8102344517 / 810-234-4517

Telephone information: Ameritech Michigan. Flint, MI. Genesee. United states
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46 complaints
Post by Scott,

8102344517 Got the same I m sorry and which is it.

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 Received telephone no one on the line. Dialed back no reply. Lots of spam reports on this one. Sounds enjoy a great business version . . . .

Post by Guest,

8102344517 Insurance

Post by deHavilland,

810-234-4517 Disconnected Phone number property line within Flint MI.

Post by lala,

8102344517 Got A phone Man replied saying I m sorry

Post by SM,

810-234-4517 Man said I m sorry and Put up

Post by stlouis,

8102344517 dead atmosphere Perhaps Children in background then older man says I am sorry

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 When I replied they don t state anything and when I telephone Supported it said the number was disconnected.

Post by AY,

8102344517 Individuals solicit lower interest rate and said they have talked to you before.

Post by Brucker,

810-234-4517 Disconnected number.

Post by Bugged,

8102344517 Called within W Region code. Quick dead air automated man express says I m sorry Used by not alive atmosphere for W seconds and disconnection.

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 They said sorry and Put up

Post by JC,

8102344517 Ran twice caller Put Upward.

Post by Jon,

810-234-4517 No response when answered

Post by Dakota,

8102344517 Owner left message on my Traction voice mailbox. Of course I had for use Upward many of my pare paid time for locate Outside what the message was. It was a Registered caller Rob type phone I suspect out of someone asserting to be Lisa Middleton saying 1 Hello People 2 we talked on the Telephone last week about Perhaps lowering my credit card attention rates 3 Lisa believes that she has located a Option 4 She has a Software that may lower my rates for as low as 1. 5 and Maybe cut my monthly payments within half 6 She points out how very helpful that may become contemplating that I 'm only making minimum payments 7 She says that I should telephone her at 1 W W W 8 and informs me that this is my last courtesy telephone. It s all lies probably even the component as for this telephone being my last telephone because I obtained an identical telephone a few months Past and that 1 wan t that last.

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 Solicitation calls

Post by Guest,

8102344517 Def. Spam. Gotten a express mail stating I called them Around lowering my interest rates on my credit card.

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 When I replied they don t state anything and when I telephone Supported it said that number was disconnected.

Post by Happy,

8102344517 I got I'm Sorry out of a male voice. . . Creepy

Post by Debbs Seattle,

810-234-4517 Missed telephone. Called back. Telephone Disconnected

Post by MC,

8102344517 Got I m sorry and Afterward dead atmosphere Afterward a hang Upwards. Bizarre.

Post by Spaulding,

810-234-4517 Your phone rang twice and Ceased. I get what I believe to be a fake We re sorry the number. . . .

Post by David,

8102344517 disconnected

Post by STL,

810-234-4517 Not alive atmosphere here disconnected after W seconds.

Post by Guest,

8102344517 Spam

Post by cory,

810-234-4517 Left the message Hello this really is Lisa i m returning your request for lower interest speed on . . .

Post by BB NY,

8102344517 Same Merely got a call said I m sorry and dead tone. . .

Post by BB NY,

810-234-4517 Same Simply got a telephone said I m sorry and not alive tone. . .

Post by D from Missouri,

8102344517 I got the I m Sorry message. Can they phone everyone all over that place so Rapidly. Are they calling on more than just one Telephone that shows that same Telephone Amount. I m confident not everyone is Recording the telephone.

Post by AS-California,

810-234-4517 Scam. . Lower attention left message to phone 1 W W W.

Post by Guest,

8102344517 Spam

Post by david,

810-234-4517 Stop calling now.

Post by Happy,

8102344517 I got I am Sorry out of a man express. . . Creepy

Post by STL,

810-234-4517 Dead air here disconnected after W seconds.

Post by Guest,

8102344517 Spam. Record about lowering rates on CC.

Post by Dave,

810-234-4517 Called my cell. Had a feeling it was a Waist phone. Really ticks me away. I would like to really locate Outside who s behind these calls and go after them.

Post by Sparky,

8102344517 Scam Lower Attention Rate always a scam. Called my Cell Telephone. Auto Face er is Only progressing through a listing of created Telephone scalier ID W W W. Message Requires to phone back 1 W W W not likely. I see the Owner has negative Remark history.

Post by G in Calif,

810-234-4517 Replied telephone. Guy said I m sorry. Afterward hung Upwards. Log says it s from Flint MI. Sort of froze Upwards my Telephone but I Think it was untwisted to Owner. Don t they 've anything better for can given I answered . Maybe that recorded message tells them who may answer and they ll phone people back. I certain trust not.

Post by Happy,

8102344517 I got I'm Sorry out of a male voice. . . Creepy

Post by Guest,

810-234-4517 Spam

Post by Jengi,

8102344517 When I called it back in minutes it said the Amount had been disconnected

Post by JH,

810-234-4517 I did t response they left no message Afterward I look up that Amount on here wonder how they got my cell Telephone number that's private and quite few people have. . .

Post by LB,

8102344517 Simply got a telephone. . did t response. . .

Post by Justin,

810-234-4517 Sneaky sneaky. They phone and ensure it is appear enjoy they're returning a telephone to your Individual named Gus along with your express send they leave. Looks they're pretty active today on calling. They Truly got my other cell phone the other day with the Actual message.

Post by AA,

8102344517 I got I m Sorry man express Subsequently not alive air

Post by SH,

810-234-4517 I got a disconnected recording thus I reported the number to my spam list and blocked it out of my cell phone.

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8002145312 Complains by Dan,

W W Commercial Retrieval Systems. Debt collector.

8002479215 Complains by mIKE,

Wells Fargo apologizing for delivering you a notification in Malfunction about being around your credit Control.

8002247607 Complains by tomlj75,

from Japan university if you telephone back You'll get a message Afterward press 2 to become removed

8002313910 Complains by Damen,

They are a Collection Bureau.

8002248163 Complains by Amy,

I also gotten a call from this Amount asking for a Individual whom I have never heard of before. I m assuming its a collection Bureau because when I told him that I wan t that Individual he was searching for he Inquired if I was Linked to her or knew her.

8002783041 Complains by ihatescammers,

It s a SCAM. . They have places on grisliest within many different cities throughout that Land. I want there was something we could would about these scampers. We need a particular prison Simply for them. They Damage People lives. . .

8002567316 Complains by steve,

I got that same text message i telephone your phone Amount for Biggles and your office was closed Certificate of deposit I m assuming it s a scam

8002402341 Complains by Guest,

Multiple late night calls

8002206023 Complains by Guest,

Not sure. She gathered personal info on me and our home. Said she was a realtor and set up a meeting and did not show.

8003213333 Complains by Almost Scammed,

My aged parents received the telephone and was on their manner for Walmart for pay bail money and that girl at Walmart Table was sort enough for alert them to the scam. My parents were Nearly out W. I hope these Critters get cancer within their eyes. . . Mr Kevin Jackson. . u understand who you are

8003296831 Complains by Randy,

got a telephone out of W W W. Here are there details National Institution of Libraries Inc. W East Reno Method Midwest City Ok W W W W W W W Facsimile E-mail W protected

8002819799 Complains by Guest,

don t Take the number

8002014633 Complains by Guest,

That is an unwanted caller. Dint desire him calling or Assessment me.

8002637574 Complains by jimk,

Internet. atmosphere. com get W free for entering your lo gin and Code.

8002281319 Complains by Guest,

Mary Roy er Very fat guy. Extremely fat.

8002093292 Complains by purita,

I 've someone renting a room calling out of that number.

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