8102387891 / 810-238-7891

Telephone information: Ameritech Michigan. Flint, MI. Genesee. United states
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95 complaints
Post by PJ,

8102387891 I Merely got that phone. Nobody there so I Put up and go ogled it. I m within Mid Mo.

Post by Dani,

810-238-7891 Same thing happened her Only now.

Post by mumbles,

8102387891 me too. the guy just said sorry

Post by AD,

810-238-7891 Yea they Only called me left a message with a call back but not going for do it cheers to your comments.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 I have acquired W Telephone calls today and several over your weekend. Now at W a man called and said quot I m Sorry. quot and Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Who is this

Post by Kris,

8102387891 I Merely got a telephone out of this number. Called back and your number is no longer in service. . I m on your north Oregon shore.

Post by marsha,

810-238-7891 Same matter Merely happened. I replied and they said I'm sorry and Installed Upward and when I called back your Amount was disconnected. ANNOYING.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 John John sons credit card Software what an assholes automated message. I don t even have a credit card. spam.

Post by mumbles,

810-238-7891 me too. the Man Merely said sorry

Post by Jo,

8102387891 Your Registered message keeps saying it's that last courtesy call . When can that be Authentic. I don t even own Cs.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 i Only obtained the same express mail


8102387891 It revealed Upward on my Missed calls on my cell phone. My cell phone never rang but a few Individuals tell me they could t leave a message so I Typically check my Missed calls each once in some time. I wondered who might be calling from W area code as I 've given Outside my cell Telephone number for just Around 4 5 Individuals and it s not listed in any directories that I understand of. I thought telemarketers were not supposed to solicit cell Telephones. I ll be Getting my number on your FTC s Don't Phone List Actual soon. I ran an Advertising for sell many Pets and I got a lot of unsolicited calls from companies working your newspaper Advertising Seeking to sell me different things mostly Promotion. Once you make your own number People you personally re gonna get all sorts of calls like this I 've located. Remember if it s too good for be Authentic it Likely is. If this really is for mortgage reduction or debt reduction don t send them any money in front as that s the last you personally ll ever see of it. And don t present Outside any info. like Soc. Security bank acct. and such as they could use the for Identification theft. I did t sell any dogs I had 2 at that time but among em died last week but I eventually quit running free Advertising as I got tired of this stuff out of Businesses Seeking for sell me something. If you personally want to discover what s going on Assess Split away Report. com they vie got your latest on all your scams going Approximately and you personally don t 've for hunt state by state county by county city by city like you do with your BBB and the Attorney General s Offices. One investigation takes it nationwide and Frequently it can show that various other names that companies use for confuse Folks. I got a notification out of a Key Society Seeking me to join a Number of rich amp influential people and all I had to would was send for a free W page report. I did. Afterward they sent me a notification asking for W. W for a 2 W year old manuscript of secrets. Sounded like a lot of baloney to me thus I checked Grab away Report. Certain enough it was a scam. Among the intriguing I vie run across in a very long time. None of their Words was Closed by anyone but John. They had 2 3 Distinct addresses within Distinct parts of the State they had NO E Send address NO Telephone and simply 1 Facsimile Amount. They promised a W day ensure on my money but they did t tell me where to get within touch along with them. Great matter they Warren t giving away W million like another outfit that Delivered me 3 letters last week saying that I had won your W million prize. But there was no Assess within any of your 3 Words. I told them for go forward and take that cost of all the merchandise and Publications from the W million and send me that difference. I m expecting it to arrive any day now. Jeez. How Stupid would they believe we 're.

Post by Scott,

810-238-7891 I answered and your Man was off on a Move. I listened for create confident i wan t enjoy a Verizon MSG I should tell me parents Around but ITS A SCAM Folks. Got call within Boston

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Credit scam

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Obtained call at W A CST on 3 W W that caller said I m sorry and Put Upward. Had somewhat a creepy express. I did a reverse look Upward on that Amount and said it was a acreage line in Flint MI

Post by han,

8102387891 got the phone within KC

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Acquired a telephone on my cellular telephone at W W Am this morning out of this Amount. No message left.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Called my Google Voice number at 9 W Am on W March W. I vie not given that out for anyone. They did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Credit card

Post by smart cookie,

8102387891 That s all that was said for me too. Sorry.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 I acquired an automated message saying I m sorry in an Arabic Feature. I called back and it was disconnected.

Post by EM,

8102387891 Missed your call and Viewed Upwards your number on here. I m out of Oregon but Now within Ga.

Post by Tito,

810-238-7891 your Rob express said i m sorry and hung up

Post by han,

8102387891 got that phone in KC

Post by Daniel,

810-238-7891 I don't reply calls that i don t understand that number. Thank you for this Web site due to scam Telephone calls and their skill to distort you words the Website is very informative to warn the person receiving the calls. I would suggest that no 1 reply their phones when they don t Comprehend the number if it is Significant and a company you personally might 've dealings with they can leave a message. Along with all of the fraud going on please become thorough i 've known Pals that have replied your calls from the kind of situation and they were billed on their phones various sums of money and they would 've your skill for distort you voice thus it sounds enjoy you are authorizing something that could be financially disastrous to you personally or your family. One last motive for no More response calls that are not recognized is that they're checking to see your Amount is active Subsequently sell your number for scam companies or Fix your Amount for underhanded dealings. Cheers again because of this nicely informed site and please be thorough for anyone that's answered the type of phone.

Post by CA,

8102387891 Got that telephone mid morning and missed it. South central Louisiana.

Post by bobcat,

810-238-7891 Number Simply Strike my cell. No just one replied. Like everyone else go ogled your Amount and located this as the first Strike but there are several sites about that Amount I 'm in NE Oklahoma.

Post by kat,

8102387891 This Amount called my Google express number which I Destination t given for anyone . I did t Understand your Amount thus I did t Choose up.

Post by Heather,

810-238-7891 I Simply got a telephone from this Amount but did t answer. I am located in Dallas TX. I dint think they left a message but after Viewing all your own places I 'm not going for reply it. Thanks everyone. .

Post by CHERI,

8102387891 Unknown caller

Post by Terry,

810-238-7891 Got a call a 4 in your damn 'm. I replied and it said not an Choice . Which was it

Post by Guest,

8102387891 obtained phone that left message saying quot W. Thanks quot . Called back and text ed back with no response or voice send Alternative. Putting my number on National no call list. . . That Amount they called is a Google express number . . . how did they get that. . .

Post by Anonymous,

810-238-7891 I gotten a telephone from this Amount. A voice message was left on my phone out of a ditz sounding girl who Desired for talk Around lowering interest rates and she mentioned that we had supposedly talked last week. I never spoke to anyone about lowering my interest rates. It must become a scam.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Credit cards

Post by Case,

810-238-7891 same happened to me bout W Min's ago is this some type of apocalyptic warning. Ha

Post by NA,

8102387891 Registered message which was cut off by that time I picked Upwards. The record had a name of Lisa Middleton unsure of spelling . Called a corporate office not a Residence. Frequency recording saying had talked to someone a week Past Around lowering rates etc.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Unsolicited phone to my cellular telephone Amount which as is my acreage line on the don't call registry. Perky female voice send Striving for sound quot live quot telling me quot Needed to get back for your requirements to let you know that I did look for a Alternative. Um. . . we vie got a Software that could lower those attention rates for as low as 1. 5 and Maybe cut your own Regular Funds within half. And since You're only making that minimal Funds this really is an excellent option for ya. Um. . . the may be my last courtesy telephone so please give me a ring today. You are able to reach me here at 1 W W W. Again that number is 1 W W W Thanks. quot Gere. . . jerks.

Post by han,

8102387891 got the telephone in KC

Post by Joseph,

810-238-7891 Left a voice mail which started within that Mid of a sentence saying they Actually Desired payment and a Rob voice around that top saying press one now press one now press just one i pressed Remove before it got through the whole message.

Post by marsha,

8102387891 Same thing Only happened. I answered and they said I am sorry and Installed up and when I called back that number has been disconnected. ANNOYING.

Post by jeff,

810-238-7891 answered and recording said I m sorry and line went dead

Post by smc,

8102387891 called no 1 replied when i said hello stayed online didn't hang up or say anything i ended Upward hanging up

Post by macktheknife,

810-238-7891 Called to my MN . Had ringer off thus it revealed up in my own obtained calls.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Recording about lowering CDC rates

Post by T. D. Brown,

810-238-7891 Unwanted phone to my cell phone.

Post by GoldCoaster9,

8102387891 Got 1 Merely now. I m within Chicago. Where are you each located.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 can there be anyway we can report this number for someone.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 W W W called and was talking becoming credit cards and Desired my information

Post by Daniel,

810-238-7891 Forgot for post that i 'm within Kansas and gotten that phone about W minutes ago Now 3 W W.

Post by Kyle,

8102387891 Simply got a phone did t response it no message was left river falls WI

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 They acted enjoy they knew me and that we'd been talking Around debt.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Helping me lower my credit card interest rates

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Spam

Post by HM,

8102387891 same here

Post by Hong,

810-238-7891 i m out of TX. got a missed call out of this number and did t Understand it so i go ogled it and Arrived upon the Website. sigh. . . Simply yesterday i got a spam text about many credit union. . . and now a spam caller. . . would u guys 've t mobile also.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 All your said was quot I m sorry quot and hang up

Post by Starcrazymomma,

810-238-7891 Simply got a phone out of them overly. Did t reply don t answer if I don t understand that number or Region code Afterward go ogled the number and power saw your own Opinions.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 John John sons credit card program what an assholes automated message. I don t even 've a credit card. spam.

Post by Jason,

810-238-7891 Rob Face er that said Press 1 for talk for me Around lowering your credit card rate. Rep that Decided up Promised company name was Buyer Debt Comfort.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Risk call

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Telemarketing's

Post by retired,

8102387891 Same matter just now. Male voice called me on Skype I m sorry and Installed Upwards.

Post by Jeff,

810-238-7891 I got your same credit card call. They Needed to lower my rates. . . scam

Post by Kristy,

8102387891 I m in Iowa. Simply got a phone out of this Amount. Girl Began talking before my express mail MSG finished so I missed where she said she was calling out of but heard enough for comprehend that she Needed for help me lower my credit card rates . Yes appropriate. Did t phone that number back enjoy many others did but that girl Offered me a different telephone back number than what she called out of. Not calling it.

Post by Me,

810-238-7891 Did your same to Me a few minutes after you. I 've a Colorado Change but live within Michigan and never share my Amount.

Post by James,

8102387891 Simply got a phone out of W W but i did t reply I call back and your number was not within service located in Burly Id

Post by jane,

810-238-7891 I m in Washington state and i got a call out of the number. I picked Upward and a robot said I m sorry and Installed Upward.

Post by Kristy,

8102387891 I m in Iowa. Only got a phone from this number. Girl Began talking before my express mail MSG finished thus I missed where she said she was calling from but heard enough to recognize that she Needed for help me lower my credit card rates . Yes appropriate. Did t telephone the number back like many others did but that girl gave me a different phone back Amount than what she called out of. Not calling it.

Post by sam,

810-238-7891 Simply got telephone i said hello and a recording said I m sorry and line went down

Post by Silver,

8102387891 The number showed on the id and I did t Choose up. Afterward Min's After they called using W W W. It s a prepaid Telephone that I recently got and simply two Folks 've my Amount.

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 Helping me lower my credit card interest rates

Post by B.L.H.,

8102387891 I have received W calls from this Amount within three day s on my pare paid cell phone. Being as I purchased this for traveling emergencies only that simply Individual who has your Amount is my Partner. I assumed that Perhaps it was someone Attempting to get me to use Upward my pare paid Minimum. No 1 has mentioned what kind of Telephone they are receiving these calls on.

Post by america usa,

810-238-7891 called back and said that number is from service

Post by risa,

8102387891 total scam caller left a vim stating that they could help me with my credit cards of which i have none and left the callback number of W W I m in ft worth

Post by anonymous,

810-238-7891 If your Amount is no longer within service it means that number is spoofed and the caller should become treated as hostile.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Automated recording

Post by Me,

810-238-7891 W W Called my Mack jack line W minutes after the previous poster. Said I m sorry and Put Upwards enjoy it has many times before for others. My E Mail is E-mail W protected I have a Littleton Co exchange.

Post by Gladys Ruediger,

8102387891 I have been becoming unwanted calls out of this number. I am on don't telephone registry for my cell Telephone.

Post by d run,

810-238-7891 guy called i replied he said sorry and hung up called back and that Telephone was disconnected.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Lower my credit cards

Post by Guest,

810-238-7891 They dint answer

Post by Jen,

8102387891 Live within Tn got the phone W Am. Span of telephone 0 W. Unknown caller.

Post by Anonymous,

810-238-7891 I received a phone from this number. A voice message was left on my phone from a ditz sounding girl who Needed for Discuss about lowering interest rates and she mentioned that we had supposedly talked last week. I never spoke for anyone Around lowering my attention rates. It must become a scam.

Post by Sarah,

8102387891 Add 1 more for your robotize I m sorry which was left on my voice send.

Post by Jeff,

810-238-7891 I got the same credit card telephone. They wanted to lower my rates. . . scam

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Said nothing

Post by retired,

810-238-7891 Same thing Only now. Man voice called me on Skype I m sorry and Installed up.

Post by Carol,

8102387891 Received a telephone from the Amount. I called back and it said the number was disconnected

Post by chuck,

810-238-7891 They called about 5 minutes Past. Was definitely a Rob phone. Of path I cussed it Outside and got away the phone quick.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Telemarketer

Post by Me,

810-238-7891 Did that same for Me a few minutes after you personally. I 've a Denver Change but live within Michigan and never share my Amount.

Post by anonymous,

8102387891 If your number is no longer in service it means the number is spoofed and your Owner should be treated as hostile.

Post by Jen,

810-238-7891 Live in Tennessee got the call W 'm. Span of call 0 W. Unknown Owner.

Post by Guest,

8102387891 Same message as a previous post quot Perky female express send trying for sound quot live quot telling me quot Needed to get back to you personally for let you know that I did locate a solution. Um. . . we vie got a Software that could lower those attention rates for as low as 1. 5 and possibly cut your own Regular payments in half. And since You're just making your minimal Funds this really is a fantastic opportunity for ya. Um. . . this can become my last courtesy telephone thus please offer me a ring Now. You are able to reach me here at 1 W W W. Again that number is 1 W W W Thanks. quot

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8002361977 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone

8002339113 Complains by Guest,


8002188316 Complains by Myron,

Dr. Pink us Natural Energy purchasing line

8002510807 Complains by RyanHP,

Acquired a Fax for our company Additionally. Your tactic is to send just one nice e send. In this case the spammer s contact information is shown on Web. spotlit. com W G's. CF. id W. We have recently obtained a Facsimile out of you Seeking for Market your company products and or services Regrettably your just result is that these faxes just annoy many Possible clients tie Upwards many Businesses Workers and their Sites Striving to get rid of your own spam faxes. The belief that People and thus potential clients may telephone or accessibility an Elect Outside toll free Phone number or Site is Related for answering for e send spam . . . it Only tells individuals which our fax Amount is valid and working. I Promote you personally to use just Favorable approaches for Advertise your company and stop delivering faxes for W. By the way your fax made it for your recycle bin . . . not to any selection Manufacturers. Cheers. I can usually locate an e send for that spammer by doing an Web investigation on their toll free Amount. I Additionally cc your Advertisements company contact if that spammer is Marketing their spamming as a service. Since I keep all of these e mails in a Individual Index I can perform a search if something comes for the reason that looks familiar if I have already Directed} an e mail requesting Treatment and get a second or third . . . I can forwards that Initial note to that spammer s contact e send and cc each other e send address I could locate for that spammer. Sometimes I can hit a nerve and get a response about that service they are providing . . . but it as with your spam does not make it past my desk. FYI.

8002527416 Complains by Donna,

I Only got the same message. Per Bryan s recommendation I text back Discontinue and gotten an answer that I would no longer get any messages out of the number.

8002275720 Complains by Mike,

Got a telephone out of the Amount. Registered message saying they were from Etna Rx House Delivery. I can get my melds through them. They left a phone Amount for telephone back stating there was important info seeing a recent prescription request

8002686639 Complains by Luce,

Gotten a call at 9 W am Talking about my Financial Institution amp said to dial 1. They Additionally told me that when I don t answer they may continue for call me back.

8002186530 Complains by :Loan Company,

I did t reply the phone and they did t leave a message. Shows on Owner id as VIRGINIA.

8172314300 Complains by debbs,

They Truly can leave a message along with a callback Telephone Amount of W W W. They state they re Empower Insurance but I 've never heard of them nor would I 've any policy with them never have and never will. I definitely feel like this is a scam.

9012790685 Complains by Guest,

Bacall cardholder services but no company name.

8882442040 Complains by Guest,

Number is constantly quiet no answer

8152217900 Complains by Totally Annoyed,

We have received calls from this number several times around that last week Regularly more than once a day. Each time I replied there was silence and eventually there was a disconnect in the other end. . . . Eventually a person maintaining to be along with 'm Vets was there when we answered. We told them we were not interested within supporting their cause at the time. We did not request the time to be removed from their phone list as we Supposed that saying no would end your calls. . . . WE WERE Erroneous. The calls began again the very next day. If we get thus lucky to get another person we may request Treatment. . . . Would you personally believe that can work.

8456453316 Complains by Guest,

Received a call from this # with no message left. Returned call and was answered by JR. He apologized for the misdial. 10.06.2011

8474145485 Complains by Guest,

New Message Mon, April 8, 2013 9:36:20 P From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>Add to Contacts To: gsggaggagegfdasgawhfaaaaasssssssissk/[email protected]; (I deleted my e-mail address) [email protected]; gwgVsvvavsvsvdccsczvz/[email protected] the message was: You have a picture / video message from [email protected] Attachment: Memo.amr (6KB)

8002012123 Complains by Kaiser Permanente PFS Call Center,

Never Solutions their phone

8065354821 Complains by Guest,

no mensches

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