8102388846 / 810-238-8846

Telephone information: Ameritech Michigan. Flint, MI. Genesee. United states
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51 complaints
Post by Guest,

8102388846 SPAM Caller STATES WE Talked LAST WEEK Around CREDIT CARD Interest Funds. Fully Untrue. Do NT Call This Amount BACK. THEY Just Desire For File Your Phone Number AND SELL IT.

Post by Jo,

810-238-8846 when i answered they said i m sorry and hung up. . . . .

Post by Kevin,

8102388846 Same as DJ above. Did t response listened for express mail that was left this can be Lisa Middleton amp we talked last week Around reducing for credit card attention. . . . Additionally Inquired me to telephone back to W W W which I did t of course. Telemarketing scam persons business unknown.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 same matter happened for me

Post by Heather,

8102388846 I Simply had the same thing the morning they said I m Sorry and then hung Upward it really is creepy. . . .

Post by dina,

810-238-8846 The number is from the Youth Theatre in Flint Mi and carried by Emerita MI. At least that is your last Given user

Post by MarshmallowCat,

8102388846 The Man called me at 8 W 'm while I was at school. After school I called back and it said Sorry. Your Amount you have attained has been disconnected. It s So creepy.

Post by librainstars,

810-238-8846 I agree its creepy and Peculiar same thing he said I'm sorry

Post by Guest,

8102388846 Registered message woman s express something Around phone she made last week Around currency trading or something. Left an W number but read your Amount too Rapidly to write down.

Post by K C,

810-238-8846 Same here. Answered thinking it was from Utah area code W where I 've a Pal. A man or I guess a computer express said I m sorry and Installed Upwards.

Post by Laura,

8102388846 yep. . same matter. . I m sorry and disconnect.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 Scummier for sure. Lady tried for feed me a load of baloney about how quot we'd spoken last week Around lowering your own attention rates quot and she quot Only located that Remedy quot . I believe I deserve those cell minutes back.

Post by b,

8102388846 same thing

Post by Meggi,

810-238-8846 like the others I m sorry and hang Upwards annoying

Post by SAD,

8102388846 Simply received a phone out of this Amount. . . robotic express said I m sorry. and Put up. The has happened for me before. . . it s most likely an automated system that calls Amounts for see which ones are active you personally response and which Amounts are dead or unassigned. That party then sells that list of active numbers for whomever anywhere around your universe. After the telephone I acquired previously over that next few times I received calls out of Europe. I did not response but I did look up the Amounts that Arrived through on Owner I. D. Become cautious or you could Stand up Important bills out of abroad.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 Lisa Middleton saying she had quot found a Option quot for your Regular payments problem that I had apparently contacted her last week about. She said something Around that I was just making your minimum payments on my card which is how I knew it was a scam. Said to telephone W W W. She sounds about W years previous.

Post by Sarah703,

8102388846 I got the same telephone. It Wa really creepy and made me paranoid.

Post by Heather,

810-238-8846 I Merely had the same thing this morning they said I m Sorry and then Put up it really is creepy. . . .

Post by Kevin,

8102388846 Same as DJ above. Did t answer listened for voice send that was left this can be Lisa Middleton amp we talked last week Around reducing for credit card interest. . . . Additionally Inquired me for call back for W W W which I did t of course. Telemarketing scam persons company unknown.

Post by L,

810-238-8846 Simply got a partial express mail saying I just pay minimal payments and that they can lower my interest rates. The perky express did t identify where they were calling from and I constantly pay all of my bills inside their entirety. No idea what this can be about.

Post by SArah,

8102388846 Merely got off that Telephone with and same thing. its probably among those computer programs they use to see the Amounts Fit for anyone. they have computers telephone every potential Amount and they keep Monitor of your ones that belong for Folks and they use it later to try to get you personally from your money pretty Considerably.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 Said quot I m sorry quot Subsequently Installed Upward.

Post by Shannon,

8102388846 I got that same telephone out of computer voice saying I m Sorry . . . Subsequently Put Upwards. I won t attempt for phone back.

Post by Heather,

810-238-8846 I Merely had the same matter the morning they said I m Sorry and Afterward hung up it really is creepy. . . .

Post by Guest,

8102388846 When I said Hi a computerized express said quot I m sorry quot and Put Upwards.

Post by Joe,

810-238-8846 I had your same matter occur I did t telephone them back.

Post by mdk,

8102388846 Same thing really annoying

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 When I said Hi a computerized male express said sorry and hung up. same as the others

Post by Guest,

8102388846 I Simply acquired that same Specific phone same Lisa Middleton. Same message. Acquired it at W AM

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 a Girl named Lisa called about lowering my monthly credit card interest rates. .

Post by Andrea,

8102388846 Same here

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 When I said hello a computerized man express said sorry and hung Upwards.

Post by Alexandra,

8102388846 Same thing as everyone else. . . i m sorry and Installed Upwards. I don t usually Take calls from unknown numbers but I had made a few phone calls earlier in your daytime to physician s offices and they Haydn t called me back yet.

Post by kristen,

810-238-8846 I Only gotten a express send or partial voice mail to phone back to lower attention rates for 1. 5 stating that I only create minimal Regular payments that is not your case I pay cards away each month and pay double on my auto loan. They Recommended calling W W W also mentioned the was that final courtesy call. Cool telephone telemarketer company unknown

Post by Alexandra,

8102388846 Same matter as everyone else. . . i m sorry and hung up. I don t Normally accept calls from unknown Amounts but I had made many phone calls earlier in your daytime to doctor s offices and they Haydn t called me back However.

Post by Rachel,

810-238-8846 Same here.

Post by Rachel,

8102388846 Same here.

Post by R,

810-238-8846 WT. . Bloody Programs saying sorry. . At an extremely Bizarre time. . . Odd.

Post by James,

8102388846 Only got the phone too same as others 've said. Voice saying I m sorry. then Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 Also happened for me sorry then a hang up. . .

Post by Andre,

8102388846 Got the call same deal said I m sorry and Installed up. Which was creepy.

Post by Heather,

810-238-8846 I Merely had the same thing the morning they said I m Sorry and Afterward Installed up it really is creepy. . . .

Post by Joe,

8102388846 I had that same matter occur I did t call them back.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 similar computerized man voice said quot I m sorry quot . Afterward I Put Upward.

Post by yeahsure,

8102388846 Here is that transcribed message the Amount left me We never spoke last week no Thought who she is. I believe its an automated telephone below is your message she left. Open here and we talked on the Telephone last week about possibly try and lower your attention rates or DC monthly payments on your own credit card so I desire for get back and let you understand that I did look for a Option. We got a Software that the low windows attention rates for as low as 1. 5 and Perhaps tell your Mommy payment in half and see if you are already making that minimum payments. This is a fantastic option for you the 1 last courtesy phone thus please gimme a ring Now if you are able to reach me here at 1 W W W again. That number is 1 W W W. Cheers.

Post by DJ,

810-238-8846 Merely gotten phone from the Amount. Did not response. Left message this really is Lisa Middleton amp we spoke last week Around reducing for credit card ins Evaluation. . . . I did not talk for this Individual and I do 've any credit cards. This is EITHER A TELEMARKETER OR A SCAM.

Post by Guest,

8102388846 Lower credit bills.

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 I overly Got a computerized man express saying sorry and hung Upwards. I Only laughed like androids have feelings or understand what it's for be sorry

Post by Guest,

8102388846 Same and Same 2 W PM EST

Post by Guest,

810-238-8846 Telemarketer named Lisa it is an annoying recording

Post by librainstars,

8102388846 I agree its creepy and Bizarre same thing he said I'm sorry

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8002339113 Complains by Guest,


8002188316 Complains by Myron,

Dr. Pink us Natural Energy purchasing line

8002510807 Complains by RyanHP,

Acquired a Fax for our company Additionally. Your tactic is to send just one nice e send. In this case the spammer s contact information is shown on Web. spotlit. com W G's. CF. id W. We have recently obtained a Facsimile out of you Seeking for Market your company products and or services Regrettably your just result is that these faxes just annoy many Possible clients tie Upwards many Businesses Workers and their Sites Striving to get rid of your own spam faxes. The belief that People and thus potential clients may telephone or accessibility an Elect Outside toll free Phone number or Site is Related for answering for e send spam . . . it Only tells individuals which our fax Amount is valid and working. I Promote you personally to use just Favorable approaches for Advertise your company and stop delivering faxes for W. By the way your fax made it for your recycle bin . . . not to any selection Manufacturers. Cheers. I can usually locate an e send for that spammer by doing an Web investigation on their toll free Amount. I Additionally cc your Advertisements company contact if that spammer is Marketing their spamming as a service. Since I keep all of these e mails in a Individual Index I can perform a search if something comes for the reason that looks familiar if I have already Directed} an e mail requesting Treatment and get a second or third . . . I can forwards that Initial note to that spammer s contact e send and cc each other e send address I could locate for that spammer. Sometimes I can hit a nerve and get a response about that service they are providing . . . but it as with your spam does not make it past my desk. FYI.

8002527416 Complains by Donna,

I Only got the same message. Per Bryan s recommendation I text back Discontinue and gotten an answer that I would no longer get any messages out of the number.

8002275720 Complains by Mike,

Got a telephone out of the Amount. Registered message saying they were from Etna Rx House Delivery. I can get my melds through them. They left a phone Amount for telephone back stating there was important info seeing a recent prescription request

8002686639 Complains by Luce,

Gotten a call at 9 W am Talking about my Financial Institution amp said to dial 1. They Additionally told me that when I don t answer they may continue for call me back.

8002186530 Complains by :Loan Company,

I did t reply the phone and they did t leave a message. Shows on Owner id as VIRGINIA.

8002240563 Complains by mjh,

Phone rings several times a daytime but no just one is on another end

4049418908 Complains by Guest,

Wont tell me who the debt out of and how much they Only want my account number

5624648669 Complains by Guest,

Telephone overly Substantially.

8080000000 Complains by Guest,

The female Man cairns that Cans is a survey But Desired for know if I was around eighteen I ended your telephone Deciding that this is scam

8003478209 Complains by Pat,

I picked up the Telephone and they said the phone is being recorded. Could I Chat to my first name . I said not if you personally re going for record this call. She said I ll call back. I don't have any outstanding Pupil loans as mentioned in a post below and no debt that should be in Set. I told her not for annoyance calling back if she was going for consistently record the call. I could t believe they anticipate people to Pay over information while being Registered for someone who won t even identify themselves. They did not offer me a number for telephone back.

8659845336 Complains by Guest,

Leaves mssg that local authorities will come w/lawsuit against me! Scam! Please block these scammers & throw them on the slammer!

5085349478 Complains by Guest,

Susan Berry COM Throw NA SR Telephone Repair please Upgrade the Cam for Tennessee W to MASTER SON Tim. Currently showing Linda Montana Christine M Montana jenny Rosenberg which are wrong. Cheers.

3602626181 Complains by Guest,

recorded computer express saying your Irs is Processing a litigation against me phone this number back

6093852442 Complains by Guest,

unknown caller

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