8033251158 / 803-325-1158

Telephone information: Rock Hill Telephone Co.. Rock Hill, SC. York. United states
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88 complaints
Post by Jane,

8033251158 Wow such a good matter I go ogled that Bloody Amount That guy with an east Indian Highlight went on for request me if I had trouble respiration and if I Desired any further help along with my asthma. I told him nicely Yes I can 've trouble respiration he then told me he would need my ID Amount I cant consider I gave it to him. I'm calling the Cops

Post by Frustrated,

803-325-1158 Something needs to become done for Cease these calls. . .

Post by Linda Turner,

8033251158 The Amount calls my house at least 5 times a week. It's consistently same time of day 'm and pm. Checking the Web someone said it was about student loans. Hubby and I are retired no 1 in our family has ever had a Pupil loan. Thus Much as yet they is never anyone on line.

Post by CherPoet,

803-325-1158 I received a phone out of this number the morning. A valid Statement collector would leave a message even if it's just a number to return the phone. Whoever called from this Amount did not. There are so many scampers out there I constantly check on here now Specially when no one leaves a message.

Post by Guest,

8033251158 Repetitive calls

Post by Ms. Dont Play,

803-325-1158 Very Rude. Call looking for someone. I told them i would take a message. The jack kept asking me questions like why isn't she Performing to people hell if i know. i request him can you need me for take a message or not. He pulled a b Th move and hanged Upwards. Telephone to complain and they said they would talk for him. How can you anticipate Individuals for phone you personally back if your Perspective is nasty. They better not phone my house back anymore.

Post by TLM,

8033251158 Calls and doesn't leave a message. Won't answer or return the phone. We do not understand anyone with this Amount Or would we've any business along with anyone along with this number.

Post by Madwoman,

803-325-1158 Your Residence has acquired two calls from W W W one yesterday afternoon and one earlier the morning. I response and Notice a message asking me to please hold that a Representative may be along with me Soon. I just Put Upwards your first time. Your second time I stayed on line because I notion it might become a call within Wishes to an item that I 've ordered. That Automobile system kept me on your line along with that little message and Afterward finally told me that no just one was available for help me. I hung Upwards ck ed caller id and called your number. . . . William and Fudge. Since I have never had a student loan and my son s are pd off. . . . it is my opinion these Folks are thieves and scam artists. . . . . Merely Discount your calls.

Post by Don Campbell,

8033251158 I have acquired several calls out of this number and W W W both are that same asking for information this Additionally happens at nighttime overly they told that my Amount was on that no phone waiting list I was Additionally informed that my number was public record they Promised that they did not understand anything about a no telephone list that Congressman was really anal I want for satisfy them face to face.

Post by Elmardo,

803-325-1158 Williams and Fudge. . A debt Set agency. . .

Post by patty,

8033251158 I acquired an automated phone saying for press 1 if I was a specific Man my son . He went to some university in SC and had an Excellent parking Solution for W thus I m assuming that is what they are trying for Amass.

Post by mari,

803-325-1158 Only got a Telephone phone from the Amount and if i do not Comprehend the Amount i Google it. glad i did. i did not reply it and they did not leave a message. My Pupil loan isn't late i am Upward for date along with it. I went online for check Merely within case and I called to create sure i was not late. So Simply within case they call back I Can Be PREPARED FOR THEM . . . I am on that Don't Phone list for National and State. So there surely is NO Reason for them for become calling me. Cheers for all that feedback. I could t wait for them for phone back because as we say down here in the strong south I am going to let them 've it along with both barrels . LOLA

Post by Mother of Twin Autisic Boys,

8033251158 Acquired out of call caller ID. . . . South Carolina W W W It started as an Automated service. That record asking if I was. . . . and Subsequently clicked over Set you on hold to transfer that call . Clearly a collection Companies prefix W is from Rock Hill SC area.

Post by Black Obamma,

803-325-1158 Hi I am that President of the not so United States. I m disguised Underneath that name Fudge Packer since we are doing the same matter I vie been doing to the Individuals of the not so United States. . . . . bending them all around and forcing them to grin.

Post by Judy Russell,

8033251158 The Owner was exceedingly rude and Inquired the same question 4 times after I told her that the party she was seeking was not at the address and that the reference Man she requested was not alive and had been for 4 years. She Subsequently repeated that question again about how to contact the Individual. Which is when I got rude and asked her how many times she was going to ask your same question. She Afterward called ME rude and told me to 've a f rude daytime. I consider the was a Set phone for a Man that's not Resided here for at least 8 years. I need the Business contacted and that Man I talked to fired.

Post by Truth,

803-325-1158 That calls are coming from Williams amp Fudge Featured. Granting for your Site they are an Records Receivable Management Company that is Established within Rock Hill South Carolina. Below is the postal address their Toll Free Amount and the Site address. Hopefully the data will Show helpful to those of you who wanted for know where the calls were coming from or about your company and those of you who could possibly wish for file a Criticism within regards for that manner a representative may 've conducted their self. Williams amp Fudge Comprised Chat Pig Path Stone Hill SC W W W HTTP Internet. Corp. com

Post by me,

8033251158 That Main of the Firm is Gary Williams. His extension is X. Gary was kind enough to Supply his cell number in his express message. It's W W W. Astonishingly this above Amount is still correct. . . . at least by the express mail replying the number.

Post by John Doe KY,

803-325-1158 The number calls a few times a week. They called again Now. They 've never left a message therefore I 've nobody to telephone back and cuss Outside for bothering me. Rule of thumb if you don t understand the Amount do not answer. If they leave a message along with contact info then they 've a good chance to be legit. If they don t Subsequently they re probably Upward for no great. I remember that days when you personally could always answer calls but with scam artists like these I can never response their calls or any number I don t Understand.

Post by Joshua,

8033251158 I never went for School and 've zero debt exactly why were they calling me Around student loan debt.

Post by Another me,

803-325-1158 Williams and Fudge packers.

Post by jim,

8033251158 Obtained a telephone from this number. I have not been to School for W years so I will suppose that I don't owe any cash for a loan as we did not get loans back then to go for school. Sounds Somewhat Bad for NE.

Post by lilmomma,

803-325-1158 that Girl called 3 times in a row my husband was laid Upwards in bed with his back when she was rude for him he Put Upwards on her. She called appropriate back and which is when i replied your Telephone. . . she then proceeded to tell me i better let her speak to him and was questioning who i was she was very rude and demanding i Place her in her Put and Put Upwards. .

Post by J. Smith,

8033251158 I 've gotten a lot of calls out of the number out of S. C. W W W they never say anything Merely call my answering machine Solutions and the hang up. I had a Pupil loan years Past but it is taken care of. I looked up the address it was from Rock Hill S. C. and said it was a acreage line but which was all your info I could get without paying a Price. Thank you for the information

Post by Annoyed,

803-325-1158 Merely got a call out of the South Carolina number. They did not leave a message.

Post by Alex,

8033251158 Your People from the number sound a lot like a phishing scam. They called me about a 2 due out of a university that I vie Finished around 4 ears Past. I never had any unpaid dues. Become Cautious With THESE People. . .

Post by Guest,

803-325-1158 Repetitive calls sit on voice send for W for W seconds breathes difficult leaves no messages then hangs Upwards.

Post by Cali Agent,

8033251158 I gotten a call Fromm W W W at your phone seemed to become of your own nature your caller id said South Carolina so I took that phone believing I knew that individual. A woman Arrived on the Telephone asking for someone I said no just one lives here by that name the Owner gave a few Narrative about how they called a month earlier and a Citizen said she was within that bathroom. By the time of course my radar s mindful the Owner then asked for my name and that when I ended your call.

Post by Guest,

803-325-1158 Calling W 7

Post by Beth,

8033251158 This Firm does call back to back. I told them I dint understand who they're calling for and 've Inquired that my number become removed. Hope they do it.

Post by Sylvie,

803-325-1158 Receive calls from this number several times a week no name no message so I never Select Upward. Have no loans or debts very annoying want there was something we could can Around it. I'm on the Do not Call list which Appears for become a joke.

Post by Guest,

8033251158 bill collector

Post by D,

803-325-1158 Your Firm calling out of this number is Williams and Fudged a collection agency based in Stone Hill SC. Their office number is W W W. Your extension 0 can get among their agents. That Major of the Firm is Gary Williams. His extension is X. H was sort enough to Supply his cell number within his voice message. It is W W W.

Post by Guest,

8033251158 Rene Avila

Post by Dead Air,

803-325-1158 Thank goodness for Owner ID and Google simply takes a second for see who it is and if you personally need to answer. Williams and Fudge. Yep sounds enjoy Fudge Packers indeed. Well they get that same reply as that remainder not alive air.

Post by clear,

8033251158 I use the fresh Telephone and gotten a lot of unwanted phone including the 1 Now. This really is unwanted Telephone I am confident they will easy to look for who did it.

Post by Nicole,

803-325-1158 Williams and Fudge is not a fraud. I Really had my lawyer for contact them and locate Outside and they are a real Business. They Accumulate Pupil loans and depending on who your loan was through they won t send you a dang matter. Also if you personally were left owing a equilibrium to that school not a loan they Accumulate on that as well. I was left owing my school and they called. Simply tell them if they phone again which you are going to look into the Firm before giving any money to them.

Post by Pack'm back,

8033251158 Fudge Packers. Don t response their calls they 've information out of years Past and don t have a hint what they are even searching for other than a commission for collecting a debt that does NT even exist. Fuck em give em dead atmosphere.

Post by kate,

803-325-1158 Numerous times we have been called out of a W W W Amount and each time that Owner has not left a message. We have no Thought who that Owner or Firm is.

Post by STBG,

8033251158 I m W amp my youngest is W. Every body is pd Upwards . . been for years I will continue to Blow off these annoying daily calls . . Why is this crap legal . AT amp T says they may do nothing unless I pay them to Considerably block . .

Post by wisconsin82,

803-325-1158 The Woman called and asked if I knew Denise Angina from Mary Revenues Il stating this Denise left my name as a General. I don t know who Denise is or anyone from Carol Streams Illinois. Would t tell me why I was Recorded or where she got his info.

Post by DarLinda Finch,

8033251158 This company keeps calling. Says Around Pupil debt which I do not have.

Post by Williams and Fudge (packers.),

803-325-1158 never paying sorry

Post by Common Sense,

8033251158 They don t collect for Sallie Mae. They Amass for Unique Colleges. Likely not an awful Notion for at least offer them a phone for locate Outside what s going on. They don t buy these loans they're Used by your Colleges for collect on defaulted student debt. If they are calling you you might have something out of your own school that s gone into collections. A class action law suit would become a absurd thing to strive considering they are appropriate and you are Merely misinformed about your own own Condition.

Post by Common Sense,

803-325-1158 They don t Accumulate for Sallie Mae. They Amass for Special Schools. Likely not a poor idea for at least offer them a call for look for Outside what s going on. They don t Purchase these loans they are Used by your Universities to collect on defaulted Pupil debt. If they're calling you personally you have something from your school that s gone into collections. A class Activity law match would be a absurd matter to try contemplating they're right and you are just misinformed Around your own Condition.

Post by Guest,

8033251158 These people never Cease and are violating the law.

Post by Guest,

803-325-1158 Your calls are coming from Williams amp Fudge Incorporated. According for the Site they are an Reports Receivable Management Agency that's Established within Stone Hill South Carolina. Below is your postal address their Toll Free number and that website address. Hopefully this data can Show helpful to those of you who wanted for understand where the calls were coming out of or about the company and those of you personally who might want for file a Gripe in Wishes for the manner a representative could 've conducted their self. Williams amp Fudge Included W Chat Pork Method Stone Hill SC W 1 W W W HTTP Web. Corp. com

Post by Guest,

8033251158 S. C. C. Ignorant Group Company

Post by lynn szykowny,

803-325-1158 calls two for three times a daytime and Only hangs up

Post by Marine Mom,

8033251158 Manner for go. . . I 'm so Ill of mean Individuals and ones who Simply don t get it. I 'm thus sorry this happened for you. You have my support. God Bless you and your own son.

Post by Ed,

803-325-1158 I vie been becoming calls out of the Amount for months and finally blocked the Amount. Within 1 Quick dialogue they were searching for someone other than me and I had no Thought who it was. Within spite of me telling them I have no clue as to who this Person is they still phone. They're sick . They would not tell me exactly why they were calling.

Post by Truth,

8033251158 That calls are coming from Williams amp Fudge Included. Allowing for the Site they're an Accounts Receivable Management Agency that's Established within Rock Hill South Carolina. Below is that postal address their Cost Free number and your Site address. Hopefully this data may prove helpful for those of you who wanted to know where the calls were coming out of or Around that company and those of you who could wish for file a Grievance in Wishes for that way a representative may 've conducted their self. Williams amp Fudge Incorporated Chat Pork Opportunity Rock Hill SC W W W HTTP Web. Corp. com

Post by Marine Mom,

803-325-1158 Way for go. . . I am so Ill of mean people and People who Merely don t get it. I am so sorry this happened to you personally. You've my support. God Bless you and your own son.

Post by Vick,

8033251158 I got that same record I m not sitting on hold. Won't reply phone next time. Sometimes tempted for take Outside phone this crap gets previous.

Post by Stephanie,

803-325-1158 A lady called my House from your phone W W W and your Owner ID said South Carolina. This Individual asked for myself and Needed me for go for W Hyde St and leave a on that door . My Man questioned her and she said it was a company question. When he rejected the request she Installed Upwards The NOT OK


8033251158 I got a telephone and that Female on another Finish wanted for Chat to my Partner. He got on your phone and said he owed a Statement to Texas Southern University and he needed for pay W. First of all we never lived in Texas and she Needed the DOB SAN and Address thus she could see if it's that right person. He said no and hung Upward. Exactly why did they telephone your next night. When I replied they Installed up thus I 'm going to send it to that State Lawyer General for SC for see what your fruit is going on.

Post by Droog,

803-325-1158 One of three S. Carolina calls with no message around previous few days W W W W W W W no notes Remarks on another two Amounts Thanks for the info probably something haywire along with your offspring s deferment standing while Offshore within Marketplace on tribal Schooling job.

Post by jkgbdcbjlk,

8033251158 i called the Amount back and it said Williams and fudge Comprised .

Post by McKenna,

803-325-1158 I vie been becoming calls out of the number a couple times a month. I vie consistently ignored the phone. Now looking at this Website it makes me wonder why they're calling me since I m still within high school. . . Weird

Post by Joshua,

8033251158 I never went for Faculty and 've zero debt exactly why were they calling me about Pupil loan debt.

Post by Guest,

803-325-1158 This can be William and Fudge out of S. C. amp they're a Set Bureau. My stepson owes an online college cash amp they're calling searching for him. That Faculty must use them for Libraries but if the online college would check Outside who they let use their services first amp see how lousy their credit already is maybe they would t have for use a collection Bureau. I don t feel sorry for them.

Post by Tom,

8033251158 Caller asked if I was Connected to your Take Just. Had my name which got me suspicious. I presume she was from a bill collector who is searching for someone along with my name.

Post by CaliNana,

803-325-1158 the number called Displaying as South Carolina. answered it. no 1 there. read these messages with interest. I m happy there s the site.

Post by leave me alone,

8033251158 I Have no Notion Why The CALLS MY Phone TWICE A Day Everyday. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Alex,

803-325-1158 The People out of the Amount sound a lot like a phishing scam. They called me about a 2 due from a university that I vie completed over 4 ears Past. I never had any unpaid dues. Become Careful Along with THESE Folks. . .

Post by michelle,

8033251158 We have also been becoming calls for the son for about four to five months now. They tell me that subject is protected by privacy Guidelines and if our son may Only give them permission to Speak for us we can intercede. Humorous thing he did call the previous Sunlight eve and left message. Got a call Now and they say there's no record of his phone IF he got it. We were there. Additionally he says he isn't within arrears in his Pupil loan. Additionally somewhat skewed is they 've the previous address from a previous address within another state but the Telephone no. where we live now but not our son s ph. no. Does anyone have info if the co. is legit. Believing of calling the BBB in So. Car.

Post by Alex,

803-325-1158 The People out of the number sound a lot like a phishing scam. They called me Around a 2 due from a university that I vie completed around 4 ears Past. I never had any unpaid dues. Be Careful Along with THESE Folks. . .

Post by DrifterBob,

8033251158 Only got a call from W W W. Female . started asking all types of questions seeing my name and social security Amount very demanding tone. She would not identify herself until I said I was going to report that call then said a Firm name but I did t get it. I did t provide out any information and since she would not identify the intention of your call I Put Upwards. Thanks Bob

Post by Joshua,

803-325-1158 I never went for Faculty and 've zero debt why were they calling me about Pupil loan debt.

Post by jamo,

8033251158 Discontinue calling W 7

Post by Lisa,

803-325-1158 I was told by my son his Father gotten a phone phone from this Amount W W W searching for me. We have been divorced for W years I am sure cell Telephones nicely at least I have been Thur at least 3 or 4 numbers since Subsequently but we Destination t talked since who knows when However this person calls searching for me. . . when I phone back that recording is not clear of the Firm name sounds Babble then tells me for hold. I body it as this If you personally know me you know how you can get ah previous of me. I am debt free I owe no 1 nothing so not confident if it is debt collector or not.

Post by kittynana,

8033251158 You personally go. . . . . Good for you. . . . . I never Answer for these but yours Simply got me FURIOUS. . . Godspeed with your own son.

Post by me,

803-325-1158 This really is someone calling Around your own student loans. If they are calling you are in default.

Post by tee,

8033251158 I missed a call from the number and a woman names Kenya left a message. A very brief just one asking me to telephone her back. Sounded like she knew me but I don't have any idea who this woman is. A little while after I gotten another phone from the same Amount no message this time which I had searched on the website as nicely and it was a student loan Choices Put. I m guessing this Girl is from the Set Bureau.

Post by Nicole,

803-325-1158 Williams and Fudge is not a fraud. I actually had my Attorney for contact them and look for out and they're a Actual company. They Accumulate Pupil loans and depending on who your loan was through they won t send you personally a dang thing. Additionally if you personally were left owing a balance for that school not a loan they Gather on that as well. I was left owing my school and they called. Just tell them if they call again you are going for appearance into the Firm before giving any cash to them.

Post by Joel Stettler,

8033251158 Keep becoming calls out of this number. why.

Post by yasy,

803-325-1158 got a phone from the Amount without message

Post by Don Campbell,

8033251158 I 've acquired several calls out of this Amount and W W W both are your same asking for information the Additionally happens at nighttime overly I told that Individual my number was on that no call waiting list I was also informed that my Amount was public record they Asserted that they did not understand anything Around a no call list that Representative was really anal I want to satisfy them face for face. I have never heard nor can I owe them anything.

Post by Tina Bentley,

803-325-1158 I have gotten several calls out of this Amount but no message left. I read the Remarks above and I have no idea exactly why they would call me. I don't have any student debt and my Partner and I have not gone for school for over W years. We have been both around W. I don t response and they don t leave a message

Post by stacey,

8033251158 if they are a third party collector Afterward request that they Discontinue calling and only contact by mail.

Post by Anonymous,

803-325-1158 I vie gotten multiple calls out of this Amount I think your first 1 had a Quick message from many woman calling herself Tiffany. None of that rest have had messages but they come at a regular basis Approximately 9 'm. But my last deferment payment Seemingly went through I Directed} your Assess within several times before the deadline and it took a week for clear so I don t understand why these people are bothering me if they re indeed debt collectors. Are they Simply trying to scare me.

Post by dj,

8033251158 did t reply thus searched the Website. . . glad to know what s going on

Post by Guest,

803-325-1158 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

8033251158 Incorrect number

Post by mageat,

803-325-1158 Got a call from this number Recently morning. . . male express asking for Ed but there surely is no Edward here and since we've lived here for W years and no one in the family is named Edward I suppose they were fishing . That voice was type of obnoxious and really focused variety of like your Normal Invoice collector.

Post by Vick,

8033251158 I got the same recording I m not sitting on hold. Won't reply phone next time. Sometimes tempted to take out phone this crap gets previous.

Post by Catt,

803-325-1158 This really is a Group agency for private student loans which are in default. They're quite rude Folks I told them to send me a correspondence and Subsequently I may Speak to them. I never gotten a notice or anymore Telephone calls.

Post by Miss Maura,

8033251158 A expressionless message was left on my answering machine so I used W to get your number. After locating this Website with all of your mentions of Pupil loan collection Companies I am amazed. I vie been debt free for at least six years.

Post by candy symons,

803-325-1158 calls Day-to-day leaves no message

Did you get an unwanted call from 803-325-1158? Is 8033251158 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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9402023127 Complains by Guest,

Debt collector

9412012969 Complains by Charles,

I also received this call, he presented him self as my nephew that he was in Jimenez and needed some money cause his transportation was giving him problems and then called again saying that he also needed money cause the cops had him pulled over, I called around my relatives to see what was going on and definitely a scam... everybody be careful and keep personal info to your self!!!

4787141349 Complains by moe,

they call everyday!!!...and they leave no message. Does anyone know what company this is and whay the might want??

8034134219 Complains by Close call,

He has a new Amount W W W Girl is W W W Same Storyline he said son alto.

9195789496 Complains by Cheri,

I got a call from this number and it was from G4S. The lady wanted to ask some background questions. She left a voicemail with a 9-digit call back number, which is invalid. I think I would call the company phone to see who called me and what the correct number to call back is.

9806364441 Complains by no1knows,

I received a Call from this number with a Voice Prompt indicating that my Visa Card was compromised and that I should wait for the next available representative; I immediately hung up and call my Credit Card Companies to verify if the call was legit. It turned out the call may have been part of a scam to get me to provide my Credit Card information. I did not bother to call the number as I didn't want my Caller ID to be delivered back as an indication of a valid number for future malicious purposes. Avoid calls from this number and call your Service Provider to report it as a fraudulent call!!!

8132522163 Complains by Jane,

they called three to four time a daytime . They won't leave a message Only keep calling every daytime. I demand the harassing to Quit.

8032702402 Complains by Don;t know,

Call Arrived into my cell phone did not recognize or pick Upwards. Has anyone ever got a phone out of this number.

8002573140 Complains by Michael,

Called at Am on a Saturday. Go House and love your weekend debt collectors.

8002149422 Complains by Buck,

I called them and it rang and rang and rang and eventually many guy along with a gravelly express answered and I told him for take me away their phone list. He said he would but they vie called back again.

8002326086 Complains by stacey,

called again. h amp r tax course

8002306738 Complains by Debbie,

Received a call out of the Amount. They would leave no name or company they were along with. Merely asked for Debbie I asked them to leave message she said there was none and would phone back After and Put Upward.

8002145326 Complains by Tweedel D,

The Firm CR'S Can t Remember called searching for my daddy and since I m a Jr they thought that I was he. Blah blah blah. I Simply forwarded him for my daddy by giving him HIS contact info address and work.

8002091854 Complains by chopper9,

Called my cell did not leave a message.

8002147894 Complains by Laurie Storlie,

A woman named Kimberly Johnson called me today from this number stating that the affidavit of complaint has been Registered against me. She previously mentioned that if I do not return her call by PM no time Sector indicated that i will be duly notified at my Set of employment and face a garnishment of my Salaries and a writ of Delivery at my Put of Home.

8002143146 Complains by Shannon,

Answering machine message out of above number by male along with India region Highlight. The simply intelligible component of that message was your phone Amount 1 W W W and they will be Competent to help you personally there. Beginning of message sounded like calling out of Aladdin debt and W services. Again really significant accent and not able to recognize. Every time I telephone back it's an replying machine.

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