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2017-09-28 23:01:26
Calls every day. Needs to speak with someone regarding a "legal matter", but has no contact name. Leaves a "case #".
2017-09-28 22:59:15
Calls every day. Needs to speak with someone regarding a "legal matter", but has no contact name. Leaves a "case #".
2017-09-18 17:46:33
A WARNING to the community that there are scammers calling as companies I got one from "WREC" that supposably was the driver assigned to cut my power today who gave me a 800 # to call to pay my bill before he comes to cut my power. Knowing i was up to date I didn't call them I called WREC direct and verified it was a scam. So many people may panic and not realize they are being taken. Real shame how people take advantage like this!
2017-09-15 00:16:12
They wanted to offer acting/modeling carreer advice to my teen at a Marriot hotel in raleigh, I couldn't get the name of the company or agency. They knew his age and name...
2017-09-06 02:13:14
On 9/4/17, I went to website (or at least I thought I was), and a rep named "John" popped up via Chat and asked how he could help. I informed him that I was looking for info on activating my Roku. He informed that there is a one-time $69.99 activation fee which I felt was suspicious but gave permission b/c I thought I was on Roku's website. A few minutes later, a rep named "Justin" called me from (813) 642-7095 and instructed me how to activate my Roku but also informed me about the $69.99 fee and asked for my permission to charge my credit card. I received a receipt from Netpros LLC for the activation fee via e-mail. After having suspicions that I had been scammed, I later found an article on Roku's website saying that they never charge an activation fee and what steps to take if you have been scammed.
2017-09-05 13:22:16
Got call from man for a hooker middle of night. I had left it go to voicemail.
2017-08-08 22:17:39
Left a voice mail of about 30 seconds of dead air. No message.
2017-08-03 23:12:54
call had person name as caller id with local telephone number to get you to answer. Call about lowering interest rate on credit card. Spam
2017-08-02 17:58:29
Multiple calls. Never leaves a message. Calls very early in the morning.
2017-07-26 00:29:28
Inetico Telephone solicitation Caller left a lengthy telephone solicitation message claiming to be a Registered Nurse representing Inetico. Claimed to have previously spoken with my wife about my current insurance plan, which she named. Wanted to know if we received the "literature" that she sent to my wife in the mail. We never received any mail from Inetico. Claimed to be able to save my wife considerable out-of-pocket expense on her current coverage. Ironic, given the fact that my wife has triple insurance and never sees a medical bill. Just EOBs showing paid in full, balance zero.
2017-07-21 18:02:30
i keep receiving calls from 813- 359- 8666 about debts with my credit cards
2017-07-13 14:22:55
Offering ad space on a golf program score card. Fla number taking ads for TN golf course does not make sense. Called at 7:16 am....way outside marketing hours.
2017-07-09 21:19:15
8139295000 is the main switchboard number for Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel just north of Tampa. Obvious case of a legitimate number being spoofed for nefarious purposes.
2017-07-06 17:14:26
This is a medical school trting to get you enrolled im their school
2017-07-01 07:06:25
Just got the call from this number, he says he is calling from Florida and wanted to purchase my van, offered to send a check, I will fedex him the car first and ask his address....Lol. He got confused and says his wife will come pick it up...I ask him to send his wife pic .....funny conversation as I already know he is a scammer...finally he hanged up...Lol
2017-06-08 01:41:12
Calls and hangs up
2017-06-01 19:43:25
Dawn Marie Hawley Stoddard from Tampa Florida is relentless! texting our business line to acting as if she is a potential customer! BEWARE of this desperate female! next step will be legal action against her. She claims to be a "Christian" what kind of Christian stalks an ex and his wife for 3 years? She's driven hundreds of miles to drive by our home, text and called our businesses and Facebook pages... all for what? you just don't have a clue! you need Jesus!
2017-05-19 23:41:48
Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been receiving calls without voice mails from this number. I am registered on the do not call list. I would like to have this harassment stopped please
2017-05-15 22:23:32
I have been getting several phone calls a day from this company. I do not know why they are calling me, I do not answer the phone calls at all I have also blocked this number, but they call from a different phone number so I have to block that number also. These people need to stop calling me.
2017-05-15 22:22:29
asked for my son and said they were a modeling agency, that he had filled out a form saying he was interested in hair, commercials, woman had a very saucy accent speaking very fast.

Phone list in area 813

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8132010456Two calls Now I Merely don t answer so there was no message. Folks are appropriate the DC list dozen t seem Powerful. It was supposed for prevent these types of calls but right now your elections calls are going on so I figure we Only 've to be more watchful. Just not answering1752015-11-04 13:44:59
8132175938Obtained a phone on 9 W from W W W. Acquired a call on W W out of W W W. Acquired a telephone today W W out of W W W the Girl knew my first name said they were calling people because their magazines are arriving damaged I said mine are Great she Afterward said Since I 've you on your Telephone I said I 've for go. Cheers. and hung Upwards. I don't buy my Publications through Editors Cleaning House. I actually appreciate everyone s comments here. This can be many form of scam. I located it interesting that other comm enters also acquired calls from the other two numbers. Ms. G.572015-11-04 14:04:15
8130006294I don t know who this was. I do know the Telephone only rang twice and before I could Choose it Upward. . . they hung Upwards. Want I knew thou. W Region code is Tampa Place. W confident this can be many scumbag telemarketer. RottenBassterd42015-11-04 14:04:36
8132004669It sounded enjoy a recorded message per that DENTALLY. GOV website You personally may also file a complaint if you personally gotten a call that used a recorded message instead of a live person whether or not your own Amount was on the Registry . lamet22015-11-04 14:05:14
8132202895A profane callGuest52015-12-14 14:39:14
8132170001You personally Go Robin. I m gonna remain with Credit Unions from now on. Regions Bank has Sent me so far from typical banks. Come on. I m working I ll get you personally the money I mean them. Moreover nobody needs for have a repossession I had one within W its even more expensive. . . RobotLaw132015-11-04 14:11:50
8130982790I Additionally got similar messages saying need to discuss something very pressing which could not become talked on Telephone Pl contact me on E-mail W protected for more information Pl dint autumn for this particular guys girls i m looking forwards for report this for Authorities. Deven72015-11-04 14:32:24
8132490635location of numberterry12015-11-04 14:36:57
8132154766Merely obtained that same text as Raul. I figure we have been both winners. . . Alan42015-11-04 14:39:17
8132520222Called me twice Put Upward both times I replied. Ben2902015-11-04 14:40:37
8132522355Some Man out of Orlando FL stating you can create W W a daytime. . . Matt232015-11-04 14:41:39
8132411000 Ups Transportation called about a Bundle and for verify our business address. They had your old address on file and Promised they were Changing their files along with the new address. Afterward they called back again and had got a error and hung up. Erin Schultz62015-11-04 14:43:00
8132520666Thick Indian accent. Needed for supply me a free wireless Residence security system as soon as I mentioned I was a renter he hung Upward. . How Rude. Russ1332015-11-04 14:45:24
8132538900WeirdoGuest72015-12-18 23:54:03
8130008654NAME NOT Found. . . Upgrade on charge card. . Eddie42015-11-04 15:37:44
8132946620don t call me pleaseGuest42015-12-16 11:32:59
8132801422Got another phone out of these people today they left a message that I won a trip. Wonder how much that can Price me. Melanie102015-11-04 15:42:42
8132835929They have called me three different times in your last week. I never answer because I was Scared they would be a scam. The Amounts were W W W W W W and W W WLiz232015-11-04 15:43:17
8132228946Someone calling themselves Sonia who said they were from Small Harbor . could t Actually tell really thick Feature and caller ID read Private Caller said I won the opportunity to be a VIP at their grand opening and was guaranteed a Holiday. When I said I wan t interested said she Comprehended yet plowed on with your sales Message. I informed them for never phone here again and she STILL ongoing with that sales Message. I restated never for phone unless they Enjoyed lawsuits. Not certain if scam or timeshare but I don t value people that don t comprehend your word no. Kara42015-11-04 15:45:27
8132602283Si lo lawman P} Ester numeric supposedly a la Alicia k son stevedores Le discern k tenon UN loan approved k envied diner y SE Cohen Eli diner Poe favor attends a Es Ok. salads sudsysusy42015-11-04 15:46:12
8132835728Don t understand this number. Wish they would Stop calling. . Lita72015-11-04 16:03:13
8132832000got a call from the number and instantly Arrived to the Website. I idea it was ridiculous how this scam dozen t even say who that Significant phone call is for. jenny82015-11-04 16:07:26
8132835948Same Actual matter happened for me today. What Business is this with. I m totally going to report him to someone higher in your Firm. Chrystal82015-11-04 16:07:52
8132835935Your Amount comes Upwards as being out of Tampa FL. . . said it was urgent and to phone him back. He said his name was Tom Parker. . . I got a phone then 5 minutes later my Partner Subsequently my elderly mother. Would really enjoy to find out what the People intentions are. nadaze2day42015-11-04 16:14:00
8132869999THEY CALLED ME Too N I Signed O Form AT D MALLARIANA.W492015-11-04 16:14:18
8139524921life streamGuest82015-12-19 11:03:50
8132522288Phone a third party about me using Risk Ways Around suing me. mad as hell62015-11-04 16:14:22
8133122806Additionally RC VG CALLS THAT I Do not AND Will not Response Out of 1 W W W THEY CALLED ME 3 TIMES Recently I Wish THEY WOULD Offer IT Upward BECAUSE I M NOT Replying. MM362015-11-04 16:20:47
8132110000Same as others called my cell phone did t reply. Voice send was Stop. . Jon92015-11-04 16:20:52
8131112222Acquired a call from the Amount but did not response. They did not leave a message. T122015-11-04 16:21:24
8134862145please don t phone again. Guest82015-12-13 20:44:05
8135328812name on credit applicationGuest72016-04-09 01:30:06
8132906200Don t value a phoned telephone at 6 W a. m. Notably if it is a solicitation call. You're now blocked on my phone. phyllis402015-11-04 16:35:00
8132834554The hole called me saying they were a debt collector. Megan212015-11-04 16:45:11
8132834512Boo. . . hiss. . . . that s pitiful. You Simply get Completed burying your own meme and many AL calls Looking cash. UN fucking believable. Pissed off!92015-11-04 16:51:46
8133212428This number used for see your number is active. May phone back and forth between my wife and my cell Telephone waiting for among us to reply so they could telephone people from a Distinct number. It never leaves a message and can hang Upwards once you personally Chat. IE it is a fishing line. Calling back that Amount got me the Business name. TampaGuy82015-11-04 16:55:16
8133370199this is a Nuisance phone. someone has manner overly Considerably time or their hands and needs to get a life. Or a Occupation. or take attention of that little whore they Offered Delivery to. . . . Guest282015-11-04 17:00:06
8132834647I got a telephone from the Amount. She said her name was Rant Davis and that it was really Significant that I telephone her instantaneously. She left no info on what she was calling about or what company she represents. Sounds Bad for me. I Think a debt collector or scam artist. nicole112015-11-04 17:03:49
8132004667I vie called this number and made it clear I don t desire any more calls. . G. Maynard212015-11-04 17:04:52
8132006119Don t ever steal out of meGuest82015-12-19 15:55:06
8133225027Acquired a phone telephone out of the Amount. Your Owner left no voice message. MStein221412015-11-04 17:09:30
8132876600Unknown caller. . Gary52015-11-04 17:14:22
8137936945 Guest4902015-11-04 17:17:43
8132006500OptimumGuest82015-12-14 22:50:10
8135497500CAGuest372015-11-04 17:22:42
8132645447My son developed a very itchy rash which fast distribute over his whole body in a few months of scratching what he idea were Insect bites. I took him for Bay Dermatology and by the time suspected it might be scabies mites out of research I had done. The Dr told him it looked Enjoyed scabies and took a skin try debilitating told him to wait W times for results and use cortisone or other around the counter for itching and sent him home with nothing. By the time he wanted to Grab off his skin your itching was so lousy I started him on natural merchandises recommended by the Web which helped a little. After W days your Evaluation result Arrived back Bad which I read happens quite often when they don't Setting the Specific Location of the mite or egg. No follow Upwards calls for see how he was or anything from this office CASE Shut. I called that next week to Discuss for the Supervisor and she got another appointment by this time that rash had covered his complete body including Crown and I including scalp and I 've an outbreak out of caring for him washing clothing etc. Two really arrogant Physicians look at his Core and legs which were your worst and locate Outside that he most likely contracted the from having unprotected sex and diagnose that it has for be a sexually transmitted disease not even listening to me when I told them I had busted Outside along with that same rash due for being the caregiver and exposed. You are able to get scabies through prolonged skin to skin contact or infected bedding clothes. They ordered a blood Evaluation and wrote a prescription for a anti bio tic which might 've helped a bit but did nothing for your rash or itching and did not address that Actual Trouble. CASE Shut FOR THESE TWO MORONS. I took him to our private Physician who immediately diagnosed him as having scabies and Recommended that Right Cr me to Address the and now we have been on your manner to ridding him of the parasite and I am also Managing myself along with that proper treatment. Trust me look for another dermatologist who can diagnose your own skin problem correctly and care enough for follow Upward along with you for create sure you are Curing and not Simply desire to bound to your erroneous Investigation to get you out of their office and arrogantly state CASE Closed. I wasted W. W on two office visits plus my son has a scar on the back of his leg absolutely for nothing. Tim12015-11-04 17:24:03
8133211404Called 4 times in a Second since I did not Select Upwards. Extremely RUDE as I 'm at work and cannot answer phone. Make that 5. . . . WT[email protected]82015-11-04 17:24:54
8133338999Phone on my House Telephone no message these Folks Actually drive me nuts I am confident it's a few type of scam or fraud call no valid Business calls out of a wireless Telephone. bkny1142015-11-04 17:26:27
8133931317Calls 9 W times a day with different W prefixesGuest52015-11-04 17:26:41
8130925299Merely got a call from this . Music at first and then a foreign Man came on and said I wanna f u . He called a business for crying Outside loud. NIM172015-11-04 17:27:50

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