8152217955 / 815-221-7955

Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group - Chicago. Lockport, IL. Will. United states
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Post by Deb,

8152217955 I called it back its an automated Cops Trooper Amount Striving for get collections for there organization. they call here Seeking all the time.

Post by Andrew,

815-221-7955 Did a bit go ogling and located the article posted on your actual FOP Hotel W website HTTP Www. Atropos's. org warning's. metaphysically they raise funds via distribution of their magazine and through company patron ships. Looks for me that zen tel or whomever else calling People for solicit cash on behalf of your FOP Lodge W are full of well you personally know. . . .

Post by Kristie Phillips,

8152217955 I 've gotten 5 calls in that last week out of them and they keep calling. They don t response they Merely hanger Upwards what do they wont.

Post by T.R.,

815-221-7955 They let that phone ring three times I attempted to response but caller hung up.

Post by Dr. Rasmussen,

8152217955 Just need to state thank a Lot for that information to remove my number.

Post by A,

815-221-7955 I don t consider the Illinois State Cops or any Authorities Strength would treat anyone enjoy that. I m not saying they did not Address you personally as such. . . . just makes me wonder if They are WHO THEY State They're. I have received a telephone out of them. I know our local police force never tries for get Gifts.

Post by Jim Finch,

8152217955 Probably that same organization that uses FOP Villa W W W W FITLY W W W

Post by Demba,

815-221-7955 Called and Inquired me how I was doing. Afterward asked how my Partner was doing by name. That s a bit creepy. Then said Thus I m calling on Account of FOP W that Illinois State Police. So we re that Authorities. Are you Keeping from trouble. I told him it was none of his company. He said I m just trying to make you personally jest. I 'm laughing I replied not laughing . He Subsequently asked if he could count on my support. I told him no. He said I did t believe thus AND Installed Upward ON ME.

Post by Dave in Tinley Park,

8152217955 I vie been becoming calls from W W W several times a daytime for a few times now. Since I have Owner ID I knew it was a solicitation and usually did not response. Your Telephone would ring 3 times and offer Upward. The one time I did response I was on another phone and AT amp T in this Place doesn't deliver Caller ID on call waiting so I picked Upwards that phone. When that Man started his pitch I said No thank you personally and hung up. When I tried for call my Buddy back I had ended my phone to pick up the call which was waiting I located that my line was tied up in the call for at least a full Second. I have now called your W number posted earlier and hope it will Finish the annoyance.

Post by DontAnswerThePhone,

815-221-7955 I got a telephone this morning. As instructed within another Publishing I Called W W W dialed 9 for be put on the Don't Telephone Registry for the number W. Cheers for the info.

Post by Dave in Tinley Park,

8152217955 I vie been getting calls out of W W W several times a day for a few times now. Since I have Owner ID I knew it was a solicitation and Generally did not answer. That Telephone would ring 3 times and provide up. That 1 time I did reply I was on another call and AT amp T within this area does not Offer Caller ID on phone waiting thus I Decided Upward that telephone. When the guy started his Message I said No thank you personally and Put up. When I tried for telephone my Buddy back I had ended my telephone for Select up the call which was waiting I found that my line was Attached up from your phone for at least a full minute. I 've now called the W Amount posted earlier and trust it may Finish this annoyance.

Post by madashell,

815-221-7955 These Folks are a Actual nuisance. They have been calling my number for Nearly a year. I vie tried everything to get rid of them but they Only keep on harassing me. They were even Competent for interrupt my computer service Now. Many years Past I placed my Amount on your Illinois Lawyer General s Do not phone list. When I informed them of the they kept on calling me. Your next time they telephone I intend for report them and get them fined. I seriously uncertainty that they are who they claim for become or that they signify any valid organization. I seem to remember hearing Someplace that they're not. That Illinois State Cops does not solicit.

Post by Dr. Rasmussen,

8152217955 Merely want to state thank a Lot for that information for remove my number.

Post by Tired of the calls,

815-221-7955 I 've been becoming these calls now for several months and they keep continuing When i response the phone they hang up. I have even Set my number on that don't telephone list and it has not worked yet. Certainly there surely is something that can be done to Quit these calls. .

Post by Vicky S.,

8152217955 Cheers for this Amount it worked Amazing.

Post by m. woodbury,

815-221-7955 this number has called me over and around the last several times and do not even have my name right thus when they request for that wrong name they hang Upward when i state i 'm not who they're asking for. When i answer often times they hang Upward and they never leave a message

Post by Tired-Of-HarASSment,

8152217955 I W Edward your number. They vie been calling my Bad invalid Mommy 3 or 4 times a day. I waited within silence for several minutes until someone said Hi. Subsequently I asked within an extremely loud express who was calling and someone mumbled Joe . I told him he had your Wong number and I hung Upward. Cheers for your don't phone me number. I hope it works. sentinel wolf

Post by ScreensAllCalls,

815-221-7955 I think they have been calling me several times a daytime for several months now. I screen each call I dint Understand assuming its a telemarketer. I body if its Significant they ll leave a message and I ll Select Upward if Desired and NOT Telemetry . Many are Simply enjoy this one wish I had Elect Outside NBS for all of them. Being disabled the calls can get annoying after awhile Notably on a terrible daytime. I even filled Outside your Do not Phone List online some time ago believe I ll would it again to refresh it. . Cheers for Nebr and Web site.

Post by susie,

8152217955 W W W When calling my really Savoy aged mother she knew they were solicitors and Refused being that Individual they asked for and said she was the Child. They had that gall for tell her that her express did t sound young. I 'm a private Researcher I can turn this Telephone Amount and this information around to Attn General Lisa Cardigan. That is a Absolute scam. So when an investigator scam is my Mid name. watch your own back I m on you.

Post by Marge,

815-221-7955 I Merely got that telephone again. Thank you for the Do not Phone information. I hope it works They are calling my cell phone

Post by Sam,

8152217955 I just started receiving calls out of the number today and I already see their Amount 3 times in my own Owner ID. Cheers to that suggestion by Mr. Wood entomb I vie already called W W W and pressed 9 for Place my number on their don't telephone list. Trust it works. . .

Post by Jim Finch,

815-221-7955 This group is using several Amounts W W W Caller ID reads Lodged W FOP W W Caller ID reads FITLY

Post by Marsha16,

8152217955 I got a telephone this morning and used the number listed here to get on their don't call list. Thanks. You personally might need to look them Upwards on Charity Navigator or Guide star and see whether the organization does good work for your troopers or if Substantially of the money goes for Zen Tel etc.

Post by Tim,

815-221-7955 They called me twice Recently. I think that s a Chicago suburb Place code. Cheers for that no phone .

Post by Barry Marks,

8152217955 I 've a voice send that records the Telephone Amounts from which calls are got to our Telephone. I vie been called several times within current weeks out of W W W. There's never any message. They must simply hang Upwards when your recorded voice mail begins to play.

Post by Ticked off,

815-221-7955 You personally need to telephone Telephone W W W now an extremely very Little of any money Delivered within only goes for what they tell you. This is an ORG that takes more than W of what they collect. Can NT Give THEM A CENT They're for Revenue.

Post by Rick,

8152217955 Works like a capture. I can enjoy how it says that it may work for Amounts you don t have contacts with and at the end it says Goodbye for now . what your heck does that mankind For Now.

Post by Marsha16,

815-221-7955 I got a call the morning and used the number Recorded here to get on their do not phone list. Cheers. You May}n' want to look them Upwards on Charity Navigator or Guide star and see whether the organization does great work for the troopers or if Considerably of your cash goes for Zen Tel etc.

Post by Kim DeYoung,

8152217955 Calls at least four times a daytime and never leaves messages.

Post by Glad I found this site,

815-221-7955 I Merely got a call out of the number at 8 PM and wondered what that heck FOP Villa W was so I searched for it on Google this Website was your first to come up. I called the W W W customer service number. After reading peoples descriptions of these calls I m Simply happy I did t 've to Really deal along with talking to these people that guy on your customer service menu sounds rude enough as a matter of fact. But what gets me is that I m already on your National Do not Call Registry and still they called must be something to can along with FOP being a non Revenue organization or something. Cheers for your help guys

Post by A,

8152217955 I don t consider that Illinois State Authorities or any Cops Power would treat anyone like that. I m not saying they did not Address you personally as such. . . . Only makes me wonder if They're WHO THEY Say They're. I have acquired a telephone out of them. I understand your local Cops Power never tries for get Gifts.

Post by Bette Thomas,

815-221-7955 I answered that telephone amp a man Inquired for Jack my Man. I said he is not here might I take a message. That Owner said there is no message. I may attempt After.

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9712662133 Complains by TD,

Duplicate Owner no message

8003130351 Complains by Andrew Prough,

This can be a Registered call from H amp R Block tax training service calling for Encourage for attend tax training Instructions.

5134510910 Complains by Guest,

Hayworth blood Facility looking for blood donations

9175673404 Complains by Guest,

Playing on my Telephone.

9182367949 Complains by Guest,

They will not Stop calling me even though I am on that don't call registry.

9372419637 Complains by Pink,

Who does the Amount Fit too

2132837261 Complains by Guest,

did i desire cable dish amp did i need F. . ck called me at least 5 times Thur out day

9783324367 Complains by Guest,

its a Bizarre girls and keeps caring me Session drugs

7068441662 Complains by Guest,

Have called innumerable times in the last week never leaves a message I refuse for answer

5178270230 Complains by Guest,

Owner ID said Allegra Well-being no Notion who they're.

8003679444 Complains by Annie,

I just obtained this telephone 8 6 W from QC saying I need for Upgrade my credit information. I have never ordered anything from QC and 've never been on their website if they have just one . Not just that they called on a number that I have never used for business and I have never given it Outside online. Really few Folks Only close Pals and family understand the number. I did not call them back.

6082373162 Complains by Guest,

Called my cell Telephone did not leave a voice mail.

8479153834 Complains by Guest,


9023050317 Complains by Guest,

Just got a call from this number, there was clearly someone there and they stayed on for a minute and then hung up.

7178563385 Complains by Guest,

On do not phone list and constant calls and hang ups

7177818159 Complains by Guest,

Could t understand what the Owner was saying. After that second time I Put up.

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