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2017-08-21 22:09:46
Won't stop calling
2017-05-30 17:36:29
(810) 354-5450...Impersonates real owners name, tries to rent out the house. In my case, it was a deaf woman, upset with realtor, listing house on Craigslist. Deal was too good to be true. Here is what they used:: THE HOUSE IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT, so you are free to decide on how long you intend occupying it...Rent already includes utilities.. You can go by the house and let me know what you think of it and get back to me.. The address of my house is 3108 Whirlaway Rd, Dallas, TX 75229, I AM A DEAF WOMAN, and I have been transfer here for job on a contract, am spending 2 - 3 years and am planning to buy another house over here., I want you to know that you will not be able to view the inside of the house as the keys are with me here in New York. If you like the house we can now move forward on how to get key sent to you.... I'm ready to accept either monthly or upfront mode of payment.. Depending on the one you are most Comfortable with.. Utilities include: power, water, washer/dryer, sewer and trash..Your monthly rent already covers utilities so you do not have to pay extra charges for that. Pet are allowed as long as they are not destructive.
2017-05-19 16:02:23
I received a call from this number trying to sell me a home security system. There was no option to remove myself from the list. When I called it back, it sounded like I got a regular person on the line, not a company. She sounded confused and hung up on me.
2017-03-13 18:21:26
calls leaves no message I never answer
2017-01-11 05:32:32
This is false information could you please erase it
2016-12-13 20:04:51
I didn't receive a call from this number, however, whomever it belongs to hacked my e-mail account which in turn hacked my instagram account twice. I found this number as the security number on my e-mail.
2016-07-06 11:58:41
Additionally I forgot for mention that when this Female talked for me she would state your Business name quite Rapidly and when I asked her what the name was she did tell me and I Inquired her a few times for not only create confident that I had that correct name but to see the name altered any. I even repeated it back for her. The second matter I forgot for mention is that after she had Started for try and sell me on a maintenance service telephone on my A C I told her that the she is calling out of was a Telephone that Frequently calls me and says nothing to me or hangs Upward on me. . . . . . she said nothing for that other than . . . I m sorry . . . and than went on with her sepal.
2016-07-06 11:47:06
Again W W W Dec W no message.
2016-07-06 11:23:36
Statement collection
2016-07-06 06:57:43
Telephone from Run for take a survey Around ya new visit call
2016-07-06 05:54:06
Only had them telephone me tonight not certain what to believe they were asking for sin and everything they even called my boss first looking for me and ha vent had an account along with them for a few time now saying that I owe money but when I shut my account I took attention of my private stuff
2016-07-05 22:18:46
I got a telephone out of the Amount today. It was a man claiming to become Performing a survey about the quot Area that I live in quot . He Offered a name of the Firm survey but I did not Find it. Before he could continue I started directly question him. I asked what region he was referring for. I had for request twice before he said Washington state. I persisted asking what region within Washington. He said gently eastern Washington. Since I 'm living within Asian Washington though my Telephone number is a western Washington area code I said Okay and Anticipated him for Carry on. Instead he Put up on me. If the number calls you I would not offer them any personal information. If they can t even response Straightforward questions enjoy your demographics of their survey they are not legit.
2016-07-05 17:26:56
Text message spam about a W Objective Voucher.
2016-07-05 16:49:02
ho la id iota
2016-07-05 16:21:38
its a Set Bureau trying for regain many old debt. I believe it auto dials for see if its still a current number. Afterward among your times when you personally answer it will be a live Individual very pushy trying to get you personally for response what your own not empty name is etc and Afterward they will want for start record that telephone etc.
2016-07-05 14:31:01
sorry no es toy disposable para Laos false. . . adios
2016-07-05 12:08:33
recorded message selling security system
2016-07-05 08:24:56
This my phone W W W and someone stole it and I vie been Attempting to find it and get it back but don t know where it ended up
2016-07-05 03:01:31
Caller called me a Fitch.
2016-07-05 02:58:47
whoever this was Simply called and then Installed Upwards.

Phone list in area 810

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8102136608Kept getting calls all daytime long would response they d hang Upwards. Eventually called number back tried being removed. Afterward I called back and Selected Choice 2 for someone to call back. Wit within ten minutes the private Amount W. W. W calls Registered saying I can 've a new security system installed if I let them put a hint within my yard. fascinating thus I was Capable to get my number removed. Hopefully the stops APO program out of calling. Tamara72015-11-04 14:09:51
8102134717Calls all that time and leaves NO message and hangs Upwards. I'm on don't phone registry and need to file a Grievance against the Individual number. I can willingly press chargesTaylor72015-11-04 14:14:53
8102230131Definitely keep becoming calls from your same Amount. I m gonna response your next one and Merely Chaos along with them. They are spoofing their phone number for look like the Amount of a Set Bureau. They're Truly thieves who've either dug Upwards credit reports or located bills along with names on them and are going for try and can a few identify theft using those names. If you personally support your name and address they have all your Information they need. PJ422015-11-04 14:26:11
8102352264I replied and a woman said I m sorry and Simply Lay} on that lineMBC132015-11-04 14:36:31
8102344517I got I m Sorry man voice Afterward dead airAA462015-11-04 14:38:57
8102444230Owner id says Flint MI Many outfit Vendor Medical or Medical Monetary asserting I owe cash for Detroit Oxygen. They Desired my credit card Amount and checking account account number. I told them I never give this info out around your Telephone for strangers. They swore that they were legit and in company around W years etc. . . I told them that I would Compose out a Assess and send it to their road address and THEY REFUSED For TAKE A PAYMENT THAT Manner. Thus instantly my built within FRAUD ALERT alarm went away they discussed that I 've for send it within National State or Advantages simply. But they don t take a street address. I informed the Rapidly talking fraudster that FE and Advantages Simply Supply for road addresses never P. O. boxes and his information was erroneous. He refused for present me a street address and then threatened for ruin my credit eternally in W times Then he informed me that this was an Test to Amass on a Statement. I told him I would contact Detroit Oxygen DIRECTLY and Installed Upward on this fraudster Split off artist. I Afterward called Detroit Oxygen and they said that ALL Payments should be Directed} to them directly and for call in that morning for your billing department and verify if I owed any cash. So I may. Detroit Oxygen had never heard of the fraudster in Flint and don t use outside collection Companies I may become reporting the to that Mi Lawyer GENERAL S OFFICE in your morning. See there are severe penalties if you personally rip Folks away using the U. S. Postal Service which do not Employ if you personally pay by Telephone or National Express or Ups a private courier service Shield yourself never supply out ANY personal information or pay a Statement over the phone to Merely any arbitrary Man who calls you personally out of your blue AND You DON T Know NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE. Contact the hospital medical provider directly and check and or pay them in person or via that United States Postal Service along with a Assess or Money Order. Don t become a Fool. Al762015-11-04 14:42:38
8102652324Then you will locate that they Discontinue being type when you personally start harassing them on a daily basis. If they declined they're not interested In any respect. They dint want you personally calling them daily. Ugh...42015-11-04 15:02:01
8102075454 Fucj12015-11-04 15:16:41
8102750542Keeps calling searching for a Man I don't know. I have told him several times that I don't understand that person and would appreciate him not calling me anymore. He continues for phone. MonkeyBoy152015-11-04 15:17:11
8102398170I Merely received a call out of this number and it was an automated express that said I m sorry Sounds enjoy a phishing Software searching for great numbers to sell for solicitors. I should of never replied. Has anyone found Outside who it belongs to. Johnny332015-11-04 15:20:38
8102218405Tex ted me on 5 W W at W PM with I like a man who knows who he desires. Text Back. Addison L . . . I don't Comprehend the Amount. KS132015-11-04 15:21:17
8102246043Common Standard Scams of various Sorts. Guest112015-11-04 15:22:55
8102729096occasionally they phone me multiple times a day its Actually becoming annoying. . . Guest92015-11-04 15:41:23
8102388846I got that same telephone out of computer express saying I m Sorry . . . Afterward hung up. I won t attempt to phone back. Shannon512015-11-04 15:42:08
8102324824they continue to telephone my cell Telephone and don't leave a message. i 've tried for phone the number back several times and there are no ringing or answerzzzz52015-11-04 15:42:13
8102729104When I call back it does the same matter to me as Nikki. . . says it s out of La peer and a Verizon business acreage line thus I d state telemarketers. . . . Persephone92015-11-04 15:44:15
8102759054I Only got a female caller saying I was in a drawing. Asked what I would use that money for. I told her House repairs and food on the table. It was Afterward Oh Wow looks like you might have been Picked. . and Installed upDawn172015-11-04 15:49:42
8103706204I replied a phone out of the Amount a few weeks ago it was a solicitation for Continue my Flint Journal subscription which I have had in that previous . I told her I did t live in MI in the winter and she said she d mark my account as seasonal but obviously she did t because I received another phone Now. Christa62015-11-04 16:45:07
8102443319Truly no it s not. It's a debt collector for Baker School. Jerry252015-11-04 16:51:46
8103443404got phone no message. called back no response or no express send. ge men42015-11-04 16:52:48
8102886115Two telephone out of the number. First call Installed Upward when I said Hi. Second telephone I did not reply and they left no message. I tried to telephone back and just got a busy Sign. Brit82015-11-04 17:07:42
8102692209Ya guy at just that same time u posted the I got that text message from disquiet LaoMike22015-11-04 17:12:12
8102260388Loans never applied for. . . Guest52015-12-17 20:07:59
8102251852Was told that account was compromised and for not use Net and to telephone Microsoft free windows support W W W. This is scam. T Prom12015-11-04 17:17:51
8102443316Debt Collector. Thor272015-11-04 17:33:18
8102440668When I called that number back their replying machine confirms it is a telemarketing Water Treatment company apparently willing to Break your Do not Telephone list. Anthony Zweiner72015-11-04 17:40:33
8103095461u 've been blockedGuest12015-11-04 17:41:12
8102884021unwanted callpeter102015-11-04 17:55:01
8102771004They suck to help you personally outcredit acceptance152015-11-04 18:17:03
8109628347calls Subsequently hangs up when you personally answerGuest372015-11-04 18:17:27
8102748151I also got the call. . . . said someone hacked my Gm ail account. Same accent. CM142015-11-04 18:20:53
8102136594Barb phone rang once Put Upwards before I could reply phone. No message was left. barb182015-11-04 18:30:40
8103353017Same matter happened to meJayd72015-11-04 18:33:02
8107677491Many Sort OF ROB SALES Call. THEY LEFT MSG. I DELETED. Guest612015-11-04 18:40:09
8104549262Grisliest scamGuest32015-11-04 18:48:23
8102082640Scummier Telephone number. Got 2 texts for 2 different Parts of furniture that i Simply posted on Grisliest. That scummier says Hello its Michael from grisliest i hope your XXX XXX is still for sale and hope is in good condition. . . . . when i said yes your scummier replies Ok. I can pay you personally via Paypal as I don t have accessibility for come pay cash due to work and i may 've my shipper come Choose it up. I can t get cash across to my shipper directly and they don t use PayPal thus i can add extra cash to your payment for that shipper thus which you could pay my shipper cash on my Part. Send me your pay pay Information for payment so we can proceed. So when i replied the Things i 've for sale are just for local Collection and cash payment i never heard back out of them. Matt32015-11-04 18:49:13
8102443320I want for understand who this is. crafter132015-11-04 18:57:55
8102134637Simply got a telephone from the and your Individual said his name was Carlos out of Santana Energy Carlos Santana. LOLA saying he could reduce your vigor Price by 5. W but we would keep your Gasoline from Buyers. My husband kept telling him to take people of your phone list and told him no we Warren t interested and Carlos Merely kept on talking until we Installed up. I called the back and just got a active signal. Sounds enjoy a scummier for me. Kris92015-11-04 18:58:56
8106552450Merely got the call. Registered message said quot I m sorry quot Afterward your line disconnected. Guest382015-11-04 19:09:09
8103098223We've been receiving calls out of this number 3 or 4 times a daytime but it's a hang Upwards every time. I checked on here and it looks like others are having the same Problem. I dialed the number for see who was calling. It is that Specific Olympics Donor Facility. They have an Vehicle Face er that can Switch multiple Amounts at once first Man to pick up has a Man to talk to and everyone else has dead air. Additionally the Do not Telephone list does not Employ if you have Contributed to them. They have W times W months by law that they are allowed for contact you until they must remove you from their list. Renee102015-11-04 19:20:33
8103297120i also pressed 1 and asked to become removed in the list. . . she Put Upwards on me. can we report this thus they won t telephone again. cameron152015-11-04 19:24:12
8102303336Want to know who the number belongs too. Renee thomas32015-11-04 19:28:15
8102936120dumb trickGuest32015-11-04 19:57:28
8102444251This caller won t let me have a Part of or my slumber and even that of family. They telephone five for seven times a daytime seven days a week. please stop. it is driving me nuts. . . i have no company with you Men and plan not for 've any within that future. So please don t ruining my sleep and that of my family. precious72015-11-04 20:19:26
8102257777Exactly why would they keep calling I did your don't telephone list on my phone already. . . so annoying . Patty62015-11-04 14:47:40
8102224515They state there from Santana Corp within south area mi calling for you to get 5. W discount a month on Gasoline Statement free program that Customers vigor is to offer you personally. the was on latitude you personally get along with Invoice this Business says they can Implement the but you demand to verify Information out of Invoice they need the W digit number on Statement. That Cost free number for Chief office is W you are able to call and 've them describe. I Set away giving Information till I can research this Firm. Trust it helps all. kevin12015-11-04 14:08:56
8102075635The number called my cell Telephone. automated message offering Wellbeing insurance for Folks along with pare determined States. Obama attention makes certain you are able to get Well-being coverage anyway thus. . . Cat132015-11-04 14:20:21
8102134156Called and told me I had filled Outside an online survey and Offered my Telephone Amount. I don't offer Outside my Telephone number as it is an crisis phone. Told me he was with N b something or other. sick of liars72015-11-04 14:20:47
8102325451did t answer many Girl named Lisa left message Around lowering attention rateslana652015-11-04 14:27:26
8102387891Left a voice send which Began within that Mid of a sentence saying they Actually needed payment and a Rob express over the top saying press 1 now press just one now press one i pressed delete before it got through the entire message. Joseph952015-11-04 14:47:45

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