8039972234 / 803-997-2234

Telephone information: AT&T Local. Orangeburg, SC. Orangeburg. United states
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Post by Vince,

8039972234 I did t Understand your number so I did t Collection.

Post by Vashti,

803-997-2234 I get repeated calls out of the Amount on my cell Telephone. I have reported them each time but Clearly that USN t working. . .

Post by Ronin,

8039972234 Spanish speaking recording

Post by NJEssexCtyGirl,

803-997-2234 I received a phone on my cell phone from this number on Thursday Oct. Th W at 2 PM. Thankfully I don t answer calls out of Amounts I am not recognizable along with and I was at work. I 'm Enrolled on the Do not Telephone list thus it s Very douche that someone Offered my phone Amount Someplace down that line. I d take legal Actions if I had the resources. When I called the number from a acreage line it said that number had been disconnected.

Post by Karl,

8039972234 Called in Spanish

Post by ROSSY,

803-997-2234 Unwanted calls out of the number

Post by Zoostation,

8039972234 I just got a phone out of that today is 4 4 W

Post by DLe,

803-997-2234 My cellphone got a telephone out of this number W W W. After response I heard something sounds like Spanish so I hung Upward correct away. I hate the type of calls. Want phone Firms can perform something about it.

Post by John,

8039972234 I got a telephone from this number and did t answer because I did t Comprehend the number and when i called it back it said the number was unavailable or was disconnected.

Post by ERC,

803-997-2234 Got a telephone out of them Now. I missed your call but got no message. When I called back it your Amount had been disconnected dun dun DUN. . .

Post by jamie,

8039972234 just got a call. did t Comprehend the Amount. did t reply. no message

Post by lorie,

803-997-2234 they are using a computer for phone each phone number blend. I overly don't present Outside my cell Amount except for friends. if I have to leave a Amount for the bank or anything else I use my house number which I never response.

Post by anyone,

8039972234 This number called my Traction a couple of times. I did t telephone it back but I m guessing that whoever originated your calls has all incoming calls blocked on their Telephone and that conventional service message is probably number no longer in service . Whoever it is is dishonest and up for no good. I don t even like your Notion that the Amount has reached my Telephone and since we cannot telephone back that person back they must become Striving to get data from your Telephones.

Post by Fly,

803-997-2234 Merely received a phone out of this Amount I m in Chicago. I was away out of my cell at your time thus it was never Decided up and no voice send was left. Glad I wan t Approximately to Choose it up Appears its another Spanish Owner Attempting for supply you personally a free gift card of sorts or so. Will become blocked and added to my telemarketers contact list. . . . sends all numbers for the reason that contact list for express send. Waste of my time to reply them. Also it can t become at amp t. . . . I have T mobile. .

Post by another random dude,

8039972234 Got a phone from the Amount a minute Past. Unwanted.

Post by Elisha,

803-997-2234 My son answered that phone and hung Upwards because it s within Spanish. When I called back it says it s been disconnected.

Post by oool.,

8039972234 I just got a phone missed it and called back says the number is disconnected but I m pretty confident it s out of Mexico got from a calling card.

Post by Iruyas,

803-997-2234 I got a call out of W W W on April Th W at PM in Georgia. I did not reply that call and did not get a express send.

Post by 8039972234,

8039972234 I obtained a Telephone telephone did t answer telephone back and said disconnected. It s a scam for confident. Please block them and report. Thanks

Post by Helen,

803-997-2234 I acquired the telephone and when i Decided up my cell Telephone that person kept quiet.

Post by PLEASE ### READ###,

8039972234 I too acquired a phone out of W W W and when I answered that phone it was in an unknown language other than English. I Put Upwards and called that Amount back but that record mentioned the number was disconnected or is no longer within service. I called W and asked them to find data for me as to who this Amount belong for. They stated that there was none Recorded. I go ogled data and located this Website. My advice for all reading this message may be for contact the FTC Federal Trade Commission and BBB Better Company Business asap for avoid future calls and for report this issue because it could become a scam or this Individual s Main objective could be to Tinker along with your own Telephone. By replying a phone or pressing 1 for ex. when it states for do thus you are giving that unknown party accessibility to your cell. Think of it as Control Laptop when a Man gives an IT Technology. authorization to control their computer. . . That more those who report it your more likely they are for take it seriously. Request yourselves how did they get my Amount. If you don t know than you should report it. A little while back Folks where Performing scams around your Web now they are doing it over the Telephone. Receiver of that phone beware. . . . .

Post by brooke,

803-997-2234 Thank you personally because of this Newsgroup. I thought it was my fiancee Striving to telephone me out of outside the State. That silly Strategies telemarketers won t use. . . . sheers

Post by Anon Calling!,

8039972234 This really is a retro dial Robot It Essentially fishes for live numbers. If you personally don t answer it Presumes your number is blank if it Visits voice mail it may try and redial After if you answer your own number is added to a list that is than Offered to telemarketers. Absolute best matter to do along with these calls is Simply don t answer them they may phone you personally but you wont lose minutes and you may not create the Call ME list. apparently this list could bypass that do not call list some how but I still Recommend reporting it.

Post by Carmen,

803-997-2234 Called enjoy a minute Past. I did t pick up though.

Post by Patty,

8039972234 Got a telephone out of the number on my cell phone tried to telephone it back and it said that phone was no More within service. Caller ID says it s within Red burg SC. I have a Louisiana cell phone Amount.

Post by melu,

803-997-2234 I got a call from the number Now and I try to telephone back but it's disconnected

Post by Joseph C Reed Jr,

8039972234 Your courts and poor Cops can go with them. . . . . . I trust God. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Span. . . . . . . . . . . Gods Military Rising 4 That Youth. . . Gospel Artist amp Watchman Frederick C Reed Jr

Post by JO,

803-997-2234 unknown Owner.

Post by Ronda,

8039972234 called my cell phone and spoke within Spanish i hung Upward and called back and gotten a disconnected number message .

Post by Dragon,

803-997-2234 Obtained phone from this number on my cell phone at 'm. Illinois. No reply and I hung Upward.

Post by Carla,

8039972234 Telephone came from the Amount to my cell phone. I did not reply no message left. I m on your don't telephone listing.

Post by Minnie,

803-997-2234 I Only receive this phone and it in Spanish

Post by Joseph C Reed Jr,

8039972234 I Merely got that same telephone at 8 W pm. I decided for look it Upward and I located the spot. I wish I still became a State Authorities Official because I would use those tools for trace and Charge them. Let them do W years. God can gets those evil people. . . . Gospel Artist amp Watchman John C Reed Jr

Post by Are You,

803-997-2234 I don't desire a call from please number.

Post by LH,

8039972234 Obtained an unsolicited phone from the Amount to my cell phone. I did not answer and after reading your places out of others I will not telephone back.

Post by Chuck,

803-997-2234 Called my cell with a record within Spanish. I called your number appropriate back and it's been discounted.

Post by dee,

8039972234 same here. missed that same Amount and called back and disconnected. . .

Post by emma,

803-997-2234 I got a call from the Amount Recently altered my Telephone Amount last nighttime and got a telephone again on my new number today. . Totally sketchy delivering direct for vim from now on.

Post by kris,

8039972234 this number Simply called me as nicely. is there any common theme here. i live within California are they finding old credit card statements within a landfill here.

Post by Kris,

803-997-2234 Same here. How your hell would they get away along with the.

Post by Allyssa,

8039972234 i got a Telephone telephone today 4 4 W from W W W tried calling back it was disconnected and i notion it was a Occupation calling.

Post by JUDY,

803-997-2234 Received Phone In SPANISH ON MY CELL Telephone. Can The Be Quit.

Post by Jil,

8039972234 the Amount was Fully bull. the Man spook within Spanish and left many express MSG AND Inquired to call him back. why there was constantly someone wasting other people s time and money for some random phone telephone. if you personally get a call from this number DON T Choose IT Upwards. because it s Fully Ignorant.

Post by Thomas Wahl,

803-997-2234 no message Merely called and when I try and call back there is a message saying the Telephone had been disconnected.

Post by Kay,

8039972234 Called from Red burg SC at PM. It Actually ticks me away . . . I did t pick Upwards. I m adding my point Simply for further support that this Amount is full of BS. W W W

Post by Dont answer calls I dont know,

803-997-2234 Received this phone Around PM fundamental time today. No express mail.

Post by Gail Beckett,

8039972234 Don t understand who this really is. Called my cell Telephone on 4 9 W 3 W pm

Post by Zor,

803-997-2234 this number keeps calling amp speaking Spanish i speak English

Post by Bilfert Malone,

8039972234 keeps calling. Spanish message. . Call back not within service.

Post by pris,

803-997-2234 i Merely got that same telephone today 3 W W.

Post by Kris,

8039972234 Same here. How that hell can they get away along with this.

Post by Anon,

803-997-2234 Nothing brand new for add. . . I Only got your phone listened to a sentence or two of Spanish Used by three beeps.

Post by Nancy in Jersey,

8039972234 My son just got a call on his phone from the number. Same as everyone else. In Spanish. Called back and got your record this Amount is no longer in service.

Post by andrew,

803-997-2234 so Bizarre they just called me. no message and i didn't pick up

Post by Kirsten,

8039972234 I got a call out of these People again today. I never answer it and after Reading Around this number and that they are not nice I may never answer it. . I can put it in my exhales list they all get blocked. Well Perhaps not blocked totally but my Telephone dozen t ring and if they want for leave a vim Afterward they can but I don t 've for listen for it. If you have a smart phone you are able to probably would that same.

Post by Sally,

803-997-2234 I got this telephone on my cell phone and Quite FEW Individuals 've my cell number. I called your Amount to see if I could find out who it was and what it was about. Your message I got was this Amount was disconnected. This does not make feeling. . . . .

Post by Alfredo,

8039972234 I had your same thing happen to me and i acquired that telephone on both of my cells like in the same day around your same time and Additionally 1 of my cell phones was disconnected and i tried for use it and it had service after that telephone. . . . . this was Truly Peculiar so i Google it and i found this forum. . . . . . . I 'm believing this can be Peculiar. . . . . . called number back and i got message Amount was disconnected . . . . . . I dint know but Actually weird

Post by roby s,

803-997-2234 I did t recognize the number thus I did t pickup.

Post by Dave,

8039972234 Simply got that same call W seconds ago . . . .

Post by adrian,

803-997-2234 i didn't reply called it back no reply i did something Ignorant i think . i applied for Auto insurance estimate on that Web and Place my Amount on there since Subsequently i Began becoming a lot of calls like this. so the word of Guidance dint ever apply for anything on your internet . . . . . . PS also a lot of junk email

Post by Luanna Wright,

8039972234 I acquired a telephone on my cell Telephone from the number. Redialed from my house phone and was told the Amount I had dialed was disconnected or is no More within service.

Post by Kurt Mohning,

803-997-2234 I do not desire this Man for telephone me anymore.

Post by Kate,

8039972234 I did too does anyone know if they can hack into the Telephones now. .

Post by robert g,

803-997-2234 caller isn't saying anything when leaving a express send i thought only Kids under 5 played games like the

Post by Armin,

8039972234 Got a phone Around an hour ago. . did t Choose Upwards but that same call was appearing about once a month for a while now.

Post by domesi,

803-997-2234 For Thoth for Th time manner overly many times we get the Spanish speaking caller out of the number. What a Lot of idiots. You personally d believe they would body out that there s no one here who knows what they're saying. They are Rob calls too arena t those illegal now. I expect we all make formal Criticisms we can be doing thus appropriate after I submit this. You too.

Post by Jeff,

8039972234 Simply gotten a call with someone speaking in Spanish on a recording. I Put Upward immediately

Post by rema,

803-997-2234 same as your rest. Spanish language quite Rapidly. phone noted your telephone Arrived out of south Carolina

Post by The Grey Avenger,

8039972234 Simply got it Now.

Post by JERRY,

803-997-2234 I GOT Just one Just NOW

Post by Bobby G,

8039972234 Merely received a phone from your above number it was within Spanish I Installed Upwards on your telephone. . . .

Post by dee,

803-997-2234 same here. missed that same number and called back and disconnected. . .

Post by b red,

8039972234 got a call in Spanish

Post by thesvott,

803-997-2234 I got a call from W W W Merely now. By your appears of it it s a good matter I did t waste my time replying that call.

Post by Barnacle,

8039972234 I use T mobile I m in Houston. Got that phone on April 5 W 6 W CST. I did t pick Upwards I search numbers like the on Google before I think about calling back.

Post by Tina,


Post by Mr. Companion,

8039972234 They did t leave a message. When I call back I get that number not in service message.

Post by BSG0221,

803-997-2234 same number no message. W notion it was my Well-being insurance Business calling Around their money but nope disconnected.

Post by random dude,

8039972234 i got a call out of the . the Amount was place up by a white power organization.

Post by MC,

803-997-2234 I did t Comprehend your number so I did t pickup.

Post by Joseph C Reed Jr,

8039972234 We demand for locate out where it came from and shut them down. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by ME,

803-997-2234 Only got a call from this Amount did t answer cause i was Operating. got Residence goo led number and got every ones message about this number humorous matter is my telephone came a year later. Really annoying

Post by tieuhavn,

8039972234 I got a phone from this Amount Now. When I Strike reply it went quiet.

Post by Jason,

803-997-2234 Got telephone Now called back and was disconnected. Complete douche s.

Post by Mo,

8039972234 I Only got a phone call out of W W W Now 3 W W Additionally. Discount. Thanks for Kathy and to all of you for taking that time for post.

Post by ben,

803-997-2234 i Only got a Telephone call from W W W today 4 4 W and i called back and disconnected

Post by s.,

8039972234 Everyone have problems with gangs at your time of the phone.

Post by JT,

803-997-2234 Nobody on the other side. Won t reply within your future.

Post by LBIgrl,

8039972234 A Registered message in Spanish I disconnected right away. I also called the number back it's disconnected.

Post by LISA,

803-997-2234 calls each afternoon

Post by Darrell,

8039972234 I got a telephone out of these bozos today but I don t reply any number that I don t Understand AND the motive that it says the number is disconnected when you phone back is that they're pouting within an incorrect phone number when they phone you so your own Owner I. D. could say anything. Notified DENTALLY. GOV

Post by Missed Calls,

803-997-2234 W W W seemed on my Telephone as a Missed Telephone Now at 3 PM and my IPhone Enrolled Orange burg SC. I called it back and there was no Switch tone Merely 3 beeping tones that states this automated message Your number you have dialed was disconnected or is no longer in service. Please Assess your Amount and dial again

Post by Amyeileen,

8039972234 Got a call out of the number Merely now. It was within Spanish did t annoyance calling back.

Post by MeanKitty,

803-997-2234 Well if they phone back and you personally talk for them come back here and let us know what they say. Some of these scampers are so fun for Chaos along with. I vie gotten alto of Suggestions on the way to Cope with them that they get thus frustrated they Quit calling. LOLA

Post by Kay,

8039972234 Got 2 calls today 3 W W as well out of W W W and had the same experience as you personally all shared. Spanish and Subsequently I called back and the number was disconnected. Glad I Assessed along with the site. . . won t answer again. Thanks.

Post by Gabichi,

803-997-2234 This can be the sixth number I acquired that I don t recognize so I don t hassle replying that phone. I Merely add it for my don't reply list. I won t hassle wasting my cell Telephone minutes on idiots.

Post by jimbo,

8039972234 I missed that telephone. When I attempted for call back number was disconnected

Post by Terry,

803-997-2234 Obtained a couple calls from this your few days but since I don t reply unknown callers I let it go never left a message or anything. After coming here I ll avoid the 1 out of now on. Thanks.

Post by kerri,

8039972234 keep calling and hanging up

Post by FifthReplacementMonkey,

803-997-2234 Got a phone out of this number but heard nothing. Put Upwards.

Post by unknown,

8039972234 The Telephone phone called my cellphone and it talked within Spanish. After a few seconds it disconnected.

Post by LASRAM,

803-997-2234 I Obtained CALLS AT LEAST TWICE A Daytime Out of This Number. . .

Post by Randy,

8039972234 I Merely missed a call from the Amount W and when I attempted to telephone back your Amount is disconnected. I see that in W many one had your same expertise thus they must many how mask your true Amount.

Post by Wallam,

803-997-2234 I think its your Demon.

Post by Jeff,

8039972234 Your message was within Spanish unable to comprehend.

Post by Discrete,

803-997-2234 Don t hassle. Spanish record telephone back occupied Sign. No answer

Post by Gin,

8039972234 Only got a telephone from the number Now. I was on your Telephone with my mom thus I ignored it. Glad I did.

Post by blind.sk8er,

803-997-2234 I recently activated my Telephone Amount about a week Past with no Unusual calls and a couple days Past I Offered my Amount Outside on grisliest because they claimed the images Warren t coming threw via E-mail. . A day After W W W called. So the could very nicely become your newest of scams. . cell phone scams. . Your number I was told to text the graphics for is W W W . . They are using a spoof calling card to hide their real number and create a false number Search. . If I am appropriate on the individual we could shut down a Leading spammer that could afford these Pricey spoof cards or at best help that FCC Construct a case. . Please use my info and file a complaint along with that FCC. . . I understand you personally all may not use grisliest it is Simply were they got my number. . . After Getting my previous number on a few Continue websites I got a unbelievable amount of spam over your phone. . That motive exactly why I got a brand new number.

Post by H,

8039972234 I got a phone from this number the morning. I did t Choose. No message left. I m annoyed.

Post by MN_dude,

803-997-2234 Just got a call an hour Past on my cell. . I Place their number on that phone s Avoid list so now it goes directly to express mail without ever ringing.

Post by Todd McGrew,

8039972234 I received a call from the number as well on a Sunday no uncertainty. I did not response let it go for express send which they did not leave and after hunting on here have added that Amount for my block list on my Telephone. It is disgusting that even though I 've my number in your don't phone registry that Individuals still manage to get my number and telephone me. It s peculiar that so many Folks report these problems but it feels enjoy nothing is becoming done Around Handling these harassment incidents.

Post by elle,

803-997-2234 Mae huh. Mother. Is you.

Post by john doe,

8039972234 I am on handicap and have a phone with small minutes. These fart knockers called. And because I walked through the door I picked it Upwards. Do they get your s and Cease it.

Post by KC,

803-997-2234 Same here. A Mexican woman speaking fast and she did t End whatever the Business was Striving to get across. Calls like this is this type of waste and it was after 9 W p. m.

Post by Ashley,

8039972234 Got a telephone from the Amount 3 times ago. Did t response no message was left. Subsequently the morning Approximately 3 hours Past it called again but did t leave a message the time either. I m not going for return the telephone.


803-997-2234 This is giving Spanish speaking peoples an awful name. It makes me want to use the word spic but I refuse for use that word spic except Perhaps in that phrase spic and Amount.

Post by Whitey,

8039972234 Got a call out of this Amount 4 7 W at W 'm. Your Region Recorded is Orange burg SC. I was Interested Around the Amount and thought about maybe calling it back. I m glad I located this Newsgroup and that Folks are reporting these numbers.

Post by kj,

803-997-2234 same as above

Post by Chris,

8039972234 I vie been becoming the off and on for the last couple years. Sort of goes in spurts. Only ignore

Post by brooke,

803-997-2234 download that phone blocker app or add them to your own Avoid list enabled in your phone.

Post by MacDaddy,

8039972234 Ya. I got that call from the W W W number and it was some Spanish record and I only got just one word out of it diner which means cash. . . Will they call again. .

Post by Kierra,

803-997-2234 I keep receiving calls from this number in Spanish. When they call it shows the Place is in Iowa. It Looks very funny to me because that message can t become understood within English.

Post by So&so,

8039972234 they just called me and ID exactly why. who is the.

Post by Chris,

803-997-2234 I vie been becoming this away and on for your last couple years. Sort of goes within spurts. Simply ignore

Post by brooke,

8039972234 download your telephone blocker Program or add them for your Avoid list enabled in your phone.

Post by Tasha,

803-997-2234 This Amount phone W W W 6. PM W W W out of NC which I did not answer. . . I never reply a Amount I don't understand I do not care where it is out of and no express message was left. I would not telephone back because I don't know who it's. I WENT Straight For GOOGLE AND Look Up The Number AND IT STATES It is A Problem Number. So I 'm here reporting mine I Merely don t enjoy no just one for bother me on my private Mobile Telephone. I 'm going on don't phone registry now.

Post by AM,

8039972234 Simply got called on my Cell. Left a VIM I 'm not ch eking this.

Post by maria,

803-997-2234 don't phone again.

Post by Lorelei,

8039972234 Simply got a telephone from that W I too called it back an it said it was disconnected. I had original missed the call by 2 minutes. . . . my Telephone did t let me understand where the telephone Arrived from thus I go ogled where was W Place code an that s how I located the site. To days date is march W W. Oh an for Only provide a heads up I vie Additionally gotten a text message out of W W W that message said I had won a gift card out of Walmart. W. I know its a scam so I taxed back Quit. Funny how can u Triumph a prize if u never entered a Tournament. nicely I wish everyone light a love. Could possibly u all 've wonderful days

Post by Macadamia,

803-997-2234 Merely got a telephone out of the number Now too did not answer no voice mail message when we they ever learn. Individuals don t response their Telephones for Individuals they Know anymore exactly why would they response an unknown caller. LAME.

Post by Fay Russell,

8039972234 this Amount showed Upward on my cell Telephone as a missed call at 8 W am April 5 W.

Post by way,

803-997-2234 Only got a telephone my work Telephone a fucking women speaking Spanish

Post by Lisa Lajoie,

8039972234 Gotten the call from Red County SC. When I telephone back it states that its disconnected.

Post by linda,

803-997-2234 I received a phone out of the no. W W W . Called your no. back and a out of order message came up.

Post by Private Name,

8039972234 I do not know that Amount that attempted for telephone me. Please Quit the Amount harassing me.

Post by chris kilian,

803-997-2234 Yes i overly obtained your same message. I go ogled that in question S. Carolina i don t know how they got Approximately the do not telephone request. More BS regarding Wall mart.

Post by Jeff,

8039972234 Your message was within Spanish unable for comprehend.

Post by no name,

803-997-2234 i got a call from this Amount Around 5 minutes ago. . i got a person on your Telephone and i Inquired if they talked English they said no and Afterward Put up. . . . . harassment.

Post by Kris,

8039972234 This number called me and it was a record in Spanish Subsequently instantaneously Put up. Definitely becoming on your Do not Call Registry now.

Post by Max,

803-997-2234 i also acquired a phone from that number at 5 W pm. I did not reply and that Owner did not either left a MSG so what. I called back no one picked up.

Post by Alex,

8039972234 This web site with reporting is Fine and dandy. But what s the point. Do we Cease these scampers.

Post by Karina,

803-997-2234 they called saying that I was a faithful Walmart customer and had won a W Certification she Desired for understand that expiration date of my credit card of path i did t provide it for her. I Inquired her a few questions and then she Put Upwards on me.

Post by Mike,

8039972234 Got a hangup call on this via an Artwork cellphone W minutes ago.

Post by p,

803-997-2234 p. s i m on virgin

Post by mimi,

8039972234 I Simply got a phone out of the Amount on my cell. It was Additionally within Spanish but it was thus Quickly that I only Comprehended won a gift certificate from Walmart press 1 and the message was Subsequently cut off. I did t press anything and I Merely Installed Upwards your phone.

Post by KW,

803-997-2234 Simply got a call from this number. message in Spanish said press 1 Subsequently cut off.

Post by kimana,

8039972234 i Simply got a W call. . . why is Lou so unfriendly

Post by Anonymous Coward,

803-997-2234 Got a telephone at W W PDT. They left a message within Spanish.

Post by Paxton,

8039972234 They called but I accidentally Installed up. Attempted calling back and they were disconnected .

Post by michelle,

803-997-2234 just got a telephone but did t annoyance answering. I m on a do not telephone list thus very peculiar.

Post by SMOKIE,

8039972234 In SPANISH

Post by Sammie,

803-997-2234 I 'm on Mobile.

Post by kathleen higginson,

8039972234 on my cell did not answer

Post by Kay,

803-997-2234 Only for report the number. For restate PM out of Red burg SC. I did t Select up. Turns out that was a good thing.

Post by Jerry Sandusky,

8039972234 Got a telephone out of this . Did t reply it. No message left.

Post by Lee,

803-997-2234 I got phone but did not reply. Cheers all of your info.

Post by PHS,

8039972234 Same thing Got a call from the Amount and when I picked Upward there was no just one there. Called back and it s disconnected.

Post by Ally,

803-997-2234 Got a telephone out of this number overly. Missed replying it but Calculated it was a scam b c simply a couple of Folks have this number which is Assumed to be my brand new Amount

Post by BleepBloop,

8039972234 They spoof that Owner ID they could at least Set an area code General for mines. they woke me Upward at like 7 in that morning rang twice and they Installed Upward. Annoying. I didn't even bothered answer. They muster gotten that numbers somewhere so Google your Telephone Amount Chinese sites Generally have calling lists that they Obtain Someplace. Each phone number Prices W cents for buy so someone got rich off people and someone wasted cash because nobodies answering

Post by saurus,

803-997-2234 Congratulations. . You personally vie been Granted a settlement of 2 W. For accept press 1 now. Yes correct. Free money. Confident. The Bad dopes that press 1 are probably in for an disagreeable surprise. Hang up.

Post by Konundrum,

8039972234 I gotten a call from the Amount W W W today March W W at about W noon EST. Since I did not Understand your Amount nor the Region code I ignored your call. No express send message was left. I Only go ogled the Telephone Amount and located this site. I am now glad I did not reply the telephone . I don t understand where this person Firm got my Amount it's simply 2 months previous. Nicely hopefully since I ignored the telephone they won't phone back. However if I continue to receive calls from this Amount I may file a Criticism and add the Amount for my Blocked Number s List . . .

Post by chris kilian,

803-997-2234 Yes i too acquired the same message. I go ogled that in question S. Carolina i don t understand how they got Approximately that do not phone request. More BS regarding Wall mart.

Post by dageekywon,

8039972234 Wonder if your disconnected message is a record on THEIR express send because it Only called me and I called it back out of a Google voice Amount I have for such matters to see what they're and the number was occupied twice then I got your disconnected message Afterward busy again.

Post by Hu,

803-997-2234 the keeps calling many time.

Post by zee,

8039972234 this can be AT amp T that cell Telephone company

Post by sgenov1,

803-997-2234 i did t Link it being out of Walmart but now that i read that i did Merely recently Purchase something on Walmart. com and gave my cell as contact number. annoying.

Post by I hate this crap.,

8039972234 Called my cell along with a record within Spanish. I called your number appropriate back and it's been disconnected

Post by Tony,

803-997-2234 Obtained the same phone in the same Amount W 3 min ago

Post by Kelli,

8039972234 Only called my cell. Phone came in as Orange burg SC thus I ignored the call and came right here. Love this site. . . Cheers for the info.

Post by Missed Calls on Smartphone,

803-997-2234 W W W seemed on my phone as a Missed Phone today at 3 PM and my IPhone Enrolled Orange burg SC. I called it back and there was no dial tone just 3 beeping tones that states the following automated message Your number you might have dialed was disconnected or is no More within service. Please Assess your number and Switch again

Post by Gregers W. Hansen,

8039972234 Got a call out of the number Now. Did not answer. I wondered who is was and did a internet investigation and ended Upwards here. I am glad I did not response. My phone is unlisted and I 'm on that don't call list thus I should not get calls from telemarketers.

Post by Ismael,

803-997-2234 Keep becoming calls out of this number W. W. W they are in Spanish and she is consistently Striving to say I 've won something. I constantly hang Upward but I wish someone could get heat for Stop calling. This is my business cell Hence I can not Only not response. I 've called back and your message is this Ph. isn't a working . . . . How can they call out of a non working .

Post by Rallin,

8039972234 Please don t telephone this Amount anymore.

Post by anonymous,

803-997-2234 8 am on a ricking Sunday. what jerks.

Post by ANN,

8039972234 Its annoying if you receive unwanted calls. Inexpensive marketers Likely. . .

Post by Gail Beckett,

803-997-2234 Don t know who this is. Called my cell Telephone on 4 9 W 3 W pm

Post by Kirsten,

8039972234 I got a call from these guys again today. I never reply it and after Reading about this Amount and that they're not Pleasant I will never response it. . I may put it in my exhales list they all get blocked. Nicely maybe not blocked totally but my phone dozen t ring and if they need for leave a vim then they could but I don t 've to listen to it. If you have a intelligent phone you can Likely can that same.

Post by - Steve -,

803-997-2234 These People must be active today 3 W W . Only got a phone on my cell. . . did t response because I did t Comprehend the number. Thank you all to your posts so I understand it s nothing important.

Post by dee,

8039972234 same here. missed that same number and called back and disconnected. . .

Post by Loui,

803-997-2234 I Only acquired a phone from this Amount i did t reply they left a recorded message within Spanish

Post by emi,

8039972234 Got a phone did not Select up.

Post by WNY,

803-997-2234 Unfamiliar number called at W PM March W W Western Fresh York . No response for a few seconds and hung up as a Registered message Began.

Post by Chachi Arcola,

8039972234 I get these calls all that time. The just one I Viewed Upwards because I have a Customer along with the same area code. I believe this can be in the Flash of Mi.

Post by Dave,

803-997-2234 Only got the same telephone W seconds ago . . . .

Post by Sophie,

8039972234 No message Rd time this number has called me within less Subsequently 2 weeks.

Post by R,

803-997-2234 I got a phone from this Amount on my cell Telephone and decided not for answer. Established on what was posted here I 'm happy that I did t.

Post by BB,

8039972234 I got a call out of this number and it was obviously a Rob call and the record WAS In SPANISH.

Post by Sammie,

803-997-2234 I am on Cellular telephone.

Post by Noreen Treacy,

8039972234 Rec d call no message did not reply. Recognize it is unsolicited Automobile phone.

Post by Rebecca,

803-997-2234 my Girl and I just got brand new phones and we both have been getting calls from the number W we called it back and it was disconnected. My Child replied and someone was talking in Spanish.

Post by Annoyed in Dallas. TX,

8039972234 I acquired a call from the number a couple of minutes ago. I don't reply unidentified numbers thus I let it go to v send and instantaneously go ogled your Amount. After reading a few places for kicks and laughs I called and think what. . . . a recording said that the Amount was disconnected or is no More in service . Of course they did not leave a v mail either.

Post by Missed Calls,

803-997-2234 W W W seemed on my Telephone as a Missed Phone today at 3 PM and my IPhone registered Red burg SC. I called it back and there was no dial tone Only 3 beeping tones that states this automated message That number you've dialed was disconnected or is no More within service. Please check that number and Call again

Post by Wendy,

8039972234 Got a telephone from W last nighttime some time don't know the number did not reply no message left

Post by flower,

803-997-2234 telephone my cell

Post by rturner,

8039972234 I vie been getting calls two or three evenings a week from this number. It s consistently within Spanish and it usually seems that when I reply it s already been giving a message.

Post by Dee,

803-997-2234 They called me and another Individual that lives in my house. its just Spanish and when i called back it was disconnected. . Peculiar.

Post by Seibannah,

8039972234 Merely got a call from the Amount and I infrequently answer calls out of numbers I don t understand. I came on here and heard about all this and called back Merely to Evaluation it Outside. As expected I got that same results with the Amount being disconnected.

Post by mike d.,

803-997-2234 got your telephone not a first if you personally dint Select up then you personally just get a missed call. . Normally no MSG. but they can keep calling time to time WHATEVER You personally Do Do not Offer ANY Data. everyone s private info including your Specific address could become bought for less than a Money on public websites so Simply think Around how more they demand for entirely destroy your life financial status credit and identity Larceny. if you personally dint understand Substantially about I. D. theft Afterward please appearance it Upwards and stay Upward to date because its value 5 Min's of reading. . . yes that terribly hard matter to do than compared to thousand of dollars lost Taken and everything else that comes with i. d. Larceny.

Post by 803-997-2234,

8039972234 Automobile Face er to my cell Telephone. . they Put Upwards when it went into message. they Automobile dialed twice. I blacklisted that Amount. I found Criticisms Around this number on many Newsgroups. My Guidance don t hassle answering the number Thank you personally for having this Newsgroup really helpful.

Post by jking,

803-997-2234 its a Following Amount. . . . Primarily used by Rep companies

Post by patyen,

8039972234 Just got telephone on my cell from the Telephone . . . Did t response and they left no message but after reading these messages I m happy I did t answer. My phone is on Nat l Don't Phone list. . Exactly why are they calling if Amount is Recorded on No Call list . . .

Post by Omar,

803-997-2234 The same Rob Owner keeps changing the number for bypass your own black list.

Post by R Rose,

8039972234 Within Spanish . . . Short but I don t recognize Spanish

Post by BScall,

803-997-2234 the W W W phone and Talk Spanish exactly why this can keep calling calling no just one could Cease it. . . . . .

Post by Rick,

8039972234 I received a telephone from this number the morning 3 hours Past but did t Find it. No message. Since I have a lot of Pals and family within South Carolina I had to inquire for see if someone called me but Afterward notion to Google it. Happy I did.

Post by Chocolatez,

803-997-2234 This Amount keeps calling my phone Greer. I don t answer but it s still annoying.

Post by Jade,

8039972234 I have gotten a telephone out of that number as nicely. . . . And it occur some time back Additionally before. . . . For my cellphone and my Man s work phone one after another. . . It is unusual and Bizarre because my Man and I rarely present your numbers Outside for anyone but family. . . Your first it happened we did not Choose it Upwards. . . And I went online for hunt where's the state the number is calling from and I found that alto of Folks 've complained about that Amount also. . . And I left it at that. . . But your second time it happen to me and I forgot to look at that Amount and slid ed my phone for answer and got a Spanish woman speaking for me thus fast. . . Thus I Put Upwards and searched online again and located this page. . . . If it's a scam I 'm definitely not Finding Upwards to unknown Amounts again. . .

Post by MeanKitty,

803-997-2234 Well if they phone back and you personally Discuss to them come back here and let's know what they state. A few of these scampers are so fun for mess with. I vie gotten alto of tips on how you can Cope with them that they get thus frustrated they Quit calling. LOLA

Post by kristine,

8039972234 did not Select Upwards did not Understand Owner. no message.

Post by metoo!,

803-997-2234 i Only got the same call same matter. Nadia.

Post by Lalo,

8039972234 Got a telephone Around a Second ago today is W W W out of this Amount. It was a Rob phone in Spanish. Something about T Cellular telephone needs to provide you personally something for being a steadfast customer press 1 for get more info.

Post by Dee Gee,

803-997-2234 Received phone 3 W W. Did not reply. No voice mail left.

Post by zaysee,

8039972234 Obtained a call from the Amount W W W. Did t Select Upward. Cincinnati OH.

Post by Joe Baptista,

803-997-2234 Called my cell phone number along with a taped message in Spanish

Post by Ken,

8039972234 I vie obtained several calls out of the Amount replied once and message was in Spanish. Now W W W after receiving another phone I asked Verizon for block it which they did. They just block Amounts for three months thus you personally ll 've to Continue your request again.

Post by dave,

803-997-2234 got a recorded phone speaking Spanish W W W

Post by Sammie,

8039972234 I acquired missed a call out of this Amount Recently. I just tried calling back and your record said it was disconnected.

Post by russell,

803-997-2234 This number called me and I am at work. Please do not call me if You're a telemarketer. I don t appreciate for become bothered.

Post by jackie,

8039972234 the number is calling my cell Telephone. I don't know them. Please report as unsolicited phone. My Amount is on your no call list.

Post by ashley,

803-997-2234 When I tool the call on my caller id I Just did not answer because I did not Understand your number or Place code. I figured if it was important they would leave a message. They did not. I go ogled that area code and located a link to this Website. At least i understand to continue for Blow off it.

Post by Dialtone235,

8039972234 Got a phone today 3 W W from the Amount did not response no express send left.

Post by Chicago,

803-997-2234 Huge Scam. Don't supply them any data. They direct Upwards Inquired for my Charge card Amount and expiration date I told em for off. What s even more thus horrid is that these rat are targeting monolingual Spanish speakers.

Post by Jenny,

8039972234 I Only got a telephone today from your number W W W Unknown Owner no message When I return that called the Amount wan t enroll Granting for your telephone Firm.

Post by Mari,

803-997-2234 My sister acquired a Telephone call out of them and Merely Installed Upward as shortly as she heard it was foreign. I acquired your same call an hour or so After. . .

Post by S,

8039972234 Only called no message attempted calling back out of cell and got disconnected message.

Post by Gin,

803-997-2234 Merely received a telephone out of this and they Put Upward.

Post by MeanKitty,

8039972234 Same thing here. What s so amusing is. . . . what that heck is the point if they Stadium t going for leave English speaking vim s along with a telephone back number. If they're trying to Grab Folks off and scamming Individuals they better watch Dateline NBC or something thus they can see how that Master s would it. LOLA. Ignorant.

Post by Steve,

803-997-2234 same as above Spanish and hang up this really is that second in several days.

Post by madison,

8039972234 i got a telephone out of W W W the morning around 8 W am. i did t Choose it Upward because i did t know who s calling.

Post by Q,

803-997-2234 Number called once i didn't not response attempted to return the call and was told it was disconnected.

Post by melissa,

8039972234 Haas same it said calling NC. and Amount disconnect I'm like what your hack. this can be so st rang.

Post by Sandy,

803-997-2234 Merely obtained telephone out of the number. Answered your phone and it was in Spanish. Hung Upwards.

Post by Vito,

8039972234 I did t get a message but my caller ID says that the telephone originates from Orangery SC. I don t know this makes this a Accurate W number but that s all that information I 've. Seeing that fact that I did t get a message I should rephrase there was a 2 second message left on my voice mail but there was no True message.

Post by Lane,

803-997-2234 Multiple calls out of the number and I m on your no call list. Very annoying.

Post by larrye,

8039972234 becoming calls Regular out of the Amount its a Registered message within Spanish.

Post by Pamela,

803-997-2234 I vie obtained two calls from this Amount unwanted. Within Spanish and I Put Upward.

Post by Mich,

8039972234 dint answer Only block and let it go as it could be a brand new hacking scheme

Post by Ugg,

803-997-2234 Got a telephone Now too. Sounds like a phishing scam.

Post by Henry,

8039972234 Got calls out of this number twice but did NOT pick Upwards your phone since the number did not look recognizable. . . The caller even did not leave a MSG but Merely kept calling. That is so unexpected. . . .

Post by JW,

803-997-2234 Same crap message in Spanish on my cell so Quickly I probably would t understand anyway.

Post by anon,

8039972234 Just a call. No Spanish voice mail.

Post by Kumbahya,

803-997-2234 I got a telephone from this Amount but did t reply it since I wan t near my phone. It definitely appears for become a nonsense phone or spam.

Post by Carrie,

8039972234 Got call Now on 4 5 W at Am correct on that dot. I Only let your phone ring. After what I have read on here sounds like an automated message. Don t response.

Post by Me,

803-997-2234 Called message played in Vegetable er.

Post by marley731,

8039972234 Can a Amount become disconnected W seconds after it called you. I did t get a message within Spanish but seriously can that happen. I adore this Newsgroup. . . it's Supplied me along with info on thus many unknown numbers.

Post by A<3,

803-997-2234 Same here I picked it Upward and got a Registered message in Spanish. . . I m glad I m not the just just one Lola

Post by zee,

8039972234 this can be AT amp T the cell Telephone company

Post by jp,

803-997-2234 Got a phone from W W W on Lay} 4 7 W at 8 W am they did t leave a MSG but when I called back that line was disconnected.

Post by Piper,

8039972234 Every single Wednesday at 9 W I get a call from a number it leaves a Spanish voice send then when I call back It is disconnected.

Post by bibbol,

803-997-2234 recording in Spanish calling back disconnected. That out of what I remember is illegal. Appropriate after Verizon called me too and I told them to British pound sand.

Post by babyface,

8039972234 I am so sick of them calling me thus I send them to voice send and I got a message within Spanish. If you are Outside there reading these messages please Cease it s not funny

Post by James,

803-997-2234 I hate Spanish previous women voice early on Sunday

Post by berekah,

8039972234 I got a telephone along with very Fixed y message in Spanish out of the number. I hung up correct away.

Post by dee,

803-997-2234 same here. missed the same Amount and called back and disconnected. . .

Post by Julia,

8039972234 Block the . . .

Post by Mich,

803-997-2234 dint reply just block and let it go as it could be a new hacking scheme

Post by H,

8039972234 Got called having a tendency of getting lots of Automobile dialed computer telemarketers that Fall on u i didn't Choose up looked Upwards the Amount and voila. happy i dint fuss Selecting up unknown numbers.

Post by lorie,

803-997-2234 they are using a computer to phone each phone Amount mixture. I too do not provide Outside my cell number except for Buddies. if I have to leave a Amount for your bank or anything else I use my house number which I never answer.

Post by Sasha,

8039972234 I got a telephone out of this number and i instantaneously searched it on the Web wondering where the Amount is coming from. Since it wan t an Place code in my Place i did t answer. But once i remember calling it back and that message said not within service how annoying.

Post by Liz,

803-997-2234 I got a telephone from the Amount but did t response it looks like a lot of Folks 've. Sounds enjoy it s either many telemarketing junk or a few unbalanced Man. . .

Post by O. from pa,

8039972234 Someone telephone me out of this number but no just one Discuss I attempt to phone back and get this the Amount you personally try to reach is no More within service What's going on. . . . . .

Post by Josh,

803-997-2234 The number Only called me and when I went for telephone it back a message said ti was disconnected.

Post by DD,

8039972234 They left a message within Spanish on my Google Express Amount. I added it to that blocking list thus they will get Amount not in service message next time.

Post by jeo,

803-997-2234 got a cell out of W annoying. . . .

Post by elle,

8039972234 Mae huh. Ma. Is which you.

Post by Bushidojoe,

803-997-2234 Sales Pitching Spanish

Post by S.,

8039972234 Everyone had Difficulties with gangs at the time of your call.

Post by Alan Larsen,

803-997-2234 Cell Telephone waster

Post by Mary,

8039972234 Got a phone from this number. Did t reply. Don t know where they got my number.

Post by benjamin,

803-997-2234 got a call from this Amount on my cell phone today. once I heard it s Spanish i Installed Upward.

Post by Jomboni,

8039972234 Au Au Au Que telephonic spams. .

Post by Margaret,

803-997-2234 Same here cell Telephone Simply rang I did t Comprehend your number so did t answer it. Caller ID on my cell Additionally revealed Red burg SC how do they getaway along with this when my cell is Recorded on that do not cc all list. . . . .

Post by Michael,

8039972234 Spanish message said For being a Walmart customer I won something for obtain the prize press 1 which i didn't I would like to know what's the Pol Actually calling for i understand is a scam

Post by Miss,

803-997-2234 Merely called my cell phone. I don t reply a Odd number thus i Strike Finish thus it would t charge me. Very best matter to would along with the kind of number like a Odd area code don t response it. it ll be many Peculiar recording in Spanish or something.

Post by kenny,

8039972234 got a message within Spanish from this number

Post by annoyed,

803-997-2234 Childish immature prankster Investing too Substantially time on Dumb rather than gaining useful knowledge in your own Premature Head.

Post by NOC,

8039972234 I did t get a message but my caller ID says that the call originates from Orange burg SC. I don t understand this makes this a true W Amount. I did t get a message and should they call back I would become certain to let them know they're calling a Hidden Ops phone and I can run down their identity.

Post by Zeek,

803-997-2234 Name Unknown. . W W W. . W PM. . W W W. . NO Express MAIL

Post by Manky,

8039972234 Just received a call at 1 PST 3 W W did not pick Upward since I did t Comprehend that Amount. Thus Much no VIM was left.

Post by Claudia,

803-997-2234 I had a missed call n when I called back an a Registered machine said your Amount I was calling is disconnected. . . . .

Post by pcs,

8039972234 Simply got a telephone out of this Amount a Second ago. Did t answer it. Wish it could be blocked.

Post by Sandra Corbitt,

803-997-2234 I have obtained a telephone out of this Amount 7 times now it was a person speaking Spanish and wasted my minutes.

Post by LeeAnna,

8039972234 I missed a phone sort this Amount on my cell i called back and it's disconnected. Irritating.

Post by in Chicago,

803-997-2234 Simply got a call out of the number. Did t pick Upward and this Lou left no message.

Post by Robin Thye,

8039972234 Called me twice. . . . left no message. . . . . I tried calling back but no luck said Amount was disconnected.

Post by elle,

803-997-2234 Just Google that translation for Cease calling me. When your record stops a Person will response if u press just one or two. I don t speak Spanish but Google tells you the way to say it.

Post by Luke's Dad,

8039972234 Merely received a phone out of this number weird noises on another end.

Post by anon,

803-997-2234 Simply a telephone. No Spanish express send.

Post by Mich,

8039972234 Got a telephone did not call it back as I did not Comprehend the number the may be your new System to hack into cell phones

Post by melu,

803-997-2234 I got a call from this number Now and I try to phone back but it is disconnected

Post by Smiley,

8039972234 This Rob call within quickly spoken Spanish has come several times on my cell phone. I too got a discontinued message along with my phone back for this Amount. I want for have this Ceased.

Post by brooke,

803-997-2234 download that phone blocker Program or add them to your Avoid list enabled on your phone.

Post by d,

8039972234 phone from automated express message in Spanish

Post by elle,

803-997-2234 Just Google that translation for Discontinue calling me. When that record stops a Individual will reply if u press one or two. I don t speak Spanish but Google tells you how to say it.

Post by Edwin Rodriguez,

8039972234 The woman keeps calling me every time. If life frustrates her she should consult somewhere else not calling Virtually everybody.

Post by Lou,

803-997-2234 Same here. A few half finished message within Spanish and nothing.

Post by ADS,

8039972234 They Simply called my number no message left. Since I did not know who was calling I just let it ring and I did not answer. I can now block the Amount.

Post by Dmp,

803-997-2234 Only gotten this telephone. Returned and it was disconnected. It s a safe Wager that they re telemarketers aimed at the Spanish speaking community.

Post by p,

8039972234 Mg i just got a missed call from W Amount. at W. PM weird.

Post by BSG0221,

803-997-2234 same number no message. W thought it was my health insurance Firm calling about their money but nope disconnected.

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7049067541 Complains by Guest,

homeless mess

8135278716 Complains by Guest,

dint call

7175570424 Complains by Guest,

Won t quit. Never talks and hangs up

7705420574 Complains by Guest,

Mm mm

8052441545 Complains by Tampa bay,

Just gotten a text saying that my visa debit card had been locked due for dubious task and for telephone that number. The message also Arrived along with a link. . . but I am not going on it along with my phone who knows they can probably try to hack it or something next. BTW I had a very great laugh when I read the text. Great Begin to my Saturday night.

5406923984 Complains by Guest,


9162064518 Complains by Windy,

it s Pepper dine Alumni Assoc

2398627510 Complains by Guest,

Owner was rude and when Inquired not for call back since we Enrolled our Telephone on that do not call registry he laughed and continuing to solicit.

8001566139 Complains by debbie,

Did t answer called back becoming Insane. Could t Link it said

8002023066 Complains by Annie,

Who is the owner. Does anyone know.

8002518736 Complains by lori,

We've a timeshare with this Business amp are quite really disappointed within them. They phone people all that time for a courtesy call then desire people to go on a Holiday somewhere. I tell them for take the name amp Amount off their calling list but they Don't understand the best way to would the. The calls start coming everyday from all Types of Amounts. In my own View Do not GET Involved With The Business OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES

8002267022 Complains by sasha,

8002221736 Complains by Guest,


8002801394 Complains by khollo,

No calls, but an unauthorixed EFT charge for $29.99, by MD XL ent Customer Service.  When calling the number (865) 640-4326, there is a message purporting to be U.S. Cellular, saying, "Message kvn22, U.S. Cellular, this number is no longer in service.  If you feel you have reached this message in error, please check the number and dial again, message kvn22."

8002626302 Complains by Guest,

I get a text from this number almost daily. When I call I only get the voice mail. The texts are files that only say one word like hi. I do not know how to make it stop.

8002102900 Complains by Mrs Chumbly,

Scam that voice send tries for get you to log in to your AT amp T account not AT amp T Web site which is actually a scam account for a credit of between W W. Telephone came at W PM

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