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Telephone information: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA Southern Bell. Columbia, SC. Richland. United states
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Post by Dushan29,

8032548030 Yet another call from these scampers. Left no message.

Post by Will,

803-254-8030 I got a telephone out of them the morning 3 W W but there was no one there. For those kind of calls I Normally just Set your receiver down for a little while then wait a few minutes until that disconnected tone could become heard Afterward hung up. I never call those numbers back. That last thing you want to can with those Amounts where there surely is no one online is to plead along with them to don t call again. I m not confident why they do this Perhaps they get their kicks upsetting Individuals. Thus never look upset when they call just hang up appropriate away or as I said lay down your receiver until the line is disconnected.

Post by Jo,

8032548030 I can t stand them anymore either. Whey I try and call your number I was given out of W there surely is a message the number is from service or disconnected. I Submitted a complaint through the Do not Phone Registry and Verizon is filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally I will become buying a nice shiny whistle.

Post by Marie,

803-254-8030 Register your own Amount with that Do not Phone registry and if that telephone continues file a Grievance with them. You've for be Enrolled for W times before you personally could possibly file a complaint. If enough Gripes are Registered it SHOULD help Discontinue it. I too get that calls and have Registered a Gripe. Something should be done for enforce CPU.

Post by sandyRED,

8032548030 At W Am this morning recd a telephone out of this Amount. These Individuals phone endlessly using different city names and telephone Amounts. Blow them Upwards. . .

Post by Exhausted,

803-254-8030 From Region phone came in 1 2 W at W W a. m. Auto Registered message said it was Diane calling viewing a carpet cleaning offer. For set up an appointment the phone receiver was to press 1. When I called your number back I was connected to a disconnect record. This telephone from alleged number W W W could possibly 've been made from a computer using a spoofing number. The Carpeting cleaning offer extended may be a scam. That Owner did not provide the following required info in its Registered message your Business name a contact telephone Amount and an Select Outside pick. That phone also did not display precise Owner ID information. Or did your caller choose to abide by your National Don't Call Registry Law.

Post by harry,

8032548030 This really is a message. I pick Io no tone. Subsequently I said Hi. That message Girl voices stat red for Carpeting cleaning .

Post by Matti,

803-254-8030 I Merely gotten a telephone from this number at my House here in the suburbs of Seattle Tacoma at Approximately. 1 W pm on W W W. I ended a one sided discussion along with a heavily Highlighted Asian female after I pressed 1 for Chat along with a representative. First words out her mouth were Carpet Attention would you personally enjoy for create an appointment. . I informed her that the number she achieved has been on your National Do not Telephone Registry for years and the firm was flagrantly violating that. I m not sure at what point she disconnected but it shortly became Clear I was having a convoy along with myself at your Finish. This is not the first instance in which I have replied a call with that same pare Registered perky message out of Diane eager to clean my carpets etc. but it's your first time I made an effort to engage along with a live representative though my efforts were as fruitful as if I had just Put Upward or ignored the phone altogether.

Post by ljm,

8032548030 Carpet cleaning offer. I don't have any carpets and Destination t for years. And your recorded voice is far too perky. I would t have her in my own house. What can they believe they are gaining.

Post by Zoltan,

803-254-8030 Merely got the same call a few minutes ago. . . . suggested we re on Don't Call and we ll sue if they continue. Can file a Grievance. . . again.

Post by Kathy,

8032548030 Unwanted call out of W W W

Post by Ann,

803-254-8030 Just got called out of W W W they left no message. I have obtained calls within past for carpet cleaning but never pressed 1.

Post by David,

8032548030 Only obtained your same call and 've acquired them many times. I acted enjoy I wanted to get my carpet cleaned and asked your name of the Business and Place. she told me Carpeting Attention located within San Jose. Located 1 on your web but your number was not taking messages. When I started telling her I vie acquired many calls I then heard a loud click. . . . .

Post by Elaine,

803-254-8030 Merely got an automated call from Diane at W W W seeing carpet cleaning. We re on your Don't Phone list. I dialed 1 to create an Appropriate and of path that Driver Only clicked away when she heard me state we re on the Do not Telephone list. This USN t the first time. But it s troubling that being on your list USN t Ending this scam. The Firm should become fined. I Merely wonder what happens if Individuals really try and make an Appropriate. Are there local Carpeting Businesses that work with them.

Post by Diane Steele,

8032548030 I desire this to stop. . . . .

Post by Jen,

803-254-8030 Now they're capitalizing on hurricane Sandy calling and asserting that insurance may reimburse for carpet cleaning. How Ill might it be to victim on Folks like that.

Post by jimbo,

8032548030 same thing called my Residence Amount. after message pressed 1 got a Nigerian sounding Man who Needed simply my address would provide no more Information Subsequently he Hun up

Post by RJR,

803-254-8030 Usually calls for strive and get me to Clear carpets. Quite annoying. . .

Post by jenny,

8032548030 How do I get rid of the telemarketer. Calls again and again etc.

Post by drfamosa,

803-254-8030 I received multiple Registered calls from the Amount. I replied once and was told it was Carpet Care. I filed a Criticism along with your National Don't Call List. I expect they can pursue legal Actions as they State for. Register your phone with them and file a complaint at HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Gripe complaint check. asp

Post by kittycat,

8032548030 I acquired a phone the day 3 PM on 3 W and when I Picked Pick 1 for make an Appropriate I told them I was on that Do not Phone list and they Installed Upwards on me. I reported it on your Do not Phone Site as well. That apt was for Carpeting Attention. I Additionally used for get these under a Distinct phone and it was constantly going into my message machine.

Post by Pissed Off,

803-254-8030 Keep becoming these recorded messages for carpet cleaning out of W W W. I m on the Don't Telephone List but Seemingly idiots can get Approximately it or your govt chooses not to Charge these violators. Keep Accommodation Criticisms on that Dentally. gov website though. Watch Outside for another scampers at W W W or W W W PO America is on that caller ID Political Opinion America that States they re doing political surveys in Change for a cruise amp want your credit card amp other data. DON T Autumn for these idiots either. . Keep filing Grievances. .

Post by Dolly,

8032548030 I do not desire the phone again. Calls keep coming around and over again and it is out of a Carpeting Cleaning company. We are on Don't call list and don't desire any calls out of this number.

Post by Bob,

803-254-8030 Same recorded message. Hi I m Diane So I waited and dialed 1 got Thur to someone and when I politely state that my Amount is registered along with Do not Call they Installed Upward Me. Got another telephone again Now Dialed 1 again foreign sounding man s voice said Carpets and Ducts. The time I Inquired for your Company Name and he said Carpeting Attention . I Subsequently asked where are you personally Established from. and he Put up on me. . . Frightened of me locating Outside overly Considerably. Phone Tracing. Cannot be a valid company. Real business don t Cover behind disconnected Amounts.

Post by Jenny,

8032548030 Pare Registered message from Diane offering Carpeting cleaning. I got Ill of the calls and pressed 1 for make an appointment. I told that woman my number is on that Authorities do not phone list and she Installed up on me. I 've continuing to get calls out of this company. I pressed 1 again and tried to ask for info. She told me your Firm is located in Venture CA. I asked for an address thus I could come within to create an appointment. She said I could t have an address until after the job was done. I said I m broken I could t come within to create an appointment. She hung Upwards.

Post by Not AGAIN!,

803-254-8030 Received a phone W W am. No message left. Called them back presuming it might become one of my Customers and it said the number is not in service. Which was Swift. I m on your ENCL and have been for years and it dozen t stop these calls in any respect. I m Over the. If any of you want for join me. . . I m ready for file suit.

Post by Mary,

8032548030 I keep telling them to remove my Telephone number out of their calling list but they still telephone me. I enter my number within the Do not Phone list but it seems that did not help. What else can I do for Discontinue these calls.

Post by SCUser,

803-254-8030 Same phone others reported from a carpet care Firm. It was a pare recorded telephone that violated California People Resources Code section W a Whenever telephone calls are placed through your use of an automatic dialing announcing Unit that System could possibly become Managed just after an unrecorded natural voice announcement has been got to your Individual called by the Individual calling . Moreover I am on the long-lasting don't phone list. California could increase revenue by enforcing the punishments within section W an excellent not for exceed W for each Misdemeanor. The appears for become a fresh number with this Firm last year your same record was used from W W W. Guess overly many people blocked that Amount thus shifted for this one.

Post by Jackie,

8032548030 This company has called several times. After the recorded message it says for press 1 for make an appointment and Afterward a live person comes on the line. I have asked them for stop calling me they Merely hang up with no response.

Post by jackie,

803-254-8030 Diane out of Carpeting cleaning place. Bacall I am on do not call registry.

Post by MD,

8032548030 Merely got another telephone from this number. Did that Link to a Man that said San Jose Carpet Attention. When we questioned. We got your CLICK .

Post by crystal,

803-254-8030 I 'm Ill and exhausted of all these calls. I 'm on your Don't Call list and I still get the calls. I have phone waiting and I will not pick Upward if I don't recognize the Amount.

Post by SCUser,

8032548030 Same telephone others reported out of a carpet care company. Second call in two weeks last on 2 W. It was a pare Registered phone that violated California People Resources Code section W a Whenever telephone calls are placed through the use of an automatic dialing announcing Unit that device could become Managed only after an unrecorded natural voice announcement was got for your Individual called by the Man calling . Furthermore I 'm on the permanent do not call list. California could Improve revenue by enforcing your penalties in section W a great not to exceed W for each Infraction. This appears for be a fresh number because of this Firm last year that same record was used from W W W. Guess too many people blocked that number thus shifted to this 1.

Post by Roadie,

803-254-8030 Bacall carpet cleaning offer. No call Information at switchboard. com suspect spoofed Owner ID.

Post by Jeanne,

8032548030 I m Ill to passing of this annoying Business calling several times a week. . sometimes several times A Daytime for carpet cleaning yet when I try and return that telephone that Telephone message states that it s disconnected or no More in service.

Post by Rich V.,

803-254-8030 A telephone out of a Carpeting cleaning company within South Carolina Seeking for Clear my carpets in Southern California I don t think so. . . . They never seem for get that Tip. They are all Only scampers and tricksters.

Post by Malia,

8032548030 We've Com project express services. The number W W W 0 has been calling us far too often thus I used that Call Forwarding Choice and their calls are now mechanically forwarded for the Client Matters Division at your local District Lawyer s Office.

Post by Jo,

803-254-8030 I could t stand them anymore either. Whey I attempt to telephone the Amount I was given out of W there surely is a message that the number is from service or disconnected. I filed a Grievance through that Do not Call Registry and Verizon is filing a complaint with that National Commerce Commission. Additionally I can become buying a nice shiny whistle.

Post by Dottie,

8032548030 Obtained a call out of this number on a Saturday night at 7 PM. . We too are on that No Call List. . Yeah correct these people ALL of them still telephone and at your latest or most inconvenient times. . .

Post by Hpottle,

803-254-8030 Phone unanswered Installed up after 4 5 rings. Can we prevent the.

Post by H.Silver,

8032548030 Ill and weary to get theses calls. Wheel leap and don't have any Carpeting in the house. . . . Please Cease.

Post by Andrew Ketchum,

803-254-8030 Cease CALLS

Post by Dushan29,

8032548030 Left no message. I don t respond for Telephone numbers I don t recognize. Most are scams. Plus I don t understand anyone within South Carolina which allegedly this Amount originates.

Post by youlee,

803-254-8030 Called my cell Telephone. I did t response. Discontinue the telephone.

Post by Robin Troyer-Guise,

8032548030 The number called and Inquired if I wanted my carpets cleaned. They Put Upward on me when I asked them to remove my Amount.

Post by SickOfScammers,

803-254-8030 Simply that Rd scam telephone of the day ST out of this Specific Amount . These scampers can work all types of scams spoofing Amounts out of area Rules out of all over that world but the calls are actually Beginning from foreign . They will try to get you to give any type of information so they could suck your bank Records or credit card limits dry. They're SCAMPERS So when Much AS I M CONCERNED THEY Can GO TAKE A long Go Away A Brief PIER I Won't Response Numbers Out of SCAMPERS WHO DON T EVEN 've Your GUTS For Permit THEIR Company NAME To Show Upwards ON Caller ID Only COWARDS Display Upwards AS UNAVAILABLE ON Caller ID. Go fly a kite scamming Firm. They called amp left no message after me receiving 2 other scam calls Now where they were Making messages on express mail of press 1 if You're the person and press 2 if you Stadium t this Man and hold for an Significant message or whatever else it says I don t listen for the messages after I hear press 1 I Quickly forwards Afterward delete your messages . I m not stupid enough to autumn for any of these scams. I don't have any bank Reports. I have no credit cards. I have no line of credit. I don't have any mortgage. I don t have carpets for become cleaned even if I did need Carpeting cleaning I used to work years ago in the carpet cleaning business thus I know how to can it myself . I don t need ducts cleaned as I don t own the house I live in. I don t work could t work don't have any money have no Resources. So there scam Businesses you personally won t get one thin Penny out of me. And if You're a collection agency go fly a kite scumbags.

Post by Diane Steele,

8032548030 Cease calling me.

Post by Mike,

803-254-8030 These People are scampers plain and Straightforward. Dozen t subject what they are Marketing or what numbers they're calling out of they work their scams ALL over the Nation . They Additionally pretend for Clear ducts or Fire flues . . . . but what they are really hoping for can is clean your Budget. They have been running that scam for years now with no Finish in vision. Go ahead and report them to your Experts . . . which is an exercise within futility. They also seem to be Related with credit card scams cruise scams and security system scams . . . . because we consistently tend for get this kind of calls ALL in a couple of hours of 1 another . . . . every other day.

Post by b,


Post by Sam,

803-254-8030 I pressed 1 Afterward slammed the receiver on table a few times for their ears. Perhaps they ll get your message that manner.

Post by David,

8032548030 Merely gotten that same phone and have obtained them many times. I acted like I wanted for get my carpet cleaned and Inquired the name of the Firm and location. she told me Carpeting Care located in San Jose. Located 1 on the web but that Amount was not Choosing messages. When I started telling her I vie acquired many calls I Afterward heard a loud click. . . . .

Post by J Turnquist, J Rogers,

803-254-8030 Unknown I appearance at incoming calls and no name from out of my calling Region. I am on your don't phone list also

Post by drfamosa,

8032548030 I filed Criticisms twice with your NATIONAL Don't Call LIST HTTP Web. dentally. gov . I see on Yelp that Carpeting Attention Looks to become a franchise Places everywhere. The woman who replied after I pressed 1 said she was located all around your San Francisco Bay Region.

Post by Mtngrandy,

803-254-8030 Did t Select up the N Carolina area code phone because I don t know anyone there. Checked online and other reports state this is a carpet cleaning Firm. Why are solicitors allowed to phone my cell Telephone. Also my Amount is listed on don't phone registry. Does that even would any good anymore.

Post by Harry,

8032548030 Now Ono time. The W W W sent me a recorded massage lady . Clear house W. W per hr. .

Post by Laurie,

803-254-8030 Got live person and told her that I twice Inquired to become removed plus correct now it called during Hurricane Sandy where I am in cold powerless Broken Residence that jerk Put Upwards on me. . . Really Furious Here

Post by SR,

8032548030 Simply calls and hangs up without replying. How you can stop these calls. Do not Phone Registry is a waste. Within fact the spammers are now more brazen and have Began calling anytime and all numbers

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2035339922 Complains by Guest,

Hang up

5612900738 Complains by Unwanted calls,

Won't stop calling

7243359744 Complains by Guest,


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8002890010 Complains by Guest,

Help promo offer or scam. . . .

8032202309 Complains by cj,

Another Mindless telemarketer boy did that lady get a surprise when she called told her she was being reported to National Do not Phone List and a few other remarks she Put your phone Upward. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2094261349 Complains by Guest,

I continue for receive hang up calls from the number on a Day-to-day basis I strive calling it back to just be hung up on. I don't understand who this can be and they phone my Telephone Day-to-day. If someone knows who the might be please post it. Thank you personally.

8604803755 Complains by Guest,

The Amount keeps calling me and leaving express mails and it s freaking me out

5082640131 Complains by Robert Brown,

Can anyone let me know about Computer Networks LA? Are they offering good Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, PC Repair, Networking  services in Beverly Hills CA 90210, United States? Just wondering - I got there number - 310-878-2280. Just want to feedback those already receive service from them. I have to repair my PC!

8023358238 Complains by Kevin-joe elemi,


4144696439 Complains by Guest,

I got a call from this number stating I won a prize. The message said that the caller was "Kennedy Foster" and she was calling on behalf of "Mr. Ross". She said I needed to call back on 866-288-2780 to claim my prize.

5095663419 Complains by Guest,

Recorded message Showing quot final message quot that Irs had Registered against you and to call W W W to resolve. Complete Scam

8047719632 Complains by Bubba,

Nope. Not a real Registered debt collector. It s a SCUMMIER searching to Split you personally off. I called your number back and it alternates between a Rapidly busy tone or a occupied tone. That is that hallmark of a scummier. They hope you will pick Upwards when they phone it tells them a they 've someone dumb enough to response a telephone from a peculiar Amount and b if you personally answer they figure You're Additionally dumb enough to autumn for a fake collection call and provide them along with your Societal security number to permit you personally for Demonstrate You're who you personally say You're and not your name on that debt being collected Regardless expect for 've your own information sold for thousands of other scampers and anticipate for see your credit ruined and your life ruined. Can NT Response CALLS From UNKNOWN Numbers.

8124596973 Complains by Guest,

Inquired for my credit card

7874444617 Complains by Guest,


8001752430 Complains by another phishing,

same number Park Sung said called for health insurance got many good info but sounded not great asked for address and Delivery date

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