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2016-06-17 05:45:22
called my Telephone W times in W minutes. . . . . . .
2016-06-16 21:21:35
2016-06-16 18:46:17
This Individual can say they are a W year previous female from Edmund Canada. That Individual can say they're Christian and say that their daddy will pay for the rent. They can avoid talking to you over that phone and contact you personally through a free Assessment service called hey wire. They will state that their daddy is Buying a Automobile within that states for her for get around town for Faculty. Subsequently ask you to deposit a check more than for what rent and deposit is to 've you send it back to an unknown Individual for your car using money gram or activating a card. They might Guarantee to pay more months of rent Upward front. That Man called them self Michelle Anderson and that Man she wanted me for send the cash gram to was quot Harry Decrescendo ADDRESS W Walker street Minneapolis Minnesota W Directed} out of Hello Wire Free Tex ting quot . The Individual will Additionally try to get you for activate a money Group card and request you personally to supply them that Service code for cash for the car dealership. I filed a report for local Authorities and contacted hey wire for let them understand that a Individual was using their service for attempt for scam. They Warren t overly Problems other than saying they would disconnect your Amount. THEY Additionally USED ANOTHER Number W W W
2016-06-16 18:13:55
Several calls but no message left.
2016-06-16 08:06:39
scam from Dept. of Legal Matters at Us Treasury with a verbal warning asking me for contact her to prevent a legal Chaos. Had a foreign Highlight Perhaps Pakistani or Indian.
2016-06-15 10:40:19
This number is component of a Publisher Cleaning House scam which included a check and Guarantee of more money waiting. .
2016-05-17 18:39:59
Invoice Volvo
2016-05-12 14:04:48
calls Subsequently hangs Upwards.
2016-05-12 10:52:34
2016-05-09 15:43:08
I asked who it was and they told me it was Sask Electricity.
2016-05-05 14:44:36
W W W calls my Set of employment.
2016-05-04 04:04:25
whats Upwards along with the present card from Objective your phone Amount is no More within service. . . . please don t waistline my time on the.
2016-05-03 11:09:33
Region code W Jamaica Scam. Don t wire any money for anyone. There's no prize.
2016-05-01 06:45:22
the person keeps calling our Telephone 6 in your morning and keeps making life threats it sounds enjoy it is a big group of African American Men they're making threats to kill someone Specially that just one that they are calling they have the wrong Amount and they must become Discontinued thank you personally.
2016-04-30 19:08:06
they wanted to know if i was interested within participating in a Target group for my credit card
2016-04-30 04:41:45
I vie had several calls from the number. They don t leave message. I don t Comprehend it and I don t return your calls. This really is a nuisance caller within my See.
2016-04-25 10:49:38
no message
2016-03-25 04:47:35
These guys phone ever thus Regularly Looking to Drive their line of Very overpriced tools and equipment. Do not Buy From them. . I did some History checks so that as I expected it was not great. These are Base feeders Driving Very over priced junk tools and equipment. . . Don't Buy ANYTHING . . . . Out of THEM. IF You personally Would You may Rue IT. . . . . .
2016-03-25 04:05:10
They called Regular asking for construction work offered. Moreover they used different Amounts like W W W W W W W W W W W W and etc and different address like Van Nus North Hollywood Woodland Hills etc. to scam Folks. They used your license W. Beware these CROOKS.
2016-03-24 19:15:39
Many people give children cell Telephones for safety. They re not quite safe if those giving your Telephones don't install Right telephone blocking Attributes. As a youth should don't have any demand for long space or from Place calls they should become blocked for their safety. Place code W is Jamaica the Caribbean State. Not Substantially need there.

Phone list in area 809

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8090000025Hang upGuest72015-12-14 11:11:22
8099260404To get BPAkinyemi Olatunde Benjamin52015-11-04 14:13:14
8094733578para q. Vedas Como SE Senate uni candor. lo ignorant. Guest52015-12-20 01:37:16
8095329099Telephone Arrived in as on Caller ID as Out of Region W W W. Some Man offered me a free roof Assessment. That number is a Change . I m not sure what that means but I presume it is to disguise the caller s Accurate phone number. I did t take your bait. Andy92015-12-18 04:28:07
8095537507many unusual telephone out of this Amount saying they were a school district within Venezuela . they would not tell me why they were calling. challenging for comprehend them. 00-!22015-11-04 14:37:32
8095872098No message calling after PMIndigo12015-11-04 14:39:28
8093317878ccGuest62015-12-09 21:28:26
8093975579scummierGuest72015-12-19 00:41:37
8099626162BoyGuest52015-12-16 09:17:21
8094633376aj12015-11-04 15:25:14
8094733856HINORI82015-11-04 16:13:47
8091605219notes is not Associated with your callers we have been not calling you personally either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any info you personally may 've Around your call for share along with other forum users. It is Very doubtful that your callers are reading here also. We could t Discontinue anyone from calling you either or remove from a listing. Can consider maybe becoming a phone blocking Product or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or thus. Report your own callers here not Simply to your DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Criticisms. dentally. gov Gripe Grievance check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Grievance form HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB Customer facts D R. pitfall email W protected To file Grievances on Foreign Business s Buyer. gov Report Your Criticism send email W protected Lilly32015-11-04 16:55:08
8093207856He is harassing my grandchildren. Guest42015-12-09 09:48:15
8094976537Please blockGuest62015-12-18 08:31:10
8093104587IRIS W NIGERIA. Idris12015-11-04 17:44:13
8091419143just one phone at 4 amGuest42015-12-19 11:10:39
8098672964No message Merely hangup. Eric82015-12-19 06:38:45
8091473331I concurscammer62015-12-18 23:36:44
8092008226W leave ME aloneGuest52015-12-19 15:46:17
8098655393Simply desire for know more about the numbersteve12015-11-04 14:34:26
80982032433 calls no messageCooch12015-11-04 15:16:14
8097793873This Telephone Amount belongs to some pervert that preys on youthful teen girls. He says his name is Arturo Perhaps that's not his Actual name. Guest52015-12-16 13:56:46
8098299038Lousy Amount they need for Cease themThruthistruth72015-12-14 09:30:40
8090000021W W WJUAN32015-11-04 16:06:53
8096966543Several calls from the number. Lucas72015-12-19 23:12:39
8098427445Offshore number from unknownGuest12015-11-04 18:09:12
8095470834I obtained a SIMS Associated for my ad personal Automobile for sale Seems intractable. JL12015-11-04 18:21:38
8093204995spam. Guest72015-12-16 08:02:47
8092389249Cops hereRakesh12015-11-04 18:58:52
8094684068ho la Como est asGuest12015-11-04 19:08:12
8099233059No just one answersfastfreddie52015-12-08 09:23:44
8099354373Automated sales callGuest82015-12-16 10:59:04
8097085548no thanksGuest72015-12-14 21:46:15
8092655917I Getaway t owed them anything within yearsGuest42015-12-14 11:41:07
8093976231request me Around were I am and what time I am livinghenry mercedes12015-11-04 13:58:35
8095346565They telephone 5 times a daytime when you personally response they hang Upward. If you personally call back sometimes they don t reply. The 1 time they did a man answered said something within Spanish then hung Upwards. Tired of this crap642015-11-04 14:09:49
8095039307me es Brown Armando P} Ester numericKOKo72015-11-04 15:31:28
8099535373To many receive calls and no just one reply only machine tookRaysa Molina62015-12-09 09:27:17
8095230000Are you having problem becoming quarters to Place within your own Telephone. Badge714122015-11-04 15:54:54
8093951306who is using the Telephone numbercacaroto12015-11-04 17:20:56
8098116703Computer created saying we have a returned thing at our bank Advertisement call the number. Guest82015-12-08 17:43:12
8099807884Gouda***********52015-12-16 06:02:09
8096649033called but left no message. caller i. d. said unknown name. mv72015-12-19 15:34:08
8099642332Sex solicitingGuest72015-12-10 01:18:25
8097780903Green Te a la Teamauri22015-11-04 20:35:09
8093333332SafeGuest52015-12-10 00:27:21
8099620823WGuest12015-11-04 20:42:12
8093358003I don t understand anyone within that Doctor who would be calling me but I recently had my private info Taken and am receiving lots of Visits on my linked in page from Individuals in the middle east and south America. anonomyous12015-11-04 13:17:25
8097778212Did t answer but called multiple times. Very annoyingmonette quintanilla12015-11-04 13:47:59
8093314633YesGuest62015-12-21 13:12:29

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