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Telephone information: Gabriel Wireless. Tampa, FL. Hillsborough. United states
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Post by Cardsfan,

8132030123 Got a call today 7 W W but no message left. Assessed the site and think it May}n' become a scam as reported by other places.

Post by sherry,

813-203-0123 Someone was calling Individuals using that message within our Region within South Carolina your past few weeks. They haven't called people but they're putting the House Telephone Amount on their Owner id when they create your calls. My House Telephone was ringing off the hook with people that see missed calls and phone back Thinking who called I suppose it dozen t leave a message . I eventually got for Talk with a person who listened for the message Now and Subsequently called back that Amount on her Owner id our Dwelling phone . I told her that callers are probably scampers since they are spoofing the as their caller id . She Desired me for present her your free yard sign. . . . sigh.

Post by Cargill, Inc.,

8132030123 Phone made to employee s company supplied cell Telephone.

Post by bowwow,

813-203-0123 Merely got a phone from this Amount. it was something about FBI stats

Post by اامغرب,

8132030123 W

Post by Christine,

813-203-0123 I requested for my number to become removed numerous times and still they telephone all that time trying to sell a Dwelling security system.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 security system

Post by Very annoyed,

813-203-0123 The 1 W W W continues to telephone my cellular Amount and I am fed up. I may report it for that authorities. This should be illegal.

Post by Chris,

8132030123 RES said it totally so I copied him her Called my cell phone with message about burglaries and I Installed up

Post by Alicia McGuire,

813-203-0123 I don t need anymore calls that i don t know please Cease calling me if u arena t going to leave a express mail message.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 keeps calling after I told them to Quit . . .

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 attempted for telephone back

Post by Guest,

8132030123 sales telephone for a home security system

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 sales

Post by Candis,

8132030123 ND time Now got a call out of this on my cell missed calls both times tried for call back no response is within your W area idea someone was Attempting for get within touch it fuss me that I that call would not go through happy it s nothing to worry Around.

Post by Mare,

813-203-0123 I got a MI's telephone out of the Amount also. If they telephone again and I make contact I may ask them for send me a sign for my yard then I gives them that address of my local Authorities Section.

Post by Nunya,

8132030123 Owner is an idiot Marketing House security that IGNORES your don't telephone list. Along with the NASA and the Authorities Recording everyone s calls these Folks should 've been burned at that stake by now

Post by RWS,

813-203-0123 Called my cell Telephone with message about burglaries and I Put Upwards.

Post by Ladygonzo20,

8132030123 Got this on my cell Telephone. . . . . . my is only known with my parents brother amp his Partner my Partner and no 1 else. . . . . . . .

Post by Stephen,

813-203-0123 Have been becoming calls out of them for months Keep becoming live Man who says that I own a house. I don't own a house not have I ever owned a house I have begun logging that telephone Days times and Strategy to Find legal action against them which I enlighten them of my intentions every time I phone.

Post by jdg,

8132030123 my Telephone was called every W minutes. About W times. I never replied. No message left from Owner.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 calls all that time

Post by Nikki,

8132030123 Just called me did t leave a message. . . . ANNOYING

Post by Steve,

813-203-0123 Got a call no one on the other Finish. . . . annoying. . . . .

Post by ToscasKiss,

8132030123 Got a call earlier today on cell. Did t reply no message. Simply just one within an Periodic series of unwanted scam calls your numbers of which I save as Scam within case they phone again I vie trained myself to never answer if I don t know the number . I keep Thinking what Actions it is I took that got my number on these telephone lists. I think some of those Firms or organizations Stadium t really honest when they state they ll NEVER share your info along with other Events. Annoying.

Post by Ek,

813-203-0123 I got a telephone and picked up but no reply. Called back and what a sup rise. . . could not Entire call at this time. On my radar now. . .

Post by Guest,

8132030123 spam

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Fake

Post by Memphis, TN,

8132030123 Got a phone out of this Amount on my cell phone which is on your don't telephone registry which doesn't work as I get calls from solicitors all the time at House and on my cell.

Post by Stevo11101,

813-203-0123 I just had a telephone out of this Amount which I did t response. But Established on the comments and Remark Days here I would state this is some kind of scam with a lot of current action.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 spam. selling Residence security systems

Post by David,

813-203-0123 Got a phone telephone on my cell Telephone. Answered. . . same matter Around burglaries in area as other places. Pressed 2 someone with thick Highlight identified themselves as Gloria Inquired that company name she said she is on Part of Dwelling Security Options asked for phone Amount of Business she told me she USN t at that company and did I desire the Amount to your Real company I told her whatever she needs for offer me that I was being called on my cell phone by an automatic dial er which is illegal and I need that company Information she then Put up.

Post by Larry Pletcher,

8132030123 Obtained a call out of this Amount while speaking for someone else did t Select Upward phone and no message was left.

Post by wowmanyow,

813-203-0123 Simply got a phone out of this number. Said nothing. Then when I tried calling back about W times each time it said Call failed. . Left no message.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 Home security system spam.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Tired of becoming these calls

Post by Shari,

8132030123 Got a telephone from this Amount and did not reply. A couple of hours After got a phone from a local number and someone was asking why I had called them which I Haydn t. Any more of those calls and I ll have for Alter my number.

Post by tom,

813-203-0123 great one

Post by Guest,

8132030123 Recorded message Attempting for frighten me into Purchasing Dwelling security

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 They called me and did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 They keep calling me and hanging up

Post by dick trickle,

813-203-0123 security sales I've answered the Telephone a couple times and told them for take me off that list they Cease for a little while Subsequently telephone again

Post by Guest,

8132030123 Shouldn't become calling please stop

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 They phone and state nothing and when you personally don t reply they won t leave a message

Post by Don Amort,

8132030123 I have acquired calls from these Individuals twice already. Was told by operator Telephone Amount was not within existence. I own a Residence within FL and 've since Used a security guard along with notifying my neighbors who have also indicated new suspicious action within that Place. Area watch along along with that local police Department. have been alerted. So Considerably for the gov. Don't call list. Suppose we should pay even more taxes to get the damn thing Applied. . . or Basic Simply forget about it as it dint amount to some hill of beans.

Post by Dylan,

813-203-0123 I Merely received a telephone from this number. Two minutes After my Father gotten that same phone our Amounts are sequential his only just one number higher than mine these spammers must Simply go calling Telephone numbers in 1 2 3 type . The call is a bull sh t recording about many FBI Numbers on burglaries Substantially enjoy what has been reported here already. Apparently they're based in Tampa but they ll shamelessly telephone all around your U. S. for solicit many type of service. I hung Upwards after your first few words. What I don t recognize is how this same Amount was within business for over a year now. . . .

Post by Vladislav Solc,

8132030123 This number W W W is calling me repeatedly. Please Discontinue them. Thank you personally Vlad Soc

Post by wh,

813-203-0123 Press 1 for become Set on your Do not Call list I hung up instead.

Post by ...,

8132030123 I received a call out of the Amount twice the first time they attempted for offer me a home security system. The took me by surprise as I do not own a Dwelling and never have completed high school yet. The Girl who spoke to me sounded like she was out of India. Really Bizarre contemplating the number was Established from Tampa Florida. Next time I gives them that address for FBI headquarters and let them handle it.

Post by Mark,

813-203-0123 Calling cellphone with an Child. I hang up when I Notice that background noise from your phone center.

Post by Sam,

8132030123 Simply got all 4 of my lines turned back on out of an international scam using Verizon wireless name amp a site identical to Verizon s. Within an hour I obtained a call from the Amount. I did t response but called it back amp got your call cannot be Finished message. I 've a feeling it s all Related somehow. I can be reporting this number for Verizon s fraud department tomorrow when they open. Perhaps they can body it all out.

Post by Joe,

813-203-0123 Two missed calls for my mobile did not leave any express mails.

Post by سعدة,

8132030123 W

Post by Mr. C,

813-203-0123 no one on other Finish potential scam phone have number on do not phone list still get calls.

Post by Nic,

8132030123 I got that telephone too and I live within CO

Post by Susan Bakker,

813-203-0123 9 W W Repeated hang Upwards calls out of caller

Post by Guest,

8132030123 . Called 3 times. No message. I m not confident who or what it's.

Post by Angela,

813-203-0123 My caller ID today said Florida and the Telephone Amount we re talking about. When I answered no just one was on your line. I called the number back and a record said that number You're trying for reach could not be connected or something enjoy that. I kinda feel better it was a telemarketer. I was afraid it was my ex Attempting for locate me again. He lives within Tampa. . . Whew

Post by anonymous,

8132030123 I 've replied the Telephone twice and there is no just one on your line. When I telephone back I get a message We have been unable to phone the Amount as dialed . Please check the Amount or phone your own Driver I 'm already on a do not call list.

Post by tammy,

813-203-0123 I obtained an unsolicited call out of this Amount as well. I did t response no express send was left. I 'm on the national Don't Call list. I filed a complaint at HTTP Www. FCC. gov complaints also blocked this Amount at my Telephone service Supplier.

Post by george,

8132030123 jeeps calling me. around Andes over

Post by Frustrated,

813-203-0123 Called I replied they hung Upward.

Post by Behn,

8132030123 Only support they ll get out of me is my Base Upwards their with spikes on that end

Post by harrassed,

813-203-0123 received several phone calls a week out of same W W W Choose up no just one there other times telephone back and cannot connect. . . . . other times really rude Man demanding for Speak to your person will not leave message and may hang Upwards. quite unusual.

Post by Jayman,

8132030123 Simply got a telephone from this Amount. i Decided up and they hung up no Sound or anything.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 automated

Post by Guest,

8132030123 Who s this

Post by Not Buying It,

813-203-0123 Owner ID Name Temporally offed free Crook alarm system for Simply letting us Place a indication within your yard. I hung up because I suspected fraud.

Post by tom,

8132030123 great one

Post by kickass,

813-203-0123 I got a phone and did not replied. I called back and express message came on saying that we sorry your telephone cannot become Finished please check that Amount and strive again or telephone your own Owner . Then it continued All lines are occupied now Beep sound and went away.

Post by rlww,

8132030123 acquired phone did not answer. Caller left no message

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Marketing Dwelling dismay system

Post by Ron,

8132030123 Automated message about Residence security and something along with the FBI.

Post by Coroloro,

813-203-0123 Got a single phone out of the Amount they Put up instantly. Got occupied signal when trying for phone back.

Post by DaveC,

8132030123 Got your telephone on my cell. I m almost used for telemarketers and scampers calling my Residence Amount. But my cell. I vie given my cell Amount for Really few people. Now i gotta body out who Offered Outside my number. As was previously mentioned over and over if you personally get repeated calls report it at the Fed DC list net Website. . . HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe Assess. asp. Cell IF they get enough Criticisms they Will act against that perpetrators. I Actually hope I don t see a post after mine asking how can I Quit the. . . .

Post by indolent,

813-203-0123 Bacall Marketing security systems.

Post by sherry,

8132030123 Someone has been calling people using that message within the Place within South Carolina the past few weeks. They never have called us but they are putting your Dwelling Telephone number on their Owner id when they create the calls. My Dwelling Telephone has been ringing away that hook with individuals who see missed calls and telephone back wondering who called I suppose it dozen t leave a message . I finally got for Chat along with a Man who listened to the message today and Afterward called back that Amount on her Owner id the home Telephone . I told her that callers are Likely scampers since they are spoofing our as their caller id . She wanted me for provide her that free yard indication. . . . sigh.

Post by JoJo,

813-203-0123 These Folks called and Inquired if my Girl liked to get naked along with older men. . . I Installed up and they called back and asked your same about my wife I told them I was reporting them and they haven't called back.

Post by anikki,

8132030123 They telephone me. . . . . never answer. . . . don t like telemarketers

Post by JB,

813-203-0123 Phone several times Day-to-day. Annoying. Never reply. Want they would Cease.

Post by fed up with these people calling me!,

8132030123 I am on that No Call List and it dozen t seem to question. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . These people phone me incessantly Regular. . . . I never reply that phone and I don't need for. . its Very annoying. . . . Somebody please Begin a class action suit against these people who don't permit people to 've silent enjoyment of that Houses we all live in. . . or pats or Homes or whatever makes it occur. . . .

Post by JimH,

813-203-0123 W W W called having an offer of a Dwelling security indication for the yard. I pressed 2 to be Set on that do not call list.

Post by ...,

8132030123 Got W Calls Now from these Folks. . . THEY Will not Cease CALLING. I never have picked Upwards once.

Post by Annoid,

813-203-0123 Tired of the Amount calling W W Tampa FL

Post by DD,

8132030123 Been the way since your list was activated in W. Who was within control back Afterward.

Post by Alex,

813-203-0123 Got a call out of the number on my cell phone. My prompt first notion was How did they get my number. I don t even own a home I m a senior in high school. But that theory of them dialing every number in existence within sequential order makes sense. Someone Additionally Recommended earlier that they put your sign within your own yard so they know which Properties for hit. This really is a devious and Really somewhat well Set Jointly Structure. That is exactly why more people demand to be aware of this type of Items. Kind of trust they telephone back so I can give them a roast they deserve.

Post by Greg,

8132030123 Added to reject list on my phone. Ignorant spammers

Post by flutemother,

813-203-0123 The Amount has called us twice today. Both times I have answered saying this really is XXX. . . Hi. and eventually it hangs Upwards. So not certain who s calling but you ll get no where this way.

Post by daniel myers,

8132030123 non Quit calls i 'm on no telephone list WT.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 They phone and hang up. Then when I telephone back they need and sir

Post by call#1,

8132030123 This Amount called my cell I did t answer and no visceral was left. Go ogled the number and that Added me to this web vision.

Post by Dennis Gerow,

813-203-0123 my cell phone is on your no call list

Post by Pam,

8132030123 Whats the feeling of being on the no phone registry if we still get telemarketing calls . . . . . . What could we do for stop these annoying calls . . . P

Post by Granny Austin,

813-203-0123 Boy 'm I fed Upwards along with these calls. I vie had a rash of them the week not all in the same number but basically the same content. Many of them are Around a magazine pitch and many are about a Dwelling security system I ll get for free Yes sure . They always ask for my son who is handicapped and has a phone only for become Competent for reach W. I am incapacitated and under hospice care. We do not own a Dwelling and we don t want any Journals. Could t something be done to get rid of these thoughtless idiots. . . They are a threat to my Well-being and nicely being seriously.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 selling House security systems

Post by McDadeTX,

813-203-0123 Keep calling my work Released cell I never response no messages.

Post by Brian Lowhorn,

8132030123 I 'm on the Don't call its here within Indianapolis and i 've gotten several calls along along with my coworkers who are on that same corp cell account

Post by Person,

813-203-0123 Probably a scam. First call a Man asking about Dwelling security. Installed up when I said I was within an apartment. Second phone a guy asking Around home security. Hung Upward when I Required for become removed from the list. Third call I Directed} to voice mail. Got recorded message Seeking me for press buttons. The seems for become many type of phishing scam. Go ogling Absolute Security Alternatives phone indicates that it is Established around Brand new England in Add-on to the number they phone from W W and W Amounts . I believe I may get Avast another security app for block these Men.

Post by D.C.,

8132030123 Actually desire for piss them away keep them on your Telephone as long as you can. I kept 1 guy on that phone another day for W min until he got Actual pissed and swore at me for wasting his time then that Put Upward.

Post by DD,

813-203-0123 Been the manner since that list was activated in W. Who was within control back Subsequently.

Post by Guest,

8132030123 They had no motive for become calling me.

Post by J L Richards,

813-203-0123 Telemarketer I am on no telephone list have never done company along with this company

Post by NoSpam,

8132030123 Selling security system via Free Security System just for Setting a sign within your own yard. bait and Change routine. Additionally uses frighten Methods to increase interest.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Never picked up phone from state calk

Post by CheeseQueen,

8132030123 I got a telephone out of this Amount Recently Caller ID said Wireless Owner amp it was out of Tampa FL. I did t recognize that Amount so I never answered. I got another telephone Now at 7 W in the Soft morning. Did t response that just one either. What kind of idiot salesperson calls that bleed within earlier. . .

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 i dint know your number

Post by BootShlt,

8132030123 Called twice Indian guy on the line each time. I can t recognize what he s saying 1 matters for sure rooted droid blocked phone calls.

Post by Jeannie Newsome,

813-203-0123 Unwanted calls to my cell Telephone.

Post by Annoyed,

8132030123 Received a telephone out of the number on a telephone. Did t response and caller left no message.

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 spam

Post by d. klb,

8132030123 calls every few minutes try and telephone back and telephone could not be Finished message never left

Post by Chavela,

813-203-0123 I keep becoming calls out of this Amount. I don't answer calls that I do not recognize that number. I 'm on that do not phone list. I Desire THEM For Quit CALLING ME. .

Post by Kris,

8132030123 Calling my cell even though I 'm on that don't phone registry. Annoying.

Post by shana,

813-203-0123 I keep getting a phone out of here each few Min's when i call back it said telephone can not become completed as dialed

Post by Dora,

8132030123 got 2 calls out of them today. no message. when i called your number back it said that phone could not be Finished. going for add for Avoid list on my phone fresh Trendy feature on my Samsung S's.

Post by WI,

813-203-0123 Daily calls even though on don't phone list. If I can look for Outside info I can turn them within. Never Strike their remove my number Number they Simply desire to understand they got a working Amount.

Post by akerhc e,

8132030123 got phone today first time

Post by D.C.,

813-203-0123 Actually desire for piss them off keep them on your phone as long as you can. I kept 1 guy on the Telephone the other daytime for W Minimum until he got real pissed and swore at me for wasting his time Subsequently that Installed up.

Post by Unlisted Joe,

8132030123 Got phone out of the amp they did not leave message. Must not need me for understand who they're so I could arrest them. Do not waste your time or minutes calling them. They Only are out for rob you of your Identification or . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Called number no ring no reply. Answered when they called I Inquired for extension Nebr for call back they hung up. Think phishing for id Larceny.

Post by Bestoes,

8132030123 Got 1 today. no among the other Finish answered. Installed Upward.

Post by Chad,

813-203-0123 Had 2 missed calls out of this number on 5 W W. Never answered no express mails.

Post by Not available,

8132030123 Recorded message on my mobile. Deleted it. That is the first time they vie called. Where did they get my mobile Amount.

Post by Lili,

813-203-0123 Got a phone but I did t reply since I don t understand anyone from Tampa. They did t leave a voice send so I figured it was a scam. Beware people.

Post by D.C.,

8132030123 Got called the Night 6 W pm . this time on my cell Telephone. no response when I Decided.

Post by Steve,

813-203-0123 Got a telephone from them on my cell Telephone Subsequently got a telephone out of them on my work Telephone Around W minutes later. Your simply place I understand where I keep those two Amounts Jointly is along with ADP. Given your Sorts of messages Individuals report here I believe that s not a coincidence. . .

Post by Todd,

8132030123 Merely obtained a phone from the Amount and let it go for express mail. No message was left.

Post by Angela,

813-203-0123 My caller ID today said Florida and the Telephone Amount we re talking about. When I answered no just one was on your line. I called your number back and a record said that number you are Striving for reach could not be connected or something like that. I kinda feel better it was a telemarketer. I was Scared it was my ex Striving for look for me again. He lives in Tampa. . . Whew

Post by Mike,

8132030123 I vie gotten calls from this number at least 5 times Beginning on Could possibly Th n as recent as yesterday Might ST. When I have Decided up I hear nothing so i Only hang Upward but if i don t response there s no voice send and get the same cannot Entire the call as dialed please check that Amount and attempt your own call again message everyone else here gets

Post by Cinnamon,

813-203-0123 Got a telephone from this Amount at eleven something within the morning left no message and its a number that doesn't get calls either Looks like i wasn't that important for them have not had any other calls out of them yet

Post by T Atl,

8132030123 The Amount revealed up on my cell Telephone as Tampa Fla. I did not reply. I don t understand anyone in Tampa Fla. They did not leave a message. Added for Reject list

Post by katie,

813-203-0123 ID who that is who is calling. but I get the call every couple times. I answered and it said something about a dismay system. I just got a phone today and when I went for response it they Installed Upwards.

Post by Talvryn,

8132030123 My spouse just got a phone on his cell along with this Amount but he did t reply. I Go ogled your Amount it brought me here. While I was reading a few of another Remarks to him about that number I got the same call. I replied it. I got your FBI statistics of Properties being burglarized every few seconds and how kittens weep for people and if I Needed a NO Cost For your requirements Dwelling security system I could press 1. Press 2 for be removed. I pressed nothing ended the call had a chuckle along with your Partner and now expect my Children away at School to send me a text asking Around that same telephone.

Post by JM,

813-203-0123 Only called me for that ND time within 3 days


8132030123 Just BLOCK THEM IT S THAT Uncomplicated.

Post by ann,

813-203-0123 This number called me at 4 am and several times during that day. I always Avoid the telephone but it still keep calling me. I Only moved and 've a fresh Amount. I Set myself on federal and state no call list was told it will take W times for your enforcement for be Powerful. So I 've for put Upwards along with them for now. But as soon as my W times are up I can file that Criticism on these Folks.

Post by Behn,

8132030123 Only support they ll get out of me is my Base up their along with spikes on that end

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 House Security system call

Post by Guest,

8132030123 Selling House security. . automatic call Rob call

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 They keep calling and hanging up. . . . . . .

Post by Joe R.,

8132030123 Yes this appears for become a scam for a House security system. Your offending party doesn't pronounce your name of that company on your Registered message Showing this is below board. I vie gotten a String of these calls within new weeks. I have logged a Official Grievance along with your FCC regarding these telemarketing calls as I am on that Don't Telephone List. I would urge others for do that same.

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8282027308 Complains by Polly,

no one on the other end of that telephone when I answered

9192273989 Complains by Guest,


6313331082 Complains by Guest,

Rang once left no message

9193906195 Complains by Guest,

Got a hang up phone from this number

3109673901 Complains by Guest,

recorded spam

3377893703 Complains by GWN,

I am happy i did mt pay they are scampers

4074776005 Complains by james,

no massage left

4783208858 Complains by Hickman,

Same as Tony above. No name associated with it.

4165651896 Complains by Guest,

No name of business Simply a few credit card scam Around a 6 credit card they are fishing along with. Get Perhaps one call a month in the recorded message machine.

4168771171 Complains by DJ,

highly unstable Person doing massages. be thorough of this person

5617024359 Complains by Guest,

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4145198074 Complains by Guest,

A no no. . . unknown Individual stalker

5183802292 Complains by Disam,

Many calls no message from W W W then W W W then W W W. I 'm blocking them. These are sequential Amounts what kind of scummier is this. Is the a rototiller.

9039306555 Complains by Guest,

Bees looking for money can t work jobs thus have to steal in the individuals who do

9789336312 Complains by barbara,

States to be out of my Wellbeing insurance Firm but has all erroneous info but before I located it was a scam Offered info now has my date of Start and Telephone Amount sigh

6153807351 Complains by Guest,

Won t leave me alone

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