8033934300 / 803-393-4300

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Jackson, SC. Aiken. United states
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Post by NOT SO DUMB,

8033934300 Just received the same telephone on my cellphone. Idiots. expect nobody falls with this.

Post by d,

803-393-4300 The Amount called my Man Now this really is certainly silly. . . . All these places and no just one could look for can anything Around them. . . They can so easily locate so much of the information but law Administration can t find theirs. . . . Dozen t that look strange. . . . Already called Lender they confirm that it s a scam. Still frustrating.

Post by Carol Norton,

8033934300 I received a telephone out of the Amount pertaining for my son within law. He dozen t have any Prices pending and we would love for this particular Amount for Cease calling people. Thank you.

Post by JimKL,

803-393-4300 Yes same phone today. Are they serious while I am sure it works on jerks does any one believe you are going to get arrested or served for a case they could t tell you Around. It s a scam and don t talk along with them block the Amount. There's no Law fit they are Attempting for get cash from you personally and its a fraud. Dint you personally believe you would get notice of a law suite if you personally had just one . Recall any detect of fit or Actions you would become notified by mail. Mike scam scam

Post by Susanna,

8033934300 Only reported them for Virginia s Attorney General s office and that National Trade Commission and the Customer Monetary Bureau. Your reps even go ogled the Telephone number and tool all that Criticisms.

Post by Ronnie,

803-393-4300 I also acquired this same express send the other day and they also called my parents. Which I Getaway t Resided with my parents since W. Mad PEOPLE

Post by Nichole,

8033934300 They called me again for my daddy in law saying he had a claim against him so i called gave them the case and told them to not telephone me and that it was a scam they would Only hang Upwards when I told them I had called the local sheriffs department and informed them of it they would hang Upward so I just called back 6 times becoming a different person you personally could here them telling him for hang Upwards on me Afterward I told him to take me off of his list I wan t falling because of this scam so we will see it works to get them to not telephone anymore.

Post by JN,

803-393-4300 Same data as previously mentioned above mentioned your claim Amount that was that same as Telephone number Idiots. .

Post by Alex,

8033934300 Got the same message as above. They state my name but half of my sat name. . . . . And if I owed anyone anything they better have that courtesy to request it by writing rather than calling my cell. . . . I had been Introduction calls from Distinct Amounts that I reported all that numbers for Federal Commerce Commission and your calls Ceased. . . . I Likely have to would it again. . . These Folks need for get a life. . . .


803-393-4300 I left a message earlier I was Only reading through many of that messages Jim I wanted for create a Opinion on something you said about Insolvency I filled in W as nicely. . . I don t need to offer the town that I live in but Within live within North Carolina. . . . I called the W back and said my calmness back to them. . . Great luck Outside there everyone please become really thorough. . . . . . . . . . . . Times are and money s tight for most people don t give them a dam Nickel. . . . . . . Publishing on Facebook now. . .


8033934300 It may become Authentic about that bankruptcy I filled in W as nicely I did t want to supply that county I live him but I live within North Carolina. . . .

Post by MS,

803-393-4300 I obtained that same call. Automated. This needs to discontinue and desist someone may locate themselves within a fraud amp harassment fit. Spring TX.

Post by Rick,

8033934300 gt gt They have the last 4 Numbers of my Societal security number . . . . . Lt Lt No need for panic. Those 4 numbers are easily obtained but without your Previous 5 Amounts they're useless. Valid businesses use those Amounts for Confirm which you are who you state You're and not someone else trying for increase prohibited accessibility to your own account.

Post by nichole pinkelman,

803-393-4300 I got a message on my replying machine that I had been sued and Wanted for settle with a lawyer and to call them back regional legal group after reading other Remarks I see that is a scam.

Post by Rs,

8033934300 Absolute scam. I acquired an identical phone from W Region code three months Past. I vie phone blocked both Amounts. I m a lawyer. Law Matches don t work So manner.

Post by Chris,

803-393-4300 I simply was Capable to reach a Man if I Strike Choice 3 Would love to settle the case. Your Person had my current address. He told me it was for a credit card with House Bank Capital Just one . I told him that this call was being Registered and that I would Manage it on my own. I Required for become removed out of their phone list. And I forwarded that information to our local Tv station to their Buyer Complaints Department.

Post by mom,

8033934300 Same thing happened for me called back no answer.

Post by Windsor Law aka WRS,

803-393-4300 Oops. Forgot your link. HTTP Web. . gov press . . .

Post by MS,

8033934300 I searched and located similar named Businesses within Phoenix MD and Fresh South Wales Australia. This is a South Carolina Place code and exchange though. They Clearly DON T want for become located. . . . . Picture that.

Post by Sasha,

803-393-4300 They vie been calling for 2 days now saying that there surely is a restraining order against me within a civil case. I never pick up but they leave messages.

Post by Rick,

8033934300 Don t rely on the Place code you personally see in your Owner ID to discover their Place. Most likely that Amount you personally see is spoofed and your scummier s Lair is really likely to become international. Talcum criminals are really great at concealing their Id and Place. Don t reply unknown or funny calls. Google your Amount first. If they re talcum there s a W chance someone has already reported them here. Note when you answer among these talcum calls by any means IE. personally by answering machine or by express send their Rob system is likely for mark your Amount as LIVE and you can expect even more scam attempts.

Post by Crissy,

803-393-4300 I keep becoming calls out of this number asking for my daughter. They claim for be from your Civil Investigating Unit. The message goes on for State there's some sort of suit against her. They present a claim and affidavit Amount telling her for contact her Lawyer and he has W hrs to Answer. My Owner ID shows that number being out of Garcia SC.

Post by LLAB,

8033934300 I Only acquired a telephone from this Amount stating the same thing. . . How you going to phone someone and not state who your case is for and the Business that I or whoever is being sued by.

Post by Rick,

803-393-4300 gt gt They have your last 4 Numbers of my Societal security Amount . . . . . Lt Lt No demand to Anxiety. Those 4 numbers are readily obtained but without the preceding 5 Amounts they are useless. Valid businesses use those Amounts for Check that you are who you state You're and not someone else trying to gain illegal accessibility to your own account.

Post by Rick,

8033934300 Don t Count on the area code you personally see on your own caller ID for ascertain their location. Most likely the Amount you personally see is spoofed and the scummier s Lair is quite likely to be offshore. Talcum criminals are really good at concealing their identity and Place. Don t answer unknown or funny calls. Google your number first. If they re talcum there s a W chance someone has already reported them here. Note that if you response one of these talcum calls by any means IE. personally by replying machine or by express send their Rob system is likely for mark your Amount as LIVE and you can expect even more scam efforts.

Post by Rs,

803-393-4300 Complete scam. I gotten a similar call out of W area code three months Past. I vie telephone blocked both numbers. I m a lawyer. Law Matches don t work thus way.

Post by craig,

8033934300 SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . . . Don t fall for it. . . . . . . . . . . . . I wish these people would leave my family alone even after you tell them you understand they Stadium t a Actual Firm they still keep calling. . . Even after you personally contact the F. T. C. and your Lawyer generals office they keep calling. . They change they re name and number each couple of months but its consistently the same with your same empty threats. If I truly owe you personally people cash offer me your own address and I can become there tomorrow to pay you within Man. . stop calling me crooks. . .

Post by MS,

803-393-4300 I searched and found similar named Firms in Phoenix MD and New South Wales Australia. This is a South Carolina Region code and exchange though. They Clearly DON T need to be found. . . . . imagine that.

Post by Also not dumb,

8033934300 They called me Recently my in laws and my mother Now. This really is harassment.

Post by Alfalfa,

803-393-4300 Here is a link to a state by state list of SOL on debt HTTP credit. about. com OD a interstates. HTML

Post by Windsor Law, PC,

8033934300 If You're getting calls out of Civil Analysis Unit you need to understand that they were Close down by your FTC at the link. HTTP Sites. sac bee. com private finance request . . . vie tactics. HTML Here is that FTC Complaint. HTTP FTC. gov OS case list W ECMAScript. PD Many Individuals say it's Windsor Law Pc that's owned by David R. Smith and is the Group Bureau that used to become called Universe Recovery Service. If the Records are out of United Credit Recovery or Perhaps a new name of Dalian Capital be cautious. These Firms keep becoming shut down for using fake legal Components threatening arrest using fake Files like affidavits and switching names every couple of months. If you Find them doing any of the you personally should become certain for report them for your FTC your state AG and the Lawyer listed on that FTC complaint at your link I posted.

Post by Windsor Law / United Credit Recovery Sca,

803-393-4300 Here is a link to some list of that companies. People should post more name and telephone Amounts that these People are using. Additionally Everyone who got sued along with that fake Files these Men used should request your court for their money back. Anybody who paid and did not owe but was Certain to pay because of fake Files should also demand their money back. HTTP Web. godlike productions. com forum message PG

Post by Annoyed,

8033934300 I gotten your same automated call Now. Immediately I knew it was a SCAM and I refuse to return or reply their calls. They 've threatening for around 3 years now.

Post by D,

803-393-4300 The called me saying there's a civil suit against me. . . . I knew mechanically something was erroneous. Additionally said there was a restraining order against me. . . . Lola. . . . . I Simply go ogled your number and located the. . . . SCAM . . . I Simply want I could Discontinue them from calling my house.

Post by rh,

8033934300 I just posted and got a phone out of another number stating the same thing. W W W

Post by Rick,

803-393-4300 gt gt They have the last 4 Numbers of my social security Amount . . . . . Lt Lt No need to Stress. Those 4 numbers are easily obtained but without that Previous 5 numbers they are useless. Legitimate Companies use those Amounts for verify you are who you personally say you are and not someone else Striving to increase prohibited accessibility for your account.

Post by Carolyn,

8033934300 Go that same message as everyone else. I hope it stops soon.

Post by Alfalfa,

803-393-4300 Here is a link to a state by state list of SOL on debt HTTP credit. Around. com OD a interstates. HTML

Post by randy,

8033934300 Fake call maintaining debt

Post by Rick,

803-393-4300 Don t Count on your Region code you personally see on your Owner ID to determine their Place. Most likely that number you see is spoofed and the scummier s den is quite likely for be foreign. Talcum criminals are quite good at concealing their identity and location. Don t response unknown or questionable calls. Google that Amount first. If they re talcum there s a W opportunity someone has already reported them here. Note that when you personally reply among these talcum calls by any means IE. personally by answering machine or by express send their Rob system is likely for mark your Amount as LIVE and you are able to anticipate even more scam efforts.

Post by craig,

8033934300 I Really fell for this particular scam a couple years Past to the tune of W. W I never even would 've known I was scammed except that they called me a couple months After Striving for Gather for that same debt again. These Individuals change they re name and Amount every couple of months a few other names they have used is Asian Fiscal group Huge Japanese Regional Law group. But its always the same Folks threatening to Problem a warrant for your own Charge. Don t autumn for it. Phone your Federal Commerce Commission at W W W and file a Criticism. Perhaps if enough of us file Grievances against these scam artist s they can Truly Monitor these Individuals down and do something about it.

Post by Jedburgh Capital Windsor Law,

803-393-4300 Here is a link for that recent Close down of United Credit Recovery who runs Windsor Law Computer Jed burgh Capital World Retrieval Service Dalian Capital American Debt Sales KWAN Monetary and a dozen other names by the Attorney General. HTTP online. SJ. com article BTU CO W W. HTML

Post by Pat,

8033934300 These idiots phone my house and ask for a guy. . Subsequently go into their spiel about restraining purchase etc. . I am a W year previous female senior.

Post by Alfalfa,

803-393-4300 Here is a link to some state by state list of SOL on debt HTTP credit. Around. com OD a interstates. HTML


8033934300 The same thing has happened for me please Folks don t fall because of this It is A SCAM. . The Man on the phi e will not supply you personally any Information on exactly why he is calling he desires you for give all your info thus that they 've it to FRAUD you within many manner. . . . . Stand your earth. . . . . I called that Authorities and the local news station. . . IT S A SCAM Be Very Careful. . . . . . . .

Post by Jedburgh Capital,

803-393-4300 Here is a link that connects the Leonard Polio s debt Group companies Jointly. Many of these are Enrolled to Len Polio and many use his address for telephone on accounts owned by Len Polio s companies. HTTP Www. godlike Creations. com forum message PG

Post by Sharon,

8033934300 Unwanted telephone out of Local Legal Centre out of South Carolina claiming that I was named within match AA W with Wishes to some restraining purchase. Attempted to telephone back and no just one was Accessible. It's a tedious scam.

Post by Scrounge,

803-393-4300 I really didn't get to excited . I thought this was a scam. All ad Outside a restrain order No Nam es. Who ever You're you personally should be Chosen Outside for that wood shed.

Post by jean b,

8033934300 Owner said the was a court question for one of my sons . That is a scam as I have been called before. I do not reply and let this go to my answering machine. I 'm on that national no call enroll and would like for see these calls Ceased. Telephone was quite threading as Much as for say that there was a restraining purchase and I have W to W hours for Reply. I should 've my Lawyer telephone them. I think these callers should be fined. I expect that these scampers can be Discontinued.

Post by Susan Schwab,

803-393-4300 They stated I co Closed a credit card with my sister in law in W. Never did such a matter divorced her brother in W. They're even naming my Present Partner on that case. Desired to create certain that when Supported along with my Documents that they don't feel threatened when coming on my property. Who is your just one feeling threat Edward with these Telephone calls. . . . .

Post by Windsor Law aka United Credit Recovery,

8033934300 Here is a link I forgot for post where your Lawyer General for Colorado Close down United Credit Recovery and that all of the owner Len Polio s Resources. They 've Windsor Law Universe Retrieval Service GT Services American Debt Sales Stanley and Contacts Dalian Capital Jed burgh Capital Nature s Taste Kwan Monetary and LPG Fiscal which is currently Understood. As someone pointed Outside above they change Telephone numbers Regular so that you could t research them online and locate Outside Around them being Close down for bank fraud and affidavit forgery.

Post by mike,

803-393-4300 cheers i am glad to here it is a scam it's really annoying

Post by mike,

8033934300 thanks i 'm glad to here it is a scam it is really annoying

Post by Stina,

803-393-4300 Getting your same phone and they don t even have the appropriate name. Telling me I m being contacted for a few sort of court case along with some type of restraining purchase involved. Had someone contact me about Striving to serve me with Forms Around a week Past as nicely. Becoming Actually pissed about it. Not simply calling me but my family as nicely.

Post by rh,

8033934300 I Merely posted and got a phone from another number stating that same matter. W W W

Post by mom,

803-393-4300 Same thing happened for me called back no response.

Post by ka,

8033934300 recd a phone today overly. have been receiving from Distinct numbers for previous several months. harassing innocent people. obviously they 've nothing better to can. might god bless them with twice of what they present others.

Post by Trinigurl,

803-393-4300 Just curious your claim Amount for me was A'S W. was it the same for anyone else. I knew it was a scam when they mentioned restraining order.

Post by World Recovery Service,

8033934300 They also may phone from W W W W W W W W W and lots more. They can Simply Alter Amounts whenever people post Around it on that Net. They Only desire to get you on that Telephone before you can research them and put pressure on you to pay immediately before you personally comprehend what is going on.


803-393-4300 It might become Accurate about the bankruptcy I filled within W as well I did t need to offer the county I live him but I live within North Carolina. . . .

Post by Michelle,

8033934300 Only acquired the record telephone. . . it is a scam and something NEEDS To Become DONE Around This . . . .

Post by Alfalfa,

803-393-4300 Your National Trade Commission FTC the nation s Customer protection Bureau is warning consumers for be on the alert for scam artists posing as debt Lovers. It might become challenging to tell the difference between a legitimate debt collector and a fake one. Occasionally a fake collector might even have many of your own private info enjoy a bank account Amount. A Owner could become a fake debt collector if he is seeking payment on a debt for a loan you personally do not recognize refuses for provide you personally a sending address or Telephone number asks you personally for personal Fiscal or sensitive info or exerts high pressure for attempt to frighten you into paying such as threatening for 've you arrested or to report you to a law enforcement Bureau. If you personally think that a Owner may become a fake debt collector Ask that caller for his name company road address and Phone number. Tell the Owner that you refuse for discuss any debt until you get a Composed Approval notice. The see must include the amount of that debt the name of that Lender you owe and your rights under that National Fair Debt Collection Practices Work}. If a caller refuses to supply you personally all of the info don't pay. Paying a fake debt collector won't constantly make them go away. They may create Upwards another debt for attempt to get more cash out of you. Stop speaking with that caller. If you might have your Owner s address send a page demanding that the Owner Discontinue Calling you and keep a Reproduce for your files. By law Actual debt Lovers must Cease calling you if you personally ask them to within writing. Don't supply your caller personal Fiscal or other sensitive information. Never offer out or verify private Monetary or other sensitive data enjoy your own bank account credit card or Societal Security Amount unless you understand whom you personally re dealing along with. Scam artists enjoy fake debt Lovers could use your information to Perpetrate identity theft Receiving your own Present credit cards starting brand new credit card checking or savings accounts writing Fake checks or taking out loans within your name. Contact your own Lender. If that debt is valid but you believe the collector could possibly not become contact your own Lender about the calls. Share that data you might have about your suspect calls and find Outside who if anyone the Collector has Certified to Amass that debt. Report that call. Contact the FTC and your own state Lawyer General s office along with information Around questionable callers. Many states 've their own debt Group Guidelines within Add-on for the National FD CPA. Your Lawyer General s office can help you personally ascertain your own rights Underneath your state s law. HTTP Www. Buyer. FTC. gov articles W fake debt collectors

Post by Kevin,

8033934300 There This kind of SCAM. . . I Submitted chapter W Bk and was discharged in May W and they're still trying to Accumulate from a credit card that I never have had within around W years. . . What's that statue for a credit card to try and keep collecting on a W year account. .

Post by eaa,

803-393-4300 This number Simply called my husband and my son cellphone Now saying that there is an open civil suit against me and need to contact them in W hours. The message did t supply any contact Individual or any law office name.

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8032200476 Complains by him,

That s okay. But now you personally understand that we re gay couple and the little woman is a Guy. .

8039793938 Complains by Guest,

Butt Hole

9018329213 Complains by Guest,

Attempting for get me to Purchase something

9547083407 Complains by I think you have the wrong number,

I called the 407 366 3969 number and it goes to an organization called cpac. Check out the web site at cpac.mobi

2542123057 Complains by Guest,

no answer when I pick Upward.

3104248877 Complains by Guest,


8133214788 Complains by Alison,

ID Watch W W W keeps calling and hanging Upward all hours of that daytime and night. If you phone back the line is occupied.

2542650964 Complains by Guest,

Sexual harassment

8003253535 Complains by carlb,

Subsequently again if you want a Popular Resort Phone Amount that s been around for a very long time. There could only be just one Philadelphia 6 W. Glenn Burns mentioned the one back within W when his radio air was Coming from New York and Penn Station was still the Initial Penn Station and not that W piece of rubbish under Madison Square Gardens . It had been Approximately for about twenty years before Afterward. There were no Place Rules pare W. The number still works 1 W PE W. HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W

8002991984 Complains by norobos,

A Girl named Myra Needed for Speak to your Individual within charge of Advertisements Around putting an Advertising on a local school s football Application. Simply called again on a different line.

8003001190 Complains by Kitty,

7 W W Caller ID showed Progressive Ins Afterward Carroll for 2 missed calls from W W W today. No messages were left.

8002409656 Complains by Redriver,

This really is a payday loan collector for Cash in a Wink

8002520314 Complains by Guest,

unwanted calls. when replied no 1 there.

8002116605 Complains by Tanya,

Looking to purchase from the Firm. No contact number jut a fax Amount. To fax credit card info

8002881185 Complains by Diego,

I did a callback. Your number belongs to Credit Control . They were looking for your previous owner of my house. They haven t Dwelt here for W years. That Individual who I spoke for said my Amount would become removed from your list.

8002819450 Complains by J,


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