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Telephone information: Verizon South Inc.-va (contel). Bowling Green, VA. Caroline. United states
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Post by AO,

8046328616 These Businesses often Switch Amounts at arbitrary. Thus it dozen t subject if the Amount is listed. As for your name they could get type of Information out of a number of sources. That could Comprise memberships for organizations and etc. Years ago our Div was understand for Marketing lists.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 Very rude and hung up on me when i inquired how she got my number and I am on the do not phone list. Breast Cancer Society looking for Contributions.

Post by Linda,

8046328616 SCAM bucklers for a non national breast cancer survivor charity . Replied your first phone and told them no . Called back twice Appears I m on Bacall for a call about every hour and a half. After 3 calls I have blocked that number.

Post by S Layne,

804-632-8616 Called people just as we were becoming ready to eat dinner. Actually they Inquired for someone who dozen live here. Afterward they started Striving for rope people within. My Partner said my wife just lost her Occupation and we could t supply you any money appropriate now . Your woman said I m sorry about that but these girls really demand your own cash . My Partner repeated again he wan t interested and Installed Upwards. This really is not even a legit Firm I m certain.

Post by JR,

8046328616 Called me Now for first time. One of many such calls I have been receiving. Discontinued answering all calls from unfamiliar numbers a couple of months Past.

Post by v,

804-632-8616 Sadly they ask for me by my nickname simply Understood by close friends and family and keep saying they will Place me on the don't call list but of path don't. Your Man told me they get their Amounts from a Mid man. I Began becoming these calls after my sister had breast cancer and put my name and unlisted unpublished number on all her forms as a contact. I don t understand how else they know to ask for me by that name and they are definitely a scam. Desired this time for send me a Commitment card and have me Set something within an Cover for send them to help. . . breast cancer. . blah blah.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Fund raisers

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 Breast cancer scampers stealing money again Guarantee to mail you something Afterward as shortly as you personally say no to giving your own CC around your Telephone they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Calls and won t leave a message.

Post by JUSTA BOY,

804-632-8616 I probably 've that same telephone blocking machine you have. You'll demand for block each individual Amount they telephone out of hopefully they don t have a lot of numbers.

Post by LH,

8046328616 The woman calls my mother s number 2 3 times a daytime and my Mom has told her that she was not giving for her charity because its a scam and she keeps calling. My Mom and I have told her to Discontinue calling but she does it anyway.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 breast cancer contract fund raiser

Post by KC,

8046328616 These rat turds called at 8 W Am this morning when I was home sick. . Nevertheless I have my ringer turned down quite low and slept through it good matter. I never reply crap calls enjoy the anyway.

Post by JM,

804-632-8616 My phone got a telephone from Bowling Green Virginia W W W 5 W pm got Owner id Only no not 2 pickup

Post by EH,

8046328616 Called twice Now. Bacall no 1 there when I Decided Upward. Registered a complaint with Do not Phone as these Individuals appear not to be a charity and even if they were I would t supply them a Nickel around your phone.

Post by MEB,

804-632-8616 Got a telephone at 9 W am the morning no message. I am thus Ill and tired of becoming calls like the one on that DC can add the number to my blocked Amount list.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 This Man was calling me night and day but won t state anything Only hangs Upward when I say Hi. They keep calling and calling even when I hang Upward. Please create them Cease calling me. . .

Post by Eurich,

804-632-8616 They need nothing but money purportedly for Breast Cancer. Could become a Scam Scum in disguise. Feel free for Only say No.

Post by les,

8046328616 Mickie. . . You're right. Although a charity itself is exempt in the DC a Telemarketer calling on Account of that charity is not exempt. They're not considered non Revenue and your rules of the DC does in fact Use. They get away along with it because most Individuals don t file a Gripe along with your FTC DC believing they are non-profit.

Post by Pat Leslie,

804-632-8616 Continuous calls even when you personally tell them You're not interested and for remove your name out of their list

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Just gotten a telephone. . Viewed Upwards their on white pages. com and see these other Opinions. . . I was at my parents Dwelling and when I took that phone and asked for that lady for Check and how did we understand the wan t a scam. . she Put up

Post by On Do Not Call,

804-632-8616 I think I have the record here. . . I keep a log of of these unwanted calls and this can be that FIFTEENTH yes Th time they vie called your number since May W. We vie never replied and do not reply for any calls unless a family member or Buddy s name appears in our caller id. If not and it's family or a Buddy they can Begin Making a message and I ll response. I figure these charity scampers Stadium t going to provide up. . . but we re still not going to answer.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Your fat botch has called me at home and now at work. I could t get rid of her. She s along with many Promotion or fund raising organization. Do we get her for Cease.

Post by JimH,

804-632-8616 This is a shameful Legal scam pretending for solicit for breast cancer research. A pox on them. Nuisance unsolicited calls. That is another Indicator that everyone must please contact their elected reps in DC for need strengthened Don't Call laws Stop any kind of telemarketing soliciting or surveys whether political charitable causes or under the guise of anything else over W of funds donated around the Telephone can go into your pockets of that organizers and you personally Danger S's or thousands of fraudulent Costs on your credit card for a W Contribution Stop that use of any Phone Amount not issued by a Registered common carrier telephone Business or any use of computer created or tie line numbers along with violations Taking acute Legal penalties fines and imprisonment . Stop any calling where the legal name of that Owner is not shown on regular Caller Id no calling before 9 'm or after 7 PM local. That Condition with nuisance scam callers is Fully out of control. While away for ten times we acquired around W nuisance scam calls from W Distinct callers. The Special Amount called multiple times. We need call control not gun control.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Calls earlier within that morning late at night amp weekends consistently searching for Contributions. Their Methods are exceedingly harassing and won't no for a reply. I have Inquired them for Quit calling amp remove my Amount but they always phone.

Post by bobfmdc,

804-632-8616 You can get a place of phone blocking Panasonic Telephones for W or less from all the Important Reduction sources. I just got a set of 5 handsets and a base station out of Costco for W. It may block W Special numbers and any calls with Number Unavailable. I was becoming 4 5 of those a day and now NONE.

Post by Sue,

8046328616 I gotten calls from the number. When I answered that Telephone they said my computer was delivering error messages. I knew it was a scummier I Put Upward. Exactly why r they calling me when I 'm on that do not phone list.

Post by Mj,

804-632-8616 They 've been calling the number for two years. They did t fuss me the summer but appears like my Amount has risen for that top again Lt sigh gt . I never reply your calls and they eventually Discontinue calling after a few weeks.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Called too early within your morning.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 Sick of telemarketing calls

Post by J.J.,

8046328616 Got a call from this number did not reply at nearly PM on a Saturday nighttime these scampers spam callers really know the way to burn your midnight oil. Can there be anyone left in your Usa who Really still Solutions calls out of unknown unrecognized Amounts like this. .

Post by DK,

804-632-8616 Additionally got a phone from Bowling Green Virginia W W W at 9 W 'm. Never take these calls. . . scam

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Owner was exceptionally Extreme and rude when I suggested her I was on that quot Do not telephone list quot . She kept requesting Gifts.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 we are on the do not telephone list Though get lots of calls from the number and others.

Post by just about had it,

8046328616 I 've just Around had it with the W W W. This should be a Legal Work} as many times as they telephone and continue to phone. . . . what could become done about this crap. Nothing . . .

Post by bobfmdc,

804-632-8616 You should consider a telephone blocking Unit or even a phone that offers the option. There are Amount are a number of models Outside there. If this really is a cell Telephone Afterward you might desire for consider a phone blocking app.

Post by TK,

8046328616 Called a couple minutes after 6. Came Upward Breast Cancer S on CID no message left. I never reply calls I don t understand or with Assumed charity names. I m sure they Calculated I d reply BC it s my Place code Incorrect. I m sure it s another Base feeder debt collector looking for a General of mine. I don t response I don t phone back and I m Fairly positive they re not legit.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 Asking for Contributions amp would mail Information. Then Inquired for credit card info. I do not supply the around the Telephone.

Post by On Do Not Call,

8046328616 We've Simply obtained the Th call from the number W W W and Arrived here to notes for more data. When we Began becoming that first of these many calls in May W I found on other Websites that it was a scam. I don t know what else for would besides Blow off these calls which we've done. We re becoming way overly many of these calls including other fake cancer charity calls from different numbers. Your service Service for this particular particular number is Degree 3 Communications and that Amount is out of Bowling Green Va. I agree along with you personally W Around putting a stop for all these calls for those of us who want not to be bothered. My Man is Now from work and was on a Telephone interview along with a Possible Company when this latest phone from BREAST CANCER W W W Arrived in and I am livid. After reading this post I looked Upwards the Reynolds Family and am attaching your links to Posts Around their cancer charity scam for back up what you personally said. HOW Ill. . . There's a Put in hell for Ill covetous Folks like this. To use a charity such as breast cancer and prey on unknowing individuals who gladly open their wallets believing they are helping a worthy cause is Only Ill. Reynolds family. . . Juice. . . HTTP not-for-profit Regular. org policy social c . . . IT empire. Www. Tampa. com Issues Deals worst charities. page

Post by dee,

804-632-8616 It's legal for valid charities to telephone those on your Don't phone list. They're exempt. Once you tell them for not call again they're not supposed to phone again.

Post by phone tired,

8046328616 Get a loud whistle when this number calls blow into your Telephone as loud as it may go. That gets rid of them.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 Breast Cancer Society is what it Bands back for when we return phone. Had trouble with this scummier abounds year Past and we reported it then

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Keep calling

Post by dee,

804-632-8616 It's legal for legitimate charities to call those on your Don't telephone list. They are exempt. Once you tell them to not phone again they're not Guessed to phone again.

Post by gw,

8046328616 is your Woman of the house in. I said no and she said Ok no message. Think she could tell by that tone of my voice i would hang up on her.

Post by don Truss,

804-632-8616 Received call out of Owner I d said breast cancer did t answer

Post by On Do Not Call,

8046328616 We've Only gotten our Th telephone out of the Amount W W W and Arrived here for notes for more data. When we started becoming your first of these many calls within Could W I located on other sites that it was a scam. I don t understand what else to do Moreover ignore these calls which we've done. We re getting way overly many of these calls including other fake cancer charity calls from Distinct numbers. The service Supplier for this particular Special Amount is Amount 3 Communications and the Amount is out of Bowling Green Virginia. I agree along with you personally W Around Getting a Cease to all these calls for those of us who wish not to be bothered. My husband is currently out of work and was on a Telephone interview along with a Possible Workplace when this latest telephone out of BREAST CANCER W W W Arrived within and I am livid. After reading this post I looked up the Reynolds Family and am attaching your links to articles Around their cancer charity scam to back Upwards what you said. HOW Sick. . . There is a Set within hell for sick selfish Folks enjoy this. To use a charity such as breast cancer and prey on unknowing people that happily open their wallets believing they're helping a worthy cause is Only sick. Reynolds family. . . Juice. . . HTTP non-profit Regular. org policy Societal c . . . IT Kingdom. Www. Tampa. com Subjects Packages worst charities. page

Post by mary,

804-632-8616 When I replied the telephone for a few weeks out of W W W the Girl would state this organization is asking for money for a breast cancer group. I asked that she not phone again and for please remove my number out of her phone list. My Telephone Amount is an unpublished Amount and I pay around 2 a month because of this. I still am receiving these calls. I now just let all call goes to express messaging.

Post by spammerslammer,

8046328616 Called but left no message. My number is on that worthless DC list and they called anyway. Likely a charity scam.

Post by ERW,

804-632-8616 Breast Cancer Gift sought. When told Now unemployed and don't have any funds for donate and that I support BC programs throughout the year. Asked again for Contribute and when told to present me a job so I could donate I was laughed at. Waiting for that next time they call. For bad that Don't Telephone Software isn't enforced. The would become a good scummier for get away your Telephone lines.

Post by spammerslammer,

8046328616 This is However another charity scam. Don t supply to them.

Post by Mr Smiley,

804-632-8616 I contact NB CF on Facebook they mentioned NB CF doesn't solicit Gifts through your Telephone. We re sorry for hear which you re receiving Chronic phone calls. its scam

Post by dee,

8046328616 It's legal for legitimate charities to telephone those on that Do not call list. They are exempt. Once you personally tell them for not call again they are not supposed to call again.

Post by Anon,

804-632-8616 Is it Strange that I start becoming these calls after a finding within a mammogram. Coincidence.

Post by NKBL,

8046328616 Called last nighttime I told her I was financially strapped. She said Ok and hung up. Bike.

Post by les,

804-632-8616 Mickie. . . you are correct. Although a charity itself is exempt from the DC a Telemarketer calling on behalf of that charity is not exempt. They're not considered non profit and that rules of your DC does within fact Use. They get away with it because most Individuals don t file a Grievance with your FTC DC believing they're nonprofit.

Post by RLF,

8046328616 CID says Breast Cancer Society. May be legit maybe not. There s no way for tell any more. I refuse to reply this kind of call these times. Furthermore cancer is such a Complex Ailment with so many possible causes and so many Folks are working on it how many millions spent on research within that last W years. that no one should feel guilt tripped into giving to your questionable outfit.

Post by koz,

804-632-8616 unwanted telephone stop

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Appears to be Bacall

Post by Brad,

804-632-8616 I have gotten calls from the Amount 3 or 4 times over that last few months. I knew it was a scam as your local Magazine does a Narrative on charity phone scams every year. On one of these calls a few months ago I told that female caller that I would t become able to Contribute as I was losing my Residence for foreclosure. She replied that she was sorry to hear that but she still pressed for a Gift. Received another phone Today CID revealed Bowling Green Va. When I Inquired where the Breast Cancer Society is Established she told me your Az address. When I asked why CID revealed Bowling Green Va she said she was in training and did t have a response for that but she would get her supervisor. The newspaper once told of a Business within northern Virginia that had around W charities and that they gave just what they lawfully had for give for that actual charity they Signified in purchase for remain legal and kept the remainder. I don t believe it s ever a good Notion to present on a phone call that you did t Come. Scams. As I am Writing the my Telephone is ringing Authorities Expert Fund. Another telemarketing Agency. . . W W W.

Post by john,

8046328616 Can you personally figure which group of Old scampers are within control of most of these so called charities. Don't offer any of these parasites a dime.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 the Man calls whatsoever hour of the day. They telephone before 9 W a. m. Call and won't leave a message. Requested that they don t telephone again. May see. . . .

Post by Wanda,

8046328616 Correspondence I above Being Assess showed a Mechanically Virginia. I let phone go Thur to voice mail no MSG left.

Post by PB,

804-632-8616 Been receiving calls out of this Amount all hours of that daytime for several months. . . never any messages left. . . Simply shows Upwards on Owner ID. Read with interest your above posts and may know how you can Manage if they would in fact call when someone is home

Post by Lori C,

8046328616 Rec d call at 8 W 'm. on 8 1 along with caller ID Breast Cancer. Did not reply left no voice send MSG.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 fund raiser

Post by b,

8046328616 had a call out of the Amount before 9 W 'm this morning did not leave a MSG but caller ID said Breast Cancer Services. Having a relative who is being treated for breast cancer at the time gave me pause thus decided to check Amount to become sure it was legit before calling back or Performing to any more WP calls. That is disgraceful. We do not answer calls where an ID is unavailable or private caller or within this case figured it was a erroneous Amount anyway.

Post by bobfmdc,

804-632-8616 Here is an Notion. . . if you have selective number forwarding from your own Telephone provider forwards all your calls out of this Amount W W W back for Associated Community Services number at W W W. That way when they phone that Info Attorney gets its own Business. While You're at it forward all your own telemarketer scummier calls to the number for some time. I 've been doing the for a while but forward mine for the local Tea Bash Amount. What the hell they're for free markets Stadium t they.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Calls every morning between 7 W and 8 'm. I 've blocked Telephone number and they still try and call. . . rings once then drops call. Very annoying. This whole thing Began last year and someone needs to stop this organization.

Post by bobfmdc,

804-632-8616 You can get a place of telephone blocking Panasonic Telephones for W or less out of all that Leading Reduction sources. I Merely got a set of 5 handsets and a base station from Costco for W. It will block W Unique Amounts and any calls along with Amount Unavailable. I was becoming 4 5 of those a day and now NONE.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Hang up

Post by B Skymore,

804-632-8616 These Individuals Began calling a few weeks ago. . . had my Partner on that Telephone Striving to get credit card info. preying on his sympathies for Casualties of breast cancer. Did t work. . Now they telephone every daytime we don t answer. They re dreadful people.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 calls two or more times per . person they're calling for does not live here. I would believe they're scampers

Post by Larry B.,

804-632-8616 Please Direct for Rick H and Brad Outstanding in Detail review of this sleazy organization above and might I add don't present cash to any organization that calls on that phone to solicit money. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

Post by bobfmdc,

8046328616 Here is an Thought. . . if you might have Particular number forwarding from your own phone Supplier forwards all your own calls out of this number W W W back to Connected Community Services Amount at W W W. That way when they telephone your Share Lawyer gets its own Business. While You're at it forward all your telemarketer scummier calls for this number for a while. I have been doing the for a while but forwards mine to your local Tea Bash Amount. What that hell they are for free Areas arena t they.

Post by Guest,

804-632-8616 1 telephone that Began with well You're surely tough for get a hold of. Caller id says it is a breast cancer place. . . .

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Breast Cancer Association

Post by AO,

804-632-8616 These operations Regularly dial Amounts at arbitrary. So it dozen t issue if the number is listed. As for that name they could get kind of Information from a Amount of sources. That could Comprise memberships to organizations and etc. Years ago the Div was know for Marketing lists.

Post by Guest,

8046328616 Calls several times each day. Hangs Upwards when answered.

Post by JP,

804-632-8616 Machine Could I Chat for that Lady of the house. Me Might I request who is calling. Machine Hold on please Machine Could possibly I speak to your guy of your . . . machine hangs up. I m on that don't call list thus it must be a non Revenue. Sounds enjoy a scam though

Post by JUSTA MAN,

8046328616 Next they ll be asking for cash for mankind with prostate cancer. Oh wait. That would t become politically right as we men are considered not needy and Capable for take attention of ourselves. Anyway I blocked the Amount months Past but they Found a way to call me anyway. I can only block W digit numbers. Sadly I 'm within your W area code and they located Outside they can telephone me without using an Region code. What to can. .

Post by CB,

804-632-8616 Telemarketing. Do not answer

Post by Guest,

8046328616 spam

Post by spammerslammer,

804-632-8616 These wads called again after calling last week. These scampers don t care how many Folks they annoy while hunting for the next sucker.

Post by mkmoore,

8046328616 This number keeps calling I never response leave no message has called as late as 8 PM. What a Number of crooks

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7175805591 Complains by Guest,


8135188849 Complains by Guest,

above says within red that it is not a valid Amount. W W W Tampa no message left. Got another call from Florida same day same Region code but says Gains Line . nice strive cyborgs. The Benefits 1 is 1 W W W.

8592766363 Complains by Guest,

Opp ion and surveys

2145226424 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

5018137104 Complains by Bartholet Richard,

ich möchte diese Dienste nicht mehr in Anspruch nehmen und keine Zahlungen mehr machen. Darum bitte ich, meinen Account zu löschen.Mit freundlichen GrüssenRichard Bartholet

8053099709 Complains by Guest,

Stupid meths head hoe.

2094074818 Complains by Guest,

rang twice Installed Upward.

6465832215 Complains by Guest,

first obtained a telephone from W W W and when I called back they never reply and after hanging Upward I gotten a telephone from W W W. Telephone rang 3 times and then strop. ALL OF That is A SCRAM.

9172689012 Complains by Guest,

These weirdos phone daily out of Distinct numbers. I send them to express send each time. An Asian woman with an extremely THICK Feature named Mrs. Smith leaves messages that I can hardly Interpret.

4438441491 Complains by Guest,

Criminally insanely individual

6786065577 Complains by Guest,


5124891550 Complains by Guest,

This number is a scam advertises Autos and trucks on grisliest but doesn't own them. Just needs money

4849031869 Complains by Guest,

recieved a text and call in the middle of the night, and another call this afternoon...did not leave a message, cannot remember what the text said, as it was the middle of the night, looked like spam and i deleted it right away.

8047912354 Complains by Tony D,

Merely your latest within a Chain of junk calls. . . I don t Choose Upward and they never leave a message. I m confident it s either a shady sales pitch or a scam.

8102443307 Complains by ml,

U must b very direct in that this its that incorrect . U may even tell Subsequently to add u for their do not call list since you are not who they are looking for. If the fails file a Grievance along with the FTC

8132834561 Complains by Jan,

Called me today amp right away said this call is being recorded . I told him I overly was recording your call. He freaked Outside amp request why. I said exactly why not. Something Around a lease I co Closed for and that Rent was broken not by pick but due to severe financial Issues. He calls me and threatens me that he has not contacted that credit agencies as However. I told him contact them He hung up. There are proper manners for contact a creditor which are along with within your law. He needs to do his legal Preparation first or he can 've your book of law thrown at him.

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