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Recent reviews 807 Telephone area codes 2019-07-18T04:43:28+02:00.

2016-05-24 10:41:32
Wont stop
2016-05-06 00:47:06
Private investigator has Verified drugs at location
2016-05-03 01:45:43
Keep playing on your phone
2016-04-22 13:04:37
Amount keeps on calling and when i reply they hang Upward. . . i phone back and it rejects my number
2016-04-22 10:05:56
Appears for be yet another VD telephone that of path goes unanswered by me in any manner. Their calls are mainly junk Frequently being fundraisers if I Recall correctly. They re very best avoided by all means. Many of these fundraisers are traps within the way that when you say you personally re Adding you might have for or suffer harassment both by phone and mail until you pay up. I said I d give for breast cancer long ago pare phone blocking Technology but delayed leery of a potential scam. I was badgered both ways along with threatening Trash mail and bothersome calls until I eventually sent within a W Assess. Avoid fund raising calls whatsoever Prices.
2016-04-22 09:46:52
This number calls me and dozen t leave a message. . . . . they suck.
2016-04-22 09:46:51
I got that same Specific message at Am out of Lt. Lynn Taylor DEA w search warrant for house and Charge Guarantee for me for a Bundle I requested. When I called your Amount it was a booty recording that I had called DEA and leave info blah blah. I thought it was fascinating the record was in HER express. Exactly why would a Lt. be doing the express mail. Wouldn't DEA 've some irritating automated system. Seriously what Bureau uses Real voices on their recordings anymore.
2016-03-25 04:12:56
2016-03-25 03:51:35
this Individual is Elway talking bull i do not understand who it's wrong no
2016-03-25 03:51:33
Find Citizen or company linked for this phone Amount. Obtained on my cell Telephone and don't know where it Arrived out of.
2016-03-24 18:06:55
a stalker
2016-03-20 18:56:00
2016-03-18 09:17:39
Block Caller
2016-03-15 18:21:53
2016-03-15 10:23:52
dint know who it is
2016-03-15 01:55:49
Got that same matter Calls every W minutes and no messages left. I called that Amount back and the record says Press 2 for become added for your do not telephone list . . . The place proceeded to phone me 3 more times after that. Your last time I replied and many idiot was babbling Around student loans. I got irate and your person hung up.
2016-03-14 13:17:01
2016-03-12 02:24:27
Never leaves message calls each other day
2016-03-08 12:03:44
Discontinue calling
2016-03-07 08:36:26
ex Buddy becoming on my damn nerves

Phone list in area 807

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8076233443listen you have the wrong Amount please stop calling this Telephone I am only somewhat girlGuest52015-12-15 00:30:34
8079778989Called my cell Telephone at 2 PM Alberta Time. Left no message. My Telephone provider is Rogers Rachel362015-11-04 18:23:56
8072345678gotten a call and textGuest42015-12-18 15:49:03
8072048887This Amount called my Hawaii Amount twice. I understand know just one within Canada. It's potential that this could be a misdeal twice . Steve Smith12015-11-04 17:20:27
8074835392Hello. I pay for an unlisted number and I keep getting calls from the Amount. I asked them to take me off your Automobile Face er and the guy told me he could t and Put Upwards on me. That is fraud because I work in the Visa division of a Canadian bank thus I know how credit cards work. Lauren Sauve632015-11-04 17:50:15
8077099925Got 4 Telephone calls Now at work on my cell Telephone from this number. Replied just one and a woman said she was out of India. I told her to take me off whatever list the was instantly. Your next call Arrived W seconds After. Anon92015-12-16 13:10:04
8075441945Traction calls for let you know about deals and thanking you for being a customer. Automated. lm62015-12-16 19:43:27
8072850349Someone called this Amount out of my houseMax12015-11-04 17:24:18
8077863060I kept getting calls out of a guy I had met on a pen Companion website. I was Additionally becoming E-mails out of him. When he would phone me the number would display on my caller id. Afterward that next time it would state private name private Amount. He not just told me he loved me he also asked me for money. Recently another Man called out of the Amount and told me your preceding Man was within that hospital and in a coma. He said I was listed as his next of kin. I never even met the guy within person. I told him for never telephone me again I need for block this number but don't understand how. I don't appreciate how Ignorant men believe girls are. Scamming Individuals is not nice. V. Webster42015-11-04 17:41:15
8070071000Same as your others. Identified himself as Henry from a specialized Section. I Installed Upwards. Cornelia Mueller132015-11-04 18:02:36
8076951434telephone was on my caller IDhoog32015-11-04 18:03:13
8079988974same as Al. . . I Put up without pressing 1mikie22015-11-04 18:38:31
8079838000same thing Simply got called but no MSG lefttko72015-11-04 19:07:05
8076230887stalkerGuest72015-12-08 19:55:40
8079174484I have been called multiple times by the Amount and no just one ever Solutions back. mike82015-12-19 11:08:15
8076465565missed VIM from this number too. it called my Google express and left a Registered MSG saying something press 1 now to Begin lowering your credit card interest speed . . . yeha22015-11-04 20:22:38
8076587904Got a all from these jerks did not answer my Telephone for starters the something that these ethnic people when the United States altered their Outside sourcing and they're using every Technique to defeat your Residents of United States from their challenging earned dollars thanks allot for outsourcing what a mess has been created. Lil bitt go1192015-11-04 17:12:04
8072860990Can you personally Actually attention who your Representative was. They are all the same. Colin282015-11-04 19:01:27
8075213208I 'm annoyed with these Folks. They re being Dumb and they wont stop calling us. They keep calling after we said we dint desire anything. . HELP. . . . . chaniqua92015-11-04 19:52:29
8073467930This Phone number belongs for Lake head University. Dominique22015-11-04 20:01:50
8077881265Scummier Alert. . . . Jason BarnesGuest62015-12-20 05:40:02
8076768758dint pick upjg12015-11-04 20:14:30
8072238505I Simply got one of these overly. sorepinky82015-11-04 20:28:18
8071636101Got a missed callMohan22015-11-04 21:01:27
8070533158this man just call at my Occupation not cell phone asking for the person responsible. I as kind him it was about what and he answer to me It is personal motive so I told him You're calling here for none professional reason. Afterward he hang Upward. Weirdo. . . vero42015-11-04 21:14:44
8077054459Vehicle expanded Guarantee. Guest52015-12-20 05:30:19
8077880959Got a telephone a minute Past. Did t Understand that Amount so did t Select up. No message left either. Could your phone Firms not come Upwards with a Fall dead button to send these annoying and intrusive callers a real message. Freddie32015-11-04 21:36:58
8074744095got a telephone on my cell from this Maria82015-11-04 21:46:20
8073464582UnknownGuest52015-12-16 12:21:47
8079387109Same. Lower interest rates. Woman s Registered express British accent. John162015-11-04 21:52:26
8077892514I received a call from the Amount today. I let machine Select up. Man sounded nasally and was chuckling at what sounded enjoy a television Application that was playing in your History. Your Individual never left an actual message but ongoing for Air greatly for as long as that record lasted. Don't appreciate it!32015-11-04 21:57:35
8072740673 W W W is a property line Established within Fort Frances On ON Your registered service provider is Bell Canada . Detailed listing info isn't Accessible. IG Guy12015-11-04 22:08:35
8078082310This is an Illinois Telemarketing Firm that calls for your owner of that company or Only hangs Upwards when I answer. When there is a Individual on another Finish they are really rude and have not Chosen me away their calling list after several requests. Brad12015-11-04 22:09:09
8079777894I don t know that Amount but it keeps calling and Assessment please blockGuest62015-12-18 19:32:16
8077074432FullerGuest12015-11-04 22:48:11
8077891417harassment callerGuest72015-12-16 11:31:58
8076203659didn't Choose upSensei12015-11-04 23:05:21
8077900427A me sage was send to me today that my cellular telephone Amount has won W W pounds. I desire to affirm whether is true pals. my E-mail code is bu kolaIyanda Abimbola12015-11-04 23:32:43
8073020293I vie gotten 3 calls thus Way on my cell Telephone out of the Amount all around your same time of the Night 6 PM sh PST . Your calling Bash doesn't leave a voice mail. I have no idea what this area code is and I do not understand anyone within the area code. MJGal12015-11-04 23:43:15
8076200226i Only got a message I don't like you personally at all Guest12015-11-04 23:45:11
8077888080Called asserting to become component of the finance ministry of Canada. Sounds like a scam trying for get personal info. William62015-11-04 23:51:44
8075707133squared telemarketerGuest62015-12-16 11:51:03
8073319040dint answerGuest42015-12-14 01:15:39
8077881246Correction it said quot Triton International Listing Help. quot 3 Second duration. Guest162015-11-05 00:10:55
8074428989Called and left half a message within Spanish. David22015-11-05 00:25:59
8075422961fmike12015-11-05 00:27:46
8074654419Sara toga County Family CourtS52015-12-16 17:21:59
8073444194Acquired calls June. W and Oct 1 W. Did not leave a message either time. Fancy0032015-11-05 00:55:15
8077880654JamesGuest82015-12-15 23:53:36
8073611379good luckGuest92015-12-18 22:56:31

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