8152010068 / 815-201-0068

Telephone information: Usa Mobility Wireless. Rockford, IL. Winnebago. United states
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Post by Starbreeze,

8152010068 Called here and Put up after 4 rings. Don t know who they r but I trust this dozen t start becoming an every daytime matter.


815-201-0068 Yep I blocked these scampers but they're continuing for call. Sadly my Telephone is set Upward for let blocked numbers ring once that is better than the four times ringing on their previous calls before they hang up on my answering machine . I want my Telephone Merely blocked them without ringing. I 'm thinking of checking account into a call blocker to attain more serenity of head. Even just one ring gets my spirit beating out of my Torso not value it. I am Thinking exactly why there are not more Remarks on the phone number. With your lack of Folks Showing they are being bugged by these scampers I 've to wonder why I 'm so fortunate that they have my telephone number. That lack of Folks posting here has me believing that this isn't Simply random Rob calling. Any Opinions out of anyone would become appreciated. Cheers W Notes.

Post by Guest,

8152010068 No message left on replying machine.

Post by tired of ringing phone,

815-201-0068 They keep calling multiple times a daytime and when I pick up no 1 can there be. I 'm on your Do not Call LIST. . . .

Post by Resident,

8152010068 Resident You don t demand to become re registering your number. When you can that you open yourself up to calls from the Actual valid telemarketing Organizations for another W day s. Your DC USN t a phone blocker and can t protect you in the scampers frauds and illegal callers though. Political Charity and some survey s are exempt out of it also. Survey s that Test to sell however aren't exempt no subject what they may try and tell you personally otherwise. Do consider Perhaps becoming a phone blocking Product or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your own callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism complaint check. asp. Screen HTTP Web. Cease fraud. gov report. Web. fraud. org And here are that links for read and comprehend what your DC s are what they do and what they do not. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. Www. Cpl. com HTTP Www. Client. FTC. gov articles W national don't phone registrants Web. dentally. gov HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. shortstop business. FTC. gov documents bus's complying telemarketing sales roulette business. FTC. gov Records bus's com pl . . . rule Denigrates

Post by Mad Ape,

815-201-0068 Their calls keep coming now they even telephone on Saturday mornings. they keep calling but hang up. Please report them for your FCC for not complying with your do not call list E-mail W protected Maybe if they get fined this can Cease.

Post by Guest,

8152010068 Multiple calls per day. I am on DC list. How can I stop calls

Post by Foggy54,

815-201-0068 Even though I recognized your area code I did t answer it and they left no VIM. I called back and the number was from service . Scampers. . .

Post by goya,

8152010068 Brooke out of People Ventures called. Caller ID indicated Sheridan Illinois as Region. She Inquired how I was and I said active and Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 Calls several times. . . No message

Post by abr,

8152010068 Got a telephone allegedly from a roofing Business Regional. I did t remain on that line long enough for see the was a scam leveraging a local business s name or if they are perhaps Marketing prohibited calling services to unsuspecting businesses.

Post by T,

815-201-0068 Call out of Sheridan Illinois I live in TX asking if I need a free roof Assessment. thus drained of these scums calling me. . . along with card services who calls 2 x a day and I don t even have cc debt. no call list is a joke. . . I believe they sell your

Post by cm973,

8152010068 I let that Feds understand this is happening. . it s across states lines and who knows how big this can be

Post by Mike,

815-201-0068 No message

Post by cm973,

8152010068 I let the Feds understand that this is happening. . it s across states lines and who knows how Large this really is

Post by Can't stand it,

815-201-0068 The caller is blocked like Scam Blocker s message above my Telephone also rings once for the blocked calls. One ring is better than four when that replying machine picks Upward but I overly may appearance into a call blocker. One ring for blocked calls could be 5 7 Absolute rings for scummier calls throughout an average daytime so it does become upsetting to one s peace of thoughts. Want these People would Simply give Upwards calling my number.

Post by Can't stand it,

8152010068 I vie been out of town and when I Assessed my caller ID I had acquired 9 calls and another one just now out of this Amount. They started on 7 8 W. I m Happy for the reports here at least I understand what that nature of your telephone is since I never reply calls from Amounts I don t Comprehend. Caller ID shows From Region nothing more. I wonder when they ll give up.

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 calls constantly and no message is left

Post by Sharon,

8152010068 I acquired a call and asked them to remove our Amount from their list. They were considerate and agreed to do this. We 'll see.

Post by Not Answering,

815-201-0068 Telephone received from the Amount the morning Saturday for the first time. I don't answer calls out of numbers I do not Comprehend. CID said Sheridan Illinois. I 'm within FL. I have blocked that call However like others who've reported this call I do not get upset when your phone Bands once. And the show states Blocked Call. I Merely grin and believe Gotcha . I have about W calls that I have blocked since 7 1 W

Post by Peace and Quiet,

8152010068 The number Merely called and I don t 've any motive to reply a call out of Illinois. They of path left no message on that answering machine probably because they're scampers or worse.

Post by Julie,

815-201-0068 Looks like I m becoming the same scam as everyone. If you call back your number is from service. Mad.

Post by Guest,

8152010068 significant telemarketer calls several times per daytime. Hangs up on replying machine. I 'm on DC list. No help there. Attempted giving Facsimile tone to Decrease their computer.

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 phone Arrived within out of this number. I am on DC lists. When i said hello no just one responded. Many calls type this number. When i phone back it states it's a non working number.

Post by Kathy,

8152010068 A man pretended to be local coming over for work on roofs within your Town and asked if we wanted a roof estimate. We live within Iowa and the calling number wan t Iowa. When I Inquired him Around checking account do not phone he said he was Only a local guy and did t understand Around it. Subsequently he hung up in your Central of a sentence.

Post by Tired of scam calls,

815-201-0068 Complete scam and when I told Owner that we were on the do not telephone list she got bright with me and Installed Upward on me.

Post by kr,

8152010068 Calling at least once day for last 5 times but we have not answered. Appearance Upward says Place ROCKFORD Il Company Usa Mobility WIRELESS INC. Phone Kind Mobile

Post by Annoyed in VA,

815-201-0068 We do not answer to these unwanted calls. . . . And we don't answer any phone not recognized. . . . Phone from Sheridan Illinois. PARASITES SCAMPERS. . . No Finish for these unwanted calls. . .

Post by Grumpy,

8152010068 Jerks called and woke me up earlier on Sat morning. AGAIN. How many times has the roofing outfit been reported to no avail. Your National government is a joke. Everybody Sets their Amounts on that FCC s silly list but now each 1 else in your universe knows this Administration dozen t even fake to enforce that Do not Phone laws anymore than they're enforcing your immigration laws or fulfilling their accountability for provide Good Wellbeing care for Experts. That scampers have a area day making people all miserable Understanding full well that nobody can ever come after them for violating the law.

Post by Junk Phone Call Recepient,

815-201-0068 Simply avoided answering this call don t answer calls I don t Comprehend. No message left anyway.

Post by Annoyed in VA,

8152010068 W W W Last of many calls over that last two months. No message

Post by Annoyed,

815-201-0068 Simply another phone number that calls and leaves no message. I m becoming more and more of these insane calls each daytime.

Post by Can't Stand It,

8152010068 The number is blocked on my Telephone. Within the last W times they 've called W times Allowing for my call log. Merely Needed to update these Listings thus other people can see Merely how Chronic these pests could become. Don t response calls out of this Amount They're obviously not a legitimate business. Thank you W Notes for providing this forum for all of people who are on another Finish of these scamming phishing calls.

Post by Barbara,

815-201-0068 When I said Hi a Girl responded with that same twice. . . Afterward she Put up.

Post by Sean,

8152010068 I get between 3 and five calls a daytime which are unknown callers and out of state Place codes. i dint normally reply but it happens all of the time. I 'm thus Ill of it occasionally I reply and nobody is there. Then i Face for return that telephone and it doesn't exist and no answering machine message. I am on that don't phone list too what is a person Guessed to do anymore.

Post by spaz,

815-201-0068 Simply called here no express message don t understand who they are

Post by Resident,

8152010068 Citizen You don t demand to be re registering your own number. When you would that you open yourself up for calls in the Actual valid telemarketing Businesses for another W daytime s. Your DC USN t a telephone blocker and could t shield you personally from your scampers frauds and illegal callers though. Political Charity and many survey s are exempt out of it Additionally. Survey s that attempt for sell Yet are not exempt no matter what they could strive and tell you otherwise. Do consider Perhaps getting a phone blocking Unit or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your own callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe complaint Assess. asp. Screen HTTP Web. stop fraud. gov report. Web. fraud. org And here are that links for read and recognize what the DC s are what they do and what they don't. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. Web. Cpl. com HTTP Internet. Customer. FTC. gov articles W national do not telephone registrants Internet. dentally. gov HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. shortstop company. FTC. gov documents bus's complying telemarketing sales roulette company. FTC. gov Records bus's com pl . . . rule Denigrates

Post by jd,

815-201-0068 I answered once. I live in Lake manner outside Austin Texas Your area was hit hard by a hailstorm quite recently. I heard on that radio the week that there are a lot of scam Businesses Driving tough to take advantage of homeowners. Your radio Proposed against hiring any roofing company that calls you searching for work. They said that most of them are scampers. Do your own research and create confident you are going with a local company. Within this case the caller was Moving hard to let me meet with their appraiser your next morning at my house. I told that Owner that I wan t interested and I m on that do not call list. He Began laughing and said it looks like I vie got you personally really Insane. And Afterward he got really nasty. I Merely Installed Upward.

Post by Brian,

8152010068 Oklahoma eventually attempted to answer because the number has call twice Now and several over the past few days. Put up before I could answer.

Post by Rudi,

815-201-0068 Did t answer. Left no message. We overly are within area along with lots of publicized hailstorms of late. Could become same as many of preceding reports.

Post by Annoyed Consumer,

8152010068 I get multiple calls per daytime from the number. I Display my calls and never Select up unless it s someone I Really desire for talk to. The Owner consistently leaves a Switch tone message on my answering system. I m confident it s a few type of scam. That Do not Phone list is worthless. Scampers charities and political calls are exempt. Scampers Discount your list because there are no teeth within the law and no 1 enforces it anyway.

Post by Klev,

815-201-0068 Called 3 times in two times. No message I eventually replied and they offered a free roof Assessment as they were in my area soon. I am within Texas they re in Illinois. Probably many sort of scam as this number does not exist when called back.

Post by Guest,

8152010068 This Owner is quite annoying. They keep calling several times a daytime and when I response there surely is no one on the line.

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 Calls 1 or more times a daytime leaves no messages when I response nothing Subsequently disconnects after a Second.

Post by Guest,

8152010068 Calls Practically each day

Post by Colorado,

815-201-0068 I vie obtained 2 calls today. . Something odd on Owner I d that makes me believe it foreign and being routed through this Amount. . . That would describe how it could Become from service but still within use. I do not response calls out of numbers I don t understand. . If they desire me that May leave a message My caller I d said ND telephone Line 1 Verlaine 2 W W Caller I d ND Line 1 V Line 2 W W W

Post by Hate these people,

8152010068 They Merely called nobody I knew no message left. BLOCKED SUCKERS.

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 Calls 8 times a week when you attempt to telephone they say Amount not in service. How can you personally get them to Cease calling

Post by joan,

8152010068 calls on called I. D. name of Sheridan never leave a message. . . . . . . they don t mind wasting their time. . . . . I NEVER answer any unknown Telephone numbers

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 Telephone several times. Never leave a MSG. When I call back it says that number is not within service.

Post by Annoyed in VA,

8152010068 Calls so Considerably. . . . Never ends. . . . We hang Upwards on this nuisance telephone. . . . . We do not answer these disturbing calls. . . .

Post by mn_me,

815-201-0068 I answered once and told them for Discontinue calling that I was on that Don't Telephone List and that I don t demand a brand new roof. They continue to call Daily. I won t Choose Upwards again.

Post by Barbara,

8152010068 Merely called at 5 PM Fundamental 8 W W. No MSG left. Rather amusing that I have a Owner ID system which verbally announces incoming calls. Sheridan is Generally pronounced SHARE uh Dan the machine pronounced it as share EYE Dan.

Post by M P,

815-201-0068 Tired of getting these calls. Have not replied and they don t leave a MSG.

Post by Mike Again,

8152010068 More calls won t stop

Post by Guest,

815-201-0068 hung Upwards when I Inquired who is calling

Post by Ann Noyed,

8152010068 I have gotten calls from these Folks everyday for that past few weeks. Usually i dint answer and they dint leave a message. If i phone your Amount back it says the Amount isn't Accessible. Now i got a call out of them replied and that girl said she was from City Building within Midland Fl close Orlando where i live and Needed for offer me roofing services. I asked her exactly why her number had an Illinois Region code. She said it shouldn't. I Inquired her what their Amount was she Sid it was W W I Envision W Place code I told her that i got Rob calls out of them Regular. She said she was sorry and she would remove my number from their list. Bad girl just doing her job for an unscrupulous co. I'm on your DC list and this was a solicitation.

Post by jess owens,

815-201-0068 receiving numerous calls out of W W W how is the possible when I am on no phone lists . . . . they Fully ignore requests to Cease that calls. there should be something done about these companies. I vie blocked this number just to receive more on similar numbers. . . . . . . . . . . help. . .

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8002058988 Complains by Guest,

Nonstop calling viewing someone by a guy s name. Told to hang Upward instantly if not him. I did as instructed and still harassed every single day from morning for nighttime. I am also on do not phone list. . . Thus how do they get through.

9167564631 Complains by Guest,

6 calls within 1 daytime no message FL

6153242722 Complains by Guest,

no hint who it is

6614763044 Complains by Guest,

Thus called Contributor services

4402835586 Complains by Guest,

This caller is harassing me and threatening me

7542148897 Complains by Guest,


8172319405 Complains by Guest,

This number is from Diversified consultants. The were trying to reach someone other than my nephew who has this phone number, so I was removed from their call list.

4253361181 Complains by Guest,

Debt collector violates Good credit act. . . . . Rob calls repeatedly. call more than 4 times per week

8887768718 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling.

4125679068 Complains by Chris,

Yes it is Income Canada collections

4077491811 Complains by Mike,

Same Amount keeps calling my sister saying they are coming after me and such. Anymore occur after that to you personally.

3475016393 Complains by Vijay,

I am getting frequent calls out of this Amount and when I response your phone it's asking for a Flag Amount or gets Put Upward. What are these people Striving to get. are they trying to hock our phone and use the for any other calls

5136854899 Complains by Guest,

Don t know it

8164575029 Complains by Guest,

I got the same message everyone else is getting about tax fraud owe money to the IRS. This is a scam! The phone number does not work. Do not believe this person

8667797942 Complains by josh,

Hi there

8104713671 Complains by Sammys Bashfulbaby,

TRD or something research company and we were selected to do a marketing research for our areaJoyNot!!

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