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2017-09-04 19:24:11
2017-08-07 20:07:50
I have received a few calls from this person during the last week. No messages left on vm. I picked up the phone one time, and I could hear someone breathing. I said hello, but they never responded. Sounds like a creeper.
2017-07-14 11:53:35
Caller left a message " Hey (name), this is Brookes Billings from Sagepoint, I would appreciate a return call....." Acted like I should know who this is and why they arte calling. Glad I checked the number out.
2017-05-12 21:30:00
Just received a call from 804.993.1368 stating that it all started with a witch who put a spell on us. This is a business phone that some crazy person is calling. We have reported this number to the authorities, including our local FBI office.
2017-05-12 17:41:25
They call every day but I never answer. They do not leave a message.
2017-04-10 15:48:01
trying to get a "yes" answer for recorded call for fraud. Answer with a business name and then ask which employee is he trying to reach? He'll hang up and usually not call back
2017-04-07 00:01:32
I think the number's a legit charity for veterans, but the caller rudely hung up when I tried to explain why I could not donate this year. Therefore, I will NOT be donating in future either!
2017-03-28 20:10:16
They call daily. We know no one from that telephone number. Suspected SPAN
2017-03-01 20:11:40
Unsolicited mortgage offers. Asked to not call me again. Now robo-calling at least once a day never leaving a message
2017-01-11 23:58:03
got a call from these people saying they had a order for my son if he didnt get in contact with them, very threatning lady
2016-12-14 13:15:49
Debt collector spam!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-12-07 00:46:37
Foreign callers are using dummy numbers from the US as "patch throughs," and offering to pay off student loans, grants of $30,000 or more, and even stating that the IRS will foreclose on your banks because you owe money. This one will call from Richmond, then call again from Denver. Both silent.
2016-09-30 01:48:20
Unknown caller. Multiple Calls, No Messages. I do not know this number or anyone in that town. Since I know from many a scam warning to never talk to any number I don't know, I have no idea what this is about. I get a call pretty much every day from this number, and never a message.
2016-07-08 17:11:59
. . .
2016-07-08 15:21:40
called me about Pupil loans wanting me for use credit card for pay cash for get free cash makes no feeling Subsequently when I told your man with a thick Highlight not from this country I wan t interested he said that I was a idiot and he would report me I was really polite and said I was sorry for your inconvenience and wasting his time and he calls me a idiot I don t think SO
2016-07-08 12:19:58
2016-07-08 09:13:31
no calls or TEXT
2016-07-08 01:19:36
done for good
2016-07-08 00:09:16
This can be Elev matchmaking telemarketing. They suck. I dint understand how they got my number but they never Cease calling and dint leave messages.
2016-07-07 20:31:10
Well known Web scummier Legal.

Phone list in area 804

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8042349050As near as i could tell if you personally advise them for Cease calling you lawfully they have to Discontinue calling you. P562015-11-04 08:00:06
8042051855Yep missed call and I Decided Upwards and it Put Upwards on mestrybk442015-11-04 07:06:12
8042014027Thus happy to see it s not Merely me. In the past two days I have gotten these numbers W W W three times Now thus Way W W W W W called this one back got a Amount dozen t work response W W W called the one back it range for a long time till I Put up Jules52015-11-04 07:09:08
8042055226Cool called and Inquired who was in charge of marketing for our Business. After listening to his spiel I told him that we were not interested and that we were happy along with your Business that we 're currently using. This guy would not shut up. He could not believe that we were not interested within making more cash and Enhancing the company by using his services. I don t understand how many manners I had for state NO before I eventually Installed up on him. I understand that these Folks 've a Occupation for do but that is downright annoying. No means No. Thanks for this representative if we ever consider Changing Businesses we won't be using Artwork Promotion. Kat12015-11-04 07:30:35
8042259092I Simply went for the Chantilly Place we vie been here for a month . I acquired a telephone this evening out of this number. I Resided in your Bailey s Crossroads Region for W years and never obtained a telephone out of the Unique number or organization. Liz B1512015-11-04 07:34:16
8042014936Called times in 5 minutes. . . never anyone on another Finish. . . annoyingMichele112015-11-04 07:35:04
8042051196I acquired a telephone from them today. Also dating back to W and they also Desired me to pay W. W Now. I called my local Authorities department they told me its a scam. Nichole212015-11-04 07:36:43
8042014978Partly recorded message on your land line which we don t use. Computer created female voice Thus before this subject goes to your court house and you get arrested. Kindly get back to us at W W W. I Replicate W W W. Now if you don t return that phone Subsequently that just thing that I can perform is want you personally great Fortune. HAHAHA112015-11-04 07:39:29
8042104016I called that number back your W W W and when they response they State it is the Government and I am being sued by the National Authorities and can Dilemma a warrant for my Charge out of back taxes of around W W. She did supply me her name and said it was Catherine Brown but calls herself agent Brown. from Richmond Virginia. I wonder how they can create cash on this scam. She also asked me if I had an Attorney and told her I did t need one because I was reporting them for the FBI and Subsequently she hung up within my face. She gave an ID Amount that is probably a untrue number of W. Weird. . JimC482015-11-04 07:40:40
8042349034I vie had many calls around weeks. Never any message on voice mail. I never response a call from MOD . They're really annoying. Too poor March of Dimes uses this type of Firm to tease Individuals to an extreme. Shame on them. Brian T162015-11-04 07:54:59
8042053714At least I 've a Good Thought of how they got my number. I recently bought a pair of shoes at Pay less Shoes and for many Peculiar motive they asked me for my Telephone Amount. For an equally Ignorant response I Offered it to them. Instantaneously after I started receiving calls from this and W W W telling me my Loans is not within any prompt risk but better telephone them to make certain . I don t think you can take that Region codes as any hint. There are services Outside there that could Shift your Amount for anything. I believe an appropriate Result is for take your time for Line them along as long you can. . . giving them all kinds of Fake data while acting like the most naive Man on world. From my experience with these fools time is their most Important Tool. . . spend it for them. Shain502015-11-04 07:55:53
8042019487I 'm on don't phone list do these jerks bypass the rules. Do we prevent them from calling again. Rm132015-11-04 07:58:35
8042349114I have been receiving Telephone calls from the Amount but they do not leave message. I do not understand that Owner Or anybody within Virginia. iadlaws132015-11-04 07:59:18
8042059037Did not leave a message. Anyone know who this can be. kp152015-11-04 08:00:43
8040000000You can t phone it back because it's not a Actual Telephone number it's a spoofed Owner id. sly202015-11-04 08:01:58
8042146522i believe that gays are scam eromg462015-11-04 08:03:33
8042344307I Only gotten a telephone out of this Telephone number W W W After I said Hi I was Changed for your White House within Washington DC. That lady asked if I want to leave a Opinion for that White House. I told her that I did not create any phone phone and that I obtained a telephone. She said that I needed for report the to that Federal Communications. This telephone was really unusual. KY Girl302015-11-04 08:04:02
8042122130HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Client Alerted Www. treasury. gov dicta contacted. notes. com forum ta Government warns of Phone scamp Large story. AP. org article Be's . . . Chief Government scam Report the Calls for the Actual Government here report your incident for your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. You can also file a Gripe along with that National Trade Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Telephone Scam for your Opinions within your complaint. Would consider becoming a phone blocking device or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have call blocking if not there are free apps on your web that may work for some. You can Google this. If you have a clever phone there is a free Program called telephone control. IPhone Search for have Programs also. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp right Speak HTTP play. Google. com Shop Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. straight Speak. com instep Www. you send. com House Providers right Discuss block Amenhotep's Web. . com See Matter. PP. f W amp t Wreally332015-11-04 08:04:11
8042349023Called twice in last hour I haven t replied no message left. wizz572015-11-04 08:04:48
8042349068Correction I called them back and located Outside they are the Libraries department for Capital Just one. Which pisses me off considering that Capital 1 called me over and over again for a few month es asking for someone else who apparently used to have my phone number and I told them around and over again that they had your incorrect number and they did not let Upwards. Whenever I phone them back for make sure that they had removed my Telephone number they would state they could t find it anyplace inside their systems but Afterward a week After there they were calling my phone again. Now i m going for 've to go through that all over again. Erin362015-11-04 08:07:47
8042179049Keep getting calls from this Amount in that Night. Select Upward the Telephone no one answers. Calls several times a day. Ben12015-11-04 08:10:38
8042302042Whoever it is they keep calling my child s phoneKarin502015-11-04 08:19:58
8042329771Phishing Amount when you call your line it is not within serviceBrian92015-11-04 08:21:03
8042344235Amount IS Attached For W W WBOB422015-11-04 08:21:50
8042580924Hung Up as shortly as I replied. Cassandra352015-11-04 08:23:02
8042349052This can be the same Firm that calls out of W W W to W. I think that all they need is to steal your own information they Predominantly want your own full name birth date and SAN. They 've been calling me for months that first time I replied the Telephone they said that I owe some cash for Bank Just one. That is Merely impossible either they're making it Upward or they're confusing me with another Man. Their Target is for annoy you personally to the limits for get the information they desire. I don t answer that calls anymore but they telephone everyday and leave no message. I 'm Preparation for report this for that Authorities we all should can that. Antonio62015-11-04 08:24:27
8042542600f ING Attorney asking for Around W Distinct people none of who are in your company. . . . dee12015-11-04 08:25:09
8042349043Scam phone to tell me that I 'm Capable to lower my interest rates on my Residence mortgage. . . . would be nice if I HAD a home mortgage for lower. . . . Mike M242015-11-04 08:28:24
8042053310Person called from this number W and did not state anything. dee152015-11-04 08:29:23
8042383059i got a W gift card from very best buybenita acree12015-11-04 08:30:02
8042698337same recording as reported by Sicko De BeersMN482015-11-04 08:30:10
8042053900oust got the same phone at 3 W pm CST. GREER. . . . did t answer it as I don t give Amount out for anyone but family. . . TiredOfThis!742015-11-04 08:30:14
8042369601Acquired a acreage line call. Don t understand who it's. Vitabob62015-11-04 08:31:06
8042059307I have gotten at least 2 calls each single ricking daytime for your past week I believe from the Amount. . . . I consistently Simply Discount it CZ I Calculated it must become a solicitor but they call Each Daytime multiple times and it s driving me Upwards that wall. They never leave a MSG. I eventually Merely called back to see what would happen on the other Finish and a male w a thick Highlighted voice said Hi but I Only Installed Upwards. jineve172015-11-04 08:31:51
8042651019I Additionally 'm in Fresno and acquired phone at 9 W am. Did not response they left no message. Fresno Tommy192015-11-04 08:31:56
8042349019Actually want this Amount would stop calling me. They don t care enough for leave a express mail thus I m not giving them any of my timeAbby622015-11-04 08:35:49
8042200782this is a scummier out of CL I 've him send your cashiers checks to some fraud detective at that Authorities station. he or his partner are located within NY but use a Virginia Telephone Amount. syd102015-11-04 08:36:00
8042349106This is your Set Bureau. ICC Systems. Not owned by I. H. C. Mickey732015-11-04 08:36:36
8042938054Since I did not recognize the Amount I did not response figuring it was a telemarketer. They did not leave a message. Did not look for them on Google. JFM352015-11-04 08:37:25
8042492993Laverne Sadly I do not believe that people who this number belongs to reads these posts. Li182015-11-04 08:48:59
8042438437This Amount sends me an Sims informing me that i 've won a few cashEzeters12015-11-04 09:00:12
8043136965Call from W W W Warsaw Va April W W W W AMR ALLEN242015-11-04 09:00:42
8042338013Keep getting calls from this Amount but they leave no message. jpbm52015-12-09 19:24:52
80430241323 calls that rang twice amp hung upDiane72015-12-18 15:53:58
8042053242These Individuals keep calling me for many I don t understand any matter Around many guy name Dan cursed me Outside Mum f Afterward yelled yell that hell Upward n listen Afterward he Put up quite quite rude. Cl32015-11-04 09:01:58
8041399047Stole my Kids social Advertising account. Guest42015-12-14 20:59:28
8042343464The number rings my Telephone upwards of 4 times a daytime. Whether you Give or not they continue to call. I understand your relevance of fund raising for children along with cancer. It s Merely that the calling Regular even weekends and all hours is annoying. This number is Annoying!32015-11-04 09:06:00
8042104110got a callalesha32015-11-04 09:06:42
8042014755Called my house. Caller ID said Merrill Lynch. Did not leave a message. Cathy52015-11-04 09:06:44
8043191928Sunlight Trust Bank. They phone always asking for Marcia Miller. I don t understand anyone by that name do not have any Records along with Sun Trust and never had had. And if I were looking for another bank this would not be that 1 after all these calls. Judith Hamlet182015-11-04 09:07:24

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