8042509647 / 804-250-9647

Telephone information: Idt America Corp. Warsaw, VA. . United states
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Post by jason Philbin,

8042509647 The calls about once a day I answer Afterward there is nothing then I get disconnected

Post by Chicago Ed,

804-250-9647 Rang mobile. Telephone blocked by True Owner Program. These People have become Insects as if all spoofed spam scampers aren't Insects.

Post by Dean,

8042509647 Called 3 times left no message. Scampers

Post by Guest,

804-250-9647 This Confined number keeps calling me but I won't reply. Who are they.

Post by Your name,

8042509647 Why are you personally here. Minutest is here for help that MANY Simple Folks Outside there from being SCAMMED out of their cash by criminal scam artists. WE are really happy that he is here he is a Very Sensible Man who is out for reveal your corrupt debt and loan companies and their shills. And he does a dam great job of it. . . . .

Post by Annoyed,

804-250-9647 There USN t. They could become spoofing that Owner ID or hiding behind a VIP system calling out of a foreign State and routing their calls through the Net. Stopping this Difficulty is not trivial.

Post by Guest,

8042509647 medic alert scam

Post by Guest,

804-250-9647 Another Hello Senior I don t Demand their services why don t the government do something Around these scampers

Post by Mary,

8042509647 Scamming Day-to-day calls from Medical Alert to senior citizens

Post by DM in AZ,

804-250-9647 W W W called my CELL Around that Th time 1 W W 2 PM did t response as looking recognizable awful BS etc . I 'm going to attempt adding these BS s to my within phone Associates list can get about 4 s per contact Underneath a BS . . . name that will come up on my phone within place of Simply that for ID

Post by XXX,

8042509647 You psycho. He s correct. Readjust your Container foil Cap.

Post by Susan Stoltz,

804-250-9647 Do I block the number. If they are calling your home Telephone Subsequently Purchase a telephone blocking Unit. If they are calling your own intelligent Telephone Subsequently get a call blocking app. If they're calling your Routine cellphone then create a few contact Items enjoy Spam Spam etc. assign no ring tone to them and Place Amounts like these in those contacts. Additionally NEVER post your own Actual name within Newsgroups like these.

Post by Greg,

8042509647 Blocked . . . CC scam

Post by Cathy Cross,

804-250-9647 Don't use your own Actual name in Newsgroups enjoy these.

Post by Guest,

8042509647 Unwanted call

Post by Ralph W,

804-250-9647 Obtained another telephone from this number did t reply as I did not Understand the number as anyone I knew.

Post by georg,

8042509647 Same as your last 3 places. But saying I could get a brand new Fresh pain Comfort Product due to the fresh Well-being attention law through any doctor without any out of pocket expense for me. . Telephone was purportedly Beginning out of Warsaw Virginia

Post by John,

804-250-9647 The card service scampers May service the credit cards BUT when they Complete servicing them they can have no Accessible credit staying. People that are fooled into having their cards serviced may be Priced a Minimal of W. W and many times the Complete Sum remaining on that card. The card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who victim Predominantly on the low income and that elderly but may cheat anyone that they can.

Post by PublicNotice,

8042509647 I think your Discussion is valid.

Post by jack,

804-250-9647 I suggest giving Life watch a call and telling them what you think of their association along with criminals. They probably are not selling for Life watch. They Likely are scampers all that manner Approximately. 've you ever gotten a call out of a Man with a strong Indian accent claiming for be along with Microsoft and asking for access for your computer thus he or she could Discontinue your computer from sending out Malfunction messages. Guess what that person doesn't signify Microsoft anymore than these scampers represent a valid monitoring service.

Post by Guest,

8042509647 Calls each few days have given Upwards answering at this point

Post by Your name,

804-250-9647 I noticed there Appears to be an Improve for the reason that kind of task in your last hour or two.

Post by Guest,

8042509647 Joke call on Senior medical service. Control issuance of phone numbers to undocumented solicitors. . . .

Post by PublicNotice,

804-250-9647 Fascinating to note that no 1 has fuss for purged that links I thus conveniently Offered long ago . Would look to suggest the First motive for the post Treatment was a Joint jerk reaction. Given that I Just posted the same Specific Information in another Supplied posts. If notes felt the info Supplied was in Misdemeanor of TOES one May}n' request exactly why another conveniently Supplied posts were not purged as well. I would anticipate that Administration would be uniform in order not to send mixed signals. As it stands it would Look that the data provided in another links is Wonderful this sends a Quite inconsistent message. That TOES is Somewhat ambiguous muddled find about that Matter as nicely. You concur you will not post Content that claims the identity Features or qualifications of another person. Your key word being State . . . Claim State or assert that something is your case without providing Signs or proof. This really is what Celtic Dragon seemed to Eliminate to that proof but it's my opinion which he she did not bother searching at the Information provided for understand that it all came out of public sources. Businesses have for register with the State this info is a matter of public record as is who owns Works it. The State Additionally holds court records for a company as nicely as Legal records. All this can be People info Available to that public. Business websites Facebook Facebook etc are all public facing sources. Work was done for follow within your the Tips of notes TOES. Yet that word State also could possibly also be more encompassing indicating that the Simple mention of a Road party is a violation. Maybe a better worded TOES on that Theme would benefit others. There is no mention in your TOES about any differentiation between public business data address phone and private private information SAN children s names . Although this Perhaps that policy of that community it's not written down within the TOES. source HTTP notes. com NB toes. aspic trust the educates Celtic Dragon and others within the community that public information registered with Authorities agencies is not private information it is a matter of People record. Now weather if posting this data on notes is a Misdemeanor of the TOES that Considerably isn't clear. free to down vote me. . you personally Only bring focus on this Problem. Folks like to understand why someone was down voted W times. . what did they 've for say that hurt so many or perhaps just 1 Individual with many Records cough

Post by Guest,

8042509647 Unwanted call

Post by Your name,

804-250-9647 I Discovered there Looks to be an Improve in that type of action in that last hour or two.

Post by Chicago Ed,

8042509647 Rang mobile. Call blocked by Authentic Owner app.

Post by Guest,

804-250-9647 Unwanted call

Post by Guest,

8042509647 Idle crazy Presbyterian church in Memphis

Post by A Guy at work,

804-250-9647 Called and Put up twice when I replied my cell Telephone. . . Today it called again and it was a record starting with Hi Seniors. Due to changes in your Wellbeing care now you can now. . .

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8133339561 Complains by Guest,

no texts or Mmes messages

6096444409 Complains by Guest,

I Think criminals are using bright phones that operate Thur outfits like Bandwidth. com where your intelligent phone dials Thur a VIP Amount Enrolled many miles away doing reverse phone look Advantages on addresses of Households without Autos within front of them and Afterward calling for see if anyone s home. Never response a call if you don t understand that number. If it s Significant they ll leave a message.

4062192372 Complains by Guest,


8053586803 Complains by T,

Won't Discontinue calling me.

8018220038 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a telephone out of the number asking for your school master or school owner.

7192146384 Complains by Guest,

MONIQUE WORKS C. U Your CARD has been Handicapped. Please phone W W W reply for text and it came appropriate back for me. Partner also got your same text our prefix is W

3176160187 Complains by Guest,

They telephone me just one or two times a daytime. I am never Residence. They never leave a message.

8134356301 Complains by BRENDA,

I Ask MARK WILLIAMS To Supply ME Along with The Reports AND HE TOLD ME HE COULD NOT . I TOLD HIM I DID NOT BORROW ANY Cash From This Set AND HE THREATENED ME Along with Penitentiary Authorities COMING For MY WORK AND Getting ME AND CURSED ME. I Am Exhausted Of being HARASSED BY THESE NUTS AND I Need To Understand IF IT Can Be TRACED OF WHAT For Can. I 've An extremely Sick Husband AND I CANT Afford To Free MY Occupation Over Many Nut Enjoy The. PLEASE HELP ME Out.

2396735213 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. . . I desire them for Stop bothering me. . .

7609312489 Complains by Guest,

obtained a telephone from the Amount and they demanded for understand that address and who lives at this number. . . . I Installed Upward.

8152771703 Complains by doc,

These clowns said I was approved for a 39,000 car loan. My reply was yea flipn right I can't even get a 5k loan The two numbers that they contacted me. 813-864-8944 and 218-203-5203

3602626174 Complains by Guest,

Owner States she is from Irs and is going for file a law Collection against me. called back her voice send says Linda and desires you to leave your own name and number. Don t believe thus Linda

8762979700 Complains by Guest,

Used within a scam and starting to use threats.

8322940114 Complains by Kirby,

Got a call at 8 W am Pacific Time. It was a woman with an Indian accent saying she was calling for Caribbean Cruise Lines. I Simply hung Upward.

8474613970 Complains by Guest,


6572026870 Complains by Guest,

Thank you for taking online survey. Please remain on that line for representative.

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