Home property line number I did not answer. Nuisance Owner I Afterward blocked it on my Verizon acct. I have a great telephone blocker on my cell. . . Free Google Play Store Download for a trial 0. W Not empty MT is Well Worth your W Cost. 1 fee of W only no more fees after. Appearance for phone blocker Opting

Post by Bill,

802-876-6622 Called me too did not leave a voice send. A Technique I used before was to NEVER reply their question but to Answer with your own question. Merely keep wasting their time along with questions. For Case if this Amount asked how many Individuals fish in your House answer along with the question for them How Frequently for your requirements hunt for bear. Can you enjoy zebras. anything Simply try and keep them on your line. Eventually they understand you are either insane or playing them. Either way they dint phone back.

Post by M,

8028766622 In this case you personally re becoming the phone because surveys are exempt from the Do not Call registry.

Post by Not An Idiot,

802-876-6622 Another phone telephone from them today after I politely Inquired for be removed out of their phone list two weeks ago which makes it the Next time they 've called me. If they're really who they state they're a fishing survey then why are they not honoring my request to please Quit calling. Exactly why might it be so important for them that they understand how many people within my house fish. . Fishing survey my Booty they're phishing for my personal Information. If you get a phone out of these people they're Attempting to get your private info too so don t be stupid and fall for it.

Post by Bobby Bendover,

8028766622 Wow. . . You Actually should get help to your paranoia.

Post by Disgusted,

802-876-6622 BS

Post by Mary,

8028766622 We usually do not response these kinds of calls but my stupid brother replied it and started replying questions such as fishing and names and ages of Individuals within the Family. He Considered it was from Dr Degree of Natural resources . Why would Doctor out of Vermont be calling a acreage line within Baltimore. They would not. If you don t Understand a number simply do not reply that phone.

Post by Randy,

802-876-6622 Has called numerous times and Installed Upward when I have replied or not left a message.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 I notion it was curious I worked for your Office of that Census and they send Outside Reviews.

Post by tito,

802-876-6622 No message.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 may call and hang up

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Left a message on my Telephone saying quot help quot twice and Afterward quot what are you trying to would. quot Called back and it was a fishery. Really very creepy.

Post by Guest,

8028766622 Calls me ever daytime. . Disturbing

Post by Mack,

802-876-6622 Tel scampers Now are nicely financed by mafia kind packs of scumbags who Additionally delve into global illegal drug distribution and or human sex slave trafficking so they seek Sufferers ALL around that world now. Unhappy there s no International law enforcement Bureau w any balls for go after Get and arrest them.

Post by Mike,

8028766622 I m enjoy you I 've a unlisted Amount and on that no call list and that number calls a few times a week. And me working Move work slumber is difficult enough for come bye

Post by thomas Oswald,

802-876-6622 I received your Actual same message. Called said she worked for your Us Department. of Trade. I said that I did too and the Institution of your Census mails out surveys.

Post by flyplayne,

8028766622 Called my Fax . Did not response. No Facsimile came through.

Post by BDavis,

802-876-6622 Never pick Upwards that Telephone for these Amounts. That is how their Child keeps Monitor of live numbers. And once they understand that the Telephone Amount is valid your calls won t stop

Post by Guest,

8028766622 I Simply received a phone out of the Amount. I Normally don t Select Upward for unfamiliar Amounts but did. No response on other Finish. Thus annoying.

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Owner ID came up as Essex Junction VT I don t Normally pick Upwards unknown numbers but I did the time and no reply on another end

Post by Mike,

8028766622 I m like you I 've a unlisted Amount and on the no telephone list and that number calls a few times a week. And me working Transfer work sleep is difficult enough to come bye

Post by Guest,

802-876-6622 Department of Commerce. he asked question but many kind of Highlight could t make Outside what he was saying. I am on don't call list.

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Dint wanna talk

2817663677 Complains by Guest,


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don't call

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3367927637 Complains by Guest,

Calls and hangs Upward or no messages left.

4695874275 Complains by Guest,

Key shopper scam

9375205494 Complains by Guest,

no calls or text messages

6139025705 Complains by Guest,

CARA scam

8003109637 Complains by D,

Unknown caller to my cell Telephone.

9135435272 Complains by Guest,

Got 1 phone out of the number did t answer it because I wan t around your phone at your time.

8172245101 Complains by AN,

This can be Mercedes Benz Fiscal Services. Your Individual calling me was inquiring about end of Rent Choices for my Auto. Its a valid Amount.

8182084876 Complains by maybe block,

they telephone every few days or thus leave no message.

8093317878 Complains by Guest,


9146279686 Complains by Guest,

SCUMMIER Attempted To Buy CL Item AND Wanted For Purchase VIA PAY PAL

8002692397 Complains by Guest,

Calling asks questions and haNFS up. This is my mothers phone and she is 83 years old. Please get this stopped

8003176345 Complains by Dennis Dejesus,

This number charged my account W. W without permission. They said they would reimburse a month Past and still nothing.

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