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Post by Heather,

8076587904 I did t reply that phone because it said Ontario and figured it was a scam. Looks enjoy it would 've been. Thanks.

Post by Mike,

807-658-7904 Watch the vied it is a scam. HTTP Www. KGB. com Depp cash Customer calf . . . port Telephone scam

Post by Annoyed,

8076587904 Man having an Indian Feature called claiming for be with Microsoft and for become calling due to computer Problems that my computer was Creating. Desired me to hint within to chomp. com thus he could repair the Problems. Apparent hack scam. Amount is from Ontario according for Owner ID.

Post by PaulB,

807-658-7904 called around 4 W Indian kind Feature noisy History like an office saying something Around Microsoft within Wishes for my computer. I asked why the F are you personally calling me. Understanding it is a scummier. they Installed up Additionally said telephone restrictions when i attempted to phone back

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Spam calls

Post by Sickpuppy,

807-658-7904 Just got a call out of this Amount. Same thick dot not feather Indian accent. The time he Needed me to go to Internet. Amy. com. I muddled around until I could get Information on that pulled Upwards then began for read the report of it being a scam back for him. Before I was Completed with that ND sentence he suddenly Put Upward. The authorities should Close the a Opening down.

Post by Nick,

8076587904 Got a telephone from the number Recently. Quite substantial Indian Highlight. Said they were from Microsoft and that my computer was full of viruses. Needed me for log on to Team Person. com and let them work with my computer for me. Offered a just one time system cleaning for W or a yearly Registration for W. . . . told him for f ck away.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 hacker Striving to take around your own computer

Post by Lee,

8076587904 Had a Pleasant chat with this Microsoft Tech Now. I myself owning a Pc repair Firm gave them a run for their money. After assuring him he was a fraud and a scam artist I told him I was reporting him. He gave me your company name and contact Information Attempting for say they're legit which they are not. Your Business is based in Mumbai India but your calls display Upward from Ontario Canada. That company website is . com Telephone Amount is W. Info here if you need to file a complaint with FTC. If you get a phone out of these scampers request them 2 questions . . What is your Microsoft Tech ID and what's the time Press and application name of the last error my Laptop Delivered you personally. Now you have them stuttering tell them never to call you and that this call will be reported. Read more at HTTP Internet. why phone. me W W W. HTML . W

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 asking about back pain

Post by B,

8076587904 Additionally got a call from the Ontario number. When I response there's no sound this has happened at least 6 times in your past 2 times. The time I blew my trusty whistle very loudly into that Phone and then Put Upward. Maybe they might get that Sign not for phone.

Post by Dave,

807-658-7904 Only got a phone out of W W W which I did t Choose up as I don t reply calls from unknown Amounts. Added it to my blocked Amounts list.

Post by Louise,

8076587904 This can be your ND time I got a phone out of this man the first time no Amount Arrived Upward today your W W W Ontario hardly understand him said he Was from Microsoft and which he was Looking for Louis that for many Malfunction were coming from computer I Inquired which just one we had 4 said did t issue they were all Connected Upwards for that same Modem he said all I Desired for can was turn 1 on and he could fix's them all. I said no I am not turning anything on I don t know who You're and I idea it was many scam. I said I don t understand how you personally got my name and number he said when bought computer you personally reg. Them don t you personally that is how we know who You're. I said not interested. and I Put up. Sounds enjoy a scam to me

Post by Your name,

807-658-7904 UNAVAILABLE called at W Am . . . I did not reply they did not leave a message. I blocked my Owner ID and called that number within 3 minutes. Got that tone alert and recorded message . . . That number you are calling was disconnected. Please Assess that number and dial again. If you personally answer you personally Merely verify the number they dialed is an excellent Probability to hassle again and again. . . .

Post by None,

8076587904 these idiots 've called several times a day for at least two years. They re apparently for stupid for body Outside they re not going to get anywhere with me.

Post by carl j,

807-658-7904 they keep calling and done say anything and hang Upward . but was told to never call back that it was a scam that when i phone them i would be charged for it .

Post by Karen P,

8076587904 Obtained a call from W. W W at 5 PM. Call was from Ontario . I replied and the Owner would not say anything. I became funny and Assessed that on the website. Clearly this was some form of scam.

Post by barb,

807-658-7904 same guy calls at least once a week on my work phone Seeking for sell me medications or Looking to know how they are working for me. I vie told him that we vie not purchase anything from them and would you please quit calling me or else I m going to report them. no Large Cope to your guy.

Post by Anne S,

8076587904 Got a male w thick India Highlight from W W W who knew my first and last name. Told me that I was delivering error messages to Microsoft and he was with Microsoft and would help me download that system Changes to mend that Difficulties . He wanted me for immediately get on to my computer to walk me through the updates. I told him I haven't been on my computer for 2 weeks and Subsequently your Telephone went dead. WATCH Out. . I know he was going to PHISH into my computer. . . . . . MG. . . He knew my full name. .

Post by Beth,

807-658-7904 they called me twice first time I did not Choose up but I did that ND time and he said he was from Microsoft and I Installed Upward . I did not provide him a chance for state anything else . .

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Called and told me there was something erroneous along with my computer. I told him my computer USN t Related to the Net it USN t . He told me I was a liar and he was searching at my computer appropriate Subsequently. Scary. Hie said if I did t let them fix it that I couldn't get Crazy at them once my computer crashes. I said that s Wonderful. He got mad and Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 Same it calls and hangs up. . . when I phone it back it says it is a non working number. . . .

Post by Guest,

8076587904 someone responsible please AK legal Activity on these criminals.

Post by ACHL,

807-658-7904 the phone W W W called me 3 times within 2 hours and did t leave no voice message

Post by Jayveeop,

8076587904 Indian Highlight said from Microsoft your server Needed me for get on my computer amp he d mend it for me Poor Feature I asked what World he was calling out of I Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 computer virus scam

Post by Guest,

8076587904 harassment

Post by cgonzal,

807-658-7904 Someone was calling me for a couple of years looking for Charles Mitchell who has not ever had my phone Amount. Despite multiple times telling them this I receive to receive these calls I 'm Ill of your harassment.

Post by Jan NC,

8076587904 Got a phone from the Canadian Amount on 3 W. Told them they were crazy when they told me theory were with Windows support. He told me I was going Crazy. HA HA. Called back Now out of an umber that Enrolled as unavailable. Same scheme. Log onto your computer and we can repair it. Same Highlight. Told him not for telephone again.

Post by Vms352,

807-658-7904 I got a call out of this Man and same matter about Problems. so I asked if it doing that what type if computer do I 've cant response. . . I said if you phone me again I can report you personally. He Club med phone till I said I was calling that Cops. the People creepy I 'm reporting it.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 They call every daytime several times a daytime but I never answer. Owner id says your can is out of Ontario. I don t understand anyone there

Post by yvonne,

807-658-7904 geese. . . Pakistani Highlight. . . . . . what that heck did I get s for on that. Lola

Post by katle,

8076587904 i also got call phone from the number he has heavy Indian accent barely understand him something about Microsoft. . i told him i was not at home telephone me back another time. . i gives him hell next time he phone. . It s spam. .

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 evil spam.

Post by Dan,

8076587904 I don t understand your callers Firm but they keep calling me and hang up. I read other Parents Remarks about your Amount and Seemingly it s a scam.

Post by RLR,

807-658-7904 Acquired a telephone from the number 1 W W W. Owner ID says Ontario Call . They Inquired for someone named Theodore when I said there surely is no Theodore at that Amount they called dialed your Owner laughed chuckled and Afterward Put Upward.

Post by N.B.,

8076587904 Sounds young African American man caller who needs for guide me through Ending my computer from crashing if I would just turn it on for take turn off my firewall virus protection he said I have Malawi and it causes my computer to crash Usually Allowing for your error reports he was receiving at Microsoft. He mentioned he just wanted to help me Ma m and I told him I know he just wants for help me so phone me back within 2 3 times when I m not so busy as I am appropriate now. 've a Experience he will phone me back and when he does his wagon will become reconditioned. Likely wanted for Crack into my computer along with my help no uncertainty. . . Confident.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 India Medical Surveyors.

Post by Dave J,

8076587904 The Same Called my wife s phone a Absolute of 7 times within a row when he called the first time and he said just one or our computers was down Running an update in Malfunction and he Desired for help fix it. My Partner handed him your Hat and told him we Warren t buying his scam and we told him not to call again. He called 6 more times and 1 telephone from an Unknown Number Subsequently he Began saying we were wasting his time. Are you personally kidding me he called us 7 times once he started being threatening that s when I got on and Approved him the Hat X's. Among my daughters Approved him your Cap as nicely and he said he was going to phone again tomorrow. We reported him to my buds at the PD. We asked if he has ever had anyone Chat to him for the reason that style and he said no . . thus tomorrow if he calls

Post by George,

807-658-7904 A friend of mine got a phone out of these a holes Now. They claimed to become from Microsoft Offered him your Narrative that his computer was generating errors and that they were calling to help him mend it. They got him for install Team Person that is a remote desktop Program and present them access for his machine. He called me because he got a little dubious. As shortly as I Comprehended what was happening I had him yank your Electricity cable out of his Pc and hang up his other Telephone. I don't have any Thought what they managed for download or Publish during your telephone but I proposed him to Alter all his online passwords Specially any that could become used for access banking credit cards etc. Luckily this was a brand brand new Mount of Windows 7 we'd Simply performed your daytime before Choosing a classic PX machine and refurbishing it. I had him re Place his Windows 7 installation DVD and Begin that entire process around again.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Tried for Crack computer saying they were out of Windows operating system

Post by Duhhud,

807-658-7904 Got a call out of the same Amount. Once I saw Ontario calling ignored it. Glad I did after reading these comments. BTW I don t even 've a computer. .

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Scampers. They re everywhere. .

Post by Mark,

807-658-7904 Identify themselves as online pharmacy. They call 4 5 times a day really disruptive. I told them for take me away their call list and four days After I was receiving calls again.

Post by Chris,

8076587904 Caller ID ONTARIO Call Your scummier did not leave a message on the replying machine. The numbers are within the Don't Telephone Registry.

Post by Your name,

807-658-7904 UNAVAILABLE called at W 'm . . . I did not reply they did not leave a message. I blocked my caller ID and called that Amount in 3 minutes. Got that tone alert and Registered message . . . The Amount You're calling was disconnected. Please Assess the number and dial again. If you personally answer you personally Only verify that the number they dialed is a good prospect to hassle again and again. . . .

Post by mad as you know,

8076587904 Calls here Regular I pick Upwards and hang Upward don't supply them a opportunity to state anything. Idiots scampers Ill of this crap. I Assume there surely is nothing a person can do the DC list is not value your time and Work to subscribe to.

Post by Rita R,

807-658-7904 Your Man Maintained to become from Microsoft and mentioned he would help me clear a few Problems from my Pc. called out of W W W. He Desired me to run a Site out of my run box and them follow some links thus I could become tricked into paying for a service that installs malicious code on computers. Please do not follow his Guidelines. He previously mentioned his name was ted and your Internet was for OS supp rt. people. Please don t go to your Site. He provided a telephone back Amount of W W W

Post by Mike,

8076587904 No message left

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 harassment daily

Post by SFMI guy,

8076587904 Got your same call today. Not good. When I answered they did t answer appropriate away.

Post by tn89,

807-658-7904 I Simply got your same caller. They constantly telephone here wanting for repair my Dell Notebook.

Post by Harry Ra,

8076587904 I believe it s a scam.

Post by L. Ste,

807-658-7904 Owner wants me for get on my computer and provide them info because they found a serious virus and all my files may be wiped Outside. I played like I was an elderly granny along with a new computer and told them my grandson place everything Upwards and Place all my IRA s Annuities silver Stock portfolios and over 2 million dollars to Free . I said OH Please help me you personally African . LOLA. I told your jerk I was computer illiterate but my grandson was coming within W days to offer me Classes. He got thus Insane he got another worker to help him attempt to get me for open the correct screen and press that appropriate Tips. After W minutes of Jacking him around I told him he was a low life idiot and I was messing with him and knew everything about my computer and how did he like me screwing with him and his time and go CON someone else. He Installed up .

Post by ATL,

8076587904 This Telephone number Gasoline calked me for five times now.

Post by Sickpuppy,

807-658-7904 I understand your frustration but these calls from foreign countries do not abide by the Us Don't Phone registry. So I body I ll keep them on that line for as long as possible and P. them away as Substantially as potential. When you re retired you might have to make your fun where ever you are able to.

Post by EBM1107,

8076587904 Oops First was W W W

Post by Ali,

807-658-7904 Said he was from Microsoft and was calling Around my computer I Only Put Upward.

Post by John,

8076587904 They called and said my computer had been hacked. I 've Norton security Package with firewall on. Said they out of e link solutions. Owner had Indian Feature. Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 Canadian Rx

Post by katle,

8076587904 i Additionally got phone phone out of the Amount he has substantial Indian Highlight just comprehend him something about Microsoft. . i told him i was not at Dwelling call me back another time. . i gives him hell next time he call. . It s spam. .

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 They said that they are out of FBI.

Post by Bill,

8076587904 Got call phone Now said they were from Microsoft and my computer had a few infected files. What a Scam

Post by Steve-o,

807-658-7904 They called me 3 time left no messages. Screw em.

Post by b,

8076587904 Got a call from this Amount and they said my computer was Shifting a virus to the E-mail servers. Said they were from Microsoft. I don t think so. Its a scam.

Post by Jared,

807-658-7904 They 've called me several times. A few sort of specialized support. Certainly a scam.

Post by Ai,

8076587904 Answered a telephone out of an Indian Man very thick Indian Highlight named John stating that my computer is giving too many Problems since I 'm using a Microsoft. I m Merely Searching no Problems found Found. Really suspicious and confusing since he knows my name.

Post by NYC,

807-658-7904 It s that same Pakistani guy that called before. Looks enjoy it s a computer hacking office. He tells you what buttons to press on your computer. Don't present any data because it s a scam.

Post by ric,

8076587904 Gotten 2 calls from this Amount today. 1 phone W W a. m. amp ND telephone W W p. m. Owner was reported to federal no telephone list for Infraction of calling Amount registered with your no phone list.

Post by JKC,

807-658-7904 Foreign voice Signifying themselves as Microsoft Workers warning my wife and I which our computers were giving messages I that our challenging drives were under viral assault. Requests for further information as to type or when were met with hang ups and inability to reach your Amounts that revealed on Owner ID

Post by RLM,

8076587904 Simply received a telephone out of this Amount. The Man stated I was having many computer Problems and Needed me to do something on my computer. I hung Upward on him because I don t have any computer issues and they called appropriate back. When I said the sounded enjoy a scam he hung up that Telephone.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 scam hackers

Post by TroyDC,

8076587904 I got a telephone from the Amount W W W. . the Man said my computer were sending some kind of alert for their center micro something. . I asked what s your IPA address its coming from he Offered me W. W. 1. W. . it did not appearance like my IPA address. . I hung Upward. . After checking my IPA address on laptop. . It wan t. . I m glad I Installed up. . Sound like a spam or scam call. .

Post by sjeoel,

807-658-7904 this number has called me several time per day but constantly has hung up when I answer

Post by fire,

8076587904 who would i report this to he called me overly.

Post by Ellen B,

807-658-7904 You called Microsoft for report a Trouble along with you computer. Hackers really strange brand new approach. Heavy Indian accent. I told them nothing was erroneous with my computer and I 've a IT Man anyway they hung Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 quot there's a Issue with your computer you personally need to turn control of your own computer around for me quot

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 quot I am calling about your computer. . . . quot Spam call.

Post by Map,

8076587904 Appears they want to sell me drugs

Post by Confused,

807-658-7904 Yep that s what I got for. They said My Windows computer has posted an error and they can tell me how you can mend it. When I pressed for more info they Installed up. West African Highlight. LOLA.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Calls and hangs up. Never leaves a message.

Post by Todd,

807-658-7904 I also just now gotten that same call reporting that my Windows based computer is having an error message. This is a scam. This can be the third time they 've called me. I m going for check with my Telephone Service to see if I can have the Amount blocked.

Post by LJ,

8076587904 I Simply got a phone out of this Amount 5 times Now. Powerful Indian Highlight. I said hello and he hung up.

Post by EBM1107,

807-658-7904 Oops original was W W W

Post by Becky,

8076587904 I asked for their number to phone them back and they hung Upward on me. They said my computer reported an error.

Post by TracyMN,

807-658-7904 I vie been getting calls from the for a few times. Never replied them. This Website is Amazing.

Post by Augusta,

8076587904 Don t call me

Post by Sickpuppy,

807-658-7904 I understand your own frustration but these calls from foreign States do not abide by the People Don't Telephone registry. So I figure I ll keep them on your line for as long as possible and P. them off as Considerably as possible. When you personally re retired you've for create your enjoyment where ever you are able to.

Post by Maddy,

8076587904 I never reply unknown callers. This revealed as Name Not Located on my Owner ID so I did t reply. No message was left. I look for it intriguing that most of the people reporting here say the caller said he was from Microsoft calling Around a Trouble with your computer. I Nearly want I d answered. I have a Mac and I d 've had many pleasure toying along with the guy.

Post by CKW,

807-658-7904 Told me that they were receiving Malfunction messages from my Windows computer. When I said I did t own a Windows computer he Put up on me.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 Called and Promised something was incorrect with my computer. Then got Crazy accused me of yelling told me I should never Chat to someone his age rudely and when I Inquired for a Manager told me to F off. Fully A SPAM CALL

Post by Lil bitt go,

807-658-7904 Got a all out of these jerks did not response my phone for starters the something these Cultural people when your United States shifted their Outside sourcing and they're using every Technique for conquer that People of United States out of their challenging earned dollars cheers allot for outsourcing what a mess was created.

Post by Deborah Griffith,

8076587904 Keep getting unwanted calls several times a day. Please make this Discontinue they don t answer

Post by yvonne,

807-658-7904 geese. . . Pakistani Highlight. . . . . . what that heck did I get s for on that. Lola

Post by Guest,

8076587904 wow um NO

Post by Shannon,

807-658-7904 this company has called me three times. . . when i attempted for reply they hung up

Post by m,

8076587904 Tried calling number received a active Sign.

Post by Confused,

807-658-7904 Yep that s what I got to. They said My Windows computer has posted an error and they can tell me how to fix it. When I pressed for more info they Installed Upwards. West African Highlight. LOLA.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 guy with thick accent calling Around my computer. said he was fixing it. I told him which is unexpected because it is here in front of me. I asked him what company he is with and he said quot your own Mommy quot that first matter I could comprehend. When I repeated him he said quot oh you personally humorous Female quot my Man told him to never phone here again and he quickly Put Upward.

Post by whocares,

807-658-7904 called twice no message but no vim place up

Post by DJB,

8076587904 The number was calling me for about a month. I did t answer at Afterward calls started coming in as Unavailable finally answered. A female of Indian decent said she was from Windows and receiving errors from my computer. Told her to take me off her list. Subsequently I Began receiving calls from this number again. I replied it Now. It was a man the time saying the same matter.

Post by Joanne,

807-658-7904 W W W. They're still trying. I missed their telephone. I had gotten one before and told them I did t 've a Laptop. But magically they located lots of errors on my Mac Book.

Post by jerry,

8076587904 I push get Facsimile when I get those calls. . .

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 Asserted something was erroneous along with my computer and Needed me for let him mend it. I told him I would have my Partner look into it when he got Dwelling out of work. Your guy said quot oh your Man left you quot . I told him no he is at work. The man once again quot oh your own Man left you personally that m f quot . I Put Upward. . . .

Post by GaOnMyMind,

8076587904 Caller ID says Ontario Call. Powerful Indian Feature barely Capable to comprehend him. Something Around my computer within problem Put Upwards when my son handed that Telephone to me. It's a scam I m certain of it. Don't give incoming calls any data and NEVER provide Outside a check account Amount or credit card number.

Post by Shantinique Newman,

807-658-7904 Someone called me out of this number and cursed at me. . They phone me Regular. Even after I vie asked them for Cease calling.

Post by LA girl,

8076587904 I acquired three calls from this number Now. Your first time I answered. The guy said his name was Paul and he was from Microsoft. He had a foreign Highlight.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 ms windows scam

Post by Beth,

8076587904 they called me twice first time I did not Choose up but I did that ND time and he said he was from Microsoft and I Installed up . I did not supply him a chance to say anything else . .

Post by EMG,

807-658-7904 I obtained the call a few weeks Past. Yes he had a significant Highlight and said the same thing that everyone else got. Little did he understand I was at work and was referencing my Dwelling computer. Once I started asking questions he said I have to get back for you. I Merely added this Amount for my Avoid call list.

Post by Snorbert,

8076587904 Same matter as most people above. John from Microsoft calling about a virus on my computer. Scam.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 Man with a thick accent calling to Help with Rural repair for Windows. Second phone the week Distinct Amount.

Post by Guest,

8076587904 when I called the number back I got a record saying I had achieved an in working number.

Post by Jim,

807-658-7904 Called to say that my computer was sending Malfunction messages and they can help me repair it. . No Difficulties with my computer and I did not supply my Telephone number to anyone. . so Simply hung Upwards.

Post by Peeved in the Peg,

8076587904 Strung these People along for W min and then told them my Mac was working Merely Great and told them they were now Blocked and do not hassle calling again.

Post by yvonne,

807-658-7904 geese. . . Pakistani accent. . . . . . what your heck did I get s for on that. Lola

Post by Sarah,

8076587904 I answered that call. Same as above this heavy Highlighted man told me he was from MS and my computer was causing problem with the servers. Only to see how Way this was going to go I played Stupid and let him can his matter. First he asked me if I did online Bank. After I said No he told me that was okay I could use my credit card at your Finish of this process. Technology support USN t free. I turned off my computer to 've many enjoyment. I wanted for create confident he could hear me Writing on that Essential board. He was telling me to would the can that and I kept telling him nothing was happening on my screen. I had him thus frustrated after W minutes he told me he had never encountered such a stupid American and hung Upward. Mission accomplished.

Post by Guest,

807-658-7904 calls all your time but when replied won t say anything.

Post by Denver CO,

8076587904 Acquired a call from Microsoft server center reporting that my copy of Windows had notified them that my computer had problems. They were calling for Guide. I said that they would not have my number if which were true. They Put Upward. Owner ID revealed Ontario . Certain scam. Significant Indian or Pakistani Feature.

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4072785999 Complains by Guest,

Called the morning at 2 W Am WHAT A Bunch OF IDIOTS. . .

4694493051 Complains by Confused,

How did they get my cell phone .

7632912918 Complains by Guest,


2183017752 Complains by Guest,

Hang Upward fools

3072568949 Complains by Guest,

Obtained a text quot Again dam that sucks Watt did ya can to your carton quot

8774355572 Complains by Guest,

Asked for me for Confirm my address and when I asked what it was Around they refused to say anything else. That exact same phone Arrived in last week and when I Viewed it Upward it was for a Workers alert system.

2069477472 Complains by Guest,


7143296992 Complains by Judy,

I don't know who this is.  I always try to verify unknown #'s, as I am very careful who has my #.  This has got to be a scam.

8652581547 Complains by LtDarkstar,

Looking for cancer society or something similar Gifts. . very rude telemarketers who attempt to Strategy their manner into talking for that owner pretending their friends etc . They don t listen to anything you personally tell them and are quite Stupid. I ll can some History checks on the Set and post if I could find anything.

5708030360 Complains by Guest,

Block them

7152047754 Complains by Guest,


8019275164 Complains by Guest,

Sounded enjoy a Joke telephone talking Around pizza and brand new age ovens. Or could have been a Actual senior citizen having a Wellness Problem at 5 W in your morning. Unsure probably needs medical Interest instantly for signs of stroke or Head damage.

9733273663 Complains by Guest,

hung up after just one ring

5107882056 Complains by Guest,


7738973798 Complains by Guest,

The number started calling a few days Past and calls Regular several times a day. Caller will not leave a message. This Amount is most likely a scam to get someone for answer so that international calls can be made. It s happened for me before. I do not answer numbers that I do not understand. Express mail screens my calls.

8002138466 Complains by Guest,

A few Girl keeps calling with loud music. Annoying.

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