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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Ventura, CA. Ventura. United states
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Post by Zanny P,

8052752235 Hey People I m stoked that I found the Website since I just a Fake charge for W. W I guess they re still at it and raising their Costs. from Themes. Why is the still happening I m expiring to understand. Seriously can we all get Collectively and locate these Individuals and Only take care of it ourselves if your Authorities and banks arena t into taking Activity. I have a few Pals within Jersey who would adore to help. jabot for Actual please reply back if you re into maybe figuring this Outside a little more and taking a few action. I m so peeved. It s not a lot of money but the principle that they re getting away with doing the. I Destination t purchased anything online for a few weeks and Only got the charge. Has anyone got a connection between when they buy online and when the fraud charge appears. . Cheers guy Z

Post by Jason Chu,

805-275-2235 Same here. Merely logged onto my Wichita checking account online and Found a W. W withdrawal dated today W W fantastically Strange seeing as how all that I did today was go to Course and sleep. That is absurd. Go get em Men.

Post by Scornsoul,

8052752235 January Th the Purchase completed on your PayPal account but was Recorded as a PayPal credit debit card purchase. Now of path I 've for file paperwork. However my Sum was W. W was from AT ALA Styles W MN and I Haydn t used your card in months. Really that last thing within months that was done on that card was a deposit for an item that we sold on eBay. Come for believe of it there were two charges but 1 Five FOUR Conversation GROSSER Pointer LA for 3. W obviously timed Outside before it was Priced. That just one evaporated and AT ALA seemed your same daytime. Same matter along with the Telephone Simply many guy on a machine or express mail. . . Any help would become valued.

Post by HC,

805-275-2235 I obtained a charge as well out of Can Technology Options for W. W on W 2 W. Am happy for find SOMETHING on the as we have been baffled about it.

Post by janki,

8052752235 Th fake result Banach Che Web with prat

Post by Susanna,

805-275-2235 Mine was Sen sate and Design In ovations or something enjoy that out of Washington. I took your threads to my bank Now and filled out many paperwork. The two charges still 've a chance of dropping off they state thus hopefully.

Post by Kristy,

8052752235 I overly 've 2 charges on my credit card account both for W. W on W 8 W out of Ayala Styles and MAC templates. I idea it was unexpected also that their sites and their messages seem so equally. I had made a buy a couple weeks ago out of someone who has their web hosting through Free Vendor. I cancelled my card right away and disputed that Fees. I Directed} messages to Ayala and MAC and have received no Result.

Post by Marnie,

805-275-2235 Hello Ben Now THAT S your manner to get that word Outside. A couple hundred more like you personally and we ll Actually get the word Outside. I never have heard back out of my local news Marketing but might call them on Friday. I wish we had a way of becoming a Entire Business list thus we would know where each merchant is located. If for instance the were several Retailers that were in the Western New York Region where I live I think our local Press would be quicker for pick it Upwards because it directly affects people. Moreover I assume along with many of your others Publishing on the train of thought. Keep in Contact Mary.

Post by Natalie,

8052752235 Sen sate Technology reversed that W. W charge on my Washington Mutual after I made several calls and several threats to contact that Lawyer general though they did not Change your charge against my BO FA . The banks and the police were not surprised by this move because it s your smart Go to make. Crooks desire for refund people who notice appropriate away if possible because it means they can go on a bit longer trying to Travel Underneath the radar and because a charge back from a bank is Practically W. W nowadays thus that W. W could be Rather High-priced if we charge it back against them rather than them Simply refunding W. W. They're very Advanced and slippery that s for certain. Additionally if your bank Connections that company and they willingly say they can reverse that charge than they get Priced nothing thus of course they will state yes go forward and supply that customer back his cash. . They don't have any choice this can be how they go on as long as they do. Thus I could Go into a bank Take someone s cash and than decide gee I might get caught so let me give it back I am away that hook now. Thus I could steal cash and if I provide it back every things Okay. I think not.

Post by Trish,

805-275-2235 Sorry if I sound frustrated but i 'm just exhausted of the whole Chaos. It has cost me dearly in time and Pressure. I am happy someone is at least admitting what I already knew. They did collect credit card information and that s all that matters. Nobody said they did it on goal. If I hit you with my Auto and did it by accident and killed you you are still dead. Bottom line they should 've warned their merchants when we harped and harped on them for do so but they allowed them for continue to collect our credit card data making fresh victims every daytime. Once they knew Around the breach and did nothing they became a part of it. Only as guilty at that point.

Post by Kim,

8052752235 I opened my Charge Statement this morning to look for two Costs out of MAC Themes and Crystal Clear Design. Just one charge is for 9. W and the other for W. W. called that card Business this morning and they removed your just one charge and are working on the other one. I attempted to contact that Businesses and are becoming messages that the mailboxes are full or all operators are active and cant take my phone. Your only online buy which was made was for my Christmas present out of my Man and it wan t out of any of the Businesses which were mentioned in the above messages. The Actually sucks.

Post by jim in ohio,

805-275-2235 same here. Seen charge of W. W on W W W. called them and got Registered message

Post by Kim,

8052752235 I opened my Credit Invoice the morning for locate two Fees out of MAC Themes and Crystal Clear Design. Just one charge is for 9. W and another for W. W. called that card Business this morning and they removed that just one charge and are working on the other 1. I tried to contact that companies and are becoming messages the mailboxes are full or all operators are occupied and cant take my telephone. Your only online purchase that was got was for my Christmas current from my husband and it wan t out of any of that Firms which were mentioned in your above messages. This really sucks.

Post by Marnie,

805-275-2235 This can be interesting because if you personally look back within your Listings there surely is another person who a had Costs from a nautical store . If these are your same merchants this is that first time we actually 've a Link on our train of thought along with the same merchant twice.

Post by Frank,

8052752235 W. W charge W W from Sen sate Engineering to my bank debit card. I never bought a matter out of Sen sate or its website. I did Yet on your same day 've a charge go through for items I purchased out of pajama city. com Dalmatian Corp and they use Approve. internet for procedure their credit cards. Called my bank for reverse your charge and Stop the card. Speak Around an inconvenience considering that time of the year. I can t use my card and since it s that weekend I could t make a along with drawl either.

Post by nick,

805-275-2235 PS here is information about who your Atlases homepage domain is currently owned by HTTP Web. network solutions. com who is results. JP. Domain name Aladdin's. com and for sen sate tech HTTP Web. network Alternatives. com who is results. JP. Domain name Pentateuch. com not certain how if this helps but does seem for nag ate the Latvia theory being that the domain is Enrolled for someone in WA

Post by Darryl,

8052752235 Has Anyone acquired a charge from Crystal Clear Table . I consider this might become However another Fake charge stemming from the same situation.

Post by Sister,

805-275-2235 They vie been caught.

Post by Brad in CO,

8052752235 I Merely located a charge made W 4 out of Sen sate. There must be additional ways they're getting card nos. I Getaway t shopped online with this card in ages and haven't used Free merchant or Digital River. I would use it for automatic payments and 2 weeks Past at a RI store in CO but none of these transactions involved online Sign of my card no. So BEWARE.

Post by jt,

805-275-2235 i had a charge on my credit card back in January W out of Ayala Styles. of path when you personally telephone that number it's a message that gets you understand where. Simply recently beginning of April i located that i had several cash Improvements on my credit card within three times for thousands of dollars. when i spoke for my credit card company they told me that someone had called them for request a new Green Amount and that they had all of my personal data. I never present out my personal information around the Net or over your phone thus i am not sure how they got all my data. i suppose these cash Improvements have something to would along with these bogus companies. that just places i 've used my card online for are for sears and pay Friend.

Post by TC,

8052752235 LIBRA Usa W W W TX W W 8. Jeanette I got too got Strike with a charge out of this Company . Bank of that West was very Useful in the funny charge. They are still delivering me documents about the unauthorized debit. Looks enjoy that is just an Supply on a Important fraud ring Developing possibly nationwide reading all the posts. I wonder how many more people were Priced by the Business. I 'm Interested. Natalie kudos you have been really vigilant within your own quest for becoming justice for the tough working American people.

Post by Angry,

805-275-2235 I Merely happened to check my credit card statement and there was a charge for W. W on it out of SYNERGY Layout Solutions. I phoned my credit card Firm and they're going for send me a Question form with this Sum. So i decided to go back into all my old statements and lord and behold there was a charge out of MAC Themes back in W W for W. W. The Actually pisses me off because how are we ever going for keep the data safe out of these Bloody people

Post by Darryl,

8052752235 I Published for CNN I Report with a link to this Website. I d adore for see them pick this Narrative Upwards.

Post by Christine,

805-275-2235 YES I got a purchase from Fresh York City Train line. I was hit by Ayala for W. W today

Post by David,

8052752235 Figure what Only Arrived Upward on my bank statement. Sen sate Engineering for W. W. I Only attempted to call them and figure what. Same message. I to ordered a box of Sweets for my Partner from a Sweets Business. I am looking for the Sweets company name now. I feel had.

Post by Golden Girl,

805-275-2235 Hi from South Dakota. Yep I got Strike twice Sen sate Engineering and MAC Themes. I 've Viewed at those W. W amounts half a dozen times and wondered what I ordered out of those places. Of path no reply when I called either number. I did discover my Business though and 've Delivered them an E-mail Around it Simply Now. I expect along with all my heart that they will Reply as they should and discontinue using free merchant digital river immediately.

Post by susu,

8052752235 I failed to mention in my prior post the Business s name was AT ALA Designs and that the amount was W. W it seemed on my statement as a Exchange of December W. I live in southern California within the Mohave desert I m presuming Course Actions match my name is sue been waiting all my life for that perfect opportunity Anyone on board. .

Post by Marjorie,

805-275-2235 Thanks to all of you who did research on the. I just tool a charge on my card for your same amount and after reading your own posts I immediately called and canceled my card. I Lately bought a few engraved Christmas gifts from a local merchant who uses Digital River thus I m sure that s how I got hit too. I called your merchant to alert them and your woman told me she had just got find that Electronic River is Close store as of Jan 1 thus she was working on locating a new Firm to Put their credit card orders through. She said she s been using them for years and notion it was Unusual that the notice said they could no More support their server and she thought which was Peculiar because servers arena t that expensive for support. The key is having a SAFE server. ha ha.

Post by Renee,

8052752235 I 'm not confident who amazon uses but I Destination t ordered anything without going through amazon. com.

Post by Rob,

805-275-2235 Just gotten my statement today January Th. 9. W charge from Sen sate on December ND. After searching Upwards Sen sate on your net and finding the site I called my cc Firm. I can t believe along with all of that reports of fraud that the cc companies aren't up to speed on the.

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8002507460 Complains by Guest,

Stop be spam calls I'm sick of it I shouldn't have to put my phone on silent to live my life do your job who's ever getting these report it shows you're not searching anything reporting it wake-up

8182599028 Complains by Guest,

Text ugly things for me

8475820142 Complains by Guest,


3252363734 Complains by Guest,

Beware of the number. . . . .

8185279980 Complains by Guest,

Product offer

5073966227 Complains by Guest,

They Begin by saying u 've suspicious task with your San than that u have for pay or else Ailing have to go for court an other BS

7062990625 Complains by Guest,

around with

8035551818 Complains by I answered!,

It s a company called Validity Research doing a survey on that Republican presidential Individuals. It took W minutes. Gee.

8002023066 Complains by Annie,

Who is the owner. Does anyone know.

8002518736 Complains by lori,

We've a timeshare with this Business amp are quite really disappointed within them. They phone people all that time for a courtesy call then desire people to go on a Holiday somewhere. I tell them for take the name amp Amount off their calling list but they Don't understand the best way to would the. The calls start coming everyday from all Types of Amounts. In my own View Do not GET Involved With The Business OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES

8002267022 Complains by sasha,

8002221736 Complains by Guest,


8002801394 Complains by khollo,

No calls, but an unauthorixed EFT charge for $29.99, by MD XL ent Customer Service.  When calling the number (865) 640-4326, there is a message purporting to be U.S. Cellular, saying, "Message kvn22, U.S. Cellular, this number is no longer in service.  If you feel you have reached this message in error, please check the number and dial again, message kvn22."

8002626302 Complains by Guest,

I get a text from this number almost daily. When I call I only get the voice mail. The texts are files that only say one word like hi. I do not know how to make it stop.

8002102900 Complains by Mrs Chumbly,

Scam that voice send tries for get you to log in to your AT amp T account not AT amp T Web site which is actually a scam account for a credit of between W W. Telephone came at W PM

8002586203 Complains by Guest,


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