8043840429 / 804-384-0429

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Mathews, VA. Mathews. United states
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Post by Courtney,

8043840429 The same thing happened to me what did you personally do. they 've all of my private information so I am curious what steps i need for take now

Post by cassie,

804-384-0429 I 've seen the number and they are calling me back to back. what can i would for stop the.

Post by YF,

8043840429 Multiple calls from W W W asking for Information on an Staff 've repeatedly told her not for telephone again. Quite terrible and will not Discuss or converse politely. Name given was Justine Ling. Sounds Chinese or Central Asian and can hardly recognize her 've gotten W W calls over that last month or so.

Post by CJ,

804-384-0429 Have been harassed by a lady calling your school for 4 days. . . asking for one of my employees. She was rude disrespectful used nasty language etc. I asked her for her Amount and Manager. She turned me around for her Manager after threatening to sue me for harboring a Legal. We are an Fundamental school and the Manager appeared for finally get it and said they would not call us again.

Post by marianne,

8043840429 got an extremely terrifying call from this Amount several times saying i owed cash on pay day loans being i would have pay day loans more than 1 at this time i was frightened and confused they told me i was not complying and had Reports for take me to court saying i owed W. W and never paid and now it would become W. W BUT WOULD SETTLE FOR W. W I WAS SCREAMING AT THEM AFTER 4 Phone CALLS DUE For Serious Tension out of all my troubles and it flipped me Outside presuming i had maybe forgot ton a payment i 'm assuming and i hate to use that word but i am after reading all these others people saying your same thing it is a scam what an aw full way these people create a living foreign speaking have no respect for The USA

Post by cc,

804-384-0429 tells threatening things

Post by Adrienne,

8043840429 I Only got your same phone call this morning. . . . the called on my house phone twice last week and Afterward once on my cell phone this morning. The Amount called on the house phone was out of a Don Ramsey W W W but your just one on my cell Telephone Arrived out of a Massachusetts number W W W. I even got a file Amount. Nevertheless what's chilling to me is that they called off my address last 4 of my Societal My date of Start and my account Amount from my bank. All he kept saying is that I did not pay back a payday loan that was Chosen out within W but could not offer me any details and got really Extreme with me and said which he was Getting down that I did not desire for collaborate and that the police can come pick me Upwards and I can Provide 3 months in Prison for 3 counts of fraud against my name and social security Amount. I don't enjoy he has so Substantially info Around me. I don't even actions alto of business within my wedded last name.

Post by Danielle,

804-384-0429 Merely so you personally know there surely is a ring of these illegals and that Telephone numbers are as follows 1 W W W W W W and W W W. They sound Mid eastern and enjoy to make Upwards names that sound official like the State Section of Texas affidavit Proof dept. The guy from the W Region code Telephone number said he was going to rape me and send his Contacts for rape me. Please phone the federal trade commission at 1 W W W and the Buyer protection Bureau for your own state. if you apply for a pay daytime loan your own info is poorly protected. This really is how they 've Parts of info that sound legitimate. Don't Check anything along with them. Warn your Occupations you are being harassed and have them report them for law enforcement.

Post by Courtney,

8043840429 The same matter happened to me what did you do. they 've all of my private data so I'm Interested what steps i need to take now

Post by buchi reddy,

804-384-0429 i received telephone out of the phone number they understand my last 4 Numbers of mentioning this call is out of legal dept and telling them for telephone back asap . . .

Post by Penny,

8043840429 Telephone their bluff. . . They're Merely trying to Take your own identity. . . Tell them that you that they are a scam. They should leave you alone. . . Although this really is that second number that they used along with me. . . . Don t apply for the online loans. . . That s how they are becoming your own info. . .

Post by Penny,

804-384-0429 This really is a different number than the just one they used. They're still at it. . . I got the first 1 for Quit by telling them that I knew that it was a scam. . . Now they use another attempt to try and take the identities. . . This has got too Discontinue. If you personally receive a phone out of this Amount. . . It is a scam. I Replicate It is a scam. No demand for worry about what they're talking about. . . . My Guidance for everyone don t Set your private info online. . . That s how they get you. For Example when Folks go for them online loans. . . . Thank You.

Post by Jason,

8043840429 Yeah I got among the phone calls too. They want me to Facsimile them some notice stating that I am sorry I did t pay there company and that I m gonna pay the Sum back using whatever card I have blah blah. They said they 've a court summons on there Workplace waiting for become Delivered to me if I don t send that fax away and place Upwards payment Measures. This also happened on two other Telephone numbers as nicely and I m not sure how they got my Telephone Amount cause its a brand fresh number that I just Lately got. They have my social Pals contact info my fresh House address E-mail previous addresses. Do I Simply let the go or what. . .


804-384-0429 The Number CALLED ME AND THEY Inquired ME To Check MY LAST 4 AND DOB AND SAID I 've AN Claim AGAINST MY SS AND Subsequently Be Increase For Speak VOL GER To ME WHEN I Ask TO

Post by Penny,

8043840429 Telephone their bluff. . . They're Only Striving to Take your own identity. . . Tell them which you that they're a scam. They should leave you personally alone. . . Although that is your second number that they used with me. . . . Don t apply for the online loans. . . That s how they are getting your information. . .

Post by Barbara,

804-384-0429 I 've had 8 threatening phone calls from them Now. On just one they left a message with my social security Amount and said I will lose everything I own and will never be able for Purchase anything on credit again. They will not quit. . . even reported it for your deputy sheriff. I am keeping the voice message and will forward to anyone who needs it.

Post by Adrienne,

8043840429 I just got that same phone phone this morning. . . . that called on my house phone twice last week and then once on my cell phone this morning. Your number called on your house phone was out of a Don Ramsey W W W but your 1 on my cell Telephone Arrived from a Boston number W W W. I even got a file number. However what's scary to me is that they called away my address last 4 of my social My date of Delivery and my account Amount from my bank. All he kept saying is that I did not pay back a payday loan which was taken Outside in W but could not offer me any details and got quite aggressive with me and said that he was Getting down that I did not desire to collaborate and that the Cops can come Select me Upward and I may Function 3 months in Prison for 3 counts of fraud against my name and social security number. I do not enjoy which he has so Considerably data about me. I do not even actions alto of company in my wedded last name.

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5047107413 Complains by Teresa,

I have received three phone calls from this number in two days.  We used to live in Silverdale but if it was someone we knew, I think they would leave a message.  :-)

7065868873 Complains by Guest,

This really is a Cops number

8628885276 Complains by Brittany Weidrick,

I have received a call from this number twice on my cell phone. They left a message but was not clear.

4046203685 Complains by Guest,

That is simply one of 3 numbers I have obtained calls out of saying my Telephone number and San are Related for some prohibited transactions. If thus they would know my name and San. Keep calling and I keep blocking the numbers only for them to telephone out of another.

4754227363 Complains by Guest,

The telephone was asking for Contributions for veterans and was quite Consistent. Was rude and did t desire for take no for a response even after I said I already create Contributions to your veteran fund.

5046677689 Complains by Guest,

keep bothering me and family

8002350644 Complains by Anne,

Your Owner ID said Guard Me but I refuse to response any of these types of calls.

8083516456 Complains by Guest,

Yup same matter here. Not that first time. Think someone dozen t enjoy First Native Bank.

8001230111 Complains by Milford Agency,

This Firm is trying to scam Companies into Purchasing office supplies Tattoo toner that was never ordered or even wanted. It's already challenging for successfully Manage a small business but when you might have other Firms scamming you personally from your money it's unfortunate.

8002255582 Complains by Unit 51,

Simply a beep sound

8001652198 Complains by Jimmy,

Tried for phone this Amount back and that phone could not become completed.

8002039783 Complains by juls,

They conned people into booking a cruise and your next day when we Understood what we got into canceled. They went ahead anyway to process on my credit card. When I called them again today they are refusing not empty refund and told me that they will keep my file open until W and are wit holding W Us. I don't desire for novel not now not ever. . . . Jules

8002199815 Complains by Ro,

You Men rock. Thank you for posting this info. I had read something in your paper Around Striving to get San Joaquin County Residences to some 4 reconditioned and coincidentally Mr. Brass called two times later and I idea wow maybe. BUT NOT. This really is great data page. Thank you personally. Thank you. Thank you personally.

8002229944 Complains by devildog,

when they say they're record tell them you are Additionally record they don t PARTICIPATE if You're record them. They state they will phone back when you are not going to record what they say. I do not 've any business along with Boa but they won t listen when you personally tell them you re not that Individual ergo the recording.

8001072091 Complains by Guest,

i adore his sexy body

8002220900 Complains by Gato,

Hi my name is Ga to and I called the most from Dash call's W W i believe it was Race I don t understand IT phone Dave Thomas on fraudster on calling cards are used

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