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Post by Jim Theisen,

8066116600 Owner Desired for fix the error messages my computer was giving them. I 've for laugh at them as they just don t know the best way to respond when I tell them I don t 've a computer. They don't have any idea. Their mentality is about that of a snake.

Post by DM in AZ,

806-611-6600 W W W called my LL 9 7 W 1 W pm Arizona MST I gave within to curiosity amp replied but there was no 1 there. . .

Post by pete long,

8066116600 scam computer delivering Problems BULL it was turned away hang Upwards when I said who was this again

Post by Baby Jesus,

806-611-6600 They know u guys or think u all are watching porn and their judging u Men by Attempting to attack your computers dirty Indians. Curse thee when they telephone because they re Merely using a fake Telephone Program thus u don t see their cell . . and they more than likely are in charge of the Web u guys use like a hotel. But don t worry Police don t give a flying how much porn u watch or what type u watch u HUD beat them Indians when u see thee for being nosy. . I mean all the in that world for Stress Around and thy stupid worried Session AL computer Use . computer stands for cum putter in the GOSPEL. Love all Friends and sisters and u can be okay.

Post by Elizabeth,

8066116600 We just got a call from the number for the first time. It s not your first time the scummier has called though. The was Guessed to become about Microsoft. It was an Indian guy and he threatened for kill me when I said it was a scam. He said he would drink my blood and said he was delivering a man along with a Enormous d to f me and kill me and my family. He also said he had all of my data and when I told him I was recording it for send this to my states Lawyer General he said he d kill that Attorney General and he d contact your FBI amp CIA and proceeded to call President Obama your n word. Do not reply these calls. These Folks are stealing other Folks s Amounts and are becoming more assured. The guy had my address and I have children that play outside. That is not Satisfactory.

Post by Kate,

806-611-6600 i gotten call from this number saying they were from Microsoft. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Nitroman,

8066116600 Keep becoming calls no message finally answered just one and got a Man with that same Microsoft Storyline told him that I had an Apple he Put Upwards.

Post by Helen,

806-611-6600 Now must be a banner daytime for scampers. Out of 4 calls I vie gotten Now 3 of them have been scams. Great despair I m getting exhausted of this.

Post by No computer,

8066116600 W W W out of TX call us left message my computer has many problem your robot ask me to Press 1. you your own Head has a biggest problem

Post by Denelle,

806-611-6600 Called for state the were serious Problems along with my computer. I talked to the Congressman and attempted to get a Business name. She said it was Microsoft. I told her she was lying and she was a scam. I told her your fraudulent Business she works for is lying because I don t have a computer here. She laughed at me.

Post by Jeff,

8066116600 I vie been becoming alerts that paralyze my computer Striving for get me for contact some Microsoft unit that can Discontinue my computer out of losing Precious information. The just way for shut it Upwards is to press ctr alt Remove and Cease it out of there out of running. This has simply been happening on Chrome. I WOULD REC COMMEND THAT ALL OF You GET YOURSELVES Somewhat AUTOMATIC Phone BLOCKER. I Tried 2 ON Your Market. That FIRST ID D MORE Information BUT The SECOND I m using NOW Could Store MANY MORE BLOCKED Amounts. Hunt Your Web FOR THESE Devices.

Post by Bomb Builder,

806-611-6600 They 've been calling for months I never response my former House acreage line now cell Just one time I got your listened to your Frequency after reading about it here I worked him for a minute Subsequently told him I have an Apple he Installed Upward. . . They still telephone every few weeks. . .

Post by Grumpy,

8066116600 Telephone Gotten telephone Blocked. 4 6 W PM

Post by Steven,

806-611-6600 Technology support scam. Registered message pretends for be out of Microsoft about scare you for presume something bad is detected in your computer that never happened. Business purportedly called Microsoft Certified Services. Prevent them and Hangup and report them its Telephone Fraud.

Post by Greg,

8066116600 ME. Got a phone out of W W W on May Th W at 2 W PM saying that they were receiving Malfunction messages and to press 1 to speak to your certified MICROSOFT tech. I Put Upwards and Subsequently programmed the phone number into my address book as SCUMMIER so next time I call I ll know who it is. . .

Post by muskegon17,

806-611-6600 suppose someone within the house doesn't know better and Truly Enables your access or as described they already had accessibility. . . what happens next. They apparently installed anti virus anti scam software. they called me last week. . idiot I told him correct away he was a scummier and for get the f away my phone. . . they called Now and got another household member. . . .

Post by Nevada Dusty,

8066116600 Simply acquired a phone from an Region code in Texas W W W. I hung Upward as shortly as that voice said my computer was sending him error messages. Did not mention Microsoft. One of many such pesky irritants.

Post by Sue,

806-611-6600 Maintained for become reporting acute task and warnings on my computer and I was told for Speak for Microsoft immediately. I did NOT Chat to anyone. I knew it was Bizarre that they would call and I had no messages on my computer. SCAM. . .

Post by crabbygranny,

8066116600 Have gotten these calls for that last 3 days. If you might have a Panasonic phone you are able to block up for W Amounts at no charge.

Post by Ggsmith,

806-611-6600 my Laptop has not worked within around a year they tell that it's because within the Approved 2 weeks it has acquired a virus . . And that s exactly why it is not working . . I say what . . It Hans t worked within a year but it has a virus within the previous 2 week . . How fund are you personally he Put Upwards on me. .

Post by Vince,

8066116600 There arena t a lot of camels within India.

Post by WX 2015,

806-611-6600 They could become using a bright Telephone or even a computer at their Occupation.

Post by pat,

8066116600 it was a Bacall voice telling me that my computer is giving off viruses its a scam there's no way they will 've my phone number 2 things my number is private and the other is that they were calling a number that has nothing to can along with my computer.

Post by Lets_Mess_With_Scammers,

806-611-6600 I run a Computer Repair Firm However get called by these d u amp m b a s s e s as much as that rest of you. I 've a classic Compaq running Windows W yes Windows W that I have place aside just for them amp it's an Ethernet card so it will permit them to Rural in. I could t wait for Notice their reaction when they Begin searching Approximately amp wondering where PX View or Windows 7 is . . . ha ha . . . can t wait for this particular. Demanding State for them for live within but that USN t your fault that they are poor. I 've had several nicely Qualified Physicians from India and other Regional countries take care of my medical needs here in that Us thus there's room for option. If you are a scummier and you are reading this look for a better Occupation or work 2 jobs that are at least valid work amp Quit scamming the elderly and other gullible Folks within Usa. Juice will get you eventually.

Post by Jonie,

8066116600 Found the number on my caller ID they did not leave a message thanks to other folks on the page I know not for reply ever.

Post by Rhonda KLS,

806-611-6600 I gotten a phone on 7. W. W 6 W PM . A message wan t left. That first Amount Recorded on my caller ID was TX Used by 1 W W W. I did reply that phone once and your Man said they were receiving data that there were some serious problems along with my Microsoft. Could t comprehend what he was saying and there were a lot of people talking within your History. Told him to wait and I d let him Speak to my husband whose an Pro within this field. He hung up. But I guess they Getaway t given Upwards since we continue for get Telephone calls.

Post by had enough,

8066116600 Computer Scam . . . . . ha. . . my computer is sending messages to them. . . what a line of crap. . . shut these idiots down. . Ill of calls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Merely don't reply a number you do not understand . . . . . . . . . they never leave a message .

Post by no,

806-611-6600 yes they 've been calling me for several weeks asserting for be from Microsoft and they're becoming serious error messages from my computer I often wonder how stupid these scampers actually are You're maintaining to be from a computer Firm and know my Telephone Amount what happened for E-mail . . . . DA DA DA

Post by Diane,

8066116600 They called on my Man s cell phone used for become our property line. Did t response never do if we don t Understand number. Did t leave message. Cheers for your comments.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Scampers pretending for become Microsoft.

Post by AB,

8066116600 Computer scampers that spoofed the number for create harassing Telephone calls. They Additionally use the number as nicely W W W. Block them with extreme bias.

Post by George,

806-611-6600 Technology support scam. Registered message alleging computer issues out of my computer. Firm purportedly called Microsoft Certified Services.

Post by knock it off,

8066116600 please stop calling me and I won t waste your time but no you desire for waste my I going to Begin wasting your own by not Finding Upwards when you personally telephone what part of your word no don t you personally recognize you and get your own self a real job you personally

Post by sally,

806-611-6600 Only obtained a call sort this number and your record says its out of Irs and for all the other Amount.

Post by Guest,

8066116600 Technology support scam

Post by This [***]'s gotta quit!,

806-611-6600 Missed the phone. . . don t have a computer anyway.

Post by dingo,

8066116600 I have a Favored thing that I would when your scampers telephone. I Increase my voice 4 or 5 octaves and pretend that I 'm a W year old woman with Dementia. After I explain that it is within the garage and my son won t let me use it they Normally hang up. If they don t I ask them if they enjoy previous ladies and Afterward I request them for a date. For some reason it seems to freak them out. Lola

Post by gem615,

806-611-6600 Luvs it.

Post by Me,

8066116600 Yep they re just a Number of pole smokers. Block the Amount.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Microsoft spoof

Post by splinter,

8066116600 Merely got your same telephone. Said it was Microsoft Desired me for get on my computer. I told him to get on my _ _ _ _.

Post by Will,

806-611-6600 I was Simply called by Microsoft and told my computer was giving out error signals . . . I told that guy I don t own a computer and which he was a scam artist he that proceeded to ask me why I called him with these idiotic questions. . . . WT is he taking about. . . SCAM Would something Around the B. S. . . . . . . .

Post by Deb,

8066116600 Simply gotten a call from W W W. . Did not Comprehend your Amount thus I did not answer. . They left no message. By reading past messages here I 'm happy I did not reply. Google Will not call. . This can be a Total SCAM. . Here is a link from Microsoft. com gt HTTP Web. Microsoft. com security online Solitude avert Telephone scams. asp

Post by J,

806-611-6600 I see you post your same matter word for word on almost each number I appearance Upward. what sales interest would you have within these.

Post by Tom,,

8066116600 phone I d as Texas W W W. Same Microsoft scam. . . . . . . Inquired how many stars on Texas flag. . . . Indian ascent had no Thought.

Post by me,

806-611-6600 SCAM number. . . please hang up

Post by Silverback,

8066116600 Called again. They went for replying machine and I Installed Upward before your said anything. Subsequently I blocked number on my Panasonic wireless phone. That will block these idiots until they Change phony Telephone Amounts. Why can t we get their real Id and Remove them eternally.

Post by WI resident,

806-611-6600 Merely obtained the scam phone and played it out a while. He did t give his name but mentioned that There are problems with Microsoft and my computer and security are at Hazard . When was that last time you used your own computer. . . Recently or Now. I Inquired him how I could Confirm which he was out of Microsoft and he said he had my computer ID number and could Check it with me. I said I could t get on the computer while I was on your Telephone along with him. Said he should supply me the ID Amount he had and I would phone him back if it matched. He asked if I knew how you can get on your computer for look for my ID and I said yes. Then he said he would wait for me to get my ID. I told him I would Compose down what ID he had and I would Check it. . . I said I was Prepared to write it. He Afterward hung Upwards. HM Millimeters. . . major scam. Don t supply them any information if they telephone. Their Telephone Amount was W W W

Post by Matt,

8066116600 Caller ID Arrived up as . Replied Phone person on other Finish Installed up. I called back simply to get a female express in a Number of Fixed saying it could t become Finished. Odd.

Post by Ron in Austin,

806-611-6600 Did not answer but Think as other places have indicated that this a scam. How do I know. I am a computer Technology and do not 've a Microsoft system. Also my VIP Owner ID indicates Treatment at that Change Degree possibly to hide their Actual identity.

Post by Nell,

8066116600 There was an automated message on my voice send Recently about how my computer was delivering Microsoft messages about an Malfunction. Overly poor I missed them. I always like to tell them I have an Apple. Sometimes they even go away Generally they hang up.

Post by Peggy Markow,

806-611-6600 Gotten a telephone bot phone from this Amount. This really is a land line phone but he said their was a Trouble along with my computer and I should press 1 thus they could help me. I did not press 1 Simply left them with an open line. Caller ID said

Post by dreamer,

8066116600 Bizarre phone late evening

Post by Chuck Crowley,

806-611-6600 I 'm tired of becoming calls out of this number

Post by David,

8066116600 1 W W W from TEXAS is actual a Hello Lair AV IA phone Business that was busted by that FBI guess who has Connections to the Firm OBAMA. . YEP and ISIS and JIHADS. . . aka SCAMPERS called me Now telling me my computer was HACKED an said I HOW thus . THEY would not describe to me. . . I said FBI CIA NASA JIHADS Major ISLAM hacking me CHINA Spain who is hacking me . . . who States he s works for MICROSOFT . . . OT NEWS for u FBI. . . . the means TEXAS got SPAYS JIHADS within TEXAS using e Telephone lines threw AV IA s old systems. . . . wanna Create AMERICA Fantastic VOTE TRUMP an get AV IA within TEXAS. . . . yours really DAVID again. . . . .

Post by Sally,

806-611-6600 W W W

Post by Jean,

8066116600 The number called but left no message. I may block your number along with my Sentry so that I won t become annoyed again.

Post by K,

806-611-6600 These criminals called a friend of mine who is elderly along with this COMPUTER LIE and my Pal doesn't even 've a computer. Granting for white pages. com. the Telephone Amount is Invalid. . . . . . . . . Your Owner ID on the phone was TX . . . Is the totally ridiculous or what. . . Who within that h would even entertain a Owner with the idiotic Caller ID.

Post by Harold,

8066116600 2 calls out of India Texas appropriate stating that they're out of Microsoft and that my computer is Making errors. all I would understand is that whoever it is is Attempting to Crack into your computer and they want your id Amount. BEWARE. . . I Close down my computer because I cant look to bring up your Net . and I unplugged it from your wall.

Post by dbasker,

806-611-6600 Caller previously mentioned he was from Microsoft and was going for fix Problems on your computer. Your CL SID Amount he told me to look up to prove it was out of my computer is apparently the same for all computer at least on your two I 've at my house. I m originally out of Lubbock thus when I power saw that W Place code and an unfamiliar Amount I was concerned for a family member. I do IT support for a dwelling thus I had fun with the Indian Man for a little while.

Post by Megan,

8066116600 They call your house all that time. They have been told not for phone back ever to remove my number from the calls and dint ever phone back. I believe its time to sue them for harassment. Again its Microsoft called about that Sign in the computer which was within the shop and not Connected Upwards. PLEASE

Post by Rose,

806-611-6600 Rec d phone from Microsoft Malfunction messages so I hung Upwards. Christmas time rec d same call at my aged parents House. Led on a long time Afterward I told him there's no computer at this house he Put Upwards.

Post by moi,

8066116600 Caller ID TAXI loved hearing my Telephone try to pronounce that caller name when it rang it kept saying ks ks ks ks ks. . . I did not reply my replying machine Decided Upward no MSG. Added for that blocked list.

Post by smith,

806-611-6600 No message left Merely power saw number on caller ID. I don t reply Amounts I don t know.

Post by Aimeparis,

8066116600 Phone came in 6 W pm on 9 7 did not reply no MSG. left

Post by Tired of SCAMMERS,

806-611-6600 Promised for be from Microsoft NOT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Microsoft doesn't phone you personally. Report your Amount of E-mail W protected They desire these People out of business too.

Post by G J,

8066116600 've obtained your same matter but I have W different Telephone Amounts from them that best part is I tell them me no Addresses you stand.

Post by Janyce,

806-611-6600 Got a call from this yesterday at 5 W p. m. No MSG was left. It had X S for the city TX. Why might it be Required to X out the city. Exactly why not TX Additionally. Microsoft would not telephone you about any errors about your computer. Any problems You're having you would have to Trigger the call yourself.

Post by muskegon17,

8066116600 Imagine someone within your house does not know better and Truly allows your accessibility or as defined they already had access. . . what happens next. They apparently installed anti virus anti scam software. they called me last week. . idiot I told him right away he was a scummier and for get your f off my phone. . . they called Now and got another Home member. . . .

Post by Scam Lover,

806-611-6600 I love these fools I consistently hold for them for reply when they put me on hold and Subsequently after I m done with them I wonder if their ears Damage they never seem for phone me back more than one time

Post by Dave Wernick,

8066116600 Yep they called me and told me my computer was giving them messages. . I sounded as concerned as I Maybe could. He told me for hit your Microsoft bitten and that notification R at that same time. . . . I told him that generated a message which read You're a F ING idiot . He hung Upwards on me. . . how rude. . . Lola

Post by Steven C,

806-611-6600 Only got that second phone for Now. Owner ID shows TEXAS. Left no message. Cheers to all who have posted. Another number to Blow off.

Post by Anna Gillam,

8066116600 Got a telephone n no 1 there

Post by Rob,

806-611-6600 Certainly scummier. Got to your Man Inquired for Supervisor. Was told he was them Inquired him for hold. Got him listen for your Group Phish for W min till he Installed Upwards. At least which was W min he wasn't scamming anyone else. Lola

Post by Dani,

8066116600 Got a new Larger and better cell phone Verizon Droid Turbo without realizing it dozen t would blocking. And my Telephone book did t transfer well thus I m answering for a little while. I was within a mood to mess with them thus I Offered them that name of my previous mainframe computer that did t run Windows and said there was no Net in the home. They tried to tell me they could still detect someone had hacked within. They insisted I had internet and asked me for go sit at that computer where I got my email. I said I did t 've email and I could hear snickering but they still insisted a hacker had gotten within. Finally I said I understand you personally re a scummier you personally know you re a scummier I m done with you and I don t know how you Folks sleep at nighttime. As I Put Upwards he laughed and said they slept Merely Great. Folks try to Show telemarketers as people who are desperate for Occupations to help feed their Children. Not these guys. They re not that tiniest bit innocent. I can t block them from my cell phone but I send them direct for voice mail Though they re still calling me.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 quot Your own computer is having serious errors. . . talk to your certified Microsoft representative. . . quot FRAUD.

Post by Sue,

8066116600 These fools call using Distinct Amounts. Last summer they called always. After I itched that guy who hardly talked English they stopped calling. Well thought it was overly good to be Accurate but once again they re at it. Idiot said my computer has a virus. I said Actually. He said Yes. I Inquired what type of computer would I have. He replied Microsoft. I shouted you personally don't know what you re talking Around. Stop calling. Next time they phone I may Set that Telephone Nearest to my Cd Audio. . . he will get an earful. Call purportedly came out of TX.

Post by anonymous,

806-611-6600 Like all of these calls this number came through out of TX less than 5 Minimum. after a phone from CA that said this. This message is meant for contact . . . Hello that is Aaron Aaron Roger in the the Section of Legal Matters at your U. S. Treasury and I was trying to reach you personally in regards to some very important Problem. Enforcement Actions which has been Began in your name. Your Amount to reach me is W W W. Now if for any reason you are occupied for telephone back I would suggest you to have your retained Lawyer to can it for you as delay within calling people May}n' Finish Upwards into a legal mess for you. I expect You'll take the Actions. Until then 've a blessed daytime and God bless. Good bye.

Post by shadar52,

8066116600 acquired telephone from the Amount saying my computer giving Malfunction alert. sounded like someone was on your line. I aid hello amp Installed up

Post by ann,

806-611-6600 Missed their phone. I 'm happy. Only had Telephone service repaired. Last week I would have Considered them barley.

Post by Martha,

8066116600 This time it was an automated telephone saying they were calling out of Microsoft Around Issues with my computer and press 1 for talk to a Congressman. I vie gotten the same phone at least W times but it was that ST time it Began with the automated part. Since I was bored I decided to press 1. Additionally for that ST time it was a woman who responded. She had a strong Highlight and I had for ask her 3 times to Replicate her response when I Inquired where she was calling from Irvine CA. Said that same Items as previous calls about my computer giving messages to Microsoft and please go to my computer thus I could enter matters as she instructed me to so it could be reconditioned. I said okay but is this going to Price me money. She said yes depending on what they found. That s when I told her my husband was inside it and I m certain he could help me with any Difficulty and this was your Th time they vie called me but she hung Upward before I can state I understand that is a scam.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Automatic machine calling

Post by Jim E,

8066116600 scam about your own computer sending Malfunction messages. They're NOT along with Microsoft. Obviously do not collaborate with anyone cold calling claiming to be along with Microsoft or claiming to become receiving messages out of your own computer.

Post by Vicky,

806-611-6600 same message here. Saying they're from Microsoft and my computer is Making errors. Press 1 for speak for Technology. Answering machine got the message.

Post by Rick,

8066116600 Oddly a Registered message said it was Microsoft and to press 1 to Chat to some representative due to Malfunction messages they are receiving out of my computer. That s uncommon at least in my own experience. Typically there surely is no recording and they say they're out of Word which sounds like it s out of Microsoft but Clearly not. The express on that recording sounded enjoy a white male from the Midwest. I m guessing if I had pressed 1 the person handling your phone would not sound that manner. They re Practically getting intelligent but not Actually.

Post by Lin Roman,

806-611-6600 I got a Fake phone out of Microsoft W W W It was a Registered call and your male express said they were becoming peculiar signals from my computer .

Post by Wesley Schapper,

8066116600 My parents keep getting called. This time I answered too lousy for these scampers. Many person within India claiming for be Microsoft certified and Used by Microsoft and claiming computers are reporting to them and now they 've to fix a few vague Dilemma. . . laughable.

Post by Rick,

806-611-6600 Getaway t been becoming these calls for awhile but got 1 today very best thing to do is tell them that last time they contacted you which you contacted Microsoft who said they never telephone you personally and that Microsoft urge you notify your FBI or Cops then ask them which just one they would Favor I did t get any more calls for around a month when I did this

Post by Herkguider,

8066116600 Got among these dudes when I was working third Rate support for a major Applications Business. Slow daytime so I strung that Man along complete along with a Fake CC . After W minutes finally Inquired that guy if it mattered if I was running Linux. Cursed me out and hang Upwards. My supervisor Arrived up for me laughing his Booty away as he had been listening for that whole phone. Played that phone as a bit of training wit on how you can deal along with the clowns.

Post by southernalco,

806-611-6600 Said they worked for Microsoft and had detected a virus

Post by Jean,

8066116600 Kept receiving calls from the Amount so I decided to answer. When they started talking about Issues with my computer I asked them to hold Simply a Second Afterward blasted them along with my referee whistle. Haven t called back.

Post by Taby,

806-611-6600 Got the record stating they were out of Microsoft and my computer is sending pressing Malfunction messages. I hung up then went online and blocked them.

Post by pam crom,

8066116600 Charlie Danny whatever they say Microsoft all they need is for increase control of your computer. Additionally got calls from Calif.

Post by Marcus,

806-611-6600 There's a special place in the afterlife for people that can this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by WX 2015,

8066116600 They could become using a bright phone or even a computer at their job.

Post by sallie,

806-611-6600 Recording said my Microsoft computer was emitting errors and I was instructed for press 1 . I Installed Upwards.

Post by CMS,

8066116600 Called the morning. Did not answer.

Post by Short,

806-611-6600 that is a frightening call. Not certain what it was all Around but coolant become good

Post by Slam that Sucker,

8066116600 Get a call out of these idiots every so often. . . Enjoyment for play with them. Typically I request which computer is having that Malfunction. They Generally state Windows computer. . I request Which one. They sound confused. I tell them I have 8 computers. Or today they Begin away with I am MS Certified Manufacture. . . So I keep asking them for their Accreditation Amount from Microsoft. They hem haw around not Understanding what to state. Finally they ask exactly why I need the Amount. I Reply thus I can quite with MS that they're legit. Afterward I tell them they could be a fraud a Actual Loss scummier. They tend for take matters personally. I Generally end with telling them I can 've my Pakistan Buddies come See them shortly. . .

Post by Gompers,

806-611-6600 Sadly I Simply ran across a guy who fell for this particular. He allowed them for access his computer. He was really embarrassed and Truly refused to let me stop their accessibility.

Post by Laurie,

8066116600 Also Owner ID said Texas Call

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 They called my House number but I did not reply since I did not Comprehend the number. They're using a disguised IPA address I consider. To make just one consider they are out of TX. I believe the call is coming in the Place of NY Connecticut Boston Area. I Believe it s a team of youthful mankind with Applications Engineering. They're monitoring my computer action as I was given a hint through YouTube that this certain person has my IPA address. I believe he is a hacker among many other criminal activities. Since the person hates me I 've motive for believe he has motivation to try blocking my computer. Peculiar matters look to happen each time I try to do a History Assess on this criminal who belongs within jail.

Post by Mo,

8066116600 Bacall saying Your computer is Building a lot of blah blah . It s a social Design scam to infect your computer.

Post by Northern Girl,

806-611-6600 I m glad these Activities are Accessible to appearance up online to locate Outside who might have called. Got a phone Now and wan t House to reply it. Love that someone said they played loud music. If they phone back I ll be ready.

Post by Same same,

8066116600 Though another call from your fine folks at your Microsoft India Division concerning my computer giving error messages. Really it's impossible for I do not 've a Windows OPS computer. It's still a scam phone. . . uh no that is not politically right. It is a Nuisance phone out of India.

Post by 231-383-8060,

806-611-6600 A Firm called Urge has called twice with no 1 at other Finish and than a busy Sign.

Post by telemarked,

8066116600 So sick and drained of all these scumbags calling an average of X's a day. Block them and another 4 roaches come from your woodwork that next day.

Post by Me,

806-611-6600 Yeah they re just a bunch of Rod smokers. Block your number.

Post by Dave,

8066116600 Must have called before. Number already blocked.

Post by Susie,

806-611-6600 Guy with substantial foreign accent out of Microsoft saying that they were seeing many Malfunction messages coming from my computer and it would crash shortly if we did t mend it. He finally asked if I was at my computer I said No. He Needed for phone me back when I would become on. I Inquired Exactly why . . He became rude said Okay you are able to just wait until your own computer crashes and you can buy a fresh one. and Installed up. I m still laughing. What a Scam.

Post by Ryan,

8066116600 Only had a call from the number saying it was in TX. Said it was Microsoft. Excuse me but Microsoft is not within TX. It overly told me it was receiving error messages. I vie gotten calls from these Sorts before telling me it was receiving messages when I wan t even on my computer let alone any where close it.


806-611-6600 I 'm so Ill and tired of these calls. They keep switching Upwards that numbers that Search on my caller Id. Thank God for these Websites. Keep Upward the comments and replies because they demand for know that we understand they're scampers.

Post by Robert Pavkovich,

8066116600 I received a telephone out of W W W which started along with a message stating a Microsoft Certified Technician needed to speak along with me due errors along with my computer. I decided for test this telephone and pressed 1 after a short pause a gentleman from India Arrived on telling me I 'm experiencing computer Difficulties he is certified and can help me. I continued for ask him what your Difficulty was told him Oh No what can I can. I asked him for explain the Difficulty. . . I Inquired him if my computer would Stop working. . . he seems to 've gotten broken and hung Upward. This can be a phone Attempting to take edge of Folks and take their money. If you believe the BS you may spend money for nothing and I m confident they love taking money. . . HANG Upwards ON THESE CALLS. . . . If you personally demand help along with your own computer Begin looking for it yourself. If someone comes for you explaining you've a Difficulty and they can fix it for you. . . HANG Upward. . . . I attempted for phone this Amount and got a recording telling me the telephone did not go through that is a recording.

Post by Mr. Dennis,

806-611-6600 This Amount called me and when I called them out on your scam they threatened to sodomize and rape my wife and Children. Not Trendy. . .

Post by BGT,

8066116600 I adore for play games with them too. Last time they called I asked him which of my computers was giving Malfunction messages. He kept saying your computer . Once again I Inquired him which 1 . Got the same response from him. I Subsequently told him we have 6 computers within this house and all of them are on W 7 thus he was going for 've for identify which 1 he was talking Around and Subsequently within purchase for provide him accessibility I d have for get permission from Whatever family member the computer belongs for. He told me he did t know which one it was thus I told him he wan t a very great tech and that he Desired to go back for computer school wished him a good day and hung Upwards. Truth of your matter is we simply 've 1 desktop and 1 Notebook here. Was So proud of myself. Hohenlohe. . . .

Post by STU,

806-611-6600 Actually they're not Microsoft Engineers . They're callers working within an Offshore boiler room making hundreds of calls per daytime within the hopes of tricking someone into accessing their computer and providing them along with user name password etc to allow them for either install Malawi and or Traveler ware. Once done the scummier tells the unsuspecting Individual into providing them along with credit card info into order for fix that Issue. Regrettably I understand of senior citizens who have been scammed in this mode and had for End credit cards Shift passwords Check their credit reports and more due to the. While it is great fun to screw with these callers they're trained for hang Upward that second they recognize that there will be no sale and your robot dials your next number on the list. Very frustrating as Don Not Phone registries don t work here as they Just ignore that law.

Post by Davisra,

8066116600 We got the same telephone 2 times Past at our office within Madison WI. Same message. My Child said Oh really. I use an Apple Computer and Put Upward. Only now i got another telephone from the same Amount. With a Owner ID of TX I did t bother answering.

Post by Patricia Evans,

806-611-6600 calls many times a day

Post by G,

8066116600 Caller ID TX Needless to state did NOT answer the Telephone and Owner Installed Upwards.

Post by Stephanie,

806-611-6600 I joked and said I haven t used my Notebook within years . He said could you personally go get it and turn it on. We re Viewing many Issues here. I said do you just need me for provide you my bank account Information holding back giggles he said no I told him if he s tracking compotes I just use my cell as just one thus could he assist me along with that he sighed and Put up. I m bored on a Friday night I might make a game out of the.

Post by Bonnie,

8066116600 Came on Owner ID as TX and the number. Exactly why would anyone inside their appropriate mind response that call. Clearly did t answer that call. Scumbags.

Post by NOFUN,

806-611-6600 They demand for make Owner ID spoofing prohibited. It is already prohibited to misrepresent your Identification online. If they are using VIP Subsequently it should Additionally be illegal.

Post by k,

8066116600 Automated telephone sounded Bad did not answer

Post by Robert Bailey,

806-611-6600 We don t own a computer but they desire to help us.

Post by Brenda,

8066116600 I got this phone telephone claiming that they were from Microsoft and that my computer was having serious issues. I took that call and called them Outside on their scam. I asked for his name and he Offered me my Man s name. . . tidy huh. He Subsequently Inquired me how previous I was and if I had any young girls at House and if I Desired for Make a few money. He also asked me if my address was correct and told me my address I did not verify the . I asked him for a phone back number thus I could make sure the was legit. He Afterward told me he would like me to would a few sexual things for him and he would pay me cash. After I said a few pick things for him he Installed up. Please become Aware of the. . . . .

Post by Frances Parrett,

806-611-6600 I got a record saying my computer was Building errors and asked me for press Put up

Post by no,

8066116600 they don t get a phone blocker and select your Amounts those things were driving me nuts I went on amazon and got a Telephone blocker now i 've peace

Post by JS,

806-611-6600 Said nothing when answering machine Decided up. Stupid scampers. . .

Post by Patti,

8066116600 Considering your state they State to be calling from their expectations on intelligence are Very low. Likely within line along with their red sisters.

Post by Patricia Evans,

806-611-6600 Owner called but left no message but called more than once

Post by Signal Horn,

8066116600 Got telephone from the number again. Pressed one and Afterward blasted their ears Outside with a Marine Level atmosphere horn. Hope that they keep calling. . . . . . . . .

Post by Lori,

806-611-6600 Same matter here. Got a telephone out of Unknown Owner Texas AKA India automated express saying the computer was sending the Malfunction messages and to press 1 to Speak to some Microsoft Specialist. SCAM. . .

Post by Gerald BAY,


Post by Annoyed,

806-611-6600 This appears for be a voice over internet phone which was forwarded out of another number. There was no message. ID stated V

Post by Katy,

8066116600 've had several calls logged from the Amount for previous 2 months yes I m thus Ill of these calls amp being on Don't Telephone list dozen t look for Cease them so I keep a listing . They get my replying machine amp listen for a few seconds of your message Subsequently hang Upward. Likely makes their boss think they are actually talking to someone. . .

Post by Darcy,

806-611-6600 I Simply got a telephone out of Mr. Robotic Rec cording stating they were monitoring my computer because it was allegedly sending Outside all type of errors amp crashes. I was to press just one to Chat along with a Microsoft Certified Tech. about my computer problems. . . . . . . . . This is the first phone out of the Amount but I 've gotten these calls for that previous W times Out of another Amount Recorded For some jerk Canada. I keep telling them I don't own a computer but they continue for telephone. I am left for presume the U. S. Government has cut away their Foreign Aid

Post by Stanstill,

8066116600 unwanted calls from this number W W W

Post by B,

806-611-6600 There getting Hello Tech just got the call 8 minutes Past. It was a computer phone. Press 1 for Discuss to a technician. Same speech as the Individual I could t recognize Around 5 days a week as up to three times a daytime your computer is giving us Trouble messages.

Post by helen,

8066116600 same here Don't PRESS ANY Amounts for a call like the. If it's Microsoft it would show it in your Owner id

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Scampers pretending to become Microsoft trying for increase access to your own computer Set a block on it Afterward charge you to remove it.

Post by David,

8066116600 1 W W W from TEXAS is actual a Hello Lair AV IA Telephone Firm that was busted by your FBI guess who has Connections to the Firm OBAMA. . YEP and ISIS and JIHADS. . . aka SCAMPERS called me Now telling me my computer was HACKED an said I HOW so . THEY would not describe for me. . . I said FBI CIA NASA JIHADS Significant ISLAM hacking me CHINA Spain who is hacking me . . . who States he s works for MICROSOFT . . . OT NEWS for u FBI. . . . the means TEXAS got SPAYS JIHADS in TEXAS using e Telephone lines threw AV IA s previous systems. . . . wanna Make AMERICA Excellent VOTE TRUMP an get AV IA within TEXAS. . . . yours actually DAVID again. . . . .

Post by Gompers,

806-611-6600 Thus you personally believe You're going for cause a Large upset within their dilapidated office in Mumbai or Karachi. These scampers spoof their caller ID route their calls through the Net and Manage outside that Usa. They understand you are able to t do anything to Contact them.

Post by Candy Perala,

8066116600 pare recorded message that my HP computer was delivering error messages and they will connect me to someone who can fix my computer.

Post by jerryreno,

806-611-6600 Idiot said within significant Indian accent my computer is causing Issues that they're calling to fix for me. I Simply Put up. Got for become someway for Discontinue all these type calls.

Post by GG,

8066116600 I receive a telephone from the number I did not response no message left I Merely knew the was a scam call these calls are very annoying Please could t someone Quit this foolishness.

Post by REMY,

806-611-6600 Owner ID Unknown Call TX . . . July W at 7 PM Eastern time. The call ended after one ring. It could have been blocked by a free service I subscribe to that is available to most Web Established VIP phone service users I have Time Warner . Google No more recalls for get more data.

Post by Sick of Robo Calls,

8066116600 Rob caller said my computer is sending error messages calling out of Microsoft. I have a Mac. Why could t that Authorities do something about these scampers. Your National Security Administration can monitor my Telephone calls However can t Find these freaks. What is erroneous here. . . .

Post by bob,

806-611-6600 I acquired a phone out of them and kept them on your line for a little while just for fun. When I informed them the just computers in the home were macs and I never used windows they insisted that they received an error message from a windows 7 machine at my Telephone number that was registered for Microsoft . I kept hem on your line simply for waste their time while I was going something else They finally Offered Upward. What a joke.

Post by Someone,

8066116600 Merely received a telephone along with one of those Macintosh reads the text voices saying Microsoft will Chat to you personally now Ignorant scam.

Post by Fluffy,

806-611-6600 I use a YouTube video of Pets barking

Post by Guest,

8066116600 Technology support scam. Led them on for awhile Subsequently busted them. He could t hang Upwards Rapidly enough.

Post by Mike,

806-611-6600 Rob call telling me my computer is delivering Malfunction messages and a Microsoft Specialist could help me along with that. I 'm completely certain the Firm has nothing to do along with Microsoft. I believe they want to sell you a few useless Applications or download that can repair your problem.

Post by Patricia Evans,

8066116600 calls many times a day

Post by rdc,

806-611-6600 Consequently far TX Caller ID has called today at W W W W and W W. It's now W W. I anticipate the next Test with bated breath.

Post by Molly Stevens,

8066116600 V a k a W W W Simply called my property line. I did t response amp they did t leave a MSG. Blocked.

Post by Jim,

806-611-6600 Simply got a phone that went to voice mail. Caller ID said Texas. They keep calling along with new numbers. I have even had them have Place ups on my computer saying windows has been attacked. Please call the Amount. . . . That is Additionally a scam. It's never stopping.

Post by Jan,

8066116600 Keep getting calls someone who sounds East India. Says there is a Difficulty with my computer. W W W. Told him I was going to report this Amount and phone to some National Bureau. He immediately Installed Upwards. Looking for hack into your computers. Don t become fooled.

Post by tw,

806-611-6600 I 've gotten these calls. When I m not paying Interest and answer the phone I let your Owner understand we don t have computers in our Residence as they're your spawn of your Demon. they hang Upwards Very fast and don t telephone for some time.

Post by pnw,

8066116600 Missed call. Returned call. Robot says Lines are temporarily occupied. Please attempt again After. Blocked. Cheers for sharing.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 W W W Recorded message quot Computer generating serious errors. Press 1 . . . quot

Post by Guest,

8066116600 Computerized voice stating your computer is Creating Problems.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 They will have put a Trojan Style Semi in your computer through a legit app. Within the case Amazon music prime

Post by Hazel Bishop,

8066116600 Saying my computer is having problem and they desire to take attention of it. . I I Put up

Post by STU,

806-611-6600 Really they are not Microsoft Engineers . They are callers working in an Offshore boiler room making hundreds of calls per day within that hopes of tricking someone into accessing their computer and providing them along with user name Code etc for permit them for either install Malawi and or Criminal ware. Once done the scummier tells that unsuspecting Individual into providing them with credit card information into purchase to repair the Difficulty. Regrettably I understand of senior citizens who have been scammed within this manner and had to End credit cards Alter Accounts Check their credit reports and more because of this. While it is good fun for screw along with these callers they are trained for hang Upwards your second they understand that there can become no sale and the robot dials the next number on the list. Very frustrating as Don Not Phone registries don t work here as they Just ignore that law.

Post by Duke's SmallBiz,

8066116600 Bacall computer scam recording saying error messages monitored on computer press 1 now.

Post by Undisclosed,

806-611-6600 Automated computer created Malfunction message crock. Press 1 for Speak to your rep blah blah blah. Got some rep on that Telephone. Used my poorly disguised poor Feature voice. Inquired her which computer I 've many. She said Windows 8. Ha ha mine are all PX . As I was reaching to turn down your music on my computer the Put Upward on me. If you've your time Work} like the Technology challenged person in that World and see if you can top my record of W Min's of their time wasted. My goal is an hour.

Post by Tina,

8066116600 I also received a recorded telephone that said We have been notified that there are serious Issue along with your own Compensation. . . . Please remain on the phone for a Microsoft Manufacture. I Put Upward. Absolute scampers. . .

Post by Madison,

806-611-6600 Yes that same exact thing as listed above. . I received a phone from TX 1 W W W I answered and a Rob said there was troubling activity on my computer sending around Malfunction messages for Microsoft and to Drive 1 for Talk along with a Microsoft rep. I Put up they did not phone back. . This kind of SCAM. . .

Post by Dagwood,

8066116600 Found this Amount on my caller ID they did not leave a message. Will become blocking after reading others posts.

Post by WX 2015,

806-611-6600 They could be using a bright Telephone or even a computer at their job.

Post by wd,

8066116600 got a phone and mentioned my computer has a serious Trouble . it's a scam.

Post by P,

806-611-6600 That phone identified himself as a Microsoft Staff. He mentioned that there was some unusual action on my account going on. I Afterward was Inquired for press 1 for continue. When I said Hi that caller disconnected himself from your call.

Post by grannyb,

8066116600 These are criminals Seeking for get control of your computer thus they could Take your private identifying data. Invest within a telephone blocker just one which could be programmed for Avoid calls from multiple Region Rules.

Post by CAB,

806-611-6600 It sounded enjoy a robot talking. Told me my computer was delivering out poor data amp I should press 1 now to be Related along with a certified Microsoft Tech. I Installed up.

Post by fogetaboutit,

8066116600 called by the number saying i had a Microsoft Difficulty why is the not investigated for your scam it's.

Post by June,

806-611-6600 yes same as that above . . . . . computer era . I did not answer . SCAM . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

8066116600 Got telephone from the number. Answered it because I 've family within Texas. They said something about my computer having issues. I hung Upward as I 've heard about this scam.

Post by Toni Ayers,

806-611-6600 Tony 1 That telephone is not out of Microsoft it s out of scampers. 2 Never use your own Actual name on a forum enjoy the.

Post by Travis,

8066116600 Oh I Inquired the guy on Telephone what my home address was. He pretended for not comprehend. I asked him again. He says Why. Exactly why. . . . LOLA. I said I believe this really is a BS phone and I m Actually giving it for him. LOLA. He told ME for hang Upward if that s the manner I feel. So I did. LOLA. . .

Post by Babe,

806-611-6600 Press 1 for help out of Microsoft along with Problems in your Laptop. I DON T Believe Thus.

Post by Julie C,

8066116600 Calls out of scampers Quit for awhile but as shortly as I unsubscribed from many mailing lists . . . I vie gotten scam calls like out of this my E-mail address was Hello jacked and I obtained a phone from myself. Please be aware of that dangers of unsubscribing out of email lists even out of reputable companies like HP ABC and Dwelling Website.

Post by Katherine,

806-611-6600 I love the Website. The number called 5 minutes ago. Of course I did not answer and instantly came here. These cretins demand for slide back Underneath the Stone they came from. My apologies to Pets who would live Underneath Stone as I 've Likely just insulted them.

Post by PierceCountyWA resident,

8066116600 First I expect you personally learned to NEVER would the again. If you are having dilemmas with your Pc You'll be that a person who knows it and You'll become calling a Actual tech support Firm for 've something done to mend it. No just one in your Internet universe can be calling you personally. Second Now which you let them on your own computer they could readily 've installed any Amount of Malawi that could track everything you personally would. You should 've the computer scanned and Assessed fully before using it for anything Monetary but they could also be Following all you email which could provide them information on that types of accounts you might have. If you don t know the way to thoroughly Assess that computer you personally should Hand out that money to take it to your local trusted Technology support Firm to have it done.

Post by WisBob,

806-611-6600 I never response calls out of numbers I don t know. This caller left a Registered message telling me to Drive 1 for speak to a Microsoft engineer. Ya right like an Manufacture out of Microsoft wants to Discuss to me. . . . . delete There must be a lot of ignorant Folks around because scams enjoy the would not exist if people did t autumn for them.

Post by irish7,

8066116600 did not answer they did not leave a message said it was out of Texas

Post by same Old Bu tt heads,

806-611-6600 Nicely being as they got my replying machine informing them they had attained your office of Seal Unit with the FBI and for leave name number and message I guess that s exactly why the Amount calling me out of TX did t leave a message. . I 've a Free keyboard when I ever pick Upward without paying Interest I ll just Stay and kind away on it. Should t issue it s not hooked Upward for my computer should it. Who says I could t scam a scummier right.

Post by DALA/Sussex,

8066116600 Scam. Falsely States for become Microsoft technical support but consider they State to be Technology support cannot answer specialized questions. If you are feeling enjoy it s worthwhile request them What is your IPA address of your computer in question and they will give you personally some garbage that USN t even an IPA address. Will Nearly consistently become an Eastern Indian who can just speak English.

Post by Laurie,

806-611-6600 Additionally caller ID said Texas Call

Post by Peeved in Pok,

8066116600 Male computer express states something about Your own computer is Making some errors. . . To Chat to a Microsoft technician press 1 now. . . Subsequently Stop until it disconnects. We've Apple computers thus. . . . Evident scam. CID read Unknown Telephone TX W W W.

Post by E. Bishop,

806-611-6600 Phone got two to three times a week coming out of Texas. Computer Associated. Owner told never for phone again but still calls.

Post by This [***]'s gotta quit!,

8066116600 Missed your call. . . don t 've a computer anyway.

Post by Pila,

806-611-6600 Recording saying that your computer is sending multiple Problems press one to Speak to a Microsoft Expert . SCAM did t press just one and hung up and blocked your number.

Post by James,

8066116600 I told her for go and f k yourself b ch she Inquired me what I repeated. Well maybe she Enjoyed to Notice it. I may would it again.

Post by Rain dog in WV,

806-611-6600 Blocked their number on the second ring life is Substantially overly brief for waste Attempting for body out that motives of scum sucking scampers. I m done along with those losers.

Post by K,

8066116600 The dimwits called using a recording about my computer . . .

Post by Don,

806-611-6600 Obtained a phone out of W W W I did not reply and they did not leave a message.

Post by z1queenie,

8066116600 This number called rang twice and Afterward Quit. Anything with a lot of X s is Think. No message left. TC'S W W

Post by joan,

806-611-6600 So number says they are Microsoft and need to mend my computer. It is a scam

Post by Georgia Peach,

8066116600 How Authentic. . We've crap politicians in the State Specially within Georgia. It would become awfully Pleasant for have a politician that would Really work for help us and to protect Americans from scams enjoy the. But no they Traveler on Americans and run surveillance without a court purchase but they won t would a thing Around millions of Americans being scammed every year through such despicable deception. Your aged are especially exposed. When politicians determine to eventually get off their Problem and do something they decide to all Work} enjoy 8 year old's fighting on a playground in place of working together for that great of us all. It s idiotic. Why can t they pass laws banning telemarketing across your board. Americans do not 've to be called on your Telephone Attempting for sell people something. We 're Able of Buying whatever we want online or in Individual.

Post by A,

806-611-6600 Just your same message

Post by Grace,

8066116600 Disconnect from your internet run a full security scan for viruses and Malawi. If you personally still feel enjoy it Hans t helped you are able to always do a full recovery on that system.

Post by Joey,

806-611-6600 If you personally see anything on your Owner ID that has XXXIX. . . in place of a city town. . . you personally must understand by now that the phone is from a SCUMMIER. Do not even waste your own time. . . unless you desire to have a few enjoyment playing along with these jerks. I want I had a huge air horn thus I could supply them a Fine blast around the Telephone. If you re Capable just block that number. You know it s phony anyway. But at least it can be blocked. BTW. . . the Mindless Amount called me twice in that same day. I was gone when they called the first time. . . Subsequently I blocked that Amount. So happy I blocked it after your first phone. . .

Post by fred,

8066116600 Phone out of Microsoft telling me my computer was giving Malfunction messages to them same as above. not out of Microsoft Simply a scummier

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Automatic caller saying that my computer has numerous warnings and problems I Put Upward. . . .

Post by Todd,

8066116600 Called and left no message. Simply among these times I would like for play with among these computer scampers and Work} like I 'm really stressed on that phone with them. How Mindless can they think we are. Microsoft is going for telephone me and tell me there s a problem with my computer. . . . LOLA

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 said they were from Microsoft and getting an Malfunction from my computer and could repair it if I were in front of my computer

Post by B & C Graham,

8066116600 please Cease calls. No Rob calls sales calls or any other type of calls. It s annoying.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 scammed trying to gain access to computers pretending to be Microsoft

Post by I Hate Scammers.,

8066116600 A few creep from India telling us Around Clear errors along with our computer which we at the House never would have found out about had we just been wise and left the telephone alone. Called us 6 W P. M. CT on September 3 W for Start appropriate within that middle of dinner. Rude. . .

Post by Janyce,

806-611-6600 I got a telephone at 6 W p. m. from this . This can be that D day within a Line. The ID revealed that city X d Outside TX. What s that Key. So I know You're not legit. No MSG was left.


8066116600 've had 2 calls out of the same Amount Lately. They never leave a message. SCAMPERS.

Post by Baby Jesus,

806-611-6600 They understand u guys or think u all are Viewing Pornography and their judging u Men by trying to attack your computers Grimy Indians. Curse thee when they phone because they re Simply using a fake phone Program so u don t see their cell . . and they more than likely are in charge of your Net u guys use like a hotel. But don t worry Police don t supply a flying how much porn u watch or what kind u watch u HUD defeat them Indians when u see thee for being nosy. . I mean all that within that universe for Stress Around and thy Mindless stressed Session AL computer Use . computer stands for cum putter in that GOSPEL. Love all Friends and sisters and u can be okay.

Post by no,

8066116600 they don t get a phone blocker and select that numbers those matters were Operating me nuts I went on amazon and got a phone blocker now i have peace

Post by Matt,

806-611-6600 I got one of these calls at my home today as nicely. I have a simple Option for these Individuals that works wonders My cell Telephone has an online audible translator. I have a pare Registered message in Hindi that says You are not calling from Microsoft You're in a foreign call center in India. I 'm Competent to hint Phone Amounts and should you call again I will find your Business and put your Business out of company. Typically they hang Upwards within the middle of that message.

Post by Sgt. Canfield,

8066116600 Overseas telephone Centre horrifying English as soon as he Recognized I was not Truly being Combined he started making threats for come for my Dwelling and arrest me Afterward when I told him to go F himself he threatened to come and torture me my overall family and slit my throat as he repeatedly said my address and got additional threats and insulting Remarks. he shortly weary of that banter and said he was going for hang up Afterward said goodbye and would become here shortly.

Post by Laura,

806-611-6600 Second phone Now for my number on the DC list. Did t response but guessing it s that same caller as Recommended above.

Post by St Paul MN is Sick of Scammers,

8066116600 Bacall from W W W Owner ID said TEXAS on Thursday W W W W PM answered telephone and a male along with powerful Pakistani or Indian accent said he was out of Microsoft LIE and told me they were receiving messages out of my computer informing them that I had virus Issues on my computer. Since I was conscious of this SCAM I played along. I would ask him for repeat many of his scripted statements. Shortly he asked if I could see the windows Banner on my computer keyboard. Inquired him where is it located. He told me it was near your CTR Essential. Inquired him where is that. The Owner told me it is on that Base left of that computer keyboard. Told your SCUMMIER I do not see anything like that on my MAC you dumb m f SCUMMIER and then Began my SCUMMIER Atmosphere HORN at full Boost. After Around W seconds went back for your phone and Inquired are you still there SCAMMING b . All I heard was your disconnect sound.

Post by Juliette,

806-611-6600 Same telephone in Ohio at 1 W PM W W W. Rob telephone that started that pitch with We've been notified that there are serious Issue along with your Compensation. . . . that is when I Installed Upwards. Thus Way it s that simply call. The line probably Bands occupied along with all the political calls we vie been getting.

Post by Benji,

8066116600 W W A. M. CT on July W W Called left no message.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 I did t Select Upward the Telephone when the number Only now called. It Looks we understand what it is Around. I m Only adding for the list.

Post by P.O.'d,

8066116600 Owner ID says Texas but this can be another greasy Pakistani Attempting to worm his manner into your own personal info. Money tree sells disposable air horns and these Individuals are an excellent motive to keep 1 by your Telephone.

Post by TopGin,

806-611-6600 Called Now at 1 PM. . . Caller ID says TX . . . exactly why would anyone in his right mind reply a telephone along with such ID. Strike your block button or add to that black list instantly. .

Post by Michele,

8066116600 A Texas Amount calls daily with a report of my computer needs for be repaired.

Post by Shawn,

806-611-6600 They ll telephone back. I vie had them 3 times.

Post by Killian,

8066116600 Acquired telephone from 1 W W W 4 W 8 W W. Rob message asserting my computer is delivering serious error messages to Microsoft. I Put up and checked here. impersonator

Post by Kenosha,

806-611-6600 Caller ID read Texas W W W. I did not answer

Post by JPS,

8066116600 Mumbai mafia along with that standard State for be a technician out of Microsoft

Post by cat,

806-611-6600 I downloaded a Sit Wave so now i just play it into the Telephone so their computer thinks your line is disconnected see that stops them

Post by DoNotCallMe,

8066116600 CID Unknown Name Left no MSG. I see that this slime Baseball has been hitting a lot of People along with different CID s. Into your block list it goes. As for your FCC they can t do anything about spooked Amounts and won t. Google spoofed caller ID and that FCC for more details. They purposely left legislation from your tel Guidelines for allow Support Gov. Companies and other law Administration who want to use spoofing. . . What an excellent Nation huh.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Microsoft Technology Support scam they Warren t there when I answered

Post by Shawn,

8066116600 They ll call back. I vie had them 3 times.

Post by Aggravated,

806-611-6600 These calls come within Often and it s Generally a hang Upwards. It s Virtually like someone is casing your joint to see anyone is Dwelling. These idiots 've overly Substantially time on their control and demand for get a life and a Occupation .

Post by J,

8066116600 I see you personally post your same matter word for word on Nearly every number I look up. what sales interest would you might have in these.

Post by Cindi,

806-611-6600 No just one saying anything just Fixed . . . after Around a minute I told them I was happy they had all day I 've a life.

Post by gina,

8066116600 recording stating Microsoft is becoming signals that I m having serious problems with my computer

Post by Vicky,

806-611-6600 same message here. Saying they're out of Microsoft and my computer is Making Problems. Press 1 to speak to tech. Answering machine got this message.

Post by Joe Hardin,

8066116600 Owner identified as Microsoft Individual. . . when I Inquired where are you calling from he hung Upwards. Purportedly my computer was giving unwarranted problems when that Original Telephone phone Arrived within. That guy was a foreigner Highlighted Individual.

Post by Herkguider,

806-611-6600 Got among these dudes when I was working third Level support for a Important software Firm. Slow daytime thus I strung the guy along Whole along with a Fake CC . After W minutes eventually asked that guy if it mattered if I was running Linux. Cursed me Outside and hang up. My Manager came Upwards to me laughing his Booty off as he had been listening to the overall telephone. Played your telephone as a bit of training comedy on the best way to Cope along with your clowns.

Post by chuck,

8066116600 I meant for state Merely don t response. . . . .

Post by rebecca hilton,

806-611-6600 calls but wont talk

Post by ro be,

8066116600 same computer low life scampers demand their gonads cut away along with Keyboard Line and hot pokers stuck Upward their wazoos.

Post by Brenda,

806-611-6600 Got a telephone out of W W W on caller ID V was under that Amount. Rang twice and stopped answering machine did t even have time for Select Upward. Luckily my Telephone has an option for block Amounts so this 1 may go on that list.

Post by JS,

8066116600 Said nothing when answering machine picked Upwards. Ignorant scampers. . .

Post by Alice Enfield,

806-611-6600 My caller ID identified the call was from this number and it said it was from Texas. That guy said my computer was sending error messages etc. and need to be repaired. I hung up on him.

Post by chuck,

8066116600 I meant to say Only don t answer. . . . .

Post by Grace,

806-611-6600 Disconnect from the Net run a full security scan for viruses and Malawi. If you still feel like it Hans t helped you are able to always can a full retrieval on your system.

Post by James,

8066116600 Fake Microsoft. For solve that Laptop problem hunt the callers down and hang them.

Post by Crazy [***],

806-611-6600 Ha ha Yes it dozen t help any when Chip has an accent out of India ha ha ha . I report all unsolicited Telephone calls to the National Do not Telephone Registry it s free and easy and for me it's worked alt ho it takes them a couple of times.

Post by herman ob,

8066116600 Wang wad low life Basketball liking scampers

Post by Anonymous,

806-611-6600 Same as most of you personally. It comes Upwards on caller ID as TX Used by 1 W W W. I don t response and I won t phone them back.

Post by kgs,

8066116600 Only had a phone in the Texas Variant of the scam when challenged the jerk on another end said he was Statement Gates Can you understand who I am. This really is becoming ridiculous.

Post by Blagh,

806-611-6600 4 W Came in on Caller ID enjoy this TX. Dozen t inspire trust in your caller s veracity. Did t answer no message.

Post by Gary,

8066116600 This Amount Simply called me. That caller id said TX . Can these Individuals believe we are crazy. I never response it unless I could undoubtedly see who is calling. The calls from your scampers and your scumbags 've Practically Discontinued. I can now go for your better part of a week without a single phone.

Post by Alan,

806-611-6600 As many others 've said this can be a scam. In this case it was a Bacall maintaining to be from Microsoft and saying that my computer was delivering Outside spam. The message prompted me to press 1 on the phone for Speak for someone but I did t can thus as I did t 've that time for waste talking to some scummier. Caller ID showed Unknown phone TX Not sure the best way to Set in for that Phone Kind on the Web site as illegal scummier dozen t really Match any of that choices.

Post by Sandy,

8066116600 Gotten phone out of 1 W W W both last nighttime 5 7 W and again Now 5 8 W saying they were from Microsoft and Difficulties along with computer please hold for next Accessible Individual. Last nighttime I did not response today I did. I Put Upward immediately upon your please hold message. Something has got to be done along with these idiots.

Post by Rob,

806-611-6600 They said that my Computer was creating error and wanted me to open a dos window. They she Installed up when I called it a dos window. I 'm sure they Needed for scam me for give them access for my Pc.

Post by Don Farm,

8066116600 Got a phone Now at 1 W P. M. Rang twice I answered and no response. Used white pages for look for out who called and found no such Amount. Attempted to telephone back and got two busy signals and Subsequently nothing. I m on Don't telephone list and locate the very annoying and want it to Cease. Please identify the Amount and take that Proper Activity. Thanks.

Post by Sammy,

806-611-6600 Caller ID said Unknown TX . Left no message. These calls are raising and nothing Appears to become being done about it. .

Post by Tal,

8066116600 A total scam. I adore fin along with these dumb a. That terrifying matter was they knew my name first and last. After messing along with them for a bit I told him which he was a coward and he was a fake. He tried for say that I was wrong the he was really out of Microsoft. After calling him a coward for trying to steel my cash through a scam I told him to guy Upwards and try steeling my money face to face. I would put a Topic between his eyes. He still tried to explain that he was legit I told him that he could t get Put in a house he said your own nothing your own nothing your nothing and Put Upward. I really love messing along with these clowns.

Post by IHatejunkMailToo,

806-611-6600 An American Registered voice saying my computer had been delivering error messages and that I was to press 1 to speak along with a Microsoft Manufacture. I miss the old days when all you personally had for do was state hello a couple of times until a live non American Man answered. Then I could berate them mercilessly until they Installed up on me. Sigh

Post by jude020403,

8066116600 Got a telephone from W W W at 5 W. Did not response as it showed Texas. Thus tired of these scampers. . Article yesterday on Man news that they are Striving for body Outside how you can Cease all these Rob calls. . Want they would run up. . .

Post by cc,

806-611-6600 First time for receive a phone out of this number. Don t response calls that I don t know who it's. Out of what I 've read they're scampers claiming they are from Microsoft and apparently they're telling Individuals they are having Issues with their Computer s. I haven t used mine within around a year so how would they know I am having a problem. Thus glad we could Google these numbers for find Outside exactly what they're calling Around. These scampers and hackers demand for become stopped and now.

Post by tim l,

8066116600 Got this call saying my computer was sending Outside messages for Microsoft. Absolute Scam don t autumn for it.

Post by Steph,

806-611-6600 Gotten several calls out of this Amount today. The record previously mentioned my computer was infected and giving warning messages. I was to press 1 for Discuss to a Microsoft Expert. I held that line and was disconnected. I called your number back from a different line and was told the line had been shifted or no longer within service. I don t own a Computer. . . . I 've a Mac.

Post by Lois Thompson,

8066116600 Gotten a phone saying your computer is sending Malfunction messages for them. I instantly Put Upward.

Post by Kieran,

806-611-6600 Humorous scampers calling my house again. First I played naive and Inquired a million questions but cooperated completely. Subsequently I Inquired to talk to his Supervisor and he got snippy and transferred me over for a few one else. I immediately started for talk within Spanish and flushed your Bathroom next for the Telephone. The Man got Thus pissed which he tried telling me he works for my House town s Authorities Section and that he was coming for arrest me. The threats and insults continued for W minutes all that while I was asking him Things like so how Considerably would you get paid for do this. and where are you personally really out of. All within all it was Very Interesting and you personally May}n' need for strive this if you personally re feeling adventurous.

Post by G J,

8066116600 Have obtained that same thing but I have W different phone Amounts from them that best part is I tell them me no speaks you personally stand.

Post by business owner,

806-611-6600 I 'm out of Microsoft and you might have Leading specialized Issues along with your own computer. I asked what Nation they were calling from and she did not response so I Put Upwards.

Post by BGT,

8066116600 I love to play games along with them too. Last time they called I Inquired him which of my computers was giving error messages. He kept saying your own computer . Once again I Inquired him which 1 . Got the same Result from him. I Afterward told him we have 6 computers in the house and all of them are on W 7 thus he was going for have for identify which just one he was talking about and then in order to give him accessibility I d 've for get permission from Whatever family member that computer belongs to. He told me he did t know which 1 it was so I told him he wan t a very good Technology and which he Desired to go back for computer school wished him a great day and hung Upward. Truth of your matter is we just 've 1 desktop and 1 laptop here. Was Thus proud of myself. Hohenlohe. . . .

Post by Amy,

806-611-6600 Merely got a telephone out of the Amount asserting to become out of Microsoft press 1 for more Information. It was Bizarre in the start. An extremely unprofessional Man with a powerful accent replied and tried to tell me that my Windows computer was giving Outside error messages and that Managing system was internally unstable. I asked him to tell me your create and model of that computer which was doing the. He could not Only saying it was a Windows computer . He talked very fast and his Highlight made it challenging to comprehend half of what he was saying. I told him that I understood something about computers and Windows is Applications not a computer. I told him that I idea it was odd to get a Telephone phone like the Quite than an email or Place up notification about a Difficulty and how did I understand this wan t a scam. He became frustrated and Put Upward on me.

Post by Greta Garbo,

8066116600 Offer it a daytime or two and many person by your name of Taming may log on here and go on and on Around the best way to block calls and provide you all Forms of links for Cease these Kinds of calls.

Post by Guest,

806-611-6600 Just one so far said he was along with Microsoft.

Post by unknown,

8066116600 post pending moderator approval

Post by G,

806-611-6600 Got a telephone from this number and I was on my manner and was late thus I did not Choose Upward. I am Attempting for download windows W so I freaked because maybe something was erroneous with my computer. I got your same MSG a lot of U got Around my computer emitting poor signals and to press one. Glad I did not Select Upwards.

Post by Tanna,

8066116600 I gotten a telephone from W W W with the automated there's something wrong along with your own Pc And Subsequently a man Arrived on the Telephone for talk me through how to repair your Issue. He had me Strike the windows button while holding R and was Seeking to Discuss me through fixing this but something wan t right and I did not continue. He is Assume for become calling me back within that morning and I 'm Now contacting windows to Tell them he is stating he is apart of windows.

Post by Phantom101,

806-611-6600 Obtained a phone out of 1 W W W. I Offered them your quick pickup and instant hang Upwards. The caller ID was Not Available . Assessed W Notes and I have Only blocked the Amount. It s Merely another number for your old Microsoft Windows scampers.

Post by Jtom,

8066116600 Okay I Only got a phone out of this number for your second or third time. I did t 've time to reply it but I wish I did. I notice many of you personally instantaneously hang Upwards that is exactly what you personally should would if you personally rely heavily on using your own phone. I however am not for the reason that Type. I really infrequently use my Telephone. If You're in the same situation as I please join me in a reprisal strategy. When I get a junk telemarketer scam telephone I tell the Individual Oh you demand to Speak for my son he ll become really interested. Subsequently I place the Telephone down in that same room as your Television which is Almost constantly on. That gives that Owner enough History Sound to know that the phone has not been Lost. About two hours After I check to Check the call has ended. I have no Thought how long your Owner stayed on the line but I Think it was a very long time. If he dozen t attention about me my time or my money except how Substantially of it he could get Afterward I don t attention Around wasting his time. I get really few phone backs in the same number after that. The Method ended months of calls from a Set agency Looking to Discuss to someone who Stocks the same last name as I but I 've never met. Please don t try the unless your phone service includes unlimited minutes.

Post by Frustrated,

806-611-6600 These scampers called me again the morning. Owner ID said Unknown Texas W W W. I let that answering machine pick Upwards and of path they left no message. Pleasant attempt scampers. . . . I will never response unidentified calls. I expect they don t get many Individuals for Purchase into their scam to be out of Microsoft. Next time I think I may response it and play along until they get so frustrated that they hang Upward. . . .

Post by richard ippolito,

8066116600 telephone was from Microsoft Technology. . . . they tried to get me to supply them Rural access for my computer because allegedly my computer crashed . . . ha ha. . . what a SCAM. .

Post by WW Pharr,

806-611-6600 I got a recorded message saying out of Microsoft press 1 now. I need for talk for them to offer them a load of BS back. I want to 've many pleasure overly.

Post by Guest,

8066116600 Microsoft Looking for fix errors. . . Yep appropriate. And I was produced yesterday overly.

Post by Daughter of a Fed,

806-611-6600 The number called twice today Owner ID said Texas . First time they left no message. Second time my mother answered. A foreign sounding Man said your same crap as stated from other comm enters here. Mom said my computer I don t have a computer . Your Man Afterward said are ya ready with this. . . . Then go forward and perish. Subsequently hung Upwards. I attempted for telephone that number back and got a pare recorded message imitating that official we re sorry. Your call cannot become Finished as dialed etc. . Thus I may now wish that biggest curse on that guy. Could he Experience out of this daytime on.

Post by Kris,

8066116600 The scummier attempted calling me once before on April 1 W. But fortunately I have a national Bacall blocker.

Post by nobby,

806-611-6600 Scam call out of Microsoft that my computer is sending them signals . Just how Dumb can they believe Individuals are. I pushed one Only for f with them. Your Girl with a Significant accent asked for my Partner by name. I told her he dozen t have a Microsoft computer she asked what system does he have what does it question you personally re calling for Microsoft.

Post by shemp,

8066116600 just as your others have said saying I 've a Issue with my computer

Post by Jr,

806-611-6600 Phone ID revealed TEXAS one ring simply and no message left . If it calls again and your same . . . blocking and or Nairobi .

Post by gem615,

8066116600 Luvs it.

Post by Another Person,

806-611-6600 Got call Now from the number W W W. Replied but no message the telephone ended from the other end. Placed on phone number reject list. Maybe it's the scam HTTP tech crunch. com W W W missed telephone scam

Post by a,

8066116600 Phone came within 7 W did not response no MSG. left

Post by Erin,

806-611-6600 Has called 3 x today Says your computer has serious problems. . . Press 1

Post by m wi,

8066116600 Microsoft for computer issues. Told him for get to some computer off Website go to the Microsoft Web site Ok Upward fix fraud and Afterward get a real Occupation. out of Region Amusing thing is two minutes After got the call from your same Amount only the time had your ID TX

Post by Bonsie,

806-611-6600 Only obtained a call out of the number saying she was out of Microsoft and that my Pc was giving error messages. Oh really. I request. How long has the been going on. Subsequently she says Around two weeks. Amusing matter is I had service turned on 5 days Past. Afterward she Put Upward on me. A Actual Waste cause I was going for play the thing out. With gasps too. Like Oh NO. . WHAT May I Would. COULD You Perhaps HELP ME. 've Owner id and tried for phone them back but acquired a fax machine. Business must be doing nicely. Maybe they should become congratulated and get a few kind of award from Microsoft themselves. HA. . . . .

Post by Gompers,

8066116600 Thus you think you are going for cause a Large upset inside their dilapidated office in Mumbai or Karachi. These scampers spoof their Owner ID route their calls through your Net and operate outside the Usa. They understand you can t can anything to Contact them.

Post by Sue,

806-611-6600 Phone Obtained telephone Blocked. 4 2 W PM

Post by Herkguider,

8066116600 They are still at it. Rob phone saying Drive 1 for be connected to your certified Microsoft Specialist . Wonder if they also 've a Link for sale.

Post by dierk reuter,

806-611-6600 Computer scam

Post by cbd,

8066116600 replied and pressed 1 some moron replied and I said they were scampers and to lose the number and Put up

Post by TaWanda,

806-611-6600 Received a phone at 5 W pm W. W. W. Owner ID stated Unknown Owner TX. I answered LOLA and it was a Rob call saying I had Malfunction MSG s on my computer and for press 1. Since I was bored I pressed 1. Lots of noisy talking in the back ground so I said Hello. Hi. Girl I use the period loosely came on and said Could you hear me. I said yes and she stated I needed to permit her for access my computer within purchase for help me correct that Issue. I Subsequently asked Merely which computer was causing that problem. . . . . she type of took a couple of seconds before she asked how many computers I had. I told her since I was a IT Expert I had several. . . . . . . then I laughed and told her she was a scummier and Put Upward.

Post by Fukin sand [***],

8066116600 I can find out who is doing this. . . _ God bless USA

Post by Fedupalready,

806-611-6600 Began we gotten signals that your own computer is having big troubles . . . . Put up on your Processed MSG. Who s computer dozen t have problem . . . . . . . Adhara. Assumed they are a Group of lowlife scampers who are going to hijack my Laptop or my Telephone line . . . or BOTH . . . . .

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2139269134 Complains by Guest,

he s bothering me

9514922363 Complains by Guest,

Leave a Opinion Around the Owner here

6154670306 Complains by Guest,

The Man said they were a locator for the state of Tennessee and Wanted to Take my Salaries due for 2 charges which were being Registered against me.

6304912446 Complains by Guest,

Calls and hangs up

8172389674 Complains by Guest,

repeated nonsense calls

5613256192 Complains by Guest,

Has called my cell phone twice Now W minutes apart but not left a express mail. In don t response calls I do not know.

6463205563 Complains by Johnathan,

Just got a telephone and as soon as you personally awn place they hang up

8179291317 Complains by Guest,

No name called Around Purchasing my timeshare. Scam Established out of Florida

9734352056 Complains by Guest,

the Amount is Thus annoying.

8024883090 Complains by Indiana,

called my cell Telephone its a telemarketer. . . dint phone them back.

9802245320 Complains by Guest,

Another moron idiot

8064963434 Complains by kimmie,

Telephone telephone saying he manner a sheriff within Texas but he talks foreign. Saying I owe 8 W and I may lose my job and become arrested If I don t pay. Frightful thing is they know my Societal. I has a problem before along with a phone from new York.

8000510878 Complains by akash,

hi. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

9364443088 Complains by Guest,

Calls from this Amount and another Amount W. Which are very similar for my Amount when i tell one to Cease calling they Changed for another Amount and call me out of that number.

8772418302 Complains by Guest,

Acquired phone late on Saturday around PM and no just one there. I am also on the don't call registry. I will not answer after reading below this is a telemarketer.

9492428224 Complains by Guest,

This number calls at least each hour and doesn't leave a message. I eventually blocked it on my cell phone using your Mr. Number app. Great despair.

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