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Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA. Columbia, SC. Richland. United states
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Post by Anne,

8032379332 I got a phone telephone from the number. I don't reply Amounts I do not understand. I don t desire to be on the list for the W Amount. My state has a do not call violations and I can be Publishing there next. Take me away the selling spam not interested and I may report

Post by Sally,

803-237-9332 Gotten telephone. Did t response.

Post by Shawn,

8032379332 Record your entire telephone and try and get someone on that Telephone if there surely is an Alternative for that. That manner you might have Recorded what you told them when and to whom so when they don t stop harassing you personally you are able to file match and win. You are able to also use it against them if you contact that FCC. I also get telescope calls during the daytime. When I have for put a customer on hold to reply an incoming call only for locate a scummier after I get all that Important Information from them I am exceptionally Fair about what I expect happens for them it s private distressing and long-lasting.

Post by stormcatcher,

803-237-9332 Call Received Thursday W August W W W Am EST Owner ID W W Missed Calls List Columbia SC Result Did not Choose Upwards no message was left Previous Calls At least 2 last on Thursday W July W. Just one time I did Select Upward with this number because I notion it was a school within South Carolina which was interested within interviewing me as a job candidate. They said that Michael Jackson was not available. I don't know what was Upward along with this.

Post by Dale,

8032379332 I go ogled the number and located that it is sex for sale going on and that is not acceptable at all I believe these should become dealt with and there Telephones disconnected or Perhaps jail time would help.

Post by Mary,

803-237-9332 Same exact message for me. Idiots.

Post by Luscious Glam,

8032379332 I hate them I get a telephone each single Daytime. I never reply them What can you want. I Additionally had my 6 Year old son Merely Discuss to them . . LO LI Only had him answer and tell them how is daytime went They keep calling tho They must have Enjoyed your convoy s But it Simply annoying.

Post by CA,

803-237-9332 Never phone your Amount back that called you personally if you don t know who it's. There is a lot of phone fraud and it s not worth dealing w them. Plus I would t Place my Amount in the Do not call list someone there probably sold your number for these Individuals and that s exactly why their calling you personally. Too poor they don t have anything else better for would within the life like becoming an education and or a real Occupation.

Post by Jack Albert,

8032379332 Yes. I called AT amp T and asked how to handle someone who has their service who is abusing your phone. She offered me a 4. W plan for BLOCK your number so they would not be Capable to telephone me. I suspect it is a scam pressure point to sell THAT service Quite than a real telemarketer who is Marketing something.

Post by Anne,

803-237-9332 The us Actually becoming old since last October that is Amount 6. I don t know who it's and I 'm on the do not phone list Do you Cease the.

Post by Kim,

8032379332 they called my cell Telephone it goes straight for express send and says diabetic experts when you personally phone back

Post by WTF,

803-237-9332 got a phone again from this yesterday. so Now I call the National Commerce Commission and file a Gripe. you personally People should would it too. because your national don't phone reg isn't doing anything. attempt the Site. HTTP Www. FTC. gov FTC contact. sham

Post by starryeyed,

8032379332 Your above post isn't Authentic. the was an Continuing diabetic survey caller. . it's not an automated internet prank. It s annoying. And it has been calling my cell Telephone for some time as nicely. A bit over 2 weeks. returning the telephone is of no use. Don't provide out data. Don't give Outside name birthday social security etc scam.

Post by Me,

803-237-9332 I got a Telephone telephone out of the number today but I did t get for my phone within time to response it. Thus I called the Amount back and I did t get anything Around diabetes or anything like that. When I called it went right for voice mail and it said Your express send box for. . . Michael Jackson heehaw. . . is not empty and not Taking messages at the time. WT. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by SW,

8032379332 Who is this . Why can I get calls on my cell even though I 'm on do not telephone list.

Post by j.e.m.,

803-237-9332 Got my Th telephone out of this Amount the morning while I was in my physician s waiting room. That first on was June Rd. Left no message. I was Merely about ready to turn my phone away. I wish I had which meant the call would 've gone straight for VIM and I d have gotten a partial recording for report in my own Criticism. I ll become reporting the once again to that DC.

Post by Cynthia,

8032379332 Please do not call W W W anymore. You are calling a National court. Remove the number

Post by debluvs2bake,

803-237-9332 Discontinue calling. .

Post by Beck,

8032379332 I Merely got a phone out of this Amount did not response and they did not leave a message. but when I dialed it back I got a message saying that your mailbox going for. . . . . Micheal Jackson Her Her . . . is not empty. Strange.

Post by joe,

803-237-9332 i just got a phone from W about Choosing a survey Around diabetics so i said yes. Your Female comes on for request me about how many times i take my blood sugar do i take Images whats my full birthday and i said no i don t feel cozy giving that info out about my birthday thus she hangs up. i idea which was Peculiar thus i Viewed Upwards your Diabetic Experts on line could not find anything Around them

Post by al,

8032379332 That don't telephone registry doesn't work. It simply records your Criticism and request. They still phone. It s a waste of time to use.

Post by Jackie,

803-237-9332 Cease calling my cell phone

Post by DNC Registry doesn't matter:,

8032379332 1 When that Owner is exempt from the DC Conditions. 2 When your Owner dozen t attention Around any telemarketing laws. This caller since they phone so many cell phones definitely dozen t attention about that Guidelines. So we as consumers need to exercise our rights. We need to a File Criticisms along with that FCC FTC and state authorities such as the Attorney General. B Track down that callers. C File lawsuits against those who Discount the law and Accumulate thousands of dollars.

Post by Jim miami,

803-237-9332 this can be that second telephone out of them and I am on that do not telephone list. my voice message instructs unwanted sales calls that I have recorded their number and time of call and not to call back but this really is automated. I want to look for a manner to report them.

Post by office manager,

8032379332 It's a Federal Do not Telephone List. Companies could not sign Upward. . .

Post by Amanda,

803-237-9332 Quit calling me please. you re toeing up my line and I use this phone for work.

Post by Selizzle,

8032379332 I got that same Michael Garcia express send. MG what if he s not really not alive and he amp Elvis are now running a telemarketing scam together out of South Carolina. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Kevin Felts,

803-237-9332 Despise these calls. . cheers for the alert.

Post by Enumerator,

8032379332 I Additionally 'm doing work for the census and I can tell you personally for specific that when they go out and can quality checks to create certain we went and Truly filled Outside the questionnaires with the those who did not send their census forms back within by April 1 they are Actually going for the house and re asking that questions for Confirm the answers.

Post by Jessie,

803-237-9332 I received a call from that number the morning. I sent them a text to property line stating Would no phone this Amount again. I will contact that FCC. That should can that Secret if not its legal Actions I ll take.

Post by ibe,

8032379332 The has called several times on my emergency cell Telephone. This Telephone is not Recorded everywhere and is prepaid. It s only for my daughter to call within case of emergency. It s GP'S activated also. She Flights horses around several hundred acres. If a few matter happens we should become Capable for find her. I keep getting calls out of people Looking me for take a Provide Alter insurance co. donate money for the Cops. Do they have that appropriate to phone Telephones that belong to others. This month they have used 7 Minimum of my time. How do we deal along with this. Appears enjoy there are a lot of Wake up Folks out there along with no feeling.

Post by Todd,

803-237-9332 I keep becoming calls from the Amount on my cell Telephone that is not a listed number. Nevertheless I have a policy of not Finding Upward calls from Amounts I don't recognize. Please Quit harassing me with absurdity calls. Time is cash. I want there was a National Law banning this type of calls.

Post by Packerfangyrl,

8032379332 I got a telephone on my cell Telephone upon calling back it stated Diabetic Alternatives but the mail box was full. Not simply is my cell phone Amount on your Don't Phone List it is unpublished so somehow my cell Amount was sold or something Perhaps through automated dialing which is prohibited within Wisconsin to begin with I 'm not diabetic so why they would phone me is beyond me Perhaps they are trying for get business for House Assessment supplies enjoy that Firm Liberty Medical. One Firm enjoy that got my stepfather who is diabetic for Begin using them for get his diabetic supplies and not only did they send his strips and a meter they billed his insurance for a Popular water bottle and some other mad supplies that were not Desired. Only motive he located Outside was the nurse called seeing if he needed a prescription for it for Actual because Medicare requires 1 in order for pay for it. Of path he did t. I would t be surprised if it is the same Firm. How really scam Packed could some of these companies get.

Post by Donna Cummings,

803-237-9332 Diabetes

Post by silent,

8032379332 no offense but it's automated calls thus it Merely goes for your requirements express send and drowns on and on. Think before you personally Chat. You personally still get voice mails even if you don t answer your phone and there still irritating.

Post by MUM,

803-237-9332 I 've obtained 4 calls from the WIRELESS Owner. . I Getaway t answered any of them. My Telephone number is UNLISTED and is on the Don't Phone LIST.

Post by Jonathan,

8032379332 Called my cell phone

Post by tired of it,

803-237-9332 i 'm on the do not call list but this place won t Cease calling me. i 'm not interested and have told them that. i pay for these minutes and i m definitely exhausted of the idiot wasting them.

Post by Joseph,

8032379332 Cease CALLING ME

Post by Dana,

803-237-9332 Only listen to the message and press 2 like they said to be added to that don't telephone list. . .

Post by Willow123,

8032379332 I don't desire W W W to telephone my Phone number again. It's a telemarketing call and my Amount is in that Do not Phone list.

Post by nok-nok,

803-237-9332 thees peels jazz calls about EIGHT TIZZ . .

Post by cecily curtis,

8032379332 we are and never have accepted telemarketing

Post by Michele A,

803-237-9332 I don t know what this phone was about cause I only have a Owner ID on my phone. . .

Post by carol,

8032379332 File a Grievance on that don't call list Site.

Post by Patricia Lane,

803-237-9332 Go to dentally. gov and file a Grievance if You're on that dentally list. 1 W W W Simply called me and I filed a Gripe at dentally. gov.

Post by GRRRRRRR.....,

8032379332 Got this telephone this morning and when I called it back your voice send message said that Michael Garcia Oho oho was not Accessible amp the mailbox was full. Actually funny. NOT.

Post by Jeannie Sack,

803-237-9332 I have repeatedly asked vendors not to phone me they continue for do so.

Post by Tamara,

8032379332 The Amount may call me and not leave a message. I picked up once and it was obviously a telemarketer.

Post by tired of it,

803-237-9332 I did t know the Amount thus I did t response. They 've called 6 times. . This is your thanks I get for Getting my Continue on Monster. com.

Post by office manager,

8032379332 It is a National Don't Telephone List. Businesses could not hint Upward. . .

Post by jj,

803-237-9332 got a phone the morning Approximately W W 'm est. It kept ringing for a long while.

Post by lulu,

8032379332 a nice previous fashioned whistle should create them stop

Post by JoAnna,

803-237-9332 Diabetic Business. Voice mail not empty when I tried for phone back. 'm Processing a complaint with that FCC as we Talk because I am sick of Go ogling all these numbers about spam calls.

Post by Pat Mullins,

8032379332 Please Quit calling me

Post by payne,

803-237-9332 came up on my tr ac phone do not understand the number

Post by Alex,

8032379332 These calls are coming in on my cell phone. If I were to response they would use Upward my minutes costing me more cash. I think that these calls should never be allowed for go to some cell phone. I obtained a telephone out of the number. It said that's originated out of South Carolina. I don t know anyone in South Carolina and I Additionally don t can business with any Business that has offices so far as I understand in South Carolina thus I did t reply. Whoever it was did t leave a message. I vie been becoming calls enjoy this 4 or 5 times a day Nearly every daytime for a while now. The numbers used are Usually different and your state that comes up is Additionally Usually different but the result is your same. Constant calling no message left no manner to phone back to request to remove myself in the calling list. I m not even confident what recourse I d have if I ever were Capable for request that I be removed from the calling list cynical though it sounds a component of me at least half believes that the callers would t honor your request. The motive I don t answer is that most of the time I m at work when these calls come in. Also I vie simply begun receiving calls enjoy the in the last year and a half. I Haydn t obtained calls enjoy the for years so I m not in your custom of replying the phone if I don t know who it is that s calling.

Post by justiceforall,

803-237-9332 take me off the list

Post by kjs,

8032379332 medical coverage

Post by N6QE,

803-237-9332 I got a phone from W W W on my cell thus I tool that Amount and had to pay for your call. My reception was thus poor Art that whatever was said was unintelligible. I saved that entry and Offered it the name of Virus 2 within case they phone again.

Post by Wabbit,

8032379332 I Simply got another Strike from them. Don t reply unless I recognize the Amount. I vie been Strike by Around 6 different callers in 6 different states all of a sudden. Including W W W. A few just one is finding working Amounts and Marketing them.

Post by libbie,

803-237-9332 I am sick and tired of these calls. You press one to advise them for remove you and they hang Upward on you personally. WHO Can WE Discuss For About The ON GOING Dilemma.

Post by phil rogers,

8032379332 keep getting this number

Post by Enumerator,

803-237-9332 I Additionally 'm doing work for your census and I can tell you for particular that when they go out and would quality checks for create certain we went and Really filled out that questionnaires with the individuals who did not send their census forms back in by April 1 they are physically going for the house and re asking that questions to verify the Solutions.

Post by adrian,

8032379332 as I can constantly block the Telephone calls every daytime and leaves no message telephone back and I could not leave a message and not who this phone

Post by J nathaniel,

803-237-9332 I have his Amounts for his families other 3 lines from his family plan. Dummy. I going for start calling his family at 'm and see how they enjoy it.

Post by Markie,

8032379332 English is Clearly not his first language.

Post by hayward,

803-237-9332 I acquired a phone out of W W W at W 'm on W July W. When I attempt Edward for phone that Amount back I got a no message box message. I don't know anyone in SC or the number.

Post by Amy,

8032379332 I acquired a call today from the Amount. As another Man stated when I called your number back it said Diabetes Experts and the mailbox was not empty. This is infuriating. Within response for that Man who said that we sh old not Select up calls from numbers we don t know I could thank of many situations where just one May}n' Skip Significant calls such as potential Occupation chances since the Telephone Amount is on one s resume. I Pick not to 've express send on my cell phone so I must Select Upwards your phone whatsoever times.

Post by MCSS,

803-237-9332 Knows more than an attorney What can you would for a residing. I am Fairly certain you don't understand just one eighth of what an Lawyer knows. GO GET A Job AND A LIFE.

Post by Cleveland OH,

8032379332 for all In order to penalize these Folks follow the Treatment ST enroll your Amount along with the National Do not Call List. ND after that when the call file an instant Gripe along with that Federal DC. It literally is as simple as that. DC violations are really Pricey and it won t take overly many of them for get your message across. I personally Submitted at least one complaint each week or thus for a little while and i scarcely get among these idiot calls. Except Now of path. . . .

Post by stormcatcher,

803-237-9332 I received the call at W W Am Wednesday W June W. That missed calls list said Columbia SC. I Lately contacted a school within Columbia SC Around an employment opportunity thus I notion it was they. Since I could not get my cell phone for play the express message and I thought it was the school I tried for telephone back. That express message said That express mailbox for . . . MICHAEL Garcia HA HA HA . . . is Now full and cannot take any more voice mails. Finally I got that message for play and it said If You're diabetic press 1 now. If you are not press 2 now. Clearly it was not your school at which I was seeking employment.

Post by MUM,

8032379332 I 've obtained 3 phone calls out of this Wireless Telephone now. I don t what they desire or who they are as I don t response those type of calls. My phone number is unlisted and is on your Do not Call REGISTRY.

Post by 803-237-9332,

803-237-9332 record Around a Diabetes survey I Don t have diabetes .

Post by amanda,

8032379332 these calls are freaking annoying Quit calling. .

Post by Carol Parson,

803-237-9332 Remove my Amount from your telephone list

Post by Joseph,

8032379332 Cease CALLING ME

Post by Jeff,

803-237-9332 I found their web site at HTTP Web. diabetic experts. org . They have a Cost free Amount W W W. When I called I was asked if I was Prepared to Whole that survey but I instead told them I did t need any more calls. Your person was considerate and offered to Place my number on their do not telephone list. I m hopeful that this can Quit that calls but only time may tell. I also Registered a Gripe with the national don't phone registry at HTTP Web. dentally. gov You should too and Contain the URL and the W Amount within your comments carton. It's clear from the net Website this is really telemarketing not a research survey.

Post by Ahmed Johnson,

8032379332 Got that same call Marketing a few diabetes medicine. Lot of money grubbing low life slack jawed goons.

Post by JoAnna,

803-237-9332 Diabetic survey. Tried to call back to whine and coincidentally that express send within box is not empty. Full of BS. . .

Post by John,

8032379332 called me at work. Not Cool.

Post by Mel,

803-237-9332 These people have been calling for a little while now and it s highly obnoxious. When I attempted to telephone and take my Amount off of their list I was just annoyed more as it informed me the within box was full and Offered me no options to take my number away. I recently Directed} a message to that number threatening to take legal Activity against them if they do not Cease calling. . They haven t called since but if they can I will look for a manner for create certain these annoying Individuals Discontinue hassling me.

Post by angds,

8032379332 who is this.

Post by mags,

803-237-9332 Flag This Comment The Opinion was flagged. on 4 W W A sports boating air horn sprayed directly into the phone s End does a fairly Powerful job. Especially when 2 or 3 Folks from the same company call. You can phone that abuse or whatever you personally want but you confident hell can t come after me for it. I don t want you on my Telephone. Especially my cell phone. Thus if you telephone me Marketing something god help your own eardrums. Lamarck i was thinking of your same matter. was only worried it would Damage your Audio of my cell. I have been becoming calls out of a scam. somehow I am on a diabetes call list tho i have told them i dint have it. talked to manager Administrators etc. . . thus that is my next measure. i trust they get your Tip its been around a Year now. amp yes I've done your don't telephone list. what a joke. i despise your sue society. I am not out for something i didn't work for. but Ailing blow a few of their drums Only for my own enjoyment at the point in their own game. Check Outside their scam HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W

Post by UPSET,

8032379332 called my cell did t answer left no message

Post by Make a Complaint,

803-237-9332 Telephone Amount Owner Name Mr. Stan Signpost Present Address W Glen ridge Connector Package W Atlanta GA Region Columbia SC South Carolina Change W W Fresh Singular Wireless PCs LC Ga Telephone Company New SINGULAR WIRELESS PCS LC GA Firm phone W W Switch your Firm and create a Grievance and ask them to inform the Business using your Amount to Discontinue calling your own number.

Post by carol,

8032379332 Get an Schooling and a Actual Occupation low life's. I m not Purchasing your thus go forward and talk for my phone. I 've another one i use much more. go on keep calling and calling your wasting your worthless time. LOLA Keep calling LOLA Keep calling LOLA HOHENLOHE Dumb. . . . .

Post by Connie,

803-237-9332 Was within an interview and they called. Only said South Carolina. Called voice send and found they did not leave a message. Stop calling NOW. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by DNC Registry doesn't matter:,

8032379332 1 When that caller is exempt from the DC Conditions. 2 When your Owner dozen t attention Around any telemarketing laws. This caller since they phone thus many cell Telephones undoubtedly dozen t attention Around your Guidelines. Thus we as consumers demand to exercise the rights. We need to your File Gripes along with the FCC FTC and state authorities such as that Lawyer General. B Track down that callers. C File lawsuits against those who ignore that law and collect thousands of dollars.

Post by Diana,

803-237-9332 I just had that same type of cal on my caller ID stated wireless caller I did not answer. I 'm Purchasing a phone you could Software for block calls yourself they sell them at Wall Mart

Post by Zlastman,

8032379332 . . . and so your telemarketer dialing at random set off a Sequence of catastrophic events that ended life on Earth as we understand it. . .

Post by Jazz,

803-237-9332 A pox on you personally if you personally telephone me again.

Post by deebbi,

8032379332 thanks

Post by Paul,

803-237-9332 Record discussing diabetes.

Post by Diana,

8032379332 I Simply had your same kind of cal on my caller ID previously mentioned wireless caller I did not reply. I am buying a phone that you could Software to block calls yourself they sell them at Wall Mart

Post by Get Real,

803-237-9332 You number is Merely numbers. If they have your own name then you've a problem.

Post by JG,

8032379332 Telephone concerning my Parents diabetic Medicine. . . . Fine try peeps. . . she has been dead 5 Times and was not diabetic. . . than they Desired my address thus that they could send a pare paid package to me . . . Hello Additionally Wanted my mother s social security number to Check if she was dead. . . . Fine job. . . Attempting working W hrs a daytime at a real job. . . .

Post by Linda,

803-237-9332 I Only got a call on my cell phone by the number W W W and of path I did not reply. I called it back and that message is that Amount isn't available at that Time you phone it back. and a few calls get are not a working number when you phone back so don t know the way to get those out of calling.

Post by Me,

8032379332 Discontinue calling my phone. . . if I Needed to Discuss to you personally. . . I would response. . . goofball.

Post by Jim,

803-237-9332 Simply called on work phone. Something about Choosing a diabetic survey. I m a busy worker I don t have time with this.

Post by heck yeah!,

8032379332 Wonderful reading all of this got me giggle. cheers everyone

Post by lola,

803-237-9332 did u call

Post by Judith,

8032379332 NO One get it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NO One within this Residence is a diabetic cannot count that times I request for be removed from your ricking list when I wait for some live Individual they ever so politely. HANG Upwards on me. I hope your own can be disconnected Soon. Some help You're for the diabetic community. LEAVE ME ALONE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Taylor,

803-237-9332 okay I had a missed call from the Amount whenever I woke Upward 1 day and so I called it back and it went right for express send and said Michael Garcia. . . ahem her. WT. Hts frightening.

Post by Lynn,

8032379332 I keep becoming this number calling my cell phone but when you personally try and return the telephone to TELL THEM For Stop CALLING. . . no just one Solutions. Or could it be customer is not available at this time. Dozen t issue I Place my cell Telephone number on the Don't Telephone LIST. Keep calling and you ll be paying me. They NEVER leave messages but their Amount is on my cell Telephone bill. Occasionally they phone with your W number and sometimes it s Unavailable.

Post by Mike,

803-237-9332 I vie been getting calls out of this number for a few months now. I tried calling back before and it says the mailbox for Diabetic Experts is full. I got another one Now and called back and it said the mailbox for Michael Garcia HERE HERE. is full. Who are these idiots.

Post by Nikki,

8032379332 what your heck. I telephone this Amount back and it says that mailbox belonging to Michael Jackson is full what kin of crap is that. let that man remainder in calmness. . .

Post by Father,

803-237-9332 Correct you personally get a Assess each time the AG fines someone. Pleasant attempt. Create a contact within your own Telephone called Do not Answer and add the Amount to it.

Post by Irritated,

8032379332 This poses a Risk to both Individual and livestock resources. Please contact your local authorities if you vie been infected or contaminated in any manner shape or sort in connection for all People both Living or deceased concerning implicating or anything to can with Telephone W W W. And we thank you personally on your support.

Post by Chris Busch,

803-237-9332 Unwanted

Post by jj,

8032379332 Would like to know the way to Cease your unwanted calls

Post by John vu,

803-237-9332 I will bring to that court since you personally Discuss about my Well-being. I don't know you personally. Where did you personally buy my information. . Let Fed amp court behave to you

Post by sth,

8032379332 unknown Amount no MSG left suspect telemarketer

Post by John,

803-237-9332 annoying please don t call again.

Post by a person,

8032379332 Please Quit calling the Amount I don't recognize it peas stop

Post by jl453,

803-237-9332 I got this call Now. You understand who they are. E-mail W protected

Post by Tootie,

8032379332 Received call yesterday re diabetes . . . that is about your Th or Th call I vie gotten.

Post by L. Mackey,

803-237-9332 CBS releasing data. I 'm NOT a diabetic no human within my Family is. I Purchase insulin for my Cat at CBS Clearly they are selling data.

Post by Michael,

8032379332 I 'm now receiving Day-to-day calls out of the Amount on my cell phone even though I 'm on the National Don't Phone List. I desire the calls for stop instantaneously. I don't 've diabetes and I 'm not interested within Choosing part in any Studies.

Post by ELFIN,

803-237-9332 they called my cell went to voice mail Found your last of an automated message saying if interested press 1 if you personally would love to become removed press 2 Subsequently Put up. Ni do not reply my phone at all. just express mails Subsequently return calls if i know them.

Post by Jessica,

8032379332 They phone daytime and nighttime to my cell Telephone. . . please help me. . . . . . I need for sue this Folks. . . .

Post by Ted,

803-237-9332 Have a record of the Phone company s The Line Is No More Within Service and create confident it's all the tones recorded as well. When they call again answer and play the or recording or record this as your express message Introduction and let your friends know. A few computer calling systems have software Layout to see this and can remove your own number automatically. Pain within the A I know.

Post by wendy,

8032379332 Don't Call. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Marty,

803-237-9332 've received calls on my cell at least three times out of this number. Twice I did not response the second time I did answer and there was no one there.

Post by LEE~LEE,

8032379332 Hi THERE GOT That SAME Telephone A FEW MINUTES Ago I 've Telephone REJECTION AS A Attribute ON MY Telephone WHO Do I Accessibility IT. .

Post by j.e.m.,

803-237-9332 I Merely got my second call out of the Amount. I ignored it since it was an out of Region code Amount although I should 've answered it since I m on the National DC. Nonetheless the time I had part of a voice mail from the recording the very Finish part. I did file a Criticism with the DC and wrote what that part of your express send was. Can it help. Who knows. But this really is my first junk telephone within three weeks and ironically your last junk phone was from this same number. I m now becoming spam text messages.

Post by OMEN,

8032379332 i work OVERNIGHT AND This IDIOTS KEEP Waking ME Up AT Approximately 8 W AM

Post by Selizzle,

803-237-9332 I got your same Michael Garcia voice mail. MG what if he s not really dead and he amp Elvis are now running a telemarketing scam Jointly from South Carolina. . . . . . . . . .

Post by mr. parker,

8032379332 The national DC. What I hate Bongo. He s destroying your market and showed his racism that thin skinned .

Post by HK,

803-237-9332 Cease calling me

Post by erad,

8032379332 your guy was Merely singing W W W on your full voice send box.

Post by ChevyAmrcnMscle,

803-237-9332 Follow that link to 've your Amount registered along with that National Do not Phone Registry. HTTP Www. dentally. gov default. asp

Post by annona,

8032379332 yeah it Miserable Michael Jackson's mailbox Now too

Post by Heather_kaylee,

803-237-9332 has Anyone tried calling your back. . It goes to some express send carton with a recording of your tune W

Post by adrian,

8032379332 please do not need from you personally. unsolicited telemarketing me please Stop With THESE CALLS.

Post by fanboy,

803-237-9332 I reported them. . . let s see what happens

Post by Tammy,

8032379332 Showed Upwards on my Owner id.

Post by GC,

803-237-9332 I 'm on the National Don't call list too and that telephone are still coming through.

Post by Luke,

8032379332 The just one was Consistent calling me several times in that last few months. Most new phone was Aug. Th. I don t answer it it s never been anything worth my time.

Post by Kiely,

803-237-9332 i 've told them to remove me several times


8032379332 my W year previous Girl obtained a call

Post by Stupid skeptic,

803-237-9332 Maybe he did t mean he got W from this particular Business. I Nevertheless 've collected thousands and thousands of dollars from telemarketers. Others on the Net have done it overly. Just one Man has collected over W W from different telemarketers. I have seen copies of many 5 W checks he collected. That biggest check I got was W W. You are able to become suspicious . . . but it s Mindless. If you would become proactive you personally could Gather a lot more cash than being cynical can ever get you.

Post by s,

8032379332 Who is this. And what would you want.

Post by Dale,

803-237-9332 That is a great Thought but I did ht at and it did t change a thing they still keep calling

Post by Starllight,

8032379332 Discontinue calling. I m not answering that phone on my penny. I never response your Telephone if your not on my list of Associates. Waste of your own time get a life.

Post by Unlisted,

803-237-9332 Did t reply. Ran Amount through that net. Reporting here.

Post by Father,

8032379332 Right you personally get a Assess every time your AG fines someone. Fine attempt. Create a contact in your own Telephone called Don't Reply and add this number to it.

Post by clickmmmmm,

803-237-9332 I Merely posted their number all around other annoying Folks May}n' phone them dig. Callback mailbox message was funny Guy saying he power saw the Amount on your wall . .

Post by Michael,

8032379332 I just got a call out of W W W my notion on this May}n' become. . . . I Only signed my business up on Facebook . . . and your own Telephone numbers incl. cells display up within Associates on these brand new Telephones. I Only got the Droid X and All my Facebook friends W of them revealed Upwards within contacts. Thus under this premise i would presume its an automated Switch er surfing Thur Facebook profiles. I 've never had these type of calls till i Closed up my company on Facebook.

Post by Kathrine45678,

803-237-9332 Tony r u sure cause i called it back and it said that it was occupied Subsequently i called again and it said it was still busy anyway can any of u understand the way to block their call and can they 've a web Website.

Post by Father,

8032379332 Appropriate you personally get a Assess every time your AG fines someone. Fine strive. Create a contact in your own phone called Do not Response and add this number to it.

Post by Manuel Florez,

803-237-9332 My lawyer now has my telephone Records Verizon you will be becoming a correspondence along with intention to Amass damages that Owner is originating out of South Carolina.

Post by Grr,

8032379332 I called back and it says that voice mailbox of persons recorded express saying Mindless is not empty. Please strive your call again later

Post by VegasCell,

803-237-9332 called left message about diabetic survey

Post by adrian,

8032379332 please do not desire from you. unsolicited telemarketing me please Cease With THESE CALLS.

Post by Fone Bill,

803-237-9332 WIRELESS Caller out of Columbia SC using a cell phone . . .

Post by k luccettii,

8032379332 I tried for phone them back diabetic company but their voice mail box was not empty. . No just one within my Family is a diabetic thus this can be a garbage call for me

Post by Belize,

803-237-9332 So Annoying. They should get a real job.

Post by Get Real,

8032379332 You Amount is Merely numbers. If they 've your name Afterward you have a Difficulty.

Post by dan,

803-237-9332 Report thumps Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe Assess. asp. Cell 2

Post by Enumerator,

8032379332 This is NOT the Census Business. And telling them here for Discontinue calling USN t going for would anything. I ensure your group running this doesn't appearance at the board.

Post by ts,

803-237-9332 i hate these callers. calls me all the time and nobody in my family has diabetes. the messages they leave on that replying machine are entirely unrelated to me. somebody needs for make the Cease. we don t deserve to be harassed at home.

Post by mags,

8032379332 Banner The Comment The Opinion was flagged. on 4 W W A sports boating atmosphere horn sprayed directly into the Telephone s End does a Reasonably Powerful Occupation. Notably when 2 or 3 Folks from your same Firm call. You can telephone that maltreatment or whatever you need but you sure hell can t come after me for it. I don t need you on my phone. Specially my cell Telephone. Thus if you personally phone me selling something god help your own eardrums. Lamarck i was believing of the same matter. was only stressed it would Damage the speaker of my cell. I have been becoming calls from a scam. somehow I am on a diabetes call list tho i have told them i dint have it. talked for manager Professionals etc. . . thus that is my next measure. i trust they get that Trace its been over a yr now. amp yes I've done your don't telephone list. what a joke. i hate the sue society. I'm not out for something i didn't work for. but Ailing strike a few of their drums Merely for my own enjoyment at the point in their own game. Assess Outside their scam HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W

Post by Funny to find this,

803-237-9332 Simply got that telephone missed it and called back. Your message was a song from your W s W W OH NI NEE Used by is full .

Post by pammy,

8032379332 It s Depressed the guy on the other end has a impairment very Miserable to listen to.

Post by Ana,

803-237-9332 stop calling me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Tammy,

8032379332 Showed up on my caller id. I don't KO Anyone within SC.

Post by deebbi,

803-237-9332 thanks

Post by William Conrad,

8032379332 The health attention Firm diabetic telephone me via robotic telephone once a weak. It is annoying and unwanted. Their Amount is W W W.

Post by MsRock4Ever,

803-237-9332 I am on the Don't Call List and will send them an e send. If the calls persist I will report them to my state Lawyer General. This can be an unsolicited call I don t know how they got my Amount but I resent the hell from being disturbed for something enjoy the. devolved Marketing Inc. W Franklin CT Phone W. W. W or toll free 1. W. liven W W W Facsimile W. W. Email E-mail W protected

Post by Jesus Christ,

8032379332 LAO I have read all your own Remarks I can create certain to pass this message on to my daddy. From the day on may everyone be free out of annoying calls. Closed Christ Christ

Post by really?please,

803-237-9332 left no message on return call record says mail box not empty please call again thank you personally for calling diabetic experts.

Post by motorboy,

8032379332 Obama is calling my phone non stop please help. He keeps begging for leadership suggest.

Post by annoyed,

803-237-9332 I vie gotten SEVERAL calls from this Amount never any MSG. My phone says it s out of Columbia SC. I vie never Decided up Really I constantly Skip your phone otherwise I might try to Choose up to look for out who s calling me. Looks for constantly become late morning. Once every week or two. Whenever I strive calling that number back I get a MSG that says Your wireless customer You're calling isn't Accessible. Please strive later. I have no idea what this is about so I go ogled that Amount for see if it would shed any light on the Problem. All I understand now is that I m not that simply one becoming these annoying calls.

Post by fed up,

8032379332 I wish there was a way to constantly telephone the W W W line for tie Upwards all their Tracks.

Post by Christa,

803-237-9332 Stop calling this number before You're turned in to FCC

Post by Alex,

8032379332 I concur. Assess again with your Office of that Lawyer General before cashing any check out of a Firm that you don t understand. Unless the post itself was meant for attempt to Quit us from reporting that unsolicited calls. . . which in itself is questionable.

Post by To Busy Working!,

803-237-9332 Got a call out of them and did t reply because I'm at work. They did t leave a MSG just came Upwards as coming from South Carolina

Post by Harcha,

8032379332 Diabetic study today

Post by OD,

803-237-9332 added to spam Amount and emails add. sold anytime you've a Exchange now. . . thank goodness for send directly for voice send on that my Contact Telephone.

Post by Over It,

8032379332 Got called the morning . . . what a Group of bull.

Post by slm,

803-237-9332 Recording for diabetes Application study

Post by jeff,

8032379332 hangs Upward on you wan you attempt to tell them for Discontinue calling and if you can keep them on and tell for Cease calling they still keeps calling you.

Post by Mary,

803-237-9332 Same exact message for me. Idiots.

Post by Sam,

8032379332 I obtained my first phone the morning from W W W. What works for me I bought a call blocking Applications Application for my computer and a caller ID Computer. Now my computer blocks this Amount after your first ring Switch 7. W Climbed Can RN AG Image Software identifier. com W. W

Post by LMM,

803-237-9332 States to be Michael Jackson s express mailbox

Post by SydV247,

8032379332 this number has called me ONCE a day for a week. your Awful matter is that i 've FAMILY in that Region so i want for answer it in case it s an crisis. gee sh. there has to become a manner to REPORT these numbers

Post by GC,

803-237-9332 I am on the National Do not call list overly and your phone are still coming through.

Post by jl453,

8032379332 I got the phone Now. You know who they're. email W protected

Post by nicole,

803-237-9332 we have gotten 4 calls for the Organization out of the today each time i 've replied amp there is a Girl screaming a Ad for diabetes medicine. when i Put Upward it calls correct back thus i called them back for ask for tube removed it that express mail to that full send box of Mindless a Opening is what your record states. Seriously call it. we want to become removed amp all calls your quit. this really is an Solicitors office amp we may pursue further.

Post by Jenna,

8032379332 I Only got a call from the number. I did t reply. I notion it might have been Around a Dog I m adopting. Bahama. Great thing I did t reply.

Post by Liz D,

803-237-9332 I Only received a telephone from W W W and when I answered the Telephone they would not speak. All I got was dead atmosphere suggested them if you are able to t speak don t telephone my house . Then I hung Upward.

Post by none,

8032379332 would any of you personally live in SC. that's where the number is. . . . You dint have for reply this aloud but can any of you've a warrant. I 've a suspicion on this number

Post by G,

803-237-9332 Diabetic experts. If they were any kind of experts then they d know I don t have diabetes.

Post by Alice Lam,

8032379332 I have gotten repeated unsolicited calls from this Amount.

Post by ANNOYED,

803-237-9332 Diabetes survey keeps calling from numerous different numbers and no matter how many times I tell them they're harassing me and do not have permission to keep calling me on my CELL they do not Discontinue. Pretty pathetic Truly. Additionally I 'm on your don't call list and Actually would appreciate it if you Folks would get a real job and stop harassing that People along with you personally unwanted solicitation. You are that equivalent of Insect and pest control needs to happen here This Business is aggressive and even IF I KNEW SOMEONE With DIABETES they confident as heck wouldn't do company with your own company. I will post all that numbers they telephone out of thus you are able to block these numbers in advance and save yourself your Disappointment. But if someone else Outside there knows a better Approach of Bug control please post it. .

Post by Moose,

8032379332 The just Employs to depositing that check directly in your account. That check could become cashed at that bank it s drawn out of or at a check cashing business. That money could then be deposited in your account. One Merely needs to be cautious and comprehend the system.

Post by Jessica,

803-237-9332 They phone 5 or 6 times per hour. . . that is outrageous. . . Somebody would something please. .

Post by cynthia,

8032379332 I would Simply love to satisfy the user of the number in Man. . . LOLA.

Post by Annoyed,

803-237-9332 Quit Calling remove my Amount out of your own list

Post by Joanna,

8032379332 Please remove me from your call list

Post by charles sr,

803-237-9332 too many calls from the no. i am Enrolled on that do not phone list

Post by CS,

8032379332 I Began receiving calls from the number within a week after porting my cell number to your fresh Company. I vie requested Do not Telephone list again for the Amount to no avail.

Post by Mia,

803-237-9332 The spic keeps calling me asking for either John or Joan or something. I cry at him to Stop calling every time but he keeps calling Around once a week. So annoying. . . . . . . .

Post by Ahmed Johnson,

8032379332 Got the same phone Marketing some diabetes medicine. Bunch of money grubbing low life slack jawed goons.

Post by jojo,

803-237-9332 This Telephone Amount showed Upward on my caller Around a week ago as Wireless Owner I don t listen for these messages if there are any left unless they're coming from your Individuals that I understand. I 've a visual ringer so I don t 've for hear the dam phone ring if these kind of Individuals telephone. Everything shows on my Owner id and recently I Began hunting these Telephone numbers online using the Place code.

Post by LEE~LEE,

8032379332 Hi THERE GOT Your SAME Phone A FEW MINUTES Past I 've Phone REJECTION AS A Characteristic ON MY Phone WHO Can I Accessibility IT. .

Post by Diana,

803-237-9332 I Merely had that same type of cal on my caller ID stated wireless caller I did not reply. I 'm Purchasing a Telephone which you can Application for block calls yourself they sell them at Wall Mart

Post by disgusted,

8032379332 i got call from the Amount . i did not response i called it back and got a machine with many guys voice on it saying Ignorant on his message . . . same number as listed above

Post by tj,

803-237-9332 HTTP Www. law. Cornell. Ed people code W W. HTML . . . 5 Private right of Activity A Individual who has obtained more than 1 Phone call within any W month period by or on behalf of that same entity in Misdemeanor of the regulations Approved Underneath the subsection could possibly if otherwise permitted by your Guidelines or rules of court of a State bring within an Suitable court of that State A an Actions Established on a violation of the regulations Approved under the subsection for enjoin such Infraction B an action to regain for Real Economic loss from such a Infraction or to get Upwards for W in damages for each such Misdemeanor Whatever is greater or C both such actions. It 'll be an affirmative Security in any Activity Added under this Part that the defendant has established and implemented with due attention realistic Methods and procedures for efficiently prevent Phone solicitations in Infraction of your Rules Recommended under the subsection. If that court Locates the defendant willfully or knowingly violated your Rules Recommended under the subsection your court could in its discretion increase your amount of the award to an amount Similar for not more than 3 times that Sum Accessible under Subscription Section B of the Part. . . . HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB consumer Details CPA. Www. Trash faxes. org federally. HTML

Post by Hate stupidity,

8032379332 You personally re both stupid. It dozen t question who your own carrier is. Calls to cell phones are illegal. Hang Upward calls are prohibited. Calls which do not supply a callback number by which to become removed out of their list are prohibited. Phony surveys along with the purpose of Marketing diabetic supplies are illegal. What Might 've happened if you personally altered Amounts when you personally Moved is that the fresh number belonged for someone who got a lot of telemarketing calls because they did t thoughts being on a lot of lists. Blaming the carrier for telemarketing calls is Simply absurd. Telemarketers don t attention who your own carrier is. Unless you can Demonstrate your Service Offers lists of numbers to telemarketers you personally need to look for something else to would with your time. Like tracking down telemarketers and filing lawsuits.

Post by Nida,

803-237-9332 That is idiotic for get a telephone so many times you have to Google it where are they getting our Amounts. Merely because you have no life doesn't mean you are able to mess with mine.

Post by CK,

8032379332 Press 2 during your record. It will add you for No Telephone List.

Post by Company Secretary,

803-237-9332 Diabetes Survey listened for your entire message pressed 1 for a live User she said 2 words and hung Upwards before I could ask to be removed from the list.

Post by cho,

8032379332 go tone the morning. here is an article on the scam HTTP Www. the southern. com news articled . . . coccus's. HTML

Post by iphoneguy,

803-237-9332 blacklist Program has helped me blocked all these jokers

Post by Me in Virginia,

8032379332 And do you personally Guess they are going for do that from your post on the net site.

Post by Dan,

803-237-9332 These calls are seriously annoying and serve no goal. Cease calling me. I have Inquired the Amount and other numbers the company uses to remove me multiple times. They Additionally are looking for that Wrong Man. WT

Post by DonnaB,

8032379332 Got a call from this number on my cell Telephone. . . don t understand who it's. . . no just one I know. . . a few scam Promotion matter I think. . . want they d Cease and take me away their list. . . gets really annoying. . . they re not accomplishing anything by calling my Telephone.

Post by nun yo buizness,

803-237-9332 I got a telephone from it Recently and Daytime create them Discontinue they phone me when i sleep each time 9 Io in the morning

Post by FCCfan,

8032379332 Report unwanted calls to that FCC. . . if more Individuals report it that more they could crack down on these jerk wad spammers. . . .

Post by Dr. Faccio,

803-237-9332 Please don't phone.

Post by Bleh,

8032379332 Obtained call out of Diabetic Experts . Don t present you a opportunity for Select out. I m on don't call list i vie filed Gripes for two Distinct infractions from this company.

Post by Tom,

803-237-9332 Telemarketer targeting diabetics. If you personally press 1 to be transferred to someone the telephone is Lost.

Post by Alex,

8032379332 I agree. I vie never answered but if they're claiming for be in the U. S. Census Agency Afterward they should become made for prove their Connections to the U. S. Census Bureau. If the cannot Subsequently your U. S. government should look into this. If they're not component of any branch of the U. S. government then perhaps that may become enough to allow your Authorities for shut them down permanently.

Post by jwhystle,

803-237-9332 Keep getting calls from these idiots. Why would we've a NO Phone list if they can call anyway. This is so annoying. . . .

Post by Caroline,

8032379332 Remove out of telephone list.

Post by Annoyed,

803-237-9332 This Amount continues for solicit harass after having been told for Discontinue Calling this number. Find a Actual job other than scamming decent Individuals.

Post by mr mojo,

8032379332 the same folks who get pissed when your guy blames Obama for everything were more than likely that same People who blamed everyone on Bush. Hypocrites all of you personally. Your left has place your fresh regular within political discussion blame EVERYTHING on that re pub president. Don t be surprised or cry when many on that correct do the exact same matter to your own guy. get over it.

Post by Mr.Thomas,

803-237-9332 I am exhausted of telemarketing calls. I feel that my correct to House Seclusion is violated from these people. They do not seem for get that Trace. I think when I 've their but within court for House invasion and correct to privacy Subsequently they may understand Afterward what they may Cease doing within your future. I won't Accept anymore unwanted and unlisted fraud and scam artist .

Post by aaron,

8032379332 Additionally got a call from the Amount that I did t want

Post by Jess,

803-237-9332 They just called me again today. I don't 've diabetes. They are calling a law Company and we have been taking these unwanted calls quite seriously.

Post by socko,

8032379332 piece of crap hate these calls. sea

Post by lamar,

803-237-9332 For those lacking common sense. Few words can Identify the Condition. Most of that post are from girls escorts talking about Wellbeing Records or MAJ Nonetheless its a singular wireless from ALT which is place Upward as a front Business.

Post by Hate stupidity,

8032379332 You re both Mindless. It dozen t issue who your Service is. Calls to cell phones are prohibited. Hang Upwards calls are prohibited. Calls which do not give a callback number by which for be removed out of their list are illegal. Phony Reviews with that purpose of Marketing diabetic supplies are prohibited. What Could possibly 've happened if you personally altered Amounts when you personally Changed is the brand new number belonged to someone who got a lot of telemarketing calls because they did t head being on a lot of lists. Blaming that Service for telemarketing calls is just stupid. Telemarketers don t attention who your own Company is. Unless you are able to Demonstrate your Company Offers lists of Amounts to telemarketers you personally demand for look for something else for can with your time. Enjoy tracking down telemarketers and filing lawsuits.

Post by Orlando,

803-237-9332 Called Around a few diabetic Things hung Upwards on her

Post by Becky,

8032379332 Please stop calling. I don t 've diabetes and no 1 in my prompt family has it either. Its getting very annoying. . .

Post by A-Train,

803-237-9332 That is another terrorist organization working secretly as a Well-being Protection organization trying to Get Gifts for fund their terrorist activities.

Post by LEE~LEE,

8032379332 Desire For Know WHO This is AN Exactly why THEY KEEPS CALLING AN HANGING Up IT BETTER NOT Become LAMAR Miller BECAUSE HE IS A Child MOLES TOR

Post by Lois Stiles,

803-237-9332 The Amount calls my cell 3 5 times a daytime. . . HELP. . . They are calling my cell and using my minutes. . . . .

Post by Michael,

8032379332 Minneapolis MN. United States gotten a telephone out of this Amount Around a week ago W W W I returned called that number out of my Mobile phone. I got a recording saying the cellular telephone number cellular Telephone number owner of was not available or something like that. I Additionally text your number from my Mobile Telephone asking who they were and why were they calling me. Alerting them I was the owner of your Amount they called etc. and to see Web site etc. or return telephone me and leave a message on my voice mail something for that change. I was Attempting for find out who they were. They did t seem for 've an activated express send.

Post by Lace D.,

803-237-9332 They call my Telephone overly. When I answer it hangs Upward. Would NT Phone That Amount BACK. if you would Subsequently they 've a record that you contacted them. . . Lu Study for the do not phone list law in Al.

Post by Victor,

8032379332 Okay for all you personally Folks that leave a Opinion on here as if you personally re speaking to that Individual that called you personally. . . you personally re an idiot. The Man that called you from that Amount has NOTHING to can with this website. I don t know where bu there are government offices you can phone and whine Around Telephone calls of the type. I wish i knew where for whine CZ commenting on the Website won t Cease those annoying scam Telephone calls

Post by Jack Albert,

803-237-9332 Yes. I called AT amp T and asked the way to Manage someone who has their service who is abusing your phone. She offered me a 4. W plan to BLOCK that number thus they would not be Competent for call me. I suspect it's a scam pressure point for sell THAT service Somewhat than a true telemarketer who is Marketing something.

Post by tomf,

8032379332 The frequency of calls out of the Loss telemarketer is on that Increase like my mood. How do we block them . Nothing I may do on my cell Telephone.

Post by Lindsay,

803-237-9332 I missed your call but when I called it back it said the voice mail box for Michael Jackson here here. . . . is full wt. Lola

Post by Enumerator,

8032379332 That only data the census takers that come door to door may ask if if your house was occupied on 4 1 W your names of your individual s in the Dwelling relationship s of your others within the home to your Man you personally re speaking along with male or female age date of Start if You're of Hispanic Source and what race You're. Additionally if you live for any Span of time at another residence for any motive. The other important questions can become if you own your house along with a mortgage loan own it free and clear rent it or live there without having for pay rent. They ll request you for a Telephone number in case the census local office desires for reach you personally for Confirm the enumerator was Outside to would that questionnaire with you. This can be Significant when if that enumerator uses a proxy Specially. As you are able to see there's nothing about health anywhere within there.

Post by mary,

803-237-9332 Did t answer. . . take me away these lists. . . .

Post by Meg,

8032379332 Please remove my cell phone out of your calling list. Thank you

Post by Alex,

803-237-9332 I concur. Check again along with the Office of your Lawyer General before cashing any Assess from a Firm you don t know. Unless your post itself was intended to attempt to Cease us out of reporting the unsolicited calls. . . which in itself is suspect.

Post by Pati0,

8032379332 Did not leave message. . . I dialed it back and got a record Telephone send box is full with a few T a Performing W. . .

Post by 207-766-7611,

803-237-9332 unknown no message left on CELL Phone.

Post by AmyS720,

8032379332 I got the call to my house Telephone and mine also said lost data on my census. . . then Drive 1 if You're a diabetic. Can these Individuals have a Reproduce of that Don't Telephone REGISTRY. . . .

Post by normac,

803-237-9332 Received a phone from the Amount viewing a health participation offer for diabetics. I 'm not diabetic and have never signed Upwards for such things. They phone my brand new cell using Upwards my limited minutes and there surely is no telephone back Amount for be removed. There surely is no identifying information for contact them to become removed. I 'm on that Don't Phone registry.

Post by David,

8032379332 This really is BS. . . . . How do we get away their phone list

Post by Steve,

803-237-9332 Two calls today including 1 Around 2 minutes ago. I did t response either time.

Post by Concerned,

8032379332 I called the Amount back it says your own calling Mindless hole and mail carton is full. .

Post by Tammy,

803-237-9332 Showed up on my caller id.

Post by Enumerator,

8032379332 This can be NOT your Census Business. And telling them here for Quit calling USN t going for can anything. I guarantee the group running this does not appearance at this board.

Post by cass,

803-237-9332 Diabetic supply company

Post by Misti,

8032379332 Quit Calling Me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Hattie,

803-237-9332 Diabetes survey. Said they were out of Missouri. Then hung up.

Post by Meg,

8032379332 Please Cease calling my cell Telephone if another phone is gotten I may contact that Baltimore Attorney General s office

Post by Enumerator,

803-237-9332 Your simply info your census takers that come door to door may ask if if the home was occupied on 4 1 W your names of your individual s in that Residence relationship s of that others in the house for the Man you re speaking along with male or female age date of birth if you are of Hispanic origin and what race you are. Additionally if you live for any Span of time at another Dwelling for any reason. Another Significant questions can be if you own your house along with a mortgage loan own it free and clear rent it or live there without having for pay rent. They ll request you for a Telephone Amount in case your census local office wants for reach you personally for verify that the enumerator was Outside to do your questionnaire along with you personally. This really is important when if that enumerator uses a proxy Notably. As you are able to see there's nothing Around health anywhere within there.

Post by Starr,

8032379332 I vie done gotten a few Nuisance calls out of this Amount so Much on my house phone. And I would attempt to telephone that Amount back and that first time it mentioned the voice send carton belonging for Michael Jackson is full and then the second time I called your number back it had a Individual on there Performing W and if you request me your Guy s voice sounded quite recognizable. I know that voice from any where and it sounds just enjoy him. That dude that I m talking about his name is Anthony Martin and he lives within Busted Arrow Okay. and he s been using fake numbers to Joke phone people from his computer. And yes you can prank call Individuals using a computer consider it or not. And then the third time I tried for call that number back it Merely said that the wireless customer you've dialed isn't available and it dozen t give you your option for leave a express message. Anthony Martin you are really Premature and you need to Develop up and locate better matters to do along with your own time buddy because your way that you re carrying on you personally re just making a Whole idiot of yourself and you personally need for Quit and go get a life for Actual.

Post by laenchen,

803-237-9332 Please don't call me ever again. . . .

Post by Stupid skeptic,

8032379332 Perhaps he did t mean he got W from this Unique Business. I Nevertheless 've collected thousands and thousands of dollars from telemarketers. Others on that Web 've done it too. One guy has collected around W W out of different telemarketers. I have seen copies of many 5 W checks he collected. Your biggest Assess I got was W W. You can be skeptical . . . but it s Dumb. If you personally would become proactive you personally could Amass a lot more money than being distrustful can ever get you personally.

Post by k,

803-237-9332 Pl could these Folks get a life.

Post by mommy30,

8032379332 called back and some Man sang W. and they keep calling me

Post by Sabrina,

803-237-9332 Please remove my name out of your own calling list. . Quit CALLING ME

Post by Markie,

8032379332 English is obviously not his first language.

Post by B,

803-237-9332 Exactly why these Individuals continue to telephone. . . . I don t answer s I don t know or unknown callers thus Merely provide it a rest already.

Post by Lindsey,

8032379332 Set my cell on that dentally. gov list and still get a Day-to-day phone from the nub er

Post by Bondurants2,

803-237-9332 We keep getting calls from this number for both my office phone W W W and House phone W W W . They may phone 4 5 times in a week but don't leave a message.

Post by Ravyn,

8032379332 Same matter. . . . . . . . . . . they phone desire you for take a survey if you personally ask how they got your own Amount they hang Upwards. If you personally call back it goes right to voice mail.

Post by Julie,

803-237-9332 it's a number asking if I 've diabetes. I 've registered with your don't call list and for a few reason keep receiving these dumb phone calls. ugh. .

Post by SJ Lance,

8032379332 I received W Telephone calls out of the Amount in less than 5 Minimum. I work for a non Revenue foundation and your calls Arrived within multiples all your same number calling. I pressed 2 to be removed through your first dozen but then pressed 1 for Talk with someone I repeatedly Inquired for become removed from the Telephone list in not exactly enjoyable provisions. . Good despair who are these Folks and what Match are they playing. . .

Post by DNC Registry doesn't matter:,

803-237-9332 1 When that Owner is exempt from your DC Conditions. 2 When the caller dozen t care Around any telemarketing laws. The caller since they telephone so many cell phones clearly dozen t attention about your Guidelines. So we as Buyers need for exercise our rights. We demand to some File Gripes along with that FCC FTC and state Experts such as that Lawyer General. B Track down the callers. C File lawsuits against people who Blow off your law and Gather thousands of dollars.

Post by keith,

8032379332 i called it back and it said your number Fit for Micheal Garcia wt. . .

Post by Harry Hoskins,

803-237-9332 These . Folks are costing me cash. I would adore to be face to face with them.

Post by Pamela Scott,

8032379332 Both W W W and W W W have been registered on the don't call list

Post by No time 2 lose,

803-237-9332 I gotten a phone call out of the Nebr as well but did not ans we within time. I called it appropriate back and a voice said that voice mailbox for W nine man singing express It actually aggravates me that people Pick for spend their time the manner.

Post by Moose,

8032379332 The simply Implements for depositing the check directly within your own account. Your Assess could become cashed at the bank it s drawn out of or at a Assess cashing business. Your money could possibly Subsequently be deposited in your account. Just one Merely needs to become careful and recognize that system.

Post by office manager,

803-237-9332 It is a National Don't Telephone List. Businesses can not indication Upward. . .

Post by scott,

8032379332 like all aggravating calls i attempt to call them back. got a that send box belonging for Micheal Garcia e'er heehaw is not empty . that is somewhat entertaining

Post by Sandy,

803-237-9332 the number is calling my Workplace at work that message says something Around diabetic supplies. I Only hang Upward on them. the Amount calls at least 2 3 times a week at my work phone.

Post by Dont,

8032379332 I tried calling that number back but i get a recording saying your express mail box going for Ignorant is full. . Funny But please Quit calling my job

Post by DO IT!,

803-237-9332 Telephone W W W and press Choice 1 and then Choice 0. Wait for a AT amp T Wireless Customer Service Representative. see if Cheryl Hinton is Accessible as that's who I talked to and advise them you might have been becoming a scam harassing phone phone out of W . They may have you go through filling out a kind to create a Criticism. Also phone Traction Wireless at 1 W W W and make a Gripe as they're your re seller of that number within the local Region. Hopefully if enough Folks would the they may get Close down and reprimanded. Power To Your Folks.

Post by deedee,

8032379332 Discontinue calling this house whoever your Mike hill you are. . . or should I say the in Spanish. . . if you are able to t speak English get that heck out of here.

Post by jsw,

803-237-9332 I don t answer calls out of outside my Region code. . . I Merely pick Upward your receiver and Subsequently hang it appropriate back up. W. 9 of your time it's a telemarketer or a scam.

Post by Joe,

8032379332 They telephone for my company and cell phone 3 or 5 times a daytime. . . . . this is outrageous. .

Post by MCSS,

803-237-9332 Knows more than an Lawyer What can you personally do for a residing. I 'm quite sure you personally do not know 1 eighth of what an Lawyer knows. GO GET A Occupation AND A LIFE.

Post by annoyed,

8032379332 Upgrade I researched this number a few more and Arrived ac cross this train of thought Around it HTTP wholesome. com Telephone Number. asp W W where 1 guy had Really given a Amount to call. I can t Guarantee this can Discontinue the calls as I Simply did it and simply time may tell. But here s the Information Thank you to Dave who wrote above on Aug 2 giving that phone Amount 1 W W W. I called it someone actually picked Upwards thanking me for Choosing their diabetes survey. When she finally shut Upward and asked if I or anyone in my house had diabetes I honesty replied NO and take me away your own calling list. She immediately did so Inquired for my Amount and thanked me. I ll be surprised if it Really works and stops your calls. But that manner better than Only calling the number back and getting that Ignorant record Around that wireless customer not being Accessible. EVERYONE Strive CALLING 1 W W W and asking them to TAKE Your Number Off THEIR LIST.

Post by Aman,

803-237-9332 Gotten a phone from them. No express send Did not answer

Post by Hate stupidity,

8032379332 You re both stupid. It dozen t question who your Provider is. Calls to cell Telephones are illegal. Hang Upwards calls are prohibited. Calls which do not provide a callback Amount by which for become removed from their list are prohibited. Phony Studies along with the intention of selling diabetic supplies are illegal. What Could possibly 've happened if you altered numbers when you personally Moved is that the brand new number belonged to someone who got a lot of telemarketing calls because they did t mind being on a lot of lists. Blaming the Company for telemarketing calls is just absurd. Telemarketers don t care who your own Service is. Unless you can Establish your own Provider sells lists of numbers for telemarketers you personally need to find something else for do along with your own time. Enjoy tracking down telemarketers and Processing lawsuits.

Post by Tammy,

803-237-9332 Revealed up on my Owner id.

Post by Doh,

8032379332 Google s Test to transcribe that express message Listen attentively discrimination toward diabetic has become a dilemma throughout the United States. Do you understand you re correct. George your own Wellbeing attention Insurance to discover more press 1 now for get Intelligent by diabetic experts on this issue. So they were research study only about they d be east. Again if you personally were diabetic press just one now or press 2 for Fall.

Post by joey,

803-237-9332 Leave calling stupid

Post by frustrated,

8032379332 Yes drained of these automated calls.

Post by Dr. Plastic,

803-237-9332 W W W I missed your phone. No message left.

Did you get an unwanted call from 803-237-9332? Is 8032379332 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

5702572968 Complains by Guest,

This Man is a spammer he is trying for me to take a fraud stolen credit card and charge a lot of cash and take that cash Outside and present it to a friend about W W

8052531210 Complains by Nell,

I can t believe this. I 've a brand new iPhone with Dash as your carrier. My question is why am I becoming these annoying Telephone calls. Does Run sell one s fresh numbers. It would t surprise me. I replied but no one was there. This really is overly Substantially. I get a couple acreage line calls a daytime and now they vie found my cell Telephone. Thanks Sprint. Go Race into your nearest lake.

8645719898 Complains by Guest,

Your Bash calling out of the number is an Apparent spammer. Get them from here.

7077612974 Complains by Guest,


8647218007 Complains by John A,

Same crap different day. However, I did fill out a survey for University of Phoenix this morning before the call. The email was legit. Wonder if they got the number from the survey service UoP was using.

6048804834 Complains by Guest,

recieved an automated call saying it was a "collect call from" but the name was blank. Asked for my credit card info.......tryed to call back got a busy signal. Tried again and got a fax machine. Maybe a con. Do not give credit card info unless you know exactly who is calling you collect.

2405357426 Complains by Guest,

Spam telephone about leg pain yard Ada

3305955008 Complains by Guest,

called my home but never talked a word

9704729187 Complains by Guest,

I filed a Grievance along with that do not telephone list. Quite rude Individuals.

9292488641 Complains by Guest,

I 'm within Canada for your weekend

3364433041 Complains by Guest,

I Simply don t want for talk along with them

6122853391 Complains by Guest,

Identification thieves. .

6783657752 Complains by Guest,

Speak to that express mail

7136585219 Complains by Guest,

dumb butch

9722845123 Complains by Guest,

Spam call

4693356399 Complains by Guest,

He is making harassing calls

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